Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 26, 1976 · Page 42
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 42

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1976
Page 42
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»· '·-* 92 ,85. 94 ·» 94 · » eoodlllonlnfl, radial tlr« ana tape d«k S m ' ' conditioning, «x- Cobb Truck S»l«, l-3iind Colorado «, jtull, sir ccndHlonino, new 1 M4 *4« evenlnobr IH-7VOO. WIIWI Condl11on - C" JM OH). Longmont, 3i*-504i; W-331-6Q5*. 4731, alter 6. 19/J CHEVY Klngiwood station wagon, F °al 1^,71 1'"? » h i« 0lft V * a GT " K)H SAL6 ~ "" Oam " 1 piehup ' '"' CMC 9500 conventional - ·Ir conditioning. See at 3101 l/lh Ave Karwjr air OT j .»,3J| .«». Excellent condition. Local. CHI 134 II H. mint, RTO fS13, SQHD, 10'OOx -^L"" M F °nTM"^n!VSS, C 5r/;,' 1 "U ' ''"""^ L.,,,«K,P. E.C. '$£ MTM"S$£?S! Wl TOYOTA. "n».«xc«nilcci«llllon.J13.M4l. conalllon. Rtiionible. ]S) «ll or IJ. Bum, Brim Kll U«. 1 tr '"""· "» MUSTANG I Ann,.*!* m v i '""·"*'' l.rp. WOW mil*. Llk. MW. Ifll MO Midget _ sggg ,,,,,,, e «.||... TM P JT1;"' 'V K * N0i ""· ·"Splul 1 """'·""""'^"'"i" co'; i S 1 ?C»"SS wu S, sM »r . 1«3 FORD LTD. new radial llres 3* 000 ' 6SMK 1 p^.tSEiv.'sr *·'"· f TM ^.r "»»·""· "»»«'· M Pickups, AC 4 Wheel Trucks JJ Drives ret. 353 15 Cum IBuddl on. 1974 10:00x21 WH34 Phone 351 oM8. mj CHEVROLET Pickup ~ Lwifl, w de AiKnH tJ,,»W, V4 ton Custom Deluxe. 1M4 CHEVHOLEI El Camlno Will consider Irade. 357. 8750 or 111 15th palnl, new engine, 400 smill bl S. running gear. May be icen al TrflVPIJtl!. 351 603! 9th Avenue o " Chevrolet wigon FOR SALE --Good, excellent condition - New Kk, n*w ISIS 8th -- eSSllmFnV. nTM tl°re r i!WO» w'l! m « M " a *-**'»». iniCHEVTOLETPIckup-Il.morm m lease. 3M C 40)0.ev J e°n"TMV l "'"°'' C ' TM «»"*"· Irade. 3S2.M11. FOR SALE mi Chevrolet u ton 1 """- C " I3HUW WO DATMIN ~,TM H, , .- PICKUP. 3» V 8, power Iteerlng, power FOR SALE - 1971 Chevrole ''d.i"li"l A n, E , N ,oTo3 E! ", C ;j!'" 1C "'- ·°»^"«.C»"imVTO d 6'T .I',TM' "d-"- ««»P.»«'M6W. llth St. R«. PlckUP.«.«.SH1. d l,on. NCI, l«,iil. SLOW. 35J Ul6.«is. ||,joo. jj, ,,,,, ,,,,, 5 . js^,,, ,,"',?' " U enITMllL"",»',''.« r " r " 0 "' B ""- "" WUSTANO ' "» "·""OP - V ... enl condition. 3» un. automatic, radio. Slock No. F17A 11.131 972 MAZDA Sport pickup. Pliton engine, "N FORD Vj ton Rangpr XL camper shfll. Exctllenl condition. Automatic, 5500 GVW, tool Stor H.OOO. Call 354-XM4, days; 3».in*, power steering, mirrors, auxl 1770 MAVERICK 6, stick, steel rddlols Motnr"r nW 2i V" H ATM tax " 1 LinB and H and taxes. Llnfl Motor C Cle.n. Ver, economical! I wVoVtei XS.oS I'MTM" '"' "" """NATIONAL pickup. Heed, wiy IS 1M Bromlq. Brlghlg otter. 351 W4J. Hrighlon. 1 4S9 343. enginework.HW. 3S374N. 3434. Cat! alter 5, 4547)25. 353-7336. 19MF 100 -LO* mileage. "'linf ?i 5 ;i?" m "" 9 *' £x "" en 1V1 71H condition. 354-7796. ,,,,, _ ,, _ , ' _ ,, , I'M SC.UU I - Good condition. 300 miles. Contact 357 5729, between 9 IfM FORD Bronco, excellent condition and 6. MUJtsell.3St.34J*. 1973 DODGE D.700. c.mper ,peci*. t.ODIL ""-f^^lj "fTM ' Whwl ? rl " ~ Heavy duty automatic cower steering nuoi, automatic, power steering, JSJr br«£ . 7S r", '.n"T»r« '«I«J«''- *» No. '"A. Lin, Mo.or mlrr«. long Mr, prltM IOT »low Co.. HJhw.y u.nd Btomlw. Brlghlon. book price. May be »een anytime at "'-«3. KmeyLaiingrom.iorpl.muiKii. ,,,, FORO 4 shDr , ,,,,, Mx ^^ steering, power brakn, 3.000 m IM _ M.SOO. Mft MM OR ts^i 1WI CHEVROLET Vi t o n * wheel drive - *«* Drives v 1, 4 speed, radio. siocK No. 1KA. Ling · i,, .,,.. Molt* Lo., Mlfjhway 11 and Urwnliy, T0fl BUSINESS IS great. Slock No. 30IX-19;* Brighton. 1 657 3434 r 390 -age box ary gas 137. M D o., High (i. 1 459 -7^.0. "s^K'sSaSr ' r " "i^ D *· "* "·"*'»· ·-- · TJ-u^iafss* Ask - ^zsxrjrsiyr-,' '"-'--- J-sv-ss-Ss f speed. Rims good. jl7S.«,.3;«,aiiers. plus 137.50 D and H and taxes Una OR SALE -- 1957 International Vi Ion »7? RAMCMERO -- V-l, au pickup, overloads, 4 speed. MOO. 587-2041 power steering, power brake slier 6. Slock No. F14. %1.4lt plus 137.50 work. 1« aw* t . n e w n Brighton. 1.459.3434. l, 73 GMC % lon pkkup witr| ntw W4 and Bromley, Brighton. 1-659-3* lomalic, , radio DandH hway 15 t. FOR SALE - W70 Dodge Characr clean *"*i« ^« E ~~ m ' W W ; alio "*VW Bog. power brakes, with camper shell; W« 19S7 *; TOM Fotd - V-l wiih rialbed, dual il.BMIIrm mil w.flHi h-t^'r, . nm j J *" s »- CaOlllac Sedan Oe Vllle - all power . wheels. 3531710. ^.f^-iSrirrsr EEiSr^^ sssssESSiSNKS. s^t^ississ: sjp.s"" 1 -'"TM 1 ""TM 1 " ^Xi-Kt. c » H 3Sr ay " s^ sIDa " u "-" t ' l ' c """ !r5Bm - s^i:;^,^ 1974 MUSTANG 3 door v n 1 (1 1 4S9 3434. "3M V |73Vs J anV°°° r ''*' et ° """"''' '·«»; »«ly«laem»Mln,,. Slock No. X4. 1973 Slep.,ldJ. "cylinder "tpm.ilin. 1947 INIERNA1IONAL 1 lon - _ _ - " _ "' PI"? "' M 0 and H and tax.!. Ask for Ed Cook. B4.M9I. Dealer truck. Runs good. 5I7J17S. alter HM C "5JM S 3^ R m Oir " ndilio °' n9 ' B^ley.Brl B hloli.lft»S! ' T r,"T^ " /J MONTE C A R L O - Extra clean ""· "74 PINIO J door Runabout - 4 SRCH), - ?7] FORD Ranger V* ton camper special, 1974 R A N C H t K O -- V J, au excellent shape. Cell 354 96B7. power Meeting, power brake*, r 168 CHEVY ·/] lon pickup. 6 cylinder H.ltl plus 137.M O and H an engine. Good condition. 353-4701. Ling Motor Co., Highway speed. icebox. U7S plUS ig Motor rlghton. flatbed S.1IDO. omal c, ado, a r 0. USA. d taxes. BS and "sr^as; ""--·""- ia i f"Rr H " ? -"''- SLlR! "--0^,^:'^,;^:^ ».»,,,,»-«.»««.»««,,« J " "' MOW CO., HPgfcray K .M Bromln. 353.7B3I. alter 4. or in at nil luu III 7111. 1971 V E O A GT. E.«ll,r.l condition. _^"^L' """'' II.4W.3S31)JI4.alter5andv,eekend5 FOR SALB- 197; Dodge Moooco- 4 door ~, I97J VEGA GT. 3!.000 miles. 11.400. 3S3 iSS,' B TOe""»!,'ke" m °'e,c P e°C 0700, ask lor Dave. condition. Jij ;;n. 1955 CHEVROLET '/, lon pickup, good »61 *· TOM Ford pickup, shorl block put englnr, solid body. Also MGB parts 354- In 15.000 miles ago. Asking 1475. 3S1-ef74. 9497. sedan, 3W v-8, automatic, air, power economical automobile 352BI37'afleVA An · »· «««« leering, power brak«. J7i0. 3M TO3. lu'omobile. 352 Wl. aller 4. gg Auctions QQ Auctions «M1. »:M - 5:30 or 785 416J. ailer 7 p m 3J6 5691 ' nr ^i r ~l,|y ' I9M CHEVROLET Caprice. Good con 1HI C H R Y S L E R Town and GXmtry oition. Air; power steering, brake! B«t wagofi. rront disc brakes, automat c, otter 3S6 «8l, alters. 3W 7 * 3 * 1"i DATSUN 6 710 ~ 40 mpfl Must sell mHw«K. JS68JM. cellfrit condition 356 436; atlcr 6. 353- IV66 £ O R D Slatlon wagon, 60 000 mi M "« Goodcondillon.35*?l7l. coupe, 1700. See al 514 !7!r Ave. or call 507 70M l»74 PINTO J aoor, 4 speed, radio, timed clean 3H 4147 glM^. vtnvl rnnt Sloe* Mo F14 SJ.67J Motor Co., Klghwav IS and Bromley, milej Enlrai i3 6iO Phonf.35M|»j ws MAL.BU C.auic - cruse, P o*er "^In^HiS TM^ ^"^ 000d mllei 354BSI9. 1967 FORD XL - Good condlilon. »47S. transmission work. MM 0 nest otter. »" RAMBLER - very deprndaole. Hid 134 2747, aller4 or rtiahe offer. 353 0459. aulomatic, power steering, power automatic transmnslon, power brakes. btukn. rarJfo Slock No 65D. n.m plus "S"!*, * tpct ln ° GOO() gal m ""B e '» 137.50 D ant) H and taxes. Ling Molor 6H4. W a m . - X p m . , 6iv i tji W70 TOYOTA Curona Mark 1 1 - 2 door ; hardlop - air condllioned, 4speed. new AUCTION! THIS FRIDAY NIGHT 7:30 P.M. at JOHNSTOWN, COLO. Feb. 27th -- Gold love seat; 4 714x5 trailer tires, wheels; many old decoupage plaques; Avon bottles; RCA stereo radio; chests; beds; Clarke shampooer; port. TVs others; recliners; amplifier; adding machine; Faclt ca culator; glass candles; washer; apt. size elec. range; hex sq. lamp tables; misc. tools glassware, etc.; old commode; old kitchen cab.; vacs; dinette sets. Much more by sale time. NEW-- Boston rockers; recliners; lamp tables. Always old and collectibles every week. CONSIGNMENTS WELCOME OPEN: Wed.-Sat. 104 Closed Hon. and Tues. JOHNSTOWN AUCTION (V'l block easl of Drug Store, rear) Phone 517-2457 Sales every other Fri. i Next Site March 13th jiJ3t*y. ··''· Excellent condition. 11,400 or bnt otlrr. 3S7-J710. 1 WESTERN TRUCK 1 OHW.IWMM. * , P ' ' 1 i4ciE.iath». 1 .STm "°"' b " 1 °'"" M TM' 3St-JfU ^ ' )9tt CAMARO · - Radio, air condlllonlng. 1 72 Chev, C-20 i f *" a rimi *"" ino * liret m «» nt «'- 3 *3 1 Custom Camper 350 ( N " i V-8 PS PB 4SDCed i "" FORD RBnlh W * QW1 ' au'omailc, No 276 $1995 ] P ° WCr Itefring ' pm T ( ' r hrflh «- air ' 70 ^w.,p. s . j Er~"'^^ N °- 27S *' 495 j 1.71 OLDS ,, Lu.ur, Srd.n - Clean, one '64 Jeep CJ-5 ' owner, oooo coodil.on. a.r, till wheel, Rebuilt engine, new ( IZ'^im'xiaa''""' "" """" Inp, rnll har, hlil«. | uriHp tvhwk I , No. 288 11595 j QO Vans '68 Dodcc D-100 ! "J For Sale 318 V-8, 3 spew). » 1959 INTEHNAIIONAL stepup van, No. 281 (833 1 """ "'TM«'""ii «" "" '08 CIlCV. lj Ton Flal Ded ' H19 one lor. rora van. Leaving town mo Dllfllwhccls. 1 St.VS.e'^rn.'^i'ret'lS""' i/.r ,-.L *, ; 1W7 DODGE Van Call aller 5 C5 ChCV. C-20 | 454 JB75 , JOG cyl., 4 speed. , IWOFOROVlin _ Lownii , wlfle . e « e , wl! 230 6 Cyl., A.T., Astro ] waa deck, relngerator, many extras. wheels. No. 284. . . $1395 TM ul £ $1* "" BM1 oflw ' 1HO I0th '57 Jeop C.I-S Rebuilt engine, new ] A * Pickups, top No 285 $1295 ' J*T Trucks ' '4? JCCp CJ2 "" F "° ^O^ 0 Ranoer '' ltm Exceilenl 1 New tops, rebuilt eng. _ ^ ^ _ _ _ ^ 00 A""" '' KTWIWTDTIIfMMUTMYSI 1973 Blazer K5 Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, V-8, 350 engine, automatic trans. Gold Jyi Orn White. Used No. A-1065 .... H tjU 1972 IHC Travelall 2 wheel drive, trailer package. V-8, 392 engine, auto, trans., power steering, power brakes, air conditioning. Blue white. SOOHn Used No A-1015 iWUU For More Information On These Units See Roy Brinkman Jim Morton Ellis Capp EQUIPMENT CO. East on 6th Street 352-9141 1 COMPLETE LIQUIDATION "We've Lost Our Lease" DAN'S AUTO LAND 1506 8th Avenue Greeley/ Colorad SAL, FEB. 28-1:00 P.M. The following is a partial listing of the ve hides to be offered' TRUCKS: 1973 Ford pickup, 4 wheel drive, V-8, 4 spd ock-out hubs, positraction rearend, new brakes, Stoc no. 161,- 1973 Chevrolet Blazer, 4 wheel drive, auto tram., S mud snow tires, stock no. 14tA; 197 Chevrolet El Camlno, V 8, 4 spd., P.S. P.B., stock no 021; 1970 Chevrolet Carryall, V-S, auto, trans., passenger, stock no. 030; 1971 F7.0M diesel tilt car, 115 cat diesel, S spd., 2 spd. axle, air brakes, P.S., air cond 900X20 10 ply tires, twin hoist on grain bed with tarp no. 059; 1967 International dump truck, stock no. 057 1963 International 185 cab chassis, stock no. 058; 196 International 185 cab chassis, stock no. 059; 196 Chevrolet pickup, 6 cyl., 3 spd., stock no. 178. CARS: 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 2 Dr. H.T., V-8, auto trans., P.S., vinyl roof, stock no. 161; 1969 Dodge Dart Dr. H.T., V-8, auto, trans., P.S., factory air cond., viny roof, stock no. UO; 1970 Chevrolet Malibu 2 Dr. H.T., V 8, auto, trans., P.S., factory air cond., stock no. 170 1969 Dodge Dart 2 Dr. H.T., 6 cyl., auto, trans., P.S. vinyl roof, bucket seats, stock no. 172; 1973 Chevrole Caprice 4 Dr. H.T., V-6, auto, trans., factory air cond. P.S., vinyl roof, radial tires, stock no. 165; 1968 Dodge Charger, V-8, auto, trans., factory air cond., vinyl roof stock no, 125B; 1971 Chevrolet Vega, auto, trans., stock no. 036; 1968 Datsun station wagon, 2 Dr., 4 spd., stock no. 037; 1971 Datsun 2 Dr., 4 spd., stock no. 174; 1966 Ford, V-8, auto, trans., P.S., stock no. 175; 1968 Ford, V 8, auto, trans., P.S,, radial tires, vinyl roof, stock no 176; 1966 Chyrsler 4 Dr., auto, trans., P.S., P.B., stock no. 061; 1972 Dodge 4 Dr. Sedan, auto, trans., P.S., P.B. stock no. 180; 1967 Ford 2 Dr. H.T. V-8, auto, trans. P.S., P.B., air cond., stock no. 179; 1964 VW Bug, radio stock no. 177; 1970 Dodge Charger, V-B, auto, trans. P.S., P.B., air cond., vinyl roof, stock no. 181 ; 1971 Fore Pinto, radio, 4 spd., stack no. 183; 1965 Mustang V-8 auto, trans, stock no. 184; 1965 Comet 2 Dr., V-8, auto trans., power steering, stock no. IBS; 196B Rambler 4 Dr., 6 cyl., auto, trans., stock no. 186; 1972 Chrysler 2 Dr., stock no. 187; PPV 3 wheel cart. THIS IS A DEALER AUCTION AND IS ALSO OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. DEALER NO. 1180. PAYMENT: Full payment required day of sale by cash or prior approved check. INSPECTION: Vehicles will be available for in spection on Saturday, February 28th from 10:00 to sale time. TERMS: The vehicles will be offered at public auction on an "as is, where is" basis without reprasentation or warranty either expressed or implied. All sales 1 final. Statements made day of sale take precedence over all others. RADCLIFFE AUCTION COMPANY LOW mileage. AJk for Ed Cook, B34 I89J, 1969 TOYOTA Land Cruiser Dwler. 351-0112. J0 Auctions ()g Auctions -fV AUSTIN AUSTIN ,^i IB inn mi ^AUCTIONS GALETON LIONS ANNUAL MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT AUCTION Saturday, February 28, 1976--10:30 A.M. Galeton, Colorado TRACTORS t TRUCKS: Oliver U w/FII Loader; Int. "M"; M.H. "44"; 1»(8 Dodge C400 w/is ft. Stock Grain Bed; 1950 Ford Truck. EQUIPMENT: J.D. No. 34 Corn Cutter; J.D. Hay Rake; . Hoeme Plow; 2 F.H. Spreaders on Trailers; Moline 18 Hole Grain Drill; J.D. 114 Hammer Mill; Ezee Flow Spreader; Int. Grain Drill; 3 Sec. Rotary Hoe; 4 Row 3 Pt. Corn Cult.; F.H. Hay Basket; 2 Will. Trailer; 75 Bales Horse Hay; 50 Bales Twine; Seed Cleaner; 2 Bean Cleaners, Seed Treater; ISO B.T.U. Heater; 7x22 Platform Scales; Roller Mill; 2 "1" Beams, IB Ft.; Metal Roofing; Lumber (2x4's 2xo's); 13 Ft. Beet Bed; 12 Corral Gates; Pipe Threader; Tricycle Frt. "H" Tractor; Metal Tool Box/Cable Cutter; LOTS OF MISC. ITEMS * SCRAP IRON. Consignments coming in daily. To consign call Ruben Dewalt 352-2730, Steve Cecil 454-2643, Dave Kreps 454-2179. TERMS: CASH Auction Date. AUSTIN AUSTIN AUCTIONEERS-- REALTORS E.R. "Kid" Austin 1203 9th Street, Greeley, Colorado Phone 303-353-0790 Fri., Feb. 27. 6:30 p.m. Promptly. In The Arlington School Gym We are proud to announce that we are handling the Annual Arlington School P.T.S. Auction this year. This auction is supported, In the most part, by donations from Greeley's finest merchants and a number of equally fine, private citizens. Don't miss the one-of-a-kind auction that will feature everything from tires to doughnuts to, would you believe?, a $10.00 Savings Account of your very own in a Greeley bank. For Information About Donations Contact: Mrs. Ho Noway (Arlington School Secretary) Phone 352-6972 DONATE-CONGREGATE-PARTICIPATE ANDY SNOW PERFECT AUCTION COMPANY 915 37th St. Evans, Colorado . Phone: 353-7287 a e Medical research fu by JOHN CUNMFF creased expendilures no longer AP Business Analyst produce improved results. NEW YORK (AP) -- The McNerney said that health United States may be wasting care now costs $120 billion a billions of dollars a year by year, but that "we could double failing to concentrate medical that and not make a major inland health research where the pa c ' on some of the key health prob?3ms are, Walter indices" by continuing existing McNerney, president of the methods. Blue Cross Association, be- Instead, he said, a holistic ieves. approach must be attempted, McNerney said it is increas- that is, a coordinated attack on ingly evident that the better- the problem rather than the ment of national health and current fragmented emphasis well being is to be found in a on only various aspects of the study of environment, life-style problem, and culture, from which many Studies that offer the greatest modern ailments arise. possibilities for raising the gen- Neverthelcss, he said, the of- eral level of health, he said, len uncoordinated efforts of the are indisputably in the areas of vast health care industry seem environment, life-style and cul- o focus on research areas that ture. offer relatively minor possi- B , ue CrosS| he ^ a|read bihties of .mprovement, and on has a contracl from ^ ^ development of exotic equ.p- ment ,,, Hca|th Education and ment and hospitals. Wc|farc ,,, cxamine .^ rccords Referring to the costs in- in search of clues lo occupa- volved, he said: "We're doing a tional causes of disease. But, good job of doing some old he said, hospitals must cooper- things, but it won't change even ate by beginning to ask more if we do an excellent job." searching questions about pos- Traditional approaches to dc- sible occupational hazards, livering health care leave the In the United Slates, occupa- country "in a bind between cost tional hazard? alone have been and payoff," he said. Proof that estimated by the National Safe- new approaches must be tried, ty Council to cost $15 billion in he said, is evidence that in- 1974, a figure even the council Thurs., Feb. 26,1976 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 45 : Real Estate Transfers Document f«s llsltd art al the rale of one cent per |IN of lh« selling price. Properly selling lor less than tlM li exempt. Marie A. Floyd lo Puanc M. Addition, La Salic, DF $2.25. Roder iLindaK.Roder, Lot 19, Mark A. Walsh and Kyle M. Block 4, Farr's 1st Add., Walsh lo Dalmon V. Doardman Greeley, DF $2.82. and Kathleen 0. Boardman, Lot Northmoor Healty 3, Block 8, llcinze Ulemnere Development Corp. lo William Crest. Greeley. DF $4.70. A. Sale Jr. Margaret J. Sale, Lot 11, Block 3, Northmoor Fob. II) Acres 2nd Filing, Weld County, Wheeler Healty Co. to tiarold DF $.80. K. Harper. Joe T. Lucio Trl-City Development Co. to Marion II. Shoop, Lots 3-8, Ilo C. Harris Maralyn K. Collomvood leisure. Greeley. Harris, Lot 4, Block 13, DK $5.76. Woodbria.- 3rd Filing, Greeley. Andrews Farms, Inc. lo Joe DF $3.7i. Heiter Elizabeth Heiter. E'» Feb. a of 30-1-M, Weld County, OF Kar-Vu Drive-In Theatre, $12.80. Inc. to Rollande L. Prevost, Henry C. Ellis Myrtle M. part SE'/i of 31-1-66, part SW'.i Ellis to Rex E. Kunselman SE" 4 31-1-66, Weld County, DF Jacalyn S. Kunselman. Lots 17 $8.60. 19, Block 1. Mead. DF $1.63. Leroy M. Richards and Edith P. Richards lo Wiggins Telephone Association, l,ols 4, 5, 6, Block C, Town of Grover, DF, J10. Fred A Wciland lo Arbe W. Redman and Anna I. Kedman, Lot 5, Landmark Subdivision, Second Filing, Greeley, DF $.41. . Opdyke Agency, Inc. to James D. Dart and Claudia J. Dart, Lol 39, parl of Lot 38, Block 1, Sunny View Add., Evans, DF $2.68. Harold Walker and Janell M. Walker to Louis C. Hudson and Valda M. Hudson, par! NW" 4 of 23-5-05, SW/4 of 14-5-65, Weld County, DF $6. Carrell V. Deacon and Dorla A. Deacon, and Burl K. Harrison and Kalherine M. Harrison to Gary L. Evans and Judilh G. Evans, Lois S, 10, 11, Block 44, H J Subdivision, Nunn, DF $2.45. Kenneth E. Heinle and Judy A. Heinle to Gary R. De Mere and Connie L. De Hers, Lots 15, 16, Block 7, Ellis Fourth Veterans Here's the Answer Q -- If a veteran dies while indebted to veterans Administration, will the VA withhold the amount of his indebtedness from the widow's benefits? A -- No. The widow is not responsible for the indebtedness ol the veteran. It will be determined whether or not the veteran left an estate from which recovery could be made. If he has no estate, the finance officer has the authority to write off the debt as uncollecLable, if not in excess of $20,000. Q -- I received a lump sum disability severance pay upon my discharge from service. If I am awarded VA compensation for the same disability, will I have to return the severance pay? A -- Regulations require that VA monthly compensation payments be withheld until the amount payable is equal to the amount of severance pay received because of disability. The VA a u t o m a t i c a l l y establishes this withholding when compensation is authorized. Lawrence E. Cogburn Irma M. Cogburn i Wessie E. Cogburn to Cornelio Gonzales ClotildeGonzales,N ! z Lots 11 12, Block 35, Gilcrest, DF $1.81. Ted Kothe Lois Jean Roll* to Gene Palmer Mary Palmer, part of NWVi of 26-8-00, Town of Pierce, DF $2.06. Ted Rothe Lois Jean Rothe to Felice Gonzalez, part NW'.J, of 26-8-66, Town of Pierce, DF $1.70. Charles L. Simmons Tillie Ann Simmons to Renwiek N. Bailey 4 Kutli B. Bailey, Lot 3, Block 17, Rolling Hills, Greeley. DF $3.96. Donald C. I/we 4 Justine F. Lowe to John Michael Croissant 4 Melva Marie Crossant, Lot 10, Block 3, Broadview Acres 2nd Add., Greeley, DF $2.45. Meek, Inc. lo Darrell M. Johnson 4 Germaine R. Johnson, Lot 11, Block 1, Cascade Park South, Greeley, OF $5.50. Clyde L. Williams, dba Star Realty Co., to M a r t h a A. Benson, E Mill fl of S 90 ft. of Lot 17 4 W 30 ft. of S 90 ft. of Lot 18, Block 18, 1st Add. lo Alia Vista, Greeley, DF $2.50. Ira II. Howard 4 Bertha A. Howard to Bryan H. Leigh Laronda D. Leigh, Lot 16, Indian Hills, Greeley, DF $3.65. Scotl Really Co., trustee, to Francis Robert Lamb 4 Jane G. Lamb, I/it 18, Block 9, Cascade Park South, Greeley, DF $3.17. Richard A. Fowler 4 Steven 11. Wyall to Janice C. Varenhorst, Lot 16, Block 2, Cascade Park 4 l h Add., Greeley, DF $3.88. Weblian Corporation lo Irene F. Kurlz, Lot 15, Block 1, West Lake Park, Isl Filing, Greeley, DF $3.68. Ralph E. Lilllefield 4 Lois P. Litllefield lo Viola M. Kuhn, Lots 3 4 4, 4 S'~ of NW'.j 4 W' 3 of Sec. 3; all of Sec. 8 4 9 ; NW'.i.S'.i. 4 \V-jNEV, of Sec. 15; and N". of Sec. 17-9 57, Weld County, DF $8.70. Robert E. Brown to Herman J. Wisck Florence I. Wisek, Lol I. Block 1, Carmar-ar Ranchettes, Weld County, DF $.85. Lawrence H. Hertzke 4 Betty June Hertzke and Luverne M. Herlzke Annie Louise Hertzke to Webhan Corp., parl SWU of 2-5-66, Weld County, DF $9.60. Marlha A. Benson to Esther M. Hewitt, Lots 11 4 12. Block 2, West side Add., Eaton, DF $1.85. concedes "is likely to be a gross understatement." As an indication of what he termed a "disjunction between the problem and the resources," McNerney noted that the Department of HEW spends $200 million on biochemical cancer research and under $10 million on possible environmental causes, where study is more likely to produce results. Who is to blame for the misplaced · emphasis that McNerney maintains is widespread? "We're all to blame." INCOME TAX GOT YOU DOWN? CALL HANIFEN, IMHOFF SAMFORD ABOUT TAX FREE MUNICIPAL BONDS Municipal Bonds can be a desirable source of tax free interest income. For more information call Charles Gill or Jerry Copeland at Hanifen, Imhoff Samlord. Inc. at 356-4774 or fill in and return the coupon below 01 course there is no obligation Yes Iwoulfjlrkerr Addrass Crty HANIFEN, IMHOFF I, SAMFORD 928 Nmih Avenue P 0. Box 579 (VoAiiy C.oifi' Member New York Stock Exchange. Inc J

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