Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 30, 1962 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1962
Page 16
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M i f I i k Pn i Page ie CREELEY TRIBUNE Friday. NV. so. roz.***, * Mr. «d Mr I T I I 1 I · l\ \* I I g * - ~~~~~""^~~~~~"^^-- ^ I D ! I '.| J i - · jBlackwe.l ?nd ti'.eu- By MRS. FRANK VETTER .'.:!l.l.:Ki:\ - Mr. a:id Mn. " ' ' . ' · MA::ri: ;,-:d their daush- · · : - '..''. s- '.i'.ei.'- Thank-loins I'.-··· - - . · - · - M' ;-i.i! Mr? Yi'rr.-in V Yin!' V.-:. ;.:.·! M:.- J j u Ashirali ami '"' ·' !:·:·'·!..:· M"..-. V.iiicie Wiikc- ff I." 1 !;.?:' .·:'. enjoyed liimier on T:-.;::b_ \-.\- D.-iy a! the Reulwn · " u'::y ···.:·..· ;;; .li'his'oun. Mrs. V . ' k i » :- .-,i.-:-ii::^ H'vora! days ami Shirk-}. M:-.- lion H u w a . a n d 1 EH Kaniii:i'i«l! were holiday din-! £i:e-s ;u tin.- hmne of Mrs.! K i h d TV.'. :· and !:er daughters ol! M i . nni! Mrs John Clirisly oh Pcnve: «e:c al.-o quests. ! Mr. and Mrs. Walt Scele and I their diildrcn entertained at din on Thai'.ksiivmg for Mr. and. Mi.-. Charles Stroh and John and] Mi.-.- C l a i a Swarlz of Colorado Springs. M:- Swartz s|K'iU the vwei-kend w i t h tln Secies. MISTER BREGER ·s. Merk-j family ·' at tai dav Sundiv ilr. and .Mr*, jadt Vetter enter-]ruc^s. Chaplain Carlson gave an ed. William Wailes conducted de [ganization wil! be appointed to lined at a birthday dinner Sun-!interesting talk on communism, votions. Miss Zola Coates, treas-'uurk w i t h Peterson ajid FUmstyer evening at -heir home in Gordon KU^ore was appointed upper gueits!^ or " 1 j;lemi in honor of Suian's^-hairman of the tree selling which teachers had become members of at the Kenneth Freauff home were fourth birthday. (Juests were Su-|is the club's Christinas project. Mr. and Mrs. John Freauft ot san 's grandparents. Mr. and Mrs.) The Milliken Woman's Club met Loveland. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gas Vetter and Mrs. Carol Drieth.j Friday afternoon with 10 members been printed and is available lo; drew Malik D. I. Peterson and L. A. Ilam-iKiiight expressed his appreciate Dianne Williams. Shirley Mar-| se )' er spoke « n emergency a n d j f o r the money donated by thf Mr and Mr*. Ralph Christy-thi and Julianne Scbeski. the Girljdisas'" precautions and what t" mm- dissolved PTA group. Th: and Shirley: Mrs. lion Huwa and'staters of last year were guests ^° w 'th "e children in case u t j w i l l be used to purchase World Ed Kammerzell were Sunday din- and gave reports on their ex-' eimer - A committee from the or-lbooks for the grade school. Lesser and Jami of Greeley. and Jin Vetter: Mr. and Mrs. Koland ; presenl at the home of Mrs. An- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Adkisson. West. Dick and Karla and Vern' Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crispen a ndi 1{asmusscn o[ «recley. Monika of Wichita. Kan., spent the holiday and weekend at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bauming. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Wertz and their family of La Salle joined them for dinner at the Starlight Cafe in Eaton. In the afternoon they visited at the Harold Gauming home. The Chrispens were supper guests Friday night at the Victor Chrisp- urer, reported that 40 parents and on this problem. the new organization to date ar,d reported the program book had 1 jl'ai le program chairmen were I Knight and Glenn 3uraa*m anyone joining PTO. iThey talked on activities of t iage group of school children ner guests of Mr. and Mr.-. Harry March of Lo-cland. Fowler where they visited and Mrs. Dovle Marvin. Mr. periences at Uirls State. Hie next regular meeting Mr. and Mrs. Dennis I'remer of be on Dec. 14 when thev will have; Denver called on their grandmother. Mrs. Floyd Cottnll. Sunday afternoon a |xt luck dinner and gilt es-| change Mrs. Eddie Stroh and; Mrs. Ralph Christy are hostesses. The Lions Club met lor their | Hie Parent-Teachers Orpani- regular meeting Monday night atzation met Mondav at the Milli- cn home. They returned home via the Home Cafe with ten in at-lken recreation room with apprnx- tendance. Ray Unorato and Chap-innately (a in lain Charles P. Carlson were Eddie Kerbs. attendance Mrs [ire-idem, presid- .MITICI-: i r Fii.ivr; or i ' i : i i i i u \ rim I M ; - I I : l ( ^ n ^ \TIO\ or In llu- ( Courl FTA-ii; OF COLORADO I forxrv OK VKi.n i ! '' '·.' TNI: MATTI:P: "K THP-: i:s. ·"'ATK , , K 1|, A ]·: l - I X K I - . l i T o N . "You been treating this yourself, doctor?" n r TMF: ?TATi-:i Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Kerbs entertained for family members at holiday dinner. Their guests included Fred Kerbs. Conrad and Torn Burback, and the Misses Edith and Helen Burback. all ol Mrs. Marvin Lyncn and their son.! Mr. and Mrs. Bub Onorato, Mr and Mrs. Tom Chcsnut and their: family enjoyed their holiday din! ner at the home of Mi-, and' Mrs. Bob Larson of La Salle. t : i . n : i , k i n c 'or ;i l u i l l i ' l n l :I-I:.T?a I . I ' M - I : ! and t l / . u . r m i i m l i ' i n ·,( t ' . i - V . i r s ..f s .,],.| : ,|c;-fase-l. ;· id *'·': i.« !"!tti l h ; t t t i n - n ...... - C ' ^ ' M - I I . .-n ;is K i m u - n i n i!:e H ' i r . l , . , , ' .1.' l - l n l ; , rl,,Vl. 'V.\7 ' J l . v r l l c Uallslosa. C a l i - f f ' f l n : i . S..I.. Ii:, Allan, -"-in i ^ t h *······ : H"-nl. iirfi-:c.v. ilrrailo. _ ] · . ' · ! : · r: ' II |'II!!,M.MI. t:i,x ll!L-".::. 'ti.i-:l!lii. r.' ' I ] : i i / : . l . . ' h . - A n n r h i k n r i n n n i l - S..-..H i : i i - . l , . . X W . \ V a s h - Vi.II nri' l:..|-,.|,y n(,l;7i,.J '|n ap- w i i l . h i ' i n i - l i y ,l:,ys H t t f r ' f r r v " " -' ' - ' i . - i - -n y..u l i t t*r\ftl t-y il.iy A t . i r'.e ' · ' · i : U i i l l i l ! l u f ' S l t y 111' l u s t | M l l i i l l - n l l r . I l nf a n d i n i l ' - r m i H n t a n .|)Iioaral-..'f- t h e Conn 1 i n ro:oivc a m i ln-»r ··ruin.!,- H i n ln-li's of ··ii a n i l r u l e r a dK-ree \ v l i n a r e i h e heirs I l l - l - ' - l i - y . lloraclo. ~. K. W a l l a c e nf l l i " C o n n l y C o u r t y J'.'j.salif S. A d a m s li'-pinv Clerk y T.'aily r l'ribune SKI HEADQUARTERS SARGENT SHOP 1015 8th Ave. Ph. 3534567 \ I ' c ,' a '- , I Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fuller spent Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vetter anril T !; D Day in Denver Susan were dinner guests Thurs-. gucsls uf Mr . anri Mrs Peler day at the Gus Vetter home. lnjj u s t u s the aflernoon all visited Carl Vet- ,,,,_' t - luvd Collnll te S,. at the kenton Home. p r j d M d l h a n s g i v m g Day dinner wa, | | r i l ; f , f i; , , enjoyed at the Hanold Lessers in- ' · ' Greeley by the following: .Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tegtmeir. Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Adkisson and their children, and Sheila Weigand, all of Greeley: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sdmeidmiiler and their children of Brighton; Mr. and Mr.-. Frank iAdkisson. Mr. and Mrs. Don Tittle and Iheir sons and Mr. and -Mrs. Kenneth Freauff and their sons. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Hainreyer spent the holiday weekend with er parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wilam Sirios of Roggen. They were inner guests on Thanksgiving 3ay at the home of Mr. and Mrs. oh'n Turecek of Deertrail. Guests at the Rex Wukeman ome on Thanksgiving Day were \\r. and Mrs. Robert Williams, Mr. and Mis. George Williams, and Mrs. Kenneth Williams and Keith and Deborah. Mrs. Marie Brust, Mrs. H. T. \Vakcman and Mr. and Mrs. Arch Mellon. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Warner en tertained at dinner Thursday lor Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harrisor and their family of Erie; Mr. am Mrs. Elmer Johnson of Longmont Miss Alary Watkins of Northglenn and Mr. and Mrs. John Sellers o Johnstown. Holiday dinner guests at the John Kammerzell home included Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Brethauer and their children and Mr. anc Mrs. George Broncuscia of Den ver. Mrs. Irene Chesnut, Mr. anr Just Arrived Choose boots for your entire family from this sensational selection. You will find all the leading styles as well f as a big choice of fabrics and colors. Hillside Shoe Center HILLSIDE CENTER Open Evenings until 8:30 COLD ROOMS AND WORKING AREAS HEAT INSTANTLY . . . T H E L O W C O S T W A Y · ·· East 18th Street Hardware on your GRAND OPENING Komac Paint Store Rll Rth St. 353-0411 SATURDAY DECEMBER 1st IS -GET AQCUTED DAY ^x Larry Ackroyd and Ron Neff PRE-HEAT ENGINES, MOTORS, FOR FAST START. NEW DOWNTOWN CONOCO 8th AVENUE and 10th STREET Come in - visit - and get acquainted with us, our EXCELLENT SERVICE AND FINE CONOCO PRODUCTS we want to make new friends and customers. Hoffeif Brand Going"... i SPACE HEATER 'if'-.f f m Gifts for All- SAFE · P O R T A B L E · LOW COST 1 - 2 Lb. 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