Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 17, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 6
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, PAGE six LAS CHUCES,(N. M.) SUN-NEWS' Tnwd«r EtMtafl. April 17, 1951. las Cruces Sun-News .PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Pirates King For A Day Wiih Jump Oh Other Major League Ball Clubs I».V JOE HB1CIILKR '(AsMiP.lalrd I'rrss' Sports \Vrilei I ' Kinj; for a diy. anyway. That'll Branch l',icki;y's P i l t H b u r K Pirates. Gcllinfi I h n j u m p on other National League clubs, which open warfare today.' Pittsburgh spoiled l.'lncinnatl's sneak ppnviniv day by routine the Reds 4-.'i before .'i0.44I diHappointcd-und blnnli- t pied fans. Near freezing tcnipeia- t t i l e and ;;now'flurries marred the Tlint left. Ihe Pirates nil alone In Hie vlclory column '»s. rain naslu-il mil Ilii' iillu-r liidf ol HIP 'vpprlnl riirpltmuial opi-nin^ al Wii'illlilRllin. .Tin- Nenaliirs and dpfpmlliiK uluuiipluii - New Vi.rll BETTER JHAN EVER? -, - - 'By Alan Mayer S - -'*'* '^^ "*' NZWCOMBE, O F ' T/IS POOSSKS, WHO OUGtir . TO MAV5 MS FIRST" 2O-tfM'YeAK /F/15 AtfO/PS ARM TM UB ^ . V-J. ^;i^xtxf*(xm(:»sTM...,,,,,,.,. / . ·:·:·:· Wiill (HMIC.V Ciirliiriii Lnd-sl Kurt'im NIMVS )}ii'7i I : I A - J'hmie 4!U) 5 T A T E iT ENDS TONIGHT frupMJter HM iHf(t ^v ·S3 ' t-. ·TM^;^;;r_;".xr.TM-'"'',| 1 i*^w^; -- ^YlSKIlU RODRIGUEZ 5 -/ Kll TH««J.i P L A Z A * HOY Y M1ERCOLES ··jj . . . llnjii l.a ' l l h r c r l IP =£ Hnnl lie .\niln "BAJO EL CIELO DE SONORA" Rio Grande Vunlcpps wen: ID have usherrd in Ihe American Lpatflie xi-ason. Weather pcrmillnf,', all 10 clubs should play today. Free/.lng and wei weather, However, was p i t - diclcd in most of the cities. PilfsbuiKh's triumph was doub- ! ly swee'. as it came at the expense ! or Ev.'cllt Tin. Whipl Hlackwell. line of the N a l i u n n ) league's bcl- j It-r hurlers. Itlaekle H-iis pnminrlcd lur ·VPII lil(» «"d all ill HIM Plralrh' i nini. b r f u r p iKiylng mil for a , j pliic-h hlllcr a l t e r Ilirpe InnlliRH. Rii-kuy niiial have swelled no- Licrably nt the iinpiessive debut Uf George I C o t f i n h l Metkuvlrh. | The 29-ypur-ohl olllllelder, la ric- ' key's peraonal $10.00(1 draft pick f i t j i n Oakland. Mulkoviiih. who pleviollsly f l u n ked In hltchc-li w i t h the Ucd Sox Hrnvp.1 and While Sox, wns the big gun In tin! I'lratrii' 12-hlt at- lai'n on lilaeku'ell and three re- licvei:;. Me Biniite a donuU- and two Bin«- les. Kcoicd a Mi" "0l sparkled In the field I n i l i d l l n s five putouts riawlessly. WiiKhlnKtun's waHhout paved t h e way for nil unprecedented dny- lllKht d.illlih.'huider next Friday. Nobody can ivmemlji-r »i«:h a l u r n of ivenlB Una uiii'ly in tin: Mason. Sports In Brief K\ Tin- AHSiiclHli'd I'n-ht T K N N I S Home - Doris Hart, .liiflmon- viiip. I-MII.. lU-fpiitiil Shirii-y Fry. A k r o n . O.. 0-3, R-0 In win v/nuiPll's Hlnj'lus t i t l e ol Kcjmo I n t c r u i i t l o n a l liiiii'niiiiii'nt; Dick S n v i l l . OrnniiP. N. J.. anil Jiiwiiliiv U i u b n y , E)!'|il. wun nu-n's iloubles, i l p r w i t i n u Olun- nl Cucelh ami Mi-m-llo Del Hello, ll.ily, 0-2. 7-H. 0-3, li-:i. 'I'i'm.-huist. ,N. (:. · Dale Mo'n-y of Unllnii, 'IVx., posh-d Oil to win q u a l l l y l n i ; medal in North aul Hotilh Minateur. ISii.-jttm - lioslun Hraves binighL l i l t r h e r mix Donnelly Irom Philn- diM|ihiii rhillles fur J10.000 w n v l r r pri, i'. C'li-vplani! I n i l i a n i i I'igncd p i t - r h r r -Iiihlmy Vamlei Mcer, velerun l u r t l i n n i l i - r . I ' l l l s h l l l - K l i I'ili'hPr I M I 1 l'l''l'- 1,1 uf I'lrnlpii ii.puiti-il impnivpil b u t s t i l l I n K P t U m * ulillim ( l o u l j bruin .'illmenl. Dctl'oll - Cnlulii-r Hot) Swift lost to Tim-is fur llvp iverkii In- cntlSf i.'f appenilPclomy. Minor League Scores Hv 'I'lu' Assin-hitvd J'ITSK T K X A S I.KAdl'K Ikius'lun li. Han Anton!" 0. liiMiniionl -I, Khrevi.porl '2. F u l l Worlh «. Dallas I ·I'ubiii Ii. Oltliiluiui:i C i t y :i. I - A C I I - I C COAST I.K.MH!!-: Nn i;iimi-ii ri'htMtiih'd SOUTUWKS'I' I N T K H N A T I O N A l . I . K A t i l l f Turnon 11, llliiln-p-lioui;las ii Moxh-nll I I . I'.l Ci-lltin '-· Las Vi'B«» D, Tljjuiiiin 2. .luarex. l.'i, Kl !'"»" 12. Phoenix n, Vllinn .'i. Colorado Fighters Take Six Of Twelve On Amateur Card AI.WJQl'EHQUK. April 17 -a'' P.OM-in r r i n i i llllpnii V l s l n . Cnlo.. bended liy ll|!hlwpl|;lil lillln-n Snn- llsveu. won six uf i; bunts on an a m a t p u r c n i d last n t ^ h l . Santisteven li-Klsli'ied the ijuly liiiin-knut. I l l s victim was Hilly SillH-hp?. ul AlhuquiM'Ulie. who ivent dtiwn aiu-r taltlne. a hiutl l l K h t tu tli» jnw nt 2'.i sei'iinds uf the BIG flSH'K HAPA/lAltVl6 FLIPPER Ifl r/iE-SPRIflG OF eon 1949 A/IP '5O, BUTEVgrt SO WOfl · 17 AflP 19 (5AA1ZS /// THOSE 7~M'O no/tie RUNS Me ALSO CAUSED HM A loroFPAiri roo- ?OF THE BEST PITCHED AI/D OPEHER MP TH£ PEtiflA/JT CLINCHER OF SOUTHPAW THIS TIME, HE SAYS K\. V-/ A Former Fealherweighi Prine To Cap!ain Champ Willie Pep Tert Bed Raiders Fights Oriiz Tonighi . Fights LasiNighi , it\\y Ilii! A*soplntrd Press Lafayette Is buried In a small ! private cemetery in arls. . Ickes Denies Report fc HirininKlui'm. Enn- -- Riindy Tnrpln. KH. LeaininK, KnKland, knorked out Ullly Brown, 101 l/ 2 , Hartford, Conn.. 2. Huiilun -- Jue Iliniloiie, 105 V^. ; Huston, won over Irish Bub M u r - { phy. 172. San Die|;o, Calif., on foul, i C. ' | l'hiludel|illia -.- Oil Turner, 142 ',;,, Philadelphia, outpointed Beau Jack, 142. Augusta, Ga.. 10. Washington - - Little Dynamite, J30 ij. Washington. D. C., knocked out Lee Lebrun, 12, r i, Montreal, 7. Miami, Fla. ' - P.iibby Dykes, J. r i2 - ' ^ . ' H a n A n l u n i o , oulpulnted 10. l l a i u i l u . n , lipi-iiindn - · D o c Williams. N e w a i k . knocked out Lel u y ( K i d ) I ' a h n c r , fi. i w c l t f h l s un- STATE Starts V/ednesday Srini-Pro Baseball League' Js Formed MODUS. April 17... l/Pi--Forma- Uun uf a I'uur-leam scud-pro baseball lenulle was i-umiilelcd here lust nl|!lil. Hubbs, l.uvintjlon. .Inl ami KeilKraves, Tex., are members. (,'lande lleiirn uf Se::yraves, was ,l HIP organlwi- jm'roid L."]ckcs loaves Hie White lion which will open an 18-week j ].j ousi j nftcr a conference with April 211. All eiimcs arc T ras |dcnc Truman. He denied re- WASHINGTON NATIONALS owner Clark Griffith presents President Truman v.'ith a season pass (left) for tile Nats' games, along with a leather purse for Mrs. Truman. In this-White Houie ceremony. Thr ficsitlcnt, who lias crossed up the experts inWic past by s lhrov;ing witil linth hands, said lie would throw out the lirst hall tnis year as a southpaw at Nats' opener the Yankees. April 15. (InlaraullmuilJ , ST. LOUIS. April 17 -!"-- Former fcatherwiiighl champion Willie Pup lukes on Boby Ovttiz of Moxlcu tuiilffhl in ii 10-rouml bout, The Jk'xican liglilweiglil Has fuu^hl 56 pro engagements and has been flattened twice. Pep, who lost his 12G-pouml title last September to Sand Saddler. , lias been knocked out only once m more than 200 fights. Sad- Furnitures Lead Ladies Bowling Trophies to be. awarded .to each member of the high'winning teams n Ladles Bowling league,' were in display Monday. njght nt La3 Cruces alleys. ' · · . ' . . TlM-Vc'wllNbc ii trophy for Hln- nt-r of thn single high scries, and another award raiuli- (or sponsor of ivinnlng'traim. .' · Ray Lankford' had a high lirce ganic series Monday' r night with a score of 2053. . . . '.;· In high series standings: -Lee's Texaco, Rose Mercial,. 473; Dona Ana Court, Joan Morton,'453; Ray Lankford, Evelyn Thwaits, 453: La Posta, Bernicc Williams. .422; Las Cruces Furniture, Dona Beut- kr, 418; Nelson's, Coyc Burdick, 375; Wheels anil Brakes, Albuquerque, Bime'P.c.'l'hwcll.'-173:'Romncy- Noble, Amy Gamboa, 513. i : Tram Standings Won Lust Las Cruces Furniture 53 40 Ray Lankford · 52 41 Dona Ana .Courts 50 -13 Romney-Noble Imp. Co. 50 43 Lee's Texaco 47 "46 Wheels Brakes 44 -IB La^Posta ' . 41 52 Nelson's 35 58 Mohammed himself had the mosque at Medina built in 22. Major Baseball ' By Th« - Awwclulud I'rw · -;' : -NATIONAL TtJday'H Games · i *· .' Philadelphia at Brooklyn NewTork at-Boston ; St. Louis at .Pittsburgh ' Cincinnati at Chicago . ' Yesterday'*-Results Pittsburgh 4,.Cincinnati 3 ' (Only game scheduled) : - AMERICAN Hoslon ut-Ncw York. Washington ' at . Philadelphia {night). -.r-A ; - '-. '; Clevelnncl at .Detroit " Chicago at' St/.Louis' Yesterday's Results New York at Washington pust- .ponccl, valn,.- Auto and Other Finjinrinjj . Chilton Loan 'it Insurant;*) Co. 1,UEBOCK, Tex., April 17 I/I Tackle Jcrrell Price ycstcrda; was elected captain of the Tcxn Tech Red Raiders for the 1!51 football season. Price was on the all-Border Con fcrence team last yenr and re ceived honorable mention for the Associated team. All America turned the trick in their first meeting. FORMER SECfiETARY of ilic Interior planned for Hund'.ty aViernouns. KMI11TION II l.»ini..ia iWT-N.M) IS Amarillo [ U ' T - N M I 10. Albmpicrque (WT-.VM) 7, Kan- 'KIIS CHy Motmrchs ( N e u i o ALI 1. Now Yoik's Rasl Hivcr is mil really a river but an arm or Hit: I port ho is to be named head of the f/H/cnin(to)inl; "Sheik, I'd like -to suggest a good clean- ing establishment to one of you men." Send your clothes It) us . . . let us heh keep them new looking and well groomed. The same careful attention to details given men's suits is also extended to all women's wear. · QUICK- SERVICE CLEANERS 13-1 No: Phone-402 Among all standard c/assi/rcnd'on tars entered in 1951 7 MISSION f - M. M 1 1 1 ! Pl I I MoMgas Economy Ran... f,, 99 spi:nnil iininil. IUil|ih IVtiTsuu nf K l l l l a n d Air | K u i r p llinic defeated J i m m y Hlaiu-1 ul Pui-lilii. fiilu.. ordnaiu-e depul | liy a TKO In the i.econd louud ul tlii-lr w p l l e i w e l u h l Hlihl. Jim Kulnt New Mexlcu U u i v e i - slly. dcfpilled Klmer l.iekpr uf ttiiena Vlsla by u TKO In Ihe third round uf llu'lr UlO-puund division } bolll. Admission lif-c - -lUi rlinnn 1 IS Last Time Tonight THRIFTYTHRii CHAMPION... COMMANDER V-8...1AND CRUISER V-8 finished H2^3sd in actual miles per gallon ami l.iffs fur tlx- fiimily "Blondio's Servant Trouble" Phono nip Grmide .430 Slnlc 457 · Plma 1149 Kldt Undor 12 FREE When With O R G A N DRIVE-IN TONIGHT ONLY! WAKE ISLAND MscilMali) Carey-RohHtPreslonS Albert OiUB · Wltw Be*H Wiltti tbd Extra! 3 Stooges Comedy Sports Short ti /mtJ overd/n-e, optional ot extra i . [ Trim, sleek and beautifully flight-streamed, all the new 1951 Studcbakers have the right build (for real thrift. Come in. See why Studebaker designing saves gasoline. DAVENPORT-TEARNAN MOTOR CO*, INC. 620 N. Main . ; ' ' ' . .'V l Phone 846 HIGHEST QUALITY! LOWEST PRICE! Snn Suits Eeersuckcr and oihcr materials. · Yellow, blut, green and. red. Sixes 6 months lo 2 years. , PRICED AT ONLY $1.19 Overalls For pleniy of wear and tear this summer. Colors of: Bed, Yellow, Brown, Blue,' Green, and Tan. . · In'sizes 1-6 $1.69 Coveralls TUMBL-TOG Fine Quslity COVERALLS^ In seersucker, gabardine*: and chambrays. Fancy Irim. The children will- simply love them. In sizci' 1-6. FOR ONLY .;^c: Y i 'A\f" : .,.o'psn ,:.|

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