Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 30, 1962 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1962
Page 6
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday. Nor. 30. 1962 Directory of Weld Churches United Church To Hold (or m tueei*. st ile Fi-1'i..ul or avenuei.[ AA l « H « M . JMI' - m t h . E M e r Dal« C. A M S a t u r d a y , school. 9:30; » « r v 1 MJU Two- Da e · t b r in for p ib'li-Mlon Frid n t h . John'* l.uihrrnai lib Ave. '. r M ik'hoenhaar School f e r v 1 0 - 3 0 ; YP. 1:30 DENVER--The first area meeting under the auspices of the Council for Lav Life and Work of A l l 12 tli. AIM- B Fi' hlfn ilr III 4 ? y i j i v j l e n r uaeo services ar* otherwise nyied i IT V u ' i i i R feuple n e w s should be In M. l'iiul'« CiisiKreKHliiinnl. 1th . A v * - r j t h . H J stroii. Schooi.lthc tailed Church of Christ will · 9 . 3 0 . services, 10:30. 2:00 a n d , , . . . . _ . , , ., . , .T-.OU ibe held next Friday and Saturday, .,,' si. i'rt*r* catholic, sin Ave.-JDec. 7 and 8, al the Washington ^hnnl ! l 2 t l i . Kul-en .\vans Miwes. 7:00.|p. ] r i. riinorpnatiiinal r'nnrch 4i¥l nCliOCU., K . , : , Q .'2(1 | ] '(jfj · nd S'4' 1 1 dl N V tingl (.ydUUlldl vllUH-IJ, 4W S. Williams St., Denver. The Rev. Groky iin* t' I ' i l V l l 11 and 7:30 Spanish col- icfs 7:31) | Area Meeting 1 ..mi, isti, A » . . - » t h j : . . .,, ...... \aTttrcnr, 3040 l l t h . . . . Keith, s c ii u n iiVi illiain Bruce Mackenzie is mej »" s an« I**'- f.|ministcr of this chuirh. of lioil. Spanish, 9 2 J l l t i i a r t i n f f z School. 10:13.1!,. . ? - l»". J I- Hain« 9 ' i b : services. 1 1 : 0 0 and s e r v i c e \ H B ? n i t i l * i.f (."il. \ u e v i i .Irru-l , *'*·*{' ^;;v^^: ^r ·'·" fe ? 4 e' llctlii-l llntttUI. 1TU1 Av«.. A!le* j Bert U l l l - c r t . S c h o o l , M.,; icrui-es 1 1 : 0 0 mid 7:30. VP. 6:SO.: ihler.! ries v Young Si-huni |D.l).. Si. Louis. Mo., a member 7:30. 9 - 1 5 , n d 11:00 ,,, , he ^^ s(a[( wj ,, ^ ,,,, "Taking a New Look at the Lai- Ity." Two-Day Meeting Mrs Leonard A. Stork. 2345 Al- T r l n l t T Lutheran, 7th 1 6 t l i , Lyl« B. Mueller. Sr.hi",l,. »:'.:«; aervices 8:30 and 11:00; Vl' 5:30 n H e l l i u d l i t , 9th A vires. ii:oo indi"7:s!i'.jli»un St.. Denver, is chairman of ihis two-day meeting, which will Ault 'beg iiiilM. w K. M , - ; i j | r - i d a v · er I I and. 7 - 4 5 . YP. 1:00 I HIM. l tr .earcli UrKler. 1 1 1 4 i'.h Joseph M Daucherty ; Klrit Ctirlallna, J 0 W l i a n k ' - i "'"'- » ' « . services 10 ( 5 : C V r .. School 10:00: ; .Brvlcei. 11 a n d , n ra t CimitrrKiiliiinnl. 'I h r , I nhpil Churoh of Chrl.t. W i l l j Cnlnirj II«|HI«|. I S t h A v r - ' l O t l i . W a r r r n 1. Norton S,-hool.i" l. 10.0 and 7 : 4 5 . YP I . 9 4 » : 11 M' rirm l.iillirriin, A r t h u r School. 9 : 3 1 1 . n e r v i e r Cliun-h ol Clirl.t, 9 1 9 I b t t l A v « , Briqqsdalj Clarence W h a r t u n S,-hool. 9 : ( 5 . | « » p r \ i o ' j - l n : 4 a and fi.OO. ItnptUl. DoiuM SLit-k. Chiin-l, in thru... 1 1 2 8 Sin. 10:"" service... 11:0" S. School. 10:00; services 1 1 : 0 0 and ' ·"" J 0(i i (JiitlKri'ttllllunnl, G o r t i u i l Chur.-li "I i - - 1 , 1 5 0 1 6th St. Services. 8-30 L.vle .A'"·. _*·!.'· ',!-., 9 ;',°A " rv | Eaton witli dinner at 6 p.m. Kri-l nvnnini; and adjourn after. j the closing session Saturday after- jnumi · Mrs. Arilitir R. Achlemeier.: Scultsbluff. Neb., and C. Don 'Siuder. Oklahoma Cilv. Okla.. Rtv. J. Kenneth Koh'er throughout the United SUte:. It will provide an opportunity for the laity of the Church to find out more about the Council, new instrumentality of the denomination and the role of the aity in the church and in the world. Lilty To Shir* C«nc*rn Thus meeting is like a "two- way street." according to the chairman, for there will be op- [wrtunitiea for the laity of loca churches to share some of the! concerns and needs for the la. life and work program at the local, regional and state levels. The Council for Lay Life and Work, established in 1961 by the General Synod of the U n i t e d Church of Christ, is responsible !for increasing, developing and! coordinating the activities and) MANSE TO BE DEDICATED -- Immediately following the 11 «.m. worship in the sanctuary, congregation of Our Savior'i Lutheran will proceed to the new parsonage, 1831 20th Ave. just south of the church, for dedication ceremony. Decision to build the new home was reached at the annu»l meeting in January. In June Rohrig Bros, were given the contract for the building. Open house will be held at th» manse from 2 to 5 p.m.. Sunday. Anyone is welcome to view the residence. The congregation will have its regularly scheduled worship houri at 8:30 ami 11 a.m. Sunday. and lavwomen of the I' n 11 e d participation of laymen and lay-j women in the Church. members of the council for Lay!-'hurdi of Christ in Colorado is The United Church of Christ isj J I . . . . ; . , . , , - . i - _ i _ _ _ J 11 ii".l[,ifc ;md Work, will also of many such meetings sciied- julrd during the latter part of pate in the program. This meeting for the laymen this year in strategic locations lional Christian churches. of the Evangelical and Reformed Church and Congrega- Ices. 1 1 - ')!. 9 : S O . iirl 1 - 3 0 : YP. 6:30 Church lit C:nd H'l-ntei-u Jril A , p . - i : . t l . Floyil Fra «lllt) ^ ..ncls School 10:00: services 11:00 and Church ol Uud In Christ. 800 4th Ave.. H C. Carter School *;30: services 11:00 and 8:00 'Church ill ;od ill Pniiihrcj. Jlst A v e . - 7 t h St. P,d.. W W Pettyjohn. School. 10-00: Bervlc 11:00 and 7:30 Church nl Juan Chrl.l ill Lnl- t'er Dnr Slilnt», 2207 ?3rd Ave. Bishop l i l e n P. 'jiiK'iu. I n e s t - Hoorl 5 - 0 0 ; school, 10:30; sacrament. 6:00. I'rinplr, K t h A v e - 2 l s t Kenneth Georc gervices 11:00 and l E v n n u e l l r n l f n l l e i l 9 : 4 6 School. :30 B r r l l i r School. , 4=, services. 1 1 : 0 0 Chrlai Aiiifrlcnn l.iilhrniu. An tun I ^ R K e r l l n K School y - 4 5 iiprv II-PS I I tin K n l i i n I i i i i K m C N t l ' i n n l . l.estel K e n e d y School. U : 4 . servirp. 1 1 o i l . \. P. 7 - U O K t m i K t - l l r n l l-'rrr. U e l l o v l.lnd q u i s t School. 10 Ol) services 1 1 - t n - 7:30 l-'lrnl lltt|iIlM, K l n i e i 1 School. 9 . 4 3 . s e r v i c e s I ri u YF ! - 1 6 At First Congregational Christmas Workshop !To Follow Tableaux Annual Christmas workshop al.Kathy BI-MKS: "Christmas Around the Kirs! Congregational ChurchlHie «'"·!! " »r. and Mrs. Harold Bowman. iirmiiiuri School, 9 45. fe J e r Evans / t h a n d lift, AV..-12U.. Paul H. Woelrl. School. 9:45: services. 10:46 and 1:30 Flr.l Bniitlsl, 10th A v « . - l l l h Oliver \V llrock. School, 9 : 4 n services. 11 0" Flr.l Clirl.tlun. 23rd Ave., 13th, U !.. Howers. School. 3:30, s e r v ices. 1 0 :3 0 . Firm fhurrh of Chrlm Si'lm-i ttm, 10th A v e . - 1 5 t h , church and ·:nool 11:00 Flrat Clinrch ot Cod, 3rd A ve.- 1*th A i-'.arl Ople School, '.1:45: ,ervi4 1 0 : l ; ami 7:00; YP. 6:00 Ftrnl Cnnprricntlminl. Thr t a l l ,,] Clmrrli of f.hrl»l. 2 l F t Ave 16th. Frederick W Hyslou. Sciiool, 0 : ~ 0 and 1 1 : 0 0 : ser 9:50 and 11:00 First C i i v f i m n t , 10th Aye.-8th C Cecil ORlerhei'K Scliool. 9 - . 4 D . services, 11:00 and 7:00. Flml Frp», 1 3 t h A v e . - l i . t l i . Kobert C . D l l School, 9 : 4 5 : services, 11:00 7:30; YP. 6:00. Firm M B lli,,ill.l, 10th A v e . - l O t h Dr Laird Loveland. school, "··" Survlces, 8 : 1 5 and 1 0 : 4 6 . Flral Nmareue. "th Ave.-9th Oeorge Cargill. School. 9:46: serv Ices 1 0 : 4 5 and 7:00: YP. 6:16. MellmiM Dona hi J Fort. School, nervice. 1 1 - 0 0 t l i i r r » l rimr - I n l i r r ...... Ir. u 9 l h J a m e s A l^nfflev School 10:00: servi.-es 1 1 A- 7 45 Fort Lupton Flr»l lliuilliit, J V Korsanrtei J r School. 9 : 4 5 . services. 1 0 - 4 5 YP. 6:30 Flr.t H e t h u n l w l . Go::; P V e l k e n School. 8 4 5 : services. 1 1 - 0 0 YP 7:00 will IK Sunday beginning at 3:li '" ami p.m. with a Christmas tableaux in the sanctuary by members uf b !lhe 8th grade Pilgrim Fellowship, directed by Mrs. Earl Shepherd. To'-n'"' 1 William Monk will play a violin accompaniment fur Ihe carols which will be sung by the con- si. Andrew'* K|it», ^mith ronirn iil»i Krlc i:3G, school Mrs. William Boekel and Mrs. Arno H. Lukur. co-chairmen of the workshop, announce the following committees: Creche figure painling. Mmes Dean Bayles, Norman Dean and James Korman. Greens and WnaHis Greens and wreaths. Marvel and Elise Shackelford. Messrs, and Mmes. Robert Fithian. Gilbert Domke, Charles Fagerberg and Carl Hoffman, Dr. and .Mrs. Howard Blanchard, Ted Funk and Herman Kliewer; candle making. Ethel Mitchell and Mrs. James Pivnnka: Christmas tree decora- linns. Mrs. Robert Mitchell and Mh grade 1'ilgrim Fellowship;! Mmes. Sam Gates, Warren Best, Ted Fun!;. William Monk, Glenn Blaiock, H. D. Ninemires, Keith Koogle, Hugh Smith, Kenneth Monfort. Tom Richardson and Jay Lee. Kristie Gates and Judy Best: ideas for the Christmas table. Mmes. William Bauer, Don Wilkinson, Raymond Anderson and Jack Allnult, Shirley Brand. Paul- etle Anderson. Marcia Wiilson and Sue Pollock; corsages, Mmes. ; Fred Schmietenknop, J. H. Kin-j kade and Herman Kliewer. A pancake supper will be served in Fellowship Hall from 5 to 7 by Ihe Senior High Pilgrim Fellowship, under the direction of; llercl Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Frank chairmen are David Hyslop, Weaver. Youth Charlie Howard, Colleen Billings, Ron Weaver, Jill Suiter and Marilyn Turner. Mrs. David J. Stephens and Christmas cards, Kudolp Gardner. Walson Bidwell made posters for Yule Yule logs. Mr. and Mrs. Barbara Bayles. Jan Korman andlwayman; cookies and popcorn. the workshop for which there will Don be a nominal charge for materials. Galaton I n p i l . t , R U B S C I I F i n c h e r -ciiool 10:00. services. I roo A- 00. YP 6:30 '' Ciiinuiiinlt.t, L o w e l l Howarn- j School, 10:00: services, 11:00; Y P . I 7:30. i Kli .1 United Pre»li lei-Inn, 9th jFrom Seven Countries Grover y, Gerlrud* H o r n I Zlun Liilhernn. H School. 9 : 4 5 ; services. R M i l l e r 1 0 : 4 5 . 25 Missionaries Coming Here tor Conference MORMON MISSIONARIES irrivlng htre the past week to work in this area for several months are the (our young people above, from left: Elder Ray E. Jones. Richard G. Jensen. Carolyn Crawford and Marcillt Savage, all from Utah. Jensen is from Nephi; Jones. Bountiful; Miss Crawford, Orem; and Miss Savnge, Springville. Th« missionaries are here to leach all those interested in the Church of Jesus Christ of letter- Day Saints. The local church, 2207 23rd Ave., holds services Sunday at 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. the 600. most of thfrn Texans, ire merely coming to help, i Thc difference between running Ithe show and helping out means imuch here. ! Earlier this year Southern California evangelist Bob Pearc« ibroui;ht a crusade tn Japan amid Imuch criticism by Japanese [Christian leaders. They contended jl'earce's visit was not Japanese- 'oriented and hnd political motivations because I'earce once ipoke iof the need of "protecting Japan ;from communism." The Itev. Shuichi Matsumura. i i'Myo Baptist pastor and execu- I live director of the New Life Movement, told newsmen he and his group fee! that there will be no reaction to the 19C.1 effort b«- cause "factors arc different." "This movement is Japanese In origin and promotion." he said. Graham is expected to arrive In Tokyo March 29 after holding cru- sides in Manila, Hong Kong and Formosa. Tlic 44-year-old evangelist U to speak in five major Japanese cities and meet with pastors and laymen's groups. The teams, made up of an 'American pastor and tiiree laymen, will be in the field from thi northernmost island of Hokkaido !to southernmost Kyushu. : Total ens'. "I the effort |j put !.il WOO.OOO. Coleman D. Clark, j secretary of evangelism in Ihe in Baptist Convention, said th« Ry Japanese chun-hcs would contribute probably K) per cent of ths cos! with the Texas Il.iptist Convention pledged to pick up th» difference. Ave - 1 4 t h , Ur. A r n o l d VV. Lang either*. School. 9 : 1 5 ; ----- '" 10:30. Firm Soullicrn Uniltl.t. 9th Ave -25th, School. 3 : 4 5 ; ter 11:00 and 7:30; YP. 6:30. Flr.t Spni'lMh Internntlonii Pealeco.ini. S p a n i s h colony, wesl arceley, Manuel Oailegos School. 10:00; services. 2:30 and 7:30. Fourmiuare tio.pcl. l l t h A v e . - 4th, J o h n Mctzler. School. 9:4.-,: .ervices. 11:00 and 7:30. YP. 6:30 Free M e t h n d l M , 7th A v e . - 1 4 t n . Rohert A. K e r b y . School, 9 : 4 5 . ! lervlces. 11:00 nnd 7 : 3 0 . YP. 7:00 C.reeley Hiiptlst Tl-mple, 1 4 t h AVO.-30,, K r K t i k Teal. School, 1 0 - i O ; services,, 11 and 7 : 4 o ; i P. 1:0'.'. Grcelc; Clirl.tlnn, 1 1 0 1 Sth Street. N o r m a n Dov/nR. B l h l e Study. 10:00: service* 11:00 and 7:30. Hudson ..mrrnhl' in liuil. W a r r e n H a l l School. 9 - 4 5 : services. I I 7 : 4 5 SI. liniliirrs Cmhollc, Leonard Abercromhle Mass. 1 1 - 0 0 Jnmr« Mrtnorlnl M e l h m l K l , J o - !ei)h Allen School. 1 0 - 0 0 ; ices. 11:00: M Y F 6 0 0 Grace Lutheran, A r m m 1 School. 1 0 - 0 0 . services. 1 1 : 0 0 Twenty-five missionaries from seven foreign countries will be taking part in the annual mission- :onference at the First Evan- deputation secretary, and theiwer questions lubmitted by the Rev. Dwight Fuller, professor of' a i y gelicul Johnstown lent l u l l e d Free Church. I3lh Ave. r v "iand 15th St. It begins Sunday with the Sunday School hour and will continue through Dec. !l. with services nightly at 7 o'clock ex- missions at Trinity College and Seminary, will also be present. Slid*! To Bi Shown There will be color slides andi curios shown each night from lhe| be , nc audience. Saturday night will be Youth Emphasis Night and the entire j program will be geared for them. The Rev. Richard Anderson from the Republic of Congo will Japan Plans Billy Graham Crusade of 600 Next Year IJrrhrrn, · · til · ! · - Uepuhlic of Congo. Philippines, cept Saturday and Sunday when Malaya, Hong Kong, Germany, James H Bruenlng .School. 9 - 4 F , . ( n [j mc j s 7.30 O ' t lock. services. 1 1 : 0 0 : YP. 7:30 ' F n l t h l.iithi-rnii Chlircll M l . - . .Patten- Sch " 0 '-1 foreign missions secretary of the Jehovnh's \Vllnemei, Leo F.. N e w e l l . 3:00. l i n m n n i i r l l.ulliern 401 7th 14tn . , .. Harold ft. Ssndhtrr School, 9 : 4 j ; service. 11:00. Jlls.l.ninrj llnpllit, 28rd A v t . The liev. Lester P. Wcstlund. ·I STIIOI], H .1 :so; services ^ U o l l n n i Eva n.ielical Free Church of Amcr- Stll. Archi,! Morlnpr- School. 9 - 4 S services. 1 1 : 0 0 . 7:00 and 8:00 M n u n t r i l n V 1 1 n K v a n K C l _ ^rff. .I5iii A v e . and 1 2 t h fit Road. Gerald D. Meyer. School. 9 : " 0 . services. 10:30. Our Lndr of fence rnlholli- H t h A v o . - S n l . Louis Estrada Mass 8:00. 1 1 : 0 0 and 7:00 Onr Snvlor Amerleao l . i i l h e r - «n, 2 ) s t A v c . - I S t h , lilchard H u n g e School, 9:45: servlcts. 8:80 am! 1 1 : 0 0 I ' l l l n r of l-'lrf, 8th A v s . - H t h W i l l i a m Fortune. School. 1 0 : 0 0 . | nervices. 1 1 : 0 0 , 3:00 and 7:30 |^ Helormed I'renhrltrlnn, l O l h l y t Av. l i l l i . R a y m o n i ) P . Jos«|)ii. School 9 : 6 5 ; services, 1 1 : 0 0 snd 7:30: Y P. C:30. Firm II l « t , H A :chool. 10:00: services, :00 M e t h o i H n t , Joseph K . i t o n . i School, 9 : 4 6 ; services, I I :00. km. :00. Knnnbury Commtinlly slclhudlil, M e l v l n Sudderth. School. 10:00; services. , Cnlhollc, Leonard A b t t c r o m h i e Mass. 9:00 Amiemhlr at God, Moyd Hockwell Flrsl Bnptl.t, W i l l i a m P e t e r - | H son. I 11-00 *!j cai tnl! ii ev . virgil Bergman. this Sunday at 11 a.m. with the Rev. Ron Meyers, also from the Congo, and the Rev. Herbert Baker from the Philip- . 11:00: YP. 7:00 H u l r Windsor South America and Japan. Each evening the children will 1 , pines sharing the evening probe having their own conference j gram, in the lower auditorium with sev- Rev. Westlund will have eral missionaries taking part. closing meeting. Friday night, a panel consisting, All sessions are open of several missionaries will unsMpublic. the By ALAN CLINE TOKYO (API - Japanese Baptists plan to bring evangelist Billy Graham and 600 Southern Baptists to Japan next year in a nation wide drive to increase their small flock. Tile lay people will split Into four-man teams, fanning out into to the H7 Japanese cities In whnt Graham aide called a crusade of unmatched scope and magnitude. Leaders of the 15,000-member Baptist Convention of Japan and the 135 American missionaries here stress the Japanese church itself is behind this "New Lile Movement" and that (Iraham and Rap Tells Health V:enna-l)r. J. I.. Aucn'uruRCcr. Ian Austrian innlicc|icfs son, j learned in 1761 how to rap on a 'per'-m's i-het to Imd the out'"P| lines of HIP lipait and to tell whether Ihe kru;s \me healthy 01 diseased Hi- t-xitfrimenled after in"; lather rap wine casks tu judge the quantity Of liquid ins:de. Mof« Church Ntw» on p»g«i I ind 10 A i n r n i b l r ill CJ School. 9:45: s p r v i c 7 - 4 5 l l f t h e l Ainerlc Dr-un Ilithhooin. services 1 1 : 0 0 Chrl.tlnn. HIChH School, 1 0 - 0 0 ; ser 7 - 0 0 . Y P i], A. K Hul'.cr.j ices. 10-50. 7:0"| ,1 I, ices. H n i ' l S I 1 1 : 0 0 A I jBible Translation and 'Distribution Increases is..i,«niciii cointr«.iii.i-»i. H i "r^fr 9 4 6 schnoi io 45 * 1 no i Forty moic countries were add- |now available in 1.200 different (|| j| ]()M , p rev iously supplied an- lanRuages. LI K l r a t A a s m i l i l j or lioil. I'" 1 ,S P a u l , yeiiool. l f i - 0 0 : nftrvlciiR 1 1 : 0 0 and 7 5 Flr»l l l a p l l a l , f H t School. 10:00 s e r v i c e ? . 1 1 Klrnl l»ri'»lijtprliHi, l i r D. K v n n n School, 9 : 4 i ; 1 11:00; VI', Milliken si. Aiimn'. i-; ....... M v Y , ) U I 1 B K Krer] F c h n o , ftt . aa , « - i s l..ih"... Rail) niirrntillninil, A. S r n I 1 I B r !, ll:U: services 1 0 : 4 6 2:30 7:00 First l'r«iliM"lmi. s c " ol) '· 9i»F,, »orvlcc» 11:00. 7:00, necond and [ o u r l h . Y P c in i " ' 7 ; 3 U ! « « l m a '/.Inn t . - n l l p i l Clin K R K e t l e r l t n i ; i l ( l . : i O [·'nBllnh. 1 \":S1. YP Other Towns r I ' r i - n l i J I r l l n i i H j S c l i ' i n l . 10:00: a e r v i , ,..«. l i l l r r r a t (;, 10 ?.( Ii nf r h r l » l ncnrKnnlxcil C h n r v h nt .trans Chrlm of I,.IJ.S.i U A V hall. Boh (! A n M o r s o n : Scliool, 10:00; service? 11:00 S n l r n l l o n A r m f . 10JO 1 0 I M . Capl P.- Bi?^vtr: School. 9:U, Borvlces. 1 1 : 0 0 Siid 8:00. VP. 8:30 N O T I C E CAKI'KNTEnS OF LOCAL 418 ,1"tmo Nights: U( tnd 3rd Mcnd"ay« at 909 1Qth 81. 7:30. Ple««e Attend. i 4r, i l l 7 ' J O Hum, "·,,"·,£ 'Imt r r f i i h v l e r l i i n , Rlcliar'l (' Mrrf O a y l e y School. 10:00: s e r v i c e s . ] H'.rn I 1 1 : 0 0 . I'llOfll. 10-01). i r i e a ' A i n c r i i - n n liiblo Siicitty. T h i 5 , m a ( | e ( or the d i s t r i h u t i u n 'if t h e j l " ' 0 0 ' b r i n g s I n o luliil 'jounlrii'S to IM'scriplurcs aliruad. t h e We:-)tcriii| H i n - j i " which UK: Sucidy's supporting I,iiul I'atilic Kcgional Office 'SB rlciiomiiMliuns now ( l i ^ r i h u k ^ i n i i n g itself for I he largest dc-'l the Scriptures t h r m i u h mi!-siiin| mam i [,,.. bookmarks » n H lht'i| stations, Hible bouses and col-iimnklcl. "Unto You a Saviour," porteurs. AnH lur t i l l s u i i r l d w i d H a v c r made. ! provision of the "Word of I'ow-: H Million Distributed UV" |er," a record budget was l e e e u t - l ^^ mmn Mm ^ , n| | ,,.,,,., My approved in the ammmt (if h, m ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, am | Hind read j d i s t r i b u l e d nationally. BmkrnarksJ l a n d i n d i v i d u a l copies of " U n l o j rci|iiested from i n d i v i d u a l s . J5 in Africa FiMir.iiilRrr. Sclmol, 9 . 4 i : 7:30. ilnn J in-vlces, 1 Plattivillt M r l h u i U H l . U o n a M H ^'riB^H ·hvni. S ( S . « « r v l c e a . 1 1 : 0 " ; TP, .l-j O" r l i o o l 11 -rin t Moore ft 7 do ' IlKUIIIIll U r r l l t r r n , I'.'i'Jl \' !c:iil: R C I - v l c c n . 8:3 f ) Plrrrf r»mi«ni Paul !·; l | i - l l a n , i . v l i o i . l . I " . I " ' H r a l r l p O H I r r Jiilin-« l . i i t l i r r u n , W l f r o n a l p i S * ' ' ' ' "· I'"" 1 ti. %V;ili*r S t l f r r i n c ^«-h'Ol.j t l l n n ri-iiiiniiii r,.rtrua»| TI !O Hcv. Dean Oil'.ins. ii-fii'inal YOU a Saviour" may he obtained 1 , ·n Moore k'xti'ulivc scorflary, indicatediwitbout ebarge by writing the do ju|Kin his return from Ihe niecting!\v cs i(.|n an d Pacific Regional Of- 1 ".'."· ·j.jol the Advisory Council lliat of',|i c{ .. iwa Wilshire Blvd., ' K '""" jilk- inMitiona! 4H countries. 2S Angeles, 17. Calif. The Worldwide Biblf Heading M » l k « « l « ' . j a r C r l ' ' » , S 3 " ! , i . . (,. 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It Thank.-giv- Day and will conlinue llirmiEhjl Chrlstni.n. Special (natures will Ibe Ihe observance of Universal Hible Sunday on Uer. !l and Ihe reading of Ihe Christmas Story, according In St. I.uke, over na lional and loeal radio slalions. ,"Bcyond the Skies" iTo Be Shown at |YFC Center |l2l!eynnd Ihe Skies-i (iri-aler (ircrloy V o u I h for Ichrisl w i l l show Ihe film "He · oiitl the Skie«" al tlw YKC Cen Iter. TTi 2lsl St.. Saluiday at 7:30;| [p.m. Public is invited ! Thc film deals u-ilh teenagers · who face new hnrirsins of the \paec age at Ihe World's Kair ilhey im-el wi!h foreign sludent: ·of another failh KI)WAKD« Modern Living, Inc. M!7 Hilli Slreel SS2-I735 Klmcr I). Anderson Radiator Servici P H O N E EL 2-35M Kntr4nrn In alley mid nth AVI. HURRY, LAST CALL! JONATHAN APPLES Don't he misled if you have been Rcltinic poor fnntinif and soft Idnlio and far-Wcsl cold nlorane Jonathans, Our Colorado Mich-altitude, nnn- wild storage Jonathan*! are the lical flavored and the most crisp in the I'.S., and w i l l keep for ( hristmas. !/j hu. Sl.JW and up. H) His., 7!lo and up, w i t h mixed mils al 2Hc Ib. or Jumbo Calif, walnuts 31c Hi. Uenutiful deluxe Jonathans for Christmas and ififls--'/i liu. $2.1il. Mixed w i t h Red and Golden Delicious, $2,3."i and up, w i t h mixed nulN at 2Sc Hi. or walnuts ,'Jlc Ih. Family Groups, Give the Kids 100 Red Apples, 1 1 /2C, 2c each! K e e p p l e n t y o f these w o n d e r f u l vchool b o y lizc J o n a t h a n A n d D e l i c i o u s A p p l e t i r n u n d the house d u r i n g the h o l l d d y l , a n d get y u r m i x e d n u t * 2Bc Ib. P e » n u t » 20c Ib. J u m b o W a l n u t ! 3U Ib. Come out to the B!G A P P L E T R U C K at 204 18th St., At the Livestock A u c t i o n S f t l e B Y « r d . Or come Jkcrosi the s t r e e t to S u n n y Sio M o t e l , C n h i n ft. 100 Xmas Gift Apples %£%£ Churches, Schools, Family Groups Get 100 to 500 beautifully colored Jonathan and Delicious Apples at above prices, snd get fancy Mixed Nuts or Urge f s n t y roasted Virginia Peanuts st wholesale prices, O u t o f - t o w n patrons, drop us · Hns specifying quantity. Aildrrss: APPLES. Sunny Side Court, 1742 1st Ave.. Cahln 8. C.reelty, Colo. Or come to 20-1 18th Si. at Wild County Livestock Commission Sales Yard. MIXED NUTS 28' Lb. E x t r a fancy M l x f d N u t l -- W a l n u t s , Almonds, F i l b e r t s , B r a z i l Nutt, Pecans, f o r only 2°f !b. or Jumbo C a l i f o r n i a W a l n u t s 31c Ib. or large V i r g i n i a R o a s t e d Pennuts at 20o fb. with purchase of 10 Ibs. or mor« of apples ( q u a n t i t y l i m i t e d ! . Bushel cooking up* pits, »1.'!9: htlf bu. 7Sc; 10 Ibs. 3Sc (no n u t s ) . W o n d e r f u l pears for c a n n i n g : »1 hu, For e a t i n g . 4 Ibs. 50e. 1' Ibs. tl.OO. W I N E S A P A P P L E S . W I N E S A P . W I N E S A P AP- M i x e d Nuts, 28c Ib, or jumbo C a l i f o r n i a w a l n u t s , .tic Ib. RED or GOLDEN DELICIOUS , . , and up, d^p^nrfl Mixed Null, 2Aft Ib. $1.79 bu.; 10 Ibs. 98c () n i l i « . P i c k tnd m»tr,h Red »rd Golrtpn unit JonAthin, with

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