Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 4
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Vace 4 GREEI,KY TUllHiNK Thura., Oct. 26, 1961 U. S, Missile Bases Are Prime Targets By ROBERT A. HUNT iSpoknnc, much greater thon 40 WASHINGTON AP -- Strntc- per cciil. glc Air Command and inlcrcon-j Mounl.iin Homo AFB. Mountiiln llncnlnl ballistic mlssilo buses injlloinc, Idnlio -- Pocnlcllo, Idaho (his country probably would Iw 35 iicr cent, Boise. less t h a n 30 prime targets 111 the cvcnl of a ]cr cent; VandenljeiK AI'B, Son nuclear war. lla Maria, Calif. -- Los Angeles And areas in Hie immediate vl-jZS (wr colt. clnily of such military inMnltn-] lions also could lie in fur IrouMci in Wich ft OOP fl let. ! Although no one knows for certain, there appears to lie yencr- al ngrccment licrc Ihul military bases holding Hie nation's mivlvar power, rather than cities, would bsar the brunt of ,: quick rnemy i GCA News Itrikc. By BETTY BOTTS GCA Staff Electricians A new class in Jlie CCA adult program. "Basic Elcc- . irictil Theory and National Elce- SUiarl L, 1'iltman, assislnnl fcc-'tric Code" is starling 7:30 to 0:30 rclary of defense for civil defense, p.m. Nov. 9 at " "'"' " : "'' Mid it is doubtful lliat the ol- Jcclive of such a war within the next few years would le lo de- llroy population or Industry. "Nobody knows enough lo , . . . Crceley High School. Itoom 212. Ilcgislralions aro now being taken at Hie GCA office, 710 nth Ave. A maximum of 30 slmieills man enroll. Tile class Is sponsored Ilirough the when you see $*IC INOIXHW KIIOWS UlHJiign 10 n . i j p " --- ··' "I . t t\ whether ciliw will or won'l 1«, : ;CA with the cooperation of flic targets," he lolcl a reporter, "h«l Colorado Slato Electrical Board - · · · - ··-' our- we do know enough lo know that cities would be subject lo fallout jrom n strike n few hundred miles iwny." U.S. cities as potential lurgfls Plttmnn said: "We Ihlnk it Is impraclicnl to try to rate cities as likely or unlikely targets, We aro not using (or civil defence planning any list "Wonder what that bird's gonna do when she finds theeo cgga of hers missing . . ." and is open tc apprentices, journeymen, masters, and cily inspectors. Roland Palinquist, slntc 'electrical inspector, will Instruct lessons. Ski School .Sports and games area of Ihe GCA announces registration will soon take place, for those inter- ·sled in skiing lessons. The class .vlll he open for beginners, inter[mediate and advanced skiers. Thc 'date of registration will be an county agent. They have three children, Italian], Kaydenne, and Larry. Mrs. Boyes has taught for several years in the Grecley hool syslcm. She also lias wort parl lime in Ihc GCA office, olh she and her husband nl- tided Colorado Stale University Fort Collins. which disllngulshcs between is targets." a B o Pitlmnn snicl protection against 11011I1CC( | Two dryland and four A direct hit by a nuclear weapon snow ]cssons wi |l be offered. The "is practically Impossible bul pro]ass w|)1 g(J ig jjijj,,,, valley fo Carr . . . By MRS. W. D. CHADWICK CASH -- Tho Aid Society spon-j aiu | Kenny. On Sunday Mr. and ored a dinner and bazaar Friday 1 --" -- ......_!--j lection can ha takrn against fall owl." Adam Yarmolinsky, special as- slslanl In tho secretory of defense, isaid in a recent W a s h i n g t o n speech Hint "A reasonably planned enemy attack now of in the iwxl fcvi years would concentrate on military targets" because tew ufapons could be spared to hi' c'ilic's without miHliuy installs (Ions. Can Only Gu«ss "We Can only guess," Ynrmol- inski said, "but I think Omaha would be a much mote likely tar- let than Washington." Yarirtolinsky didn't amplify this remark but presumably l;o had in mind that Oftult Air Force Base, hear Omaha, is the head- rruartcrs Of Ibe Strategic Air Command. An Alias mlsslc complex ·IBO rings OfCull and n larger Atlas facility Is spotted not fai away at the Lincoln, Neb., AFB The launching sites for long- range Alias, Titan and Minute man missiles generally fan ou 1 Ilka spokes In a wheel from one control point--in most cases a SAC base. Thrflughoul Rockies 1CBM bases aro s c a t t e r e d through tho Central and Western sections of the country, Including Ihe two hi Nebraska mid others In Montana, North and South Dakota, Missouri, Colorado, Idaho, lie four fnow lessons. Wes Sar ent will Instruct the classe vilh the assistance of Don I.con ml, instructor nt Hidden Valley Foe.wlll bo $fi for si* lessons. "Old Timers' Band" "Wanted -- used musicians, an age bcyouct high school, any coi dillon. Will bo overhauled an restored 16 service." These ar tho words of Clay Taylor, bam nVanager. Tho band meets 7:3 i.m. Monday evenings in Hi 3reen Room of Ihc GCA Ccn er, 710 Uth Ave. The "Old Tim ers' Hand" provides opportun licj had 'lived in Montana many years ago. Mr. and Mrs, Les Co'.ich of Sidney and Mr. and Mrs. Leon- aid Chadwick had dinner together in Cheyenne Sunday. Thc Couch's were on their way home after altcndin;! homecoming in Forl Collins. Mr. end Mrs. James Crispe and Jay of Denver spent the weekend here with his parents, the E. 0. Crispes and Barbara, and her arents, the Vic Lclirs nigbl t tlio school house, with ver 100 participating. A "Spook Valk" conducted by Dale Honn- stein provided entertainment for he children. Proceeds from the Wilbur Thomas entertained at a birthday dinner honoring (lie Crispes. The Lchrs were nlsoj present for the occasion. BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) --! MC CIHllUUJl. J-1 UUtt.'US n u l l ] l i l t JjAlSUlvUJV, A I U U U H I U vrn , · dinner and .sale of fancy work Reservations for hundreds of lour-; amounted to over $200. ists booked lo fly from Bangkok! Sunday dinner guests of the to tho world famed ruins of An t '-| Melvin Humphreys were Mrs. kor Wat were canceled l«eause of: Henry Baab Jr., and Mrs. Louis Monday's severance of dip omalic jiuiry uii. u a ,, rn i,i] A11 . l^iu-ppn Cambodia and ies lo play inslniments in a rccr atioral selling for all persons in lerested or talented in band. GCA Spotlight A radio show live from 11 Youth Center is broadcast o KFKA every Wednesday aflernoo at ·! p.m. Jack Ulcndinger, youth Center supervisor, is MC for the program. Interviews .willi C-ree- ley youth and CSC students is the major aspect of the program. An attempt is being mode lo give the yonlh a chance lo share with Hie public their feelings on many different subjects. Community Ac- livllies news items are also an- Daab, both of Grecley. Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ynles accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. I/m Stephens of Whealland, Wyo., attended tho football game and otiier homecoming festivities at j Colorado State University Sal-l urday. Doth couples went from] there to Fort Lupton to spend lhc : weekend with the Kclsey Carl-l relations between Cambodia and Thailand. The Tiini Airways Co., which ran biweekly flights lo the temple ruins, said it had canceled the service indefinitely. nounced. Lessons in Magic sons. Elgie Warner and sons, Robert' and Richard were in this vicinity Saturday hunling and called on several friends. They had lunch with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Thomas. Robert is in the Air Force, stationed in Florida nnc Richard is a Ireshman student at Colorado State University. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tiiomas enjoyed a four-day trip to Mon tana last week. They called on friends and visited places wind were familiar to them. Bath fan Lessons in magic begin 7 p.m. Monday, in flic Youth Center lounge. The class Is open to junior and senior boys and girls, TV Trouble? Ph. EL 2-2240 Days Nights and Sundays Ed Weigand and LeRoy Cranwell BARBERS Open 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Closed Monday] EL 3-3974 think of Barber Repair any AC or DC Rndio--$2.50 plus parts We Glvo Gold Bond Stamps Gill's TV Service 435 14th Ave. Radio Dispatch Servlco NORGE LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING JOHN STEIN, Mgr. OPEN WEEKDAYS 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. ·SUNDAYS 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. EL 3-3974 a, Kansas, Arkansas, Wyo- an d those interested in learning mlng, Oklahoma, Texas, Washing- magic tricks arc invited to come Vin and California. ne;t Monday. Dr. Xcno, a student Brig. Gen. Milion B. Adams, a i CSC, will leach the class. The Jcpuly director of systems devcl- fee is $1 per lesson. upment for the Air Force, ex- Adult Education Instructor plained the construction pallcrn j| rs . Virginia Boyes, sewing and earlier this year in discussing Ihc plans for a Minulcman complex In South Dakota. He said: "The silos ore located dressmaking instructor, is a home economics teacher at Heath Junior High School. Mrs. Boyes 1 bus- it a certain distance so that one enemy missile or bomb won't kill more than one of our missiles. K ( l we put them too close together,, of course, we'd be in danger ii^ case of an attack of losing two ir more." F.lloul Likely I On the question of fallout, o House military operations subcommittee said a study last year by government meteorologists indi- sted that an attack on these missile sites would pose this probability of fall-out on nearby cities: Schilling AFB, Salina, Kan. -Kansas Cily, 50 per cent; Fortes AFB, Topeka, Kan. -- Kansas City, 60 per cent; Lincoln AFB, Lincoln, Neb. - Omaha, 60 per tent. Offutt AFB, Omaha -- Omaha much greater than 60 per cent; Larson AFB, Moses Lake, Wash. -- Spokane, 40 per cent; Fair- thild AFB, Spokane, Wash. -- . band. Slanlcy, is an assistanl F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. NOW -- FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY1 Special Demonstration of Sewing Machine Attachments · PUTS IN HEMS · SEWS ON ZIPPERS · B R A I D I N G · BEAUTIFUL EMBROIDERY · APPLIQUE · MAKES BUTTONHOLES · DARNING · ZIG-ZAG Treadle or Eleclrlc, Oldest or Newest. j CQ P l u i Booing li B e l i e v i n g -- Complete I «w~ Tax 1.59 FITS ALL M A K E M A C H I N E S -- SAVES T I M E VILLAGE DRY CLEANERS PICKUP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Dry Cleaning By Classic Cleaning Center Classic Cleaning Center Classic Bowling Lanes LANES OPEN 9 a.m. 'til Midnight B I L L NEAL, Mgr. EL 3-4275 SNACK BAR LUNCHES SERVED i TRACKS SERVE CALL EL 3-3974 THIS IS OUR PICKUP AND DELIVERY PRICE LIST i YOU BEST in G R E E L E Y ."..transiJortidf manufactured foods along C O L O R A D O TRAILS Trucks tent as«coavejct sjslen f« CMwie:« r.d is!us!ry in your tome tara. Ttey liow in maletials«fttM ... nove finished prod.tts to wifely jtt'.teitf nurkel!. TMs sparks prosperity fof you and ywf cuiraunity. t]0 nun... Stills . Pants . Slacks Shirts . ? .79 .39 _j_ .3D .39 S W E A T E R S Light _ Heavy --_ P A R K A S 1,1 gilt Heavy -- COATS Sports M .39 '.59 Winter--light .79-1.50 heavy - .90-1.99 .99 SKI Jackets Pants v Hoods T U X E D O . WHITF. DINNER JACKET _ TIES Bow Regular WOMEN'S Suits _ Skirls _ Slacks Dresses .19 39 ID! SWEATERS Light Heavy . COATS Car Light Heavy Blouse -Formats -- SKI Jackets _ .29 .39 _ .65 .79-1.60 .99-1.99 _ .39 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS DRAPERIES Unlined panel (1) .99-1.50 Lined Panel (1) 1.95-3.00 rants Hoods Gloves B E D S P R E A D S LiRht --_-Heavy 1.99-2.99 -2.99-3.60 MOTH CARRIERS' ASSX. lHtixcitriT IHJI unit nnien ACCEPTABLE R U G S Light 1.99-2.99 Heavy 2.99-3.99 All Just A Few Steps Apart! Bring your Dry Cleaning or Laundry into CLASSIC CLEANING CENTER, the one-stop do-it-yourself dry cleaning shop. It takes about an hour for your dry cleaning to be finished, so while you are waiting step over and enjoy a game or two of Bowling at CLASSIC LANES, conveniently located Just a few steps away. Do the kids need o haircut? Leave them at nearby CLASSIC BARBER SHOP where they will be properly cared for. Then all of you can meet for a line or two of Bowling, or refreshments at the Lanes Snack Bar. Ladies . . . when you come .out to Coffee Bowl, brhiff your dry cleaning with you. It will be ready lo pick up and take home when you are leaving. All at 8th Avenue 25th St

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