Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 15, 1972 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1972
Page 11
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to By Abigail Van Buren . . m »»«., nn DEAR ABBY: I am a widow with a son and ^ X **! £*""* f""TM* 1 . ln a ^ months and my daughto has not been included in the wedding party. NaturaUyTshe is very hurt and so am I. . Jl . I spoke to my son about it, and he said it's up to the bnd£* family to decide on aU that, so be is stayirTg out" a The bride's sister will be her maid of honor, and the other girb in the wedding party are all friends and relatives of the bride. , . . , !s taU atlracti TM, single, and 23. When she realized that she wasn't going to be in the wedding party she was so humiliated that she made plans to be out of _ Now, do you want a good laugh? When my son said his girl wanted a fancy wedding but her people couldn't afford it, I offered to pay for it. So now I am footing the bill forV ·wedding and reception for 150 guests ! Had I known things would turn out this way I never ·would have offered to pay for it. I think I will Just tell my son that now he can pay for. it. And I will also leave town I would like your advice, Abby. HURT MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: It is difficult to believe that the brife and her family arc not aware that they have hurt yonr daughter by excluding her from the wedding party. But it'i possible. Leave your son out of it, bat ask the bride to please reconsider and include your daughter. But don't feel' lhat BECAUSE you offered to fool the bill they are obligtt- ed to include her. And for you to now refuse to foot the bill for that reason, would be wrong. DEAR ABBY: Our daughter has been dating a very fine young man for nearly a year. They are talking marriage, and we couldn't be happier because we are fond of him. But lately I have noticed that when they are in public, he doesn't pay much attention to her. He seems more interested in impressing those around. [He. dances with all (he old grandmothers at weddings, etc.] But when he and my daughter are alone he couldn't be nicer to her. Since my daughter has never complained, should tiring this to her attention? I wouldn't want her to be hurt later on - JERSEY MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Skip it. She may regard "dancing with all the old grandmothers at weddings" a thoughtful gesture. [I do,] DEAR ABBY: Wilt you please say something in your column about letter writing? Some people seem to think that they cannot send a letter to a friend or relative unless it Is LONG, so they put off writing until they have more time. I don't know about others, but to me, a SHORT letter now is a lot more appreciated than a long letter later. Thank you- SHORTY DEAR SHORTY: And thank YOU! I agree. Mast hmg letters are so long, the recipients pnt. off READING them until they have more time. CONFIDENTIAL' to D.D.W.: There IS a solution for · every, problem. -Sometimes the solution is to accept thai ·which cannot be changed. In other -words, ii you pkk a lemon, make a lemonade. . What's your problem? You'll fe«l better If y»o get tt off yettr chest. Write to- ABBY, Box 69700, LOT Angeles, Cil. 9M£). For a personal reply enclose stamped, tUrtuti eavelope, Hate to write letters? Send tl to Abby, Box Witt, Lot Angeles, Cal. ttttt, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Let* ten for An Occuiou." frrom By HELOI5E CRUSE All corrctpondonco ptrtataing to the Htlotu column should b« mailed directly to Hetoii*, King Features Syndicate, 135 E. «th Strttt, New York, New York 10017. Dear Heloise:' Whal is the easiest and most-time-saving way to wash windows? I'm at my wit's end! New Bride Sugar Plum: There are oodles of ways to wash them. So just relax and listen a while, little bride. I never recommended washing 'any 'window without taking an old rag or piece of towel and wiping it off first. If you don't, you are going to mix liquid with the dust and carbon. Carbon on windows is the yellow stuff caused by cooking healing, and even air conditioners. (When you are cooking, the air conditioning most times sucks in smoke, elc\ and the carbon, blows it out :'. OUT TO LAUNCH--"Astronaut" John Lombard! is about to enjoy a fruit roll similar to the fruit bars which will accompany our Apollo 16 astronauts to the Moon. A quick energy source of vitamins C and A, the pure fruit product, prepared -uy Knox Gelatine, Inc., is sold commercially in food stores and specialty shops. The moon version of Ihe fruit roll is wrapped in an edible film-to prevent drying out. Our astronauts will have a choice of four flavors including-apricot and cherry. · · Nutritious Fruit Bars To Travel With Astronauts on Moon Jaunt again. While the conditioner is irculating those smoke fumes -- and don't you hale to burn omething? -- they adhere to Something new has been added to Apollo voyages to nake "dining away from wme" more: enjoyable. They are called fruit bars. Dr. Malcolm Smith,. NASA's chief of food and nutrition and a leading advocate of the use 0 that the astronauts can^con- uirie solid food during the total 1 hours they spend walking nd riding.on the Junar land- cape. The bars are actually tucked nside a ' special dispenser, )f natural foods in the Feeding program, had Space made ec u red describes as arrangements for four flavors of specially prepared pure fruit bars 'to be aboard the Apollo 16 flight, scheduled for launch April 16. ' . The product, manufactured by Knox Gelatine, Inc., comes in apricot, apple, cherry and lemon. Scource of Quick Energy According to NASA, the fruit bars are .intended tasting, nutritious as a good snack for Return of Opera to Central City Brings Familiar and New. Faces Opera returns to Central City this summer for the first time since 1970, bringing to the annual festival famous artists from the great opera houses of America -- the Metropolitan Opera, the San Francisco Opera, and the New York City Opera. Among the stars engaged to appear this summer are some whose faces will be familiar to Central City opera lovers -P a t r i c i a Brooks, Frank G u a r r e r a , Carol Bayard, Charles Anthony, and Leo Goeke. New people will be coming as well; among them, Benita Valente, Paul Plishka, Robert Goodloe and Sandra Bush. The musical productions, Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" and Verdi's "Falstaff," artists who will come here, Central City will work in accord with Ihe arlistic needs of our, time. We have always been in 1 the forefront, and we intend lo' slay there." | Expanded Program The concert program at supplying quick energy for our astronauts during the space flight, and while.they roam the surface of the moon. Though the space bars may be literally out of this world, the original version is available The bars are actually a modified form of. the familiar 'fruit roll," which is sole commercially in food markets and specialty stores under various trade -names. The natural fruit. products, which iaye only, sugar added for stability, are considered to be an excellent source of vitamins C and A. , The lunar-bound fruit bars weigh in at a tidy 2V4 ounces and measure 9 x 1 x 'A inch Their.trim shape allows them lo be attached lo the inside neck ring of the space helmets what NASA "ill-suit drink- ng device and beverage assembly." When the crewmen jet hungry, they merely have o pull up a fruit bar from the lispenser with their teeth, and munch away. Edible Wrapper Our astronauts will actually e eating the "package" con aining the fruit bars. The over- vrap is made of an edible substance which acts as irotective barrier, and guards he product from drying out The wrapper also provides the "ruit bars with a smooth sur lace, which enables them to up from tho dispense: without sticking. Go Back 500 Years Though very much a produc of space age technology, the fruit bar can actually trace it origins hack lo the Middle EQS of 500 years ago -- or ahou the lime of Columbus. During the first World War Turkish soldiers were said t have carried rolls of com pressed apricot in Iheir ration kits. A final and somewhat ironii note to our space food slory The Arabic name for aprico fruit roll is "Amerdecn." If yo don't have an Arabic diclionar handy -- it means, "Religio of the Moon;" ·indows.) When that sticky goop gels n the window, then the dust licks to it. That's why I call goop! 1 never mix liquid with any- ling I wasli my windows with and I have used ammonia, indow cleaners, vinegar -- you ame it, and I've tried it) wilh- ut wiping thorn first. You'd be aosl amazed how much soil ·ill show up on your old rag. Dnce a rag shows dirt on the urface -- discart it! Get your- clf a clean one and throw the :seci one in the wash. Plain old household vinegar does a wonderful job as'far as I'm concerned. You can put on an old dry washrag full strength lo wash the windows }f(. Then tear up some of the black and white slice Is of this very newspaper. Crumple them up and wipe away. I don't know what tlw newsprint has in it, or if it is the paper itself, bu it will leave a shine like you've never seen before on your windows. I have- now learned that n chamois is also the greatest for mirrors and windows. If you don't have one, run don't walk to the nearest store that sells them. If you can' afford a good one,' buy Ihi [cheapest one you can find. Once you wipe the dust ol he window, wet and wring ou !he chamois and then go to it }uh in a circle up and down and crossways, and then on tin Inside up and down. Don't forget, if you can' afford a chamois, newspaper: are the next best thing. 1 have washed many a win dow willi straight vinegar o a crumpled-up newspaper page (I wiped the pane first!) It worked like magic -- couli liarldy tell the windows ha AAUW Group Enjoys Review By Mrs. Rudd Colorado arlisls are invited to submit paintings, sculpture jraphics and ceramics to the annual art exhibit and sale sponsored by the American A s s o c i a t i o n of University Women (AAUW) May 5-7 at the First National Bank in Greeley. Cash prizes will be awarded divisions -- open; j|ass in the frame! Heloise ii(., April 15, lf72 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 11 ; CLASSIC WOOL FOR '72-Jean Louis tracks the clas- :: :;. sic statement, and a new California fashion house launches^ Spring with a four-piece man tailored suit in navy, red and : ' while plaid lightweight menswear worsted. A classic wool " fedora is the perfect accessory. Cover saucepans whenever possible when cooking. Food will cook faster, and you'll save gas. Swcetpotatocs should not be stored in the refrigerator, ^ cording to the U.S. Department^ of Agriculture. : " teller of Love Dear Heloise: My first fan letter! I always thought I could write to Greta Garbo, or Joan Crawford, or even Claudelle Colbert, but a grander person than you would be very hard to find. You advice has helped through many a disaster. John T. Lyon five student; ceramics; and general crafts. A reception will be held for the artists and the public at the bank from 8-10 p.m. Friday on May 5. Entries should he delivered to the bonk at 1025 9th Ave., between 3-5 p.m. Friday, May 5. Each should have his entry priced for sale. A short professional vita to be posted with the work would be appreciated. Pick up of unsold entries will be from 3-5 p.m. Sunday, May 7. Further details may be obtained from Mrs. Robert Tointon, 1870 25th Ave., or Mrs. Bob Ward, 2639 15fh Ave. Court. Denr Heloise: Here is a little hint to help busy mothers in the dishwashing department. Save those trays the meal departments uses to put meat up in. On a very busy, hectic day, they are ideal for a hamburger and French Fries sculpture; Jl . lst cover with a little foil, anc give everyone a napkin. Mrs. Clifford Zeisler Copyright 1972 King Features Syndicate Inc. Horoscope Forecast Monday, April 17 will be presence enhanced of both by the the distinguished Viennese conductor, Ernest Maerzendorfer, and the brilliantly - talented young American, James Conlon, who, at the age of 21, is. building "a career surely destined for the stars." Miss I/raise Sherman of Ihe Metropolitan Opera Company will be in charge of the musical preparation, and Roger Fee of Denver University will be the Chorus Master. Renowned Team Returns Absent from Central City for almost a decade, the renowned r ' i i / T i - I I r r I \Jtdi\Cir\nLt * Uil1l-'lJJ\«-'lIliJ. fl lentral C,ly will offer solo re-, and [o get citals by instrumentalists and |{ogetner w j t n familiar com- ingers, chamber music (some.pariions to work out a future of it in the beautiful garden I course of action that requires between the Teller House and'°S ical thinking _ and manual he Opera House -- a garden now being reconstructed by the ·"oresees), a "Vienna to Brod- v a y ' ' evening with the Metropolitan Opera Studio, and other events. The 20th Century Program, nvolving the study and prep a r a t i o n of new works Remember -- "The Ballad of 3aby Doe" came from Central City!) will bring both young and established composers to :he festival and, in August, will director-designer Nathaniel Merrill t e a m o l and Robert O'Hern will return to Central City with costume Mess. to produce both operas; them will be the noted designer, Suzanne Carl Dahlgren, executive di rector of the festival, spoke in terms of ihe 1972 season being the first time in (he festival's, 40- year history that its activities are being expanded la include a complete spectrum of Ihe per- ' ·- this "(he f o r m i n g arls. "For reason," said Dahlgren, festival now .lias engagec Merrill, as artistic director, am Leonard AHman as direc.or a concerts' and Ihe 20th Century Program. Through the work o this lenm, tssi'lecl by ihe great I GENERAL TENDENCIES: A time should be t o h a n d l i n g offer a three-day showcase .open to the public) for conductors, critics, opera directors, and olher persons involved in .he field of opera. Young Artists Classes The Young Artists Development Program will give 16 singers the chance to work with :he professional staff of (he [estival in re-studying and restaging the principal opera of the season. In addition, these young artists will take classes in many and varied aspects of opera, climaxing their work with their own production of Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi" late in July. A coaching program in effort as well. Get busy also in a.m. and put in motion whatever has already been decided but not yet started. Be active. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) A morning for much activity, shopping, making and keeping appointments, then getting into the work'facing you. A certain amount of d e v o t e d correspondence that can bring ine results. Come right to the point. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) You have excellent ideas where money is concerned, so get out and discuss them with key persons, such as bankers, ex- er!s. Get the right amount of uidance. Reorganize your judact for better results. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You need to be with people loday, at group meetings, social affairs, clc., so that you can [Hit your ideas across more quickly. A. good day to repay social obligations of long standing. Add to goodwill for the future. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Plan just how to gel your talents across more effectively in the days ahead By Carroll Riffhtcr VIRGO (Aug. 22 lo Sept. 22) If you. first talk over with supporters the outside activities you want lo engage in today, you can then do so with Ihe greatest success resulting. You can be very helpful in some important civic work, loo. Show that you are a willing worker. LIBRA (Sept. 23 lo Oct. 22) You are inclined to get off to ew places, meet people, look nto new outlets, and should ollow through on (his. Being more broad-minded than is your You must leach wont is wise. You can learn a great deal that way. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) England Conservatory of music offers young pianists an opportunity lo gain professional iraining and experience in this specialized and vital 3rea of opera. In addition, theatre and musical comedy events are scheduled for,.a. week 'in July and for the entire month o( Augusl. Walch for detailed announcements. association with the New Your ideas are extellent now. but you have to discuss'them q u i e t l y with higher-ups Histrionics will get you nowhere. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21 Discussing social matters wilh good friends can lead to havinj more success with lh«m in the future.' Show how much you appreciate having them a: allies. .Think along mori practical lines, loo. one of Ihosc delightful young jeople wilh a mind sharp as a tack and can come to right decisions very quickly, so be sure to give the finest education /o\i can afford; then the great potential here can he realized. ieen started, since there is a tendency here to leave one f you are romantic with the project hanging in the middle me you love, you can come :o a far better understanding now. You can handle Ihose civic and olher types of rcspon ibilities mnsi wisely today. Gel an early start on this. SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22 to )cc. 21) A good discussion with an associate can lead lo more cooperation in the fulure ant irill get your, points across wisely. Show courtesy wilh one who opposes you and disarm (his person. Drive wisely. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Begin week properly by cooperating with co-workers and gelling that important work done well. Being more willing lo exlend favors to those who deserve them is right. Buy new accessories for your wardrobe lhat make it more attractive, AQUARIUS (Jan: 21 lo Feb. 19) Put your finest talents across wilh olhcrs and be a happier person. The day dawns particularly well for you and much pleasure can also be derived from association with friends and relatives.' Shov male your deepest devotion. PISCES (Feb. 20 lo Mar. 20) Give home and family your finest energies and attention and get all In order in that important sphere. You can TODAY he or she will be SUNDAY BRUNCH Tomalo-vcgetahle Juice Chcose Cubes Pineapple Bacon Waffles Hcverage PINEAPPLE BACON WAFFLES ' A swcel-and-savory lopping for waffles. 12 slices bacon I cup maple-blended syrup C pineapple slices 1 package (9 ounces) frozen waffles Fry bacon tinlil crisp; drain on absorbent paper. Heat syrup vaffles in toaster or oven according lo package directions, serving. cgin lhat new projecl that will ring greater success and happiness into your .life. ShowUni^pincnpple Alices. Prepare hat you are sure of yourself. IP YOUR CHILD IS BORN To assemble each crisscross 2 bacon slices over 2 waffle sections. Top with a ineapple slice and surround with syrup. Makes 6 servings. complete whatever early to has once while going on to another. "The Stars impci, they do not compel." What you make ol your life is largely up to you! Copyright 1972 McNaugM Syndicate Inc. Moccasins For The Entire Family ·\Vesltrij We*r IIZtttiAvt. GRADUATE'S CHOICE Wyler incaflex Wcurii watch thiit.ipeaks foryour l i c r s o n n l i l y . M n s c u l i n c , t f o o d - looklntt, vlrilc-Wylcr Tri-Sfiorl. Set llic E.T.I, and it reminds you of tlmt important dale, tirocu HfM)i-tin)f events ov your parking mclcr. Inclusive Incaflcx kilnnco w h e e l is x u a r j i n t e c d A g a i n s t shock for the !ifo of tho wntch, replaced free it ever broken. GRAYDEAL \H JEWELERS, Inc. "Tv ais siii St. The Greeley Concerts Association presents GREELEY PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Howard Skinner, Conductor Program: Academic Foslival Overture :·. Brahms Slnfonie Concerlanie Mozart Waltzes from Rosenkavalier R.Strauss Adagio for Strings S. Barber Pacific J31 A. Ho'negger April 16, 1972 Greeley West Auditorium 4:00 p.m. Tickets Available At Door

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