Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 27, 1976 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 14
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" 14 liKb'ELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Fri., Feb. 27,1876 Italy Communists want policy freedom from Kremlin A LITTLE IEARY By BARIIY JAMES MOSCOW (DPI) - Italian Communist leader Enrico Berlinguer bluntly stated today that his party has the right to sel its own policies, independent of the Kremlin. He told the 25th congress of the Soviet Communist party that Italian Communists would continue to seek a "democratic way out" with Socialists and Christian Democrats, with full respect for existing individual and civic liberties. Despite several warnings by Soviet and Kremlin-line orators about parties that jeopardize the unity of the Communist movement, presumably including that of Italy, Berlinguer pulled no punches in calling for an independent path. "We are for the open and frank confrontation of diverse experiences and positions," he said. "It is well known that in the Communist movement there exist different points of view, even on important questions." Berlinguer said differences "should be discussed in a climate of amity, taking into account the inalienable right of each party to equality and respect for its autonomy." Berlinguer said, in fact, that allowing independence to each party would strengthen rather than weaken the Communist movement. "The autonomous development of each party constitutes a decisive factor for the progress of the movement toward socialism and for the very creative development of our theory," he said. Berlinguer said he was convinced that the success of the Italian Communist party -the largest in the West and the winner of a third of the votes in regional elections last June -was due to its ability to adapt "to the special characteristics of the historic, civil and political development in our country." He said' Italian Communists are struggling for a "socialist society... that guarantees respect for all individual and civic liberties, for religious freedom, and for the freedom of culture, the arts and for Socialists andSorial-Demccrats in many countries, there is a lessening reluctance to deal with Communists. He also cited as an "interesting" development; what he called the "anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist" sentiments growing amoung political movements of Christian inspiration. Earlier, an expert on American affairs said the Soviet Union wants progress on arms limitation and is prepared to give the United States details of Soviet weapons that are similar to American weapons it wants banned. KKK members said forced man to jump from bridge to his death MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Willie Edwards Jr., picked up by a bunch of Ku Klux Klansmr-n in n ease of mistak- , en identity, sobbed as he plead- 'ed for his life. But the Klans- mcn only laughed as they forced the 25-year-old black man to jump to his death in the Alabama River. · That's the story now being told about what happened 19 ! years ago, in the days of forced 1 integration of Montgomery . buses. ' Montgomery County Judge : Sam Taylor ordered the case to a grand jury Thursday after a preliminary hearing, during which a state investigator testified that one of three men charged in the case told him he was present when the victim was forced to leap "crying, ' sobbing" off a bridge into the river. Another witness, who said that he had been granted immunity by the state, told the court he was with Ihe three accused when Edwards was ordered al gunpoint to jump into the water. The date was Jan. 23, 1857, he said. Charged with first-degree murder in the case are William Kyle "Sonny" Livingston, 38; Henry Alexander, 46; and James York, 73. They remain free on $25,000 bond each, pending results of the grand jury proceedings which are scheduled to begin March 1. Stale investigator Tom Ward testified in Thursday's hearing that Livingston voluntarily told him of his involvement in Edward's death while he was being questioned about another incident of racial violence, the 1963 bombing of a Birmingham church that killed four young black girls "I was there and saw them make him jump off the bridge," Ward quoted Livingston as saying. "I threw up my hands and got out of there. I was young (hen, and I didn't know what I was doing." Ward said he la'.er mentioned Livingston's statement to another detective in Atty. Gen. Bill Baxley's office. The investigator. Jack Shows, had been looking into Edward's death, he said, and thp two later begin working on the case together. Raymond C. Britt, a Montgomery businessman, testified that ho and the three defendants, all members of (he Ku Klux Klan, abducted Edwards on Montgomery's outskirts and forced him at gunpoint to jump into'lhe river. Edwards' body was found three months later in the river in Lc',vndcs County. Of (he 8,000 or more ilems in a supermarket today, half or more are packaged foods. Georgi Arbatov referred to a statement by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev Tuesday that the Soviets had proposed a ban on the American Bl bomber and the missile-carrying Trident submarine as well as on similar Soviet systems.- · Brezhnev said at the time, "Deplorably, these proposals were not accepted by the U.S. side" but remained on offer. In Washington, a State Department spokesman said: "We found it to be a one-sided proposition inasmuch as they were never willing to discuss what equivalent systems they were thinking of banning or limiting." Arbatov, director of the Institute of the U.S.A. and Canada, said in a news conference the Soviets had "analogous systems" to the American weapons. "It is not a question of trading a submarine for a machine gun," he said, adding that details would be given to American Strategic Arms Limitation Talks negotiators "if they want to discuss it." Brezhnev's remarks came in his keynote speech opening the 25th Communist party congress, in its fourth day today. Arbatov's called his news conference to allov.' foreign reporters to ask questions on the speeches to date. Debate at the congress has settled into a harmonious pattern of moderation, despite a friendly plea by Romania to let small Communist nations determine their own political future. Arbatov, an expert on Soviet- North American relations, said the main problem involving the Soviet Union and the United States was arriving at a new SALT agreement. "If the circle is broken, it could be extremely dangerous," he said, apparently referring to any possible break down in negotiations. Arbatov echoed Brezhnev's criticism of attempts to put pressure on Soviet domestic policy, a reference to U.S. congressional attempts to ease emigration for Soviet Jews through a conditional trade bill. The confrontation ended with the Soviet's repudiating an agreement for most favored nation trade status with the United States. "Americans are beginning to understand that the language of force will only bring about bad relations," he said. "The Soviet Union finds many things in the United Slates it does not like, but does not try to change them by interfering in inlernal American affairs." Romania's NicolaeCeausescu made his customary pica Thursday for the independence of small countries from the might of big countries like the Soviet Union. But the pica was oblique and mild, and well spiced with praise for the Soviets. Alvaro Cunhal, the Portuguese Communist party leader and a Stalinist hard-liner, told the congress he did not believe in leading a revolutionary minority to power by force. Even · mention of Soviet officialdom's archenemy, 1975 Nobel peace prize winner Andrei.Sakharov, was relatively restrained and indirect. Sakharov, who was nol al Ihe conference, told UPI he was the first to agree with the fellow scientist who objected to his Western title - "father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb." For the most part, speaker after speaker reiterated the concepts expressed by General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev on the opening day, trumpeting Communist achievements and avowing the continuation of detente. ATTENTION, GARDENERS! Why catalogue order your seed and garden supplies/ and take, a chance of being disappointed in delivery time or condition of plants? COME IN! SEE OUR STOCK! We buy stock adapted to this area from numerous suppliers. ANDERSON SEED CO. 714 10th St. 353-0188 STEAM CLEAN CARPETS « 95 Any size living room, dining room, hall, plus 3 bedrooms. (750 sq. ft. limit) MILLERS CARPET CARE WE GUARANTEE OUR SERVICE 351-6016 CALL NOW. OFFER GOOD UNTIL FEB. 29 Congress demands bank data By PEGGY SIMPSON' Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress is confronting federal banking regulators with demands for confidential data on big banks ar.d their borrowers as part of investigations designed to evaluate the regulatory agencies. Most requests for information so far have been resisted by the regulators, who claim in some cases they are bound by law not to release the material and in other cases that it would be damaging to the hanks if the data were made public. At least two House panels are prepared to subpoena the data. At the same time, legislation to consolidate bank regulatory functions in a single agency is being pushed by Democrats on the House BankingCommillee. The widespread congressional activity is in reaction to growing evidence that some banks and savings and loans got into' trouble during the recent deep recession. A spokesman for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. SPORTSMAN'S PISEST USE THE PROPER SHOOTING STANCE i BEGINNER ILL BE THROWN OFF BALANCE BV THE GUN'S RECOIL, BECAUSE HE ISN'T LEANING TOWARD HIS TARGET TO COUNTERACT RF" COJL. UNBALANCED, HE CAN 7 ! SET A 2ND SHOT OFF QUICKLY IF IT IS NEEDED. IS SHOOTER IS LEANING COR- SECTLY, SO HE'LL ABSORB RECOIL AND B6 READY FOR A QUICK 2ND SHOT. SUN BUTT SHOULD BE MELD FIRMLY AGAINST SWOULDEP., AS IN I, TO LESSEN ECCO'L'S SHOCK. A BRUISED UPPER ARM RESULTS CQOM WIPING GUN AGAIKST IT (R recently estimated that 350 of the nation's 15,111 banks have financial problems which require special monitoring by the regulatory agencies. Some of the nation's largest banks are among those gelling spejial attention. The Federal Home Ixan Bank Board said earlier this month that 63 of 4,07!i state and federally chartered savings and loan institutions are being scrutinized with special care because of problems. On Thursday, FDIC Chairman Frank Wille ordered stale banks regulated by his agency to restrict self-dealing loan practices with banking insiders. The FDIC said self-dealing by bank officials was a factor in about half of all bank failures since 1960. Wille's action was applauded by House Banking Chairman Henry fleuss, D-Wis., whosaic Wille's serious approach to the problem of banks "contrasts with the complacent attitude ol Ihe comptroller of the currency ... and the Federal Reserve." The comptroller regulates nationally chartered banks, the Federal Reserve Board supervises state-chartered banks that are members of its system and the FDIC regulates state-chartered banks that do nol belong to the Fed. 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