Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 25, 1961 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
Page 13
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M RIU5EI.BY T U I H U N K Wed., Ocl. 2:,, 1961 Little Theater The Little Theater of Child Study Group Hcors Dr. Anderson Child Study group of AAUW held its October meeting at the home ot Mrs. Ned llannawald ol son, Nov. a-10-11, with a production of the award winning drama Williams. Kmotional Disturb ; of Children" was the topi ntcd bv Dr. Darrcl] Dr. Anderson mimixl f o u r the most common emotional dis- New and ran for over a year and a I half on Broadway. II was also! nude into a successful motion picture with Gertrude Ijiwrcntj . . . , and Jane Wyman heading t , lc ,|pl'«lia, obsessive cast. Helen Hayes took the ;jlay' 1 S ^ C los ' s ' to London w h e r e il again met with critical p] a y ei . \1 11111C1 j ^ ov j e "" Quidc" · O p i n i o n s snd information guar! lanlccd to come from other than!! Mrs. Nell Hcinlcin of Steilingj t |, e p rcss ,teparlmcnls of motion |l von the Grccley Duplicate Bridge j c t u r e producers. J Greyfrlart Bobby" eglns Watch * Chl«f Club's individual championship Mond.iy niglil M the Country Club with an impressive W fee cent game, Mel Bodinger was second: Both Mrs. Heinlein and Bedinger received frophios. lilovcn tables were in play with guests from Clwyenne, Sterling urn! r'ort Cot- lins. licfrcshmcnls were served while scores were computed. Oilier winners were: third, Mrs lurhnnces in .chllriren: anxklyJcordon Mcrrick, Fort Collins fourth, Mrs. Roy Kcars; fifth, Lou Ise Miibray, Sterling: and sixth 3 " 1 plays to titeel wilh any major amount of success. Ho was immediately recognized us a brilliant and promising playwright. Since the opening of "The Glass Menagerie," Williams has written "Cat on a Hot Tin Hoof," "Summer and Smoke," "Suddenly Last; Summer," and "Sweet Bird of Youth." To 19« he received the Pulitzer Prize for "A Street Car Named Deiirc," and again in '1955 for "Cut on a Hot Tin Hoof." "The Gloss Menagerie" is a Icurs al a specific time, subside* am', may reoccur. Fear of snakes, high places, and confinements arc cxnmplcs ol phobias. Phobias are learned in early llfo and arc similar to an- xlclies, however, much moro extreme. Obsessive neurosis \vas described by Dr. Anderson as the inability to make decisions, over-conformity in children; perfection «nu intellcclualizing in the adult. Ttic last and most severe disturbance; the psychotic or wilh drawn child. He may invent his Belly Benedict. The liflh session of the scrie contest will continue next Monday night. Those participating arc re minded to change partners al leas once before the contest ends si that an overall winner can be dc crmincd. A trophy will be asvard cd to the player with the higher overall percentage on Nov. 13. Invitations have beci. receive from the Denver Unit Commi ,ec announcing the annual Fa Sectional to be held lit tlie Den- ..._ ,,._,,.. ...-,..,,,,..,, ._ ,, rf j! i|]vc|U is famUy portrait which emerges as a shrewd psychological study of! " . " B . b : four frustrated and troubled human beings. The quality of Hie pliy is al once evocative and illusive. The production is under Ihc direction of Dr. Helen Langworthy, with Dr. Wclby Wolfe acting as technical director as well as set designer. Tliere will he two casts for "The Glass Menagerie" due to th« exceptional enthusiasm an talent shown this fall. One cast will perform at the Saturday matinee for high school students from the surrounding nrea am at thu final performance on Saturday night. granulated wher Walt Disney's production of lh*|l lassie . dog story, "Greytnar'sl iobby" .which opens Wednesday I the Choct Theater, was shot on ocallon In Scotland and England 1 n the sellings and costumes of he 1865 period. Disney's costing of lh« elder characters and children and the oyalty and human qualities dis-|| dayed by the Skyc terrier enact- ng the. title role is a compcnsal ng factor for the difficulty in. ;rasping much of the Scottish- j Long Formals Take the Fashion Spotlight vcr Hillon, Nov. 3, 4, 5; individual championship, Friday afternoon; men's pairs and women's pairs, Friday night; two-session master's pairs," S a t u r d a y ! and two-session jrogucd dialogue. Based on the true story of a faithful dog. the story builds on touches ot human kindness until its historical climax. The film de-|| picts lire dog. Bobby, as a stray, j devoted to Mackenzie, an aged sheep herder who dies of pneumonia. Bobby spends every night of 14 years guarding his master's grave. He is befriended by the children of the tenements and the owner of a dining room feeds him. His troubles begin when the dining room owner, Laurence Nai-| smith, is accused of harboring ai stray without a license and ls| (rnughl perception and may even utter from hallucinations. Usual y he will run and hide from trangers. Pr. Anderson especially stressed Ihc use of the health unit by Weld County residents. Anyone rorn this county may seek help: here is no m i n i m u m income requirement. Al present time the Health Unit Team works mauily with children who wcr^ referred to them by the schools in Welt County. Most of their work con slsts of evaluations, however making relishes and pickles unless a recipe specifically calls for brown sugar. there is some treatments admin Estercd, Next meeting of the Child Study Group will be lield Nov. IS, at lh" Ironic of Mrs. Robert Blasi, M24 23rd Ave. Ct. John Tryba, Art Instructor al the CSC Lab School will speak. The program is entitled "Christmas Arl, Handicraft for Your Children I'liLi ., uuii-i «»v i -- siray wniiuii* open pajrs, Sunday. In atU i l i o n jbrought to trial. , there will be side event.. bolh aft-| ][t Bucna vista and Technicolor, ernoon and evening on Nov. 4 ,| ]0 (ale js fc^ed on the true story |! ind 5. A complimentary dinner of th( , ( a jt),fiil dog which was vill be served to all out-of-town ' ' " ' - ilayers at 6 p. m. Saturday. NALC Auxiliary Elects Officers Mrs. Edward Schneider was elected president of the NALC auxiliary al a meeting al the Electric Lounge last week. Olhev new officers were Mrs Bill Osborn, vice president; Mrs A. B. DICK MODEL 101 ritllCOrill Mak«« p e r f e c t , non-fjj/n 0 copfei. Copies anything pilnlcd, wriUen, drawn, duplicated. Call for free demonstration Ph. EL 3-OZ46 807 8th St Mrs. G. H. Beattie Speaks on China West Kersey Club enjoyed the hospitality of Mrs. Rex Davis at a recent meeting. Mrs. Walt Ad ams was assistant .hostess. Mrs. G. H. Beallie gave a pro gram on antique china. She dis played some, pieces and told how they were made. Mrs. Henry Adams was j A r l Tinscn, secretary-treasurer 'and Mrs. Henry Bunling, 'chap lin. Mrs. Charles Wiishbum aril Mrs, Jim Hyan became new mem crs of the auxiliary. Mr. mid Mrs. Max Richardson nnrf Mr. and Mrs. Bill Osborn were hosts for the combined social meeting of the letter carriers and their wives followed separate business meetings. Ta- Hal- bles were decorated in a loween motif. Ncxl meeting will be Nov. 1C. Time ant! place will be announced later. i Nov. 15, al the Blue Flame Room. Mrs. Ovid Plumb and Mrs. Cecil Iscverins will be hostesses. Tha first coins minted In thi New World were struck ot a min established in 'Mexico City in the 1530s The i n s c r i p t i o n "plu a luncheon ultra." further beyoncI and lh , Pillars of Hercules, representing the gate to the New World, appea on the coms SHOE ODDS and ENDS Children's Shoes W« hav« put all our children'* Jumping Jack and Capezio Shoei together in one special group of broken size*, colors and materials- Dress shoes and school shoes. SAVE · · e · mvellzeci by Eleanor Atkinson, j Motion Picture Herald rates it. 'very good" wilh a running lime! of 90 minulcs, "Japan" a Disney featurcltc ill be shown with "Grcyfriars Jobby." DouWt FMtur. Sp»»k Show Begins at Colorado TfiurtAiy "Curse ot the Werewolf" with "Shadow of llws Cat" beginning Thursday al the Colorado, promises to give horror fans a chill for their money. There will be a matinee Thursday,- Friday nd Saturday for children during the teachers convention. In Eastman Color, the "Were-.| volf is the story of a human! being who turns into,a savage,j| iloodsucking monster whenever he moon is full. It begins with a suspcnseful prologue and winds ip with a Ihrilling climax of the! verewolf held al bay by a frenzied mob. "Shadow of the. Cat" is a British suspense import. Set in England's Victorian era, it retells the story of a rich old eccentric who is murdered and buried by her husband and their buller and maid. Their crime is witnessed by the woman's pet cat, Tabatha, who eludes the three murderers and whose very presence is an accusation of guilt and a mental torment to the trio. Most of the aclion takes place in an eerie Gothic house complete with squeaking boards, slamming doors, swaying chandeliers and a raging storm. The all-English cast includos [| Barbara Shelley, Andre Morell, William Lucas and Freda Jackson. Molion Picture Herad rates both [I films "good" with a combined -unning time of * hours and 60 ] minutes. (Sam Pasternaks |j To Serve PTC ,. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pasternak Jiwill be secretary and treasurer I! (or Ihe Cameron PTC it was an- Inounced at a coffee hour meetingl jlasl week at the school, They will replace Mr. and Mrs, Laures Bleve! who are leaving. Mrs. E. L. Vervel presented · student picture project al Ihe, J meeting. The project will begin i immediately so that students will [.have their portraits In time for 'Christmas. i. Principal William Ericson gave |! details and information on the rbond issue election to be held I Nov. 7. He also reminded parents :of National Education Week which begins Nov. 5. Each parent will |!be notified about the time for their conference with the teacher. Mrs. Rodger Houtchens who recently attended a lunchroom meet ing. gave a report on procedure for the corning year. Chairman of the gift committee |.Mrs. John Wheeler, reported on buying gifts for the teschers i : the school. Mrs. Merel Meyer, donated towels to be used during Ihe so |cial hours after the PTC meetings it was announced. Mrs. Dale Heim ke will be hospitality chairma 'throughout the year Next council meeting will b i Xov. 17. ·mr^Kaozxi M»I» Dyed Mouton Process Lamb Jackets Country of Origin: U.S.A. Glamorous . . . yet oh-so- practical Fur Jackets of Dyed Mouton P r o c e s s Lamb. Beautifully styled in the fashionable logwood shade . . to complement every costume. $45 $50 All prices include Federal Tax DYED JAPANESE MINK Long formals are the fashion keynote for 'fall and winter, 1961-62. Their elegance and beauty will be outstanding at the season's gayest e v e n t s . ···$29.98 to $39.98. Beautiful dyed Japanese mink in a rich new styling STOLES S 195 Country of Origin, Japan Federal Tax Included BEHRMAN'S BEHRMAN'S MORE THAN A QUARTER-CENTURY OF SATISFACTION IN FURS for a limited time only PLAYTEX 9II-I6'.SST. OPEN ffit PAY EVENINGS Kuner Circle yiews Slides at Meeting J Members of the Kuner Cb;c I 1 enjoyed viewing slides of Alaska I: and Hawaii at their meeting last [. week. I! Paul Gaiser showed slides I, Alaska and Mrs. Jim Par I brought slides of Hawaii. Item j from both states were also di |: played. J A Halloween theme was carried [ i o i i t by the hostess*!, Mm«s. H. 0. J 1 I'elcrson, Jim Odlc and Paul i|r;ai?er who served refreshment g'io the members and guests, Gais- IVr, Mrs. Parks and Mrs. LeRoy I1 Croissant. to try any k#?/Sj *\ ·· · · i l lytex living bra featuring* stretch-ever* elastic a spandex elastic made without rubber Yes! Playtex will actually pay you $1.00 to try the new Playtex Living Bra with Stretch-ever Spandex elastic. Playtex makes this offer because they know that you'll always wear a Playtex Living Bra after you try the first one, Stretch-ever Spandex elastic is made without rubber. So now you can machine wash the new Ploytex Living Bandeau bra with detergents ond bleach, It won't yellow, pucker or stretch out. And it lasts up to Aree times longer than an ordinary bra. So right now, buy any white Playtex Living Bra and Playtex will send you $1.00. But hurry, offer good for short lime only. · Lhedet points of 9r«*p» rtroln whtr» H covnh mort. : * ! » f f T I o. Playtex living Bra with nylon or cotton-Dacron cups. Wliite, 32A to 42C, $3.95. D sizes, il .00 more. b. Playlex Living longline Bra with elastic mogic-mldrilf fof a smooth buit-to^hip* lino. While^ 3JA to X4D, $6.95. And new '.i length (or shorter waiiled figures. WhH«, 32A to 44C, $5.95. D sizei, $1.00 mor». s LOOK LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS . . . NOT Like A Million Others

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