Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 15, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 15, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LAS CHUCES (If. M.) SUN-HEW8 jSundty Morning, April 15,-US I New Mexicans Place In First Part Of Rodeo 'PHOENIX. Ariz.. April H \ Twy New Mexico cowboys placed in iliu find Ko-round of the PIioc- j nix \Vorltl CliJiinpiunsliip Rotiuo, yf.sU'Ydiiy, but tlie top spots went to u-ianglct'H from other nt»Lo.s. K i C f l Darnell, Rodeo, N. M- took j ticnimi in calf roping, ami Jim ]3H«ter, Lordshurg, te.imcd with Jim Hiid.son, Wilffjx, Ariz., to place third In ttam roping. OlUr Flrsl-lliiunil KUMilis; jfcirrlKK'h Itniiir Hiding--ttuck Jluthc-rfonJ, Lonnpith. Oltla. Del Jlfix-crty, Benson, Ar\y.. (.'n I r lt»iilriK--Walton rouge, Jtunkln, Tex.; DnrntMl; Chuck sKrJjpfirrt, I'rcacoU, AT'te. Time 18. . - t?f«r« Wrehlllnjc -Homer Pctll T gr?w. Chandler, AH?,. Vern Castro, IlWlimonU. Calif,:. Mil HORUC, El, Calif. Time: HO.ti. ftdihll.- Itriinii KidiilK--Hill Limit-limn, IjtllJiiKS, Mont. l-arryVin- Icy. Phountx; Hill Wiml, Angela Camp, Calif." Tfnni Itiiplng - Kiilph Narrft. IIHIIT*. (!iln Jjciiit. Ariz., and Hen Sntliv. Flomint. Arl?.. Asliury Srlit-ll. CnoHdgc, Ariz., find Vcrn CiiHtni. Richmond, Calif. Brldtur and H tuition. Time: :10.8, ipylttMjr' (,'i»iil(".| - · Jesse Jn'ftfefi, ridden by Mullock Kos Cinqjcr's Pialol. rlddcm by Jim Ca hulirf, CrcHBOn;'- Te:. Clilckttslu LIFELINE TO THE FRONT KOREAN VOLUNTEERS curry equipment over uif^d terrain near "the !J8th parallel. The supplier* go to Company C, Ifilh i n f a n t r y l{pr;i- tiu'iil. U. S- ;tril Division, for U.HC against Chinese Reds. (Inter national I Hustling Texas Western Trackmen ; Easily Capture Three-Way Meet M,IJ«:. rlildMi by mister Welch, jltpihina Hull Illillliic- "oh C'har- lfe?. : ' Wrny.- Colu.: Hnck llnyce, J l a v n r , Mnnt. Ci,yil Engineers fiold Weekend Meeting At AM A foLir-.'X'litiul dUlrlct. iiicetln/,' (it t h e A n i r i l r t n Boulvlv ·! Civil Hn- ^ijifi'i'H win liuld tlllH wt'(?lc(r!i(l a t ' .N'uw Ml'Mco AM :illl|;p. A It f l l i l i l l ^ t h e IMCttlnf; Wrrr cll'Iptcr.T fI oni UlilViTKily nf Kn\V Jlcxlr.. A litlHtlliiK (-tow of Tosii.'; \VcnL- j Dldtc Ajidicwji' ;tf!lit-nolnt total crn tiacltlnoii won i.-aslly ovci 1 ' \va« hitlli for the A AM team. New Mexico A.M a n i l New .Me.x-j Itrsltlts (lirsl liliiL-c winners led WcHtern oppoiinent:'. in 't thim 1 - wny tritnk »nd f t f k l meet- licld Krl'dny «n Miller Field at Now Mexico AAM collcfe. The 'IVxaiiH, led by Council and Munh;/.. earned nioHt of a 79 '2/:\ point t'llat hy wlnnliif,' 10 -'jf ]5 flr.4t placpH wliik- A M cnplnrefl only two f l i n l H ami ran up :i total of -12 l/:t pointH. New .Mexico WeHtorn won three evenlH, but fliiipht'd In thlnl njiot with n :il) point I n t n l . Connell. all-r Toxna Wctt- Wcrilem Trclinlcal 2 Mile run -- Monte?., T\V -10:31.:!. 120-yunl hlgli lini'Jlea -- Wliltc, NMW - :M.4. ^SO-yanl low ImrdlcB -- White, NMW -. :26.-l. Mile rolny -- Texan WeBleiu -- 3Hl.ll. MlRh j n n i p -- Kelly, AM; wnw held I'^rklny .'if- I ^w Mexico \Ve.'uem'.s lup H m r - 1 TliolnaH. Ai-M; Holdcnnan, T\V -- ern work-hni(e, look hl^h .leorlnR linnurK w l l h iri'/i polnlii 'jollpctiMl In aeven fvpiitii. Teannniitp Mon- tp riipturud three flints for 10 polnl.i. i n i l y ) : 100-yiml dnsh -- M^;Cnrmlck, TW ' :)0.4. ' 220-yunl dash -- McConnick, ·l-IO-yanl iliiBli -- Harvey, TW -- :5. r ,.C. 880-ynrd run -- Mimtcr., TW -- Mile mil Montcz, TW -- lei-noon. .;ii;(i n illnnrr'iriectlnK .'it 7 ]) ni. In .Milton M u l l . KiOftiiicil npi'aker nl Iho bDlHinel WIJH Victor Von HHioilpr, K\ I'linci.' u'ali.-e engineer of the Intel nut lull- ! uhlJunncliiiy cimimltiKloM, He upolte ! on ilic "Faleim Dnni.s n n i l , 1'rul)- \ Kryin y tii i) n. in. .Salimhy :i liiimncsii M i c r l l r i f - of the New Mex- ici/.n^f.tlon wan held. j A t U. U. W. Jniiii-n of Denver.! Huri'iai of I'liMi,- lionilH i n h a n en- ' (,'ihecr rt|'ol(e. l''i)llr Htllilclll Jinpeni | \Vere [iiesenteit In n .Hi'HHlon ht'^ln- ' n l n ^ .itl, in a, 111., anil included ·a pajifi- hy Clifford \Viirthcn of Mew thlin 70 slinlent civil eil- HlneiM-.s . nUciulod tile confui-unce. 1'Yeil A. Denno'y IH pie.siitent of Die iiii'al'chiiptpr, anil D. P. ,lett filenl- ly advixoi, ' ^ · -- ,, CUTS DOWN ON KOHKIii.NT.HS HANCiKOK i/ll · I ' n i ' l l n n i e n l Is foreign l e K i d u n l H lo 1,000 In each of ceitaln piovlnecs lo lie ilttilp.- nnU'il l.iy the inU'H'.ii nilnliitry. j iMjii'l^ri'MH living th any pfovlnco nouv in «i\ceHH ol the l.OOU l i m i t j wonlil mil he ousted hut iiny nt-w | fnliil^nvln atleiii]tiii^ lo enter a.s I le^dentK wolild hi 1 .snlijt'et lo finn I cr. White, hid II counters. -iml ' Tj ft. 10 In. (thi-ec-wny tie for flrsl) I N S U R A N C E FIRE -- LIABILITY - PROPERTY DAMAGE WINDSTORM -- H A I L -- AUTOMOBILE -- BUILDING CONTENTS -- PERSONAL PROPERTY LOANS PERSONAL - COLLATERAL, - COMMERCIAL STATE FINANCE CO., INC. 117'Enst Grlggs · Phone 968 Meals, Laundry Time Dangerous For Children The most dangerous-libUrs of the day Tor young children i.are indal- timc und Jauncfryiirac. .Those'-are the limes when they are most-Jlke- ly to be burned dr scalded.' life in- Kiirancfc statistics indicate. ·;*: In boys under 5 nearly two-thirds of ihc deaths-from burns arc from hot liquid:) spilling; on' t h e m . or fttcnm spraya. In girls .of the name age scalding liquids 'and steam capsu about half the burn fatalities, . " Since cooking and.washing can't be eliminated at home, the National Board of Fire Underwriters urges more careful supervision of young children especially near tubs of hot water anil around the stove. Get Hi-Habit; Slttur .Mont of the accidents occur when* no adult is around to keep ah eye ' on the children. A survey of SOO eaaes'of children burned to death showed that in nearly a third of the deaths the children were Je" alone in the house. At all times, they remind na. ents, an adult or responsible baby* Bitter- should 'be with the children. Anyone · staying with youngsters should know-how to call the Fire Department ' n a n emergency and should be given a telephone number where parents can be reached if necessary. The National- Hoard suggest! that parents might further .safe guard children against fire and burns in the "home by checking over the house for fife hazards during their regular spring house cleaning. . '. See that a nietah screen is placed in front of your, fireplace so that children won't get too close t o ' t h e fire, or be burned by popping sparks.' Clean Out. RubMsh · ' ; Clean out rubbish that may have accumulated in the ccHar, the attic and closets. Clear it out of'the back yard also, and nearby vacant PROMfT SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS L' VOd THE /TRUTH; ooc-/I'M . /SLCEPtHGBECAUSt \ I GOT ENOUGH j INSURANCE FROM IN ONE EAST COAT WALLBOARD LOOK LIKE LOVELY PLASTER / yESTERDAV THESE WALLS WERS uei_y, UNFINISHED vVALLBOARD TOBAV YOU HAVE WALLS THAT LOOK LIKE'LOVELY PLASTER CUES! THE M E D I C I N E W08HED i you LOOK AS IF YOU'D GOOD % NIGHTS);? ONECOATopDRAMEXOIOIT/ HID JOINTS ANO BLEMISHES AS IT COLORED' WITH DRAMEtfyou SIMPLY BRUSH M NEW WALLS ITDRIESMN 4 HOURS/ FILLS CRACKS \H\ PLASTER WALLS,TOO ! DRAMEX COLORS LIKE PAINT-RESURFACES / ^Tf LIKE PLASTER, IN ON6 EASY COAT.' DRAMEX comes In your choice of white and eight colors... mixes and spreads easily... gives a "just decorated" look to any room. Try It soon... DRAMEX! t ., B .mol«.i - W.ll. .r. _____ ~m (10' I ID') Iota where . children often . play Such · refuse is not o n l y ' a fire .hazard but a citseasc .breeds? When cooking, hbunewiyes should turn handles of pots and pans V.- they' don't 'extend beyond' the edge of the stove where handles*'can; be grabbed by; youngsters.; · |'.' · Be sure that portable- heaters are placed in a position where they .can't be tipped over easily by children. -·- - -. There arc more and_mre flame- .proofed play clothes available for 'children today.r Avoid "flimsy" 'net parly dresses. If you! buy them, 'you might make them flame-resistant yourself by dipping' them in a solution of.9.6uhces.df.borax, 4 ounces of boric.aclci and a gallon .of water, Squeeze water. puVand 'dry.' . '.: ; ' · ; " ' · ' . The nation's:.most '. destructive fire in 1950. w ; as a'KOM.OOtnoss of 56.0QO acres of'forest and '28 buildings in the'El'CapIlan.Ihdian Res- .ervatiQn, Conejos, Calif." *.· Photosfaiic Copies Keep an exact copy o£ your family Records.'.and Personal Papers . ' . Las Cruces Abstract andtille.Co; Coniull ··--' 129% Main · Phone 444 can be such fun with an ESTATE Electric Range" , ay , BARBARA BATES · 'lovely co-star of 20|fl Ctnfur/.foxV . ,; "I'd 'Climb lh» Highest 'Mountain" Stcaki, ehopi," bacon, .nom- burgtrt hav. "gri[| B d" flavor when den* on. Iht iei, caket, bticuiti, or a cat- lirole--or all of lh«m' ol once --riie lo new poaV».of towny in .the'big 111- anccd H««l Ov*n!' IT BARBECUES/ While Ihe oven U d occupied, your tar-l-Kew cook( ntw "ehoreoal-h«a flavor into a whoU roasl chhken. Kcducoi tVlnkag*. IT WILL DO.SO MUCH MORE THAN AN ORDINARY RANGE I Estate gives you more: cooking ci-' pacity per Inch--and per dollar--than any olher range. Its four'separate cooking areas solve your No. 1 big- meal problem of serving everything hot and ready at the call to dinner. For workaday use, it lets you blttie through lunches. JOJQSO 249 Oel U MAMEX (fan your 10CAI DEALER P H O N E A N Y W E S T E R N U N I O N O F F I C E (by number) ANYWHERE in the U. S. A, ASK FOR "OPERATOR 25" n v jmprlHonimMit. '" r °.t-i j.. . .^.. I IIKSOKT (IHOlir KANTA FIS. April M i/l'i ·-; IIil"Mt. I'ortpl'.. niniiBKi'r nf n i H h - i tp*,s LotlKU intii Snntii Kt 1 , Imft ; Injun ithcti:U.pii'ijUlt;ill uf tin- n o i t h - · v t n Nr\v Mif.\k'u tit-woit 'lijisoi'ln- '· lion. Mr »iu.' i; ti-'l.i 1UVUI \\'onir .if A i i a w h r i K l ' l - i i l K i - ni'iii- Ulul-li-llii, i * A l r x l i u l r r - O i n l i n i n Hell, llw 'n- vontur uf lilt- toH'lilioiK-. wns 'ilm) the i h v c n t u l nf lllo. MiliMxlll '.vllicll rcplHfcd u i n « wtupinjj us n inotli- i oil for runlrul,.ut.alvi»ljim' fll^lit. ! [Canlinualion o/ ttandord equipment and Irlm lllvi~ · frol.d ii d.p.ndonl.on avoilaUlfly ol nulirta'J- .·If In II nil OlliiT I'iiuinrlll); . . , lilUon U'twi i; In^urtinru Cu. THEO V. NELSON Ol'TOAIOTRIST Modnrn Eye Eximlmllon Greater on-the-job performance these great truck features with GHAT ENGINE FEATURES · Two Grrnt tnohips · Vilvo-ln-HNiil Elllcloncy . GliioFlaino Coniliustlon · Power-Jot C.vluirotor · Pcrlpclcil Coollna · S|iccbllicil 4-Way Lulirlc.illon · Thormohl,itlc Moat Control · C,\M Alloy lion Plstoni GREAT CHASSIS FEATURIS · Willfl RAllgfi ol Springs t Riiufjeil, Hlglil Fratuts · Hynolil llwr Aln · Slnglt-Unll Rtir AK|O Housing) i Now Twln-Acllnn Roar Qrakos lf,-atr-rf,''. "OJ.!|J · Nrw Diial-Sliou Parklnn Bralco rr,*j, r .j v i r M«rf.i,i · Now Twqno-Acllon Brnkm IKt,\t.i*t, HD.I*!,; . Foot-Oncrnlecl Parking Drako tivjfit »,'h .t.iftt,j rroni«lii:«4) · StoiHing Ctilimin Gearshift {KeJtlt «,lh 3 Ifrtd ImntM.'nion) t 4-Spoft(l Syncliro-Mcsn Transmission (., »,,, »,AI,I GREAT CAI AND BODY FEATURES · Now VMiHp.niM in C«li! · Flrxl-Mouiilnil'Cal) · IniiKovcil Full-Wlillli Cub Seal · S»»! All|lllll to Propgr Eyi Uvil . Largo Door Oponlngt «SIdo Doors Holtl Open hy Ovor* Contcr Stop . Stiinly Steel Conslrnclloil »Unit-Doslgn Boitlos · Pick-Up BoilloswillinusliSkldStrlps · ln;ulnteil Panel Bodies · Extra-Strong Stako Bodies · Fiill-Wldlh Gravol Slilold · Ono-Pieco Fcndors · Countcrlalai!Cid Alligator-Jaw Hood MORE CHtVBOUlS IN USE THAN ANY OTHIR TRUCK! Purity 00 'Bread TURRENTINE CHEVROLET CO., INC. 101 N. ALAMEDA PHONE 123 Inspirational styling, vividly modern, and the' beautifully intricate grain pattern of Sycamore, have been blended--with Finesse, A . gently scallbpecl design flows throughput' the spite, : to be repeated by- ingenious, wooden. drawer' pulls and-highlighted iby~tiny .'gctntn like, gold-bright pulls on the small drawers. .The richly distinctive -finish « . - · . Flame, the newest fashion favor- ire, a curtain of soft fire-red overlaying a vibrant natural brown"," . The Mcngcl Finesse is a - t r u e triumph, not only, because of its unique design and striking finish b u t also b e c a u s e it's w i t h i n reach of . the budget-conscious. So furnish your bedroom now w i t h . Finesse -- w i t h 'modern -. with Mengcl. DOUBLE $li|COO: DRESSER 175° ·NCEL BRINGS MODERN TO YOUR BEDROOM PIECES IN GROUP 12-DKAWER DOUBLE DRESSER SIDE CHAIR 6-DRAWER CHEST BENCH VANITY REGULAR BED ·(·DRAWER .DRESSER BOOKCASE HEADBOARD BED NIGHTSTAND BOOKCASE HEADBOARD · BED AND TWO NIGHTSTANDS 207-215 Sou»hM»in Phonn46 1146 1

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