Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 26, 1977 · Page 54
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 54

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1977
Page 54
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Brazil arms sales enjoy financial boost ByMARCUFSHER RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (UPI) -- Brazil's young arms industry is enjoying a psychological and financial boost as a result of the government's decision to refuse US. arms purchase credits and to cancel the 25-year old U.S.-Brazil Military Assistance Treaty. Although present Brazilian arms production is limited to a short list of advanced weapons systems, Brazilian military men are convinced that they can produce high-technology, low-cost arms which will find a secure place on the international market. "We will have all the conditions to attend not only to the necessities of the internal market but also to the needs of other areas because of the low cost of labor, the learning ability of Brazilian workers and the inventive capacity of Brazilian engineers," said Gen. Jose Pinto de Araujo Rabelo, commander of Brazil's First Army In Rio de Janeiro. Brazil became serious about weapons self-sufficiency in 1975 when it created a government- controlled arms manufacturing holding company, Imbel (Industria Brasiliera de Materia Belico). In addition to coordinating the manufacture of ammunition, explosives and small arms for the Brazilian army, Imbel injected new capital and government loans for the development of a highly successful line of armored cars and amphibious vehicles, designed and manufactured by Engesa, a Sao Paulo-based engineering firm. Since 1960 Engesa has used technology developed by an off- the-road civilian vehicle program to create its first military vehicle, the EE-9 Cascavel, a six-wheeled light armored car · which is powered by a 150 hp Mercedes Benz diesel engine and equipped with a 105 mm turret gun. The Cascavel, which is already in general service with the Brazilian army, has proven to be an easily driven and maintained vehicle whose low cost makes it extremely attractive In Third World armies. According to the London-based Institute For Strategic Studies, 20 Cascavels have already been sold to the Arab oil state of Quatar, and industry sources have reported a Brazilian- Libyan deal for the delivery o f . 200 of the vehicles over a three- year period at a cost of $425,000 per unit. The sources said Engesa is presently negotiating' for the sale of 200 more Cascavels to Abu Dhabi and 700 to Turkey, which if successful would make Brazil a major international weapons supplier. In addition to the Cascavel, Engesa has developed an armored amphibious assault vehicle, the EE-2 Uniiu which can either carry troops or a 116 mm. cannon and ground-to- ground rockets. Engesa is also moving toward the final stage in development of a 17-ton, heavily armored tank, the Sucuri. The company's 1977 domestic and foreign weapons sales are expected to reach J100 million, industry sources have said. Although not connected to Imbel, the government's aviation company, Embraer, has also pushed ahead in military aviation weapons development. In its six years of operation Embraer has produced over 100 Xavante jet trainer-tactics! close support aircraft, built under license from (he Italian Aennacchicompaiiy.According to Embraer, the company has received inquiries from a number of Latin American and African nations concerning possible sales of the two-seat Xavante. Embraer also acheived a high level technological transfer from the U.S. when Northrop Corp. agreed to give them a license for the manufacture and export of components for F5 fighters, now in service with the. Brazilian and many other Third World air forces. TlntrJ.,May26,1977 GREELEY(Colo.) TRIBUNE 55 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL Brain development may be compromise to abortion question By AL ROSS1TER Jr. UPI Science Editor WASHINGTON (UPI) - Cornell University scientist Carl Sagan says a better understanding of brain development in the unborn child might offer a compromise solution to the abortion controversy. Sagan. suggests the time at which society might agree that aborting a fetus is permissible is before it acquires the intelligence that makes humans unique.. The fetal brain seems to reach that point of development, he said, toward the end of the first three months of pregnancy or near the beginning of the second trimester. Sagan emphasized, however, that more must be known before legal guidelines are based on such an idea. Sagan is an astronomer, director of the laboratory of Planetary Sciences at Cornell and a leader in the search for extraterrestrial life. He turned to life on Earth in a new book (The Dragons of Eden, Random House, $8.95) discussing the evolution of human intelligence. Some of the ideas he developed in the book led to his entry into the abortion debate. He elaborated on his thoughts in an interview. Sagan said on one side of the debate, the phrase "right to life" is designed to inflame rather than illuminate. "We gratuitously slaughter' many animals that are capable of feeling deep emotions as far as we can tell. And no one seems tremendously concerned about that. So it can't really be just a right to life." "Now on the other side is the idea that there are no moral or ethical consequences of abor-. tion," Sagan said. "That's clearly mistaken also because a prematurely born baby, let's say in the eighth month, is identical to a fetus in the eighth month except one's inside and one's outside. Why should it be permissible to kill one and not the other?" "What is that uniquely human quality that makes murder impermissible?" lie suggests it is intelligence -- "something we do not share with the other animals." Sagan said the brain of the very young human fetus is much tike that of a fish or an amphibian. The human brain seems to develop as it evolved over the ages. Sagan said it is the massive outer layer of the brain, called the neocortex, that provides "the essential human quality." "It seems to me," he said, "that a possible compromise -much more work would have to be done before it would be acceptable --would be to find out precisely when is the time when the fetus develops this uniquely human part of the brain. "At that point we might say it becomes human. And at that point our ethical considerations. apply and not earlier." Sagan also expanded the question of ethics to the great apes and dolphins and whales which research has shown "are much more intelligent that in general we given them credit for." Recent experiments, for example, have shown that chimpanzees and gorillas arc. capable of learning "They can put together hundreds of words into new ·sentences, new compound words, new syntaxes, all done correctly in a creative way. If that were translated to, let's say writing, and you were in another room listening to what the chimpanzee was saying, I don't think you'd be able to tell that that was a chimpanzee and not a 4-year-old child." '119* Compact, lightweight portable operates on normal house current or 12 volt auto battery. Includes auto adapter cord that plugs into auto cigarette lighter. Ideal for campers or RVs. Zenith energy saving 100% solid-state chassis with Quick on Sunshine® picture tube. Custom Perma-Set VHP fine luning and 70-positton UHF channel selector. Handsome dark brown finish with metallic beige color top and accents. OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL NOON CLOSED MONDAY, ( MijBiV MAY 30. VcOWzroSr? "S^S OB IPSGH, SALES- · -SERVICEL 718 10th SI. 152.2005 Wargamers hooked on hobby By JERRY HARKAVY Dutch force, was trying to Associated Press Writer block him. PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- The scenario is based on a Once a month, a small group of preset number of moves by. armchair generals gathers in a each player, and takes 10 to 12 college classroom to refight hours to complete. "It would some'old battles -- like Water- take 50 or 60 hours, to play the loorCettysburg and Stalingrad, whole game," said Kane. Lengthy games are nothing For hours, they pore over new for dedicated war gamers. cardboard battlegrounds, de- willwerth, a 33-yearflld engi- ploying infantry battalions and neer wno has been invo | ved in artillery batteries into positions the hobbv since ig58i . atten d s to destroy enemy units or seize nationa i conventions that at- a strategic hill or town. tract crowds of 2,500. The meetings are conducted .. We go to thcsc tournaments by the Maine Wargamers Asso- once or twice a yeari ^j we elation, one of hundreds of sim^ play for three straigW davS| » ilar: groups around the country he said. '. derated to the fast-growing Many wargame rs say they holjby. · . · got hooked on the hobby after The gameboards are scaled- tirin 8 ° f ches ' s - " chess was de ': down versions of historic battle si g ned as a war Same, but it's sites.-and the military units - ""' as realistic," said James represented by tiny cardboard A" 3 " 1 of Westbrook: Although chips - are the same ones that dice are rollc1 ta most S ames . met in the actual encounters. P [a y ers ins ! st ^at skill and intelligence, not luck, determine At one table, two players be- [he outcome, .gan the opening scenario of a m general, wargamers tend complex game called "Well- | 0 b e college-educated, with an ington's Victory." Bob Kane of ' interest in history, and many Portland was moving Napo- are former military officers, leon's 'army into position to "People give us incredulous capture a village south of Wa- looks. They think we're a bunch terloo. Larry Willwerth of of warmongers, but we're not," Scarborough, heading an Anglo- sa j d Allard.. Thais halt adoption moves By ALAN DAWSON BANGKOK, Thailand (UPI) -- Yes, you can buy a baby in Thailand, or at least you could until a couple of weeks .ago when all hell broke loose in the local newspapers. Now, following a local scandal and apparent adoption malpractices in the United States and Sweden, all adoptions of Thai children --legal and illegal -- have been officially halted. "Actually, you can probably still, buy a baby if you want," said a Thai government source involved in rewriting adoption regulations. "But my deputy minister says anyone trying to get the child out of the country may find himself arrested under , article 21" of the constitution. That article permits the government to apply any penalty, including death, to any person Involved in an act "detrimental to society." There is no trial. Until two weeks ago, there was no specific law against baby selling, and the bit of regulation involving adoption of Thai children actually en-' couraged unscrupulous middle- men to buy children for foreigners, a U.S. embassy official said in an interview. "Getting a real orphan from an orphanage is much more difficult than simply-going to a poor family and paying the mother for her child," the official said. The unscrupulous middlemen had ari incredible advantage over adoption agencies, who carefully screened a child's background to be sure he had no parents or other close, relatives, adoption sources said. -LOWER- Prescription PRICES! Bring . i ' LESS MONEY A j / and your next '' \ I / Prescription to ... 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