Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 6, 1955 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 6
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" : · · · * * Pa»« 6 iGRKEI.KY THmUNE. Tuesday, Utc. 6, 1955 The Greeley Daily Tribune · nd The Greeley Republican - EXECUTIVE STAFF XlLDHKD S. BAN SEN LKO O. KOKflC · · · J A K E C6TKICI yiL · Pnbllllwl Ciifj W#«k Oaj Evtnlnl by .The Tiltort-Hwublif" PublUMni Co OHic*-TU F.ilbtS Si.. Gm\ej Co' . - . Publlitwr I FLOYD E. M K R R I L L . * .Eiilfli Btuloau Kir. 1 A. L. PETEtlSEN Adt. Slit. . . Clre. Mir. I CLARK PAGE Sail l £nt«i«d t» Ihtv4 elut milter Bt tin Pott- offk* «t Colorado cmtor tb* Act W«Tek I I t : * ) . Wtrcb*! AiifeiM Pi«u. Prsi AiioeEiUcQ Iilmd Dally Prcti AiiocU- · tion Airfil B~n o( CInlU» Tbt A««ii!" PrfM !i enliUed «ela- · »iiil» Mo l^t aM erf rtp}ibl1r»Uon of «ll l»f. k**l E«»*ftrfnWd in tV.b ne*ipip«r u well *» · " AP nt«rt 4!trilchr«. ' · Stbtrictton r/lt«-- Br m»n In Ctlorido. 1 rtir 11.00. moolt, IJ.IM. ol Bcnlb I1.M. ni Bi»ll 'oauli. I Jill tlt.«0. «n« noalb 11.08 Sfirlc. an IS.« rcit inr«kere. Forfltn ^oontrln K-00 raonlli f-ilj C»rr1*r H.0f o-.onlls PUIIL1C rORUM-- Pcblle tct»[ t* no lenrrr Ulan lOfl ·IcratQtr rinsl b« Drl»l» J Corrttt li Th, TiUlttt ES^Vl/K' Pause and Ponder: -Tr,» Sinoms He.n "This the day which the Lord has made; ,lcl us rejoice snd. be glad in ft."--Psa'. 118:2-1. Safe Holidays at Home Al Cnri-l'mas- time people's minds are filled wilh pleasant thoughts 'of Ihe season; and'often overlooked in the danger o( Christmas fires. 'p r osor.led in the December issue of Better Homes 4 Gardens maga- tine is a list [of. reminders - that will make Christmas well a: '"^Tne'chriBlmas tree is always polenlially dangerous. Natural ever 8 reen trees cannot be fireproolcd; they can be''treated with fire-re lardant chemicals, tat even then, the flames will only be slowed down 'Keep the tree away from fire and excess heal. Don t set it near a hot S«ce stove, or radiator. Don't use lighted candles on trees, only rieclr" ikwV Don't let the lights touch limbs, twigs, or needles. And che* the lr'from time to time, H the needle near the lights are be coming '!?*JV m0 £ wa y j rom CU rlains, draperies, and other flammable fabricsVsure to dispose ot th'e tree a, soon as possible alter^ the holidays, »nd in|any case as soon as the needles begin to drop, warns the """incomJliule tree ornaments are recommended for-decorates. Ornament 0^'f.reproof materials such as nul.1. glass, and rock wool- TihUon l^tree, .^"etch each string and inspect It lor loose w.res at Tlieaire Guide Opinions and Information- tutr* anteed to b from sources other than the presi dcpartmnli of motion picture producer!. hazards incriise the risk. New Giaijt NevMtMM.|'th»t time may come. · ^ gh Mw com _. uK-^^sK^-trata.?? Vie under ont teul -dc P ena ,., ,,.i..ii,^ iiov can slicV inc*r«ly Yourt t Chief Theilir Chief begins i!s showing Wcdnes- lay of Sincerely Yours. Liberace as reached a new plateau in show justness as he launches his film arcer in a screenplay tailored to allow full opportunity to · display lis piano technique, dramatic abil- ty, singing and dancing talent, and o'generate.thc.pcrsonalily ttiat has pleased millions of television addicts, juke box juries, cafe society and the concert subscribers. Every member of Ibc family, young and old alike, will find a icrsonal interest in Hie story, and will be captivated by Liljerace's sinceriiy and'tiis dcrirc to please .he masses with music, that arpeggios from Chop Sticks to Chopin and Boogie Woogie to Bach. Although Liberace handle, this one man show with.unusual, skill, he has been suitably surrounded with the charming talents of Joanne Drue, Dorothy Malone and dependable William Demarcst. H e n r y Blanke's production smatks'pl good taste aniT a wise selection 'of technical assistants. .Gordon Douglas must be credited v.'ilh expert directorial guidance' of the familiar personality, together with Owen Mark's editing of the film which gave .Liberace every favorable, advantage. W i l l i a m Clothier's camerawork, drawn in Warner-Color, took into account Hie rich backgrounds and sets with impressive eye-appealing results. . The Irving Wallace screenplay has as ils premise i theme identified with The Man Who Played God, an earlier Warner Film. Associate producers .for (he International Artists,' Ltd., production were John R. Jacobs Jr., and Seymour N.. Heller. Musical arrangements, were by Gordon Hob- inson. George Liberace was music advisor, and the song Sincerely Yours, was written By Liberace with lyrics by Paul Francis Webler. Motion Picture Herald rates the Varncr Brothers' film Running time is 118 minutes. Lib- race plays Anthony Warrin; ianne Drue, Marion Moore; and )orothy Moore; Linda Curtis, Double Feature it Sterling Theater Sterling, is showing The Far Horizons and The Marauders. One of :he -most fa'mous hallmark^ in American history, the. Lewis and Clark expedition into the northwest territory of the country in She earl;- days ol the' 19th century, has been fashioned Into an ex'ciling. eventful and typical adventure film, The Far Horizons. Complete with good and bad Indians, a couple of love stories, some breathtaking scenery in VistaVi- sion and color by Technicolor and a friendly feud between the two protagonists, The Kar Horizons stars Frcd-MacMurray »nd Carllon Heston, as Mcriwelhcr I^wis and Bill Clark, rcspeclively. .' . The film is based on (he novel, Sacajawea o! Ihe Shoshones by Delia Gould Emmo'ns. Uonna Reed, as Sacfjawea, g'ives her quiet dignity and the picture i;s best performance. Barbara Hale is Julia Hancock. The Far Horizons, despile its lengthy running time and characteristic-accoutrements, is a good, workmanlike .slice of fictionalized history which diretcor Rudolph Mate has slanted, nd rightly so, to the large mass audiences. Winston Miller and Edmund II. 'North wrote- the screenplay and William H. Fine and William 'C. fliomas produced. Motion IMclurc Herald rales Ihc Paramount film good. ^Running time is 108 minutes. In, The Marauders, Dan Duryea registers weakly in the role of a heavy, along with ojher unsympathetic characters out of the .Alan Marcus novel of the same Kcenan Yynn oilers an offbeat portrayal as -Hook;-Jeff Richards is Corey Everett; and Jarma Lewis, Hannah Ferber. Photographed in Eastman Color, Ihe print is by Technicolor. Arthur M. Locw Jr. produced and Gerald Mayer direcled. The screenplay was by Jack Leonard and Earl Fcl- ton. Motion Picture Heiald rates the MGM film fair. Running lime is 80 minutes. Roberts ... V Comments By'J. M. ROBERTS · AP NIWI Anelyit The crudity with which. Messrs. Khrushchev and Bulganin turned their Indian goodwill lour into an anti-Western campaign* 15 reported to have embarrassed Prime Minister N'chru and other Indian officials. ' . ' · They laid out the red carpet for the visitors from Moscow, only to see them walk all over the lawn anyway. India is trying hard to establish ler neutral position in the world, ll's a neutrality with leftist leanings and sympathy for Kussia' because Russia,.too, professes to'be against colonialism. But India con slanlly. offers herself as a media tor of disputes. . . To have her premises used as the base attack by invective vio laics her position as a friend -o -all: Nehru, who is so'much "Mr. In dia"-that' his"aclioris usually r 1 rt a orthVindi, c np c re t ss I Glasses Olten Do More or getting the'country Into such ·» position, and for his extreme cf- orls to glorify, the Russian visit, lis mobilization of vail children's demonstrations has been mjes- ioned, as. producing indoctrination during an 'impressionable period which may bods ill for the country later. For one ot the strange factors in the fndlan position is the'firm stand.taken by the government afiainst domestic Communists while playing footsie, with [hem in the international field. It's ; as though Nehru Is willing to lake chjnces abroad, f o r , t h e sake of embarrassing the West, with something he will not put up wilh it home. There is evidence, however, that the Khrushchev-Bulganin^ visit has worked in reverse both fo'r them nnd for Nehru, night »t this moment relations with the Indian government, ' which · is firmly entrenched, would seem to be more important to Moscow than relations wilh the Indian people. But the visitors , seem -to have .made'.more progress with the people, while causing officials to look a 'great Harm io Children Than Good, Optometrist Says" DENVEH Vfi ·A Pueblo optopic- U-ist, Dr. Albert Siilloii. told the Colorado Optomefrlcal Assrr. Monday that putting glasses on chll- deal more closely'al Russian motives. Nehru would balance between Russia and the West without getting his people involved. Thf Russians have moved on into Burma with their anti-Western line, »nd may find H unprofitable there, too. ·' My mother used to say that peo fie who kept their mouths opei all the time ran the r.isk of letting others find out .too much abou what was on their minds.... · roil who hive Up-able · "setta-r. 1 ' fien does mo're harm ttiui food. Sutton' said ofien child'i re»d- ng trouble te not visual but · men- al retarding caused Uy .something ).tlicr th»n_poor vision. ·-.·,·· . "We know »·child grows oldtr every day," Sutton. iild, u -"Ibut niany times we fali to. coniidr thai the chlld'i mental growth; hii xwer tp Interpret, doei not k««p up with his physical ige. 1 ' . ;;.*· Sutlon said that putting glass* on a child at this stage can C»UM serious harm: He laid the gltii« '.'lock in 1 .' whatever trouble 1 -; th» child may be suffering and other, corrective measures will be at DC'- avail. : ! . ·He advised that i child.brought to an optomestrlsl because of "ey« trouble".'should have «'complete developmental test to determine II , he can properly interpret what k» tees in -everyday life. ' Took His Cow Hunting TWEED, Onl. «l-When farmer Burrcll Bradshaw'planned his two- week hunting Irip, he came up against Ihe problem of fresh mills for his ulcer. Finally he hitched his best cow to his wagon before making Ihe seven ; mile trip through the bush. The cow, he said later, seemed to enjoy the holiday us much ai the hunter. ^tt^t^SSSftZ ^nSs^CSy ^ni«d P i^^rotten even more attenlively than before, t " "· J__t:_,.i D rio s*rv Roldwatcr of Ari lleciea" me jWi"?*;"^ '^so n-can the lahor " h eS Si d : From twcher in the public ich'ools o( D«.nyer to star in the Philadelphi/Orchestra E rand opera nroduetions-liuch has been the records! the Vwilt rise to fame of Agnes tiivis, the young American singer, Jho will be heard here . have~a right amt'duly to oppose those who oppose ^reminder lo ponfeia^o ..bybalU^^. nee as winner, ot the first priz the Atwatcr' Kent nadio contcs iss Davis' first imporlam con erl engagement wa^ wilh l.eopol and Ihe PhiladelpW rchcs'lra. This season finds the s rano in great demand. She is di- ding most of her time between ersonal recitals and appearances ilh ln« Metropolitan t e n o r , harles Hacked, in Love Scenes rom Famous fiomanlic Operas. liaby Teller Greeley HigV Making M ss Davis' appearance In Greeley o; particular interest is 'that w'wn i{e first i.cgan the de vtlopmcni of her voice, she wa: studying a'. Colorado State Collcg. of Education.* '· Her sistei is Mrs. George T Gerry of nortHwftt "of Greeley a the is a ownn of Mrs. Dcwey Par ling of rwrtt.east of Greeley. Whil on the local campus she was affil sled wilh 6elta P}ii Omega so rorily. , '^ The sopnno is the daughter Colonel W. #., Davis, U.S.A., an was born in Colorado Springs, Afte studying t (Teachers' college, sh taught physical culture in the pu lie schools cfp'enver. but occasio ally Ung bjpicture theaters or a soloist ia jchurches. li )917 she iraf.jn«tional prom TOKYO ui--Professor. Hajimc Jda of Tokyo's Meiji university has ome up wilh quile a theory on how i lell whelher women will have irl babies or boy babies. If the husband is well fed, he'^ ikely lo father girls. .If Ihe husband s "tired 'out, per*" 1 ''*"''' ^nder nourishtd" he will lend "to sin male he,irs more frequently, 1 ' says .ho professor. Uda says he made a survey o 10 towns and villages before reach ing his conclusions. He found mon girjs born in fishing villages, whcr the men are well nourished fron a hefty Uda concedes his theory hasrj got much support from others-s far. El Salvador' will build Na lional Medical Center- in San Sa vadgr, il cujjtal. . , StSJ CftREFUVW ·RWW W f* ' = , M CKrtX. far.l fejK Sff/fea, Cltf, MISTER BREGER ·V ON o»)6 -XWf., (jffrin t»j W J\ ,«rt.WA.|i!?fi«6W, / ; of ctert in 1815, TVE. , . 6ovBf!NW6MV HOT d SHIPW6MI \®m « , PIP YOU NOv\ "Well, wliy aren't other men bothered by water dripping - ^nitm THT^IR nppks . . . ?' T h e Greelty Citli«n'« Committ« f o r P u b l i c Schoeli wn firit Of=an- l»d In Mirch, 1»2. Mechanic*! Man HALF ACRE CASTLE -THE VACUUM CLEANEC THE DiSH WASHED THE \CLCTTHE9 DRYER ··· ~ SHE WANT* TO GIVE PRESENTS -TO Ait OUR RELAflVeS THAT WE. PON'T C\VE A PACN ABOUT/ PUT VOUR FOOT DOWN.'J/SURE.l DOi^'T V5U RUM -THINGS M I PO/HOUSE? ^KiOSH, NNVS MADE OUT A , CHRISTMAS LIST AS LONG BY HAM PISHER JOE PALOOKA BUCKLEY BETTER GFT BACK TO TH' SHACK ECE A 3UNR WON' Sounds Desperate . .-.· SCORCHY SMITH ws tnsewT I OKT VtX OKS \ / NVEU - O»Y, PHTOJE.a'JW YlU BETVEREHIM CCOPCVKHEKS "Souvenir photo of your'safari - two bits M 61» EST M A I D E N S DICKIE D A R E OUR YO3NG DESERVES A CaOOD OIP OF CCFFEE CK. DCKIHSOH ' TO SAIL BACK E. FOR SOMEONE 50 WWT IF OL'Kirrr CRACK DCrtHON.ME? THIS /S -AH'LL SMILE AT VO- REVEAUN'MAH SOLID GOLD TOOnH.''.''- BtTT, EF -^O'OOULD MAVJ ' , IT TVJO -FIFT V, -»'D GIT A , ·POUTE CEREMOMV 'I/ KI cami rfo«-" c.'little early some nigM, xwW you Itnch'ui A»K Io flay ?" ·

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