Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 15, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1972
Page 20
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 'TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES -- AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline : 4 p.m. Day Prior. Help 7 D I R E C T O R o[ n u u p j Tor nursins In l i r c r l f y «rfa. \ Y O M K N -- Jiih oiiciiinK «t Sliakry'j. :n I'm-lrn. 2»M Dili Avr.. f n r II hmrh j i h l f l . \VANTKO -- Farm h»r.-l. Ksprricnccri in irriKMiiij;. freitln*. Yrar jounrt. J'llJ^J^l * ] i K wn« llur J',,, , , - M O T K I t innti!. u i a l u i t u o i i u i n . A m i t y -· M i n i m u m C h u r g e ( 1 0 WOrds) SOCi i n r*r#m o f l r r n c u n v Kbt« Way " First insertion per word .... fici " " Add.tioun] consecutive inser- / "tions of same ad, per word , Sixth day free. ·ftloiiLIi rale, per lino (2 line m l n i i n n m ) ............... ________ ?-i.OO · 10% discount on render arts if ; pnld witliin 10 days. Every oilier day acla to ba charger! at one (Jay rato. Blind Box Numbers ............ 5(lc CANCELLATION Aris may he canceller! by calling boforo (i:nf) a.m. insertion day. (Ono time servlco charge) CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS .Rale: ?1.70 rer c o l u m n incli Volume rales upon request. Minimum Bjjace ] column Incli. Screen borders cuts may bo 'used on ads of 2 column inclir/s or more. Deadline 3 p.m. Day Prior. CANCELLATION' 5 P.M. DAY PRIOR H K C M K . T A F I V -- T c f l i l - a l i . f f i i r im. 0-..1 v«,,tini! r.. Thfi Tribune, assumes responsibility fnr only 1 incorrect Insertion of any nd. Please read your ad (lie llrst clay it annears. Call .In correction before a a.m. next day. PHONE 352.0211 71-1 Highlit Street Office Hours X a.m. to 5 p.m. Classified Index ttANTl.n -- K \ p c i i t n r ' » l riiivnl «lc- sitfntr. Stf .Jim ](r*?tr, Color* f!« Ili- v i a l i n i if t:iii]i|fiyniciU. 2ffM Slh St, Fijilnl. \ V n M o u nna. ·cfrrrfi. C:itl Terry, H A N C I I Kelp Sir, stir ·KY COOK It,r pcrmu-.ctil » n r k . I . W J H C K h i f t . -Musi hr rxiier [«· ncwl. Apply in f n s r i n u n l y * I i h r j il.'inlrn K iir Jim U c i U u r a n l , l i a I R l h St. Help Wanted F A R M help tonte'l: Cnlt!c, feedlnE. K r n c r J l . A u H »rc«. Cull £34. 2230. W A I T H K S S wnnlrJ. 813 Slh SI. 312. _ 111 10. _ UN 01 I.rS" lull lime Kcnlon N u n in^: Jlpjjic. 35'J-tCH7. it r«.V for ol.ler Situation! Wanted 10 . Krce «l!mil«. 3DJ-51B1. 2 HKDHOOM mo)11« Iwn-.t Ir. Wlmlnor. ll«o!c iUy 1. CaJI 666-20P5. AI/fEKATlONS -- Dreiimnklni. 1TW T1IA1LKH for rent, tlOO month. Heal " ' ' tmy. 3J6-3I18 after 6. IU)USK tor r e n t : G n r n t r . Couple. No l*ti. ^»-S3H. COLLECT; itlrl necdtd to ihirc hcuse cdtnltli-. 1317 13lli St. 353-5732. 7th Ave., or 252-7311. (JKS'KRAL carpenler, concrete worV. Krce Mlimalea. 3S3-3J77. PAINTINO -- KeildentJal .Mc I.. S. nfcDanicl.. Ph. 352-0250. ' O W K R rakliic. I f j o u h a v lr..-il.,, rail lu! 353.1155. CARPENTER work of all k i n d s . I I O D S K K K K I ' K I I niii.Ic. 1'hono h.-ilrdiciirri w n n l c H . Call 351M056 or 353-9237. C K M K N T f i n l s h o t i .1 c a r p e n t e r s . Apply I3S C a y SI., Lmiiiinonl, a f t e r n p.m. 7ir,.i2iiO. L P N l.r KM -- 3 to 11 thlft. l-'nll van lime. C a l l 3J3-3370, K a i r a c r DKI.IVF.'IV m n n (or lumber yav.l. E«. icnre i n c l f e i r c i l . Necrl c h m j f f o n r i " .-tl Lumber Co.. m 111K IKOII..C. l A v e . N K K U ir.ore m o n e y ? Join the c '. Sell Shiiklce P r o d u c t s lo ALI, TVrK_S c e m e n t work. RermxielinB, nitYWALL -- KM:rricncci] haiiKM.- nurlj f i n i s h e r * . KiUiMtjhrcl r n i n f R T i y . T«m, ,,,,,! "industry. Full or |.nrt t i m e f=nToi U.IKP* nml ,x.'nofit*. Tri C l i j Dry^"".! [x.Mtrom. I n termed ? Call 3o:M5Sl. r'iL-iQO:, I.LivHaTnl. i W A N T F f n TM UN or U'N. T..JI «"«'·*. l 1 "''}^', "i^""^^^^TM/^ w u?e! --°--'- 3 5lL 1 2 ;8 or 3W "' , rieaie t r i p t , punip«d. 1'h. 3J3-1708. Hti. Ilex C u n n i n i h a m . HEYNA tri-e t r i m m i n g . U)»cit pricw. Fhcu-om] \M price. 353-6180.. TKE I r i m n l t n i r and USD pit rrmoval- haullilv;. 35'J-51fiO. A I / T K I l A f l O N S and drMsmakinr. d Mlcrlor ralntine. Call eninifi. b l a n l c y Hedan. 2^4-53 C A I t l ' K N T K R n-ork. "11 kind«. Free estimates. Cnll 353-6103. C A K P E N ' T K R and concrete tvork. Gen eral c o n t r a c l i n p . rb. 353-209J. 1'AINTING--All k i n d s . Frrs ntlmates. Dflle TeKlnun, 2 s e r v i c e : «ra.-j c u l t i n p l. htxlce t r i m m i n n p Tv.\ I ' K l t l K N O l ^ D moljile home Bervin-.. . d. n m n nec.led. M u s t h ^ v c own tnol,. d i t i u r i i . A p p l y in w i i l i r . K . H e | . l r l 'J.'"" 1 "Inrliiii: '.··ilary I B .lay u e e k ) . E'-2 r/o 'J'rib'inr i N . T l l i e r n Mohitc }lome5, 3155 8th A\c.. 3r,3.l57fi'. · ' A S m O N rubric* · p p H c n l i n n * l . - i n i c ! U k c n for m o r / i i n * wmk. K x p c r i c n r u in-cfcrtcd. CR|] f«jr fijii:n minimi, 3~'24151. C O N C K K T K «-ork. r'loors, pati.u. sble For Rent--Houses 15 J I K U K U O M house w h h family rcxjin nd imtio, u n f u r n i s h e d . 11(13 per m o n t h . . Hiuh Brlv«. 3J2.72IM. l'J72 HOJIKTTE 3 lieilr Hx70 ft. , . l l n t h anil h n l f . Wai.licr/drj'er. J56- 3MS or 351-1037. E X K C U T I V K tyji. home. $:(10 per month. OHyke A « n c y . 352-5147: NF.AR new d u p l e x . 2 bedroom, cari^l. .trnpc*. rJis[i U ^al. no pets, deposit rc- « j u i r c l . 353-0807. 2 IIKDItODil uiifiirimlu-d mobile home. Sl. r .5 per month. U t i l i t i e s lne].]!cd 3 r i2-M7i ctny.t; 353-6427 evenliwi. · U N F U R N I S H K U , 1 bedroom house in oiinliT. Reliab!« party, $190 plus de- ^osit. CSC-203 1. LiARUF, 2 bedroom completely u n f u r - nished d u p l e x . W a t e r n n d trash pickup paid. SH5. 353-188S. I I K D R U O M f u l l r canxte.l. ilralied. duplex i n 1'lattevillc. Waslier. dryer, atove, i c t r i u e r a t o r . Fenced yard. 353- K U l t N I S I I K I ) l i licdruam home north- r.f Crrelry. 2 ni- 3 m l u l t « . No ]:M*. IlSZ-Jb^. Pnrly Hue, keep tvy- foii'KKTrf"-- New 1-1x53 fl, 2 l.c.1- iot«m motile hunit 1 . CuirpJfS o n l v . C n l t n f l « r 7 3.12-5337 or 352- P A I N T I N G -- I n t e r i o r nnd exterior.!'"TM l»nro«ini J-iples w i t h E a r a K e : 3 J i . H i i i l l j n c .-miI ami !»· av»j]a1i]; nmJin1c]y. KMT F l c n t l . r n u f i t ? . I rvf ry iili;il. C'nll H f » « l I'rlr.i :i.VJ-7J2t. Y O U I n t n c s t v i l i I h n t ] i n y x Rvrr;i hour pi..- rorjipnny piil hrillli n t u l mc'Jk-fll in«urfitH-c. A p p l y ].«yly Ciu-ji.. 21fiS Hh A-.r.. r^^-'JI'ltf. ACCKl''TYN(:"*intHriHi*mi for r,«-t r n i s - e xii'3 r o m p u n r n l wm-kcrs. r\ p e r i cured nil As'rmtily. Kro'l tt h r n i w hnw 1.. rU-. A p p l y \n J. K h n w , K . v r r i t t M f n : . , mntuiikj!! 1mn«]linic! '^^ ami repairs, ^ l i n i / t t c s . 3^.3-[ hr.irKim duplex completely I«K».I. Kcnred back yarj. .\fay 1. S53- is ri ^nrc«r joli with KO'vt pay rnd top f t i i i n e bciiutil*. Winnii/ful 1 *. 4-U! 6Oi Hi. M A I N T E N A N C E M A N \\'ilii suine Tuoiitiiitiiccil knowl- ctltrn (if Iipiilinx, n i r fonrlilion ;, pluniliiriK find olci: I r it-ill iiipmciil. 35R-1331 Kxl. 70 C H I L I ) C M C c n i i f k ovrr for m-y ilcAlre ji ]i-.r-in h o ........... _ ______ Aill/) S«r\-jcc /in.] .SupplUs _ 52 Biryclcn-- .Mr»(or B[k^» ____ M-,\ liiard And Itoom _____________ , y.s .......... ,, B u l l f H t R Materials Hi:sFn«sR O p p o r t i j n i l l M ,, ........... Bu^ ficrvlrrs ..... ________ Coil /mil' \Vpoii · OiBkm Work ·.-. ........... ____ . *. T u l l l\n\f- jurtftioti. K a l n r y p l u i ^xt*riKcii. |'»rr t i m e M i i l i A t i l i i L " n[*r nec'!cil. C a l l J A A - f l T S lo » r r n n ^ c in- lerviow. JUnt), Karnt-. ilen, women, clilld Croup or_prEvale. Call 362-5181. '~ nrl I n K t n i r t t o n 8 · Varm fviiifrmcnl fifi - l-'Or. R o u t -- A p n r t t r . n n t n [7 I'or It«nt-- H i i l M i n e J i - _ . 20 Tor " R e n t -- K « r m * «nrl Truer* n :- For Jtrnt--n/irrtsrcn _.___,,_ ,, if. · Fnr Rent--Hourr* ,, .. IR r«r n*nt--Ml. Hamr-n. C n b l n n _ 21 I'or Jleni--OTflc* Sp/ice 23 . Tor Rent--Jloonin i n rni(n miH VcRrlnMr* S'J . J I a y . GrJiin, Vrrd. Si raw .... n n ; - U n ( i n c K Cool In n 3T llrlp Wanted 7 ' T l o u p c l i o l f l G o n c l n , . ,1fl ·:lrrliiation Syitcm» _,, 4H '.'j; Swap _ 'j;» ; I'ost and Fnii'ml I ECO L O R Y or! r*nlct r c r f o u n * ] ilcbpcr- · Icljr n r ^ f l f f l In cxrcutivc m a n n R C n i c n l and trainee wrem f i p h t pollution. I n r l i i r E c j i recruitinit. Pit. n u p e r v m o n , m n l i v u L l o n . Coniineiclnl intluBirUI nrnJ dirn:L x a l r V urns. Mr. MaU-ykn. Nnl.'l.-Int'l. Kxpjini^n nfv.. U I I K. ]^lh Ave., D e n v e r E0220. 303-3:13-567fi. 'Mobile Horr.Cd . .. _ . Mrf»i]n Home Space ,, , " ' M o n e y lo Loan Mnnfy Wam*] M '. MalrlN ' .MpvJnjr u n d Slnrase M u s t r f l l I n s t r u m c n l * _,, , N u r n l n i r HOIT.CA Tel Sl'nrk _~'."!1T~~ ~"1 ^ I ' m i d r y _ "_ _ . _ ...... n. T J i i i f * . Klou-rr.' ........ _ inE Marliinr^ - \ ' j i r u u m i ____ "Sporlinc finnrk Trailer* « n r t C» _____ ...... . '. TMih J f a n l l n e TV-Ilxdln Kori'lce, S=i]*.t ____ , 4fi .Userf Cntit mid Tnicha ......... _ ..... __ M Wanle'J (j He/it __ ..... ________ 1 Lost and Found LOST -- Yellow RTirl w h f l e k f M r n r.cur I f i t h Si. mnrt C ( h Av*. PJcafe m i l LOST ~ W f r t hilrvd (orrlcr. Nn In**. - B r n M e r j lr*lher rolls r. V i c i n i t y Slh Ave.. jfiih su arit-Tiwn, LOST-- A utiurp toe* nn your c:^iori1 · Wn sharppn 'cm. P i n k i n g flh?»r§. loo, Jlfi.^r- on moAU Alkire'i. 613 8th Ave. LOST -- 2 ycnr oH m a l e Rl.ini«r m i x , 1BOI l tinn Avr. Any lnr»rmii- u l l \ny* K3-2\\1 f x ( . ·ANYONE who linn Irwt n pot, p!c*i« vlsll Humine Society ShcHcr, P t h .Si. And 8?. fly-pis*. Hniin B-. JiTonffar ihroiiKli Sntimlny. KAsV, rrtnrn In ZfiOO n i h A v p . D u r - « f n n f ply m u d n n ' l t.t\n\v Ike. 7iw)XiTi on blue u'fiecl. pick I'd u p ,il L^i:l H11 D u m p t - f l ^ r t - n S ;;in K n i [ p ,, m , S n t u r d n y . Personals ALCOHOLICS Anonyn:fiiipi. Ph. :U2- OSR2 for f w l p nr merlin? I n f o r m A t i o n . ~ 3A2-7SQ2. ii^OUIl »havflr fifcV? Call I h e Clinic. Alkiro'e, 613 Stb Ave. 3il! P A Y I N G too m u r h m pres h r n l i h i n n i i r a n r f i T For i - o r n p n r i r n n . Jim Cfl'vnn Ins. Agency, SS2-777A o Auto Renfal TronsportoMon 3 C/Tt rentaTs -- Dnlly, w r r k l y , rr.onlhly, Greoloy X^jmlnx Co., l i n o Sih Av«., Professional Ssrvlccs J ANT) J Uphotilcry, Free j n c V n p nml ricElvcry. 3' Business Scrvko 6 p. I-'«nil1y n p e r n t f " ! J A N I T O H T A l j n r r C h u r c l i r t , o f t i f o , clr. lll J A N l T O n l A I . nerv[r« -- Oi noforo 3:3n. Educorlon and Instruction 8 P I A N O Irs-in*. I^.W). C«.JI IlW-TjOI-n. A l l Y f l u t e slirienls. Cill RELIABLE LAWN SERVICE Quality niovvinpc. trimming, clip- p i n g r e m o v a l . Mnrtarnte prices. Vacation or regular 352-0284 U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-women IS And over. Secure i:nr|inrnlion. Knllnwjjolis. J l i g l i slnrting liny. Short, irovoii Iriick reconl fnr incomes lionrs. Advancement. Preparatory ti-aiiitiig as long ns rerjuir- crl. Tliousniids of jobs opnn. Hx- ciico nsnnlly iinneceKgnry. OI-1 info] - malion on jobs, Fnl- miofi, roriinrcincnlfi. W r l l o TODAY filvliiK nnnie, atlUrosa and lihonn. Lincoln Service. Hnx M- 2'J c/o Trlliuno. Opportunity ·Inrn lop Inroine w i t h rapidly; of Sjifl.ftfin a year and more. Call for interview only 353-78'! 1, Mr. Summerson LAWN SPRINKLERS mclilcps iiififnllatlon Htirl rp.- pnir. Also lawn st'CitllnK, socldirif; or ferlilizinc. For free estimate II flDDD S P R 1 N K L K R CO. 353-SIJ4 EXPBR'IENCRD BOOKKEEPER Call fur fip[K)EntiiiR]il. Mr. Arn i i p n n x , Wheeler I l e n l t y Co., 'Jrcolcy, Coin. 356-1331 MECHANIC Experienced n i l nroninl mochnnlc. SOR Doug Knnnkson nt, DnFlrown Cliryslor D y i n n i i t h Inc. S17 711] St., Ci.-ccley I'hono 35 STUDENTS Male or female 51.75 imr hour plus bonne Interviews 3 1 p.m. H l 6 2 3 r d Ave. nr cull 353-7876 a f t e r S:30 p.m. Northerii Colnr.irio Distributor For National Corpnnition Ffers dealerships in witter purl- icallon. dcmtnornM/.nUim mid Illralion, 1'lllfl very u a e f l l l lool n comhatitl^ water p o l l u t i o n effo.c.lR irini bo iinrL or l u l l time "Mnploymnnt. I'.nrt l E m o n n r n i n K s roil] JCI12 lo $10rfi: nr f u l l t i m e n l n n l l n l up to SfiT.OfiO yearly. )urrcnl h i i K h i c K u m e i i may finil hi.s a p r o f i t a b l e i i d i l l l l o n In 'our product linns. K r n a l l bilHl- ii'HR I n v c H l T i i c n t rctiulml. If you rn fiincitro, rail Mr. llnnsley col- ocl. -lirii-ltiSrl lo n r n i i i K n an In- ervlow; or write tliln newspa- mr, Hox f'-l. Bulincsi Opportunifios fWra -- llnusn u i i i l -ation m onrncr. 35 ! SI. Mi-07-IO. lfvi-: TnTfor lc.i-! or mlc In f « « t C K i i v i t i K rniiiniilnits'. CiH H. 11. M n n - u c i k r , f i S 1 - l i ! - : l i ur Snui K r l i f i i i e r n i a n . I1S i! - n s 7 V ri'l'ii r. C I or« rlo. _ WANT~i~liny: 1 f . i r i n a t i ' n V c t » l (-o linx O-3!l c/" 'JVil In 2\ u n l l molcl. LARGE 3 BAY SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE In Kvans (firoeloy, Colo.) Cnn l:u:L Gary Van Tiooaev, Ulinmii' l i n Petroleum Co., 3-11-0541 Den^ ver. Siruationi Wanted 10 H O C J C I I K N Pnckr..* Stri-lrc. vM^rk nl rra*ino)i|e raloft. .1.i TIAV CA11K, my hfirr.c. rc.-ir.nnnhlr rnlrs. CONGrtliTF/'ivork. 3:i 2.4!) 13. I K O N I N ' i ; v n n t e i ] -- 7 ( f i 2 7 t h AV*.. M1-HUA o v p n i i i K i . 1)AY U A K F , in my lininr. H r n m l v i c v v n r m . Ay.-5 2.r,. 3.13-^687. C I M L D cue." l l e l n f f HeenKei). Kvans W r i J , l i i i l M or rriimilrl i l n i r y E n r n s . iTfciwSKTTiinljy jtllllrifr. Orlltinl Irn- cliar. :r»2-Hi:il. M'rUUI.I.ntill lli.yi' cufloni Imvn n-.- irir. Niilimn hio liiit. 355-7IM. DO YOU L I K E TO H U N T A N D F I S H ? II 1 ' you're an ox]inriflnc.rMl Milosmau . . . U 1 ' you cat) n n t k n n l i v i n g nil romiinssion . . . II 1 ' you w i l l work r|iialifiori norlhorn Colorado lonile . . . Wn would like In i n n n l you and I n l l ymi ulmiH tlio. o p i i o r l u n l t i e s of tho nallon'« loading o u t d o o r rofTeminn (-(mijiiiny. Confiicl. Mr. Walkur M I R N. Linr.nln, Lnvcliind 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays only - nc-roofinjf. rci'.iirinj;, f u N K U K N J S U K U 2 bedroom .1-iplr^. fnalinKS. r r « e eMimale?.; C:innjrl. l:nno f c n c r d yaril A d u l t s 1 -juainntccrl. 35G-06SO. j ,.^,1 neMjuM. No pets. |135. 3^3- F.XPK11T bu-n nrrvler: f^rAs^ r n t H w , -~^_ t r l m m l n f f . C«ll 35-13QS a f t c r i F O U H K N T -- TWH bcilromii n n f u r - A l l ) cvcn Al.CO Roofina Co. lloofinj: rojlfenlial . nml . crclil. 352-2532. dl J-i'l-t. Kicctiic kitchen, dvnp- enn.-., washing f«ciliLic-?, f u r - nishLil. AdulLt. Nn pet*. l,a Snlle. 2*1-7M5 nftpr 6. ------ KOH R E N T - 2 bwtroom bricV home. E ' A I N I I N C i . raper h a R f t i n i c . 33 y«at* N i c e y a u l , T'^tio and [taiaire. jNuw o.i|ici icr.Lc. Free ivslimales. Jilcllo/i carrots, drupes. Stove nnd refritcr- )'hilJi|is. Ph. 353.0134. | ,,u,r fiirni?hci|. G K N K R A I . c o n t r a c t T n f f - - Carpentry, p a i n t , concrete, roofir.i;, rornodclinx.- etc. Free estimate. D, I*. L 353-5791. W A N T E D Power raking ;incl Lawn Clean Up Phone 353-4458 Custom Work II P O W K K r n k l i i u m i d Fhrnlihrry wort iloiic. CnK :tr.1-OMO. .0 W I Nf! nnd ^^^^ n LIT* spread in (t D u n n e Shtill. 3S2-I102. plmvinir, cwnth!ii(c, hay 1ml d. Xi Ijt'ilroiiin htiiise w i t h c-irpet. i t r n j i r * . ilhKwn.ihcr, sln%*e, n-frm nn'J d i a j i n s a j . Wnlkinir d i s l a n ^ e tj. U N C . Available M a y 1. tJftJl 353-.S777 Lpf. ·i :S1 p.m. T« r n Ivilnmrn hnine ivilh Knrafre. Ic- f r i u f r n h , r . stove, new c n i y e l . newly luinled. Utilities j.aid, SIBO month l i l i i A ilepi^it. No pets. 2U5 7lh A 3:^-0*7$. tr.oliilc liomc. Air L'nridi- t i o t j c r l , ran«ter|. All .ippjiiincc^ ·.-luilinK washer n m l ilrycr. l l f i S p l u s donuMU f u l l :^3-l231 i i f f r r 5:30; nH day wcciicnrK FOR R F ; N T : L u x u r y four l-eiLnxun L i i c k h*jri:r, carttL;, i l r n i i e r y n n J y . ll«^U!e kMnitfp, f u l l bri.cement. I'mi-jre f r n r c d yard. 1BOO ?3rd Ave. i^7-S per ninnth. KU month lense. C a l l A V A 1 I - A H I . K , J u n e 1. for rniirlc mly, nubile hump. 2 lirdrocm. I'/, hilh. ptilly f u r n i s h e d i n c h l t l i n f t washer, TV nnd s c w i n K machine, l.^rce yard. S123 » m n n l h . u l i l i i i t s inid. Call So 3-14 30. chini T T l K N C H t K R . C r n t r n l Ti H o r h i B Co., 2B12-4R64. i t O T O f l L L I N G -- M u k h i n i r and IP KAnJeju. y»r«l. Jim Hcwiu, 353-0680, B A C K M O K an.I louder, nil! NiMisr ^ ^ - l O U ; U u i t Elnin. 3jU-3CTi. EX 1'BUT urrcnlry. No jub loo Itrst or too Bmnll. ^S3-20tfl. CUSTOM roWlllHnir. l.trfa or .mull. 5S7-ZIOS. U A U K H O E , loader, trdndiiris. 3:i3-77Ci : 35:-60I7. K o c h n Uiekhoc Serv. WK DO custom M m i l l n B . 363-2141. Perm i n n c d r i n n c r , 931 fith Si. B A I L E Y ' S ciuloi x f t e r fi p.n. plowing. 352-S2SO CUSTOM m n n u r a spreading, loader work. Dcrntd i'clcrAon. 352-7134 eve. g and mulchlntr. FeEte (JI)STOM Uroi.. 6E LIQUID Liwn [«rliliiCr npnlUd, ,]irny S«*rHrf'. S.iZ-lOfio! CUSTOM l''nrm Service. Plox-inc. ninl- h i n R . vnm ulnntitiK. K«l or Larry ALL types cement ivotlc. P a t id, si in Iks, ilrhuv-nys. Eleasonnble rmcf. C K I I O K work,^r, *c-«* P r. T i n r 5 , ami Kcplic t a n h s t n i U l l e d . l.iO or Hal-HTliO. TIlKNCliTNa dUrh c T f ^ n T n c n n H 1 lines, 'f t - f i Z 9 l . S r h i c f f e r ' a Di ECONOMY TO LUXURY (WE HAVE IT A L L ! ) AT MOBILE HOME SALES · (A name to k n o w ) 3S^-2SU2 Sll. lliwilj- S5 YOU WILL LIKE THE low cost of Want Ads. Try one today. For Rent--Rooms M A N TO tli*re t r n i l ^ r himsc, 100 m o n t h . y-Z-pSgB w f t c i 5:30. ;!!()! looms for men. For Rent--Apti, 17 B O O M M A T K wmilc.1. W n r k i n s r K irl fcrrcil. Cnll r.flcr S. M2-22RR. POWER I t A K I N G K o r l i l i / i n g ;iml Seasonal Mowing and Edginp;. 353-!)fi03 nr 352--M71 Free K f i t i n i a t c R Custom Haying All now n(|iiipnicnl. Wincl- rnw, bale, nnrl stack. Willj 3 -^'- r '"'lo one or all. Cash, ?linresi··".""' or buy .standing. ! K l l l t N I S I I K l ) l.r-.lrcxirti nn.l I c l l r h n i c l l r . Ulilitici liaiil. .1^2-22,=) I. I - ' U K N I S I I K D 1 nom D P I . MdMIc au«.l I.Tly 131.'. lull Ave. AI'T. f n i rent. 2 bcclroon. furnishcij. I HO lilli SI.. 353-6707. '2~KEDHOnM rurnlFlieil F i p u r l r n c n l . No rrl-^. .1.S2-57CS. j UNI'UKrl.S!ll-:r n p l . No cliil.lidn or _ _ V K K V n i r c ^ Uiln »;ii] :rii;.ns7i: n ' For 1720 GUEELEY (CoTo.) TRIBUNE Sat., April 15,1972 H K N T problems? P a y only HW'luar- lor. A i ' f l t l n i e n l let up fur 4 students. Close lo t a r n p u i . Call 356-1331. I'SiiTI W n n l lu IIP. across from rampu* nnd rl'isc to *hop]iint: -- sltitienlsT DtVillo A p a U m c n l i . 356-1331. A I ' A R T M K N T fur Tenl outside c i t y limit*. Ilune board available. 356- H K r i K C O R A T K n , 2 K.lrotim, n n r u r n - UHcd n i i a r t i n e r i t . 2 b!«k Meat of rlyivntovn. L'ouiile l»refcrrcil. fl3. A f t e r 5:30.- 362-5725 or 352-2637. fcXTKA tarvc new 2 bcilroom ftiiall- nient. W n l k In tloifl£. l ] ,j b,-\lhg, cnr- Iietcd, niAJiir nrn]l»nre3 furnished. Childrerc_wflcomo. 35C-O30. l . A H G K 3 bedroom townliouie apt. U n - lurnishod. (jaraRe, fenced yard. Quiet i.cijdiUirnood. No pets. One child ac- KATON -- F i t r n l s h e d two bedroom a p a r t m e n t . IMvate « n t r f l n e t and bath. 454-2435. NK\V deluxe n ] i a r t m c n l s -- 2 bedrooms am] 1 bedroom. F u r n i s h e d or u n f u r - nished. 1053 State Kartn Road. Phone 352-CCC3. d a y s : 352-7597 evening. FKMVvI.ft roommnte to shnre 2 lujd- room mohile home. 353-23] I e\l. 20 ask for Shirley. A f t e r 5 c a l l 353- : A K R K R »-TMlr] like l« e n u r e his heilroom. fnrmhni. l u x u r y nnl. -$ month caehj p l u s \$ utilities. 353- AUJ/V, Colorftdo. 2 Ix-rtioom miarlruf nl in r*w 4-plex. K l c f t r l c stove, refriK- I'rV.or, d r n n p s , heat and u'ater furnished. No yets. 5135 por m o n t h . Call STATK Farm H n a d . llrand n r w ti«, l-C'iroom u n i t * f u l l y carpeted. All an- plmnccs i n c l u d i n g ilishwashcr. Air conditioned, monthly l e n i a l $lfi5.00. Children welcome. Call 352-7510. SPACIOUS 2 bedroom Harden level duplex. C a r p e d , drftpes, nil electric kit, , , t r a i n pick up. Available M a y t. Married couple. 1 child 1'hon* 353-3110. F I P R N I S H K I ) l . . coiirHtiuriett. park ;l your f r o n t door, u t i l i t i e s rail). Kcr.Konable. Adults only, . pels. LaS'ille Court, 105 So. , . ·2nd. LnSalle, 2Si-S2l)3. ROYAL GARDEN APTS. aiOO 23rtl Ave. . and 2 bedroom furnished or infurnisHed buffet apartments. Electric 1 . kltchons, carpetedj drapes, inside laundry, off street )avking or carports. Adults, no nets 352-0152. ONE ]eilroom u n f u r n i s h e d apnrtn'.ent except strtve and i c f r i t f e r a t o r , in 4- plex. Carpeted, iliaped, beat f u r n - ished. Cnravf. P r e f e r nmrricd eo'.lple or lady. N'o pets or rtiilrlren. 807 2Slh Are.. 3B3-iS.11. DOVKH APARTMENTS (12-1 I l l h Ave. 2 bedroom furnished available now-1 bedroom unfurnished, April 25. Manager Apt. 109 SUSANVILLB APTS. Rig 2 beclrnom. 1V4 baths, fully carpeted. Range, refrigerator and hot water heat furnished free. $150 ier month. Available April 1. CALL T I M E KEALTY 3H2-SS3S CASCADE APTS. 2022 28th Ave. N"e\v, 2 bedroom unfurnished n p a r l m e n f s . Appliances, carpeted, drupes, centra! nir condition- lip, soundproof, prime residential location. Resident M a n a g e r SSS-SMD GEMINI APTS. U n f u r n i s h e d '/. bedroom apart- menis, carpeted, drapetl, all clot-trie kitchens, central heating, iiir conditioning, Deposit required. $155; ?160. 352-0754 Manager Apt. 11)1. HOG 2Gth Ave. Deluxe 2 Bedroom Apartments all eloclrir: kilcbou, utility room Hot w;iler heat, plus trash removal, furnished, air conditioned. Close la shopping center. Will ollnw up lo 2 children. Call 352-G570 days, 352-8079 eves. IN JOHNSTOWN New 2 bedroom unfurnished apt. $160 per mo. Hot w a t e r heal furnished. Frost - free refrigerator, SGlf-cleaninu oven, laundry facilities, extra'Storage iirea. Drapes, shag carpeting. Large closets. Balcony. Call J. P. Thomas, 587-4320 :.rinrtnin;l^. Sl.i'J. s. n.Vi-fii m. n;HNlsFTr':Fanl.: Mnrrir.1 riinMr. Nn IN KVANS - 3 ' n v n t e r r U m n c o im farnUSc.l apt. li.J li.ilh. S.'i'J-Rl.ili. _ tlNI-TlK5T~l»rit! 2 lid nil »|i|. J M O _ i n c l u r [ « _ i r U l i l i l . H . N i . i-rti. :ii3-'i7S'J. V K K V nicr I I v i l i o n n i|il. p a r l i j l l y f i n n i ^ t i r . l . tn:. May Itr rtcpn al 118 37(h A\p.. Kvnns, or CJtU :lo2-'.'Wfl. C L K A N . e-.f |'".'Oi liairn,vlil R | i a r l l. Slinc-, rc'fru-cralor r i i r n i s l l f i l . 'fru-cralo pr«ik__iKiiiricil. 353.1 ir. 2 rtur - NOW HUNTING 1717 inili St. ami 180S 10th Kl. One anil two bedroom un- fnniishul npls. plus 3 fnrtiiKheil buffo! apts. One timlroom J13n. 2 Dr. $150, hoi wntor lusit firrnishorl, also irash pii-k-up. Fully carpcjled, 1 r a p e d, with Frigidairo oppliaTlcoK, in- irliidiiiK .sclf-clLiinin.K ovens, disposals, disliwasli- nrs. refrigerators, air conditioning. I n d i v i d u a l Ijasc- mcut siorage [irniiK. coin operated wjisher and dry- v!]-. KOCH! parking. 7 hluuks west of Post Office. Call ^Irs. Jl. Jl. Carpenter 35S-fl07l or SS2-2243 l-5fi8-35'!7or 1-568-3308 v l r p . Yo'.ir homr 1NCOMK I R O T O T I I . U N f f . H K - 2 I 2 J . If no mi. .IVJ-lilUB. »r)ir» Trf» f.mnl. A n i l . ruliinir. T J"U '"·'·« l«*i Irrjiililoi, nil ml 3VM1M. ;Tr.\TN n^ «linrpcnlrir. 2 Iir. .rrrlrr Alklrt'l, fiia fill Avr.. JM-OMll. rAW StliTrpVnlnii. All ki.M. Onr .1. MccnU'l mid In AM AX ALUMINUM Will I n t r r v l n i v nppllc'inils for ninpliiyiiu'iil nn TuosiUiy April I S J j j j helu-ccn I mill 7 p.m.: Wodm'sday April ]!' bciueen S n.m. mid lir!;. ill ill nlli plant 2211 W. Sill L n v i ' l a l u l . l^xpfrtoiU'n nol nri-r^nnry, jusl n u-illiiiKlicss In ivork fnr n ||! \s~iig'' 1 , soiuc o v r - r l i i i i f . pnld v a n i l l i n innl hnlhJnys and n l l i e r l i ; - f r h i K C AlF;o l a k i l i K :i|pl1callr}ns from n i;hKlrnlR for smnmrrj«;! 'ItOSCO'S Tiro ft ' n.t». r N k f n s t . m r r - p l n r . f c r t i l i n r . R . , rotot t i l i n g nml Uwn Ar«"i ll imir«-»i ir . l fill .T.S.f."V ! " ~ ~ \^'n call ynij. ymir rf-i^iivr^*. or frtenris ovoryday lo srr ; tr i^v^ry- t h i n R is O.K. Kor our sorvlrc call 3S3-2I70. Help Wanted ' s k y l a r k J l u f M . m u c h h n n J . inn 1" in»r.. WANTED MACHINIST AND TRAINEES for La tli os Grinders Mills Drills O u t s t a n d i n g R e n e f i t ProKrain [excellent Workinsr Coiulitions Apply Now: Monclny tlirn Friday '7:00 a.m. -- 3:30 p.m. Kngine Turbine Controls Division WOODWARD GOVERNOR CO. 1/umay A v c n u p ut Dnike Road Fori. Collins, Colorado An Ityiiiil O p i i n r l i i n l l j ' Knijiloycr CONCRETE N O H T U E H N COr,OHAI)0 COXCKETE CONSTRUCTION. INC. J ( \)undations and Flatwork Large or Small 352-2818 Foi Rent--A 17 For Rcnl--Apts. HKDHOOISF u n p l . 352-2037. U.S. Motel. * njvl. (or 2. W e e k , m o n t h . * O X K rxih-oom u n f m n i s h c d · *iuirlme!il In Katun for rent. 4B4-2070. · "liKDROOM npt. CarrwEfd, dr»r*d. UUlitics furnished. 3S2-«057. . »110-115-|120 MONTHl/T psymfnl buys mobile home. Many *dult ind 2 Irtdrocm JipartmenL. month. Ko yds. 352-2023; 353- vA'l'ON -- 2 bedioora . u n f u t n l i h c d orartnictit. Canictcd, iir condition- rnl. C u l l J54-2064 a f t e r 4 p.m. E\V 2 b«droom. carpeting. Ir*p«, GE i.itch-n, h^l inch mO-?lG5. 221S Sth St. 353-7100 or 35S-S197. U N F U R N I S H E D 2 and 3 twdroom ap- i\itmenlB. Kitchen appliances, f l f i O 1170 plus eludr icily in Windsor. _'686-7]02, ' · HO RE for y o u r comfort, conveai«nc« «nl money. 2 bedroom tnwnhousea and you von't h a v e to worry about u i i l i l y bills. C*H 356-1331. IADET Arms A pic. Now r e n t i n g ; In Windsor. Children a n d allowed. G8-77S2. all pets BKTTKR take a look 1 I b*droom apart- m e n u located near the U N C campu* and close lo shoppinc. J140-J16/ month. Call 353-8296 or SK6-1331. ip^E to appreciate. Kutntshed or furpiihctl. 2 bedroom upstairs apt. Couple or einsle lady. Th. 3£2-J7^ l A f r U f t 2 boilroom -i-pl«. Kitchen plinntos, carpet, drains, Ko pels. Children uelcom*. Call a52-J«9J U N K U H N 1 S H E D 2 bedroom apHilmenl. Ajiplfanici, drapes, heat furnished. Jl-10 m o n t h . No nela. 32-2023; 353- 1S3S. 'WO bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d apartment, r n p e ^ j carpet, electric kitchen. 353 2 H K H R O O M u n i t in 4 tfcx. Furnished or u n f u r n i s h e d . K i t c h e n;, cnrpeLing and dranej. 352-0535. U N F U R N I S H E D 2 bedroom apartment. Appliances, drapes, heat furnished. Carpeted, elevator, iccurttr ' doori, flt'fi. 15IB 7th Ave. 352-38S6. ONE bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d apartment. Stove »nrt iffrig«iaior furnlihed. $137.50 ~lui lichta. No nets. Se« lirop^iiy manasrer. 1102 lth St. WANT (iul ot the c i t y liniita of Grec- I c y ? Trtkr n ttxk at thc?c unc and two hwlrooms R j i a r l n i e n t s . Cull 25fi- 3331. T K M P C R A H Y hora«, completely fan*: ish«4 1 lo T bedroom kUcb»n«ttM, daily nnd weekly rates only. "Mountain VieTT^MoteU 2409 10th SL TOP~Iooi(!nB I This la it! Keaulldil 2 bcdioom townbousd with ill eJectrio kUcheiis. Air conditioned with 1 \' 3 \mfhf. C n l l 353-7573, 353-7S88, 861331. MMKD1ATK T^ojsessioTi. Comp]«ttljr furnished '2. bedroom main floor of house. La rite spacious looma,- all uliUties paid. Located near downtown, 1169 month. !2-18D7. VFrRY, v e r y practical for money-minded -finplc5 »nri students. .Not iar from campus, r'urnishcd apartmenU available M»r 1st. (130/TT.onth. Call 3BS- 1331. L(0)(0)K What You Can Find wo bedrooms, lav^e living room balcony, appliances furnished. At 155.00-16!!.00 we know ot no- ,liiii£ comparable In comfort, ap- penrancp. location. Low .Security Deposit, Gas Water Furnished. 353-7573 or 35C-13-31 Wheeler Really Company Continental- Apts. 706-708-710 27th Ave. Available: one and two bed- ·onm units. Children wel- ne. Call 356-0325 or 352-4300 Let The Other Fellow Help llllliloi -- 150.00-155.00 rlere's a double home each side villi 2 spacious bedrooms, liv. ng room, nttractive hilchen, Laiiudrj- facilities, Equipped w i t h Stove and refrigerator. · 1 year old. Onorl Area for Children, Low Damage Deposit of 7S.fiO. Wheeler Realty Company 356-1331 sinces available. 361-38". FUKNISfTEn d e l u x e 2 bedroom aot. All electric kitchen i n c l u d i n g dishwasher, air conditioned. JlfO. Phon« 336976. 1106 !6th AT«. Manner apt. 101. Two bedroom apt. Unfurnished 1825 12th Aye. Married College Preferred Four Apartments . Furnished Now renting for summer echopl and 1972-73 -- school year. 1825 12th Ave. NEAR K-MAHT Two bedroom unfurnished apartment; 5150 plus Ilebts and deposit. Also 2 bedroom townhouse, l',2 baths, $160 plus util- ties and deposit, appliance* furnished-. No pets. 35 2-4 921 ' $100.00 MO.. PLUS y 2 UTILITIES.'.jj and share large, luxury 2 BR furnished apartment with 1 other working person. Loss if you hava your own /urniture. 353-3793 i FAA11LY RENTALS '|| S Appliances, Furnisbed, Air Conditioned, I/3 ·] Carpetert Throughout. One bedroom starting jv| I at $125 per month. Two bedroom starting Ji:;V : j ' nt $150 per month. j^ "i Call 353-6026 Ps| !'f^:'£g-2~-;^~^M\::r^'Z~^~w COLLEGE STUDENTS -N'ow taking reservations for Spring Quarter. [, Completely fin-niched, 1 and 2 bedroom units. %% f -····; · ;*1 Call 353-6026. I':1 Traslr Hauling 12 T H K WAY nihhl.h rtrnonl. JS2-«li1 r.r_S I B K A N T N K K Triuh S'nfn- -- B^in nd rr.Mrfcntat. Gene. 3S3-SHO; Don. Wanted to Rent U ATT: Undlnrdi -- I.lst «nll«b!« wnt- Ith W.I.R.5. 352-ISil. Z ttiril. K p M r t n i r n l fnr w n r % l n ? 2lrl xrncl M u . l r n l . C.nll IMIKAl' 5 nVl hnu.f In rniin. liy, near (irrfley. ^ by April M^C,]! SIJ.-774.203.1 rnllrrl. ?lrf. nee 2S, \v.nilrt ljl:c lo \vilh ·nollirr n-nrkintr »irl m r n l h r K l n i i i n g A i n n m r r tiu.irtrr. N o l nmrp limn !Kfl a nn.iith. · H e r S. Aik fr.r K u l h r . A new concept in apavlmcnl-home living . . . ·ft nil nn\v l u x u r y 2 and 3 lindroom ,'ipartuientR---multiple ? -,':.; j i r i v a l n outratlccs--balconies ;md p u l i o s ·f'f O.K. electric designer k i t c h e n s -- self cleaning ovens ^\- priviur wiiHht'rs and dryers -^ soundprnofeil y,- j;rafltiiile s l i i d f i i t s ·,'.- ample off-street parking From fisr. i 18) 1 22nd Slrccf--Apl. 25 Mmiiiger: 353--G350 1 "OPENING MAY 1st C~".'iwZ : r~) RESERVATIONS NOW BEING TAKEN call 356-4314 now 2420 RESERVOIR ROAD ^liiirlmrmls o f f e r i n g a new family li/estylc in Groelcy. Get a New Lease on Life . . . by a Park I NOW RENTING ONE BEDROOM FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED 82812TH STREET (Corner of 9lh Ave. 12th St.) See Or Call Stan Williams Really 1210 9th Ave., 353-4822 For Showing Also N'ecrt Hesirlenl JIanager (Jreeley's Most Pistinctive Ap.irtment Address. A new Idea la apartment living. Handsomely styled, nestled In three ifortei on a sloping tree shaded grepn. j Large 1-2 ,1 hedroom. unfurnished. Central air conditioning fr heating. · All eler-trio kllclicn yvllh dishwasher. rt- Plush slinR cnrpetlnK--drapes ·fy R a l r o n y off living room. ft Sollil sound proof conalniclion. Largo In apt. sloraRn nrrii. tlciitcd iool ivilh i i o n i n n i u l t y room. 3-100 13th Street--353-0220

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