Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 14, 1970 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1970
Page 25
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Webb, James Moser: Hollywood's Odd Couple LAFF-A-DAY By LAWRENCE LAURENT The Washington Post WASHINGTON - Sing no sad sones to Jack Webb over the cancellation of "Dragnet." Yes, he said on a recent trip, the show's ratings are high, "but there's been some slippage this season." "Never cry or bellyache about trademarkcd. rich monotone "Go and find something else to Now, just as he turned .a failing general practitioner into a successful . neurosurgeon, Moser wants to .shift his unsuccessful state legislator to a scries about a United States senator. "I think," Moser said, "That the move to a higher level will work again." · . Webb agrees with Moser, for being canceled," he said in that once , bccause this ls a most curious partnership. "Yeah," cracked Webb; "they icall us 'the odd couple.' " They Webb has never had trouble j didn't speak for years following finding something to do. He the angry bust-up of the first the transition, easily, actor to director to made fro'ii producer and back to actor. He's ready to change, again, back this time to producer of a "world premiere" motion picture about. the law enforcement activities of the Treasury Department -- and it could become another TV series. With Webb during his visit was his old and new partner, James Moser. together, along They with the late Richard Breen, at the creation of "Dragnet" for radio in 1949. style They created a whole radio form, a brand-new for police drama. The language was terse and technical police talk that Webb had picked up riding around Los Angeles at night in police prowl cars. Breen is usually credited with adding the "tags," the short, o f I e ri harsh, philosophical summations that ended each case. "Dragnet" was an immediate hit and flowed smoothly to television in 1952 for a seven- year run. Wehb voluntarily retired "Dragnet" from "Dragnet" team. Webb said their reunion was like the old story about the Hollywood producer who .fired a man and screamed at the secretary: "I never want to see that '(obscenity) in my office, ever again. Unless, of course, I happen to need him." After the death of Richard Breen, Webb needed someone to give zest to "Adam-12" -which Webb owns. The more Webb searched, the more he decided that he needed James Moser. The "Dragnet" revival, which began in 1967, was on its way to a run of 96 episodes and Webb was busy. Reunited One telephone call reunited the two. Webb is beefy, snaps, off his answers and confines his dress to shades of gray and blue. The trousers have no back pockets. ..Moser is lean, speaks seldom and slowly. He likes bright shades of brown, tailored in the mod look. Webb drinks bourbon- ori-the-roeks. Moser prefers long, thin scotch-and-water. Webb has often been accused of'being "the most ambitious man in Hollywood" and the designation doesn't trouble him "If," he said, "by that, they mean that I like 1 to make money,.they're right." Webb scarred spent his poverty childhood dreaming about being a radio announcer and he 'made step toward it as the firs becoming millionaire. M o s e r ' s early ambition was to become a newspaperman, which he accomplished on newspapers in San Francisco and Sacramento ' "We don't interfere with each other," Webb. said. "I take care of production: He takes care of the writing." Webb looket over at Moser and · snarled: "Have I ever tried to tell you how to write?" Moser took a long pull at his drink, stared thoughtfully at the ceiling and turned'his gaze on Webb: "Not more than a dozen times a day," he said. Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Televitlon R»dio Writer "Alvin and I have broken up, but I won't tell him until after the dance." Theater Week Thurs., May K 1970 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pajre 25 TV Week By JERRY BUCK AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Helen :ayes' 65 years in the American heater will be commemorated a National Educational Tele- ision documentary which goes nlo production in June. The hour-long film, entitled Greeley Thespians Starred Helen Hayes--Portrait of an Actress, American School," will be shown over 180 public television stations Oct. 12, two days! after her 70th birthday. ; "This is really the story of the me, day 1 Miss Hayes said Wednes- at a luncheon at the 21 Club. "It's not my story. It's thei story that 1 saw and the theater! I grew up with." ! Nathan Kroll, who will pro-j duce the program, paid tribute: to Miss Hayes' career in the! theater. Miss Hayes laughed and said, I "I'd like to ask the first question. I'd like to ask Mr. Kroll in Will Bingham, Episcopal j w h a t way my appearance in minister in Greeley. aiio| Mjss M i n n i e Hawks' "May fcmdall A. Good, son of Mr.; Bal |,,. jn ]905 ins . )ired and upl i ft . nd Mrs. Homer Good, 1220j cd t h p theater? . A'ilshire Ave., will be seen m; . he Little Theater of the Ma y° r John MOVIE RATINGS FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE H* ofttcr/V* of I/it tilings is to Won* pwnti tboui It* twtttxltrt tt mmrb cowtffl lor w*ng ty Ifttfr oM**i. AU AGES A D M I T T E D General Audiences ALL AGES ADUITUO Partntil Guidance Susgjsted ' "it?* RESTRICTED Under 17 require! accompanying Parent or Adu't Guardian k HO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED (Agt limit may viry in certain areas) lockies production of "Robin sat V. Lindsay, who beside Miss Hayes at the "^-'jaj'ttSS^S-fftt tsfcs? fszsrs. *-££. d By WILLIAM GLOVER AP Drama Critic NKW YORK (AP) - A fine example of regional theater achievement, "Slow Dance on the Killing Ground" arrived Wednesday night at the Sheri- lyn back-street whose midnight seclusion is disrupted by a gab- girl dan Square Playhouse. William Hanley's parable of violence and involvement seems more fiercely pertinent in this production sharp- By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Arthur radio, j Godfrey had a little difficulty By 1959, he had been throughlhooking up his antipollutior the first'of three wives and hadjcause with his CBS specia broken with Moser. Webb Tuesday night, concentrated on feature films. At the end, Godfrey ; was but found time to turn out a squinting into a Hawaiian sunset succession of TV series. jand telling us that maintaining Did All Right ithc delicate ecological balance Moser did all right, too. He | was up to each of us. But it was took the "Dragnet" techniqucjdifficult to figure out what he and applied it to a medical wanted us to do about the train practitioner named Dr. Konradling of porpoises or un Stvner (Richard Boone). The dersea experimental station two subjects well explored in a r g e, interesting--porpoises are always fun to watcli and marine photography is almost always fascinating." ilage company than in the 1964 iroadway original. Generating relentless tension vith just three characters result was "Medic." "Medic" got fine reviews, but was placed opposite the ratings contained some fi champion. "I Love Lucy,'' and died said after two seasons. Moser, elevated the doctor from general practice to neurosurgefy. The result was fasey." the special. The program also fine film foot age of undersea life. "Arthur Godfrey's America The Ocean Frontier" was the ti tie of the program and it was ; curious melange of the stuf that "Flipper," "Voyage to the Mbser thinks another parallel i Bottom of (he Sea" and thi suggests itself in his planncd'Jacqucs Cousteau serics^weri project Webb. In 1964,1 made of. There was also the ex of a series Moser turned his interest in|uberant Godfrey in scuba gear politics into a series about thelsteering a sailboat against the state wind and admiring the surf bu always telling us to keep the ai and water pure and the popula tion down. The hour bore some tell-tale signs that it was a pilot for a fu ture series. It was, by and minority leader legislature. The called "Slattcry's People," starring Richard Crcnna. It was a critical success and a ratings failure and wss canceled after the second season. You're Invited! Centennial Health Fair 1:00-9:00 p.m., Mon.-Sat., May 11-16 1:00-6:00 p.m., Sunday, May 17 Community Building Free (No Admission) PLANTATION SUPPER CLUB 3528 South llth Ave. WESTERN MUSIC Dance to Jim Morris and the Westerners Thursday - Friday - Saturday FINE FOODS · STEAKS · LOBSTER CHICKEN Greeley Elks Activities EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT hrough three acts is quite a that underscores a lack of senti- challenge, but Director John!menial self-pity which is one of Stix does this Half of "60 Minutes" on CBS was devoted to two revealing and timely Mike Wallace interviews. The first involved Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel who talked about his letter to President Nixon criticizing administration relations with youth and amplified his concern about getting through Nixon aides to the President. He said :hat he had not received an an- iwer to his letter, swore he had no idea who leaked the communication to the press. "Youth must be heard," said Hickel. "If you listen you will find a new thought . . . As you get older you sort of get locked in on ideas." It was followed by a talk with Atty. Gen. John N. Mitchell anc his wife 'Martha which was taped before the Kent Stale tragedies. Mitchell expressec conviction that oulside forces were contributing to the presenl unrest, said he favored the confidential nature of reporters' notes and sources and believed the trend was toward greater civil rights rather than repres- markable interaction by George Voskovec, Billy Dee Williams and Madeline Miller. Voskovec solidly centers the deceptively discursive, inlcrnal- y concentrated narrative as a refugee shopkeeper on a Brook- sion. Wallace asked Mrs. Mitchell low her husband reacted to her recently publicized statements and telephone call criticizing Sen. J. W. Fulbright. "My husband," said Mrs. Mitchell, "permits me to do what I feel I would like to do." The attorney general backed her -up. Airport Extension SYDNEY (AP) -- Work has started on the further extension into Botany'Bay of the main runway at' Sydney Airport. The runway is to be lengthened from 9,000.ft. to 13,400 ft. to enable long-haul supersonic and jumbo economically tons of sane are to he dredged from the bottom of the bay to complete the project. jets to operate About 9 million ramrais i b e hcld res P onsible for settin S a ard for excellence in our wh campus religious activities, i s a leader i n a r d f o r excellence c' by black youth and a frightened ^ 8t appearance as thei oirl . . . £ . . ,, , , : beloved Friar Tuck. All are in flight from separate G d n , r in ,, Robin nightmare terrors, each is! desperately clutching a "do not disturb" attitude to ward off the bizarre others' anguish. Williams, yowling Uncle Tom i f , " noted that Miss Hayes had been in the theater for 65 years--"almost as long as I've been mayor of New York." altar boy and a soldier, i Other eelebraties at the lunch- He is known to Greeleyieon included David Frost. Mau- audiences from his roles in thejreen S t a p 1 e I o n, Maureen Hood" in three roles: Henry, and tirades of bluff, becomes the catalyst who slowly untangles the loned by Baltimore's Center emotional web. With mercurial i alacrity he flicks from menace to vulnerability. Miss Miller's chief contribution is a tartly sweet honesty To Cry" and "Arsenic and Old Lace." v e r s i t y High School productions of "Teach Me How O'Sullivan, Tony Randall, Orson Bean and Betty Comden. Tickets for "Robin may be obtained al the before the performances. Production 'will begin wilh i filming al Miss Hayes' home in Hood" Nyack, N.Y. The General Tele- Director John I menial self-pity which is one of with some re-'the drama's strongest assnls. Htmlcy doesn't ignore the comedy that's always near tragedy, inlo without ever disturbing the basic structure of a remarkable stage experience. UNC Briefs and the threesome shift those moments of relief sity his Nixon's Domestic Council Proposal Gets House Vote programs to meet them. Rep. diet Holifield. D-Calif., door phone Electronics Corp. contributed approximately $75,000 for the program. Since 1966 Miss Hayes has been a member of the Association of Producing Artists Phoc nix and recently appeared in a Markward Recognized [production of "Harvey" with Dr. William B. Markward, Iamns s , , professor of English at Dniyer- ;'|James Stewart. CINEMA 35 Ft. Collins Now I'layinj? t h r o u g h Saturday X RATED FOR ADULTS ONLY COUNTRY GIRL In Technicolor 7 9:50 Plus THE COMMITTEE , 8:15 Starts Sunday Rnss Meyers Film Festival His two creates! hits "Vixon" "Finders Keepers Lovers Weepers" in urging a veto, told the House I Two Concepts of Culture" at the "should not be misled by annual meeting of the Rocky high-blown rhetoric normally M o u n t a i n Social Science accompanying reorganization plans." Holitield's primary objection was that the plan would turn important federal officials, particularly the budget director, who must now justify their programs and decisions in appearances before Congress into presidential aides who could claim executive privilege. The President and his aides could set out priorities on morejAugenslein of the Chemistry than 400 domestic programs on any basis whatever without having to justify t h e i r decisions to Congress and the public, Holifield said. SYDNEY -- Foreign students are barred tics. from campus poll- By JIM ADAMS Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON 1 " (AP) - President Nixon's plan U coordinate domestic priorities under a new Cabinet-level Domestic Council cleared the House Wednesday over objections il could hide key decisions behind a cloak of "executive secrecy." A measure to veto the plan was defeated by a narrow 193 to 164 vole. The major executive reorganization plan (hus becomes effective Saturday unless the Senate vetoes then. No veto action :ias been scheduled in the Senate. The plan would create a Domestic Council composed of :he President, the vice president and nine Cabinet secretaries, the same priority-setting powers on domestic programs ;hat the National Security Council has on military and foreign affairs. II would turn the Budget B u - j _ . . reau into an Office of Manage-j I n I C merit and Budget to streamline ·* program planning under the President and the Domestic Council. The veto resolution was defeated on a near party line vote with six Republicans voting to veto and 38 Democrats voting against veto. "This is an exciting proposal fur reorganization that is long ' overdue/' Rep. John N. Erlcn- TM= P'ays are under me airec- born, R-1IL, told the House. | lion of Mrs. Virginia Wells, with "People all over this land ar C ;- lav Verl.indpn. HIP student, rii- getting disenchanted over lack of effective response." He said Nixon's plan would give the President effective or- : 'ganizational machinery to identify the nation's most pressing · needs, set priorities and develop of Colorado who received master's degree at UNC, lias been awarded $1.000 and 11 gold medal in recognition of his teaching abilities by the Student Development Foundation at CU. . Boyle Speaks Dr. Thomas E. Boyle, chairman of the Department of English, presented a paper. Loren Eiselcy and C. P. Snow: Association at Colorado College, as chairman of the American Studies section of the Association. He lias also published an essay. "Frederick Jackson Turner and Thomas Wolfe: The Frontier History and as Literature" in the current issue of "Western American Literature." Two Papers Given David Oberdorfcr and Larry Final Theatre West Plays Department presented papers at a meeting May 9 of the Student Affiliate ' Chemical .students from CSU, Mines, AF Academy, CC and UNC met to discuss undergraduate research. of the Society. American Chemistry 55*2! 2930 S. llth Ave. DRIVE-IN THEATRE 353-1375 Adults 51.25 Children Under 12 Free NOW SHOWING "THE r --, YEAR'S Lap §£sj - -COMEDY!" Alice - SATURDAY REVIEW A FRANKOVICH PRODUCTION FOR COLUMIIA PIELHSC m . "HOW TO COMMIT r^ MARRIAGE" TECHNICOLOR* CRC ENJOY OUR SNACK BAR Seafood Smorgasbord .................... -- .......................... $2.75 Children under 12 ............................. ------ ....... ------ ....$1.50 5:30-9 p.m.-- Every Friday Night Friday, May 15th- 7-8 p.m.--Happy Hour in The Penthouse. (Note time change.) 9-1:30--Dancing to The Milestones in The Penthouse Saturday, May 16th- 5:30-9 p.m.--Prime Rib Special Delmonico Steak Special '9-1:30--Dancing to The Milestones in The Penthouse. $3.75 $3.50 Sunday, May 17th- Dining Room Special -- Delmonico Steak $3.SO 5:30-6:30--Happy Hour in The Penthouse. Drinks half Price. (Please note time change.) 4-7:30 p.m.--The Milestones in The Penthouse. Tuesday, May 19th- Ladies Golf Night. Course closed to all others. Thursday, May 21st- Men's Golf Night. Course closed to all others. MOOSE LODGE LOUNGE DANCE Live Music by Adolph Leaser's Band EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Members and Guests MOOSE ANNIVERSARY PANCAKE SUPPER AND DANCE Saturday, May 16th No Cover Charge for Paid-Up Members Supper from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Dane* to The Music of Bobby Brunz 9:00- 11:00 Members and Guests WINNER OF 4 ACADEMY AWARDS Ants Eat Books BOMBAY ( A P ) - About 1,000 copies of a 13 volume work on the works of Mohandas Gandhi, j the father of India, have been eaten by ants, according to an BUTCH CASSIDV AND THE SUNDANCE KID The final productions of the official statement in the Maha for Theatre' West will two one-act plays, 64,000 copies printed since 1968. and "Sunday Costs Five Pesos." only 9,000 copies have been sold, They will be presented Thurs day and Friday, 8 p.m., in the have been in storage where the Greeley West High School Audi- adulls and 25 cents for students. Aussie Cars Popular is the test Mnerican corned? since CANBERRA - Of about $23.7 car exporters in of 19M), just under ?12.3 million Debbie Boiler. Cind Adams is came from snles to Soulh Am-! 50 per cent more than for in charge of costumes. The publicity crew Ihc previous six-month period. South Africa is the biggest for- Park handles the make-up crew, eign buyer of Australian cars. 7:30 and 9:30 west d Greeley on Hwy Phont J53-031? Movies Ait title- Thou Ever THE KREMLIN LETTER 3523636 1516 Eighth Ave NOW SHOWING at 7:00 and 9:01 RICHARD BOONE I f l M I ANDERSSON O K A N JAGGER NIGEL GREEN ORSON WELLES OF THE YEAR!" I SUBSIMSt W tv( MKOH etCIKU'lU COWMS, KC win n ciiinvi eti(«".t commm The movie of a 19 year old who went to town- who went to town! £ PICTURES Pr««*i GREGORY · EVA MARIE PECK PLUS Star Of Midnight Cowboy .ION VOIGHT in OUT OF IT THE si ALKING MOON Box Office Opens at 7:30. Snow Time Dusk Come Out Early And Enjoy A Treat In The Snack Bar WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT

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