Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 27, 1962 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 24
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Skowron Goes to Dodgers; Yanks Get Stan Williams .KUCHESTEK. N.Y. 'AP'-Thetlc lo the average fan. for 45 of 'boys. The majors selected 30 from; world champion New York Yan: the 56 were fuzzy-cheeked kids in.this category at S8.UW each. · kees Monday tradeii veteran firstUhcir first full year of pro base-; All but seven of the major, ha.-*man Bill Skowron to the Us'jba!!. ' !TMS»e teams took advantage of Angeles Dodgers for right-handed 1 The talent-rich New York Yan- thc'special rule that allowed them'. pitcher Stan'Williams. |k tT5 , who normally pass up the to go one over their normal play^j The deal, the first by Ihe Yan-jdrafi jackpot, dipped into the pooler limit and sign a 41st VW^ kees in the inter-league tradinglfor the first time since they:"' 0 TM ""·' K - m "'·" - u ' session, brought to New York ajpickcd Gene Mauch. now manager 8°O'- pitcher who is expected to be-lot the Phillies, in 1951. Genera! Tin- minor come the fourth regular slartcr Manager Roy Hamcy selected Bill P la ' Manager Ralph Houk needed so Kunkel. a 26-year-old right-handed desperately in the drive lo the American League pennant and the World Series Francisco. victorv over San over-all iSl.178.IWO. leagues drafted 60 48:1.000. making anj of 116 players for) pitcher who was a relief man!S'- 178 - tw) - , i with Kansas City in 1961 and 1%2. Of the 60 flayers drafted by the . . ._ . ..,».... Innriiinc ti'inln A |pnP11P£! Bears To Play ENMU Two Greeley Players May Start tor C-State .Page IS i Tues.. Xov.^27 Sports Notes Two former (Jreelev Hign bas-iagain. however, their problem b i j u b that · ^ . . . . . . i i «',.i.i. lmtl the Inllp i WASHINGTON. 'AP' - R«*v 'Wright, a smooth tall haaflc: from Chester P a . may be til" 'first Negro to play basketball In: Ueiirge Wa-hini-.ton CmvcrMty. i Wright appears to have clinched will be uifficull if-ainsli* berth nn '.he freshman lean height. MulvaiK.v and Webb. but finished the season at Toronto.!" ._ i George Weiss, former head man] ( Williams. 26. had a 14-12 record ,,[ the Yankees and now president with Los Angeles last season, his O f (he weak New York Mets. had - - - - - - - - , M( ,, s :i theiri " TM" C lagues. 14. for! i, 9 for $24,OUO.| fifth with the Dodgers. first pick by virtue of Rtgulir for I Yt*rt i sorry last place finis! Skowron. called "Moose" by hisi'"'*" ·«»«"'· Wciss *"''PTMel Yankee teammates, has been a .many by taking second baseman Yankee regular for eight year...TM *"«;** [ TM" ll » Bosll) " plaving on seven championship [ ied Sox f a r l r teams He had a . 270 batting aver-)'* »" 277 »» sn TM'«' »» lc j lhc ss.ouo department, age with 23 home runs last sea-;P°» er - ithrce ,.;,,.||. as. squad. Iketball players are among the Smost promising prospecls as -he 'olorado State Bears are in ihcir inal week of practice before A comment on the meeting their first opponent. |heii;hl prompted Bunn to say. Colorado State tangles w i t h , " W e could use more height. But Eastern New Mexico al I'oi tales,;* it stands, the uunoncnt taller loes. The Mets drafted six for $90.000. Washington also took six for S73,- (KX). Houston. Minnesota and Cleveland each picked five. The '.iX Senators and Colts went heavy inj iiuiei., j.....,__.., , a k - l n g j MOST VALUABLE - Maury Wills of Los Angeles Dodgers, who stole 100 bases, is the National League's must valuable player. He's a shortslop. AP Wircphotol looked good in preseason prcpara-' Ratlilf lion alon" with Jim Gilbert. .be 'he ·'"-" «»"" - · Rathff and Gilbert are the only|n. expeneiw has yielcHi a ma-j touches In 3 Categories Baltimore's stoi-kpile really took In another trade, the Washing-! The draft for the first time was];, clobbering. The Orioles ton Senators sent 33-year-old first divided into three categories. Thc| S cvcn men from their Hiichcslcr 1 , ' inn 01-IIU1UI3 a.Mx uu-jvu. ~,~ , r *.Cn IHCII n u l l ! Ull-ll HVH.IIV-DIV.I' ( baseman Harry Bright to the Cin- experienced players cosl $25.uOO'r a rm in the International League.j cinnati Heds for rookie first base! cacli, and 11 were taken. of course, most of them never' man Rogclio Alvarez. | First year men signed before saw Rochestci but performed in| Bright, who started as a catch-j| asl December were next. Fifteen lower er with the Senators, took over wcrc taken at $12,1100 each. Then Curtice Out At first base when Dale Long dealt lo the Yanks. He hit .273 in came the men signed since last class leagues and were brought up after the season Cincinnati also was hard hit, los- STANFORD. Calif. 'AP'-Cactus Jack Curtice, the jokinu coun try boy football coach, is through , *"ijiflcr five years at Stanford. The r.U K'oai'h Jim HaguoL "nd were on (state champion teams. Ratlill is I a senior and .Inhn-on a sopho I more i Coach John Hunn. heralded asi ;-_s, one of the great tacticians of the' game. ha 1 ; been piiltiiu the 2" .odd candidates llmmgli their I paces since late in October and j i s now building his plans aroun. 115 of his top performers. '! "I have been greatly pleased w i t h the uiiitv of teamwork." saidj Bunn. "I believe lid.-, will be 113 games last season with 17 homers and 67 runs batted in. Alvarez. 24. played most of last year with San Diego of -the Pacific Coast League where he hit .318 with 18 homers and 75 RBls. He was the first baseman on the PCL all-star team. The Reds brought him up al Ihe end of Ihe jeason and lie hil .214 in 14 games. Both Bright and Alvarez are right handed hitters. The announcements of the trades came after a day-long draft by the majors of minor league players. In all, the majors drafted a record 56 players from their rivals (arm clubs for $695. 000, making heavy raids on th ranks of bonus babies at bargain prices. The Angels cleaned up some oli business in the trade mart b shipping Ted Bowsfield, a lef handed pitcher, lo the Kansa City Athletics. Bowsfield had a 9 record for the Angels. This cjn pleied a deal of last summer by which relief man Dan Osinski came to the Angels for a Kansas City farm hand. Bo Belinsky once had thought he was the man headed for Kan sas .City and touched off a lat se'a'son explosion whei; he poppec off about it. .'^Everybody except the Bosto Red Sox got into the acl wilh Ihe few York Mets and the Washington Senators each taking six players. Most of the names meant lit- camc uiu men stgneu MIU.I; iu=^ ^.in-...i.ui. i...TM ..«" . -- .jmci- nve years ;u nutiiiuiu. MIL- December, when a ntw rule was|ing six from ils San Diego roster.U ss(K .j a t e( ]'p rcss learned Monday adopted to discourage payment of| The Yanks' Richmond farm was! (l . oin m im i mp caciubl.' source. huge bonuses to untried school- hit f - '--- ' - lour. [mpire Gomes . much better knit teurn than !:«·! year. I interchange players Ire- jquenily. and 'he suh-tiuuioni seems'to have no ill effect on the| , ffic , :i , m . v n[ ln(1 lm j ( - j K/dd 3rd; Ho/berg Wins 3-Mile Race By WILL ORIMSLEY [Australians add to their growing University officials declined to, issue an Immediate confirmation.' but athletic director Al Masters: ( . n j t v v .. ;s nm (|f |h( . 1rima ,. v ! said ;.n announcement ""S"'| ,,,,,,,,,',,, ,,,,,,,,·, mln d ihis year.! come later. |HO f( ,|, ,,,.,, , IK , Y.i-'ia team had: It was believed no one had been|^ ((i|nit M |]( , vcr 5C( . m( , ( , ,.,: Ichosen to sneered the 19B1 pre»i- - ]c||(| j!i!n ;) , mno , h W ( i r k i m ,j lent of the Football Coaches As-i^,,., sociation of America. Workim Curtice was under increasing pressure in recent weeks, and Stanford made no annoimcmcnt lo AttociitKJ Priu Sporti Writer PERTH. Australia, i A P i - New Zealander Murray Halbcrg's fiery burst in the last lap of the 3 mile race crushed the grand slam hopes of Canada's brash, 19-year- old Bruce Kidd Monday and protected the distance running honors for the men of experience in the seventh British Empire Games. Halberg, a gaunl 29-year-old Auckland. New Zealand, schoolmaster with a withered left arm, on Ihe blue ribbun event of the James in 13 minutes, 34.2 seconds -- 24.2 seconds slower than his collection of gold medals, three in track and field and four in swimming and diving. The Aus- sies also inscribed t w o more world swimming records into the books No other country in the field of 35 has a hope of catching the Aus sies in the baltle for unoflicia team honois. At the end of three days of com- the with the fir.-.! unit tor past week have been Gilbert. Ratlifl. Johnson. Dim Mulvaneyi " " . and Dennis Dichl. ease the pressure. This was his FonmnK ( , )( , s( , cond ,, ve (inal season on a live-year '·""·· tract , · . j i B a r r Connellv. Bin Graele agreement that Stanford . President Wallace Sterling fused to break when Curtice was m . ]Kc (nc u u| N ^ R . m . criticized alter his wmless l*0| Ril; K1)(i| . |p |(|il , (M . Arlh , lr are Well- inglun Webh. Charlie Williams and Craig Smith Others expected to New Mexico a r e j .Whether he makes the va.'sity ·AP ..( 2'i ' a i ~ i:: li. c :i:iiLd ihe coach t: the" i. U-u-l.ini 1 li" i i ; « lv ^-" n i i ' % Valo who s|»'iit ino^t o! hi.- !:i::i w i t h the "Id l'h::.,delph:a \t:.- a scout lor tin- New York Met- last se:,-i,n 111- '.:·. ' .active e:ir as a |i!:-er wa.- \:: '.'»;! '.'.hen i'.e pl:'ei! w i ' h '::· Minne.-ota Twin.- :Mi.i Pliilaiie!|.ii... n.\l.TIM(ir.K ' .inoie Colt Ian ·each point by '.* Su;id; ' A P I - A Hal:'was tim-d Jl ('·' :' |t,..u!i "" ! Herman I. Hinok-. i"'. 'l 111 Municip;- ** ti::.' didn't '"-' '"'" *·"'·' {rested HyiiK f' i! iStiidium on an *! ibelcni: to i-.nn ' Monday T h e ' I h:ia-J.. H . · ! - U'.it Colls 57-0 "U\ nn lr..i'1'd) t" nn-- " .game." Municipal Jii'i.'r KOI j l II llamnn-riiian ;-d\ : . '.! lli' |"ln fact, it wai- a ira-edy lo IveMcrday's p.ame." season. world record lime. Kidd, outfoxed - - - - - _ .. and outspurted, had to rally to Perry Lakes Stadium in 90^ petition Australia led with 14 gold medals and 285 points. England was second in both with six golds and 155 points. Nra Zealand was third with 4 and 80 and Canada ourth with 2 and A crowd of 24,000 came out to In five seasons at Stanford, the; '55-year-old passing enthusiast ompiled a 14-:ifi record. Hut the i l l a r l a n Wacnner. Jerry Ratliff "'"i 1 "-" -- - 1^(1 P I K K I iiiai .my i n i i i i M i u t . i .11 -.. ndians were 4-6 last year and 3-5 fju , c(ll||(1 | )C 0|1 ' th( , fi llnr | or n,, this season, a drastic improvement on their 5-25 mark of the salvage a bronze medal third. "That Halberg is like a fox,' the slow, tactical race. "1 mad the mistake of not making m; move earlier and trying to burn him out. I should have run the de gree temperature to see if Kidc the sensational winner of the t) 1 llal. naLVJCl^ I.T nut a ivi», -··- the slender Canadian said after mile last Saturday, could mak good his bid for a sweep of Ih distance events. in which he would face world roc- | : Deaths and Funerals| IAMBKKT Mrs. Eda Lambert ot the Weld County N u r s i n g Home. Arrangements later. saw a host of He also is pointing ior the- Bunn went nn to say, "tlic-e hirlcen men have been lonkini good that any eombinali'm '^iWisconsin 2nd jump Friday night. We continue In alternate this week, irec previous campaigns. i m iii| we find the beM nnl 1 " Curtiee, a t'JM graduate ofj siani | k .., m ,,, the minds ol Transylvania, got his first collcgi- llms( , Nvhl , n . lU , wa t t bed the ' '-"' '"1 J«'' ; ' 1 ^'^MBcars pracliee, is thai they have , ate head coaching Texas State, where he served two I )CC ,i ' an d iiood shooters. Once years. He spent 3'2 year.s in mil-1 _ lary service during the war. then: was head man at Texas Western' from 1346 to 19411. From there he went to Utah and game, as a passing coach. fame Him OUl. i 31IUU1U nave l u i i nit ··· ,,..---· - -- ----race differently. I have a lol lo ord holder Peler Sncll. and the l earn ·. marathon, an exhausting test of The 3-mile run was the highlight 26 miles. 385 yards. Swim Records Didn't Fall in British Games PERTH, Australia expected assault His overall record is 'J8-85-7. Halberg patienlly played smart wailing game Monday, Btay- ..,, just behind Kidd in the middle of the field of 14. With 2'2 laps to go, Kidd spurted to the front and Halberg went with him, shooting 10 yards ahead of the field. Shoulder to shoulder. Halberg and Kidd went to the final quarter-mile lap. With 300 yards to go Pro Golfers Pension Plan Jnder Study swimming records failed Tues. in Ihe British Empire and Common '6CHXOOR wealth Games when veteran Mur ^rmrot%cnnoor an o d( »V nose and youngsters Pam . 1119 13th St., grand-daughter ot Mr. and Mrn. Darrel Hall ot I'axton, Neb., and Pete Sehnoor of Grseley; sister ot LeRoy Sehnoor ot Greeley. Private Interment. :BEKT!IAM Hebecra Jon Bputlmn, infant diuiEhier of Mr. and Mrs. James Heelliam of 1017 l l t b Ave. Sister of Janet, Antoinette, M a r y Jo. I silly Jo. Karen, Sergeant and Linda Ludgrove ailed in their attempts. Rose, the former University of Southern California student, won (he 440-freestyle in 4 minutes, 20 seconds and broke his own game two world ant ' " le crowd on its feet in wild , ,,..,, : _ excitement, Halbcrg bU'eaked to the front like a camion shot. Kidd, his head bobbing under a white baseball cap, tried vainly lo match the blistering pace, bu he lacked the power, and he fin ished :i yards back of Australia' Ron Clarke, who was 15 yardl behind the winner. The day's other big excitcmen record. But the time (ell short of.TM Jon Konrads world mark of 4:15.9. The Auslialians had a 1-2-3 sweep in the event as Alan Wood was second in 4:22.5 and Bob Windle third in 4:23.1. Miss Ludgrove. representing England, outdueled Australia Miss Sergeant, winning tin vard backstroke in 1:11.1 imming pool, where _ Picks All Opponents Team in WAG LARAM1K, Wyo. ' A P ) - New Mexico. Brigham Young and t'tah filled all 11 spots on the all-oppo nent foolball team picked Mondaj by Wyoming University players. The selections wcrc limited to J Western Athletic Conference oppo- USC Keeps Top Spot in Nation By ROBERT MOORE I Alabama. Arkansas and Ixn Associated Press Sports Writer lana State all moved up one Soulhern California's unbeaten and mil ice: Trojans, seeking to bring the West Coast ils first national fnliiiill championship since 1!I3'J. clung to the No. 1 spot Monday in the major college rankings of The Associated Prcss. The hoi Trojans, 1-1-3 come- from-heliiml victors Saturday over t'CLA. heal out Ihcir Jan. Bowl foe, Wisconsin's jPlayer Tells Fixer Welched On Game Payoff NKW YORK ' A P I - A (inme' Alabama b.i*kelball p'.ayrr ! · ' - jtestified (hat .lack Molina-, ollerdi j h i m S2.i«ii in shave |».-:i'.- m t - " jgamcs, hut only paid h;m S2i"' ; Ix-onaid Kaplan. 2!. nf H.'i: · |ni"re. f o i n i e r I ' l i n e r - i t y "f A!.i- "ibama playci. leMiln-d Monday ;..· ! t r i e d In collrcl Ihe iivniry d'.i.- h:m .for more than a u'm. hut Miiln-.:.- i never p.iid up i K.iplar. l.':.tifin« in M o l . n : - ' '[basketball ·-·* t r i a l . iuil Mo!',in,i- lull! 11:111 in' '""I "»' moiii-y i invested in a land deal in Florida 'allornev and former C..h:mb:.i er. on the national ladder. The Crimson Tide, idle last Saturday. I! ' lwl "'B ( l' .'', moved from sixth to fifth. Arkan- ' i'!' 01 '.,,,^,,'*.,.'! isas. an easy 34-0 victor over Tex- 1 "' l r t l "Jf" as Tech, )u:n|)eil from seventh l.j" x -' c '"'"'f ';' sixth. LSL' slopped Tulane M-3 amljTM 1 ;;; ;.',"',',":, moved from eighth to seventh Texas and Penn Slate remained right whore they were n week ago despite victories. The Ijjngliorns. invoKing i- Kaplan s:ud Moini.i'- \isiled him in llalumnre "around two or thri'i' ks ago" and "tnlil me his («i stung Texns AW, 13-3. «,',e|»°" "» ''"" I* h '"' ""'" 1 '"" ition - !\V110 SlUHR It 1 AM.'' ;\«.»i !·)-.. H I - I C J who climbed from third to'sec': fourth, and t h e N U . a n y UTM.^ « \ ^^ eh:,,,,, ,1 mquered Pill 1B-0, reinalne.1 ncnis. New "'placed five men on the learn while ond. Wisconsin won Ihe Big Ten [Conference championship Salur- PALM BKACH. Fia. ' A f : oberl Russell, a^istanl exceii-, 1HYU II;K| [m|r an ,, (-(.,,, , WI| Mexico, WAC cham P inns,i l l ''; h i;» i l'l' i "« M i n n f" t a H ' 1 ' . 1 Thirty-seven point:; separated ve director of th londay some form PGA, saidj of pension! Ian for professional g o l I e , ,, Jofn.son. l.t,h. ami l.any Southern Oil and Wisconsin in Ihe weekly vnlini 1 liased on 1(1 points On Ihe firs! siring were Rny|for a first place ballot, nine for 'should be a reality within a ends: Carll 51 ' 1 *' 1 ,,!',,,, ,iown. Ihe Trojam ninth. Whether Southern California wins the national championship undoubtedly will depend on what happens in the Trojans' game at Angeles Saturday with vastl {Kaplan was ollered Sl.iKm In shai.- iminls in Alnbama's tames w i t h won 74-72) and » similar amount If. Ins' 1 ,kj'..uiii' w i t h Aubii'n. K' 1 28. 195'.i by mine than nine poinu Jans Improved Noire Dnme. The na- for lional championship will be dcler-j Banker, BYU. and John Kiifor, The plan will be roughly basedjNcw Mexico, tackles: Unger Do those in force- in other projpaix, B Y U . and Ron Mamio, Utah, ' jports, but no concrete came out of the PGA tournament committee meeting. The PGA, holding its 4iith annual meeting here thiough next . u a r d s ; Mike lin tcr; Jim Cromartii. 1 , Ni'w Mexico, ouarterliack; linhby Santiago. New Mexico, and Eldon Kiirlif, BYU halfbacks, and Hueky Stallings o i --- Monday, will honor Arnold Palincrj 1 x ( . w Mexico, fullback. nmg up two more world rce.unis|. |m | T( J nl l/0 |) 1( , st : ,,f Sacramento. lie Madgcr. Trojans picked up l!l of the 43 lirsl place votc«. Third-ranked Mississippi got 12, Wisconsin 9 and ninth-ranked 1'jnn Stole 3 mined by next weekend's poll. . 1 1 . i i (Inly three "llicr vlul"- among!J 06 the top ten have unfinished hi IH'.SS. Mi Stale at Oxford. Alabama te Set ) ten have unfinished biiM-'-t- -r- , · r llississippi faces Mississippi'] I 0 I C S T I T y Itt in the women's 440-yard relay. as PGA player of Ihe yi |and club pro nf Ihe year N ., mi ,,| ,,, t ( . ( , (u . go ( . SOTII11 | ,,,,,,, were N(!W M( , xi(;(|| am Conk, Ari/.ona, cndx V itc. -lame* Hee t h a n of ilr. anil Haefeli find nnelhani. n i l mid La'wrenre !sergcant. Ihe record-holder with Villanova, Penn "B i Instate Accept Bowl Game Bids jlivoly. al a dinner Tuesday night.[Alexander, Arizona, and Dan Cus-||j|"[ l! Mississippi, idle last week, turn- Auburn at Birmingham and Okla bled Irun second to third after aihoma goes to Oklahoma Stale, light ballot battle wilh the Badg-i ers. The undefeated Rebels col- Jlccted 350 poinls. || Then came Texas wilh 2!lll. Ala, m l lbama 230, Arkrnsns 1117, Louisiana Case Tues. Former gyll greals Olin l ) u l r a j U l i and K. J. Dutch Harrison receive awards as the n tackles: Jack Abend- Kch.-in, New Mexico, and Howard nl the tlnll ol \VfdneFda Mrs. F.. J. Mrs. l.inim of (irefley. ^eri'ii'c^ '" n . n i at Linn ( I r n v w . I Ihe I m n n a m e n l . I'nder Ihe new 155, Oklahoma 132. Penn Slate 12H and Minnesota G4. Minnesota got I' hardest fall Ifn' Stokes ,,,, ' of the week. The Gophers fell all i,(i . members Fame. At a meeting 1-108 was second in 1:11.5, and By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS irom .Sylvia Lewis nl hngiand was, Penn Stale and Villanova havelwas adopted. Under Ihe new rules.j 1 ) ( | U t , Nv ., st third in 1-122 ioined the rapidly expanding listjlournamenl players will be |ier u iijf teams which have accepti'dimilteil lo repair ball marks i IdT Utah""' ^arterl^^! 111 ' 11 '^ Swmc1 '-' w!l " W " n " 1C Ari/.oiiii. halfbacks. t:,h. fullback. THE TOP TEN W H A I . K K i l l . N.C. ' A l 1 - T DI i''! 1 " 1111 ^ 11 cross-examine ,, ,,-i'l'iM'|)h Crera nl New York fit v 1. Southern Cnl. H'J. II 0 0 .1(17 ' , , . . . , Rose, who won by nearly 8 feel ; the lead at the slarl bid- In [i'ist--rason college Iwwl uam.--. VETTER Ft. Lupton ..... ' "'of ibe second 220 yard J K n n r a d ' s mark l»:cau-e !»· knevvlj,, )],,. nll ,i,, n ,, nf | l,,.j.i in the ;his only opponlion ".mid cnmelvoled Monday nighl to phy in Ih' .from hi'- two !e:imm:ili's i Ili-inll. C a l i f . Falli'-r nf Mr?.. l . l l f i l O l l ^ l l ^ n oi Hf-ii- vi-r! HrnthiT nf Mrs. I.ilrii; , r a m v "' PI"!"' 1 '! 1 '. 1 : Mi''- j "us nf Cri'i-l.'.v. V.Tf. I h i r ri.'t K.-ini'V nf I ' l a l l i ' V i ' . l - : M r s I n e z M i n p l i 1 n f r r . K i ; Mrs. i:...-ili;i S m i i s ..f P l B t t i ' v l l l e : slid Harnl.1 l i c l K T nf F r m n n . ' ' a l l I'.nsBiy O u r I ' l i n j . i - l i- 7 · 3'i p .11. U* l '|'ii"i" .Officials Talk Trout Stock at Flaming Gorge iauprnvcd the le-' Illulii 1 - later. · Villaimva '7-2! acceptc l.i lie t i n ' h":.i team in t h e ;l!o« 1 in Philadelphia. !).·( fni nip 'hii.Mla: H l B h .V I ' n u r . ' h . .M-7|.i.h ,. "» " , . · '· P l n t i » v l l l « . Wnl- ft n ni lolvrnif-ot (·i'ii'"tiry. Plait*- imectir.i ' A li-.i Skys icene FiOWER RANCH P ' « n t l A r m n g e m e n t i : which u , H « r o l d Adcctk I Lane To the Bench named !n(i;iy. \\ilb Orri'im S*;i' if)-l lik'-iv chnicc i J ) St i l t f l l l « t \ (.' S V ' ( n n " n i - . ' . ( · M I tlie Cain:. 2. Wisconsin '91 3. Mississippi U21 4. Texas !i. Alabama 0. Arkansas 7. l/ouisiana State K. Oklahoma 9. Penn Slate ( 3) 10. Minncsoln 1 0 Ml) I) I) 3511 1 2'JO (I ill 0 1117 t 155 fl 132 0 1 M has admitted he bribed co : basketliall players In 8»mcs. Other learns receiving votes, listed n!phsbo!ii'ally: Dartmouth, Duke, Florida, (leorgio Tech, Mis- jsniiii, Northwestern, llhio Slale. :()regon State. Wasliini;tnn. ' I (ileen told a Supi'l ior Coin t Jin ment in the iialinnuidi' n i t n v fixing M'.indal ;i(lcr plead n:: guilly lo alioiit :)il bril.-ery cnunl He had luiiii-.l sliile's cvideiii · in Ihe case against Dnvi- Uulilbci · and Sl.'ve l.ekometros. Iwo S: Ixiuifi men being hied on bribe! i Hi;\F.\M. ;,.'. niiinli* r · iilaii'.-.l in I ^ · " 'M 1 ' -·' l «'; ( h,. l.i ·-·;. .1! liolll In: '"'·""^"'^'''""whclnmulv n - M - d by o l l i c i a l v i . w , ; »r,d r'tah c,mn ! -i || ^ Lakers Lead on Six Wins in Western NBA By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The I/u Ai'.geles Lakers appeal ii have hit their stride nnd idle! virtoric 1 ; they were atop tl National Basketball Association';, Western Division standings li»..iy. " S " ul The Lakois dis|Kised of Ihe (!n'. K : " no - eago //ephyrs Monday nijiht W\ , · Idfi in Ihe only i\.m- sihediiledil and are one-half game nhrnd of)! Ihe SI Imiis H a w k s · The Hawks play Syiaiii'-r to- l^bl. ii»-ii tilnvc nn In 1 n= An geles to mrfl tbp L'ik^rs Wednr-- lav (in-en dp-His-ed (our I'.ame-- i' 'vc.lving N m l h C:iiolin:i Slnle IV jlcge and S'ltilh Carolina duiuvj (I !):i!! ffl seasnn lie t.ild nf lallinu mil wilh llnl'' erg and I.okometids. w h m n I Icscribed as his bai-kei-. or in"' ry-supp!iers, after lix arrani:' mi-UN \\rnt a w i y in a Pi.iki'Sly game. F.nrii.'i. :;,,.'i,:i;cnn'Mis w n i k i nut well. (Irci'ii said, in a Noil Carolina Slate W al.e 1 nresl Bann at Slalo-Sniilh C.-irolina mime. :n ' a Sooth Ciirulin.i-di'iiriiia 'li-, Fiahtf ° :sn up foi '!· Iwycmin}: Ilicre. The Rine C-'m filling uilivreMoin nn I'tah this ni" ... lidllfr dcpcrtimT |i.,-i!lie! this yeai 'in inuniil'' i n i i - h ' (.rfen River which [jirvoir. ,11. !,i.. iw.ii By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ^ .....pri.itid Mond»y'« R«»oll ;. |.i..;.,.. m i.. I / . - AIIU-.',.- i:!?. 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I HI mi. ! · W:Jk'-'. I' 1 - .!n'e (Inn/.i!'.- . i.,,. Aivjflr'. kimcke , AtniMil!), 131. Mexi" More Sports On Page 7

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