Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 21, 1976 · Page 22
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 22

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1976
Page 22
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Ann Landers Liquor isn't always quicker Now you know By I'niled Hr«s lntern»lioa»l the body of !he average adull human contains 2,800 square inches of skin. Dear Ann Landers: My wife and I have heard convincing arguments on both sides. We don't know what to believe. You are going to settle it. Question: When people are under the influence of alcohol (not cockeyed drunk, just moderately plastered) do [hey reveal their hidden feelings? Or do [hey say and do things they don't mean? Also, what about booze and sex? Does liquor help THE FAMILY CIRCUS get ,1 person in the mood? I'm not saying lliis very well but I hope you dig me. Thanks for your lime. -- John Barleycorn -- Saint or Sinner? Dear John: Alcohol removes the inhibitions It loosens the longue. Individuals who have had too much to drink often say what is on their minds -- things they wouldn't have Ihe nerve to say sober. The same goes for behavior. By Bil Keane lit('HAItl) ItritTDN \M HIKK Klizalielh Tavlnrarrii f lit Sand's restaurant earlier this ««'k rullouiii); his npfnini! night prnicw 'You and Daddy aren't goin' out, are you?" performance in Now York in llic 197:, Tuny auiiril-uiiiiuni! play "Kiimis. 11 Tin- play w i l l open fnr critics' r e v i e w Tcli. ·. Researcher finds As for booze and sex, a drink or two can cause a person to behave in a less restrained or controlled manner, especially women. As for men, Ihe same holds true -- lo a point. But .of ten a male who leans on "bottled courage" to become sexually aggressive finds to his dismay land embarrassment I that he cannot function at all. That Ogden Nash gem, "Candy's dandy but liquor is quicker," docs not always prove mil. ·4- + + Dear Ann Landers: 1 love reading your column but never believed I'd ever be writing lo you. Well here I am, like so many others. Three of us gals are good friends. Amy and I study a lot and work hard, l.orna goofs off anil is always behind in her assignments. The three of us sit near each other in most of our classes. During (esls, Goof-Off passes notes lo everyone around her asking for help with the answers. Wo hale lo turn her down for fear she inighl flunk. Honestly. Ann. she doesn't knnw anything never cracks a book. The last lesl was a shocker. Conf-Off got a better grade than w e did. Should we write an unsigned note lo Ihe teacher and lip her off'.' The chcalcr is bcinfj unfair to everyone in Ihe class who sludies Especially us · - G And li Dear Grrrrr: People who help (·healers cheat are also chealcr.v Dun 1 ! snitch. Just lell Selected Stocks Folk remedies work \K\\ VURK iLTIi - Prices soared in irenrtic iradin^ on the Xow York Stock Kxchungc l-'rittay w i t h vohimo'liirifj ci lieu- itjjjjy hijjJi for fhc? second fonseoilive session Volujiu' i-ame to roujzhly U.fiuoMl slmrcs. eclipsing the rccnrd daily turnover sel Thursday when 39.2iO.noo shares changed hands and pushed li)7ii inidiiii} iibove the one-billion mark at the earhesl dale in NVSK history Trading npened w i t h a record i:!,i)W.()OD inillioti shares crossing Ihe tape in ihe firs! hour iind oulpacod iht 1 previous high rif iLMiJO.iJiin shares exchanged in (he opening limn- Jan M. 1970. Shor(J\ Ijefore the final hell, the |Jmv Jnne5 industrial average, which gained 15.07 points Thursriih. «as ahead 12.n;t la ttsa..VK its highest level since Ihe hlue chip indicator closed at 99fi.7iion Feb. i;j. 1973. Advances led cicctines. 982 lo 591. among (he Limn .siuires traded Pnc'o.s rose sharply in extremely heaving iraiUi;g on the \merican Slock Kxchnnge. As the in.irket npejted. ihe J.nhnr Department rupurled the Consumer Price Ir.dexN rose u -1 per cent in January, comtrnred uifh .tfi .ivenige muiitlify increase of o.ii per cent in the 1075 lourth fjii;ir(cr [.mvcr pritrs for food, gasoline. fuel oil and new ears kept dmui the rate of inflation. La bur said TlKMJepartrjieiii «i)sn aiLiifumced "real" earning i-linihcrl 1.2 per eenl in January from llu- ]ire\ions month. Ford Moior CD. added fnu'lional s'renglli during Ihe session on sharply higher found quarter net of $1.82 a share versus 24 ccnis a year ago. The automaker «'ilsn announced it would close teinpornrily two I' S nssemhly plants next week. Kth.vl Corp. scored a pointsized gain at one litne Boise Cuscade, which rose less llian a point, has lenlaiivelv agreed Iff purchase Elliyl's Oxford Paper'division. Klhyl suifl ii anticipates an afiei-1a\ ios 'n the sale of up lo Sn iriilhon. Among the hlue chips, Ueihlchem Steel. International Paper. General Klectric. Kastman Kodak and dn Pont each cliniheti hettcr than a point during the day. Du Pont announced il woultl defer planner' price hikes nn polyethylene (o April u In the glamor sector. International Hnsiness .MachHies rose a) imc lim*-. Tiic cnmpiiter giant Thursday announced a new data processing svs'.t-m. Corning Glass. Hurroushs and iWlpii-Packiirtl also moved higher. Turlington Northern attraclett buyers during the session The railroad has predicled a 42 per cent rise m its coal freight revenues this year The hlue chips mde the crest of the rally \vith most other stock groups nuivnig into fJiw.s (crrilftiy. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. UJPD Snme Mexican-Americans ti ;i child's fever hy rubbing cpf nn Hie viclim's tieud ;ind feeding him herbal ic;i. Sumo rural hliu-ks use sphk'r wt'bs Lo control l)leo(Jm(f. A few rur;il stmllimiers (real goiter sail ;HH{ fish. Dr. Muria Luisa UrdaiuMa. \\ resciircher al the University of Texas al San Antonio, soys these nnH nihcr home remedies mi^ nut be as silly us they seem. "I! is :\ mailer of fact that many hume remedies are just as e f f e c t i v e nl curing some illnesses as prescription medicines," she saitl. "One middle class population has gotten used tti modern, House retains pledge AbCCt! L .S3 11 1 ] OH '. 6 fXdarm Milh i S I A.rco I rep \ 14 S-| Up i a ft I can Al « Ii J | up 1 S 3 AlleqCp «d 1C 3--) Up I 4 A ma cn i.9j *) i a Ufl i i s AIM* Cha ^ I6 U Up i 1 A:coa I » 1? I S Up S t AA*AX r M sa s ! on i i t AmHes 3Cg 1C Am Airunei U AB^nd ? 0 J7 i J Off i-l Can I W a JJ i 1 up i i AmCyan I I.? J7 Am Molcrj i AmftG 2 SJg U U Up ] a Am Srjnd ' N 1 4 O'f · a amTT ] 40 il ) -l Up i } AMF in l 11 il J 4 up ' a Ar-acn^a 10 !* ' -t Am PS 1 ii 16 ' i Up : 1 Arnea i CA 13 Up l - J Armi Ck U 11 3 -i Up 1 i a Aiarco !3 U 1 3 OIF 1 t i.j.j 3 J . anRicni ? i 3 H i 6 Up 7-1 AvC3 Ccrp 1C ]·! Up 3 -I QAtsWi'Cfi* I 11 l I 0" 4 t Bas.clnt *C ' '· i * Up ! ' J Bechmf Si J9 i J Up i BeU Hwi Jj JJ Bend- 1 I 71 H S I Up ) ' 8 BdhS'efl Jd i-» Up i ' A Bcbbi^ B r k s S M O'f 3 8 Bccin^ Ca i » 3 - 9 On i i i Bcrden i 13 il l J Up 1.7 B.'.rq vj I IS II Oil I a Br.i My ' M U M Up I ) » Brunsww 44 ;s i i on i j Budd C; 1C II i 1 Up I I 5 Bur^q^s 6J 'Ci 1 -1 Up v I I Oipjt IAD 17 3 1 ClItrpi.Tr ) |] Up ] 4 C B S l.ii S6 Up ; 3 Ce'ani* ? 8C S7 ' 7 Up ] t Cerra C l 14 H l 7 Up l 4 Cheuie 1 13 3/ UD II Chry^-ef Cp 'i II Up i-J Cii scrv no n ii UP i a CaaCo* t JC H J S U(t J t PrclFd !Sd 12 S-8 Oil I ) Firdne US M J-l Up l.j FMC Corp 1 li ].j On v j PacdFdr 1C S ]-4 PordMo 3.43 SJ F^ep^M I 43 U ] A Up ] | F/uehyF l 10 11 ] a Up J.fl G A T X I ao J3 M up I t GfnCabl I? tl 1 4 Up l i dm BY ntm 41 i-] OFl ) | Gn E'ec 1.13 n l i Up ) | GnFood I . J O 13 i t Up S 8 GerMol sod U 7-1 Ger Partind J oil l I GTE I 1C IS Up ' S Ga PdC Jlq 41 S I up V4 Ciienp MO » sa OM 14 Cacdnc l )? ?? 7 a Up M Gocdyr I 10 74 OH 1 I GreAl Alp :; i j Up i ( GiVfiU 7 9Jb Jj ) 4 Gryhr-d l 3J u 14 Up II GU.I oil ' 73 ii 1 1 on i a Henr H I U Sl 1.7 Up j.4 HcH Etecti 1 1-4 Up 1 1 HcllySug 3a 11 1 7 Up 1 1 Hcmslak lj 13 3 i up J 1 Hcr Y v.l I 43 iS l 4 up 1 1 4 HcuiLP 1 Si 11 l ! OM 3 t 1C I id l 10 !! 1 4 Uc 1 1 isano P 3 Ci Ij i 4 Up ) i r a f j i B a i i c i -.1 up 1.4 i r g Rr.d J At |7 3-' Up -4 '"I3JII 7«» 10 Un M IBM Ccrp ; li) OM I | lirHjrv 1 7C 1) ] I OM 3 1 IttHtk I J3,» ]] t/p i n Paper 7 74 I 1 Up J 4 inr 7*r c :t 1 It i l i fin } li JS 3 4 *Eri ; )J J» 1.4 mm Sif i J« l 7 C'f · !5 '* 7-8 Us - 3 rum f*w 7. 13 S S Up 3 ! T I A L HIT I - 1 Up I J Onca-. ' 13 ?' s-s O'f ii Coir."'iOii ? *s 1 4 up : t CMp In I 48 S' J 4 Up ! 3 CPC iii 7 rj ^i ].4 up i i r.rv*rl i 10 J6 ) l Up i !·: Cur'ntWA } 76 Oil I i OciapiCo i y, up ' I D^rt In 644 If Up : 1 4 OiyronH (4 31 Up T 1 DelEdil ' 4S u M DIJUTVOMH j 1] i 7 Uo 1 1 CMiey fig *3 M op r Dow Ch 1 id in Up f t O'JVO 1 90 4f 1 4 Up r ] OyPcnf id HI H Uy J 13 OuqneL 1 n it ) t up i ·) tiiTffrt Air t t 4 OH ' 4 CJttK I Hi 1) M Uff l il flPjlC 1 10 H il OM 3 1 Cll'jCp i '4 il 3 I Lrp s * EnfpiM l 30 ?. T J I Of II E \ m j r k 1 II It 1 I Up l 4 Ethyl C MO 4) 7 | Up t 1 4 Evins P'Drf I OM M FrOlO 1 10 II i 1 Of! I * Enon l lid II M Up ) I Finnrel *B U 1 8 0l I I Jcl-nMv i ;e J| 34 Up (| KJiirAl i 13 )j 3.j i,' p ! | KenC" 1 fib 11 1 4 Oil 11 K ( / r McG 1 67 3 4 Ol' ) ) 3 Kmgll R 14 ) SI Up I U K c p p r i I O SI ' I Up } S | KiJf'co Ml l ' · Up 7 Xrei^e 71 H 3-4 Up 3 4 Xroger 1 H 7C 1-7 Ua f I Vai 'rd l 3 1 Up l I *-·« W» J l ? 4 il up II Lilfcn 1 l ] k 9 7 1 UD 3 1 I ecu feed 7 f t i.rv Co'p it 1 1 up i i UuknSlI I 65 77 1-7 Up I 7 ·Air OM 1 13 i/ 1 1 Oil { | Uarccrlnf I It i.j MarsftF '. 71 ]] up II McOonD 11 II OU 1 I M 0 '.1 750 II ' I Oil I | f/.dSoU I 77 IS 1 4 Up I · McbilO: 1 10 SS J I Up I I 1 Mcnai MO M M Up ] 4 McrrOk ] 13 It 1 1 MonP* i t9 1* 3 1 Up 1 I Malcro'j 73 4| 1 4 Off 1 4 vrSfTd ui n 11 u a 3 * Nib. sco 1.43 31 1-4 OM 1 4 NUI C»n 17 II 7 1 MlDiill 1.49 14 -l Ori 3 I Htl GY» ) 05 I! fjjr in i i-?» it Up M ·JCR cp n ii u up j-i NuqMo 1 11 13 S | *JL frdjil ! U 1-4 Up J I rVO'tOlkkVj J 7, 1-? Up M rvoNiGi I U u NoSIPw I 14 7S 3 4 Up J | NcflUrp 1 JO 75 M Up 5 1 N*i1AiM 4} ]? 7 1 Up I NwBjn IJO 4S 1 4 01 o Cp 1,}? M II Up 1 4 01 n El 710 U 14 Olf l| OutMM 1.7.0 II Up M 0«,eiCF U il 1 I Up I t Owenlil i.ji iO Up 1 PjcGai f.i! JO 5-8 Up M PacP*r l.JO II 1-4 OM l 3 Pan Am Air 1 \ ; Uo 1 4 Pein Ccilr 7 1-4 Penney i u M 3.4 Uo 3-* PefnPL 1 0 11 l-l Pe.'nio! t.73 5i 7-S Up II PepsiCo 1 (0 73 1 I U? l i i Pfner 74i 11 S J PMlip Wcr 1 S7 Up |.J pr-iiPei i io S4 7-1 OK :-t Poiaro;d ii o 14 u p M PPGInd 1.80 4| 1-1 Up i i.j fracl Ga 7 11 t - 7 U? S t Pu* CGI I S3 U 3 4 Puiimn i ja 14 up s l Baiiftn p i 4j j a on i t Raytheon 1 SI 1-4 OH I 8 SCA Corp 1 li 1.4 Sep Si) l.« 3? ) i Up 1.4 Rey nd l.Ot l Us 1 3 ReyndMer l 3» J B Up i i i Robrttn l i 7 Jt i l u p i i.j Rothvrllln 1 11 3-8 OK M RcriiOl Crp i 1-? RoylO J.Jttj 41 3 8 SaFewaySI 1 4B 1-4 Up 1 1 SIJMnri l 3: 44 S-( Up S 8 SIRegu 1 i7 *» S 9 Up : 7 1 SCATS I !5a 73 l 4 Up I 3 i srmoii 7» f3 1 4 UP s g iimnsC 8tJ 11 1 4 SfcjqqCo *c -*c 3 4 on 1 2 Sm,lhkl,-( l 6*3 OIF 1 S CalEd l ;a II M up i l SajlhCa l JC 15 M Up i 4 SaPjdl I 74 34 S I Sp Pa I'd H J| Up 1 i s 51 Brr,iJ I 14 1J J 8 y p 7 j MS o.- cai i 35 r a Ofi 11 SIQIInd 7 13 1} 1-8 ilOilOh I 16 t!, 3 4 Up i Slati'fV l 1C 10 1 4 Up M Sludew i » 14 M OM 1 i Surjiirp Ji ;j i t Uc · ) reledyne 3k 7» 7 I up I J Telepronp 8 1 i Ofl l J Tc.ifco · JA ;i i i 7 Ii 1 1 OM i 4 Tei ir.j'r I 173 1 8 Up I i I T C « P C L lid i; 5 a up 1 4 Tei'tof. i (C t s a UD ] t T-mkn 7 7CJ 51 i-l Up 1 1 | rr^i%srn i; 10 f-| Up 1 1 TVjii Vf A,r 1} Up 1 S Tri COi tid 11 I j U^ U T w C F o i 11 14 1.7 O'f 1 1 UALInr iCg ;j j j O. ; l I 7 UiCJrl) I 55 u ] g U-, | 4 L'r Cite : 78 u 4 Ui-OCil l 91 13 ) i U r i r o y j l )'- 1 ' 8 Uld Qcjrdi I l I OK il UrCrrp J!D I 7 4 US Gyp l it ll i i Ua ' l us'cti 11: ii i s OM i j uid Tr-r. nc it ii up 1 1 OriTfl 1 '] 14 1 I Oil I I UpiOhn it 4! I | 01) 3 I 4 UUhPL 7 Ji ]·: U On l J UV imut 'q ;* I t Up : WJlg-fc-i 1 M H **nq La 13 | 1 I OM I ·Hi W»r I ii ;i 7 1 OH I J WlRn I 43 JO 14 Up I I WUHn i 19 !| il W-Uh El U IS 1| IT» i f WHQp.lf S1I 11 I 1 Up I I While Mo'or 7 ] 1 UD 1 I woei^ri 1 : 3 J* 1 1 X e r o i Cp i ii I 7 OU 11 YnqS'Or 49 11 M Up 1 I Icnilhftjd i 77 l ? Up i i 1 CITY. ,\|, 'I'l'li - Dcinncran ni,i lun licei) set Iwck in (lie [irucpss. In .S]ic;ikci- Hichnrd Kuliliiii s;i Ihp Missouri { i l(c|)rcscnl«itivcs will rctilc ll lilodiio of alk^inncc ID ilii' fhi every day. Tlw Hniiic sponl ^U ininnlcs Tuesday debalinn ami iim :i simple resolution which "iriginnliy called fnr the daiK plwlRc. When it w;is river. Ihcre was itiurfi confusion ;is [o ulnil the resolution iiclunlly sa TfK-aycs clearly oiilnunilit'rcil Ilii- nns nn a vnle in rcrjiiiri- th |)leiij;e only niirc ;i yc;ir. liul Kaliliill. j i f t c r hesilalin^ iniiineiil. iluclarcil Die n» vulc Hie u inner. A final 12J-14 vole called Inr the |ileil,i;e only al the n|eliili)!nf Ihi-iinnilill tcfiislillivi' M'ssiun and ulher oiTasions sjiecifieil by Ihe leadership. "I Ihink it's a ^niid idea and 1 jHTsnnally would have the jinlicy in duil every day, " llnhhiii said. .S|ie:iker pro [cm Kichard [JcCtiMer (|iicsli,mcd whellicr · Lilly pIcclRcs w-nulcl really lie liiilrinlic lie said Ihe federal Kmi-rnmrnl frc|iiraily vinlaicd ^lilies' rijihls. "Iwrmderif weiiu;l)i lo recite lliis pledRc only ill such time when Ihe federal fjovcrnmiMil ilncsii'i havi' a cluli liint;lini ·m r our head." DeCoslcr said. Id'P l-'rcd l.ynn delivered an i-iniilinn-fillcd speed] in favor nf frt-qiieni recilalions of Hie pIcilKi 1 . He said il will lakennly L'sccnmls a h\y fnr Ific Jlciuso to [ilfdBc ils allegiance. "I Mill xcl noose bumps when I see Old fUnry waving in the hrec/c." I.ynn Siiiil. And l(e|i Idiherl Veiling said Ihe daily pledge inijihl aid Hie cause of Ihe House Republican minnrily. oulnumlcr«i two to nrie hy Ih[' Democrats. "The n-iisiiii I would like In il every day is it's fining lo lielpynu people on the majnrily side (ii j;cl toller act|iiainlcfl wilh (hat word 'Hepuhlie'," Vniiii.i.' said. scientific meilical treatment. 1 bu ellioinediniii' folk im-iii- i c ne practices annul)! Ihe punr K and ethnic, minorities is very 1 much alive and ulili/ed " o Dr. Urdaneta. :m assistanl 1 irnfcssor iif social sciences wilh l a I'li.D in meilical an- Ihroiioingy. said lhal in lier i !, udies slie has found llll In !)(i per f cent il Idise who lieuime ill e recover ··whether they KO In sec 1 llieir dnclor or In .sec their She said fulk medicine is .Mill s p r a c t i c e d because in 111,1 ny e areas there ave ID health care iraulilioners available. "Despile thi' snperstilion t h a t i ntli'ii acciitnpanies the applica- . lion, there's a !nl (if i eli'vanre- tn Inlfc medicine." .she .Siiid. "Kor c\arn|ile. a snnei'.stilirujs praclicc arming .smnc .Mcxiciin- AiniTicans when a chihl has a djili fever is In nilj Ihe contenls " an ej!K over tin 1 Sop of Ihe head a nl lo slive large amounts of icrbal !ea. "We knmv Ihe egg has no value in vcdncinu. temperatures. Inil Ihe lea helps ctimbal [!c miration The most inipnr- an! IhiiiK is thai Ihe child is (Jelling fluids Ilial lie weds, and , Ihe ciiu dues iin liarm." Sin- said Ihal in MJJIIC Ho;jt)ieni , areas goiter lias licen Irealed · traditionally Hy encouraging Ihe . victim loeal large quantities of ish or sail. "liolli lodi/ed sail and tlic fish. if il was raised in waler with a high iodine eunlenl. are leneficial." Ihe (M-ofes.snr saiii " utiiiie merliialiiiiis are used bv physicians in Irealitig hyper- Iliyniidisri;." i)r. Untancla said cnnlrollirs ileedinj; wilh claypack.s or spider wehs is practiced Inmany rural hlack families. Thev alsn cover Ihe chest with goose Kiease and flannel cloth fur colds anil treat high hlnnd pressure wilh cp.som salts 'Tor some reason it works." she said PHONE -I66-789] or -HM-ICW to place your classified ad. It's fasl, easy economical. Site ulls for rifiir smiee, but has swehViii else in mind. "ROAD jr. v s SERVICE" 1% a slaving mX_JaB^B» T^liH^^il Helen JrTdg. Bedd f \ TT" A l / i Pi'usCfl-Kit I IJJ } "THE / ^ 9 j T WATER / ' / /\ PEOPLE", /^Lf / TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under It AM Admitted CLOSfDMOHDM DOORS OPiN AT 5:30 454-1731 3oai Polrcn: |[ yoj wojld be o' endtd by a film of a se«ual roi_p e r^vr oar-o-ageitnoMokiicd TAe Management The Caldwell Fine Arts Series Presents BALLET WEST School Matinee Performance Tue., Feb. 24th - 2:00 p.m. Jewett Auditorium ii( (lie Ciiikw "f Iduho-Caldwcll General Admission, Q^ nn All Seats - ADULTS WELCOME . "1"" Merle's 4922 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell Just West of Ustick Road · BEER. POOL ·FOOSBAU.PINBAU OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. 9 A.M Tfl t A M CRAB FEED CRAB, SALAD, BREAD A BEER Monday, February '^^-J^L \ j - - - ' rff 495 23, 7 to 9 P.M. LIVE MUSIC!! Urna from now on she's on her own. If she tries lo slip you a note, don't lake it. End of problem. -i- 4- + Dean Ann Landers: Please find enclosed Ihe chain letter thai arrived yesterday. It is very annoying to receive these darned things in Ihe mail because I'm a little super- slilious. But I have no time (or money) lo spend on foolishness This is the third chain Mler I've received from Ihe same person, and 1 have broken the chain every (inc. Someone told me these Ihings are illegal. Are they? I don't want In gel anyone in trouble but I sure wish this certain parly would lake my name off her list*. What can I do without hurling her feelings? - Simmering In South Dakola Dear Simmering: Return the lasl chain letter lo your friend and lell her any chain leltcr soliciting funds is not mailable under federal law. To ail readers who have been beleaguered with chain letters i there are a variety of Ihe pesky things i I urge you to send liiem lo Ihe Postal Inspector ivour nlvi for "rei'ieK." -· ·«- + A no-nonsense approach to limv lo (leal with life's most difficult and most rewarding arrangement. Ann Lander's booklet. "Marriage -- What to Rxpi-cl." will prepare you for belter nc far ivorsc. Send your r«|nesl lo Ann Landers. P.O. fins Him Klein. It). (JII120. enclosing od mils in coin and ,i long, stamped, self-addressed envelope NOW SHOWING (XDEU HUSTLE """"""" £ - CO-HIT "THE LONGEST YARD' CITES OKI MS,SMV I? MS FIEIELECTMC Mil MiTUS CHARLES BR01M ID ALISTAJR tlACI£A.\ b '«= -- Plus -"HONKERS' TlljSMIH:H-t:m;»0.1l:Ot CINEMA No. 2 "HUSTLE SINGLES FELLOWSHIP SUNDAY MORNINGS 9:30-10:30 -COUNTRY INN- SPONSORED BY: COLLEGE OF THE NWflREHE For More Information Call: 466-8427 fetlf HOME OF FINE FOODS NEW AT THE CASTLE BREAKFAST SERVED WENG-MAM.-Mon. through Sun. CHOOSE FROM H COMPLETE BREAKFAST MENU We're still Serving Our Famous SUNDAY BUFFET 11:00a.m. loSp.m. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAYS "LET'S" 1:15-5:09-9:03 "MOONRUNNERS" 3:17-7:11 111:05 Sal.Onlvl ENDS TONIGHT ' u .UJSTAJR MACLEAN S ffiREAKHEARTFASS' Larry Mahan t James Coburn In "HONKERS" STARTS SUNDAY BE KILLED! Plus Exciting Co-HII BLOCD, SWEAT FEAR ®

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