Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 15, 1972 · Page 23
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 23

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1972
Page 23
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. Mobil* Horn** 48-A 1972 LIBERTY I2i2. W« $6797. Now 14279. Only $02.50 per month. D luxe 6p»ce available. C»h J53-38U. KOR SALE - 10x55 fi. mobile home. Good condition. Sec Rd. D-8. 352-1SSO. t 1107 adth Si. 1S69 12x00' F I j E E T W O O D . 2 Wilroom. raUed front kitchen, new curvet, air conditioner. 853-G938. 1970. HxH ll. Great ' ' ' ' :d, itov dryer. MOBILE 1 . . . ... Northern. Partly furnished, ito 1 frieeitlori washer and 1971 CAMELOT double wide. 1 l rooms. Sklrtfjd. Kmndtj- S'SllnRo o[ Gr«lo', 200 North 35th Ave. No. 2 386-3087. ' ' FOR SALE or rent: 2 mobile homes. one at Royal H Court, anil or.c In J'lnllevllle Court. Phone 3b3-43i after n for more information. F °f? l* LF ' A . C *««'«· model I Ctn nt Truck. 51 1918 CHEVROLET pttkup. delux rno- ilel. Si!.64(1 alter 6. U A K N S and your farm terJal, J50Q, t h f l r shingles Writr Bams Karms will sprar paint ." 1 " 11 - Labor " J m »- nl 5 customers s ,t Uli "« i tr « »' LATE IOCS Chev li ton pickup, t ^jeed L Ji_J.4276: 5j:-S(52 evenings. 1960 VOI.VO fV Ut model. 4 «peed. Good Iranspprtalion. H95. 362-0272. H63 CHEV. pkkur. Hip, box, rebuilt engir.e. 3K-20S6. GOOD runnlnc 1957 CHev. Beliir. «S5. J^K (81-2014. 'OK SALE -- 1963 Ford pickup. V-S, 4 lrcc.1, S ply tires. Call 353-6113. ami Farms, 16 S»2»" So FOR SAI-K -- 1SG1 2 Mrra. mobile hon-.c. excellent condition. A v a i l a b l e June 1st. Call 359-0057 niter 6:30 NEED A HOME? SHORT ON CASH? We have 20 homes to choose from. 2 3 bedrooms available. Priced as low as JI995. If you have $100, a. steady job and a little credit, you may qualify. MARK V MOBILE HOMES 400 N. College Ave., VI. Collins Ph, 482-0440 FOR SALE f?' eCp nJ Io , WBl UlBh CI Mranco Flex Chisels, Flex Miller semi- hisels, Off-set Disc, 6" S" Angers and Motors. Will Trade. Call 437-2556 Schmeeckle Cons't" Supply Inc. Jet. Hwy 14 52. New Raymer, Colorado CLOSEOUT Brand new Valiant 12 wide for only _ $4850 Northern Mobile Homes 3155 S. 8th Ave. (S. of Ramada Inn) 353-6760 071 HONDA 150 cc, new condition low mileage, IMOO. 7*5-2531. 971 Y A M A H A 2CO twin. 2500 mi!« I erfect ahape. 231-6315 after 5:30. 980 SUZUKI 250 cc. 352-3429 or 353- 1W79. 14 WIDE SALE S Bedroom FLAMINGO Carpeted, Double Insula tion, Beautiful Decor, 4' Walls. Normally Priced a 57,995. Now ONLY $6,875 Northern Mobile Homes ·3155 S. Sth Avenua 353-6760 Bkycles-Molor Bikei 5CKA 'Pe«l Schwinn Stir.sray, }25 060 HONDA 3SO CL. Oood condition 352-2534 after 4 :00 p.m. FOR SAI.B -- Ifoliclaw 3 rail motor cycjr trailer. Call 353-6.503. 68 650 BSA MnrV 4. (700. 45i-3C8~ afler ., 1571 YAMAHA 175 Enduro. Like net SSO inilei. 333-49S1 afler 6. 9E4 MA1.1UU. Rebuilt encine, Irani rniuion. 353-413. ~ 4 apeeii. 61 ·'VCTTE~converlihle £ood_ condition. 356-M19 "nfler b. 968 DODGE" »; ton ptcVup. without cover. 35S-03W. I CHEV 35Z-93EO. 4 door. A.T. J235. 1'hone IXJSTANG, IM6 hardtop. Standard. Good condition, llcst offer. 352-50S1. IOOD cl»n 1 9 E 6 VW. tJSS. Ph. 65S-20H. 64 CMC step-tn 3S6-0011. van. 350. 951 MG TD mculKc Rreen, Teslored, excellent condition. J1.9JO. 686-7187. FOR SALK -- 1557 Chev. 4 door hard- tr,n n^il HT_9Tn5 ·' ' ·. v top. Call 312-2703. UM| Can and Traekt 511 . Vt»t Can end Trucki 51 MUST Kll thli weekend: '68 Mallbu SS 396. Slick, [rood condition. Evcninti. 3J3-4S96. BRONCO. 19C9, 4 wheel drive. New ·now llre» and ihoclii. Excellent cun- dltlon. 358-0220 before 6 p.m. 1960 DODGE car. 6 cylinder, S ipe«d. row llres. tcood condition. Call afler _6:30.J56-3323. .M8~»i TON Ford pickup. Ulz 6. Au- totnulic transmission, power *tcerinv ^nIr_condilionlnB. t!7!0. 3SS-3412. GOOD clean 1967 Chcv. Bel Air. L milcace. Jl«. I'h. 12S-2014. F6nD"4CC~eu. in. 4v5 hp. 4 speed. » Deuces, headers, b'jckct seats, in a _^01 2 door hardtop. (250. 350-0076. IMi "FUMY 111 rbmouth tlalion wagon. In good condition. $650. 8S- 4350 or nee at 10R Dorothy. Milliken. 67 TONTIAC Ttmtwst, V-S, « rfoor hftrdtop: also '65 Mercury MonttUIr, high mileage, 1350. Call 356.QS99.or 3M'5«7. 1971 KIAT SoO sport COUP*. 9.WO ml. ?. mix'. oW. »urel»r alarm, new Urn, $1990. S« at 1225 10th Si. Must Mil, getting nmrrlcd. r C9 PLYMOUTH nomdmnner. lilftck vinyl interior and btaeh vinyl Ur. Kelly preen, autotnatlc trans., 2 door. 333-57GE. 1070 VOKD 4 door Brougham, air condition I ne, power steer inc. cxce' lont condition. SS3-2355; 352-S5S9 evenings. J M Mobile Home Service Supply I'orta. Pott! -- hitches -- gas/ electric refrigerators. See us for your camper supplies. 630 26th St: 353-9290 42 I N T K H K A T 1 0 N A I . tleii-in v a n . Good engine. Neeila body work. SliO or best offer. 356-001*. 1907 PLYMOUTH Darrac-jda for pale. Hod coins out, make offer. 356.3516. after . TIRED ot. ev ' · something i S5J-34S7.- .-· irs'das- aiwrts carsT Want unique T Call Uruce nt 711 CHEVY-'-Suburban 10 r'On SALE -- 1S62 Chtv. Z Hoor hi top, 3 speed, bucket Feat?. Very pi condition. 352-1561 days, 352-91E3 niBhts. VKLLOW Submarine--'67 Oldi Cullai- Supreme 2-dr,, *[)t. cpe, or iff. owner, yellow wtlh black inter., new clutch, new brake*. Call a f t e r 6, 356-3395. 1947 K-5 INTERNATIONAL truck, 1'. tons. 2 new tires, o i l Vjuclwneel: double ram Harsh hydraulic. Call 33G-3G95. Tra!l«ra and Cgmptn 5) Sat., April 15,1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE : 23 .0 Pranchtecd Dealer TERRY, MONITOR, YELLOWSTONE, C A R D I N A L Rules and Rental D R Service 422 l l t h Ave. 352-3718 or -352.5288 14,000. »3,50. !xvelanci. 669- FOR SAI.K - 1971 Ford Torlnb'GT , Cobra Jet. 353-5178. ,;··', ' IS64 CORVETTB Stinsrar coupe. 1 '327, fuel injection. 352-1939 after 6.. FOI£'SALE:'19G3 VW. Exeellent enn- ·dilion. 1 - S« aC(«r 6 p.m., J929 6th Ave. '.'- .".- 1S67 GTO -- Mt.t til], drafted. FOR-SALE-- My nice white '70 VW Beitle, ,«m/fm. Call Bruce, at 35J- FOK SALE-- 18J1 Ford 1'S ton. beet bed. Call 897-2413. 1565 PLYMOUTH Satellite 426 4 speed.' itiac T.eMafi »6iO. Call 35C-OI85. FOR SALE -- 19C4 326 V-3. Automatic. I'hon* 353^4458. 1971 DATSUN pickup «lth or without fib£ntlajs_CJimiJer ahdl. 686-4593.:^ FOR - - '66 VolkBwaxen 1 fail- back. Very_sood condition." 353-0127. 107tTToRD % ton pickup. Wany trai. 352-7275. 1970 FIAT 850 Spider, many extras, »ctl!ent condition. 11.350. 352-2644. 63 SII7.UKT 125.. 353-35SO. BOY'S uoM 15 in. Spyder bicycle. 2 new puncture proof tir«a. Good condition. 352-S915. 1970 VW Situareback. Good condition, 19.0CO milej. 353-4785 afler 5. FOrTSALF/-- 156S Me speed, bucket suits. SHARP oWer military Jee,i. Ex lhapc. J700. Thone 353-330S. FOK SALE - Mini bike In good condition. Will accept tr.ost reaaonab] offer. 353-6707. MAN'S Collegiate Schwinn 5 sp Excellent rendition. New, $85, for first ?60. 352-fi728 afler 6. 1971 YAMAHA 360. for Loth Btrect fliid trail. E . i k c new. GOO miles. Ft. Collir.?, 433-3S2S after *. cury Couuar. 352-3580. FOK SALE -- 1971 DaUun 1200, am radio. S169». 3iO-«90. 1S70 VW Bc'dan, BUII roof, a m - f n Wood, leather inleriur. »1.245. KOI Collinl, 462-0225. 1965 FORD w.gor..--- Air, full powc Call.S^TliS Mondfiy-Frtrfay, S to only. 9fi? CHEV ?i ton pickup. 350 V- ensEnr, * RrK-rd, lonr *ld« box. (2000 353-CWS afler 4 y.m. 1971 LTD F"rd. vinyl top. p.i.. p.b.. nir conditioning. Low nilleace. T 3 I F 5 . 1959 Chpvrolrl \'y ion pickup, Ions irrmv Ixix. $200. 353-5SS1. B9 AMKR~j(3AN Itnmblrr. Ktcellent condition. Overdrive, rebuilt cnglnr. Must eec to appreciate. ¥275. 35C. 0601 atler 5 ;3i p.m. 55.. V W . . Squsrebaek slntion Ensrlne recently rebuilt, nev 'J550; S61-695. · WUGOn, paint. I "FORD..%· ton. Excellent condition. '·»695; See after 5 p.m.", Aye:',' Apt'I.' 352-2227. 21H 2Sth FOR SALEi 'Jl Jeep station wagon, 4 "wheel .drive, good condition. Make offer. 61^4475. 69 VW.. : camper. Kitcellcnt condition. AM/FH. 1617 10th Ave. No. 5, 352 8996i 353-69S4. vinyl nical- 190 1 ) INTEltNATIONAL pickup Jtcd Dale camper. Can W iveu Evans, ilust tec to ap 565 FORD LTD. Dark blue, black vinyl top, good condition, 8 ne\Y tire* !S95 or best offer. Call 68C-135S ler 6. 1965 PONTIAC Catalina convertible Excellent condition, mow tires in- eluded. Call 284-5240 alter 5 or week FOR SALF.: '56 Jeep CJ-5. Full top, neiv electric winch. Mecha ly sound. 3.^3-1814 evenings. · 6 5 i CHF.VY 2 door hardtop. r°' steering, power brake*, air condition Ing, new paint. Wilt c o n s i d e r ' * ' ' pickup on trade. 284-7757. 70 CKEVELLE Mallbu. 2 door hard top, 4 speed, Hurst, vinyl top, Crag ar maes, r.evv radial lirts, many tx tras. 353-71SS arier 5. '64 JEEP Waaoneer. Newly overhauled. Cood tim. Guml overall condition. 284-7961. ^960 CHEVUOLBT Nomad station \va- von. Sharp. Kxeellent condition, 2603 16th Ave. , L9C5 ^" ; TON' Fnr5 pickup, R52 V-8, 4 *fHH:d, with cnTTirei". Kxcellent coiidi- titin. 352-3Gf3. 1503 Delwood Ave. FOR SALE -- 1963 Chevy Blscsyne 6 cylinder, standard transmiuton new tires, new battery, new alter nator, nev,' water pump. Dependable. (300. 351-22M, 356-1753 ask for Ron. FOR SALE -- 1SS3 Roadrunner- Huns sood, Cragar at 1 1 1 1 23rd 35J-1S92 or tee Cl. WB STILL ipeclallre iransmiSEion repairs. S»|P-. 125 8th A v « . In automatic Uendei- Aulo DOY'S Schwinn Stir.Bray fastback. ric!- UL-II 1 EUir.mer. Like new. $50. 3533021. U.S.A., and Cujhman, Au- thorired dealer. Franklin Cycle Sales 2825 S. lit Av«. 352-G92. Farm Equipment 50 4 UNITS John Deere. 21U flex unit corn planter on Lnr w i l h fertiliser attachment. Call 352-6739. RUPF mini-cycle--sr.ow rr-oblles. Sales/ Service. Economy Body Shop. Hiwny 85, Service Rd.. Evans. J52-6628. FOR SALE: '53 Chev. pickup with heavy insulated camper. New battery, shocks and paint. A-l motor. 8295.-Nusser Trailer Sales, East 18th Street. Mobile Homes 48-A Mobile Homes 48-A m «^/P*Q=*r^^u='«ttF*i^P^ Holiday Village The Mobile Home Community of Tomorrow Live just minutes away from schools, churches and shopping. WE SELL GREMLINS r Junior Editors Quiz on- TIME ZONES 3 INTERNATIONAL. tOOQ S* iJiestl lr*ctor. twin terew with ' veed Head Kinu«r, power tik* off, TAKE over payments on 1972 Ford 3 paneneer wagon. 429 engine, power. FM *Lerco, 4,000 nitlea. cash nee!c*J. Payments, $146 ; month. Call 353-6618. Guide to Books By MARC CHARNEY Associated Press Writer NEW HAVEN, Conn. CAP) -The man who wrote the book Hi double agents says Hitler's security forces macte a mistake when they uncovered England's spy network in Germany on (lie eve of World War II. The mistake was to arrest them. You can use them," Sir John Masterman says of spies "A dead- spy is of no use to anyone. A live spy can be used." Masterman is a quiet talking, frail looking 81-year-old scholar and administrator from Oxford, who has written maller-of-fac- tly that he and a few other Britons knew about, and controlled, all the spies Germany thought it had on British soil during World War II. The claim is made in an official or ALSO OTHER CARS. BENDER AUTO SALES 125 8fch Ave. 352-4358 1070 CHKVY pickup: WO cu. i gir.e, mm. Hooker headers, ].«0-15" on 10 in, rferomc un GCO-1S un · 8 In. chrome on report Maslerman wrote his government shortly after the war, designed partly o tell the story for the record, and partly to draw lessons from it. 1 1 was published here Holly 500 cfm CD. Sec to . 2 b»r *], S track Bl c. (VS6-7712. FOR SALE -- 1870 Chevy El Camilla. Aqua, black interior, power i Iff ring, power.disc hraVre. T.artce autn. Iran*. Tinted Rlasi. 350 cu. In. enRtni Heavy duly air boo it sho;Vi. Lo 1 mileage, clean. »SOO. Call 363-0»25 TRADB ~ Mack tractor, 1857 B-6L u-iiK KNOT 673 turlx cn K hie, 15 speed triplex, tflg axle, skrjierj excellent tires and condition. Trarfe for 35 to 4(1 ft, tanilem axle flat bed trailer. Irritation ami Power Equip* tr.ent, US Hiuhwoy So. 30, Gteeley, Auto Discount Center For This Area IT'S NO SECRET WE SELL SO MANY THE REASON WE SELL SO CHEAP CASH For Your CAR, PICKUP OR TRUCK WICKLAND MOTORS ·Ph. 363-1050--1054 recently by Press under Yale the University lille "The 1068 MALTBU 4-DOOR SEDAN Radio, liontfr, power Btecrlng 1964 FAIRLANE 4-DOOR SEDAN . Our Space Rentals Include: (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE) * 8' x 30' Patio * Double Off-street Parking. * Metal Storage Sheds ·k Paved Streets with Continuous Sidewalks v Street Lights * Central TV Antenna Service ft City Water ami Sewage tV City Mai! Delivery and Pickup ·b Twice a Week Trash Pickup in Front of Your'if Home ii Sodded Lawns ft Family and Adult Sections ir RECREATION Club House with Billiard Room. Sauna' Bath. Exercise Room, Card Room. Kilchen and J'flrty Room, Lounge With Fireiilace and Healed Swhning Tool. Children and Small Pets Welcome ALL OF THESE ARE INCLUDED IN THE MOBILE HOME WAY OF LIFE AT ... HOLIDAY VILLAGE r 310217th Ave., Greeley Phone 353-7741 ^ r^v^^^*=a^^=Q ! ^*^fr=^^ Over 175 New Used Cars Pickups To Choose From Wheeler The Dealer Hi-Way 85 at 16th St. Phone 352-7000 Harold Croissant Harry Wooldridge Bud Wooldr.'dge Jack Wheeler, Saler Mgr. Aucttoni 54 Auction! 54 1 AUCTION j Estate of Tura Prosky and others. | SUNDAY APRIL 23, 2 P.M. HatllOj heater ^ I960 WESTCOASTER C 3-WHEEL MAIL . SCOOTER J Tfeater, cj of roster ninl more! WJNOGRAD'S 431 th St. Auto Service and Supplies 52. '63 VW IIUK e n n i i i f , j u s t rcbulll. In- njiertM. t77fi. 362-0037. IOCS VW FflMlmrk rnirlnr. FnH Injection, 30.000 mltra. J340 or l:t-»t o(f«r. 353.91G. FOH SALEi -- l-'nnl FfJclhrock hlch riie n i a n K o l i f : Curler 750 U K M 4 Imrrel cfl rliu re tor ; f ul 1 race- en m ; 2 I m r r r l m n n l f o M . Cull SSC-2017 after fi r-m. Troilers and Camper* 53 1071 1C FT. C u m p f i r c trailer. Self c«. n - lulncil, ilccps fi ur 0, B'ilMK'jFi. ID70 HF.D Dale i»inly cub, ft fi. nnn rah-iivcr, 3H-firiG2 n ( p r fi IMM, 19fin 0 FT. Kl Dnrjiiln cJii-nvrr ramprr, r-xcpllent ronrlUJntK 1A2-2112. 107fl H A M , M A H K cunijicr, cnl-ovrr. 2329 ?6lh Kl. JM. Form Equipment 50 Form Equipment 50 ATTENTION FARMERS/ See the new. line of Oliver tractors on display. The. modern trarfor for the modern farmer. . Oliver plows";frbm' i'O -boltorn.- NewFanrfhand F-.ll ?-M loaders. ; Calkin^ field renQvat-ors rod wecders. ' Triple K field renovators. Meyer ditchers ditch closers. We have on hand some good used IHC Model 185 . flex planter units for beets corn. New Milton beet planters tool bars. 1-Useri Model 600 Newton 14 ft. hydraslalic drive windrower with cab transport trailer. 1-Useel John Deere Model LLA 20x7 double disc 1 grain drill. , 2-Used 5 bottom Moline plows. ; HAMMONS' IMPLEMENT CO. SALISBURY AUCTION North side of Highway 14, between 1-25 and Fort Collins FURNITURE: ' _. Curved glass chinas; walnut marble topped commode; cmK sideboard with beveled mirrors, heavily carved ( m i n t condition); corner china; mahogany roll top desk; oak roll top desk; curved grlass secretary; walnut marble topped Ice cream tables; round oak table; setH ot chairs; ·pinning wheel; walnut drop f r o n t desk; oak w a l n u t hall trees; child's high chair with cane seat carving; high hacked organ with mirror (very nice); organ stools; clocks; pair matched stack hookcanes; oak ft walnut chest; dressers and commodes; tea cnrt: Jenny Wnd beds; walnut floor lamp; oak desk chair; brass beds; rockers; wardrobe; pie cabinet; child's rocker; oak fireplace mantel; cherrywood portable p o d i u m ; oak secretary; wishbone mirror; oak bed; two walnut clialrn; Ico cream stools; kitchen catifnet with roll front, complete; upholstered love seat: occasional tBhlcx; oil paintings; f'ln- chcr oak upright piano ( m i n t ) ; oak curved class china- huffet combination; treadle sewing machine; h a l l t n l i l e ; Queen Anne dining table: ilenk; buffet with hoveled mirror; square table fe c h a i r s ; old radios; kerosene l a m p s ; A l a d d i n l a m p s ; cuckoo clock; fi ft. curved f r o n t showcase. GLASSWARE DISHES Cut gluss pitcher; cruet *et; cut class with silver table lamps; patterned E!ASH; pressed glass; art glass; finger howls; toothpick holders; teapot; wcs; painted plnlr-s; apothecary jars; cups snucers; Tlosevilfc! l l n l s n y glass; c a r n i v a l glass; Depression glass; pewter: h a n d crocheted tablecloth; Irish linen tablecloth; Avon hollies. IRONWARE MISC. Three legged covered wngon stove; monkey slove; cast Iron hollers ft kettles; crank wood barrel c h u r n ; wagon jacks; steelyard scale; Daisy churn; copper coffee pot; teakettles; Ice tongs; coppor hoiler; cast Iron t e a k e t t l e ; coflee grinder; lanterns; p a i r of railroad lights; Model T lights; cast Iron Iractor seat«; crocks; t r u n k ; set double harness; English coal box; f r u i t Jars; horse collars; wagon r u n n i n g gear; hand woven (jullt; crocheted bedspread; miscellaneous too numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash or check sale day. Selling by numbers with $5 deposit for n u m - ber. Deposit will be deducted from purchase or returned. Open for inspection 10 a.m. sale day. SALISBURY AUCTION CO. VOfl SAT.K -- Omrlnit lr«llcr. Sler[u C. tlSOO. (.'nil 3.1:1-82:11. 'C7 V O L K R W A C K N drilon. 9 5 1 - 1 7 2 1 . trnllcr. ni. C!l 16 FT. Rh«. 5. Very K 7426. M! rnlltlr.1 . J I . 4 0 0 . 352- Double Cross System in Ihe War of 1339 to 1945." M a s t e r m a n visited N e w Haven for five days and, as in his book, filled his conversa lions with pithy lessons (o be drawn from his tales. It was lie laughingly admitted, a bii like the way Macliiavelli wrote Masterman says the key fo British success was the god fortune to have discovered ear- y in the war all the agents Germany had planted in Eng- and. These agents led the Brit- sh lo olliers--who could be compromised, convinced or jailed into working (of His Majesty's government or, as Masterman drily writes, executed. Mastcrman said Germany blew whatever chance it had to set up a similnr system when il broke up the British spy system on the eve of the war. 1 don't think so," he said when asked if Germany migiil have had a double agent network similnr to the British 'Nothing has come out in 27 years that would lead one to believe that. "We had very few agents whom (hey coukl have turner around. They had broken up our espionage ring just before the war and arrested most o them." That, he added, made them useless ns double agents and mnsl of them were shol anyway. II was the kind of lesson Ilia tfasferman relates time afler imc in his account of the wa years--the kind of lesson, hi says, that gave the British a system through which they could funnel to Germany only the information they figurd was the safest lo let them have And, he writes, by 1944 Ih system had been carefully cul livaled so that it could be us lo help perpetrate a masslv deception. The deception,appar QUESTION: How many time zones are there in the world? * * * ANSWER: When man looked to the sun to establish time, lie arrived at the conclusion that the earth is a dark sphere, lighted on one side by the sun. As the earth rotates on its axis from West to East, the sun seems to rise in the East, cross the sky and set in the West. The earth, a sphere, rotates through 360 degrees in about 24 hours at the rate of 15 degrees per hour. So we find when the sun is at its highest point (noon) al a certain location, at another place 15 degrees West of that location, the time is 11 o'clock. As shipping and railroad transportation developed, it was necessary to establish rules on lime. In order to avoid confusion on time, an International Conference in 1884 set up 24 time zones for the world. Greenwich Observatory in England was chosen as the starling point for the lime zones. Twelve zones arc East of Greenwich and 12 zones Wesl of Greenwich. These zones lie next to each other and are separated by an imaginary line called the Intcrnalional Date Line which is half way around the world from Greenwich. A traveler crossing the Inlcrnationai Dale Line going West loses a day and he gains a day by going toward llie East. In this era of Iravel by jet airline and world wide comniunicution by telephone, a standard of lime is vital. 4/15 (Janice Russell tij Kent, Ohio, wins a prize jor this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World yearbook ijyour question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care oj this newspaper, is selected for a irize.) c/wlt lop, l o l l e l . Ice !KJ«, water 11 LikR~nrw~ne ownfj-, Sx!1 I I . , lull? Hind. 1471 AUo r/imp-h " 2l«t SI. Jlon.1. cntly convinced that the Allies the German were holdin fiOOD IW7 Fori R.nzer pkkiip wfth nverhf*'! ramper. I f It, A l u m i n u m boat, rr.otfir, new tralfer. 3^2-OZAB. FISHERMAN'S hul, Tr»vol». Sinvf. In hx, h*J[«r, KsrfH^rit r n n ' l l l l f j n , uied very l i l t f e . 2!9*-77fi?. lent to »70 8 KT. IIH I«l« omner. fiat HscKU, AUVF. ovrn. Ivxeel rtllltin. M 8 - l 7 t i i nfk-r 6. 12 FT. cluiAAM mi.unlcil camiiej-. OJM ar-d p l f f l r l r rctriKt-T**"!, /ur/iace anil · love. |;(rt. SftS-nW. Sw « l HI* llr,r- othy, M H l i k t n . 2349 ,4th Ave. I'h. 352-7688 . Jack Salisbury, A u c t i o n e e r . . Colllnn I'h. 433.31)72 KONOlvn K A M T K R S M MODELS ·fa Wlnncliago fe AIJo ft- T-ttller Hitches {; D U M B FlilKKk'S i { Tonl Trailer Uental» StornKO ·fi I t u p p M l n ! Cycles ^r Clamper and Trailer liconomy Cody Shoj/ No. of ftemada Inn 352-6622 .1 M Mobile Home Service Supply itKf) HALF. N'omart C;flmpfirA n n r l T r n v c l Tralleri? 680 20th St. 353-9200 vasl forces in reserve in En| land and Scotland on D-Da; waiting for a second eras: Channel Invasion at the Pas el Calais, far east of Normandy Maslerman writes lhat the Ge mans held back a signlfican part of their lank forces ( meet lhat threat, even as la 1 is. several months after D-Da; flow useful will the lessons' earned during the war be? Waslerman is not sure. "f suspect," he says, "that espionage is not as important or useful as it used to he-- teoplc can get their intelligence n so many ways now." Greeley Police Log FRIDAY 7:48 Auto accident at 12th ,ve. and 7th SI,; aulo driven y Ruben Trevinn received na amago, nntl police unit driven y Investigator Dan Soria rc- eived $50 damage. Soria com- laincd of pain, but had no visi- le injuries. 8:28 State Palrol reporleci an Idei'ly woman stnwiing on Ircct corner for some lime; fficor contncled woman and ound she was waiting for n us. 8:29 Abandoned bicycle im- jonndcd to city shops. 8:30 Notice received on an all light youth parly at the first Japtist Church. 8:50 Impounded vehicle rc- cnscd lo owner. !):58 Hit and run accident al llh Ave. and 20lh SI.; snspscl licked up for leaving the scene jf an accident. 9:00 Woman re|inrlcd her son's billfold was cither lost or slolcn in the Woolco Depart' 7ienl Store. 9:05 False burglar alarm at Radio Shack. 10:11 Accidental 628 15th SI.; i50 damage lo nulo driven by llarold Coop, 028 15th St., and mknown damage to auto driver known address and would not .-; relurn home; situation cor- ~ reeled by officer. .-.; 8:34 Parking problem vi- ported at Clh Avo. and 24th SI. ': · fl:,tl Unfounded report of person. 9:30 Person rejxirled a motor*., cycle was parked on his lawn; : osvncr moved cycle at request of officer. V 9:58 Parking problem reported at Courthouse parking lot. 10:01 Mnn reported seeing s mon get out of a ear and shine i flashlight in a window of a louse; gone on arrival of of: ccrs. 10:14 Barking dog dislinv uncc. 10:30 Person reported he h*d\ heen assaulted in Courlhouse' parking lot. ... I!:2D Kiglit reporlcd at PreU; /.cl Factory; officers contacted- xirsons involved and sent tliciji- lomc. ' :. 11:31 on alarm. iy Ora Sv/oveland, 1 0 : 1 2 Mike Grcclcy Tribune Archulolta cnrrier, re Assisted Kire Dept.": porled his bicycle stolen. 10:50 Man reported an aulo was blocking his driveway, and he couldn't get out lo go to work; officer helped lo move auto. 11:37 Make-up kit fcporled taken from aulo in The Denver parking lol -- vnlncd al $13. p.m. 12:03 Accident nt H02 Glenmere Rd. LONDON (AP) -- Noel Harrison, actor-singer son of stage and screen star Rex Harrison, married 25-year-old Margaret Benson al Kensington (rar's office Friday. regis The couple met in California two years ago. They said they plan to divide their flm« be- twetn London and tfie United Stales. By his previous marriage to model Sara Tufnell, Harrison 38, has four children. PARIS fAP) - The French government will honor Ornuchr 11:35 Emergency message; delivered, :; 11:45 Harking dog complaint- received. . " · ' : 11:56 Assisted Fire Dept. on- alarm; false alarm. SATURDAY . { a.m. ; 12:31 Vandalism to building reported. 12:34 Open window roporlod' al service station. ' : 12:42 Missing person re- porlcd; juvenile. 12:47 Man reported aufos 1 drag racing; unable lo locale.. 1:01 Drunk adult retried causing disturbance al Monfort il'tick. 12:11 Ticket issued to owner | J:?5 Accident in 1203 block of nulo blocking driveway. 12:38 Tape deck and tapes reported stolen from aulo. 1:29 Unfounded report of Dirking problem at Courthouse. 2:45 Prisoner released from jail. 3:07 Abandoned aulo marked for 72-hour check. 3:0fl Martha liencvidez rc- nortcd her purse was stolen from her car; $2Gfi in cash an/I property taken. 3:00 Pat Williams reported his bicycle stolen from John Evans Junior High. 3:50 Juvenile suspecl released to parents. 3:50 Prisoner transferal lo counly jail. 4:33 Accident in 800 block of Marx with mandor of next monlh the Cannes Film Festival. The festival will have a special firnucho Marx program May 14 Including a showing of 'A Night al Ihe Opera,' The comedian will altcnd, nf 11 Hi Avo. 2:IS Figlil will) lircarms In-' vnlvcd reporlcd in Hart's Trailer Court; fight was rivoi'i l)cf(rc officers arrived, and no firearms found. 3:31 Campus Security Impounded aulo. 3:33 Two men reported fighting at Two Dol Restaurant. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) -Former President Lyndon B,. Johnson is reporlcd "getting; along just fine" as he continues; to recuperate from a majors heart atlack suffered a week, ago. Officials Brooke General Hospital said on Friday there is still no in-- dlcation when Johnson will ba. 8lh S! - allowed lo return to his LBJ- 5 : 5 0 Blocked drivewayirjnnch about 60 miks north of: reported. h crc . ..:._ The former chief executive,''- at (he Army's : the title of Corn- Arts and I/oltcra. . in a ceremony at 5:56 Accidcnl al Mlh Ave. and - ' Cranlord PI.; suspect arrested for driving under the finfluencc. 6:31 False burglar alarm nt Empire Savings. G:34 Woman rcpnrled her daughter liad run away lo a 63, was stricken April 7 \aj Charlotlesville, Va. He flew; here early Wednesday. Mris.'' Johnson has been slaying with' him in a special two-bedrooiih; p3iitliouse suite at Brooke, ·i '

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