Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 16, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO · Breakfast . *i 21 uHIM in avw. . . ·, ,.,. .Dinner MEftiCAfl'- MEXICAN' ; (·/.'.·(»·. DISHES BOB'S CAFE ... BOB,HOWARD iV. Picacho Ph. 894-W Las Professional: CACTUS 3MOTORCO. Pontiac - Cadillac Sales - Service WELDON B. BOMAR 1 1 E U G E N E THARP Foods Worth Freezing ·j. , r - Are Worth Freezing Well · Wo sharp freeze al 25 /'.below. .. ,., · M e a l s a t wholesale prices. .Cut, wrap and freeze lor locker or A».i-DI»ccunl«- »n : . Frozen fvi- f Foods. ' ' · '* Locker Rentals. VALLEY LOCKER CO-OP. · HHIi W. IIiitllL-y Ph. KM Davis Lumber Can MA In Building in, Fences Mow about s t n r l f n f . f t h a t fence at bund your hark y a r d ? Now is thr time to f^et Minted on the project. II you wail much longer, it will lie ton lint no.fjcl oui and work on it. YIHI nilBlit i-vfcil get cauglil w i t h o u t nialerliilu too. KlglH now we KiiKgi'sL Unit you KU over lo th« Dnvis Lumber Coin- puny on ,\'nlli "til Htreel and look i n t o UHJ |jDKKiljillty o! toting «i»- lerinlH for a fence around your yard. Tin; icrice may not be .so important right now, but \vi'll wager Hint t h o r e is plenty oi JixltiK up around the phi co l l i a L you can do if you will only j(tt to work on it. That will jnemi extra nutlcrlals to rc- plm'i! old and wornonl materials Hint liiivo nl ready, nerved their use- f l l l l U ' M H . The Davi.1 Lumber Company JIUK ii fomplelc line of lumber, cement, plumbing ,'iupplle.H. - p n i n l s and building inntirlH)». Vi.slt tliu Diivla Uunlior Company. Klld 7th utroct, H t g l i w n y 8,") N'oith thin week f oi all your I n i l l i l l n g Hiippllcs. Tele- phono 'IM-W fut infonnation. HE ROLLS ALOJNIG PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTING Phone 796-W G. T. GLOVER Hazel's Automatic Laundry Is Boon In Hot Weather lOven though tin- w e a t h e r is gfl- l i t i H 11 I l l t l e wanner, must IHHJHI'- uivei. would r a i l i e r i l n Homelhing utlii-r thiiii ilii the (iimlly Immdry. Of I.-UUIMC MM Is when 1 Ua/.el'K L'Midry conies in. You don't have ID do your nwn l a u n d r y when H»- ;:·!'.) A u t n i n a l i c 1/jundry it; set up l u do it J u r you. The service in quick imd i h e cost is enmoinlnil. You'll bi: m i f p i l s e d ut the l i t t l e amount nt t l m « It Inlcus In gel out your whole- \vnek'» l i i u i u l i y . You ciin Iciive II In t h e n u i r n l n g nnd plrk it u j ) on your wny home In luni-h n i l le.idy lo _ h n n g out Tin-re imi't u n y miisH or luss tit hmno g e t t i n g I h c \\nnhln|; niltchinc; I'eitdy, if you nn! lucky enough Why don't you try llnzcl'H Auton i t i l l r K i i u n d r y Si-l'vice if ynu r u e mil n l m i i l y doinj; I I ? Y n u ' l l f i m l Hun your Idiiiiiiry in r e t u i n c i l tn ynij lu wonderful omdilion, -HM! -ill ri'Hily Id himn oul. Of cuiirHi; Hint IH lilt 1 eiiiiV pint il»/.el'ti A i i t o i i u i l l e ljuinilry i.s ennvenlently loaited al. 2211 i;rlj;gn street next to the K nt C hall. Tin- Kiein-h port of Uoiileau is ii city nf mole l i m n 2ftt).UOO, THE VALLEY LOCKER CO-OP pictured above has just recently installed fixutres so that a grocery section could be added to the plant. Meats,'groceries, frozen foods and ice cream arc available^! the locker plant, 1045 West Hadley. . ' . '· ". OLIVER EQUIPMENT CO. GLEN LILE, Mgr. Sales and Service 1700 W. Picacho Phono 63 FRED'S WELDING SHEET METAL SHOP AIR CONDITIONING -- COOLING Phono 550-W 042 W. Organ HAZEL'S LAUNDRY WASH and . i DRY Phi 659-W Guaranteed Repairs On All Makes oi RADIOS Good Usod Radios CHARLIE'S RADIO SHOP 404 S. Main St. Green Jewelry Slocks Presents For Graduation Have you folks slopped to t h i n k t h i i l graduation la just a few short woeks awny 7 Time flies hy so cjulrkly that n JiI of us .do not realize when these occasions arc upon us. AH a niuiter of fnct, in juat six iilmrt weeks the kids will be leaving school to begin vocation. Some of UiuHL 1 kUIn will .never return lo .school, ami BOIIIO will go on to colleges .iml mijviM'sltien. D Whether they go on to school or j;o out in the world for themselves, a gniduntioii gift is always helpful In sending them on their way. Now t h f i l you .slill have some t i m e , why not slop by Green'." .Imvehy niul pick out a tfift for t h a t Hpfichil .student of yours. Yon run put away, and pay '"or It its the ri'mnining few weeks .v by. When graduation time in here, you'll hJivt: tin; R i f t all ready paid for, Thiit I.-! the easy way to do it. Then; IB no .strain on your bud- gel, and nt the mime time you :iro nblo to g!t HoniulhlriK that in .lice ami wit! hi 1 ,'in|rtciiited. rjrct'ii'ji Jewelry has ;i fine KC- lecllon of pen and pencil nuts, wrist watt;hu.s f (ill kinds, umlo Just liundix'ils of other gifts thiil would miike it big bit al tfradua- Uon time. Slop al Urctid'H Jnwi-lry .store Ihis weclt nml select your jjlft. The Incntlon is I DO N o r t h Miiln iiml thi 1 phono number is U23-IV. Thrift features Fine Groceries, Constant Fresh Merchandise Wmuln'l it be nice if we didn't li«vi' to eat at a l l ? Of course it wouldn't be nii'c for cnfes and gru- eery store owners if people didn't cut. bin they'd probnhly be in some ;tlur hUKlni'ss anywiiy. But since we do have to eat. we might us wftll mil well. R i g h t here Is wluM'o the Thrift Stoics come In. They have oxnctly what you ivnnl lu the way of good grocer Ion. moals, and vegetables. Not only I hat, they huvu them when you wunl tlioin. AH n iniitlur of fact you ilun'l uven liuve lo go out of your way lo do your .shopping. All you have lo du is w r i t e clown Lai Graces Welding Fabrication Company '.'·,.-.'· r : ·:·-, · » · · -..A.-.R. (Dick) 111LLK, Owner *'«jS*^ *v,«y* 4 ^.*^j. v. *? i ''$fl!r.fABRICATE ALL, TYPES ROOF TRUSES "Any Mc!«l That Can Bo Woldcd--I Can Wold II" West HiKluyny ISO · I..V Ciuccs Hicks Spoiling Shop Features Finest . Fishing Equipment We have been 'wwtchlng. the sportsmen in town lately, find they are al! working along 1 lhe : 'sdrric line. That line la the 1 fishing' line. Everyone IB getting his boat ready or in building a trailer :*6r jact year's boat, or Is looking over the new supply of fishing tackle at various places,. Now that" fishing . weather is really* here, why don't you start thinking of going,fishing? If you don't liuve any equipment, that should be the least of your worries. Joe Hicks Gun and Sporting; Goods Shop on West Pictcho has everything you need lo get started on a good fishing'trip. You don't hiive to have a lot of things to go fishing with. An the years go by you will accumulate a lot of artimicial baits for your tackle box, and before yau know your wife will be throwing them At Joe Hicks Gun 'and Sporting Goods Shop-you can start your collection of fishing tackle. Not only that you can get a motor fur your boat. It is a lot easier than rowing You c»n buy on an easy mon- j thly payment jilan and use the motor wliilu you aie paying for it. Before you make a trip to the lake, be sure to slop in at Joe ITiclts Gun · and · Sporting Goods Shop and 1 , h a v e ' n .look.'around, rt'c has the sure fish catchers _ thoi'fti The shop is conveniently located at 1016. West JMcflcho; Phhftc'1223-W. for ihform.iUonI '*-."'; " ' · ' ' " :- *.'·:""· what you want, plfcit'up iiie telephone ami call in your order. The clerks at th«" Thrift .Markets will, do all the rest for you. They will pick out choice vegetables nnrl meats when they are selecting, your order, ' Only tjie fine.Hl of everything Is Sent out' drliverie:;. You -hftvc no worrl a.s to whether you will get good foods or not. ' The Thrift Markets ulso offer you a charge account. You can act- unlly buy yur groceries on credit. Of course Just anybody can't get credit, but if you went into one of the Thrift Markets this week and applied for credit, most likely you will set It. Why not make it a Imbit to clo your grocery' trading with sillier one uf the two conveniently Jo- culcd Thrift Markets. Valley Locker Co-Op Installs Grocery Division Now another convenience has been added for · those .folks who want tp do all their shopping in one place. By that we mean that you can now get a good supply of groceries at the same time you do your meat buying. The Valley Locker Co-op under the managership of Johnny Watts hns just installed a grocery section to the plant. You ,can get most staple groceries al the same time you visit the locker plant to pick up meats from your lockci or to buy fresh meats. There is no need waiting 1 the lines out when you'can get what you need at the · Valley Locker Co-op. There is fresh bread every day as well us frozen foods to snii \ your taate. When you buy frozen- foods in quantities, you are given the advantage of the quantity price. Since there are lockers right in .he plant, it might be wise lu look nto the possibility of buying up a irctty good supply of frozen foods ind meats. There is no indication that there will be a meat shortage, but you needn't take any chances when you can rent a frozen fobtl locker al the Valley Co-op ami store up enough food'lo'last along time. You can buy cheaper and can ;lo your shopping from your own locker. Call 13U and ask about the possibility of renting; a frozen food locker. MEBCHAHTS . · . ' '-'. / ' -"and v ,"^f-;;' ·" BUSINESSMEN The irtcws arid 'advertising on this~pagG' : help you gel.acquaintpdf-and- serve \ ,ybu, " D ' · DELUXE CAFE GOOD FOOD Open 24-HOURS 130 S. Main PHONE 520 Traveler Is Back Home And Commercial Wiring ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Fixlures and Appliances . . . , SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 1301 W. Picacho Phono 289-R DAVIS LUMBER COMPANY · Building Material · Lumber · Plumbing Supplies Complete Lino of PainJs - Laquers - Varnishes' 1210 7lli Street (llwy. 85) · - Telephone 353-W ATLAS LUMBER CO. HEADQUARTERS FQH THE BUILDER" * Courtoout ipt DrUvery VICTORY LIQUOR STORE LIQUORS -- WINE -- BEER H O N . Church St. LAS CRUCES MEAT CO. WHOLESALE MEATS CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING ' ' . · · · . · · ' ' * ! . Packaging and Quick Freezing For Your Home Deep Freezer ; · Highway 10 W«t Phon* 01I4-J2 A tobacco ficlci may recover 'rom luirricanc dumage in a yeai by proUiicfii^ a nuw 'drop, ljul il. .ilkcs' a coffee plantation five Lo seven years. ' OPERATIC TENOR Robert Merrill, fired, from the Metropolitan Opera company and-accused of failing to keep commitments, .doesn't look unhappy about ihe situation as he sits with singer Dinah Shore in a Hollywood studio .where he is rehearsing for '"Aaron Slick From Punkln Crick." Merrill went to Hollywood to appear as the villain In this QliJij and that's how he met with Met troubles. (Interfliitionalj Deluxe Features Meals For Family Recently during tue music .festival, hundreds of kids froin^ all over the state visited Las Cruces. Of course, there isn't a 6unch who can get any hungrier than a bunch of kids. When meal time comes thel usually head, for the place where they get the best and most "or their money. Thc'DcLuxc Cafe was filled to capHcity for two days week during the festival. Evidently the word got around that thc'DcLuxc Cafe was really putting out a good 'feed, because no matter what time, of day you passed the cafe, you. always saw a bunch of k*' 1 - 1 ? eating their fill. It would be a god idea if you took the .family out to dinner pne night this week, and be sure it is to the DeLuxe Cafe. . You'll get just exactly what you want and as much "as you can eat for n reasonable price. You'll also get quick; courteous .icrvicc when you eat at the DeLuxc Cafe. · ' · 6-YEAR-OLD Danny Ellis looks a h i t - w o e begone, but his mother.-fa happy after a h u n t - f o r him by police of two counties In California. The Temple City boy missed his school bus, so lit hopped another bus while the driver was fixing a flat. It took him 175 miles before the driver found, the extra passenger and called Mrs. Ellis. (International) CARR POTTERY LOT CALIFORNIA POTTERY, GIFTS NOVELTIES Visit Us--See The Very Newest'' · ' 1144 W. Picaclio - · Phono 289-M The Fines! Products And Service We Proudly Feature the · WORLD FAMOUS.GULFPRIDE MOTOR OIL GULF GASOLINE Expert Washing, Lubrication,.. Polishing · · . · Let Us Prove . That .Our Service EXCEELS ' MISSION GULF. SERVICE Sj. Hgys. 80 85 JIM BRAY, Mgr. Phone 1513;R P.O. Box 228' Phone 168 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. Of New Mexico, Inc. \ · . ' N Allls-Chalmers Tractors and Farm Machinery CMC Trucks - Packard Cars 137 South.Church St. Las Cruces, N. Me.x. WAYSIDE INN For The Boat Hamburgers In Town - Curb Suvic* 685 N. Main Ph. 851-M TURNER'S Electric Motor Service Sales and Service Eloctric Motors - Pumps Generators 116!1 'W. Picacho . . Ph. 733-.M T H R I F T GROCERY STORES NO. 1- NO. 2 116 LAS CRUCES AVE. . 123 NORTH MAIN Phonw 70-7.1. Phonw M-M On* FrM Dtlivtry Daily -- 10:00 A.M. SAVE TIME · L«t Ui Do Your Shopping - SAVE MONEY. Only, the Freshest and Hlfihest of Qualitj;\Foods ,, '.'.. Arc Sc'nl,Out On Our D e l i v e r i e s ' . ' .. , GUARANTEED GUN WORK Bluing · Repairing Custom,Gun Building Sporting Goods Outboard Motors .. · 'rt . '·'· 'If ils Guns, see Joe Hicks" JOE HICKS " GUN SHOP 1016 W. Picacho Phone 12Z3-W C O N O C O STATION NO. 1 · Service Department · ..Cqtipco .P,rp'ducts : , : , Phone 108-W :; \" 305 N. Main Las Cruces The Most Modern and Newest Reslaurant In New Mexico- Specializing In'" , PLANK STEAKS · PRIME RIB OF BEEF LOBSTER NiFF RESTAURANT Highway. 80 Wesl, Next lo Naff Court Your Favorite MIXED DRINKS Good Food Dancing. Just A Pleasant Drive From Las Cruces MT. VIEW INN ORGAN . : . PBICHARD Book Stationery Company .- · - ·. ' Complete School 8t. Office SupplUs and Equipment 302 N . Main .·' .Ph. 918-W NEW " AND USED AUTO PARTS * Phone 7 V 55-J ROY'S Wrecking Yard 520 N. Church GREEN'S JEWELRY . Authorized Bulova Dealer Fine Repair Service 136 N. Main Ph. 923-W Complete Automotive Service VALVE JOBS Our Specialty JIMMY FISHER'S GARAGE . ; · · · · 1003 W. PICACHO VALLEY TRANSIT NIX, INC. Transit Mixed Concrrlr For Every Purpon Accurately Hatched · I T S B E T T F R · I T S C H » : A P : R

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