Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 17, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 3
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17, ( 1951 LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS t ' V Vi'-r- y . . ; . · ' . · :.' ·. PAGE THREE ..,.....,,,. , Of Christian Service Begins: ThreJ-Ilay,; Stale-Wide Conference Today .11 !'£·'·· ·· ,Sl : _ _. . " ' The New.Mexico Women's'So- ciety of Ctuistlon Scrvice'Modjiy opened its tenth annual . confer- rrjce as more than 300 women from across the.slate gathered here foi firjft.sessions in'it three-day'con- ference. .'" '. '··'·· . »:.·'· .1' Mrs. M. L.i Morris, Clovis, president o f . the. New. Mexico, conference, convened the meeting at 2:30 p. m. this afternoonvlnv St. Paul's Methodist church'."'" '' ,'' : = '..' ' ; Cuiifertmce Hymii *' .'',""' After singing, the.'conference hymn, "O God,pur Help lii'Ages Past, Our Hope ln-Ycars to Come," a pjuycr was offered by Dr. A. C. Douglas, host pastor....,.,;·-;:... Greetings were extended by Mrs. L. H.-Kurtz, president of tho local society. A response ivas given during conference organjzation. Executive commute mimites were lead and conference ' committees appointed. .·' - ; ,:Plstrlct presidents giving- reports 'Included Mrs. H. B. Slease,. Albuquerque; Mrs. J^slie King, Clovls; Mrs. B. J. Isaacs, El Paso;' aad Mrs. Reed Bralmml, -Pecos Volley, -i. 7vlra. J. :R: Miller ' presented a message, "I'Help Our Work With Supplies." · ' . - . · - - SpitrLiI Miwlc ·:. · ' ^ | Special music by Mendelssohn Minstrel Show Is EnjoyeOy Cliib · A black-face minstrel show, with A cunt of 2Q entertainers, appeared before Counliy Ghib members,'April nth. ·-The. show, ..sponsored,b.y.itha Naval Unit ttt White Sands/ consisted of 40 minutes of v comedy, .songs, monologues, musical \solos, and miiulrel ;xu tines. The ca«t included: Jess Peluso, inter loch u'ter; Tom'. BagwIII, Mr. liohe.s; · Reynold v Pickens, Tambo; flea Quiroz, heckler; Erlin iJlake, banjo player; George buley, "Lone-some Oal"; Henry Price, .violin; Ilob Knney, vocalist; John Klapak, Ipet; jiob I31akc, iinporamutions. .Others in...the casts were: Bob Poc,.Petfi Kpradlin, Ted. Thomas, C. J. Taylor, Frank Michaels, Dick Cummtngs, Bob Nelson. ;. Make-up -Wiis in charge of Betty Maone.und.Xriuic Duley. Prop-man wus.Ucjihie Gutdcra'nd Ilernie Corley wiitt pianist. . Atelnberj; of the cat were guests of.-Uic' Cioimtry 'ciub'.for. the. covered · dUih;' dl'nncr.f whicri^pr^teded .S)was playetl by Mrs. Ross Leainer · Mrs.'-M. L. Norri.s presented the president's message.'The first .ses- nion .was concluded with a prayei for the. firmed forces. '''At 4:30-thLt aftei-noon a tea ifla'nijed in the church parlors. and'is to be given by the Women's Society-, of the host parish,. St. Paul's. At f 7:30 tonight a,worship service will be held " i n the church, with music by the St. Paul's'choir. Mrs'.' Jimmie. Hardgrbve will gjve scripture and prayer, and -Mrs. S. K. McMnhon will give "Tho Lord's Prayer" as a solo. ; Holy Co minimi on Dr. Walter Rabh Willis, pastor of Trinity church, El Paso, is to preach the .sermon. RRV. en-bin. Turner and Dr. .Douglas will* administer holy communion. The benediction will he given by Dr. Douglas. Tomorrow's session begins at 3:30 - with . morning devotions Jed y Mrs. Orbin Turner. Mrs. W. P. Thorpe will give a message, "Just for Today," followed by Mrs. Fulton Moore, speaking on "A Little Child. Shall Lend Them." Discussing "Our Youth. Hope of the World" will be Mrs. .1. T. Zink, Mrs. D. H. Read, and Mrs. Ray Kirk. i I Coronado Haymakers Has Two New Members Louise Sownll, 'daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sowell. and Irene ICnox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. .H. Knox, Juive been initiated into the^ Coronado Play makers at New Mexico AM college. Miss Sowell, junior zoology major, is a member of" Chi Omega sorority, co-chairman of the Student Christian 'association, president o f - t h e Methodist. Youth Fellowship, and secretary of the Allegro club. She is also a member of Phi Mil .Tan, hononary Arts and Science fraternity. MiA3 Knox, freshman home economics -major,.is a member of Chi Omegu sororlty-at the college. ..Mrs, I. J. Ryers, El P»sn, will give the report of the* research committee. Officers are to be elected during this.morning session. - Mrs. C; L. Strech will report on progress in 1950-51..Mrs. Beatrice Blociier, Artesla, will speak on "Guilds of Tomorrow' Must Place Trust and Hope in God." Speakers* f Mrs.. A. E. Lang,. Ei -Paso, .will speak on "Deepening Our Faith, Strengthening Our HopiJ." Mrs. M. R Stubbs has chosen "Our'Hope- Help To Others" os her topic. Mrs. I. L. Morgan will speak;oir "Open Doors." Mrs. R. F. Imle. El Paso, will present "As Thy Days. So Shall -Thy. Strength Re." . Mrs.-.Babara Moon, State College, will present special in.tisic. Mrs. C. A. Barr. Austin,, president, south central jurisdiction of the Women's Society will givp ,-m address "Jesus' Right Hand." Mrs. George DitterlinC; Austin, Texas, will close the-morning .session with prayer. - . ·A luncheon is scheduled for 12:15. Highlighiins the - Wednes"13' afternoon .session will be presentation of a . play "As Waters That Cover The Sea" by women of the Las Crucns society. District dinners are to be held at : 5:30. Flower Show Sets Early Opening Date This Year 1 ' ' V.J.i..-./·?"--rfr'.TT Vi'"","..'r*£-l? Mhcheon Meefing» ^,-'. tl_., L · _ ' · ' , . - . - :t ' ' · d The H. -H.: Brook Extension' cliib held a covered disli'luncheoh''^'^'!- ing 1 , April u,- in i he 'home of Mrs. D. M. Alberaon. . t r Mrs. G. -B. Jpnes .wad .co-hostess Jind' Mrs.. J.. T. .'Ferguson'''presided. Entertainment was an.'old-fash- ionc'd spt-lling bee. The club 'voted to'pay 25 cents each to the "Pennies for Friendship" drive. Plans were made to make. ki- monas for. children]} ages two to six, for Memorial General hospital Don's Murdis continued her.'discus- «loh!on pattern alterations',"··" .It was announced the .-'"Cell County Tea" is to be held May 4. at Hutch, with Garfield and Salem as co-hostesses. ' There'wcrc 33 members and'fivft guests present at-the. meeting. · ThjR next mecting'/'wifPhe in 1 the home of Mrs. E..'E. Giles. Mrs. Ratjih Magruder will be' hostess and;Mrs. Christopher, co-hostess. Holy Cross Club Elects Officers Officers for the coining year were.elected at the April meeting of .the Holy Cross Parents Club. New officer are: president, Mrs. Z.' _Ba?.an;.. ..vice-president, Mrs. '·Tohn^ Delaney^ secretary, t Dick Lo- Qutgqing officers arc: president, Mrs.' Jules "'Vandcrsarl; vice-president, Mrs. Efock. Lopez; secretary ·Mrs. !Pred Paredcs; treasurer, Mrs John Wood.' · Plans were completed for a rum mage 'sale 'to be held . Saturday, April Slat, at Palmer/ Lodge, anil a benefit bingo party to be held Sunday, April 29th. Plans are*also being made to sponsor a soft ball team tills 1 year. The attendance prize was won by Mrs. Garcia'.-^.fourth grade Rebekalis Will Honor Visitor MIHnm Rcbekah Lodge 25 will hold a dinner, honoring tho president o'f the Grand Lodge 'of New Mexico, at ,61:10 p. m. April 23 at Vonnic Lee's. Reservations may be ma'^e by calling Ruth Pierce. 1138-NR, jind must be in by Saturday afternoon. The price will he $1.50 per plate. There will be a meeting following the dinner. Any poison who does nut wish to attend the dinner, may. come to the meeting at 7:30 p.m. at Vonnic Lee's. Any men who are Rebekas arc invited. At the regular session of Re- hekah-s, Monday night, Louise Witt noble grand, ^presided. There were 28 .members present. Memorial services and draping of the charto-r were .held for the district deputy president, Etta Dickerson. Chide Butler was Elected to be district deputy president Eighth grade mothers, under the direction of-Mrs,,Fred Oliver, were in charge fpC the' p.ipffrain and re-: f."cs!irt7Gnts/r-" J " L \ *..' Late in May o- :t)31 the Mesilia Valley Garden cmb held its iirst .spring flowci show and some uf the L'xhihitors it-maikcd ili.'f. if the show had been a week eai ... their po"3ies*v.'piil(i iidve been mucn prettier. Others were just as sure that, h a d - i h o she 11 / boc.i. :t wppk later, their blossoms would' have- won-blue ri'ob'HiH. That jiJd refrain if still rin^i!^ in the cars'of cath year's registration comin-tivv at ' he ari'u.'ui flower :-!if'\y,V )u,d is being repeated, verbatim, each year. This year's show dnle, April 2G. inly nine days sway, jy one of the carlio.-t on rti"o-il, .shows hiiving been held ns laic as May 12. But despite the early date, combined with a late spring, and water shortage for those who depend on irigalion. Prospective exhibitors think there -.vill ne flowers to fill the W.I.A. Woman's elub-build-n:*- ietting for the show. Mr. and Mrs. c:. T. Seal-?, who isuully take home some of the blue 'libbons for their roses, t h i n k the rose section may lack a little in quality this year, sinre the first blooms frequently havcshOrt .stems. Hev. Frank Jones feels it i* a b-t late for raiiimuulus and ;ar.em-;nr.':, hut just ri«ht /or-sweet pens, ond also still season for pansics. Sigurd Johansciii whose Knaps, violets and pansies are always hard to boat, could not be reached by' phone fnr comment. Mrs. Jumc.s A. Hall of I'icacho, says she'll have no roses for the show due to wator BhortugcH. Mr. andMrs. .Milj-S|V:r- wood, Graham's, linve beautiful ])ansip.s liii.-i (-!ir. . Irises, i'io:n .11! rcpoits,.wi'j dominate the fiinv.v. " c .. ; ' i' , Copyright on a book .can be obtained only after it has been published. The copyright notice must be printed in the hook, two copies of- which, together with n fee of $'l and an application, arc sent to the Register of Copyrights in the Library of Congress at Washing-;-1 Ion. Musical manuscripts" may be copyrighted before publication.' Honor Roll LA SCRUCES -MUNICIPAL SCHOOLS HONOR R O L L ' ' ALAMKDA SCHOOL Srrnnil (inuh- . Paul Adams. Eileen Alexander, Dickie Arnold, Judy Comar, I'iitty Carl ton, Yolando Carriilo, Joy Ann Chisholm, James Dunn, Barbara Fleming, Richard Garcia, Jacqueline Cosfl, Gary Gallup, 'Dorothy Hall, Don Hanna, Kobbic Jean Hanson, Franklin Hartline, Cec'flli Hcrrell, Bobby Hilta, Jimmie John son, : Nancy Linton, Dorothy Mayfield, Susan Moor,e, Andrea Nevar- C7., Tonia Rodriquez, Kathleen 'Hountrco,. Linda Saimders, David ^imonson, Don Simonson, Claudette Smith. Stephen Teichner. Thin! (initlp ' Sue Mac Alien, Hobby Alvarez, Mary Frances Alexander, Joe C;i- muncz. John Doggetl. hindn 101- lis. Ann Hufsledlcr, CoHccn Ken- ilricks, Lavina King, John Mcrrh- n n i , Mary McGuire. Ann McN'ntt. Billy Nigh, Danny Padilla. Russell Plait, Larry PickeU. Claudiii Reames, Ann Sunders, ' Nnncy Stump. Kniirlh (Irndc Linda Adams, Patricia Alcott, iiy Bnrrick, Mary Jane Bryant, Mary Carol Bnllnrd, Reynoldo Garcia. William Hilt/,. Lou Ann Loomis, Edward. Mathis. Don Juan Martinez, . Albertine Lynnn Moore, George Newman, Dtivid Ncvarcz. Aniyna Ann Pai'kcr, RebecV.i Hcog- gin, Jim Bob 1 Sedg\vick, Jean Si- ] monson, Tonimj' Simpson, Grace Turner, Robert Turner, Eddie Joe VanMeter, James \Valter, SOUTH WAHO SCHOOL .Second (iradc / Isabel Ajiodaca, Donna Kutes, Ra-i Jean Byrd, Bubby Collins, Patsy Gurrctt, Mary Dale Jones, Roger Maestes, Elisa Martinez; Guylyn Morris, Judy Rhodes, Pcji- B.v Tidwcll, Jimicft Vaughan. TJiinl Jrn«e Joy Andrews, bttndra Bavousett, Katie Blaylock, Nancy.Braun, Tom Carver, Frank Christcnsen.' Sharon Lee Cox. Sharon Sue Glenn, Linda Joan HPSS, John Hiller, Cora Lynn Holnimi, Patsy Johnson, Sar- nh Laughlln, "Eddie Litlta, Clnni Martinci-,. Sue Ann Nails, JOddie Pierce. Kathleen Robertson. Janet Rogers, Sharon Rose, Judy Scott. Jesse Sedlllo, Billy Stinson. Mary Helen Tmjillo, Eileen Wagner. Finn-Hi (irtuli* Danny Borry, Mnrlienc Ciaw- ford, Jo Annr Davis, Frances Oix- on. Penny Ford. Roxic Gaylc Freeman. Mart ho Jean Gnines, Prlscll- la Green, Dorothy Mammon, Kim Ihiyner, Peter Iluttncr, Nancy Carol Liilstonc. Neva Ann May. Lindu Jane McMlllIn, Ann Miller. Kathleen Phillips. Nancy A n n ! Prichiu-d. Carolyn Sealc, Mary Lou ! Tmjillo, Louise Smith. j Foresters Advise Moderate Grazing FORT COLLINS. Colo., A pill 17--j/Tt--The Foreiit Service says it hits found u way for cattlemen to produce better unimuls and fatter profits. Jn the of its forest and range experiment station, the service said the secret lies in how many animals are grazed on ning- os. Income per acre in the test area weal of Colorado Springs rose 55 per cent when grazing 1 was moderate rather than heavy, the report said. Moderate grazing is atockingxw the extent that animal a graze of/ 30 to 40 per cent. of. the herbage produced in a ··growing- 1 - · ''season. Jieavy grazing 1 . Ukea'.GO'Or-TQ pv . cent and liffhti.graitny-i-lO- to .30 per cent. '"' ;"~" -. ' " ''**%$ "Catllo g-alns are directly associated with the degree of grazing- use," the report said. '.'On heavily stocked pastures, gains have averaged 181 pounds per h(£hd for; the · five-month season; on nioderatol.y .stocked pastures, *222 pounds and on lightly stocked' "pastures 235 wounds." Blue and flp ,.vhale.s' u reacji,.jl length of Gfi feet in twp years. ^^ : J " I ' Save Ht9ite.if uiitH: ttit HALF FARE FAMILY PLAN i r\- ^-"""t-'A W h . n j o u o r y o u l w i f . bup a lull for. licUl for ^""^"i:. i; f U.^_----r^Tjl f \ '""tair °' Wnlwiifa/. )0or lima, con 11,' «ilh ',m lo'f ' S |( \ C - V W · *;.! \ Ml Ion (oppli., looll.UJ,.nund., 77.) II bulk par.' jH *\ 4 * / n i .0 \ ·"" *"· ""·*""" *°" '"'· ° n ihiu "i"'""'" 0 ' 1 ' : IT'' Call your li-avel-agent ir 182.- V f " *v% .*»?£ isj ap e .MS? ricki!t (itni- .ngr a I Airport tommtnm m Population of-Hanni, Indochina, i is moie than J 50,000. : UfffS SrfcfrSnftn ' Ben Graucr, the radio commentator, ulso is a rabid hook collator and .1 memb'er of several bib- ioqr.iphlcDl and literary societies. for next year. The Friendship club will meet Thursday-, ulternonn at the 'home of Lillian Siitherling with . Judy, Eriukson. co-hostess. The committee for refreshments, at the. next meeting: will be Lillian Suthurllng-. 'Ethel · Sheriff. Jones, Louise Chilwood. Dahce'Tb'Beffild'By Agricultural School Everyone-is cordially invited to attend the. 52nd- Ag : Ball, from 9 p. m.. to l a. m. April 21, in the ballroom and on ,lhc terrace' of Milton Hull, state college. Music will b6 by -Gene Armstrong- iintl his West'Toyas Nlg-ht- h.iwks. Dress ^111 be 'informal, western Ktyle ·preferred^ ·'. · The Ag-Cliib, Kponsors of the IwJl, will' initiate a grand march, to honor nil seniors in'the School of Agriculture. The grand march will start the dancing at exactly i) p. m. The price'will be $h50 p«r couple. . .IVrsoimi Loans . . . Cltilfon Loan A' Insuranro Co. S P E C I A L ! Mondays - Tuesdays, Wednesdays . .NEW''PERMANENT 'SHOfttlE" COLD WAVE -. '-For"Spring Regilitr SJO Permanent !so FUc^i'B^mty Shop %-Wi.rtiiffho' Phon» 112 GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K 0 B E 1450 On Your Dial ·TONIGHT -- TUES. P.M. 4:30 Evening Buyers Guide 4:45. Lean"back and listen 5:00'* Straight Arrow 5:30 Sky King: ·6:00*» Gabriel Heatter 0:15** Foulton Lewis, Jr. 0:30 Let's Waltz 6:45 UP Slews 6:50 Sport Cast 6.-C5* 3 Bill Henry and the News 7:00 . Civil, Defense Program 7:15 Concert Miniature 7:25 ' Eddy Arnold 7:30** Mysterious Traveler 8:00 Alo for.Leisure. . 8:15** I Love A. Mystery 8:30 : Count of Monte Crlfttn 9:00 . UP News 9:15** Mutual -Newsreel 9:30 Starlight Concert 9:56" Mutual Reports the News 10:00 Sign Off TOMORROW -- WED.' A. M. · 6:00 UP News 0:05 El'Corritlo Mexicano 7:00** Robert Hurleigh 7:15 Kami Family .7:TM . UP News 7:45 Trading 1'ost fi:00 Cecil -Ilrown '8:15 flaUipr Round, Kids . 8:25 News .8:30 Morning Buyers Guide 0:00 Morning Devotional 0:15 , Xnree Suns 0:25 News 9:30 Queen for a Day 10:00 Jackpot Jamborcn 10:30 Facts ft Fun for Everyone 10:15 .Ufihtcrust Doughboys' 11:00 Ceclric Foster 11:15 Vincent Lopez 11:45 Tony Fontaine . Game of the Day K 0 B E Your Friendly Statin*' A MUTUAL NKTWOKK ' AFFIUATK WE'RE CELEBRATING O U R . . . . · · * SECOND ANNIVERSARY COME AND ENJOY THE MUSIC FOLKS! RUSSELL V. ASTON and His ... Westerners Will Be With Us Wednesday, April 18th 7 P. M. TO 10 P. M; With Dave Wallace As. Master Of Ceremonies DAIRY QUEEN ·"Home of the cone with tho curl on lop" .6.40 S. Ma|n ., .,x'i IJ Phono 1561 Remll WEDNESDAY THRO SATURDAY APRIL 18-19-20-21 AMERICA'S FIRST AND FINEST . . . The Greatest Money-Saving Drug Store Event in the nation. Hundreds and hundreds of items go on sale this week. Every department features Specials you can't afford to overlook. Here are just a few of the items on sale during our BABY NEEDS SHAVING NEEDS TOILETRY SPECIALS DENTURE PRODUCTS SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES PACKAGE STATIONERY RUBBER GOODS HOSPITAL NEEDS SUNGLASSES SUNDRIES NOVELTIES YOU GET 2 FOR THE PRICE OF1 PLUS k SHOP AND SAVE THIS WEEK! LAS CRUCES DRUG CO. 103 S. MAIN PHONE 12.OR 211

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