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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, June 11, 1957
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Before 7 o'clock If you fad lo receive your copy of (he Tribune, tnd one will be delivered. Wrltttn »r THI ORItLCV RIUJBLICAN VOLUMI H-NUMBM 2)4 SnCZLEV. COLORADO TUESDAY. JpNE It. M» WEEKLY TRUUNI MTABU1HEO 11/0 Snow Ample at Poudre Headwaters r ; · CAPF, CANAVERAL,, Fla. I*-The Atlai intercontinental ballistic missile was fired Tuesday but apparently went astray and was blown up in flight. Observers standing outside this fenced and closely-guarded base said something seemed to have gone wrong in firing the missile and it appeared to start weaving This Arctic sctnt shows Poudrt Likt on tht tlhtr sldt of Trill Rldgt. lust at tht Contintntil dividt, on Friday, tht d«y tht rtid wn eptntd. Poudrt Likt Is it Hit htidwittri ol tht Bit South Poudrt, that tmptiti into tht Poudrt btltw Chambtri likt. Tht snow ind let it Peudrt likt indicitti pltnty of »n«w pick on tht upptr Ptudrt. Tht rtstrvtlrs of Its irrigation systtm in now rapidly feting lilltd, ind lomi thit wtrt nt»tr filltd last ytir irt ilrtidy full.--Pholi by Skttts CiNin. Peace Officers Bestow Honors The convention of the National "Where's the Fire?", he dii- Colorado Weather Long Range Missile Runs Wild, Explodes Train Hits Colo. Truck of Workers, Killing 12 Governor To Request Inquiry into Tragedy YELLOWSTONE N A T I O N A L PARK, Wyo. tn-Gov. McNich- wants to know "wtere they (the farm workers) came from, w h a t Queen Elizabeth To Visit U.S.- On Oct. off course soon ..tier it shot tip ols said Tuwday he will ask Hish-| the)r ,,.,,, joj,,,. u, CTfi whether way Patrol Chief Gilbert Carrel j l h e truck wl , OV erIoaded-every. into the air. Charles Gregory-, a train-truck collision early Tuesday Titusville.'«" "·**· Ford - Only last month, McNicholi in- Contractor Was Transporting Area Workers ROCKY FORD. Colo. * - A Santa ft Railroad freight trail Fla. phoUgraph:r. said he saw the missile blast off from vant- ace joint just outside the frnce and 2li miies from the launching ramp. There was a g r e a t burst of oranje flame as the missile left the ramp, Gregory said, and he had clear view of it as "it started weaving." The public information office at the base declined to confirm that the missile was the Atlas, which was designed for I 5,000-mile range. It was hinted, however, that the missile was in the long range, class and that there might be an announcement later. To persons standing farther away from the base, the missile WASHINGTON i/i -- Britain's j was not visible. Queen Elizabeth will visit the United States Oct. 16-21, the White House announced Tuesday. The Queen will be accompanied by her husband. Prince Philip. The royal couple will visit Canada first, then fly on to the United Stales. Their Jarst stop, Oct. IS. will be Jamestown, Va.. where the first permament English settlement in the United States in 1607 is being commemorated this year. Elizabeth and her husband will a cloud cover o . structed new regulations govern- The Colorado governor said n e i ^ g . j nttr , tll( . transportation oflground into a truck loaded witi ~! migrant workers across Colorado. firm field workers Tuesday, kiil The regulations set standards on!ins »t least 12. the number of passengers who Either five or six more were re- may he hauled in trucks, the ve- ported injured and taken lo I hides' speed and safety condi-! Rocky Ford hospital, jions I Th* crash was west of Vrnman, McNicholj said the new rules » '«m settlement near Rocky generally do not apply to short- ford in southeastern Colorado'! distance hauling of migrant work- Arkansas River Valley. The scene ers within the slate. |*" lw ut six miles from Rocky "You can't impose the same ford, center of a melon-growing House Group Okehs Airport at Air Academy regulations if they're just going a short distance from a camp to This was the second major truck tram crash in the United States in .. field," he said. WASHINGTON Hi - The House | 7,,,. governor is here to attend I'"» "an · » Tek «VPlvuig farm Armed Services Committee Tues-1, m f f l m g of the Interstate Oil workers. Twenty persons were day approved construction of a n | C o m p a f t Commission. He wa« ad- Vill "l '» «n accident near Fayette- airfirld at the Colorado Springs, vise(1 O f lnf , 0 utheast Colorado: «*· N- C.. June 6. Air Force Academy. Cloud Cover Over Region By THI ASSOCIATED PRISS A combination of cool lir masses from the Pacific and the north over the Rockies Tuesday spread The field was not contemplated ; when the original plans for the i academy were drawn. It had been planned to use either Peterson Field or Lowry Field, both in the general vicinity of the academy. The committee waa told, however, that both fields are too far away to fit into the light schedule to which the cadet* must adhere. Peterson is about 17 miles from the academy and Lowry, about SO miles. John Ferry, special assistant for Air Force installations, estimated the cost of the ne» field at about ; tragedy by telephone. Temperature at 2 p. m. Tuesday ,?" ] afternoon or evening of Oct. 16. They will spend the next three was 70 degrees. Local for 24 hours ending I a. m Tuesday: High, S4; low, S3. Colorado--Partly cloudy Tues-,. day, Tuesday night and Wedncs- __; wh _ |( . Hou , f _ l j d on from Jameslown to Wash- in the late!parts of and brought states. Lander. Wyo., reported the larg c$t rainfall amount--«3 of an inch. , .. , . ' iur Tfiitic nuurr r«iu nit -*(ui c is i ·--·»··« - - i day with scatlereo. light ram or,,, ,,, d Oct 21 , e f j New Oran(1 .,,,,,,.,;, showers and few thunderstorms Yo ' rk c j t y ' Wyoming. Re Tsre Officers Assn. entered its f i n a l day here Tuesday following the organization's annual banquet at the V.F.W. hall Monday night. The second of three business sessions scheduled during the three- day convention was held at the Community b u i l d i n g Tuesday morning. DtmonstraHoin Art Madt The morning's program included a talk on photography and its general uses In police work and court eases by a representative of Graf- lei. Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, a demonstration on railitary.methods of handling and disarming prisoners by Major Harry F. _Ibbotson and his military police staff of Denver, and a skit presented by the 4602d Air Intelligence Sen-ice squadron of the Air Defense Command. Claus C. Miller, chief of police at Rock Island. 111., was scheduled to discuss law enforcement as « profession at the convention's f i n i l business session Tuesday afternoon. The association was to elect new officers and select a convention city for 193» Tuesday afternoon, prior to final adjournment of the convention. Mtmorial Strvicts Hild for II Memorial service! for 18 members of the association who have KOM |; w _ president Gioranni died during the past year_ werej G r o n c h i Tuejdly .tarted a search 'for a new Christian Democratic Tue'day, becoming widely scat tered aflernoon showers and thun- northwelt to ;o-»o in the , . . iereu aucinrwn »nuwci» «uu uiuu- cussed the mental attitude of' derltorn ,, Wednesday; low Tues. people, observing "life is 10 p e r j d BJght 30 ,,, the mountains, cent how you take it and SO p e r i w northwest lnd up to 50 in the cent how you make it." I southeast; high Wednesday «0-TO "There must be a little spark in all of us," Williams declared. Adding that the one thing we an have to live with is people, the speaker expressed belief people could not be fitted into a pattern, jiving illustrations of the many different ways in which people | noon; coo ler Tuesday and Tues- Boulder and Longmont-Cloudy with few lighl showers Tuesday becoming partly cloudy Tuesday Girard Rights Argued in Court night and Wednesday; -few scat-! WASHINGTON i* -- Attorneyi tered showers Wednesday -after- f OT William S. Girard argued Tues- vary. [ d a y night; high Tuesday and "It U rny theory everyone of ua i wedne|day M-70; low Tuesday as we go along through life shows ! B ighl 50. · others by our mental attitude just how our spark of life, is burning," he said. "We all need all the friends we Regional Weather Wyoming--Partly cloudy Tues- can get," Williams concluded. "For'day. Tuesday night and Wednes ,, ,. VM ,,... ,,. ..,,.,, ,, that reason, I hope your fire, will day with scattered showers and (killing of a Japanese woman, said i n r v »LU ?L/rjiu uir IIVAI, uurv »·*·» · -- " · · -- -- -- . . . « -- . . . -- -. -days on a formal, official visit Colorado moisture fell mostly in the west portion of Ihe state with Queen Eagle reporting .11 of an inch and ' · action-.07. Elsewhere in Rock Springs reported .06, and Laramie and Rawiins a trace. Showers or thunderstorms were predicted through Wednesday for scattered points in both stales. Cooler temperatures were forecast for Tuesday in eastern · Colorado and southeastern Wyoming. West Yellowstone. Wyo.. reported the nation'a lowest temperature early Tuesday--30 degrees. Leadvile, two miles high in the Colorado Rockies, was next with 33. High readings Monday afternoon ranged up tn S9 at La Junta, Colo., and 72 it Casper and Cheyenne, Wyo. M a x i m u m and minimum temperatures during the 24-hour period ended early Tuesday includ- day the Gl'is "clearly entitled" to a court order lo prevent him from being tried by Japanese courts. J B u t the government contended the federal courts have no authority to intervene. Earl J. Carroll, chief defense attorney for the Army specialist 3 C. who faces triai in Japan in the always burn bright and for a long, long time." few afternoon thunderstorms j that never before had an Ameri- mostly in the south portion Tues- can soldier been turned over to a The remainder of the evening ; day; few widely west scattered!foreign country for trial for an act was spent in dancing with music j afternoon showers Wednesday; j committed in performance of offi- "" ~~ J ' ' ' ' 'f. attorney Oliver Gasch ar- most of the state Wednesday; l o w ' c u r d on the other hand that the Tuesday night 30 in the moun- decision to turn Girard over to the Japanese was a proper one for the executive branch of the govern- New Mexico -- Cloudy west and ment, and that the courts have no north, partly cloudy southeast authority to review it. provided by Little John Beecher' warmer extreme north and cool- rial duty, and orchestra of O m a h a , Neb. er southeast Tuesday; warmer ( U. S. a Gronchi Seeks New Premier conducted by the Rev. John B. Hupley Jr. of Boulder, the organ- i:ation's chaplain, at the a n n u a l tains with 40 in the lower elevations; high Wednesday W-70. Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday These legal angles of the case premier to lead Italy out o{ the j Wednesday. most bewildering political jungle night with scattered showers and which has stirred an international a few thunderstorms; cooler east! furor were argued in a packed U.S. and south; Wednesday partly I district courtroom. cloudy with widely scattered show-' ers and thunderstorms in Ue afternoon; slightly warmer west b a n q u e t Monday evening. i m ttl pnitwar history. Police Officer Robert Bates of, f- irone hj scheduled a stnes of Grrdey played taps on a _b"6le!consultations with party leaders and Capt. Frank Bayne of Dodge City. Kan., sang the "Lord's Pray- after.the resignation Monday night of 89-year-old Adone Zoli, who re- er" during the services. A candle:f u s e d to remain in office because also was lighted for each of thejhis 22-day-cJd minority govern- deported members by Police Of-1 ment was dependent on Fascist f i c r r s Francis Albert and Richard votes in Parliament. Williams of Greeley. Awards Prtttnttd J. P. Brown of Greeley, master- rf ceremonies for the banquet, r r r s r n t r d trophies and prizes a u j r r t e d at the'convention to the There was no indication who might get the nod, but 55-year-old Giuseppe Pella. a former premier, was mentioned Choice of a Christian Mother of Five Killed at Grade Crossing Crash R, 6. Swanson Ciled II Voting Places for Referendum on Wheat Named Twenty-twn voting places in Weld county for the wheat referendum June JO h a i e been designated by William Morehead. chairman of the Weld County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation commit- chapel, cemetery, service clnli and , tee. housing for instructors and enlist- The following are the voting ,ver Colorado and the cost of the new fieia at IDOUI brought rain to!* 1 ' million doHars. U would be about 2 miles from the Academy. The commitUe also approved construction of such other facilities at the academy as a hospital, ed personnel. places w h e r e eligible wheat grow- Total authorization for Ihe new ers' will cast their vote for or construction is J21.341.000. It raises against marketing quotas on the the ceiling on what the Air Force 195' crop of w h e a t : may spend on the academy f r o r n l Aull. town hall; Bnggsdale, Con 126 million dollars to $147.311.000. |grcgational c h u r c h basement; Ferry said construction nf Ihe j Buckingham, school house; Fred- BCidcmy is proceeding very w c l l j e r i e k , Rinn Valley G r a n g e ' h a l l ; ind that t96.S73.000 in construe-. Fort Lupton. town hall. Drivtr Among Dtad One of those killed was the driver, Sylvester Licano of Rocky Ford, Jack Lee of Radio Station KBVZ at La Junta reported. No other names of victims were Immediately available. "Bodies, arms, legs and head! were strewn for a distance of 350 feet along the railroad right-of- way," Lee said. The truck was crossing the tracks at the entrance of t firm a quarter-mile west of Vroman when struck. Lee said he was told that persons in the truck apparently saw the train but either misjudged iti speed or thought it was stopped. Familitt In Truck Men, women and children were passengers in the truck, he said. The train was a 56-ear eastbound freight with V. S. Inskeep of Pueblo, Colo., as its engineer. lion has been contracted. Gilcre'st. Big Bend school; Gill. The academy, expected lo be ; school house; Greeley, county ASC completed by 1960, will begin receiving cadets in the fall of 195«. office; Grover, community hall; Hudson, fire house; Johnstown, Ma III ultimate m a x i m u m personnel j sonic temple. will be about 2,600 cadets. A c a d e m - j Keenesburg, fire house; Kersey, ic training now is being conducted · town hall; Mead. library; Milliken, at LowTy Field. ed: Denver M-5«. Akron «2-53, Alamosa 7444. Colorado Springs 7»- 55, Craig 66-3«, Eagle SS-39. La Junta 89-61, Grand Junction 65-4«. Lamar M-57. Leadville 59-33. Limon 59-53, Pueblo 87-60, Trinidad St-49. Cheyenne 7Z-48, Casper 72-49, Lander M-49, Laramie 71-41, Raw. Temple Stephens!^ To Judge Horse Show in Greeley Temple Stephens Sr. nf Moherlr, M o , nationally f a m o u s horse 1ms M-«. Rock Sprinj, B2-15. tramer and judge of horse shows. I "A"TM.' "7" ?'""" '.rt^ he threat nf i... v-- -i...,.^ .,, t,,^. , h . ; the referendum approve, marketing . Cool weather eased the threat nf flooding rivers in most sections of Colorado. At Delta the Gunnison River fell to 123 feet, the first time it has been below 13 feet in a week. However, a bridge spanning the stream on Colorado highway W east of Delta was closed because of pounding by high waters. has been obtained to judge l h f | - u o t l , 13th annual Greeley horse s h o w , ' . ,,, at Island Grove park June 29 and 30. In - announcing the appointment of a judge. Robert E. Hill, chairman and show manager, also revealed that his year's show would include several new events ap- Lee said it had not been definitely determined whether five or six persons were injured. He said members of the train crew told him a passerby arriving before policemen picked up '-two or three of the injured" and took them to the hospital. Meanwhile, the train with now of its crew injured, moved on to Lf Junta after the accident which occurred at 6:05 a.m. -Lee si id the hack end of the truck was torn off. The front end was hurled approximately 250 feet down the track. The truck was i three-quarter ton Chevrolet. All Lived in Rocky Ford Ana All members of the train crew lived in Pueblo. Lee said all those in tht truck lived in tht Rocky Ford area. Lee said a farmer. Carl Nissel- huff, was killed at the same crossing about two years ago when bis tractor and a train collided. Two Slightly ln|urtd Two of the injured were treated for bruises and released from the hospital. They are Joe D. Lucero. 23, and Betty Licano, 13, a daughter of the truck driver. They attributed their survival (9 the fact that they were the lift two to board the. truck. op. Another daughter of the driver, mean t h a t price s u p - ; E r m a Licano, 17, was in serioui own hall; New Raymer. 4-H build ins; Nunn, eommunty building. Platteville. t o w n hall; Roggen, school;. Severance, town Stoneham. Bud Bartram's of- Windsor, town hall. There will be no voting in the j Eaton or Lucerne districts. i Wheat growers have been noli- ! fied of their wiieat acreage allotments. All wheat producers having more t h a n 1.S acres nf wheat for harvest in 19VI are eligible to vote. The marketing quota program does not effect those who will have 15 »CIP« or less for harvest in 19.1S. If two-thirds rr more of the nation's wheat growers voting in port at a national average of Jl.71 i condition with sever* cuts. rh prr- a bushel will be available to producers not exceeding their f a r m acreage allotment*. If more than one-third of the growers voting disapprove, there gobert Gunnar Swanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. G u n n a r Swansnn o f ) north of Greeley, was cited as the distinguished Air Force graduate at the graduation ceremony at Colorado University Friday. He is the grandson of Mrs. Anna E. Engstrom of 1625 Fourteenth avenue. He majored in geography. Swanson will serve three years ^ Junction and the North Fork of j fn " m ,"^ fll » 1 ii'h)."an"rxhibition by w-ill be no quotas or quota penal ties. Acreage allotments Rosf Lucero, 20, Joe's wife, also suffered severe cuts. Charles Lathrum, 14, suffered 1 broken arm and head injuries. ;. . pealing to local exhibitors. The Colorado River at ^Grand}' A , prcil , fv( . n , ,, , lf the Gunni.on at Paon.i' also had t h , l j k f w o n d we.trrnaire.. a r.d.' in "V,} f Y t ; r'nce"'support" will "ne ! other,, were listed a, follows: U Dud Llsrtd Name* of the dead, some of Jwhich were supplied by Lucers ,11 remain j l n d Betty Licano and some from receded somewhat. Highway crews repaired a bridge on the Valley Highway Clear Creek north of Denver. Flu Kills 881_ MANILA 'JT -- An influenza ing t e a m which puts on intricate Available at 50 per cent of parity formations and has proved popular j( n r producers who comply with «ith crowds at numerous other ( r f j r f, r m wr ,,jt allotments. places w h e r e it has appeared. One new e x e n t will be boys' western pleasure horses for rid-'u.n , bushel. ers under 1» y e a r s of age. Another will he the Appaloosa- Fifty per cent of parity applicable the 19JS crop is estimated at frequently. CLIFTON jr. - The 29-year-oH g r a d u a t e d from Greeley High I a gpver Democrat'mother of five children was killed school in 19«. i Tuesday. with the Air Force beginning this j epidemic, sweeping the Philippines i colorful mount and rider clasi, ii s u m m e r as a second lieutenant. He since May. has killed M4 persons. I dre«. n ; Grazing Conditions government official reported | .. .... appeared certain. It is the biggest Monday nigM at a railrnid grade These included two tro-lparty in Parliament although it is crossing a half mile west of h e r e . short of majorities in both houses. hen the car in which she The new government also willjriding rammed into a Denver * be little more than a caretaker r e - ; R i o Grande work train jirne until the next elections. The victim, Mrs. Virginia Lee I These are scheduled next spring, Jayne of Grand Junction, a p p a r - , e earlier if the ref n tly was thrown against the s i d e ; Coors Agrees To New Talks on Terms for Ending Strike i Jovial President Greets -Reporters at His Office r-hirs for pistol shoot events, two revolvers, 22 goM medals, eight silver medals, four bronze medals and J350in cash. The awards included cash prizes for the member traveling the f a r but could come earlier if the ref n tly Ihest distance to the convention. «"t lack of cooperation a m o n g j o f th, locomotive as the car spun and to the youngest and oldest the center parties continues. j,round after the collision. H e r , Member! attending the convention. ; husband and Virginiin Lens Dittin:« Winmr S t a f f SgL Harvey E. Tollman d Quintico Air base. Va.. wnn the prize for traveling the farthest dist a n c e to the convention; Jake Martinez, 22, of Albuquerque. N. M . t h e ' y o u n g e s t member prize; and Howard A. Anderson. 72. of ^ ^ _ ^ ^ Fort Morgan, the prize for the ^ international president of the eldest member present. ! United Brewery Workers to lake' f n r u,, } », r compared with 143 on , A , l m medical bulletin had · M r s . Adolfh R o n u n g . - 4 . o t w a l - , n l m j ,,, t^j lo , ft i|e the 47-'thi, date a year ago. , tl , A E, t ,nho»er would h a v e no B.rr.l Die., Sundir *«·»»" A^ EE$1 ShlCC '49, This j e a r t h e r e will V a b a r r e l race fnr youngsters during the jun A* Dengf.^",! inr show Sunday ifternnon. Aim 3 r new will be a youth western p l e a s - ; D E _ N V E R i/TTor.iing condi Martin Lucero, S3, and his rife, Delfuia, 57. Clara Flora Maynes, 5S. Barbara Maynes. 27. Mrs. Ehjia Gallegos. M. Mrs. Marguenta Arajoo, 4i. Iff Flores, 27. Jennie Baca. 2A. Florenzn Lucero, 14. Mrs. Len» Lopez Madrano, M. Sylvester Licano, S3. Beitrire Msdrano. IB. Joe Lticero was able to ;ivr b-jt a few d r t a i l i of the accident. Licano Wts Labor Contractor He said the entire party in thi nHeri will amear in Indian '"··»'·" ·*' -- '"""is n « i u i - , tie inn inr rmirr pany in inn "'"." !l' r ?'V.J ,, ^ 'i"n. »re the best since 1»13 in 1 7 ' t r u c k had been working together ure class fnr riders under IS, (Continued on Plgt II) ,Western states, the U. S. Agricul- several days under direction of 'which kept iiim cnr.fmed .to bed ,fi _ President all day M o n d a y . His Car Hits Wire's I-OVINGTON, N. M lure Dept. reported Tuesday. Licano, 53-year-old labor contrac- | Heavy spring moisture has re- tor. ; suited in the mo«t m a r k e d i m - j The truck w a n headed for t h t ' p r o i e m e n t since similar rains i n ; David Smith f a r m which adjiu-.i .V-I'olice 1935 broke the back of the drought th» railroad t r a r k . GOLDEN (If--Tht Adolph Coors Co. Monday acepted an offer by driver of Ihe car. Mrs. Jayce's death raised the ed him "virtually recovered' f r o m , Colorado traffic death count to 115 his stomach ailment. lice. Neb , was named the oldest ^ ly t i r e t \ 0* company's Go!lady attending the convention. |,j en p], nt . Harry Rigsby, sheriff at Os-1 Karl Feller telegraphed from his borne. K a n . won a new 357 cal. 'Cincinnati office that he would" be! R r j n r u H a l p Smth * Wesson M a g n u m revolver ^u^f tn cime to Golden and u i i a y j u u i c n a duwin: of the numbers of Bf | p | on n a new negotiating corn- r a i d up member! of Ihe associi-; mittee. . . . . ., . , j enj 1 Beulah Mays Nominaled i the 1 en j a m e n t , in_ h i . . o f f i c e day, but had \,n open the WASHINGON sihihir of his returning tn hu deik. A few minutes after E:»enhower arrived in Ihe off f - Present ". and reporters sfeaki " It wasn't until late Monday all- ernnon that Eisenhower go*, his a helping of milk toast. He h i d more of that and some chicken commodate the liveitock. ;the train was running" at about ID The Western range and livestock i miles an hour. He said he saw Lh« report en\tn the states of North truck stop at the crossing, then , a n d South Dakota, Montana, W y o - . h e a d on to the tracks. ming, N e b r a i k a , Kamai, Colorado, other members of the traia I Oklahoma. Texas, N e w . Mexico.: crew were Albert L. Lundblade. BALTIMORE f -- The Presi- Idaho. Washington. Oregon, Utah, f i r e m a n ; J. G. Prince, conductor, - · - - · · - : - : ' - A. Johnion and T. B. b r a k e m e n . tn the Senate briefly. iion it the hinmiet Rigshy rial not I ··]( you feel that a different ne-, Eisenhower has sent attend the convention. gotiating committee, headed by j these pmtmaster nomination, for In Fint Spirits ler E:»enhower bro1| _ duru ,. ln , , v ening. and then drf-.t's oun;eit brother. Milton S. Nevada. Arizona and California, ' m d D. e. p h o t o g r a p h - i b r _ a H j | t f l j ,___, mnrmn , on Eisenhower, was bedded do»n in! It said conditions of range (red. Thomas, mere admitted p n ] n f ,_ rfrT ,| » llh Wlrn1 m i ] k , ! J o h n s Hopkini H n . p i t a l Monday cattle and sheeo as nf June 1 all I blast ind honrv for an indefinite period. a v e r a g e M per cent of normal, an I b i a i t and honey. for an indefinite In hii olfice, the President told I The 27-year-old president Williams Sptaks Brit Mr ' ou will expedite a settlement, we Elton F. Williams, Greeley in- are certainly willing to meet .with l u r a n r e m a n . was speaker for the j them," tht eorepany'a win to Tel- banijltt. Talking cm the auhject. ler said. t Colorado: The President greeted the group Beulah B. M a y s , Bnigsdale; (with a' broad smile He was in a t r r a g e HJ per cent of normal, an o f ' i n c r e a s e of I points from con- newsmen he had come over from the White Houie living quarters Johns Ilnpkim U n i v e r s i t y was | ditionr May 1. confined Sunday only hours before! This compares with an condition Uoyd""E Simpson.'P.onia"; .nd'excellent spmt, and there wa, lit-lto sign a few p.pera and handle brother Ike w,. stricken in W i . h - l r a l i n g of M points for the t**"'''*}"'TM;',. unyn t. jimj n^ i ( r^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 ^ , ing'Aii with "an iip-et i t n m a c h period from l»4» t.t 1155. \ I Gonzales of Jj Marriagt Licinst Joseph M. Martinet of Lni Anand Maria Beatrice Bruce N. Cra-nb. Wll*y. ' I l|le trace m his face nf Ihe iKnesi i n m e other

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