Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 25, 1961 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
Page 4
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VHKC 4 GHEKLKY TK11H:NE Wed., Ocl. 25, 1961 Revolutionary Diet Where You Eat Fat To Burn Fat. his own \VoIghl prob- j l e n t , tins :i ntw concept. You ca Nil to uiirn up body Fat. His principles niiiy come as n slmck lo iH'rennial diclcrs who have hcen preached the evils ol| l;il most of their chubby lives. But' after they've wrapped themselves BY JOY MILLER AP Women's Editor dirtr. arc ji dime 1 n dnrtjji any n'.orr. As iwh minions plan is in- Iroduml I c j .111 cvcunli i^urd public, t h e c u i p s n[ o u p i i ' c n l run praclh'fd eye", over Ihc sua'eslod m '°"» (I his substantial bill of fare, menus in M.iall |V|V-:IM| u s u a l - l o l l TM lll « lirsl '"" " cals lllc ' vc ly iieu Iht! l i c l /i-. ni:-ri nf t h n had in years, thoy're pushovers «nmc' calni-'c-cciuiilini: semi-"*"' lo!yunsalunncs. It's n rare slm-ilion ' t '' e ' w ' lcrc ' cu ' osc weigh! wilh- ' nul'])r.'neriii:i!iT.illri-, n H r o o k . | o u l a single hunger pang, lyn pyncrrilogiM n:ul n h M v t v i c i a n [ You cat largo a m o u n t s o( meat, - - · -- - - · : i i l i and eggs -- preferably fried in safriower or corn oil--plus the cheeses you never gel on low- caloried diets. Your vegetables are limited to thc non-starchy kind. Kruils, oscepl fur avocado (imagine thjil on a d i d ) and melon, arc vet And so is everything that has practically any carbohydrate. "The average American eats more carbohydrate liian he VOTE FOR GLEN H. VANTINE Kersey , . . By MRS. E.' J. M E I K E L KERSEY -- Dr. Robert Porlci was guest speaker at the October meeting of Ihe East Central District Heallh Council which mel at the lounge of the Homo Ligh' and Power Company. Dr. Porter's subject was "Ulcers, Their Cause and Treatment." He also answer ed questions from thc group. .Mrs Jay Bohlender was in charge o the business meeting ond Mrs and Kors«y were Cheyenne, Wye., spent Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mri. Valley View present. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Murphy have ·eturncd home from a vis:t wilhj Jack Fiebish. K. J. Mcikcl, rtTLUflLCU I L U i l l u H U J i i t ' ·" . . . Ihclr son-in-law and daughter, Mr. been In Ihe hospital ,,, and Mrs. Harry Hale in San and Denver unce Jum Francisco, Calif. During Iheir visit they visited many places of in- leiest. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stolarczyk. Mary and Priscilla and Georgej _ Prcbish have gone lo Minncai»lis R e a l l y A S p e c i a l i s t who hai Greele; e 4, re turned home Sunday. She is ahii to walk about the house with tlif aid of crutches. Mrs. John Din nel is helping at the Mciki' home to attend Ihe wedding of Max Fenna, a nephew of Stolarczyk. xiuis Stolarczyk served as sccrc Priscilla, who attends ary. Mrs. Bohlendcr announced leigh'.s College in Denver, will be hat she had not received thc notice of Ihc county annual mccl- ng. The East Central meeting will be on Ihc regular dole Nov 21. Dr. Marion Kymer of the Belle ionfils Blood Bank, will speak L I N E R B U R N S AFTER EXPLOSION Smoke rises from the burning Kalian liner Bianca C. as the 18,427-lon vessel lies off British West Indies poll of SI. George's Grenada, Ocl. 23, following an explosion in which two crewmen were killed. Passengers totaling 362 and 305 crewmen were rescued. (AP \Virepholo via radio from Port of Spain) ticpins! are. popular among army men Briefly, t h i s is how his program works: An obese- person eal- l.should," says Dr. Taller. "By cut- ing | nv( , c t ( U ainjiJes of fat is slim- jliiiS carbohydrates, you're in no^j.,,,,,, , 0 burn fat lhrce limes as ' way endangering yourself. You're sl| . on g| v us a l t . an person. You nose o f 'his ;,roi:r.-,m i s l o reduce, LONDON - Diamond - , . - - . the sire of iul deposits." he says, decorated wilh regimental crcslslBritish jewelers say. an attendant at the wedding and vill fly back lo- Denver after the ceremony. School will be dismissed Thurs- dav jn the Ml blood factor. Dr. Kymer las been a guest of Ihe council jreviously. Mrs. Jesse Preltyman :ransfcrrcd to the Kuner group from the Ilardin group. The luncheon was served by the Kersey members. Mrs. Sclma Pearsoi and Mrs. Buss S h a r p e were guests. Members from La Salle Delta, Masters, N u n n , Big Bend may attend the CEA convention n Denver. KT. BRAGG, N. C. (AP; -- His military occupational specially j j listed as veterinary specialist, but Sgt. Charles Paris of Billings, Mont., is serving the Army as « blacksmith. "far as I know, there arc only TM F wVy h leachers three of us left in the Army." he * ·· says. His next assignment is official sheer lor horses used by the Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Riggs ofiU. S. Olympic team. 19c BURGERS 19c · HARRY'S DR1VIN improving your health. They con- lain no essential substances that lose until yon reach your normal u-eight. Your txxlv adjusts and the body must have lo repair il-: o|101 - a | CS as a lean' Ixidy. But the self. The energy they provide. hieh . fo[ p ro g,.,-, m - mus t be con- Iliough quick, is limited." tinned. Hclurn to carbohydrates lie M a i l e d wilh work done byL |](j y , m -n accumulate poundage, others wilh animal fats, and ex- . rhc mosL rccc ,,|| v a(jt]uireri fal tended Ihc research into Ihc loly;; ROCS easily. To get lid of long" siorcd fal is like blasting a '·-- Your present Councilman Ward 1 Businessman of Greeley Experienced Councilman Qualified Councilman Cojiuuittuo for ViiiLtinc unsaluraled fats. The results his labors first reduced Dr. Taller. nel through a mountain, he says.! t h e n thousands of people who D ,,t jf s just a matter of time un- conic to him as pnlienls and cnd;^ ^ goes too. up sylphhke missionaries of Ihc "Ccrlain (ats have thc proper- new non-calorie-counting creed. ty ,,[ inhibiting f u ii e r f a t forma- Me has pnl his principles in a. ( - ml in t |, c | ivcr nn( i ^.^ - m t hc took, "Calorics Don't Count" j u s l , f n t ,i cnos j( s . rtit animal fats do piilillshod. 'Hicse days when calorie cluirls this," he explains. "Wilh the introduction of polyunsaturaled are learned more carefully than;[ a i S | ij no i c j c ac j,) g(K , s j n | Q the the multiplication table ever was, f a t deposits and increases (he release of fatly acids which burn Dr. Taller boldly suggests scul- [ling the whole Ihing. For the overwhelming majority For Rent ewriters · I a low calorie diet doesn't work, ic says. If you do lose poundage, i lot of it is vilal body tissue (wilh lis diet yon lose only fal) anc maintain youi Typ nnd Adding Machines $6.00 month 3 months rent may npiily on purchase Ph. Et 3-02-16 807 8th St. \JOi\y Safflowcr oil. which Ur. Taller suggests you take either in liquid form or in capsules to speed up 1 the process, lias Ihc highest percentage of vital linnlpic acid. I t j you rarely can maintain youi c . an (j c us( ,(i , n f r yj n g a ,,j an \M \ lew weight. dressings. Capsules should con- ,ow calorie diets are medical',| a ;,, at i ras t jjjxj milligrams of ami nutritional failures, as olilLji; y OU can take six a day. hat as amulets and incantations, Over all, concludes Dr. Taller, ne says, because ot obesity. |th e hesl diet is f,5 per cent fat-Tor Dr. Taller, the villian is | w n -thirds of Ibis unsalurated carbohydralef, Ihc hero polyim saturated fats. And ol«sity is finiply the inability to handle carbohydrates. J)r. Toiler's Two-prong nllack: By cutting down on carbohydrates you help control the for- ination of fal within Ihc body--and it's body fat that makes more body f a t . The fatter you are, the fiistcr you pul on fal. By increasing Ihe /at I n t a k e , especially of unsalurated fals, you're increasing the hreaking fats--30 percent protein. S carbo hydrate. meals i day; seafood once a · Eat three f, don't skip iny. · Eat fish or day. · Eat fried food al least once a day. using safflower oil (corn oil ne.xl hesl). · Don't add sail. You can use garlic, spices. · Drink plenty of water. · Gel some exercise; .walk an hour a day if nothing else. Ritchey's down of f a t s within the tody. « Uon't cheat. It will slop thc When you eat large quantities of w i, 0 i e pro cess unsaturatod fals you slimulalej ,\n mca(s (i,-j m visible fats). body production of certain hor-| ,\ll fish (wilh oils and (ats). monra which work to release fat] All kinds of cheese. stored around (he body. Unsnlur- E gg s preferably fried in saf- ated fals keep your cholesterol|fi mvor or c m n O if. down. You limit saturated or ani- Artificially sivcetened carbon-, mat fals because of cholesterol. a(e( ) ^h drinks. ; "The disease of the fat man Coffee, tea. lies in the size of his fat deposilsj Vegetables containing no more 1 Which act aS a manufacturing t ], an 5 p^ cen t cartohydrates (cu- :proeess in fat formalion. The pur- Clim bcrs, tomatoes, mushrooms, !reen leafy types) in Iwo 3-ounce servings at lunch and dinner. A baked potalo, oozing wilh corn oil margarine, may be subslitul- ed. Fruits containing no more than per cent cartohydrates (avocado, melon). Gluten bread (dietetic product from which most carbohydrate removed). DON'T EAT ! Fruits (except those listed above). Fruit juices. Bread (except g l u t c n . Starches ( a n y kind or form). Sugar and sugar derivatives. Cakes, cookies, pastries. Candy and chocolate. Ice cream and ices. Alcohol. ! Vegetables rich In carbohydrates. Holds Any Toy On I«iy-Away for Christmas Giving! Toys and Hobbies 829 8th St, -- Across "· From Penney** BEAUTIFUL Dr«v«rj relt In and out «n bearings i c q l a d In rigid t r a t k i , T h « y c « n ' t itick, c drop d«wn, can't f*H «ut. S i x - d r a w e r d r e s s e r b a s e wilh framed hanging mirror. Ponal Bed wi* nigfo table FuluR SMUtfo* 0{ tU tp-M/ 82-pUtt towfy tktwtiit wi fW* JJ- BONWITZ offers stytes ond sizei suited to any curving room, large or small, and numerous individiK)! plecos to meet almost any need. ASUNCION -- Paraguay is reported lo be studying a plan (or additional surcharges on nones- senlial imports. Wheeler Realty Co. is proud to announce to Smartly beautiful in its new light natural tone the BONWITZ Collection represents ths finest in Contemporary American design. Here is tfis fashion sensation of the year! BONWITZ is amazingly versatile, too. There's a wide variety of bedroom, dining room and incidental pieces from ·which to choose and, on most pieces, optional wood at plastic tops. See the BONWITZ Collection . . . ' you'll love its striking beauty and style. Advertised Nationally Sold nationally only at selected stores. that U aOe is now associated with our firm as a Real Estate Salesman for Cottonwood Village This lovely grouping include* Hi* fwo-door china cabinet, a finely »tyled labl* that extends to 74 inches, and · two-drawtr buffet with partitioned silverware conv partiMnt;ond matching arm and jide chain. Yew may olje choot« rfws cozy round table with Captain's chair* to match. Tht labla exlendi to 78 inches. . TWj drop leof (able ij a delightful piece for any dining room. II 'n shown here with matching" jide chairs. The table extends to 86'/j inches. Two leaves ar« furnished. TRUITT FURNITURE COMPANY 1709 9th St. Open Evenings By Appointment EL 2-0050

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