Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 6, 1955 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 22
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1'ugc' 22 ' O K E E h K Y TRHHINK Tuesday,' Dec. 6, 1955 ' ' . issified Advertising '. Classified Rates · 1 ' . . EHcciiv* N"V I 19541 ; CASH WITH O K U E K UN OUT Of COUNTY ADS 9e · n o t d -- 1 In · uord-- S co · word-- e u H v t ertle cc;iUTr lai H e l p W a n t e d WANTED--Wo *ni) He h i ho-ji :/o ' I T " tbr lining w r i t e Boi U-i, lai«. riftj-- 1 eourcutjr* re. ne pwiacnUi iltn- . eiT ra« G'X 10 T 'e di«0'j n i from A f c j t e ulrs Lf cam nrrn !* gf !nser;o-i. Ai!i o[d«f*d till onccllrd. ' l O ' p t t c c n l diieo-jnl if t?*\.i !«T 01 C*T ,-!Ulion ·; - CLASSLKitD DISPLAY 9 E e per cclL.-nn ir.cb oa M i n i m u m oai, Jl-'J'j ine!. enl of County r«te. .1 Vol'jcee rft'.ci open ap EHKUHS IO U t Kbl'UK'n.U Al OKCtX TH, Trib-me will m»Le ro «l- \ V A N T K U - N c a , j o u n c WOITIBTI for ccr.oral huuic^vrk mil lo ittt in- \»1IJ t«ly from E to 6. JUI*rene». 1712 M o n t v k f l f 'Hoir!. ' KSTAlil.lSHFtl J. K. W«lkins rofJU ·vnllnbk-. KuLl cr r a r l time. DcUilV. CunnrM .Hol*», »M ?»* Wedncidiy, B O O K K K K L ' K R Lady botfkkeepcr, experienced, excellent opportunity. All in- i' confidential. DODDS ' S2l 9tb.SU . c eclun i- (or t h a Loit and Found For Rent--Apartmcn.ti. IT CLEAN tyro, o n e tvum *txl k l l e h - ^n*»t«_»pl. One lady. 1202 BlH SI. KOK " K K S T -- O n f u r n . 3 ·1-^05 9th SI. »pt. IXJtl HKNT -- Rwcnlly n-.oiernirtd n n u v.-tarved-l'^ltt apt. AduIU. 619 _H-Oj_A^e. . FOR ItKNT-- Ukan lh-t« room and iva room ft: in, apU 1«JO Slh Avc. j'h. n«w. TWO iwni apt., electric ittt\f. I' ate batb and hrat conlro!*, reii able ratci. I'lr. S3J). _ ; _ K O K H K N T -- N1:c t h j - c « - r o u m f u r i«/ni lavement ail. I'^aionabE*. 6 Situolton) Wonrcd 13 \\ A N T E D - H o u n / Jay. Ph-JiH, or V.'A^NTKD--U»bjr 1'h. 3C£6El. " In OR H K N T - - S room if.irtly furn1*hed ar.irlmfKt. ctee 1 In. I'h, 352iil MSJ^ . 11KNT-- One too.ii «nH 'kitefcf FOP lady only. UtllUiu hii _i»i_ihh_at. OH WENT--Drurable furri. bt n a p t . AdutLj. Cimpui , Coi Art. 1726 Sth A* P. ·Be. m y home or LOST-- lady's black rteht «ir«n . on Mottday. T h . l a U M . LOST "-^-* Black Lal:iu]or' Hc«, 6 ai-j-tlhs oW, north tJ Grrrlcy. liranrf ·^Dfw , collar. T h . 02!{l. H«waid. U I K T - - Hlsfcli Shtafftr f o u n t a i n rec. John K. , Keen* n D-arecr - In- · tccibcd. 1'h. 1614. P e i i o n a l t H A H Y xt-h. 3EH.NJ. WANTED--IiuniiiB fithPr In 1" fcunve or Jake home- I'h. 4071 W. WAN1KU--Habr -*illinB in my horn* d u r a , yn-jr home nfcM*. I'h. 8 3 I I W W A N T E D -- Hguuwcrk or nurilni by Uy or hour. Ph. imW. WANTED--U»tl- fcBS*V**pIw. «1* jtf«?h|rc__»rvl ironlrr. J'h. 3..C6*. L W K S S A I A K I N f r . ·Jlcotioni. Pfcoa ^SFStn. ftll U t h A^e. M A U K Co orocr cibir.rta, rt.Ji:udci!ni K.. H. C*l'ing. Ph. EV»QI '8161 FOR d r i n k i n g F it-blew* contact Al coho' : c» -An: ttymou*. ZCB3 Tth Ave. F O iiui 1ESS. Ph- 7JSSV. 2£SJ A n n o u n c e m e n t s - ip I 1 U U Y . . . - ISil Sth St. Ph IE2. i Win. C. Rhodes. SO? Si-. Greeley Colo. ' WH1TK Cross plan. M K c \Veinme:«- teiv 11Q5 Otb St Ph. 3« tncrninn ATTEND the S-r.nj VI*» !iurch e( the r\Biai4DC. 3040 S- l l t b A^e.. school Q:(i. ivouhip I 0 : 4 i and 7:SQ r-m. Kscoone welconiP, Free t»Mi«iUticn. P h . . J I P 3 J , 35S?J n-l/c ni n Ph. 15P1W. ,alni. Th, 442S- "2 i n l K i . ' P h . M6(J.' ·"; CAR BUYERS Check with us. Our low overhead is a fact. \\'e can Rive you the very best deal nn a new or used car. Full warranty backed up .by our com- ]Jctely ct|uipr«l service department. COZENS-DRALLE ·':'. . MOTOR "CO. '· «il Sth A v e . I'll. 13SS tOYLAND -!S ; OPEN F U R N I T U R E repUdnr. trr.t^ Center job), I'h 311S e*«inBi T ' A l ' t U H A N G l K O and r»f"^'° Chft FnrbcA. Pb *SSSW P A I N T I N G . ' Fii^rb.hRlnft. · P _r_» work- N. Malsr.ey Ph LT«HI THttS tiiinrr.M a n d remoi-«d. I I. FiOTii C Onw1^» BSn or ether labor. .ISO OH HENT - Lonty cJeaa ap*rU K e n t . it»m teat IJUlitir, paid. TV UASI;MEN rooms. TL i.»EJ. t^^i fO^S' a-/«i r l r r 2070 b«t» K U K N . t« cclicse. T I l i l M . IQ4) 10th ; Av«. ; apt.. furnUhejJ. 3 ii 10th Avt. ·SI* 1 . 3 ' room apBrtnu..- , refrlp,, utilile |-»M. I'h ren G xnO 7 p.m. '. loc.m b'mt. »pt., ck«_ . ivt« entrance. bMh. 1'h H K N T -- 3 bcd-ootu u r . f u r n . apt newly rittcrited. 1825 -12th Ave. C» 211PJ. t'Oll KENT-- Two roo . . 2M _Ft. FOI I ItLNT--T^n room ^""^ * fSr"! Tri'^i"t r »"wnl. m Ffr^ \*2 Jjh St- FOR H K N T -- 2 furnfefcrf l J a^fm^!n^ 23 CHOICE LOCATION *lvo~ blocks frpiA college anil car high .school HUT! Uamer- 11 Efndo school. A ulco 2 bed- ooiu · Lo'iiit wltti basement pnKmciit. All (it i;tKxl conill- ton, Must bo soM'quickly. C:-it larry Ilofniers,' 51 or Hes!- detico 1450J. 'P. J.'STOLL--. Realtor i»t apt [neoir/t. utllltr room, collfgt lo»Uon. Ph- 15J5W. T l t A D K - K w h a n g t . li»d* » y u r torfit., f*rin. b-a-la rtt- I.Iit your properly lu our ipecM' (He. No trad*, no 'obllritlon. J o h n w n rft.lty. R«Llor«. 1H-I 9th St. 1'h. J C Z . PRICE . REDtfCED! · Woiulcrful home n e a v Jlaplewoml School. 2 tied-. rooms on inaiiv floor, 1 in. basement. Interior well designed and . tastefully decorated. Income sired. SHAW'REALTY. 910 9th Ave. Ph. 533 _ _ | TWO bcHrown . V t r l m c u i » i l h prl- vn.r fcath. Ste-im · h«l Cki*c in for r e n t «t I- 5 ') rcr mo. Austin and Austin · · REALTORS 819.1/2 8th Ave. Ph. 4804 Vc sell'the earth at auc- t i o n - o r private treaty. 120 A..I.H Sallo -- S I 7 . S O O 20 A. La Sall(^-- $10.000 J C O A. Kunor -- ?30',000 llrlck IJoraG. --.·J25,iOO H r l c k H o m e -- 510.000. llrli* .Honi" -- 521,000. Bay Larson 3707-W ,o»is "Bill" Warner 3308 REALTOR Sib Ave. Phone 4H4 5 Acres tinimilr'oved; close I n ; I s l i u r o No, 3 Dllch; ?55vO. P O U 1 . T R Y P R O C E S S t N U P L A N T -- The latest e q u i p t n c i i t : prcLly 2 bilrm hoine; CJrowetl $183,000 last - y e a r ; O o f n y . bolter y e l ; . $3S,OM). . TRADE -- .2 bilrm. home for largr one. T R A I B -- 21. Acres for home in town. · - , . _ . T R A D E -- ' 3 'a|i(. h h u s e loi njodcratel;' "priceJ Inmgfilorr. T R A D K -- B e a L t l i f u l 2 b d r r n home In M a p l e wood Tor orn closer to college. THADE -- Denver hanie."~mod ern\cly p r i c e d Tar Greele ·$1 d o w n t holds n n y toy up to f 2 0 u n t i l Dec. 15th. C h o o g Q to day from our hujji) aBsorlmtnt Montgomery Ward t 815 10th Street PtofcisEono! Semec (erlfi, corii*, rcpilci. Ka mi 311A Gretltr Gli!a- SEHV1CE · (Mrs.) Riven qravon, M§r. 22 Greeley BMg. I'h. 20H ; EMPLOYERS! ' : Need · - ; Help? ' . Ixst'Us. Save You Time For p a r t t i m e or; p e r m a n e n t l)ersoi]riol . · . Call* 2011 Orilj". f i u a l f f i c d a j i p l l c a n t s n r c r e f e r r e d , ' G I I K K L K Y PARK .PT,AC13 APTS. F u r n - nr unr-irn. b u f f e t npts. StC!\ro b c a t , hot water Find utilities. *3D per'-montli. Apply S27 Sth St.. Urn. 210, Ph. 1408 or O n d y k o A g e . n c y, Inc., Ph. C04. C o t t a g e C a m p C a b i n i \^ FOH JIKNT-- Eir-c'.e c:ii1n» fcy VOK UKNT-- Mode 60TJ. Cifcckjr ro'.i TIt. f \nK -- K:ist side 1 bdrm. bsinl. apt. for 2 or S hdnn Hrlced around $20.000. H A R R I S II. illTCHELL, 265 NICK BAK1, 0228-J1 _ rdn RKNT-- Rw n ^ p f f . Utllillra Vtelorr _ H c l p ' W a n f c d WANTED-- E-cpetiec f o r GM c«r. \Jtil Slo m » n '/c _ WANTED-- Wait res«, »!so iJlihrruh-' ' pr. Apply ^ pcr»on. H»y't C*!e, _ l g t h _ S L _ « n r i 1*1 Ave, . .M'A-VrED-- M a r r f n t m « n , cxtvc rlcn : cd ftxiirr and fnrraer. 4\y ml. E. c( !.«'- ccrr.e. South «idc. of jond. V. A. _ TilSOWING Ko- Co!o. 1nr!uetrr winti )-«n:!iK rrnn w[(h book ket-p fn t «xrer» icnrc, firm. bacle re a n ), cnKcce piar!j»'.e in nnin*] h'jsbsndry preferred. Write U o x - n - 1 c/o Tribune. Salesman Wanted New ami used trucks. S o m e experience preferred. Permanent position. Weld County Garage Cuitom Work _ . «rn -irlr.dins. Pb. JVir^ForJlIi'RI. CUSTOM corn, pkkin*, *nt» 2 row CUSTOM^corn ptrllJr-a. 1'h. 4549W. ClTSTOi! h a y - f f r l n d i ^ a . eqmprcd (cr CUSfbTi~bay c n r d t n r . A!ex Htl- tingcr. Phsr.e £01 J. CUSTOM h*r crlndrnK* Luther. Pb. 4S49W. JFK1' irraelilni. IOI Blii Ht. Ph. FOH RtNT -- 1 kEtcbenrtte. Heave Avf. Ph. B f i l . , . '« cablni with Motel: 213 11th f t F N T - M^rrr V H r h r n M »»d ile«?!ni roomi. Rea*on«t UtllltlM p*W. Pb 4601W FHwM nnt. Fjlcs- W»T Mot«I MARVIN C. FUNK ' REALTOR 1013 8tli Avciuie Plionc 4Slfi OLBNMKRE T h r e e -huilroom l i r l u k home, ·"ir.!3het] basonient. Two lire- ilaces. Two b a t h s . Attached ;nragc. · · - C A M E R O N T w o bedroom. Ijiving- r o o m witti- (ireplate. Full h n s e i n e n t w i t h one bedroom finished, Choice location to n i l schools. FAIRACRES Two bedroom. L shaped living r n n m nnd [lining room. Fin basement w i t h two bedrooms anil recreation room. WEST OK COLLEGE OUcr I In co bedroom home In e x c e l l e n t c o n d i t i o n . .Finished b n a e m e n t . lie a n t if ul lanilacaiied. .ot. ·MAPLEWOOD- Tbree bedroom brick. Finished basement. Attached garago. Will trade. BRICK HOME You should .see tliisI.Ove 1500 square feet of livin area on main floor. Ca peted. Gas fired, hot \vat heater -- the .cleaues Nice lot, trees, 2 car g; rage. . SHAW REALTY 910 9th Ave. Phone'533 Kxl _ ItAtt* «nd' r«riLtltt. cdinstr. K t n i * T Bids. ' 1310. K.) C. Ph. II. 23 W.'W/JOYNER · Burgess Joyner J. C. Vanderlip' Ph. 344S Real Estate--Loans . IS] 9th St Ph. 38'4B )i- sale or* will r e n t 0x190 used car-location, th Ave. Will erect builtl- ig to suit buyer or ten- nt. cw 'two bedroom, fuH liasc-' But. roughed In for basement, llartmcnt. 513,500. Ider brick, two bedrooms, ew fur'nace, 'new k i t c h e n , arge lot. {OiOO.OO. ' S T A N 'SMlttl .. :· Agency Real Estate -- Insurance 1019 8th Avenue Phono t86 Knit ' $7,600 ./ price on cointor table ibrea bedroom home wllh attached gnrage, BETTER HURRY ". Tills is tho house you wjiut-- Lovely living room, dlntug room, .kitchen, two bedrooms full bnsemout, nnd. n bath, and a half. Double garage. YOU WILL L'OVE . This iirelly'tivo liedvooal house priced f.t only 53,0(10. Let us »how you this. one. It's a bon Stan Smith, Ph. 407M L. V. Moore,'ph. p ll!)2M REALTOR 7?,6 9t)i St.. Ph. 223 SOUTHWEST . net Immediate possession of ttilH economical new 3 tedroom firlck home. Small down r'/ in'ent. Price J3.500. i ALLES AGUES' Large- 3 bedroom suburbftn home" Superbly landcsapcil 1 acre plot, owner m o v i n g out o( slate. Price f25,000. or. will consider trading tor rental type property. . BELAIR PARK . . Ne\s' 2 bedroom brick home, largo l i v i n g room, den, 2.lire- places,, dishwasher, garbage ili.siiosal, '2 ' car attached garage. Small d o w n payment. Price- ?!3,000. ABINErS. nllhrork.. Prurion-N". 1(11 Ltimbei Co. I'h. E61 ct I K J - oiTsALif-Clrt. uriril. AlKJ m=T« an. I'h. E r « n i SSJi. lotr II I 6 w«kly DWAHDS Chtiiolet I S -- F,!«l Woihlni Moehlw Phone 4HI. .nlbi'oH. ridden onl,"i t'."a. i'b. H? a f t e r f l OR SALB-Girn 0178 ,IONET. e!«lrk t r i i n ifl. In r |f*r«a«j"»b! '.jS!°l«M.' "" US£D «torra- *rir.da»». IS llotm doon. 17.SO Le w c Co.. I « l » Sth St- . iTADE to orde t eablneu. ·"««"· -ir.dti.», p»rU. Dt:t« 1'bnlni Mill. Dlk W. ccni on 18th Et Pa. 2*«L . . YDRAMATIC.. Orn.floir Glide Kor*!n»lv «IW" hunl. Pb. 4760. Auto Ttac» gLASSES' repilrtrf. . ffi«V ddplictted. Nfw frame*. "··· . Co. - ItniM 1011 -9th A%«- rb." ««· ' Troilet Spoco 17B RAPP'S Inller Wanted To R e n t 14 WANTED Eo ' .: SALESMAN V WANTED . ·* line/ease your income in a job that ofiera o p p o r t u n * lly for n d v a i i u c m e n t . N r o experience iieceasar;--we ; leach yon. Medical and ' retirement plfin, paid raca- . tions. Established local , business. A p p l y at . ; 9Q8-A Sth Ave. Ki. Ant WANTF.U nio rr.l. to rml, 2 or 3 J-wlrocm flth buemrnt. V~ Kurrt, U,_S.__1ol]. Ptv 3161. E X r k l U E N C K O fmmer, R«od equipment, MOM!'! like to r e n t SO to 320 «crc f a r m . _ W i t U U-5. c/o Tribune. WANTED--TO ISMB » rarm. jf*v« cqui[in:«r.t, finarvtlr-c ar.d d*Iry herd. Ph._CEIP.3._ WANTFD to reiit-- 160 to 320 »cre f a r m , H»»« fir.incinit »nrl et\u\p- meoi. ^'ri:e M»VM Ranch, Rural Route, O rthar J , Colo. For Rent--HOUJBI 15 FOR RENT--S room to-js*. Ph. N t » M . f u r n . hou« » t k . Araffabl Ter. 201 IClh SU -« ovailab'e In rd-modcrn I.F.NTV M. C«H Weld Cuunly He»lty, 531 S-O-L-D S-O-L-D S-O-L-D CITV PKOPKRTY Ken Carlson John West. Ph. 170Z-J Ph. 0228-J3 Vernbu f'ry Th. 4111-J JOHNSON REALTY REALTORS 1821 9th St. -- Ph. 16 TRADE for Denver -- 4 bd- rm. x house, -attractive .kitclien builUtiB, newly painted inside and -oiil. ?9,SOO. J1500 do.wn, J7u per monm or tr^Ue. TRADE for .10 to 20 acres -New two'-.liednn. in Evans, double garage, IfjrRe lot, TRADE Denver" lor Greeley-Nice 2 'bedrm. -modern bungalow, full base., for similar new house in Greeley. TR A DE for . S. W, 0 re e] ey , -New .2 bedrm.' bungalow, attached garage, well" priced. TRADK for ineome--120 ncrea, 60 in cultivation, improved, J35.0CO. S20 acres,-- 3 wells, improved, *° w2T* N G!«V°sloV. r ' fl «n* 1 i3^ st -or.e tQ05\V , . , : , FOH SALE-- D*lry hot »»*« ^°f l "5J gO^liaBB Kfcrdio*; »nrf f2 Chevrolet ^-Hr. deluxe, one-owner "c«j-. rh._0_H7Jl. ' · ' fcm SALK-4 yc.r o!H Vert* **'*« with pump. (TS«- fuel wl *«"«· v - i t h - f » » . resemble. 1 1W Ctmecan crt. rh. aoas». FOB SALE--Dor'i ·»'». (port cc»t.: ; ri".\TM i s: l .b: n « ! 's. i s o ."« : u5l': clothing. Th. ?449. W h'j'ftL Door iiooo--SiJccinS--i?.S5 C.ll « . f o t . Pf'«- ·?..'«?' ^nv' SOMETHING NEW! .'. Wainscoat Panels nlso' Vnotly pine, 'Bheithttf' any wldlh or length" '; from 4 It. -W. to.lM'- U . OUR LUMBER 15 DRY! assured liy our motalur* regulator , HOPKINS';.'·' LUMBER COMPANY'-. .rhono 2100 'West ot Greeley, block . north of AtW Stand : Under New Management Sawing Mochlnet--Vqcuumi -It NECUlfl 110 portable, M8.60. »-fl« tiown. 11.35 weekly. «« tlh Avt. . IIpOVEH S»l*i ·nd-S«rr|e*. Ixiw u US.SI. Rebuilt! HB.2A uj,. Hpp r » Ir.a I'h. I92» FOR PEN'T -- Vtv W h i l « portabW dectric iewins rawhtRra, ll.« P« u-^V. nrcclty !-riyi»y, Pban* 49S, lOit 9in Atrnue. Woclt* . . . Th. Z6M.. Farms Tracts Foi Kent--Room* 18 OE; UKNT - - Rf/xn» for imploytd Rlrls. 1019 Uth St. o room, flfise to cJ. 1434 l l l h St. floor »ingl« toora ROSS -nonrai. «lnR]« or doubl*. rca- able ratrt. SU Uth St R K N T -- Oan. eom(o/t«ile ci.. close f n . K l U h t o privllnca Jnlrtd. Ph. 3SO. ROOMS for i«nt to . peti R«jion*tle rnt«. wctVly or i Hotel Sterling. Th. 912. noons All coo theater C . te el. ;onlhlr. (tunta. Income Properties J,oiu s J n s u c ^ n c o Marvin C. Funk, Res. Ph. 2528 Ed \Vassemiller Hes/Ph. 4149-J · Bill EwalL Res. Ph. 2033 We have "Sold" signs, all over town. The following properties are sold, we need'new listings: S-O^L-D; 2)34 Gth Ave. . by Harry Reimeva 'S-O-L-D - : . 1C22 l l t h Ave, by Jay Fulford. 'S-O-L-D .2109 17th St. by Helen Williams S-O-L-D. · 233 1 ? 7th.St: .hy Harry Rcimers S-O-L-D 1502 9th St., Evans by Jay Fulford. S-O-L-D · luilding site 2118 17thSt. by Helen Williams SUMMERS REALTY Don'Sutherland .: REALTOR . 1025 stb ATB. · . P'u. ST- intyl ·le hciK*. Invent- .«l(i. C.nflfld Foi Rent--Garagci Btcrd and R o o m .10 SALESMAN; Learn while you e a r n monthly salary plus'com- 'missions. Car, gas furnished. ' . . ' HERE TS THE GUI MICK! We want only the man with desire and dedication tr, eventually earn in excess of 55000.00 per year. · . We are not looking for en experienced automobile salesman. We w a n t ' s brave, courageous, deter, mined man for training who will earn while he , learns. : We want a man who is Biiccessful in his present field.-He will be judged solely on appearance, per- Bpnality, and past success '·' 'If you are experienced in dealing "with the public ;du should see me immediately. ' : EAIU, -VORIS W1CKLAND MOTORS FOR R K N T -- 3 too:n mo-li-m htrui*. EI h«Alrr. !1CS lit SU Inquire «t · l i u l i t SI. FOR R E N T -- J bcJiooai knmt. ntw Ivcttion, irantfliftte p«i;«3fion. C*H 3357W for «pi»oinl.-n«nt. KOR R E N T -- J ilorr 5 rcym lou.'J. [ p u c l c f town. Rrascnably p r i f W . Fh. 361. TWO bedroom bouse loe»l^ 602 ?Cth Ar«. AdclU only. No «oz«- Ph. ;inw. FURNISHED 1 kWroom horr.«. 6 n"'ih. °"«H Hob ll'ill Sh.n ReallJ. I'b. 6 S3. »10 12 j »110 S3aBJ _ . FOIt RFST-- 10 room hom*. Will rent, -A-hole unit to one parly. Kenl« u n »-ho:« tinll l» or.* pnrty. Ren»«r ihiee 2 room «paTlmfn(». Good »- cation rr.o-Set . . C»ll 2195 tor For Rent--:Apartment» FOR BENT--3 loom (ura. b»wn-.ti "rl. r-rlT«Ui lill lOlh AY,. FOR RENT -- B»«m«n «pt. P Fjlon H3J. FOR RENT--Clean I Jopm «c»i it. rent r«jcn«!t«- Ph. I » ' O B .nrt Plymouth Deal* OR RENT--1~"o room PL' 1321 I2'.b SL FOR .Rt:NT 7 A'_PI"'/. _ _ FOR RENT-- ) room in « P u EI ilia su FOR RENT-- Apt. t roo nfurn. B t. IMSJ FOR REW-- F . zcas Slh Ave. CLEAN. »"«iTM. modem «pl/ « W w*»V Fr?id«trp; linen*, «vetrthin fum. Arlirrton Avt. Hot'T. SmT f IOR REST-- tooa. furnlibec. with pth-«t« be-th, Tad floor, r )73j; HM 7tb SU " FOR RENT -- 2 rooia Olb St. FOR Bt»'T--1 TMI 'r«'.J- it ar.fl t-Aard for *M«rSy p««p!* my fcorae. B16 10th Av*. Th. TOM auJ War.l. elose to 'court- ouie drtleablc p l a c e - f o e pennor.- M. 931 12th SI. Ph. U56J. Convaleiccnt Homei 20A \i'FNTY-FOUR hour rurjlr.jt anl horn* fot «(ted. Cre«.7 .leactnl Ilnnic. 12C3 9 t h St. O f f i c e Space OR RENT--Dejirabk oHit «T»ilab!« En (littler Uull^ii vHor urn-ice- Applr 118 , . e«« rf*U For infoi i n-3. c/o Tnb-jn i for re o p a r t i proW*r Fat R e n t -- F o r m i , Troct* 2? t lllh St., I»v«- _ [«0 DAIRY f » t m with food jinJ bs'*- WU1 paV foi mi Write Hor_ B-7, C/o .,., KENT -- food ISO acre 2.WO cillofi vtl] plus ditch SiLSl )* »ble to (icinr* ttwn-. Writ* Ikx H-2, /o Tribune. Fo t r Rent--B r»OWNTrWN C.tff^ry hnstr.^s tulld- irp, SO It 190, w i t h t^o ifrr»t* o[- f l c e ir*tf» for r f n t or lea/e. Hii frOTit »ti-l rr»r drive-fit door*. 'Wir.o- emd'», 431 Sth SL* Fb. 161. boai«. eJp* o nrc^Inr. ' Ph. FOR BACB or tr«d". lov*Iy 3 I »oora ho«t for im»l!fr bent, 1»trt. nlrc neighborhood, Vh. I M S. REAL .ESTATE REALTOR ; 828 Oth St. ' 3'008 llth AVE. 2 bedroom ranrli t F pe, At lachetl Karnpe. 'fwo lots. Wnl to wall carjrctlng. '241211th AVE. One of (he most attractive well-kept 2 lidnn. homes, \V-lo \V carpeting, new; d r a p e s Ansco windows and door A l u m i n u m Awnings, Flurbec pit, lanftscuping. Coll for P roinlmcnt,\ .15th ST. Z bedrooms, modern 1 car i rage. Small base. H u s I n p zoned. 512 CENTRAL ·IN EVANS 7 rm. older 2 story house.* 1 A new Riisco windows, priced sell, 3 lots included In price. 1211 14th AVE, One of the real homes In a lerTecl location, 3 bdrma. \\ T :o-W carpeting and drapes go wllh the house. Hasemerit, 2 car garage. Largo lot. 27 ACRES 2 bdrm. home with Tiill fin. I base, . Outbuildings, gArages. I Soil water well for house,.! Irr. .wells, Rood soil, 'owner leaving, 'will* sell worth the money. * \tc have many lovely bricks. 2 and S hdrm. Some older close- In locations. Come fn aod tell us your needs. ! INCOME APT. X complete - unit" ; i Inrtlyidim 1 bath, heat system;' t .V blocks tronr rtown -town. I,-three bet nil. and 2 one te^rm. units Will alien* n% imt'on invest mcnt;" iiriceif nt J1G.500. \ - E V - A N S ' Near 'new 4 rni. and utility large lot. 15500.00. ."' ' 1 ACRE 4 rm. modern home/clty wate and gas. $6750'. |2200 down. · ' ; · ' . - 4'ACRKS Unimprove'd on main lilghvi not far from city limit B. .110 ACRES " SO acres farm, balance pa "lure, 3 seta ot improvement ml.' from Greet ay. SALESMEN. Jame Summers, : Don Sutherland, 3270M Ralph Sbotwell, 2043W Stewart Whitney, Ph. 600 ALL types ^*nt T *°rk dor.« by «up«rTisfd ilraenta «l B«»»JT r "' duerd rHfcs. Gr«3«r B*»uU Sefcocl. R2Q1A Sth_SU ELECTRIC .Motors, i tbulh. "--=· VS'orki. FOB . . B 2 l . t l h SI.. OHk. n 1!10. rlf E'.tclntt ' RrflW.o . »!nn- ( uni- -.a! «lL Cht«p. . , B.n-.inilon Both !».· r,«»-. ITItnl to Ph. 2S?J. Katon. W A T E R p,e.u-TM-0«. « jr. T»r- r a n t r : el«trit. ,10" jr. . «»rr»ity- PrkcJ-V!i«M.-M«rrill K»rd».i« inJ Farm S'JOplT. 2M »SA St. Pb. ' COVi'LES bookkeeiiinz j'h. 3959SV. :vic», 6*vt. . plm M O V I N G La(|-«lT- or Phone IT *torit£«r problem T CiH U r f f o n e r At 2121 4th AY*. JM. ,' ; TREES irin-.inKl «nfl teracvrt.' Hurr paiv«r wuiraenU Insured. Floyd C. Eloirles. ?h. ESC. 1323 llth Et, Radioi, TV Sttt ' '31 =·071 SAIK--Om she* roller »S» tic ally new. .0 cyrle. Two «al double_jrunner, bteyc!*. stodcni' tjrpew.rit twin D'aarin Ptiyfe nihoiri Ublpfi. " twiri - lv 1 H '" l S**^j 1 of toy 1 ! b!a;V i;« '«.. r««- »'a !8 i". ti- Ph. J 3 b l - "· -Ublp. r'OR SAT.r--Crw!*r (able moctri «- ' dfo. pctUble rhoncir*pfe. Pb. .529 Eih St. TV Vtckl C»ll TV JloipiUl. Compltt* iprviec ]L mike*. Ph. -Evini S03U Sgfi7-5!7. 1214 71h Si.. Ev»ni. USED TV acU, fully nui:»at«!i; «!»· : n«w Silv^nU TV 'icls. TV HosplUl. I ! E 4 7th St., E.vani. Ph. ETIF.I 1031» Form Equip m i n t FOR BALG-1 Chrisirnii Hiih tub on vli«lJ. · 'Ask For A . Demonstration of the . . : ' New Holland · R K A L Sttatt owner*. i« Kr* In r,*ed ot Liitinr* *( hwnA (n Grrtley. !f».« barer«. Ph. STOINW fir ?oar -Itttiog*. Agttin *od Au*Hfl FOR SALK 07 cuntr. Beaniifal new 1 bedifcTn horae on 1 tct«i eroand. 1 ihir« ditch n»t*r. ( ttxk* from 1002 Franklin Drivft by Jay fulford. , S-O-L-D 2344 9th St. by Hari-y Beimera . S-O-L-D. ' 1617 14th Ave. . by Helen Williams S-O-L-D 1008 Mountain Ave. by Jsiy. Fulford. . S-O-L-D 40 Acre property of Lon Gillman by Wilmer Lewis · S.-O-L-D Good irrigated farm east of Lucerne by Gilbert Danley P.],S1L REALTOR 2305 10th Street · Bhone 551 or 129 Helen Perry--Ph.' 4019 Office Ph. 24 ,1642 7th AVENUE Price Reduced! Now' offered at $6950. 4 room home on 4 lots. I.o- ciitiiti well.for income n» r - posps. Garage. New siding. Taxes . ?G8.00. You can't miss on this! SHAW -REALTY . WILD- COUNTY 1 - R E A L T Y - - - J8lh Street Just Kasl ot First AT«nu« Pfione 951 ' Get a dollhouse for your big doll this Christmas. Glenmere district. Y e s , low. taxes, too,' and this lovelytwo. bedrooni, large living room with wall to wall carpet, neat kitchen, utility room, attached garage. . ' $13,500' ' . Call Today.! Maplewood D i s t r i c t -- twd bedroom with basement- apartment. D o n ' t miss this! Hunter Heights -- Lovely t\vo bedroom, neat' as a pin. Priced to sell. Delta District--New three bedroom, finished basement.- -Priced for · immediate sale. Watch for Our A3 on Edwards Home Addition. : ATTENTION, TRAILERS Call 951 for planned trailer {mi-king where we'share our profits with you. ill buy 'this one year old .'. - ptlroom home. Attractive yard all today. ' , any, many others -- Give us "call"-- possibly iv e can help DU make your trade.' · "' L Lymnn Spray, Ph. 423S · ' H. U Johnson, Ph. 543 C. V. Mille.r, Ph. 2324-^ Tom ROBS, Ph;^3U94 . .' Mon«y Jo Lean 25 MONKY to loin on re»l «stale. Firit mortEaicj rtnly. Ph." 2372H. FARJI LOANS -ft Prompt .Appraisal - ft N'o Red Tape* ConvenTent . payments, scheduled ' to lit your marketing periods.' · . IJOT intereat, low closing coats M. E. -Hasan, Phone 760 .-For, 'Home Loans- .See your Midland Savings Representative ' -' C. L. LOTT Ph. 702. ; ." 936 9th 'Ave farm Ranch Loans Long .Term, Low Rate · ASA T. JONES, JR. 1019 8UTAYB. Clifford G. Campbell ' Manager ~ · FOR N E A T tependab!« pnflitwie TO" will f i n d Xhii raDdjrn ^^ ntfc "; w n t k at rcasonsb 1 * "cc^t: Drinst "5- 7^r prinU" w"k torfay- Phont TribuBP-K*nultlfc*n putllshl*s Co. rro'celonl fliTb* cameras, 'rterto cimcriv *t«rro projcctop; tast t«- eo-r1*T -Him rfllor'Mil other ltf«s. Wilion A WiUna C»mr» Stop- S13 Bth 'Ave. fir«riw'« Photo- Ifi.GS. nefc«r.(te.. ; .nrtgilt bitltrT**. $1.95 S!nw ^nd. ' f a s t charginK. w«-, hallt Kn*r»tOTS «nr1 : vr.tralor Te p m i c i n n " RJiHatoT, eI«»Ti1nB..r*l»«ir- Phc'n 4740. - · · J . -,*' . FOR -SALE! Clirlstrrms trees, four'd, bushy full. "Prices reiinonjible,- MYRON'S' FdRNJTURE 2305 '8lli A v e . Pli. 140 . AUTO GLASS ' · Cut and Installed : hy Trained Mechanics -- Bent Windshields' A -- Specialty -- ·- GREELBY GLASS SHOP 317 13th St. Ph. 1005\\ Ghiiitmoi GiH Guide 27- FO« .SALE-- Hand w i d e Bifti.'210 ·5th A*e. ' - . . - · . Spreader afid'..- Feeder. Box.- : '-- A brand new imple- nent : in tlie New Holand line. . v. GARNSEY ;· · i'a'nd'-' - r WHEELER '. 716,11th St. ' Phone 220 Groeley, Colo. ' '' RAINfORTH. EQUIPMENT CO. · 2207 9th' Street ' "\Ve Have- Just Received Another Shipment of . 'Whetmora ·· - Hanrnerrniils · -J-Kni'fe Type -- ' 910 Oth Ave. 'Ph. 533 Jim Beydler. Phone Z55S-W Claude Redman, Phone 881-M Donna King, t*hone 4813-W'. Ralph White, Ph. Evans 35! ' Jic'kie Arthur, Th. REAL ESTATE LOANS ·" Better Homea: t% · . . '. Better Farms: IM1 . 20 and 26 yean E. S. ROSS 80S 9lh St. ' · Phone 60 L O A N S ' FARM and CITY 'Low Interest rate. Courteous and (aat service, 316 Gr'eelej Bldg.. Ph. 604 Representing: THE M U T U A L L,IFB INS, ·. CO. OF. N. Y. .. L O A N S · Furm and City . f Long Term, Lou Intereit, Low Cost ALBERTS; 'KEYS' * , AGENCY lit N'atl Bldg- Phone 1 e ' RepreafiDling i E^nitab) Life Assurimc* Miie«[Ianceui 27 FOR SALK.-Boy'i 26 (n. bkiele, )2 " Ph. ISliTR,. FOR SALE-- M «»!. «r»t*r h»l elKtrlf. 2 jn. okf. Ph. A a t t IS. WILL t n r f e red t U m p j for PHDCC ' T I T Greta **Umpi. Ph. 3«nV. - TOR SALE-- Ntw R«vere l*p« i cordtr. Fb. 237411. * FOR SALt-Compk-le Yi'etr- fever te ilixhllr uied, 525 3trd St. WANTED-- tli*J i t a c m ^ocr, 36 ia. Fi In. Ph. 36SW. FOR SAT.K -- CripUe fltw r»w*r f4.l, r»soi;*b]r pricc.1. 1511 I Av FOR SALE-- Nearly r*» Ko«fmnr ilrl'j bieyet«. bit ,.rint. Th. 1059 IX) R SALE -- Popom, »miU whl Vnllns. Il pop«. Ph. 1M2W. " PINC POKCr Tmblra. Thi Kiev Lew b«F Co.. Fbo*n« It. ' , RALEIGH prod«u drtif««d. « 4th Si. P. «253W. FOR SALK-"«S nl. »d « nl «!**· trie viUr kMUn. C1I 1»1. Make. If A . c VVhite Christmas Buy A Good Used Appliance -JO.SLIN'S n e Frigidaire electric range. Like new. -Regular -1429.95; _^ ?1S9.95 One Maytag wringer, type washer,. 1951 d e l u x e mnrlel, $7fi.OO )ne G-E refrigerator, 7 cubic foot. Very clean. f7snn One Leonard refrigerator, late model :., , ... ?90.00 Several good older model refrigerators $40.00 Three Easy Spin-dryers. Two and three years old. ·Ypur 'choice J '§80.00 : ',JOSLIH'S 1015 9th Avenue Woihm» M « c h f n « * '. 28 USED vruh*n, n.OJ »nd cp. Repp'i Inc. J5ii Ei t htb JUi^ae FOR P.F.NT-- V.jl.r «i.h{ nir mi. chine*, 11.00 per week. Grerlfy Mijt*r, j'hor.t «5, 1011 9lh AT*. WASHERS, w«it«r r t p a i n n j , a ]| enjkrt. Wc-tV rtian n teed. Kiulen ' W»h«7 hop. Ph. 1742R (OS 10 Si- US ED Montcoraerr-Wird wuhlnr micHirf. eompl*t«lj ovtvhaa rd. Bnr.d .new tnnirafnion. t('95. fS i!trw« 2eIiT«Ti. Gtnblcs, 910 Id St BUY Koree »otoav»Ue . w»rt er Vede! AW20A it r«zi1»r prk« of S17».»S Get * JH.SS Earrt* Y»caurr. «le«r.ei for jcit It mort. HaBfoMt, 41 C 7Ui SU, Greek/. Grind grain, grind hay,, chop and grincl -ear corn · and roughage. · . 1. They grind grain to any', degree ot fineness 2. They chop'and grind roughage wet, green or dry. 3. They top bundles, /grind grain in one operation. 4.- They chop and grind hay, saving storage space. 5. They grind-mix comblna* * tlons for balanced rations. ' The Whetmore hammer- mill has three knives, six fan blades, and 36 hammers. Makes 96 cuts per second. With ample power it will grind 90 to 250- bushels o£ grain per hour, foui\ to eight tons '.of- roughage, two or'four tons of baled or loose hay/ The Whetmore hammer- mill is mounted with power take-aff drive; fits any tractor. S E E T H E N E W WHETMQRE CLIP- ' PER HAMMERMILL, TO SAVE GRINDING EXPENSE. · SALESMEN · Bar! E. Ely, Phone 3278J Henry Trnpp, Jr, P Dean Morrli, Fh. 307SW W A N T ? an In com B property, a comfortable home^ a desirable acreage/ or anj other type of real *ttat* . R E A D . . TODAY'S : ,' . CLASSIFIED PAGE U

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