Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 14, 1970 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1970
Page 20
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Page 20 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., May 14, 1970 ^ i* *. I c) 1967 b * Chicago »fp£A -U Tribune.N.Y. News Synd.) W. -l.S«i, *« By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I sat in the hospital waiting room for B hours wailing for my daughter to give birth. 1 was worried sick thinking the baby might not live because it was "premature." My daughter had been married a little over 6 months. She had a big church wedding. Then her husband told me I shouldn't worry--that the baby would be full term. Abby, they lied to us! I wanted to hit him. I wanted to run. I cried out. There is no pain in the world like it. I loved my daughter more than I loved my own life, and I felt my love for her turn to hate in one minute. How I wish 1 could walk out of my own body and into another and not be the mother of a daughter who has sinned. GOD TEARING WOMAN DEAR WOMAN: Your shock and disappointment are understandable, but as a "God-fearing woman," I ask you to remember His words: "Judge not lest ye be judged." And, "He that is without sin among us let him east the first stone." God forgives the "sinner." Can you do less? . DEAR ABBY: In your column you made reference to something that was "phony" as a three-dollar bill. Abby, three dollar bills are no more "phony" than any other denomination, and at one time they were quite common. I am enclosing, with my compliments, a three dollar bill (not phony) as you can see. Very truly yours, GROVER CRISWELL: NUMISMATIST DEAR MR. CRISWELL: By "phony," I meant "worthless,"--not negotiable legal tender. A three-dollar bill has value today only as a collector's item, and I thank you for it. I notice it was issued in 1863 by the state of North Carolina. Save your Confederate money, Grover. The South will rise again! Maybe. DEAR ABBY: So many people "mean well" but they are so ignorant when it comes to what to say and what not to say when a friend has adopted a baby. The following is a list of queslions most frequently asked of adbptive parents. Where did you get the baby? Did you get to meet the mother? How much did it cost you? Do you know anything about the mother? How about the . father? Are you going to tell "it" it is adopted? Abby, adoptive parents do not want to answer any of these questions. I know. I have worked with adoptions for several years, and I am also adopted. When I casually mentioned to :i lady that I was adopted, but my brother was not, her comment was, "Good heavens, you could have married your brother then, couldn't you?" "VIV" CONFIDENTIAL TO "MIKE": If you are sitting around hunting for four-leaf-clovers, you will need more than luck. What's your problem? You'll feel bitter if you get it off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. Kithi* Sas Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. George Sas of laton, announce the engagement of their daughter, Kathie, o Dennis Monaghan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Monaghan of Santa Technician School at Weld decoration theme. Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Bill Markley of Eaton announce the engagement of their daughter, Alice Mae, to Douglas Ray Geisick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Geisick of northeast of Greeley. Miss Markley, a 1969 graduate of Eaton High School, will be graduated in September from Hobbs Highland Hills Beauty Academy. Her fiance was graduated from EHS in 1967. He attended Northeastern Junior College at Sterling and is now a junior at the University of Morthern Colorado. No definite wedding plans have been announced. Miss Sas is a graduate of both lalon High School and X-Ray bounty General Hospital. She is :urrently employed at Sacrec Heart Hospital in Eugene, Ore. from North Eugene High School and now works as a building contractor. The couple plans to be married Oct. 3 in Eugene, Ore. Guardians Honored by Job's Daughters M r s . Velma Starbranch. grand guardian, and Jack|histi T h o m a s , associate grand Alice M«« Markley Calvary Baptist Mom-Daughter Banquet Held Seventy-two mothers and daughters and grandmothers gathered at University Center Friday evening, May 8, for the Mother-Daughter Banquet of Calvary Baptist Church. .Mrs. Sam Weber, acting as toastmistress, g r e e t e d the guests, and Mrs. Warren Norton gave the table prayer. Red roses decorated, the tables and colored hats beside each plate served as nut cups. Several readings were given, including "My Wish" by Shawna Spitler; "A Little Girl" by Mrs. Bob Ehrlich; "What Is a Grandmother?" by Sandy Krieger; "What Is a Mother?" by Shirley Southard, and "To My Mother" by Brenda Spitler. Musical numbers Included a flute solo, "My Mother's Bible" by Mary Downy; a piano solo, "Love Theme from Romeo and J u l i e t " by Linda Koch; 'Memories of Home," a violin solo by Mrs. James Conrady; "Camellia," a piano solo by Brenda Spitler, and "My Mother's Saviour," by Linda and Iris Koch and Mary and Jean Downey. Prizes were given to Mrs. Encampment Ladies Auxiliary Hold Meetings Weld Encampment No. 20 and Ladies Encampment Auxiliary lonored Grand Matriarch Mrs. Albert Wilbur of Jefferson No. 1 in Golden at a covered dish dinner May 8 at the 100F Hall. The matriarch's colors of purple and gold, and her emblem, praying hands, were used in the Lee Arnold, husband of Chief Mrs. Darrel Heil, second vice Matriarch Camilla Arnold. and auxiliary adjourned to separate quarters for meetings. A committee including Mrs. L. Blanche Heckart, Mrs. Henry Berett, Mrs. Ira Moore and all Monaghan was graduated matriarchs pesent assisted the p.m. hosts, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Minnich, in serving the dinner. The invocation was given by East Memorial PTC Officers Are Named president, department associa- After dinner the encampment tioh, L.A.P.M.: Mrs. Duane of guard, association, During the auxiliary meeting it L.A'P.M., and Mrs. Lee Arnold, Barber, officer d e p a r t m e n t was announced that the grand matriarch will make her official visit during the school of instruction in Longmont May 22. A covered dish dinner also will be served there at 6:30 p.m.; with a meeting to follow at 8 All matriarchs from the area are urged to attend the meeting. The area district is composed of Columbine No. 18, Longmont; Weld No 21 Greelev a n d t h e t r i m 8 l i m P e r E o n y° u w a n t neiO. no, M, (Jieeiej, ana f n hr O H r l n « » Is a t i n v tablet Sterling No. 37. Introduced and welcomed Officers for the 1970-'71 year were Grand Matriarch Mrs. for the East Memorial School!Wilbur: Mrs. Moore, grand Parent-Teacher Council havelmarshal; Mrs. Dale Cornish, been named. They are Whipple, vice president; Max i grand inside sentinel, Jefferson musician, department association, L.A.P.M. Weld No. 20 and Columbine No. 18 meet regularly on the same day and will have a joint meeting May 22. All matriarchs are urged to attend. LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK Odrlnex can help you become to be. Odrinex Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. Contains no dangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercise. Get rid of excess fat and live longer, Odrinex has been used success Jerry Kollman, secretary; Mrs. , Mrs. No. 1, Golden^ Mrs. Manning| o d r i n / x "' Leland Mrs. Shoemaker, J o s e p h treasurer; Bertha mother Lorenz, present; the Mrs. oldest Dcwey Kortenberry, t h e youngest mother; Mrs. Lorraine Leakey, the mother coming the longest distance (Braymer, Mo.); Mrs. Clayton Spitler, mother with the youngest daughter; Mrs. Alice Miller, mother with her birthday closest to Mother's Day. Mrs. Roger Meek received th« door prize. GUARANTEED 1st Q U A L I T Y CARPETS FAMOUS NAMt tHANQi S A V E AS 1000S HAVE Sec 700 Rolli )ON T BE FOOLED BY SAMPLES Don't Bo Confuted There Are 2 Carpet Stores In Lyoni. Set the Original $, V \w-- 12 FUll TIME BONDED INSTAILERS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY CALL LYONS: COLLECT 823-6677 NORTHERN COLORADO'S LARGEST STOCK WAREHOUSE CARPET SALES LYONS. COLORADO NO OTHER STORES LYONS, COLO. ONLY DAILY 9-9; SAT. 9 6 ; SUN. 1 1 - 6 Rhoades, grand color bearer, | ar , ge Jefferson No. 1; Mrs. Pearl must f u l l y by thousands all over the for over 10 years costs $3.25 and the; economy size $5.25. You lose ugly fat or your Brantner! 'Stark. grand musician. Gatewaylmoney will be refunded by your and Mrs. Harold.'N'o. 25, Englewood; P.G.M. Mrs. guardian, were Job's Daughters honored during Recent grand visitation at the Masonic Temple. Five Colorado bethels were represented and several grand officers in attendance. Also present was Mrs. Doris Benson, past supreme guardian and present secretary of Job's Daughters. Initiation ceremonies were held for the Misses Maria Barnett, Chris Benson, Chari Hanson and Jo Ann Kapp. Those who were initiated in ceremonies held earlier were the Misses Pam Oxenreider, Priscilla Perry and Mary Peterson. ast year, will now serve as president. Horoscope Forecast By Carroll Righter Friday May 15, 1970 |most care and avoid an ex- GENERAL TENDENCIES: Almost everyone thinks he or pensive accident. Do not make those sarcasitc comments that she is right about whatever : , come so easily. Be sure arises and will rise to defend his viewpoints, often lacking self-control, which is needed to to acknowledge a favor asked you by one of whom you are very fond. settle problems amicably. Be| MOON CHILDREN (June 22 sure to soft-pedal thai, urge toito July 21) Get on the good speak your mind frankly and without reserve and save yourself worry, headaches and money. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) side of those who have power over voiir affairs, so ask Uhrich, publicity. Archie Ruibal, vice president Copes, .Minnick; P.G.M. Mrs. Robert Ault; No. 20. Greeley and Mrs. George Dixon, department G.M., Weld No. 20; druggist. No questions asked, j Sold with this guarantee by: COOK'S SELF SERVICE DRUG 1013-1025 11th ST. i MAIL ORDERS FILLED--Adv.! S^BOYFoiPT is your best mode of expression today and tonight. Be kind. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Try not to say the wrong thin? at the wrong time that could! put an end to a beautiful' friendship. Forget that social affair in the evening. Avoid making an enemy there. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Do nothing that, will jeopardize questions cleverly. Don't make'your fine reputation today or that investment that you feel ruin your credit, take away make you rich, since it,good will of business people you You are anxious lo have a good'coulri ruin you. Be careful. I depend upon. Avoid that highly lime today, but you have to be! LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21)' superficial person. Be on the careful of expense. DrivejListen to what bigwigs have l o s a f e side, carefully. Be kind and courteous say that will bring you greater; SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to with others and all is fine. _ _ .... __ ^success and happiness. Avoid I Dec. 21) You want to finish dull Forget that habit of criticizing, [people who envy you and have|chores but tomorrow would be TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20)|their eye on your assets. Homeja better day for that. First A v o i d some controversial is your best bet in the evening.!get your work done; then think .subject at home or there caniEntertain quietly there. be a very serious argument. Get; VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) rid of old furniture, etc., IhatiThere are some confidential _ x .,, lunger useful at home, duties you have to perform, but|20) There is some situation BViXSTWl iSOs! Woofoo DEMItTDCNT STORK (j DUE TO THE BAD WEATHER' AND LATEARRIVAiV *500,ppO- Inventory Must Be Sold! and replace with the modern. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Make sure you drive with ut-iphrase is of fun tonight. Be careful driving. i CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Janj you don't adopt an attitude ofjdn not. understand very well and m a r t y d o m. . Your keyword you have to use tact to handle "I serve" and this it wisely. Show that you pay MORGRO Always greener... on the MORGRO side of the street! And there are reasons... 13 Good Reasons... Morgro fertilizer contains all 13 growing elements vital to grow lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetables. Specially developed for western lawns and gardens. Yes, green lawns and foliage plus a strong, vigorous root system. Values to $5! Men's Ban-Lon @ and Knit-Ion® SHIRTS Our Everyday Price $701 Men's Lenox Roya Wool-Blend SUITS ANDERSON SEED COMPANY 714 10th St. your bills on time. That hunch you have is not really good, so do not follow it. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. il!)) Don't take that know-it all associate so seriously; then you get along fine. Be careful in doing your work, though. Listen lo what others say -- believe only about a third. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Be sure you plan all lhat workj you have to do very carefully,' otherwise you make manyj mistakes. Avoid that co-worker I who makes uncomplimentary! remarks. ! IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he or she will be one of those young people with a tremendous amount of energy lhat can be used fo disadvantage if you do not teach early to be careful. Give the! right kind of discipline f,-nd| teach to control the tongue! when tempted to make very! controversial remarks. Ideal j chart for anything having to do with problems of others, government appointments, etc. The fighter is also definitely in this chart, Give right spiritual direction. "The Slars impel they do not' compel." What you make of! your life is largely up to you ( (e) 1970, j McNaught Syndicate Inc.) ; 199 I ea. In a most wanted assortment of plain and fancy weaves. Short sleeves. Handsome colors. Sizes: S- M-L-XL Impeccably tailored wool blend suits in 2-button styling with hand- tailored details. Choose several from our great selection of new fashionable colors. 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