Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 13, 1951 · Page 5
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1951
Page 5
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Las Cruces Thinclads Will Compete Saturday In White, Sand^ Eighteen Union hiph thlnrlada leave for White Sands National Monument early tomorrow morning to enter the annual' i !Wliltft. StmcJs play day.' " Among their opponents \yill be arch-rival ' AlarnoporddV^*^' c-ti soundly trounced- the Ipcalilrnck- mcn at the Yselc'ta mwt. Preliminaries bc-pin at 10 n. m. .In tho meet, ; and .finals..are .-idled-' .'ulcU .to.heffin at.2 p, m, . · . On the Las'Cniccs.. sq'iHtl will 'bo Al Agirric/Tiny A l v a r r z , .Terry 'Apudaca, Jiritmy linulloy, -Juan ^havcs^Shipper Corlcy. Tom Dick- Hon, Dan'Padilla, Arti^ Rnberlson. · Frank Stecle, Donald Wundch. ^Adolph Diaz, Bcrln Biirl.'jorris. jiick Glover, Cipl Oonzales. Buzzy ICcndricks, Johnny McGaw, and nay McCaw. · Coach Bud Wlllmrn said today that Artie Robertson, a niainstiiy of the squad, may be sufficiently recovered from a twisted muscle to afrdln run. Robertson is resting .toti^y, the coach pait|. . . More .than. 7,000 persons attunil- cd tlie 1!50 Wliie Sands 'play '.lay, and n larger crowd Is expected this year Trophies, medals; and other tokens arc .presented to all runners who win,;pla,ce, .or show, Lobos Tesi Skyline Qppasiiion Today "ALBUCJUKrajUB, April 13 ''Ti- ascha'li; golT'''Kn(l lennis tciimi p{-,rlJ(nv-;AIp!iipp' Uhlveraity test Skyline Conference ^oea today. IHie New Mexico .Lobos .KO UJ tho Cdlnrailo ·in-KglTM. ' ot ) n . v snd tomorrow .in .the three spnrla. Meanwhile, the New Mexico irach squad-lnivcla to Tcmpe. Ariz., to meet Ihe Sun Devilii of Arizona State in a dual' meet Lo- ilay. The thinclads go on .to Tucson tomorrow for another meet nt Arizona University. Mana§erS ( Sli ' It's an old tune;'bill as long .'is Ihcrc'H baseball major league managers will Ring it. It's a short one and goes like tills: "Give me another pitcher." With official opening c-f Ihe majors only tlirec day.-i nway, most imuniKurs \u-ri: ninkliiK clrveulh -hour eftc-rl.s today to . holster Ihcir.miiuiiil sta.ffsr-jvith "itoslnn lii-d Sox and I he yaw -.' Both Stcvti O'Neill.. Sox'shipper, uifd Leo 'D.urnchcl"of' 'the- Giants ran nit back-.linU-wutcli the-scramble. ' 'Tlii Sox and the (TJa/il.s a'ie'two ·tit liie favorites 'to'lako'tlicVinior- ic'an ' ,Ynd' ; Natidnal 'League "Hags. Bill'how about UfclV'nlliih 1 ' rival'sV ' : J r i ' t h e American, 'the defending. cham'i'Iion -New-York'Yankees' jirc ! worried"'indeed, 'wli'a't with' 'Alllc 4 Jo|W?rs____ Exhibition Ball i;y The Associated I'resK ' New York (N) 13. Cleveland ( A ) St. Louis (.V) 10, ( S A ) 7. '. : · Boston ( A ) o, .Springfield (IL.) 2. ' Detroit (A) 11, Bi (SA) 3. .Memphis t'SA) 2-1, Chicago ( A ) 0-7, " . ' ·' " -. · 3t: -Louis. . C A ) .7. Tcxarhana :: Oilier games cancelled, rain. ; ..A.lbiinucro.uc (WT-NM). 'it A] mll'lo .(WT-NJII cancelled, i-old. Accidental Shot An accidental shooting Tuesday: I Sports In Brief ing. Indians ., l p n f l at mv (r el u p . i i i . Tho student. Jose Picacho, was shot in t h e Cage Scandal Not Over Yei; Star Held For Fixing NEW YORK, April 13 I/Pi -Dick Feurtatlo, former bong Island University basketball player, will be arranged today on bribery charges growing out of the college' sport's biggest game-rigging scandal.. . .' The 24-year-old Feurtado, a San- ·ta Cruz, Calif., gas station attend ant,'was the 17th player or Jorm cr player arrested for allegedlj fixing games in Madison Squarr Garden. An 18ih man, a forme player Is being held as a matcria witness. Fcnrtado voluntarily came her yesterday t.o talk with Dial. Atty Frank S. Hogah. · Sever?) hours'later "the' Jtorroer ] player was arrestcnd and hfld on jtOOtiTjail. fJowVal-rlcd; Feurtado quit school in January 1950 during Ills senior year, , ... Hogan said Feurtado-got 54,000 for helping to fix three LIU games in 1949-lftoO and one game the previous season. LIU lost all four. Hogan said the fbm«l.itM in'the " four-games was Salvatore T. Sollazzo, New York Jewelry manufacturer now-awaiting trial on 13 counts or bribery involving alleged fining of 20 other Garden games. By The BASKETBALL New York -- Dick Feurtado, i-1. anla Cruz, Calif., former Long aland U. player became 18th .)lay- r arrested In fixed games Kablil'C caudal. · BOXINO New York -- ranama Al lirowu, J, former hantamwcijiht champion lied penniless after long illness. HACIN'G New York - Ted Atkinson rode .hree winners at Jamaica nnd just nisscd making it four with Slama n Bsposa purac; Miss Decree (,?S.- JO) won by nose. Lexington. Ky. -- Mount Marey l$8.60) won Phoenix handicap for second straight year as Kcenland's spring meetiiiK opened. San Mateo, Calif. -- Moonrush (59.40) took. Salinas handicap .-it Bay Meadows. · Laurel, Mfl! -- Black and Blue ($13) won Chevy Chase purse. Lincoln. li. I. -- War Toro (?:il.- SO) beat Lucky Micky by a nose in Wickford purse. Hallandalc, Fla. - .Nell's, Hoy ($8.60) easily won Ojus purse :it Gulfslream park member his two straight no-hil- l«1.lle on his way Io school tfi-4 1' vri'rs iiffn?) Viindcrtmtcr , Ill! Lulu ) t l h *' ***** --;-"-'"'" br^ira^ !S .SkpSls 'Se goT'v'ro,: nming agaiusl j ^.rl ^.n^.-P^.l...- £«* IJle Nc\v iork Giatil. 1 -. at Winslon- Biil-m. N. C., yrslcrday and was pou.ided foi seven hits and' five run:; while the Giants were run- nine, up a KI-6 triumph. '"' . In Ihc Naliou-.ii League, if uiiy- is guing'to beat out the Giants, say the' experts, it will be the ·Brooklyn Dodgers. Brook president Waller O'Mallcy said only yesler- Theu be felt aoinelhing slrikc : him in the leg. He limped home , and v.-as taken to tho hospital in ] Las Cruces with a .'J2 caliber lull- j let imbedded in Hie fleshy purl of j _ his thigh. ' ! Ofllccr.'i of the Dona Ana county j Sheriff's department inve;,lif;iited and found G. S. Short, a f a r m e r ; of the Picai-ho valley had b e e n : shooting sparrows will! a .2? call- · ... Of f?£0'S |\ '/ftPlVlDUAt. "*" cj^AMP/a^e, MANASUlG SUCCES rae MAJORS Oft TOP « G -T'lS 7rn 001 or A 7r/t '50/ AW HELP Ai'G e AiOlS --AtlP fior TO t./i'e UP /,'ilftr, errftef* / f».'.vax*«-«s ·: ?rf.' -..^ J ·',?*·»·'' e wSerTice Auuuewai-own ·· i r±s^g^^T!^l T - '" \T AL. ! !'-'.'«%IB cave *^^-^ Injures Youth !: \r^^m Ways To Prevent Heart'Diseases Associated 1'rciH Selcm-ii W r i t e r , Ity ALTON L. IH.AKBSI-BE ST LOUIS l/l'i -- To help your- j self prevent heart disease eat less fa I and less sail. . Those art: two of the m a i n me{ dlcal tips on eating for a healthy ; heart. They were described today at the American College of Physicians' annual mectinif by Dr. Thoma.i M. Durant, professor of clinical medicine al Temple, Uni- ·rsity School of Medicine. Ip (iraves Many Americans are digging , their Rrave.s w i t h their teeth, by | what they eat or 1 don't eat, l i e ' said. Four other henrl diet lips. Get plenty at vitamins and minerals. You need the v i t a m i n s «· pecially Io help burn the c a l h r o - j hydrates, :;tarches and sugars yon j cat. ' Gi'l eno-ish protein, meal, fisli and milk, for your lienrt is a muscle made of protein. j Get enough iron, vitamins and i protein to avoid anemi'i. The heart I bus to work harder if. blood laelis J red cells and isn't carrying its -lor- ' ma! load of oxygen. Avoid overweight. Fatness -Tlds Ownership Announced The Cheveron-service Htatlon nt the corner ol South Main arid Bowman streets in Las Cruces lias underline n change of ownership. Formerly operated by Kile Miser .tlie station .is now under the sole ownership of Frank Prirhanl, county assessor. Pi-ichard. who was 'an employe of the station in 1037-38 has enraged James Oliver, rornu-r em- ploye of the station as station manager. The station, across the. street from the Campbell holcl will continue to serve Las C'ruces with Cheveron products and Atlas auto accessories. extra milrr, of blood vessels nnd pills a strain on the heart. Kxcesslvo salt and fat tend io bis h a r m f u l for many people, invit- ilig two kinds of heart trouble. Dr. Durant said il' people used less salt and fat "il would delay ( t h e appearance of these diseases" 3nd lln-y might beat Ihc fat-caused heart disease so well that they could live normal life spans. Too much fat Is blamed for coronary heart disease, by hardening or narrowing of the coronary Artery t h a t Ill-Ings blood to tho bean. Tlie fat forms deposits on the inner walls of the artery. day Ihal ·'Clneiimali, Boslx,,, ^iiid j^-^ ----j;^ u , c ma ,, WM «i l.Miii'j have iftlebeis \ c ^omo [ .,,,, mn vnnili itandiug w i t h Ihe fille. I J i e - j o l u n va;j obscured from view. lie agreed Io lake care of the joy's medical cosls. and no c h a i y - cs'wcre filed by the Sheriff's de- :arliuenl. Comes To Cruces St. Louis have pitchers we use." Howie I'nllet "f the Jt'.-dbirds is Uii! buy O'MuIlcy would IlUe In see la a Kniulilyn tmlfonn, nnd it Isn't entirely, o u t - o f Ihe iinestlun. I'red Salgh, ('aril chief- tan, naturally iias a hravy liriee on IIoivii-,.l:nl I lie Dodgers liiivn simie rxpi'mhihle tnlenl Ihal Salgh mlghl like. '' And so il goes right down to the potential second division clubs, give them another pitcher nod they night be a threat. They might, at that. In Your Spare Time, General... AllTESIA, April IS i.-7'l -- «'·"· IMUglos MnVrlliur ba-; hcen in- lltcd to 'open Ihi- I.onghe.rn Lcngne .baseball season '"-'re April ZB.'Clydi; (jiiy.pri-sldeiil.of the Artusla club, and mayor Orcn C. Rnbi-rti iinlilcd the Invi- 'tatien to the (ienenil yesterday. . Fights Last Nighi By the Associated. -1'reiiH -- A man can spade an acre of land in about 15 days. Brooklyn -- Jollll Kulilbcr. 1M l/,. Milibiirn, N. J.. and Chick Boucher. 1UY. New York, drew, S. Philadelphia -- Terry .Moore, I 150, Baltimore, outpointed .leromo , . | Richardson. 101, New Yorji. .8. Sinor League Scores ISv Tin- A.ssocinti'd I' TBXAS l.K,\tiW Oklalioma City 7. Dallas 4. Houston -1. Leoun.on: y 110 in- lingsl. Fort Worth 0. Tultu :i. Kan Antonio IS. Shreveport n [·ACII--IC COAST l.f^\U;B Sacrnmeilto ~), Seattle -I. Portland I. San Diego 2. Los Aneeles 1. Hollywood 'J. Ban Francisco -I, O a k l a n d ;;. SOllTIIWESTJNTKUNATIOAI. Juarez 10, Bisbec-Douglas ·!. Phoenix S, Tucson 0. Tijuana 21. Yuma 3. Las Vegas 1-1. El Centro 7 Mcxieali -1, El 1'aso 3. EUAN DIES TODAY DETROIT, April 13 Egan of the Detroit Tigers, one of big leuguc baseball's best known scouls. 1 died in Henry Ford hospi- lal curly today. He was Oil. , More than 700 newspapers 'lave · run l'5C s t i ' i v "f '-"s Crnces Jieing | t i n - "First Treasury Flag City 'Jf 111,- United Stales." In nilditiun. '.some 2tlO nfivs plioloedilors b a v e I used p!iol"i;rap!iH- stories ;m bow i I.a.s Cruees a t t a i n e d ,bat .honor. ! ' Thru.- indicaUma of the wide! ·;pi-e:id publicity being .".iven llle | i eity through tlie Treasury f l a g day ' i program are Just hci;innins to re! t u r n I o Las Cruees. ; Al Ihe Chamber .'if Commerce, ' M a n a g e r Clint Smith,also iii'lcd [ihal in the Treasury Deportment's uilldv "Savings Bund Li'tler" j 20,1)00 "bond c h n i r m a n : i i - r o s s ihe nation are being told the Las Ci 11! ccs Story. I And Lion, the national magazine of Ihc Lions club, this month lias . ' run a ·ienennisly illiist ruled .irllele j l i - n l l l l i ' d "Thu L.-.S Cruces Story." i , T,he artiele v/ill reach '.nfiny 'Jiou- ' ' ji'aml i-ions in tin- United States. Smilli ni.tcs that "many --Ali- cr states are now .".tarling the pio- gram, liascd on the experience of Las Criieen. New Mexico. Jaycccs Noininiih? Cumlidulrs. l l o l l Regular iMccling Canilidnles 'or tlie -ortheimiing .lunior Chani'ier of C"inmeree -?lec- lion of ofrirers V"rc ·uiminati-'l I Inst niglil. In a dinner meeting al j t h e Circle Cafe. | The ele( :inn i.: !o he held in two ! wreks. with n s p i - i n g officeholilci; given a cbr.:n-e to eampaigii ilur- ing Fun N i g h t next week. j A report showed m i n e t h a n Slim 1 had been raised by Ihe -layi-ees in Ihe musical comedy to 0,-nefil I Heir proposed Servicemen's club. The organization also expressed lls inlerest In sponsoring a \Yhit'- Sands se.ivieemen's minstrel "how for local appearances, and a blind date show now being planned by YVSPG personnel. cd in becoming a pilot model for the Ticasin-y Departmenl iu set- j t l n g up the Defense Bond pro! gram." ,.-.;:v N \^S.\ ·U:*.l*Jr- ·/.' '.'*$§ ^fcifisM-M^- ^ ]. i''.'--rirA--«*'}/.ii«h«l-?*W'°'' 1,,,' SPECIAL VALUES SAVINGS UP TO 30% QUALITY AND STAPLE Hardware - Houseware - Electrical Supplies Sporting Goods - Lawn Garden Needs Have Boon Selected For This Annual Hardware Week Mi! adds thai mighty prond of I he p a l l we plny- | z ,, ; : n---'---^ / it's time for ......,,..,,,,, 5 ,, ::r , s GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E 1450 On Your Dial TONIGHT -- FHI. r. jr. 1:,10 Evening Buyers Guide 0:00** Mark Trail 5:30" Clytle Bcatty 5:55 Victor Borgc 6:00 UP News 6:10** Koulton Lewis, Jr. 6:30 Lqt's. \yalU 6:0 LT; News '0:50 Sports Cast 6:55" 'BIHHeriry and the New. 7 : 00 Oha'iiiber of Commerce 7-J5 Concert in Miniature 7:25 Eddy- Arnold '.'7:30 Klwanls' Club 7M5 Guest Star 8:00 Falstaff : Serenade 8:ia'«'l'Lo TC ''-*-' M!ratcl ' y 8?30. Magazine Theatre 0:00 UP Nevra 8:15**.. Mutual Ncwsreel 9:30 Starlight Concert i^Ss** Mutual News 10:00 Sin Off TOMORROW -- SAT..... A . M . ; , . ' - - A ^ i ^ - p ; 6:00 .UP News :;') : . ,, ; ' 6:05 - ElvCorrldo Mexlpanq' v ' :Vi 7:00 .Ed'dy Howard Orchestra 7:15 . "U. S. Marine' Corps - . 7:30 ' UP' News". · '*-'\ . 7:45 Showers of-Blessings Hy 8:00. .Morning .Bujiers Guide 8:30-." Kemme;Faii-V , 8:45 - .'jiccll/Brpwri' 9:00 Your Home Beautiful (1:15 Soldier Serenade !:30 .Georgia Crackers · ', , i lOlOO '' '-News i ' . ? . ' " ' 10:05 Music of the Tropics 10:15 KOBE Bll thilny Party 11:00 So Proudly We Hall 11:30 ' U P News 11:45 Public Health Program 12:00"'Man On The Farm Vollr FrlfmllX Station A MUTUAL NETWORK AFKIUATK K O B E The firsl. limn you slum! l«i'l mill mlmirc your new. I'onli.-ii- nnd H H J I I ·eel hulii'nil Hie wliccl for your iirst t h r i l l i n g tlrivi;, you'll enjoy the wonderful cxperiuiKX! "C owning n truly great cur. Hnl flic ncxl few years will give you nn men teller idea nf iiow sound your iiirlgoient was when you chose n T'oid.ini'. For. hy Hint lime you'll Imve discoven'd thai I'oiilinc is huilt to «-rvi; yiui d n y ' i u null iln.V "»l, ,\' ! ' n f l c r . y p n r . w i l h nil ;il)»ilulr i n i n i n i l i of nniline niiiinlciiiiuce. O n l y w h e n you qnu npproi-i 1'oniinc's hcauly in Uio lighl if fine ixjrl'iinnuni'iJ niiil lunl ecimii will you reallv know t h a i , IJollar Dollar You Can't Bent a I'ontiai- Come in and find low pr; nud high t|iinlit.y n i n k u I'mili.'ic a oC today's mosl sought, after c:i it.i my for ' i',L,nr»;. M-MW.-CS »«/ trim fclrnta/ «TM «'*«'( "' you « «"'"'»·" """ tv ' Yunr :holrr ..1 Sll'v.-i- Sll'i-nli lin|Jliic»- Nlrttl|!lll KIKIH '·'· i v THe Sl«»l Bi-aiilllnl ThlnB " CACTUS MOTOR COMPANY Am! ii'j l i i ' i n "' ^"^ « vl:1 ' l1 "' l!lcKli: ; ""' '''I'"!"'"-' 111 )'°" "·"·"' ' lust ymr! If you're mil rcaily for li--'»"g · 11 - -li " il iiow-dun'l «ail. Make a dieck-lia of yuiiv inrtU-roil, ra-l, lures lines, n» (iiillioanl or yuiir iill-inipoiUtnt tamping equipment. Then slop in .iiul i-lioo* from our l)ig tela'licm o( famous :n.ikc.«. A m i lifi-aii-c we fralurc il^mulabh bratul-S we've li.'ni a "Aiigk-ri lltadiiuavlcvs" by TRUE, Thu Man's Magti 338 N. MAIN PHONE 762 i 1Q8 s Main L I A R ' S L O D G E Phono 1029-VV

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