Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 30, 1962 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1962
Page 19
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Gree/ey Wrestlers Open Year Serf. .Friday, Nov. 30 Pag* 19! Greeiey High's sophomore dam-, in;Ued \Vildvat and junior varsitv wrestling teams will open their j 1W2-W season Saturday. Tin 1 Wildcats will entertain i barnstorming I'ueblo South at 2 p.m.. and the Creeley Junior Var.-ity will wrestle at Valley : Hish at 7 p.m. | Pueblo South has a meet whed- uli-d at Iceland Saturday morn-i ini;. ' i (.'oath IXin Ciorinan has seven; Icttcrmen back from (lie bpirnedl 1961-62 team. Nineteen ol the 3fil squad members are sophomores.! Five of the sophomores will bej | in the varsity startini; lineup against Pueblo South. Nine ol the dozen junior varsity starters Saturday will be sophomores. The junior varsity is directed by Coach -loe Sprinastnn. The Greeloy coaches are LM; inu Raiders To Stay jurw Tom Yackey at heavy | ,, Oakland, AFL Bauer who wrestled 103 last year and Delgado who wrestled 133 placed third in the Northern BOSTON ' A P - Commissioner Conference meet. Greeley in,Joe Foss of tiie American Foot- Northern duels compiled at 2-5-11 ball League said Thursday he ex- record for sixth place. ;p etts the Oakland franchise to re- The Wildcat varsity schedul-: ! m ain in the California city. Saturday Pubelo South at Gree-! The Raidcrs have b ' , , ley. 2 p.m.: Dec. 6 Greeley at. sa j e w j ( u ^ Or'ean d K ' Brush, 7 p.m.: Dec. 8 Greeley at,~ a s J, itv ^ , ^ . ,,;..,, ""! Lakewood. 2 p.m.; Dec. 14 «ol*"li her the Oakland ', at Greeley. 7:30 p.m.: Dec. 15 th ; 5e Greelev at Laramie 2 p.m ; Dec. 22 Greeley Invitational tourna-, "' am «!*-'ing '"at tne Oak- ment. 8 a m. ;land '""n-rMse will stay uheri- it Jan. 4 Greelev at Boulder. 7:30^-" sald posSi '" tow " for ievcral ; The Buioney "V Upsets Were A Dime A Dozen By Paul Moloney Last week's football oiferings COLLEGE over Holj Cr".-.=. Mb- piled an 18.1 scoring avtrag. played terrible tricks on the col- SISSIPPI over MisMSMpp: S'a'.e for fourth in tbt Kansas cot- legiate predictor? and those that SOUTHERN CAL by a mini- ference standings. He led th. enter the contests. . mum over Notre Dimf OK . I consider myself lucky to , LAHOMA over Oklahoma Stale decree since tome of the upsets BAYLOR over Rice, TENNES- went in my fiver. But I wound , SEE over yanderbilt, TEXAS league the year before. Ht Is a 5-footOO senior. L p.m.: Jan. 11 Loveland at Gree-' ' llours "" a engagement, j up with 11 mi»« out of 32 i ,, _. ,jm*s for i K.t ley 7:30 p.m.; Jan. 12 Greeley a t , ' ' don ' 1 M we it will he trans-] ^ wet |,. Thi$ (Sterling, 7:30 p.m.: Jan. 18'Au-j ferred - Ha " ol lhc wnerjhip nowi ovtr ,|| 7 , 7 ^ rora at Greeley. 7:30 p.m.: Jan.',*TM 1 * to kce P the team '" Oak- ! of Ml) for th« year. Don Gorman Joe Springston CHRISTIAN over Southern utage for Methodist, UCLA over Utah and 1 "* ·" : V I R G I N I A over Rutgers. i (2M out This weekend m . p,:, cen : agt could plummet. Skiing Outlook sophomores the chances in Uwiin experience - to the Wildcat jsophomore Hick Nolan at 154.: Feb. 8 Fort Morgan at Greeley. campaign was initiated to kecplprobablv be on the Colorado, pieseason meets Heam is sophomore 95-poundcr| sophomore Bill Lehman al 16517:30 p.m.; Feb. 9 Greelev atithe club. The sal? negouationsJMines-Colorado -·· .-a ,..*.r.* n.,,.ers. Rocers aualilicd f o r ' n n H Rr,m . . . , · I.etlermcn Don DKNYF.i! AI"-The Colorado . , - - - ,-- · couiu piummei :i Information Center today list- 25 Greeley at Fort Collins. 7:30' a n a This will be the last weekend, . . . ed these conditions for the only p.m.; Jan. 26. Greeley at Englc-' The Oakland franchise receivedjof predicting until the bowl games.; Blddms , for a lac(1 jn , h( , ,..,,,. .,, UJ ^ ;! , l ,.. cu , TCmlv Ope r 3 ^;, ! wood. 7:30 p.m. ;a boost Wedncscav when a civic 1 The top area attentmn will·:,,,, i;,.,.,.,, ,,,, ,,, r,-,;, o,,,,,,,,. .. · . " 1 ' 'I'?- iiiitujj on uw. L laii .jiaie ::t.-*.i- ;a i;;t \taH- :man team is^ 1%1-fi! Ail-State: bn?!ar.d Kaon. _ Fax skiing; ke Rogers. Rogers qualified hrjand Brower a! heavy weight. JLongmont. 7:30 p.m.: Feb. 16 j were suspended when the cam-i which will be played Saturday. and llw Maie loner division tourna There will he no varsity 180-j Northern qualifying meet at Love-ipaisn started. lit was postponed a couple weeks ,,,: ,, i , , ,. ,, T"'l ,"''' ? e a r wi-cslliiii; pounder, land: Feb. 21-23 State meet at Foss said two groups had bid ago because ol snowv weather weeM-r,! Lettermen IXm lor l.a ayctU 1 . i The junior varsity lineup- \Val-Englcwood. !for the Raiders. At that tim. T predicted B.,u,-. Dave Canrhola. f r a n k Greeley s varsily lineup Satur-Uer Davis at 90. Tim Casseday aU , MINES would win. I .till feel Del-ado and John Brower u i h - d a y tt! l| mcludi- l;.,j:c:« at 93.'no. Mosteller at 112. Pat Menke:··--·^^·^^··^·WWi^ -- . ^ rf\ the same «n-stlr for thr v a i M l y Saluiday.Kophnmoii' Gary \V;,1!; : ,T ,,: nda! 120. Allen Brmvn at 127 Glen f and k-tterman Larry Mostelier!Bauer at 112. Canchola at IL'OjIlager a; H3. junior Cecil Soria | «i!l he in the junior varsity !:ne-|.Mwyn G'K-:tzi-n at 127. Delpadojat 118, Dick Fuller at 143 Fred u l ! at 131. Nick Shejierd at i:i?j Fredericks at 151. Bill Bricker at A hie a d d i t i - m - n o t in fize bufsnphomore John Hill at 145/165. Dick McGlotlilin at 180 and I D'lane Torcerson will not wrc«!le College game.Myron Long of Greeley. For the second straight year, Deryl Elmore, another former 3 to 6 inches of packed base; no r.e-.v MVJW. Monarch Pa..- - Poor to fair Wildcat, led McPherson College .skiing: 12 to 13 hich packed base: scoring. Elmore last year com- no new snow OWLING L! ES Other games Saturday: ALABAMA over Auburn, NAVY B,over Army in the big one. HOI'S- .TON over Cincinnati. MIAMI College High Wrestles At Fort Morgan Saturday AT BOWLORADO- : NEIGHBORS MIXED The scores: Weld County Bank COLUMBINE The scores: Jones Sporting | .;Goods 4. Tenneco 0; Western TV. ··i-. 1 ( ,?r Florida. GEORGU · TECH over Georgia. BOSTON 0. Pro-Vita 111 4; Baltes Potato'- 1 Cade ' Trimble . w m U r Hi sa:H 1 145'nberg. Ci-ntral. Jan 18 Eaton at Cnlifeir - , ... .05. Eckor^v and;ja:, ,, Col,,.,, 1 High a, Weld'.^, 0 - /^ w . : Slm ^jSterling 558 ilr.=l!. Jan 2o Lafavetle at (.n cecv ,, ,j , ,. L ^ Too team Smlbuilders 4: Keenesburg Con-i " r L d l " sumcr.s 0:1 3. Pro-Vila II 1: Vit-: Us tin.- Hich. .Ian. - k-.ii- tw u -H'. : "s.'velt. "fl Collece Ilish at 1 '. , , . - . ,- i. . ,. ,, ,,- , , ,. .itetoe Decorating 0. Fort Luptor. ' '' Mm men alwiil n i n in a b i l i t y at mi-sl : ' f b - 1 lolleae Hiuh at I-ortL , , Johnson 213 eh. 9 Distmt tnurna-"!TM^ *' _._.... ^,,____. _., The College Hich wn-i,!! team, with only It.ur Iciti-ru back fnmi W.l-M. m':! trM skilK at 7 ",'i p in Sal'.ird.iy Fort Morgan in ils first meet the year- Coach Hill Trimble f.-m-s a ma-:»i-i;ht which w i l l h'-lp" impiove'I-upUm. Fob jo: rebuiiduiL' job viith thi 1 lulkiihe caliber dunn;; tlie seascn - m f i n l nt fnrt Luptcn. Feb. 14-10 of the Mn'Mlers that carried l i i e j l l o u c M 1 : . ;!n. li-.illdrm.s are nol -^'ati 1 tournament al Aurora. team to a 4 3 Tn-Vallry recorfl.ex|iccli'd 'o dn as «c!l in the Tri- and to runnerup in Ihe di-inci'valii-y and di.-lrnt this sea^m tournament graduated or not ojt The squad c i m s i i of sn:r.r- thi e a r . 'Candi'laria. c.nde. Klmgenherc Ultermen r e t u r n i n g are I2".'lla:ch and WcM plus s:\ junnir« plunder Hnm-r Candelaria. lil- nine suphuiiuiii's and cichi fresh- (xiiiiHier li;m Khnct'iibcig. 180 mm. Tln:v « i l ! be one IreslnuT. poiuuler .l:m Ktkrrsi'ly anil startor. Ohmlr.rli ;· ,-)i 95 heavyweicht Eddir (ilcndenninp Tl.e Bulldo:: -ihrdule Trnnble a;.im»l Fort Mortal:, S.ilurdav Colic: 1 . 1 Hi'.'h al Foil w i l l i r l y hc.-niiy on squad new-;Morgan. Uc c 7\ttti' al '!· C"mers. lo;^ l i i ^ h ·nun-conlcrciicc 1 . 1)' Torrez Bros. 2: Reese Gear I Co 2 Thompsons Garage 2 -i Jammers 3 - stecle ' s Croc-cry 1: jBachmans Inc. 0: Gilcrest Feed! Columbine Bowl 4l A1 ' s TV °- 'and Bean 4: Gordons Downtown 1 T °P leam s * ries: Columbine; A Shamrock 4; Elmer Ley Bowl M '- ! indiviauai series: Cecil Army, Navy Rated Even game 2559 Top individual game: F. Columbine, PHILADELPHIA I A P - Freewheeling Navy is rated an even Trip team serie?- Gilcrest Feed. CHURCH -MUKV.n A. chance in quest of its fourth Straight service football victory Saturday over an Army learn ca ,, cr , 0 end (h Bulldog Swim Team Opens Season Monday Top individual series: Men -Willie Reichert 551; Phil Hunter:!:,.. v_ -, * n .,, c.,.; nllr .. i ,,,h . ., , 55, Women - Helen 507 ^^Jg^*^ ^'te^^t Shorn of frills like bowl DOS- l\Vill : e Reichert 'u WTM ***** 203 Women - - -ucl TUESDAY M I X E D The scores: Hiway Cafe 4. Ron- niels Builders 0; Greeley Travelers 4, Greelev Sand i- Gravel 0; , . u Lulheran m " No - ' 3 - , n 2: Our ^ng, the 63rd meeting [academies has boiled itself down to a battle of super-charged a "'I squads whose supporters have · ; Baptist' whi d l h c m s e , v e s t o z frenzv . Pre5idem John F - Ken "^- «""' v . . °' Tnmty ' jbe on hand for i pageant--CBS. 1:30 tele- p.m.. EST-to which he'll add an inno- La Salle Bap- Elmer ! valio «- first time the Sa " C jchief executive will walk to the i middle oi the field for the coin [toss between captains Steve Ho ',of Navy and John Ellerson o New Color For Skiers! What women like best about Jantzen sweaters are the sportsmen who wear them. Take this Snow Crystal pullover. The wearer will obviously possess a fine sense ot style and color. And he's practical, too. Because this Orion Acrylic is machine washable! S-M-L-XL $15.95. sportswear for sportsmen enne Central and Cheyenne EastjCafe 3. Thompson 1: Gordons 3.1 T individual game- Harrv at 7 p m . iGamblcf 1. 'Jerke 225 Co.irh Cieorge Brooks has nini- Hict) leam series. Kimbrel Mu- 1 ieltcnnrn returning among his Hisir 1892. ! swimming car.HKi.ites. and among. High team came, Kimbrel 648 NBA them air four talented cnnipcti- Hich individual series ' m e n * L. lors in Stanley House. Allan Cha- Sauter 550: i women* W. Stephens By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS weights, optimism, good physii lnupka. Nick Walsh and Forest |4W j Thuriday't Results jshape and enthusiasm are ver Fisch. | High individual game ' m e n ' I..: Syracuse 112. Chicagc 85 jmuch alike. Other letlermen include Don.Sauter 207; 'women' D. Fuqual St. Louis 128, San Francisco 121 Alexandc: Tom George. Rick i 176. M. Kochler 176. . Saturday's Gamei ( Colegt Hockey Harim.-,n. Rob Mason, and Roger!,,. ,.,,, .i^o.vie i ntli '"' ! v - s Xsw York at Boston" By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | While the game will offer a con Itrast between the Middies' pro | type attack and the methodica 'Cadet running offense, (he school .present many similarities Three unit substitution systems. squa( M.,hr AT COLUMBINE- , ^^ a( ^ dtlicr candidate* aie Ed Colby.· A U L T MEN'S i si. Louis at Los Angeles George Fisher. Jim Harlman.' The scores: Pinks Conoco 4.. Cincinnati at Chicago I,arry Ijingwell and Tom Robin-jDanirl.wn Equipment 0: Burman' sun. jClothing 3. Miller Spraying 1: Brooks is hopeful transfer Ixmp-jFarmers National Bank 4. AuH well w i l l bolster the diving which.Lions 0; Aull Gambles 2. Ault I hammed ihr Bulldogs last year -I.iqtmr 2: Ault VFW 1. Mamveilerl Colloce High's schedule: Weld:nc .": Carter Bookkeeping] Monday College High al Chcy-|3. Widmaicr Chevrolet 1: Pierce j onnr- ' 1 . 4 p n v : Dec .'Motor-. 4. Fan- Co P: Wellcr Lum-i 7 College High .11 Adams City. 4^'er Co 1. Ault Grain and licani p.m : lii-c 8 College High at'.MrjElcvalor Co. 3. j Force Academy prep i i n i i a i h i n a l ; ' Top team series: Pink's Con-' Clarkson 10, Montr??' Denver 5. McMaster 'Hamilton Ontario' 3. Smart idea in stereo hi-fi FINE STEREO PERFORMANCE coffee-table styling · o separate speaker systems · Multi-Channel Amplifier with 3 output transformers · Super- IJuiet Automatic Record Changer · Separata Controls for balance, loudness and tone. · Cabinet finished on all four sides. 19Q 95 as Ion- as I £7 tMnmrrH T"-*- GREELEY. COLORADO OPEN E V E N I N G S UNTIL 8:30 LAST DAY! IVc 15 College Hich at Iienvi-rlocn 269S 1' |iif|i iiivMaiiona! ; Top individual series: Fred TRUCK LOAD I Jan. II) Dciner Genrce W a s h - ' M o r i l a fim: Albert Tateynma 604:; 'inillnn al Cnllrgp Hich. Jan. n G c n r g r Wolfe (W. College High and Palmer al A:r Top team game: Pink's Conoco J-'nrce Academy i'rrp. 4 p m ; i 9 f i l -,Ian. 18 Cheji'ime East ami Con- Tup individual game: Albert -tr.-)l al College llij:li. 4 p m ; ,]-,\\\ 'Kinoshila 247. 119 Air Force Acndi-my I'icp .11 ;t""llrgi' High, p in ; Jan. 2:, SATURDAY FOR GREELEY LUMBER'S STORM DOOR LAST DAY! SALE I'nijievvdod al College llii:h. 4 p m Feb. 1 Ci.llcge High at XVasson. I p ill : Fell R Gi-iii-ti' Wa^iun: COLUMBINE LADIES The scoirs- (larden City' ·u"i- T. Weld County Bank 1: Pon- jca's \\i-,iIrsale ". .Innrs Company M. .-.1 College Hid). 4 pm : Feb |' : """ v; " 1 " '"'"" n " d " m W ? -'« '·-'2-:-i Hislri.-. (Jualifvnii: mm \ lm TM m "" 1: ^TMfa'* 2 - TM'|« Maivh : SMle iwct. ' '. u m h m c '· !« !i^p tt'aju si'Mos: (inrHcn '."'-tyil^ ! ! Sports Briefs l! !U " Bv THE ASSOCIATED P R E S S P A S E d r t L L M:\\ VnliK . ^ I B - : Inoi- ^-l in»'-nr^ri-']t n,V sin! l!u- I^i-ifir l c : T R A C K A N D F I E L D I T I i l M . ·,U-.!!^'M Hi [ . M r t i l i i . « n « (hi r-oi r wr.»1 !'M M H!' \ i M 1 I . , . , " · ,.' S , v \ . .. . . - , . 1 11 .llr.ii h I';-! :i R AC I KG \ K \ \ ^.1II X I I I I Illn M i l I N I ( T.L j 1 1 1 .J. N-.'l I'flul . l m |, % .(., \n A I r n c l h i n thr C«;ilrn Mi ' p v n n . h K I . H i M,,, ( . · ...·[. l^f !f»tiiif r«tv ill ,it r.-.iv M:» n n u v x s i v u r» * i * ' j Top individual series: MildrediJJ -' Schumacher 5.12 ^ I TOJI it-am 5.-iiv,o Colorado!'! in' s.-. i .-h.-.!i| i; rain r.nd Si-ragr RM ^ Tr',-.! 11 r l f l v . ~"P M'hvidual game- Mildred'M ·lii'ai i r^v-.,r iSchuniachcr 5.12 '^ up .ilm.rl.rrt: « ""' '""", PRIDAY NIGHT MIXED IS .'iVrff,','!' The semes Mr. F.d's Barlx-i ;* : Shop 1. Co.,.p TBA S : Uo.iriwayijj *." '"."".^'Pny TV Tonnpi-n \n 1 1; Tcmi-c.i ! j( ji"yj,,.',V/Nt,' 2 2 C.ica Ci!:i :· l.flk^hutT J h "°" Supper Cliili 3. \V.i\mii-r H.ird-:^ «.,, "·'"· ' '» Vl. 111 /' 1 "* " li; ' 1 ll '- in ' "^iii' I .'tk^shorp W "· ".-'t I'alni Slll'lH-1 C l l l h IWli 5( Hu:': i?nli\ifh:.ii M'! !r- nii'ir :^ » t.^«"'Vhr · l i m KlVrlll(1 '' ·"*. ' W ' - i n n i ' !V!I'^ \V;ivniur 4,'tii i* fn "hr Hidi tt\'iii ^itinr I . a k f f h o i f ' S vh, -i Supper Cluli fi-VV !jj ( f _ ^ .Itm l.iisrr ?rv : 'untnon 1 I V l i y j ^ SELECT GRADE Spruces, Ponderosa CHRISTMAS TREES Demand Makes Karly Selection Neressary l)n-ll-Voui'»clf K i t s A v a i l a b l e v \ \ \mi FV t MI( i !. .'.' f · f,ii!i.M tfi* ITM-I f u r : ' . . . . .-. ' i!n'r» jtnrl Hft-i th» Hn \\tn,\ ABL COLUMBINE Tile scores C A C Km.iniT ill s H'-ifd'Tds :. Ci:'lit!an I. i 'SLilila's Tr.uSfiv ;ipd S.ilrs ? Wrl;l O.mly l.iimbei 0. Flood A i l V t l - l - t i : - · ll.initv.'« .' Mi-ist- Look for Santa Pointing The Way To \ K K K R R R R R R R R R R K K America's QUALITY DOORS are electronically Moloney 1 corners com- saving ana /o(vf miters. Assure y, long life. ECONOMY DOOR $ /~ 7 · Titts-lrt tor tssy cltsnine · Lower [lass glides down for winter, up fur summer · Self contained -- mtleproef · Rustproof -- never needs painling · 0»er 1" thick extruded aluminum · Two tl«ss, oni jcrein, ctmpliti willi * htdyrife, 22 95 QUALITY DOOR $ 27 95 i Rttulli SKI A GOLF SHOP 92* tth Av«. Phww 3S3-3333 : lop t r . t t n M~I :i". · O f ' T,,p n-.,ii U rlil.ii B i n n l ; .'»R1 · lop c.inv 1 X 1VI Klinrr i I ft Vf|.| Ki*irr | MOLONEY^gESESn DOORS GREELEY LUMBER CO In Westview Shopping Center, 2406 W. 10th St. TREE LOT OPEN EVENINGS

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