Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 2
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2 (JHKHLKY TRIHUNE Thiirs., Oct. 26. 19GU ;lt Is Easy To Kid Yourself :0n Stability of Communism By JAMES MARLOW . Aiiodatcd Press News Analyil ;· WASHINGTON (AD-lfs easy .'In kirt yourself about communism. country In Europe not under Russian control and leadership. Kighly-lhroe Communis. parties .around the world last week benl Yon rlon'l like il and, Just be- reprcscntMlIvcs lo the Soviet Com- ·cause you don't, yo:r wishftil'miinbt pnrly's 22nd congress in ^thinking takes over when crncksjMoscow, but not Yugoslavia or 'thow up in llic commnnist wnll. 'Albania. Slnlln threw Yugoslavia out ol Ihc Communist bloc in 10)8. After ;. Yon can walk Into that :rapi stlll '"' s lcatl1 Albania lined up ·jyw hy dreamiiiR of cnmily bc-! wllh licj c!llnl! '" finding (milt .(ween Uussin and Kel China over"'' 1 " Premier Khrushchev's ideas ']illle: Albnnla which. besides Yu- °' 1 communism and llic cold war. ".·You begin to have visions of fatal jepllls nml big collapses. 'goslavin, is the only Communist , : .viiTin: TO r i i i : n r r t m s 1« Ike f m i n i y Ciiurl In nnH !- 1hr Cuunty nt W r l d ntul ·' S l n l r nt ( ' . . l . i r l i H i , ·: No. SSC3 ;" Kslnle, ot JOHN K I U M O K H , Lie :'. Ah Pomona h a v i n g c l u l m ' · K E i l L i n t tlic n b u v u named i him. f ro r o r i u l r e i l to f l l n t h e m f u r a l - ^VAUCO In t l i e County CVnirt o f . ·.WVld Onimlv. Colorado. in or be- Kill USlrdlCV (or Ills ·tore !ho "3rd d a y of A p r i l . 1J(3. °er raid r l n l r i i H A i m l l ho f o r e v e r ''.-. "" W I L L I A M KUIKOT:H ' / ' I n i l n l s t r n l c r . O r u h a r d , Colorado · H e i l i e r l ]·;. M.IIIII, ' A t t o r n e y lor Ad r n l n l M r a l o r , G r o r l o y , r.ilorarto. JThe O r p r l e v I.ll]y Trlt'ime. ·Oct. 26. Nov. 1. i, IS, Itll. At the congress Khnishchev denounced Albania. His exact pur- , o p ipose Is not known, lie may have had a special reason for it. Or he may have used It as nil excuse to chastise lied China for its past differences with him. But lied China's Premier Chou En-lni responded by rebuking .(enunciation of Albania. Then he Hew back lo Peiping. The exact reason for this is nol k n o w n , cilhcr. Thert's been ·' OK F I N A L P A Y M E N T *' On or n f l c r N o v e m b e r 7, 3 9 G 1 Ui» COLOHATX1 T J K P A n T M T - I N T "OF H I G H W A Y S will innk* i*ln*l p a y m e n t to Nlcgrisi Construction Tlw Mlnw-i erdinwlly «th.whlle migrating. Us digestive or-,finds the breeding ground, littlcl k-oraciously but it t«U nolhJng[gans atrophy and by the lime it|remains but skin and bones. I Btgan Pr»Krlp«««i.-- A+f. .A.T BULOVA«T| WATCHES L A R G E S T DISCOUNTS lot of guessing. It's possible he had a f u r t h e r , more private, quarrel with Khrushchev. It's possible he ^cnt: avn(lable it ls romant i c lo thinklthink that it wiU disapocar in the back home for consultation with ^^ this timc ^foreseeable Mure. ' olhcr Red Chinese leaders on w h a t to do and will return to of Denver, Color.irto, con- t o r t h « con si met I on ·Co. ·^Vn "ColorAdo I'rojcct Xo. H 0010(10). «oti^l tlon, Moscow before the congress ends. gvown | nf . rca5in giy s i rongcr anA . Perhaps because so little .is u is sU11 ;,, its caJrl and f o r m a . known of what happens within live stagc _ u ; s stm ^^y occu . l l t f t I n n A r pn-^lac f t l I h n ti.nt.1rf , , . . . . , , 1 ·icd with internal growth. This hasn't stopped Hcd China and Russia--particularly Russia From Us start with the Bolshc-| where there is nalionallsm- ik revolution communism has |Wilh a n lha i JL involves In the wny 0 [ [ ra de, development, ex- 'ruc't'r?."".:;,' W^SS* «« Inner circles of the world IIIK. lot*! i c n B i h tieiiiK Communist leadership, this may »"L.iy""o. B"TMi'ri.r«t Kn.t'ibe the beginning o! a real break pansion, more territory, privileges ami power-- there will be conflicts. · II s l t u n t c i ] In ^ e]il uounty. S t u t t of Colorado. ' '- Flic c l u l m s w l t l i AUDITOR, Lbrcvp dnle. : M A K K f. \VATnOUS. C h i e f T r r g l n c t r , D e p a r t m e n t of I l t s h - r ic O r e e l e y Dally Tribune. Jet. !3. 11, 55, 2S, 27, 28, 30, 31. Nov. 1, 1901. Mrs, Lloyd Lewit 628 M a i n Wlndior, Colo. This Ad Entitles You To One FREE Load of Laundry or Dry Cleaning ot CLASSIC Cleaning Center 2460 8th Ave. Ph. EL 3-3974 HOURS'. L A U N D R Y Weekday! -7 ».m, to 10 p.m. Sundayi -. · 10 «.m. to 10 p.m. : - DRY C L E A N I N G ' Wetkdiyi -- . 1 8 K.m. to 10 p,m. : Sundiyi -10 «.m, t» 10 p.m. . between Moscow and Pciping. Bui, until nwrc evidence is NO'rict: OF Kii.iNt; or' I'l'/ri- TtO.V KOrL D K T K U M I X A T I O X :. OK I I K I U H H I I ' IK Tkr C i i u n f v Court No. SJS3 STATfl OF COIiOBADO, ) County of Weld ) In tha Mntlor. of t h e Estate o JOHN KIUKUtilt. DcccHbuil. THH PKOPLiE OK' THR KTATT OF COI.OrtADO: To . -AH PcraoiiH Interested ' TAKE NO'TICIO Hint there )m li«en fned in *A!d astiito a p c t l lion n n k l n K for n jiullciA ot the hclrR ' of .inch ilcrensei! niifl Kettlnjr forth t h a t the HAmc.s deceased nf nil persons w h o n r f or clnlm to be helr.i of SRld ile ceABOd, KO tar nf knou-n to the p e t i t i o n e r , R r f t n« follo\\'5, to w i t : W i l l i a m Krlcscr, OrchRrJ. Colorado, lirothei- Henry ]Criegt:r, DrlfipsJale, Colorndo, l i r n t h c r Mary ICrleger Perry, Grand J u n c t i o n , Colo., B l n l e r You arc hereby n o t i f i e d to rn rear anri nnsvver the pellllor within t w e n t y days Mler scrvlc of this nottct on you (If served tiy puullcatLon M-Hliln tvvonty Nlays alter tho InsL }tiil]!caUDa o t h i n notice) nnil In default nt an 'nn.^iver or ajiijenrance the (.'our will proceed to receive, and IIBR proofs concernlnc; the helm ot pucri dcceaBCcl and enter R rie cree d e t e r m i n i n g who arc tli IlLelra of xuch decenaed person. 'Dated at Greeley, Colorado (his 11th !«· of October, 1561. · 0. E. WALLACE Clerk of the Coimtv f o u r Il- JIAXIN'E JOHNSON tSEAIj) · Deputy ClerV The. Urceley,T»al]y Tribune. --from ex J u t Russia on the othe ntcrnally. Tiie Hcd when they ems of fee need help. closest an helper. Further, China lack when its Southeast / conflict wi Soviet mili In lime, solved its problems, i In fact, it i Russian nr population. It is then baps even Communist to occur nt pie, word world der practices: No Com] shown an merge its anything \ a u'orld ( there is n This has of mankind. been the history Communists pride expansionisl ambitions.|, hcmsclvcs 011 l h o i r r e ali s m and itself up profess lo despite romanticism. Bui it is the belief of this writer that they are Hie great ro- . . , .mantles of history in thinking lhat when they are drowned in irob-, if (hcrc wcrc a Commlmist wor | d lems of feeding their people while |t wou!(] ,. c M onc irumrr f n n(jtistrinlize in a hurry, ; And Russia is the I biggest Communist; She J u s t Saw Red B R A D F O R D , P a . (AP)-A China lacks nuclear weapons but woman found sn overtime park expansionist aims in Ing lickcl on her car and a police bring it into man advised her to deposit the ticket and fine in one of the city's red fine boxes. At a corner ot Main and Chest- ilomeslic , mt s t rcc is she found a red box ami tried to slip Ihe ticket and money into llifi box. Moments later, fire I rucks rush ed to the scene with wailing si ens. The lady had been monkey ng with a fire alarm box. area for its cnonrjous fatal splits, in the i the Communist denounces but crdcntly nationalism, munisl country yet ! ly desire to lose or s national identlly in which might be cal Communist state. Ant |-NewMOTOROLA TV i ivith cabinets by Drexel, world- I famous designer of fine furniture COMPARE ZALE'S PRICES . . . YOUR MONEY BACK IN 30 DAYS IF YOU FIND A BETTER VALUE BULOVA WATCHES AT ZALE'S SAVE NOW AT LOW DISCOUNT PRICES DISCOUNTS TO 40% OR MORE! 24-MONTH GUARANTEE pricci w«re always lower than factory Ilitl NOW they're lower than evert FACTORY LIST ·ZALE'S DISCOUNT 105 - - - $32 50 PSICES PLUS TAX CONVENIENT TERMS 606 8th St., Greclcy ELgin 2-6957 OPEN FRIDAY and MONDAY NIGHTS T I L L 8:30 g Now at I popular I prices ,v {·Big 23' Picture Fnmo lereen ·Coverall dite. rr.eas., 283 sq. in. ^Yiewint irea). Two Golden \oice' {ipeaieri. In g e n u i n e W a l n u t ·Veneers ind h a r d w o o d » o l i d . ';Modd 23K70. Only Only Motorola gives you these reliability features: · CLEAN, SHARP PICTl!RKS-wiih exclusive Golden "NT"* Chassis. · PERMANENT FINE-TUNING--with Custom-Matic Tuner. Ends fuss of fcne-tuninj every lime jou change channels. ' rnEMIuM-RATKp TUBES-huili to stand, ards up to 100/c richer than those set by the industry (publisher! KIA ratit.^j). ONLY MOTOROLA GII'ES YOU TUBE SENTRY* PROTECTION Designed to end 3 out of 4 service calls Excluwve, palented Tube Stnlry Unit Kjuelchet irtrm.up power surge, a msia cause of,premilar« fjilure of tubei tad parlJ. With Take EentrT, tnb«« hare eltM life ... you h»ve UM trouble, fewer exMilr repiic billi. B«AUtif OMrn M ctinU wlih 13,000 »ohi of picture powtr for ihirp, dot jilorM. Modd 23KlL WELD COUNTY GARAGE you or* invited to "charge it" 883: "Skippies" waistline parity with long leg. Front and back panels, reinforced side control. 12.50 Lycra lightest girdling ev«r now at lighter prices Lycra® Spandex gives powerful figure control never before possible in a lightweight girdle. Lycra® Spandex is caressingly soft, absorbent, comfy and machine washable. Enjoy today's new light control in Formfit's parity girdles . ... now in a greater style selection, in o new range of lighter prices. 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