Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 14, 1970 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1970
Page 14
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14 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., May 14, 1970 Here's the Answer By ANDY LANG AP New»f*«tur« Q.--I want to make a brick walkway in our backyard. I in- ended to lay them in a wet concrete base, but have been told hat this can be done by uskig a dry mix. Can you tell me what he mixture is and how the job s done? A.--Excellent results can be SPARKLING STARDOM -- Melba Moore hit the top in April when she won Broadway's ranking honor, a Tony award for the best supporting role in a musical, "Purlie." Stardom hasn't changed her she says. Being Herself Causes Some Problems for Melba Moore By NAOMI ROCK AP Newifeaturet Writtr NEW YORK (AP) - Melba Moore peered into a mirror, on the peach-colored wall of her tiny L-shaped dressing room. Parting her black hair down the center, she fashioned a short pigtail just above each ear, picked up two foot-long pigtails and began tying them to her own hair. "I'm not quite used to being a star," she said. "I can't imagine other people doing things for me--like a hairdresser." She smiled broadly--a childlike grin that faintly dimpled her chin and put a sparkle in her dark, almond-shaped eyes. Between the smile and the pigtails she barely looked 16, much less her age--25. "I really flipped over the award," she said, speaking of winning the Antoinette Perry Award in April for the best supporting role in a musical-"Purlie." "Butt here's a lot of hard work ahead. I can't assume that because I did this successfully I can do anything as weir." She ."spoke in a soft, even tone that'., betrayed no hint of her voice range, a range that takes her .-speaking voice from a girlish pitch to a gravely growl, and her singing voice from sweet soprano to throaty roar. But seeing her there, barefoot and suit. been herself--tmpreten- she's tious. "But that causes me problems now," she said with a laugh. 'People keep telling me there are certain things I can no longer be nonchalant about--like riding buses, where people recognize you, and dressing like a bum. "At best the way I dress is very, very casual. I like nice clothes but I never took very much interest in them. "Now it's like living under a microscope. My hair has to be in place and my makeup just right. I know it's important to look good, but what comes across, on the stage or on the street, is what the person really like." As far as she's concerned, Melba -continued, stardom hasn't changed the basic who quit a brief career leaching music in Newark, N.J., to find her way in the world of show biz. "I don't think that I, Melba, am any different, but some people treat me as though I were," she said, a touch of sadness in her voice. "The things that have changed are the outward ones, like demands on my time. I was just as busy before, but in a different way. I was busy knocking on people's doors. People are coming to me now." obtained with a dry mix unless he soil is clay or does not drain jroperly. The. dry mix is made 'rotn one part of portland cement to five parts of sand. After digging out the path for the :ricks, apply the dry mix to a leight of two inches. Set the aricks into the dry base, standing them on edge and placing ,hem about a half-inch apart. When the bricks are solidly in place, spread more dry mix into :he joints. The easiest way to do this is to take a shovelful of the mix and throw it onto the bricks, then another shovelful in a defferent spot, and so on When the entire pathway is covered, use a long-handled brush to spread the mix so that it falls into the joints. Using a garden hose with a medium spray, wet the joints so that the mix settles down well below the surface. Apply more mix between the joints, then spray again. Repeat the procedure a third time. When the mix is well packed into the joints at the desired level, allow it to harden, then brush the excess from the tops of the bricks. Q.--I use one of the rooms In [· our house as a part-time office. I have three metal filing cipi- nets. The green paint on them looks kind of seedy and I wouid like to repaint. Will an ordinary paint be all right or must these cabinets have some kind of special paint? A.--Any paint specified for use on metal will do. But before you paint, clean the cabinets Jioroughly with a mild detergent and warm water. You may discover, as a friend did recently, that the poor appearance of the cabinets was caused by dirt and grime rather than a deterioration of the paint. In any case, the washing should be undertaken even if it develops that painting is required. Q.--Is it necessary to clean all the paint from a brush if latex paint was used? A--Yes. Latex paint hardens on the bristles the same as oil paint does. The quicker you remove the latex paint from the brush with water, the easier it will be. A woman knows a woman's needs. Consult our lady pharm acist at Gilbtrt's Weldorado Drugs. -Adv. TV Ailing? Call Jim Failing 352-2005 goto Pay-Le$$ Melbs came to "Purlie" a\id bra-less in navy blue jump-jmost naturally. One of five cnil- !it, it wasn't hard to picture dren of theatrical her as "Lutiebelle," the scrubbed and innocent Negro country girl on the brink of wo- parents, Melba studied music at Moclair State College in New Jersey, intending to do something in show manhood who falls in love with business. She tried teaching to a fiery preacher determined to \ please her parents--"They bring "freedom" to modern-day wanted me to have security"-blacks. "When I first read the 'Purlie' script I thought it might he toolcorporated," and at the same time worked with a group called "Voices I n - j dated," Melba said of the musical based on Os?e Davis' dec- cords to be black hislorv. which made re-' used in teaching ade-old play, "Purlie rious." "But the part was good, and I wanted to do it. "I'm not surprised that I hit it big. In anything you do you have to feel that you'll make it. But it's been overwhelming." One of the reasons for her success, Melba conjectured, is that throughout her short career Viclo-l Three years ago she left teaching to work weekdays as a, of Lutiebelle j background singer for recording AUTO GLASS For A l l Cars A M Glass 624 13th St. Ph. 352-6248 artists and weekends as a sing er in small nightclubs. The break came when was chosen for the cast "Hair." For the last year of the 18 months she was in the show, she was the musical's black leading lady, a part she kept until she left for "Purlie." "I know I can do well with this kind of comedy," Melba said of her current role. "But serious acting is a whole new bag. I don't really know what my acting ability is because I've never studied acting." et-fo-ie a announcements n invitations n wedding plans book a wedding decorations n personalized match books asocial'stationery n party accessories o wedding record book n gift record book by 4 c.raibsoN GiF75 THAT NEVER FORGET So many things to do before the wedding. Selecting your social stationery needn't be a problem though. Come visit us. We'll help you choose your wedding invitations at-home cards and personal stationery... in fact, everything you need. While you're visiting MS, you can also choose your C, R. Gibson Wedding Record Book-the perfect place to keep precious records and memories. for that important fashion accessory- handbags Dozens of styles. Black, White, Combinations of Black and White. Natural and Natural with Brown trim. 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