Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 30, 1962 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, November 30, 1962
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Written by Hor.c. Grttlty In 1171 AND THE CREELEY REPUBLICAN VOLUME 55-NUMBER It CREELEY. COLORADO FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1962 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 11711 Mikoyan Talks Disclose Cuba Settlement Far Off By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER jStale Dean Rusk al the State De-, Washington ar.d Moscow in I WAblllNIJTON 'AP'-The rnil.! par i mem (oda _ v j,, whal Kust d( , 5 . v.nke of the Cul;an conflict. ignatcd as a "working lunch."! btau ' '*'""' :n "' v:i: !' ro '- s " : ' fitcr , '· Lincoln \Unte to.d newsmen in ad- on a two-day visit l«|,..,,,,.,. ,,, ,,,,, , , ; , . . . i jMikovan ed States and the Soviet I'mon were reported iuda tn have r u n j into serious difficulty in efforts to 1 - 111 ""10 " " "" " '»"-"·* »»u '"l^,,,^ ,, f , h ,_, !(,,,..,,.,,,, ,,,.,. work out terms (,,·· a final settle-'Washington afler a Irip to Cuba.i su |,,,.._ t maUt . r ttl j] | )t , primarUyi mem of the Cuba.i crisis. .He will fly on to Moscow on Sal-|Cubii-lhey may get into u'.her! President Kennedy .uiri Smiet'urday morning, 'main-:'-" First Deputy Premier Anastas I . ! I .s. officials sa;d Rihk and' The riiffi-rran-s o\er Cuba ap-' Mikuyan ''iscusscd these differ-.Mikoyan were debating essentially pan-niA arise from elites ill Ihe course of a three|lhp same issues which focused .Mikovii':: j hour conference Thursday night at|discussion al ihc White House. ji-'.rurii'.;:- the White House, but were only Officials p'iva'.ely expressed Kl:ius:i, m - . able in agree that negotiations on disappointment thai the White,giu- tin- N, settlement terms siiould be con- House talks had failed to turn up.of h r a i - h ;. tmued by Iheir irpresemativc* a t i a n y concrete evidence nf broad-'pli-dgf In t an effort by -.-..mabiy reflecting! !:,in' premier' :, ;..-; Kennedy to' ! lr,i,, n a clean bill' ;, f u m n-.-mv^ion' -::ce. Mikoyan «snts! the United Nations. scale Soviet policy changes aimed to t r e a t th, :::a:!ir a^ finished, it! Mikoyan met w i t h Sec.'eUry of at improving relations betw«n!»as indicated. e \ t n though Snvif-1' ofl Greeley Man Killed A T ' LJ'l IV I ^^ C I K A I 1*1 ft I T C ^^1^*1^1 I KN By FRANK COLOHAN loccupation and also had done Lawrence Edward 'Shorty i Satterthwait. 7!, of 1702 3rd Ave.. was killed instantly about 7:05 a.m. Friday when the pickup truck he was driving was struck by a t'nion Pacific Railroad £' switch engine a! a county road crossing Evans, some trucking He was born July 27. 1891, at Kenneth Square. Pa. Raised in Pennsylvania, he later moved to South Dasota and alo lived m Minnesota prior to moving to Casper, Wyo.. in 1929. at the norih edge of Cam* Hert in 1941 He resided in Casper until 1941, Satterthwait's eastbound truck when he moved to Greeley. was struck bioadsiue by the) Satterthwait was married northbound switch engine and'Tillie Mass June 16. 1917. carried down the tracks for 78- In addition to his widow, he is feet. The impact knocked the bed,survived by eight children, Mrs. off the truck and hurled it a dis- Deanna Cowan and Mrs.' Zelda to tance of about 100 feet. The accident occurred about India Denies Provocation Charge, Awaits Withdrawal cations by rushing troops to Hun- an authoritative source here said'42 nuclear LAWRENCE EDWARD S ATTERTHWA1T, 71. of 1702 3rd Ave , was killed instantly Friday morning when the L'r.ion Pacific switch engine in the background crashed into the pickup at the north city limits of Evans. The mishap occurred .;ii r : thousands i.i to he ri'mijved-- · ! een n-j I'niteo! Na- li,.-iis im;«Ti;,,ii. ;,s Khrushchev o r i g i n a l l y p:oi:iiscn j Kennedy i« iiiideislowl lo have By H E N R Y S. BRADSHER ;: :r .e approached lora promisedCa° prepared :o'rt-l"r!"c Kl'W UKIJ1I, I n d i a ' A P - l n d i a ; C i i m m u n i M w i t h d r a w a l T, t i v l ' N Sn M" l o i ' n u i -- - I T denied loday lied Chinese c h a r g e s 1 ! n o Chinese Mid they were a , tua | s ,eps ine'souet tmun has A C J. K.I l . ' ~ _ that it engaged ,n armed provo- w a t c h i n g the situatTM closely far taken, including removal of. AS r3ST 3S N d t l O H rim hv rntlimii trim.·»· t n Uin* . n _ L. . _ . : _ . - _ . . . i. i ' . " ' f »*f · WJ *f I ^»i *V I TM «· I · ^^ · · m^iles a:;d iunio at 7:05 a.m. Impact of the crash pulled the bed from the pickup, ripped off the rear wheels and scattered debris 150 feet down the tracks. Tribune photo by Jim Hitcii. Dunn, both of 'ee!oy. Marvin L. .of Riverside. Calif., Mrs. LaVern block east of the detour signs onjKirsch of Denver. Mrs. Virginia U. S. 85 at the north edge of Abbott of Casper. Donald ol Va- Evans, where an o-.erpass struc-,cavil!e. Calif.. Mrs. Evelyn Ray ture of the Greeley Bypass is un-i of Thermopolis. Wyn.. and Richder construction. jard Matthews of Watuma, Wis. Wifi Ahttd in C«r | Also surviving are 19 gland- Coroner Ross Adamson report ed Satterthwail's wife. Tillie. was Colo. Grows Twice _. alayan borderlands as the dead-jthe Indian government had re- "jceived indications the Communists j planned to go through with their troops, and a pledge to withdraw i WASHINGTON Census egon. West Virginia and Arkan- |withdrawal Saturday. Peking limc.iKhrushchev promise to provide in;as they announced w i t h their self- ternational verification of the di: Pope John Improved By JAMES M. LONG VATICAN CITY '.-\p - pop ( John XX11I is making a good re oovery. w i t h medical treatmentjmcnls by land and - .,, ''obtaining Uie ho|x?d for resulls"|crucial northeastern sector of the 1 in his battle against anemia, a battlefronl Vatican communique said loday. 30 or more jet bombers. But the Bureau estimates indicate that President stressed that the'C 0 ; ora d 0 \ population ing at more than double the na; imposed cease-fire nine days ago. i India has not yet accepted lied (China's proposals for the w i t h .draw-al. Hit Btn Rtinforclng mantling and withdrawal of "of- "° na! rate ' tensive weapons" has not been' A PTMTM"TM! estimate shows carried out ! lnat lne sl;ile ' s pop u ' a tion jumped To Continu. Aerial Walch ! 8 ~ P er ccm brtvec « the f sas. al! of which were ahead of jColorado two years ago. Estimates for these three states, j w i t h 1960 fig'jres in parentheses, were: Oregon -- 1,864.000 (1.768.687); It has air into the! The 81-year-old pontiff got out of his sick bed briefly again this morning snd "occupied himself with some problems regarding the government of the Church, giving ihf relative dispositions." untement added. the It war the vcond time he had hern nble to gel up since hf was stricken Tuesday. Vatican sources said the Pope's doctor was concerned, however, that he was rushing things in his determination to get back to work, 6 injured When Car Hits School Bus at Lake wood LAKKWOOD. Colo i.-\P - A since the cease-lire went into effect India's hand has been strengthened, for the time being at least, w a lessening of pressure in ils dispute with Pakistan over Hash- lir. Prime Minister Nehru and President Mohammed Ayuh Khan havej agreed lo negotiate their IS-ycarj dispute bill Ihe going may he rough. The agrcCTicnt. however, w i l l allow India lo breathe easier as il pulls troops away from Ihe Pakistan border to face the Red Chinese. Peking said it would withdraw its iruops I! 1 ! miles behind w h a t il called the line of actual control in November \K9. India docsn'l go along because Kennedy also is iindei stoid to! lave told Mikoyan that the United States intends lo continue aerial surveillance of Cuba as long as necessary. In this connection, it w-a* learned the President has decided that aerial reconnaissance is more dependable for keeping check on military activities in Cuba than any of the various compromise in spection systems which have been proposed. Thanf Elet 1966, Get By WILLIAM N. OATIS VMTED NATIONS. N.Y. A P i --The C.N. Security Council Fri- recommended iiiuniiiioiisK that 1. l%n census count and July 1. 1962. The national increase rate vas 3.6 per cent. During the period. Colorado lassed three states in. the estimated figures to become the 30th most populous state with an estimated 1.907,000 residents. The 1960 census counted 1,753,947 Co! oradoans. Colorado's population, as indicated by the provisional e«- |timaies, now exceeds that of Or- ·ted Until s Pay Hike the salary and allowances of the secretary-general be increased by S10.0M from the $55.000 which hat lecn paid since 1946. Santa To Arrive In Greeley at 9:45 a.m. Sat. ; children. Arrangements are to be an- 721. Stales wilh greater population lan Colorado are New York. Cal- ornia, Pennsylvania, Illinois 'e.xas. Ohio, Michigan, New Jer sey, F l o r i d a , Massachusetts North Carolina, Indian*, Miooun Virginia. Georgia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Minnesota, Alabama Louisiana, Kentucky, Marylarx Washington, low*. Conaecticu Okl-homa, South CmliM, Mississippi and Kansas. Five states currently hav greater growth rates -- Nevad Arizona. Florida, Wyoming «nd Hawaii. Nevada's population Increased 17.3 per cent, from 385,278 in 1960 an estimated 335.000 in 1962. Arizona's went up 15.9 per cent, from 1,302,016 to 1.509,000. Wyoming's increased 10.7 per cent, roni 330.066 to 365.000. Hey kids! Don't forget the big Christmas party in downtown Greeley Saturday. The big event starts with the arrival of Santa Claus in Greeley al 9:45 a.m. He will be escorted on a short parade thru ie downtown area at that time. The parade forms at 9th Ave. and 8th St. and moves: East to 8th Aye., south to 10th St., west lo 9th Ave., back north to 8th St. and then finally to the Grttley Community Building. A program, free to ill kids, will start at the Community Building at 10 ».m. Cartoons and variety acts will be pr* Mated and Santa will be there too! driving a car ahead of her bus- jand when the accident occurred. However, it was believed another auto was in between the pickup and the car Mrs. Satterthwait was driving. Apparently Satterthwait had driven the pickup earlier to the Rainforth Manufacturing Equipment Co.. just west of the accident scene, and gotten a combine which he had left there to be repaired. It was believed he probably had driven the combine to his home, then had his wife bring him back in the car to get the nounced later by Adamson Mortuary. The switch engine. No. S 01 U.N. Builds Pressure To Unite Congo UNITED NATIONS, N.V. 'API -- Acting Secretary-General U Thant sends his chief mililary adviser to the Congo Fri. to tighten pressure on Katanga President ^Moise Tshombe and try to end jlhe secession of the province. iut| Thant ordered Brig. I. J, Rikhyt of La Salle. was pulling a caboose.L VIZ A ,u ,- v ' ' "' " The fireman on the engine, H. jJ' 0 re !' y - to the U V Congo Giimartin of Denver, said he : whittle "violently" have to help Santa Claus will set children individually at the Community Building from 1 p.m. to 4 pjn. Saturday. the crossing of the engine. the Red Chinese still on territory! claimed by India. H has scnl off a second note lo eking seeking dinner clarifica- . tion of the Chinese proposals. A |lirst request brought what an In- T'IIJ" buV'Tammcd from the!* 1 " 1 Forei S" MTM 5 ' 1 ? spokesman called n vague reply. The spokesman said mdia wants restoration of the positions both armies held last Sept. 8, before 3 the Chinese swept into northeast ern India and threatened ils rid md fertile slate of Assam. school bus carrying 40 pupils was slruck by a car «nd lurncd on ils side nl a Jefferson County iniersection Kri. Kive young- tiers were hurt bus, rear, swung around and came to' resl on ils side. Driver Hub Thaemerl. 44. of Arvada, said the children remained calm and climbed out roar cxil. 'Die five injured wore sent lo their homos. The others went to class as usual. I The driver of the car was idcn-| lified as Jeanne Adams. 17, ofl Ijkewood. She was taken lo aj hospital for treatment of face and knee injuries. it would leave ' Thant of Burma be chosen reg- The Securiiy Council approved, secrelary-gcneral of Ihe I'nit-'Thant's election at a closed-door »d Nations to serve until Nov. 3. session after ihc United Slates .366. The Genera! Assembly was expected to elect Thant this after- session and the Soviet Union had agreed two days ago to act now. The council resolution was submitted! behalf of the six Today's action not only nssured| D - v Ma he extension of the 53.ycar-oMinTM-permancin members. Burmese diplomat's term for four] Thanfs election by Ihe assenv Amendment 7 Challenged DENVER (AP'-A Denver resl- India Proposes N- Inspection By Invitation By MICHAEL GOLDSMITH GENEVA (API-India proposed ! Friday a nuclear test ban treaty without compulsory inspection pro- Delegate Arthur Lall I made his government's proposal to The fireman said, when he loo ed had, the pickup was in t middle of the tracks. ·nf hi**r Unwar* if Cr«li Pearson, the engineer, told U» investigating officials be was ttn aware the engine had hit (he truck until "parts of the truei tarting coming out of the right ide of the engine," Adamson re- xirted. visions. Indian veals but also dropped thclhly was expected to he dent asked a 3-judge federal court Thursday lo declare invalid Colo- word "acting" which had preced-jmous. cd his till'.' lor the pas! year. In anothci vote Ihis morning, the assembly's 110-iialion Budget- arv Committee recommended that Lockheed Workers Go Back to Jobs The I'nitod Slates and Ihe So-, ·ioi I'niun agreed earlier to i;nc| I'haiit a full five-year term as sec-l rotary-general. But on his insistence it will expire Nov. 3, 1%6. ivo vears from the date he be- unani-irado constitutional amendment No. 7 for reapportioning the legislature Voters approved No. 7 ear her this month. Lawyers for Archie L. Lisco iciaimed Ihe amendment violates Lisco's and others' righls to equa protection under the laws g\iaran teed bv the 14th Amendment t 1 anio acting secretary-general as!" successor lo the late Dag Ham-j t h ( 1 u - s Consti'.iition. ,.: i j , His motion also alleged. ;ie 17-nation disarmament confer- nee after Canada urged the Unit- ·d Stales, Brilain and the Soviet Reserve, Guard Reorganization Plans Unchanged WASHINGTON IAP)--The De- ense Department says the contro- ·ersial reorgankation plan for Army National Guard and Re- Highway Patrolman Wellington serves will come out in final form Terrell, who with Adamson. Pa- robably week, without ma- trol Capt. Sherman Neilson. Evans Marshal Harold Erb and Deputy Sheriffs Joe Elliott and] Erl Timken. investigated Jhe accident, said the trainmen reported the switch engine was traveling at a speed of approximately 40 miles an hour. They estimated the pickup was going about 35 marks at the scene and that ap- Union to accept a Swedish propo- miles an hour. sal for a temporary, uninspected j Ferrell said there were no skid moratorium on underground nuclear tests while scientists seek igrcement on an on-site inspection system. The plan, proposed by the Army last spring and supported by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara. consists mainly of breaking up eight infantry divisions, setting up streamlined brigade organizations in their stead and dropping about 730 company-size units which are considered obsolete. The proposal aroused strong op- Lall suggested a system of on- :ite inspeclions, in effect by invi-i site inspeclion: tation. Each nuclear power would have annual quota of en-site inspec- parently Satterthwait had not jposition from many governors and icen the approaching engine and) some influential members of Con- ·aboose. The patrolman observedigress. the crossing is "wide open" and! A Pentagon spokesman said there is pood visibility lor quite [Thursday consultations are still a distance in both directions. ! going on with governors and Con- The 1955 pickup truck was esti-1 cress members, but it was under- killed The Weather BUI1BANK, Calif. i.\Pi-- Strik-, ing union workers nl gianl Fri- Lockheed vice president .Inhn F.. . told a news confcrrncc Hammnrskjold was [previous Sept. 17 in a pl.ine I'laslip I n e a r Ndola. Northern Rhodesia.l al1 \\w\ *'· ^'^ ( a ,| s it wi n wjl , its Tlunl.' then Burma's chief U.N';^mly existing senatorial dis rest of iced Aircraft Corp. returned lnj, l l c ,,,,,,,,.,,,,. inent request "'ending "a lOT-d'"y! ( '- cht n * '" I 1 " 1 'I 11 ' '"7""" '" "';"'' u-.lknnl n,,l Ihrv « a W 11,, riKnutrh' 1 ' 10 ' TllC Ull " m shn P- '' ^^^ 1!W ' [ar |hy a two-lliinls mnjurily of all ~ jworkors. would make il nccessnry j ^ .ifor them all lo join the union A! I walkoul. Bui they said the dispu.e thai caused the strike was far The teni|ieraliu'e al 2 p m day was 30. Locnl for U hours ending 8 a. m. Friday Greal Western: High. 40; low, 28. Public Service: ( rnm cv( .|High. 39; low, 2fi. I The w'ork-rosuinption agreemou*i , ., , I came altor President Kennedy in P " ' C M , , , , Sun rise, and *« Salurday:j ' T , l f , , I a r t U v Law » lr "' l « 1 ***** '" "«· TM t h a l 7.0 Z a m. and 4:,1o p.m. [Wednesday «nd sot up a special ll!c ?ss " e l!c I 11 " '" a V1 " 1 ' COLORADO - Mostly clnudylboard in study the months-long] '"''his same is-ue w Rimlli and oasl lonighl; scatlorcd-conlraiM squ.-ibblo ; lighl siiow or rnin at lower clev.v! Bomd R«ports Monday lions along soiilhorn Ixiider wilh] Tlie Ixiard was ordered In re .vaMcroil snows southern moun-ipoH lo 111,- Presuii'iil by Mi)ml:iyj ;ill . vwn ' !.-.i:v. limight; pnrlly cloudy north; ils (imlings in the hitler bailie in: Of tin wosl lonighl and over slato Salur-ivolving critical dofonse work, day: locally cooler smith tonigbl; dclepte. was named to serve t Hammarskjold's second Senatorial apnorlionmcnt under · term, until April 10 a lillle warmer over slnle Saturday, low Innight S lo 15 minin- tnins, mostly 2fls n| lower eleva- linns; high Salurday 33-45 mountains. 45 .15 al lower elevations. r [urn Rolh management and the AKl.-]mil Iho union shop issue In a CK) Inloninlionn! Association o f j N n r t h Aincrican Avinlion. oral Dyiiiunics imd l l \ . i n nanlical agiecd In Hie M'tr COLO. FIVE-DAY FORECAST Temperatures w i l l rnngp lnun| near normnl in Iho WCM In 3 loj 12 degroos almvo sensopnl ii llw oasl: chnngoahlo IrmiKTBlurfs Ihiiiiiph Ihc weekend; warming Irond ,iftoi beginning of noxl week: jr.illrreH nnv'. mnslly in Ihc mounlaiiK. Ihrniigh Ihr wookond. bill bornming fnir allor hoginning nf week, highs in 4d's coldpr days lo V» in wosl and SS In 65 cast warmer dnys; lows rfrn lo 13 nwimlnins. generally JO to 30 nl lower novations WYOMING-Parlly cloudy ovfr jro.i lohighl and Saturday will H-allornl snow flurriM nr lij;h snow in noilbv/osioin mountains'^l-. 1 ,, v iiriv.oi' n m l h and west lomsht and noullvaslorn arms Machinists avoided dirorl mention of the dispulo's central is.'-ue, Ihe union shop, when announcing Ihoir employes failed lo give il the; Ihe work resumption. nm'ssary two-thirds nppun.r Bill (hoy loft little doubt of its Ihough they did achieve ·nntimirri ininnrtanrp. jninjorily. size of thcitions. but these could take rtee tc at 39 members, who!only by agreement of the suspect- selected according to ed country. j If the suspected country refused] lo allow inspection after a suspicious earth tremor had been re- mated a total loss by Ferrell. Satterthwait was a farmer stood the talks center on ironing by out details. Dr. Freose New Heod Of Humanities Div. No. 7 removes the Senate fronvported, the treaty would aulomal- boing representative of Colorado's]ically "fall lo the ground." ball! numerical population, now and inlsaid. , .. ,, , , - j n · .1 the future i Ul!' proposal consliluted a! Pr. Neal M. Ci'oss. chairman;teaching and writing. He 15 the I ·*«.·« motion asked the federal! substanlial departure !rom thejof the division of humanities at!co-amho,- with the late Leslie W .0 iiricrlake a (T «'l.onmon.iAnwriran and Bri.ish position that'folorado State Colk-je. has re-iDae Lmdou «| the w,dely u,-(, jof Ihc su.e "on the ha,» of popu-'a ban on underground les.s murt |que«ed in he reiieved o his ad.,numan,i ws cxl book Ihc x a r j h biion so that the vote ol onchibc polired bv compulsory on. 5 i:ei;TM,s.ra.ivr rc.poiB.W.t.e! ef-jfor Persona! Freedom, publish,d 1 ' Ifective wiin the opening o! tho'm 19oO ann revised in 1'.v\ Iwinter quarter Jan. 1 : Pr. Cro-' father. Dr Kri'.m and every citizen within this slatC'.inspedions. jni.iy be as near as is pralically ,bio,.,,u,i 10ihowirof·*·'',Pormer Larimer Senator ^ DlCS The special .1-indue fedoial; ·ocrt !,-,--t sunnnev (icioncd disp iHion of l.isco's oripnal suit and' Liiiothoi suit w i t h aims t i n - it-,! ,,lu-r the Nov. fi gonora 1 oloo-. KOKT COM INS (AP 1 - !·.·· ion jnicr SLilc Sen. Kdward A. Whit w , . , 7r"~r "" W 73. died today s! tVnwr'si c ,, 3Jrm ., n ,, r ,,,,. d , v , M ,,,, ,;, N i c k e l in Alloys llVshylcnan Hospital after a ',onj;| v( , m . s ,,, t . lvss ^ br ,, MOM'liEAl. - Vcif lh.m 3.W ! "\vh^ k ,-r served Larimer Conn-:' 0 tlitVC " 1 " rr ''''' alloys conlamuig n:, kol are I R t . :n (| u - Soiatr from 19'-8-W and i-ommeri-ial uso. j l n ,,,.,; U i l p lr . M denl pro-lcm|vro !of that body. '. Horn in Si. Paul. Minn . Whit- .akc, was- a v.i|'!:nn in the Sield . . u l i l l r i y ;n \Voild War I and · mmcvi In Cv,n.dfl rtflo: lha! ,v;i- ' Hr npoialcH « 2-W acrr f a r m , ,r, I ' m t Collins unl.l - few ·\pars ago whon ho. sold Iho prop- jerty lo the Fort Collins Country Club. \Vhita»»T was « past command- or of the American l-cgion post. | hero and wrvrd on Iho local [school board and »s chairman of . |of Iho Kite Proloction District 1 Dr. Forest W. Frease. urolei-'.\llen Cro-s. deceased, c.imc 'o ;.-or of F.ngiish at CSC since IMS.-CSC in l'« and served as i-:\i'.r- jivill bocomc head of the dnision. nun o! 'v.imanities. 'ii'.H' ol ill? ] Bwrd Approves Changi Vo'Iepc a::d v i c e pn-.-ido-l. Mr- j Dr. K. Kos. ivvsidcn! Ktlian Al'.rn Cross is liv^s i' 1 ;of Ihe ,'rilrgr. s.iid Dr. Cross';Mnlford. Oregon, w h o i e she ,u«l Tcquosl and apiMmlment of Dr ! hrr hiisbj-.i moved ,i yoar ;,;-'. JFroaso have boon approved by Dr jthe Board of Trustees. 1-s i NIW MEDICAL PLAZA tj pirlurod in llm .Mrimcri s skeli-'n .is II will look when romf-lctM no\l May II i bring hmll by Uif J(W Cor|«raSinn M 3no(! !6th SI. The co.i|or,ilion mcludos Di .! \ \\c-iu-r. Pr Mailm Dr. Jourdan and Di. S K. Dr Kted Konkema. i H'.s w i f e dcd several ye.\rs see , i S u r u v o r j inoHidf a sot 1 P r o w n j 'wiiil.ikor M Pa'o Allo. Irf'.ii , md, !is p'andchii.lron. Or. Nnl M. Cr»» --J Dr, Fwtrt W. Fr«*i»

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