Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 12
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12 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mnn., A p r i l 17, 1972 |Jixon Visit A Cliffhanger For Soviet Leader Brezhnev An AP News Analysis ' By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Special Correspondent The chief of the Soviet Com- nunisl parly, awaiting a visit from the President of Ihe [United Stales, seems jumpy and nervous--with reason. ! Leonid Brezhnev, who lias as- jsuniefl full command of Krem- Qin foreign policy, has a cliffha- pger on his hands. If Ihe onl- lion with (he Free Deniocrals and can muster, as of now, 2-19 voles to the opj»sitinn's 248. II requires 249 voles, an absolute majorily, lo ratify. A tie would defeat flic treaties. The pacts arc al Ihe heart of ISrandl's "Oslpolilik," or Eastern policy, to case relations \vilh Communist counlries. In the treaties, West Germany recognizes German territorial losses in World War II and the 'come goes against him, whole body of his policy (lint I inviolability of present Jjennitted ' arrangements for Kuropcan frontiers. President Nixon's visit will be 1 Brandt's "Oslpolilik" is on East .badly damaged. I The odds, extraordinarily ·slim, are in Brezhnev's favor. ·But tliis will bD a squeaker, to ·he decided by the margin of perhaps a single vole in the ·Bundestag, the lower house of West Germany's parliament. D- iDay, the day of decision, will ·be May 4, only IB days from Wixon's scheduled arrival in Moscow, i The snappish lone of Sovietl the line May ·). Defeat could hi ing him down. Sand Structure For Brezhnev, defeat Long-range, a European security arrangement could lead lo what some Europeans say would he "Finalianizalion" o'f Weslern Europe, meaning a continent wilh no choice hul to accept the dominating influence of Ihe Soviet colossus. To accomplish such a goal, the Hus- sians would have lo bring annul dismantlement of NATO and removal of U.S. troops. pads could make Moscow's de- Icnlc policy seem a slruclure built on sand. Clearly Moscow lias applied President Nixon would hear about "Kuropcan security" from his Soviet hosts, lie is lin- likcly lo buy anything approximating the Sovel version of preconditions for such » mcct- \»R- of the' Whatever happens in Bonn, Ihe not the carrot and stick technique. The Russians let West Berliners and West Germans get a Kremlin evidently would waul it to interfere wilh I plans for Ihe Nixon visit. A fail- lure. of ratification could chill the Moscow atmosphere, but Viev is extremely worried. Pcr- Jiaps conservative hard-line Communist leaders, backed by influential military people, are standing by with a "we toU you so" air. i Treaty Question · Tlic fait of the policy of dc tente pursued by Brezhnev in his position as Ihe most pow crful man in Moscow depends )jpon whether Ihe. Bundestag in Bonn ratifies treaties nego liated in-J970 by Chancellor Willy Brandt's-..Social Demo jcrafic government'with Ihe So Communisls East decision to let ,viet Union and Communist (ruled Poland. i Brandt, too, has much riding 'on Ihe vole. He heads a coaliTVOTICI: OF FI.VAI, Sri'lTliK.ll ,N'o. P - 1 1 2 7 f i i:sl:ili of CHAUI.isS POI.- 11 . .Vflic:e Is horchy Riven tlirx h:ivc filfrl my fhi:il roporl jn Utie nislrlr.t Court .if Wciil Coun- rtv. Colorado. .1111] t h a t any lir-r- ·F'MI l l P S l r i l l K 10 O b j e c t HI t l l C ·Fiimn sliall flip ^TltlPn rI)Joclio Svjili tlio snifi :r»urt nix o]- before iJIay S, 137:'. I 1,'iiR Irflin C.'itnp I K.vccinrlx iTIm Cil-Mla.v Dully Trlhiina (April r.. in. n, 2J, 1 P V Z MTir;r: TO rnEiirrons ' Cnse No. P-1237 i. Esiaie or IDA BKLM; FAUI-K- All persons having clfi' flgaliifcl tiio ahovo named estate fire i-ernilrrtl to file them for allowance lu Mm District Court nf Welfl County, Colorado, nr lieforrj tile liMli day of Kp.p- iemher, HI72, or said claims Blial h«" forever harre.d. Charlotte. M. Klrltman Administratrix J. Pred Kchnolder 1 ( 2 1 Conn TMiici: Denver. Colorado Ko2e.2 The Oree.ley n.-illy Tilhium March 27. April ». !!). l , 1572 ,\OTK'i: TO CKKim'OJIS T C s t a l e of VnEri SI. O A O K , Dec e a s e d All persons liaviuR claims ng.liliFt the nhove njimed OElalo are required to file diem fnr allnM-aiire In the D i s t r i c t Court of U'eld County, Coiormlo. nn lpforn Ilie anil day of October, 1^72, or nalfi rijilinn shall he forever lnrvocl. Marlnn weaver King Special A d m i n i s t r a t r i x The fireeley Dally Trillium' April :l. I", n. HI. 157^ AOTICT: »r ruBATio.v in' IMI'ltOVKJll-lXT IllSTHICT Mi. ;ir,:i Tills Kolli'e Is t o nrlvifiO nl! in-oportv o w n e r s a f f e c t e d Ihern- liy llm'l the filly Council of Ilie r:lly of (Ireeley 1111 Hi tlav of April, l»72 |i»fsi-il f i r s t re.ndiiiK B n Onll rnin.-i;. .-ri l n ^ o. niirnvpiiii-nl Rlslrlrl -npy of whlrli Is m- herelo iirnl made a purl in ItioURli rrl forlli i" :;,:',. a taehei lierenf All pi-operiv OU-IIIMB a f f p c l e i l hy Ilie. creation nf tliis Imtirove- nienl nislvii't nre ailvlfiod lliiil UK, City Conticll nf Ilie C i t y of. fireoloy will linld n fiilillr. llenr- ItiK iipr.n the drdimiiKje crcullnB Kii'l iinprfivenieiLt llslrlr.t on Ihe 2n.l day of May, Ki72 al 7-:irt o'rlnrlf I'.M. at IllO Clly . Center, nnd ^ald dale nel for final flinaiice e r e a t - inenl. Dislrlr.l flrsl nalini " ' . fil li unril f:h:«mlie flifiPley, i ''j|or;ulft, Is nlso the .hue rilMtilKC " f 1 l , e l | tllK f^ai'l linl'row t.oln l " W i n n n riiy rirrl: Tlie ( t r e e l e v Hally Trllnlne A p r i l I", I T . 2-i, I ' ' T 3 xoTirr. in' mnvriov or inriiot I;MI-'.\T DISTIIU r \. nr." Tlil.i N'otlrx i« 1" nclvlFn i p r o p e r l y owners n f f e i ' t e . l lliere- liy t h a t t h e C i t y fonndl of Mil(~'l(y of f i r e e l e y on (lin 4 ( l i il:i nf A p r i l , IS" pai-ne,! re:ulinc an Ordlminre, Improvemriil I J i p t r i r l N" ~opy of ivhl.-li Is :.llarli lo aii'l made n p a r t K iliiiliKll s e t f..i I)] In Mill. A l l pi'iperly o w n e r s r i f f e . ' l liv tlio rrenliini of tliis inipi'i tiif ill 1'ilrl rlcl m e ;M| v Iseil Id the riiy IV.nn,·!! of Ilir C l l y f i r e e l e y w i l l linlrl a fllldlp. He:' Inc upon I l i e Mnllii:im;e ^,-re. r.n 1he 2nd « l a y 'if ,Mfiy. I 1-.nn o'eloel r.M. nl Cr.nncil I'll l . r r p , I'K til r elev. I :olor;irlo, /inrl is, Ilie d a l e f-fl 1'ai.sace of tie Orrlina JIIR f-alrl Improvement T.nhi l!ll^^·|nan Cily Clerl; Tlie. Crp-cley Iially 'I'rllnirift April 10, 17, 21. 1 S 7 2 .\OTICi; «J' CHU.l'IION 1)1' m rnOVI;MI:\T iiivriiu; 1 ! 1 MI. :ir,7 'I'lils .N'f,1i'e In t o nd\-lse n v r o p e r l y Nwner^ a f f e r l r d Hiert l.y the I ' l t y l.'onneil of (lie I ' i t y fit r;reeley on the 4lli flay tit April, Ifi72'l on fjvfil Tf-adinfr. an Ordlnanee, rre.illtiK Improvomenl Dislrlrl No. :,r,7. a ""opy of whirl] Is ndarh'Tl lu-reto »n! ina«le .1 iiail hereof as though set f o r t h in full. All properly o w n e r s a f f e d e . l by the r r e a t i o n of Mils Improvement Distrie.l are advined t h a t tlie Cily Council of Ihe Cily of Orieley will hold a Public Ilear- infir lipon Ilie Or'linnrice. e r e a t - ing grilri Improven.ent Dlsliir.t '·n the 2nd day of M.iy, 1 3 7 2 nt 7 : 3 0 o'clock P^t. Kt fho (.'My Connrll Chnmhcrfl, Civic C e n t - er, (~3ree.iey, Colorarlo, ami fuld Hale is also tltn date set for final paf-fHKn r ,f (he Ordinain'n ereallnn said I Ii[;,- Irlel. c.r us (li .- r v i i t r r hiiltl M a l i f'.r flna ncr- c r e a t lilslvlcl. hundreds of thousands of West Bcrliners through (he \v,ill al Easter to visit relatives and friends quarantined in the East. That was the carrot. Tire stick is made of threats: the worst aspects of the cold war could be revived; Ihe four- power Berlin pact, reached in September by the United States, Ihe Soviet Union, Britain and France, might be a dead letter. The proffer of the carrot probnbly was made against Ihe advice of Soviet hard-liners and against the will of Erich Honecker, the East German Communist boss who obviously dreads the contamination the Berlin agreement could bring through the wall to his tight dictatorship. The likelihood is that Ihe Kremlin called lo warn him: don't rock the boat before May 4; eioii't do anything that might scare the West German jwlilicians. President Nixon said in January lhat the West Berlin agreement promising to ease the restrictions on two million persons isolated deep Inside Communist East Germany hac made possible his plan to visit the Soviet Union. Moscow in turn makes it clear lhat there could have been no Berlin agreement without the successful negotiation of the Moscow and Warsaw pads. So whal happens to all this if the linchpin of (he Moscow policy--|ho treaties--is removed? Ono Scat Edge The Russians seem far from confident about what might lappcn May ^ in the Bun- destag. Moscow is even fretting 'n its press about an election next' Sunday in the West German stale of Wmifemburg-Ha- len for the Bunttesral, the upper house of the West German larliamenl. The opposition has i one-seat edge (here now. If it retains lhat edge or increases (, (he opposition could sorious- y - . delay ratification, even hough Ihe upper house can't )lock it complelely. Delay could be dangerous for Brezhnev. It provides time for hings lo happen lhat could ware the Wesl Germans inlo changing alliludcs. Right now pinion polls indicate 55 per ecu! of Ihem hack llrantlt. Why should Brezhnev gamble so much on those Ircalics? For one thing he seems to want openings to Western Icchnology and know-how. But he has important long-range goals, loo. '('he Brezhnev policy, some Western observers say, is aimed at convincing Western Kurope lhal Iherc is no more cold war and tension is a thing of the past. This lies in wilh Ihe insislonl Koviel drive for a European security conference wilh U.S. participation. Bre/hnev wants ihis in 1!)72 because several Wosl European clcclinns in IN7? could radically change polilica pidurcs. MM; nriAiiii or ·I'K.U.S M V I ' t l ' M If HHiciluled for Tni-: nl 1 : 3 1 Ihe Hussians arc anxious lo THE FAMILY CIRCUS By Bil Keanc "I hove a big tummy so I get THREE cookies, your tummy is I itrler so you get TWO..." Apollo Wives Excited, Nervous, Mum needs of their domestic economy are part of the reason. In Wesl (Jenny, some polili- cians of Brandt's party say proceeding on the llicy are Ball Still Dangerous JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Police have warned Jackson resi- sumplion thai ratification is .rdcnLs lhal a stolen ZDO-ponnd foregone conclusion. Dctac!iedi cnnn0 nball, made in 1863 in the observers, however, can see all'., ., . ,.,, , , for n l[Norl11 ' Is sl1 " capable of creat- |ing heavy damage and of kill- i sorts of possibililies Brandt disaster. Brezhnev has thrown a lot of SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) -- "It's beyond description ... Awesome ... 1 can't express it." "I was nervous but excited, and f feel grcal now." Those were the respcclive reactions of Elizabelh Maltingly and Dollie Duke as Ihe Saturn rocket sent Ilicir husbands Sunday toward America's fiflh rendezvous on the moon. The third Apolte 16 wife, Suzy Young, kept her thoughts private, explaining previously she preferred not lo discuss Ihe lunar mission with newsmen. She and Mrs. Duke watched wilh hundreds of thousands at Cape Kennedy as John Young, Charles Duke Jr. and Ken Mal- lingly rode Ihe Saturn 5 on Ihe first lap of ttie 227,000-mile voyage. "The whole thing was jus 1 beaulifui," Mrs. Maltingly ssid from her Nassau Bay home in this Texas space community. She was one of an estimated 38 next two weeks and enjoy her husband's first spnce flight. "I'm just so happy about it because we've wanted it lor so long." iMallingly was assigned originally lo Ihe near-disjMrciis Apollo 13 flight but measles. "He bounced back--as he oes from everything," his sandy haired wife explained. ",lle was probably better prepared for this flight. And we both were more confident. We Drummond noticed it was miss-lmillion television viewers. ing Saturday. Drummond said Sundav he She stepped from her hoire clutching an illustration of Cas"the friendly ghost," for the Apollo 16 command chips the West German pnl. If his bet wins, he can le home free fnr some time lo come. If il loses, he is going to have big political problems. ing persons. The "live fuse" cannonhall, black powder, was had tried to get bomb experts' lo defuse it, but Ibey had de-1 shi7waTnamed'. V clinecl because they were not large explosive device safely. Drummond said it was one of two' carmonballs found on his a ,6 ain ' '|' s properly in Vickshurg in 1047, " "It's just such a superb endeavor," she said of the lunar adventure. "NASA's done it such a wonderful thing to be associated with. We filled slolen from its resting spot outside the home of C.O. Drummond of Jackson, police said. iduring construction of an addi- believe in it and 1 just love (ion lo his home al the time. lle| Deill R a l" r l of such a naat said he gave one cannonball loj s ' arl -" " neighbor, a World War II vel-i Mrs. Mattingly, who is cx- eran who said it was capable of!peeling her first child in May, I blowing up a battleship. isaid she intends to sit back Ihe placed· when 72 hours exposed before launch to German had a good feeling about this. We had no apprehensions about u." : "I'm the nervous one," Dotlie Duke admitted al a Florida news conference. "I was nervous but exciied, and I feel great now. But I'm really nervous talking to you." T h e D u k e youngsters, Charles, 7, and Tom 5, seemed more impressed with their fa- iher's goJfing prowess lhan his . space endeavors. "Their daddy plays a lot of golf," Mrs. Duke said "and the buys enjoy that with him." FOR SALE GILCREST FEED AND ELEVATOR CO. Located at Gilcrest, Colo. 12 miles South of Greeley ou U.S. 85 MODERN FEED PLANT: 50,000 Bushel Storage Bean Cleaning Serving Large Livestock and Agriculture Area Stock Purchase With Attractive Tax l Position--Priced $85,000.00 Contact Rex Timothy, RAY LARSON REALTY 1002 31st Ave., Greeley, Colo. Phone 353-2355 In 'i f v -nc i"in l'..\l f Hie I i e r ' l o y A i ,-;( Slmiin A l p h n Kp- S l l f t l .M 1 Is nT|lir:( IliK n vru inure l i t ( l i e tiiinlminii o f f M l f - r l piiiUliiK JIN II u-nnlil np- 1'ly ( f i a rnd II i-f:i11lll.v rrsiiieiK-0 Tlie '/.riiilnc (n rll rifuteo dues require one s p a r e f,ir e v e r y I u ti licd.i. Al p r c K i n l Ilirre ronlrt he n .sparer prnviiliil li-nvlni; Itie uteri of f, more. lietipe.'(fully Slllillllllid, C'li.-irlcJi Alflillieiine ·/.iinlliK A d i n l m s l i . i l o v The C-reelev d a l l y Tril'ime C i t y f ' l r r k Th^ "Jr*c]oy r«II A n r j ] HI, 17, 21, Trihnna oTrri: 1 ( V . i i n l y , or IMDS .lnr.Tlo. will or /nrnlf-liinp il IS. K'7a. .T1 hlrli lnue Ihe rifflee nf A p e n I. Further Info nhlalned frurn Anenl .it tin Tli Hoard of to rejeer nny ivalvn nny iiifor rtfl Mon tlio Pir Wclrl a t Ccniiity or \\~ old Con nt y rvrs tio rlglil n\\ hlrt.n, lo ll Ics In n crop l ( t i n lilrl ttinl, oj.lnlrtri of i]io flonrrl. !-i 1 n ! 1ntor(*.«.ii* of ijift Tlonnl d of 1 ho ('nunty nf Wo hi, S L n t o of rrilrirnilii. , . Th^ ( J r f o l o y Pajly 'I'rlbuno April 12, IS, 17, 1072. SPLIT COWHIDE BUSH JACKET. COUNTRY ELEGANCE COMBINES WITH THE RUGGEDNESS OF LEATHER SUEDED. A COUNTRY LOOK THAT LOOKS GREAT IN THE CITY, TOO. BELTED STYLE.WITH FOUR PATCH POCKETS. BLUE, TAN, NAVY OR BROWN WITH CONTRASTING STITCH DETAIL. SIZES 36-44. $65. "THE HIKER"... A LOW HUSKY BOOT, LUG SOLED FOR GROUND-GRIPPING ACTION. CHOOSE FROM BLUE OR TAUPE. 18.95. FASHION BAR MEN'S-BOYS' STORE ON 8TH AT STH OPEN TIIURS. AND FRI. NIGHTS 'TIL 8:30 -- CLOSED SUNDAYS

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