Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 30, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Krcc I'rcss Tire News-Tribune, Thursday. January 3u. 1375 - li Television in review 'Archer 9 misses mark By Frank S. .Swrrllon NEW YORK 'Ui'll - In Ihe b r i l l i a n c e of the Southern California sun, the hard-boiled gumshoe has thrived. There is Dashiell Ilammolt's Sam Spade, Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and finally, Koss .MacDonald's Lew Archer. These authors raised mystery writing --Die stepchild of literature --lo art. Their dcleclives are, perhaps, the lasl American heroes. Their men live by a code in Ihc neon society of Southern California. Siimebody hires Ihe dick, and like a bulldog he sinks his teeth into a case. These private-eyes are loners, Ihe lasl freelancer*, Ihe last of individuality in a society swallowed up by huge corpora- lions, shopping cenler living and easy morality. Tonight, NUC offers "Archer," starring Brian Kcilh. NBC has Lew Archer, but it's nol Ross MacDonald. In fact, Paramount Pictures Television, .which created Ihe show, will not be using any of (he author's 27 novels, according lo NBC. The show only bears Ihe name, "Archer." The rest is old cars, (ired tele-plols and the lalcnls of Brian Keith. Based on the first show, NBC has a turkey and not a peacock. In Ihc first episode, "The Turkish Connection," a velvet- voiced con man uses Ihc guise of an underground movement lo swindle the rich. He cons a child of wealthy parents inlo joining Ihe movement. The son or daughlcr then contacts Ihe family asking for ransom. The family pays, but murder is what they (jet. As Ihe show opens Archer gels oul of a heal-up convertible, walks inlo a posh Beverly Hills IIDIIIP to meet his clients. Their son lias wrillen he needs $50,000 lo gel oul of a Turkish prison. After taking the case, Archer gels into his rusty car, finds the kid, photographs him, and Ihen seems lo forget about his hoy for (he lira! )5-minutes. In that time. Ihe kid is murdered, Archer shows the cops his photos, finds the mastermind, and convinces an editor of an underground newspaper lo i n f i l l r a l e (he con man's headquarters. Days later, Ihe villain is captured. If TV represented realily. Archer would show the photos Food stamp recipients increase to 17 million A ST.AGICD SfE.VK from I'nimi i'acifir H ; t i l r i K i d ' s new grade crossing s a f e l y motion p i c t u r e , "Lucky Y o u . " g r a p h i c a l l y illustrates Ihc r e s u l t s of p i l l i n g a t . Q Q O - p o u n i l a u t o m o b i l e against a .'{(M.WIID-nounrf locomotive. (T has j u s t i d p u s e d l l i r f i l m f o r p u b l i c v i e w i n g i n ils i'[iii!iimin£ e f f o r t (u p r e v e n t (niulc crossing u m d n i l s . i I ' n i i m I ' u r i f i r U n i l r o a i l I ' l i o l o l Selected Stocks NEW YOUK (DPI) -- The stock market closed higher Wednesday for the third conseculive session, wilh blue chips and glamours setting the pace in an aflernoon rally in continued heavy trading on Ihe New York Slock Exchange. The Dow Jones induslrial average, uff more than iwo hSpoJlUHSj !^ e oulsel, was ahead 8.18 al 704.55 shortly before the clpse/jhc lasl lintelhc Dow'cjosed above- 700'wdsVAug. 1 about'a teri-to-four margin among Ihe 1,832 issues crossing the ta'pe.' · · · · · · . ; . - - . Turnover amounted to around 27,00X1,000 shares, down from the 31.760,000 traded Tuesday, llie second heaviest trading session in NYSE history. Monday's turnover of 32.l;,o,000 was Ihe all-time high. Prices were higher in active trading on the American Slock Exchange. Crossing safety promoted abbclll 1.31 SI- 1 ! up 1 adami mill! ?-ii oil 'i a ; rcoir.c . 9 3 I4-'| oil ' i alcanal l.:o If-'* c» ?; Jllfgcp 15d J-'i ell ' allid ch l.iO 37 oil ' loodUr .30 I-ii lordma 3 23 3F-'i up J i frcplm l.iO IS up ' A Irueltul l.» ll-'j up J ^enair i.ia 31-1.1 oil i i gncablc .A4 pacpwr uc t7^ pjn am air ? i pern ctrir l-'i pcnncy i.l* J l 1 pcnnpl 1.10 U ] j pcnnil l.lOg 19 up cha .It I gen d/nam l^.U up ! i ptptico 1.40 SQ-'i up ] ph'lipmo .80 «·'* up i up l cM ' i up ' amhei .lOg H^A am airlines 73 » up ' g brand J.U Ji-'t a can J.23J J3-'» oil amcyan I- 1 1 71 i tip jmmo! . I3d I'i am%mll l- 1 j U on '« am sind to U- 1 1 up ' amrsi l.O *l] i ami in 1.1-1 ll-'i up anacnd 1.13 iM aril pi U' armco l.jOa IS armi ch .11 ]2 aihlncil l-'i 70- atlrichf J - ' j 97- avco corp J.'i babwtl .10 u basic in .JO I oil ' i beckmn so H-*i off bell hwl .M l 4 - ' i up bendix 1J-S 1 up both slfel l IS U up bcbbie drki l^t up ' bo* ing .40a U' 1 borden IJ5 ?* » berg w 1.JS U- 1 tris mv 1 . 5 3 S brunswk .40 U- burrgh^ .63 71- qnfood 1.43 1J| gnmol ].45d I?7 ! up gen j-ort .id S- 1 ! up q t f l.ta 71- U ga pac 139 36^i up gillelte 1.50 IS 'i oil qoodfic l.U II-' (OOdyr 1.10 U-'i grant vtt 1 3 i grwlu M3U II- 1 1 gryhd i.ftia IJJ gull oil 1.73 71-' hoint h LI] 44^ holl el* tin V* H ' p I- 1 ! i 3 oil ' j j up 1 ' 1 up ' ] * calerlr 1.33 ST-' c b s l.U 34^ cflanie 710 74-' cerro c 1.13 IP cneisie 7.10 Ji- 1 chryik 1.43 i|.* oU ' honywl 1.4C Ii-' hogslp i.St I4- 1 idaho p l Ti Ji^i oil H idealbaic l IS up ' i illctnin 1.10 HA up ' j ing rnd 1 17 70 up inlditl l.Oa JS-'i Clf ' , ibm corp Il7-'j up 7 - ' j intftirv 1.70 iO^i up *i 1.43a 3 S 1 * up U inll paper 1 31 int TiT I.J7 If up 'i loiinmv 1.10 ij.'t kai«r aiu I ii-i kencotl 3.40 34^4 ah i h«rr meg 1 «-'? cff 'i hopper 1.40 14-* i up I- 1 1 kralUo 1.*1 41 1 * leh val ird 15-H up t-U li?g my 7-'i 31-'j up '» MlTomi 1-Ni S- 1 ! locVhetd 4 'i up ' i po'arcid .11 l|Ji u ppgind 1.70 II T I ol prccl qa ] fo-'j u pus ccl l.'.o IS up ' pulman 1.73 1] up nlitcn .fa 17 oil L raython 19 33-'j u! ica corp b I 3 ' 4 up repsii i t:a la- 1 1 rev ind SS-i reynmel la 17^ robrlin ).}0 M rockwcll i 1 Vtl\ roiuon .llg 7 ravld Hid 3Pi »lewy I.JC 4C/« sliomrl !.!« 11^1 slr«g« HC n. 1 * 0(1 ' I up J l i up 'i r Up I limnsc .lla Ikaogco .1C IS- 1 4 iminiklinf I »Ji up t.'. t caled 1 i 19-' 4 up ' } tojlhco 1.43 3-i up ' i topacil l.?4 3 C t | oM 'i IP rare! U 3C-'4 up l-'i jldbrands 1 4 1 - ' ] up l '4 ltd oil cal 1 it up ' t ifoiion i it si-'» oil ' lloVlyv 1.10 17 up ') Hi-dew l 3? 11 oil ' 4 lunshin .4tg t o 1 1 up « elFd/rve 3i 11 i up i leltprornp 3 ' 4 WASHINGTON' llfPI) - Hising unemployment has helped pus)) Ihe number of Americans gelling federal food slumps over 17 million, sources disclosed Wednesday. Even the 17 million estimate -representing 8 per cenl of the population--may be low. one informed source warned. The estimate came as an- lipoverly groups and members of Congress tried (o block an administration-ordered cut in food slninp benefits scheduled to begin March 1. Sources in and oul of government said the Agriculture Department shortly will issue an estimate thai the number of food stamp recipicnls rose from 15.8 million in November lo slightly over 17 million in December. One source said the Agriculture Department eslimnle will OMAHA. Neh.-lu ils cpn ? be preliminary and subject lo lii.umg lialtlc ,$, r atf, rcvisioiiii.'.He isnid- thc-.dcparl- ' .cMcnK' arid losjjOf ^fe.aj-^igh- .vaj^and rail gra'cfe ffossmgs, ""' Union Pacific- Railroad has released a new. J5minute, sound and cnlov film on crossing safely. "Lucky You." is the title of Ihe !Gmm production (lull is aimed directly al Ihe heart of the problem--driver awareness. Normnii D. Nelson, director of safely for UP, said Ihe film was designed for maximum appeal to Ihe inexperienced youthful driver. «!o may ignore the potential danger at railroad crossings. To accomplish this, Nelson said, the film takes a different approach from most safely films by using humor at the beginning lo pave the way for a message that is deadly serious. Giving Ihc film lasting impact is ,1 scene of an aclual grade crossing collision between a late model sedan and a train which vividly demonstrates ihe effccls of p i t t i n g a 1,000-pound aulomobilc againsl a 300.000- poimd locomolivc. Nelson said prints of "Lucky You" have been placed in UP's film library and are available on a free loan basis for showings. Showings may be scheduled by writing (o Audio Visual Services. Department of Public lielations. Union Pacific Itailroad. 141C Dodge Street, Omaha. Neb. GS179. men! last month initially e s t i m a t e d November food slump crirallinent at 15.4 million people hut since has raised Ihe estimate to 15.H million. Compared with June, when combined enrollment in food stamp and commodity donation programs was 14.9 million, the tentative December estimates ure up nearly Ifi per cenl. The commodity donation program now largely is phased out. Contest winners named MAHS1NC - The Marsing Urn! and Gun Club has announced winners of an essay contest sponsored by the Idaho Wildlife Federalion. This year's theme was "We Care About Wildlife llabitai" The Marsing club offered prizes of $15. S10 and S5. Joanne VanWasscnliove. ;i senior, won firsl place: Jim Kackroll, and Richard Austin, both freshmen, took second and third place. David Breshears, a Marsing seventh grader, was the only grade school contestant. He received SIS for a firsl place award. All n-imiinf! entries will be sent to lifiise lo be entered in Ihc state contest. Awards offered in Ihe state will he firsl place, S20; second, SIS and third $10. Mike I'ercifieM. secretary of the Marsing Hod and Gun Club, presented Ihe students Ihcir pri/.cs al a recent school assembly. NOW SHOWING "THE RESORT GIRLS" -- PLUS -- .Ralca R ..... ...... OFFICE GIRLS" NOW SHOWING A Sun Irte-.taborJ Produt^ons ftetease The Life and Times of GRIZZLY (; ADAMS COLOR BY DELUXE' C 1974 SUTI Internasonal Productions Inc. PLUS fates Open C:45, Shovel 7:1 5 Cafes ton 6:45, Show aH:15 cocacoi 2.11 4* up ! · ' · col gat ? 64 H-'j com si ir 1.4ft 3] cm*red 7 3 0 «··*· o« 'i comm sil i 11 up i '* con fd Kb li 'i L-? U conll IT in S ' t up ' t c nil can I 19 11 UB ' i ccnlinl'oil 1 « up 1 COCp m l.M 3 1 - ' up '. CpC iflll 7 17-'c op 1 S ..SJa if up ·» curt»vva I It up 1 cyctop 1.4C1 n ** up l: dart m iCH) 11-' j up ' i disflfr ttg " · ' · OH ' i {few ch 1 4C t l . ' i up 1-i dravo l W 37-u up ' ? tfuponi i 'id «t up !·'· duqnel t . J ? li up *i i jir S- 1 j up ' maqnavox S up ' marol 1-834 3*-^ mar cor me I 11 ' manhf 1. 14 Tfl-'j mtdcnd 40 IS-'i 7- 1 |b U- off 'i 0)1 v i * up oM i midiou 1.14 mobilol 1 40 41. margin 1.40 "1 1 off mtmldk 2.01 »-U up t e v a c o li IS-' i up i ft« milr 1 73 up 4-' i U p11 5Sd 11 up 1 1 teiiron i 10 li'i oH ' timkn i.lla ]J up 'i iranam sf I up i irjri w air 7-' ? up 'i incont .1^ 11', up ' i TrtCli .10d I" 1 1 oil « uihnc .Wj U- 1 j up |.i up molcrala .)0 « m litre I l.SJ lf. : njbituo I.JO 31 J i up I flitl can .SI !l- J i up ' nlldiill 1.19 U-*i up i nil gyp 1.01 17 ait sH 3 - ' t J 3J- 1 * up ncr Cp .71 If' 1 i up ! · ' nij^mo l.U 10-'* ir.dJil \ 13-'· up l LH eloc 1 7 1 n.'i a'. UIOCll 1.41 17( Jp uniroyal .19 M* up ufd a rcrl ] H oil i uid brands 4 '« up ' uncorp 77d i* up ui 9VP .K " up * uiileel 1 13 4^i up unfel i H u i ( up eailk ..Sti 71.*j up 3 1 ) norfolkws J | up r i uv md-jM I T| ij fltrJCp 1.tO JS- 1 ^ up : i rxislpw 1.14 2 1 - ' i up 'i w.i,h w I S ? H 1 en'exin 1.30 11 vp ' norliVp l.» 3 3 - U up ' i wibirx 1 4 3 ll.'j elnyl C 1-10 3 9 - ' i up J nwbifl 1.1S ] ! · ' ] up 1 i wfilh (I .17 I W i ivani prod ]-"i up 'i olm p 1-10 U^-i up l i whiqil .JSd H- 1 1 ejxon i.Ub 74 jp l! i ofis rf MO 71 ( i up 'i Mrrifmof .4Cd U'i (ir.sletl .40 f - ' i up ' r Qflbdm ) ] ) I 4 1 1 up 'i wooiwh 1.3J 1 7 1 (incl ftd 5i fi'ilne 1.10 Imc CD f 10 J 1 up i II 31 i to : pjcgai 1 li ; owcn^ll oil !·' up 1 l Cp 1 *? Up 1 yrrgtldr 40 U ' i u /enilhrad I 13 b p ' In 1626. Peter Minuil botifi/it all of Manhattan Island's 1200 acres fnr 60 Dutch guilders' worth of trade goods. In those day* 60 guilders equalled IMOQ English cents. Today, Manhattan land sells fnr about $24 a square inch. The population of St. Petersburg Ha. soars from its permanent level of 267.000 lo 350.000 durinp Ihf winter tourist season. "WCOEVIL'SIIISTRESr pfus "INDECENT" Qoors 9JK1 of 5:30 TOP CINEMA ·ATIPXXX UndtrliNolMmiHid 454-1731 Deor Polron: If you wou'd b offended b/ a f-l-n of a iB'uaT notuie. your po'ronoge ii r.i lolitrred. The Monoy*m«nf NAMPA CHIEF RESTAURANT LOUNGE 912 3rd Street So. 466-2645 OPEN DAILY 6 a.m.-11 p.m. TOO: BREAKFAST SERVED TtLLl 1a.m. Try Our Speeialty -- Spanish Omelet WEEK-DAY LUNCH SPECIALS * WINES 'COCKTAILS DINNER FROM 5P.M. LOUNGE OPf NAT 10 A.M. Berry's World and the ransom note to ihe police. The cops would do Ihc resl. Hul TV docs not represent realily. Archer ucts like an idiot and an embarrassment to every California detective. Koss MacDonald writes about the decay of society. His plots make sense and his characters arc real. But (he screenwriter of "Archer." David P. Harmon, seems to know nolhing about plot or character. He assumes everyone knows who Archer is. The gumshoe's rusty car and his cheap suil are Ihe symbols o[ decadence. Just who is Archer? And wlial are his mulivcs' Archer just pops onto the screen. The other characters lire Ihc ghosts of mildewing scripts. As [oracling, Brian Keilli is so low-keyed he seems asleep. Bui this may be the faull of Ihe director. Uichartl Kellon as Ihe con man seems lo be a refugee from disk jockey school. As for llarjop d'ortner, Ihe revivalisl- lurned-actor, his performance as the underground editor is so insipid lhal in comparison he would make reading the l.os Angeles traffic code a thrill. Benefits (or Ihc needy under (he stamp plan arc scheduled lo drop M;ircli I under an administration order raising the price uf food stamps to recipients. Al present, families eligible for stamps pay an average ot 23 per cent of their net income for Ihe food coupons, bill beginning March 1 most will lie required lo pay 30 per cent of net income. 'That was good toi your first time on skis, but I should warn you -- there's no 'hoi-dogging' allowed here!" R TIMES, 1:15-4:45-8:15 -PLUS- COU'UBl- PC ruPFS -.«·. Maggie Smith Timothy Bottoms m tj-. ALAS J PAKlX* PfO*x.tion G. »-- AN D TKE WHOLE DAMN TH Times, 2:50-6: 20-9:50 MOVIE RATING GUIDt Fn Firtiti ittf THI) htplt MflENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGEST/ID SOT* Vrr-tlMtv N'OiBc RIS1RICUD 1 I itflbiril KCOTOnf IB flOr ArJjH ulfdiir" v N O Q ' " E U S D E H UADMIT^tT NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! ?fwr" ·.!.-»;·!*"»· |^| i Proudly Presents L£j Seven Alone j DEWY MAR1IN · ANN COLLINGS · DEAN SMITrP KHCHLI THIS 1:00-3:01-5: JO-HIO-IOD S«:T WEEKEND SPECIAL Price effective T/iurs., Jan. 30fh thru Sun., Feb. 2nd MANDARIN CHICKEN COUNTRY

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