Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 9, 1969 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1969
Page 24
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Pag* 24 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. 9, l?fi$ 57 HORSEPOWER - Volkswagen's 1970 sedan features a slightly larger 'engine, 57. horsepower, which gives it greater response and more rapid acceleration in .the lojver ranges of its four-speed synchromesli transmission. With an additional four horsepower, this year's Volkswagen beetle has a maximum and cruising speed of 81 miles per hour/.A major tip-olt that a 1970 beetle really is n '70 model is found on-the engine com, partmenl lid where horizontal air slots pro- · vide cooling air for the powerplant. The '1970 : Volkswagen beetle will soon be on display at Inter-Mountain Volkswagen Inc. in Greeley. Computers Might Spell End Of Road for Rail Switchmen By ROBERT A. ROSENBLATT with a competive bid'of appro Th« Los Angeles Times 'SAN FHANCISCO -- Th railroad switchman, his rec lantern bobbing in the night lie moves among the train stored in the yard, may (lisa ppear with the speed of a van ishing steam engine. Blame it on a computer which can do ills work faste arid cheaper. The beginning of Ihe end fo the switchman may come lat next year, when the San Fran cisco Bay Area Rapid Transi (BART) district opens a slor nge yard where a computer wil direct a half-dozen moving trains and 200 to 300 cars at an one time. A number of railroads computers to aid in handling and storing traffic. However tlie new BART system is con sidered one of the most advanc ed and sophisticated because \'irlually the entire'. Operation'Is run by computer. A 14-inch television' screen, on which typewritten . characters represent cars, wHl enable the jiard masler to know, where al die cars In the yard are fit any moment. This type of total display is unprecedenled -- "It can't be done without Ihe computer," said E,d files, manager of transportation systems for the Phll- co-Ford Corp. which is building the system. The new system is also cheaper. Philco-Ford -won tire contract imately $1.5 million Ries.sai Philco-Ford is a subsidiary the Ford Motor Co. "Doing it the traditional wa wilh old-fashioned relays . an switches, the yard control sy tern would cost $250,000 $500,000 more," Hies common ed.. Most U.S. railroad slora( yards are filled with hand-crani ed switch motors. The switcl man rides on the moving train and jumps down and works 11: switch mechanism to guide th '.rain onto another track. This slow, labor-heavy pro cess will be changed in the Ala meda BART yard: A standard car identificatlo iyslem 1 -- - a n electric-eye '-our feet off the ground, read he serial number on the-sid of.the car and-transmits'it-1 he computer; This happen whenever the car passe hrough a switch, so -the -com mtcr has constant data on th :ar's location. Faster than any man 1 ' wh ever directed traffic-.from pwer, the computer romembei ind uses the ears' locations. ] :an set up a route between an. ivo polnls in the yard afte nly four seconds of calculation The computer Is also respon ible for operating the slop-and o lights along Ihe trains' path lus the switching system tha uts a train onto a new track "The man -running the train ust goes 'until he reaches i top light," said Ries.. "H Radio Programs KCBL-FM 91,3; KFKA Thursday, October 9 4:00-KFKA: News, Music 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Dnlz Show KFKA: News, Wtr, SpUs KYOU: News 75 5:15--KYOU: Markets, News 5:45-KYOU: Sports KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00 KYOU: News KCBL: News KFKA: Circle JR Ranch e:15-KYOU: South of Border ; : KCBL: Fish Parks ·6:30--KCBL: Sound 00-KFKA: News, Music I KYOU: Country Show ; KGRE: News · · ·8:30--KGRE: Music !9:00--KCBL: Ascension 10:00-KFKA: News 50:15--KFKA: Varsity Carousel 11:30--KFKA: News, Wtr, Spta 11:45-KCBL: Night cap 12:00--KCBL: Sign off Friday, October 10 1:00--KUAD: Scott Showtime KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music 1:15-KFKA: Music KCBL: FM on AM 2:00-KFKA: Monfort Rpt. KUAD: Waters Show KCBL: News, Periscope 2:15-KFKA: Weather, Spts KCBL: Sound J2:30-KFKA: Farm, Tbnch 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvty 1310; KGRE-FM 92.3: KUAD KYOU 1450 1170; KFKA: Salctime, Mkts 1:00-KFKA: What's Hap'ning KYOU: Music U5-KFKA: Music 2:0(V-KFKA: News, Music 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music KCBL: Profiles, Sound 3:00-KFKA: News, Music 3:30-KFKA: Spls, Music 4:00-KFKA: News, Music 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music KCBL: Law, Sound' 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Dalz Show KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts KYOU: News 75 5:15-KYOU: Markets, News 5:45-KYOU:^ Sports ··:. KFKA: ,:.ThisV is Greeley 6:00-KYOU: News KCBL:' News, Periscope KFKA: Circle JR Ranch 6:15--KYOU: South of Border KCBL: Sound 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Country Show .KGRE: News 8:30-KGRE: Music 9:00-4CCBL:'News, Sound 10:00-KTFKA:' News 10:15-K'FKA: Varsity Carousel ll:30-KFKA:'News, Wtr, Spts 12:00--KCBL: News-, Sound l:00-KCBL:Nilecap DENVER ^ADIO , !· OA: ,850--Music, news on V4 hr. KLZ: SCO-Music, news KHOW: '630-Music, news KBTR: 710--News 24 hours KIMN: 950--Mus., news 24 hours doesn't have to think -- tin computer does all the figuring for him; Large numbers of electrica relays and other pieces of equip ment nre eliminated, thus low ering the cost of the yard. The yard will have the tower that is a landmark, in any rail road storage area. · "But we don't really need it," said Ries "It's a concession to tradit ion rather than necessity There's no need to look outside." "Th'e computer provides the ;owerman with everything he iceds to run the job. The television screen has characters and lines to indicate where ail he cars are stored, and where rains are moving. He doesn't lave to look out to find where car is." When the yard master wants o move a train or shift some ars he simply asks the com- mter to find him a route. Philco-Ford has the hardware eady. and is waiting for the nd of construction of the new lorage yard. Farm-Bloc Congressmen OK Food Stamp Program Raise ·i'r.i\t: -pj 1 ., . '(',-*. '' ,V .. ·«·. 1 ... *'*'»-" ·' .-·',',· · ' ·" '· By.VINCBNT j. BURKI Th»' Los · Ang*i« ; Tim** WASHINGTON - Conserv live farm-bloc congressmen Wednesday reversed their pc sition on food subsidies f o r t h poor in an effort to stem a ri ing tide of opposition toy urba congressmen to, farm-subsW programs.. The action came when th rural-dominated House Agi'ici lure Committee.approved 25 ( 4 a o n e - y e a r - b i l l - t h a t ' w o u l raise $610 "· million .the exis ing- $340 million, limit s on fee eral spending-, for food slam subsidies,-for. the poor.- . The action reflected a real zation by farm bloc tedder that they, can no .longer nego! ate from strength, buiVmu. curry favor 'with' liberal..cit congressmen, if they are. have any hope of passjhg farm-subsidy bill" later. Earlier this .year, Agricu lure Committee leaders ha planned to hold all food stam legislation as hostage! in -a yo.ti trading effort calculated I force liberal congressmen from c i t i e s - ' t o support .iegislatio next year- lo extend expirin subsidy programs .for whea cotton and feed grain growers But the strategy was mod fied in .the wake of profesi from city. 'congressmen. F'arn bloc' leaders decided that they persisted in the delay th city congressmen would be s angry there would be no chanc of winning their'support for th farm legislation. . = . · · ; As oiie lawmaker from farming area put it,- "if th committee had tried to bloc all food stamp legislation' unt t worked out a-'farm-bill, th 'iberals in the House would b 'rolhing at the mouth by th .ime (lie farm bill.comes up fo i vote." . - Under.the revised farm I strategy, the committee lelay action on legislation need d to continue the expanded ood slamp program alter June 0, 1970. This legislation will be trapped, into" an omnibus farm illl in hope that it will help 'any (o enactme'nt 'the farm rogram provisions. The committee-approved $610 million ceiling on food stamp TV Programs KBTV, Channel 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA,-Ch«nnel 4; KRMA,' Channel 6 . . . Thurf day, October · · 4.-00-KLZ: Andy Griffith ' KOA: Truth or Consq. KWGN: Blinky 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Comer Pyle KWGN: Batman 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones' ' 5:SO-KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's News 'KLZ: Ch 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fun KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6:00-KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KLZ: Death Valley Day.« KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KRMA: Once Upon a Day KWGN: Voyage Bot. Sea i:30-KBTV: Ghost, Mrs. Muir KLZ: Family Affair KOA: Daniel Boone KRMA: What's New :00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KLZ: Movie KBTV: That Girl KWGN: Movie :30-KBTV: Bewitched . KRMA: Folk.Guitar KOA: Ironside B-.OO-KBTV: Tom Jones KRMA: N.E.T. Playhouse 8:30--KOA: Dragnet 9:00-KLZ: Jim Nabors KBTV: It Takes a Thief KOA: Dean Martin KWGN: News, Wtr, Spts ':30--KRMA: Encounter KWGN: Perry Mason i:00-KOA: News KBTV: News KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts. :30-KRMA: Inform KLZ: Merv Griffin KOA: Tonight Show KWGN: Movie :00-KBTV: Joey Bishop :00-KLZ: Movie KOA: News :30-KBTV: Californians Friday, October 10 :00--KOA: Jeopardy KBTV: Dream House KLZ: News KRMA: Math, News KWGN: Jim Comvay :30-KLZ: As World Turns KBTV: Let's Make Deal . ' KOA."-Putting !yie''t 12.-00-KOA: News' KBTV: High Noon KLZ: Love is Spl. Thin KWGN: News, farm Rp I2:15-KWGN: Capt'n Dooley 12:30-KOA: The Doctors' ' KBTV: Galloping Go'm KLZ: Guiding'Light l:00-KLZ: Secret Storm · ' KBTV: General Hospit KLZ: Another World KRMA: Spanish, Frem KWGN: Steve Allen 1:30-KRMA: Physical' Acit KOA:, Bright PromisesKBTV: One Life To Liv KLZ: Edge of Night 2:00-KLZ: Dialing for Dollar KBTV: Dark Shadows KOA: Letters to Laugh-I KRMA: Literalure 2:30-KRMA: Home A'c'sorie KOA: Days of our Live KBTV: Newlywed Gam KWGN: What's my Lin 3:00-KBTV: Dating 'Game KOA: Concentration KWGN: Movie Game 3:30-KOA: He Said, She Sai KBTV: Mike 1 Douglas KWGN: Underdog" 4:00-KLZ: Andy'Griffith KOA: Truth or Consq. KWGN: Blinky 4:30-Big Valley KLZ:,Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 5.-00-KLZ: News' KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones 5:30-KOA: News' ' ' KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: Ch 7 News ' KRMA: Pocketful of Fu KWGN: Gilligan'sr Islari 6:Ou-KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KLZ: My'Three Sons KOA: .Huntley-Brinkley KRMA: Once upon a Da KWGN: Voyage Bot. Se 6:30-KLZ: Hogan's Heroes KBTV: World of .Horses KOA: High Chaparral KRMA: What's New 7:00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KLZ: Movie KWGN: Movie. 7:30-KRMA: Wash. Review spending li : ; ldentical to the amount.propoitd for the current 'flica!- year In. Preiident Nixon'f it would ·program. But for none of the liberalizing changes in food- subsidyrules he h«s propo*ed: Moreover, the Senate already has approved : bigger outlays than the administration recommended.;, · The'program ---now-subject to local ^option -- operates-in only a; portion of ; the nation's communities.-.Under it counties help pay food bills of poor families, and individuals, by giving t h e m federal government mon "~ stamps which can, 'like cash, be spent for food The bill to expand-the-annual as Intro dUMd:Tt*nday by Rep. W. R Pocge (D-Ter.) chairman of the House Agriculture Committee with the co-sponsorship of a ina jority of the committee mem bers. Last year, in voicing oppos tion to any rapid Increase 1 the program. Poage recited a n committee hearing the cam paign slogan with which h first won election to Congres. in 1936: "Help for those wh need help; 'Work for those wh will, work: Hell for those wh won't work." Murualt' Sales Gain NEW. YORK--Investors bough a;;, record amount'. of mutual fund shares in of 1969 the firsf si Sales tqtalet billion, compared with ; $3.2 million in the same 1968.per idd, a 12 per cent jump. . T^MISSING LINK? A MONKEY 'PHOTOGRAPHED BY FRANCOIS de LOYS, A SWISS GEOLOGIST. .ON THE- BORDER BfcTWEEti COLOMBIA AND VENEZUELA IS AM'UNKNOWN'TYTE NEVER SEEM BEFORE OR SINCE · . · 1917 ROBERT REID (IM3-I927) CELEBRATED AMEftlCAM PAINTER, TOPFJEVENT HIS.HAIR. ' FR6M GETTING MUSSED,' ALWAYS HOUATAU SHKHATlNTHlMTHTlia »*, I -- few* k.. nn. i.u ApOKRETURNED TO THE ''^UNIVERSITY of CIUCTNNATI ' -'MEDICflL LIBRARY BY RICHARD OODRoRWINAMAC, IND, HAD BEEN CHECKED OUT BY HIS GREAT- · GRANDFATHER, AtJD HAS /4S YSAKS OVERDUE r FINES ON IT WOULD HAVE TOTALED $2*,646 Indonesian Plant JAKAHTA-A »,!Mfl',000 Aus- opened here- tc .supply ,-condensed and fresh milk through: of 1,009 gallons an hour. Pear Crop Up-, PORTLAND, Ore. - 'Tli* 1169 traliim milk-produciiig plant has W-S. pear crop is estimttod at 700,900 tons, 14 percent more than last year. There will ,b« out Indonesia. It has a capacity eight pears this year for every seven grown last year. DAILY CROSSWORD 3. SwiM sight 4; Time dlvfifons 5; Siberian KM . , . e. Slnbad's bird 7. In the course of . S. Horning reception 11. One of . five : 12.-Soaks flax , 14; Ever: ' . poet. IT. Bucket .20. Conjunction 22. VlctuiO* 24. Chief . justice (192130) 27. Vended 29. Gullet .30. ^Typewriter parti 31. Cavity · 33. Bar order 35. Insane "" 36. Constellation . 37. Florida city · . . . - tinu un 'jiiu MS siwer 738. Nayigiite» 42. ice matt'. . 45..Polish; ..- river ; .' 47. Mauna'j' , pattrier;.-' 49. Music note ACROSS l.Helt B.V«rb»I ·9. Govern 10. Tree trunk 11. Meddle 13. Pirate's . hideaway 15. .Verb form 16. Straw beehive ·18. Word in a '-wedding. . notice 19. Resort 21. Reel . 23. Shelter 25. Knight's title 26. Old Norse works 28. Protuberances 32. Palm off 34. Indonesian island 30. Speckles · 39.Pale- 40. Constellation 41. Inattentive 43.Thou:Fr. 44. Fades 46. Moon sights 48. Gem stone' 50. Aquatic bird 51. Zola .. · novel 02. Seven DOWN : -1. Marched 2. Drone DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE --Here's how to A X Y D L B A A X R Is - I O N G,F E L L O W ... One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A !· used for the three L's, X for the two O'c, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words a« «]] hints/Each day the code letters arc different. A Cryptogram Quotation , · . P V I T it F L O R H J B R P L Y J W D J T O I D J W -- B O R T G J I K J T ' L L i O M T A ' J Y ·Stli ;. Y M W F L . -- J P S P W H R N P T L . Yesterday's CryplOQUOtc: A MAN IN EARNEST FINDS' MEANS, OR IF EB CANNOT FIND, CREATES THEM. -CHANNING - (0 IMS, Kind Features Syndicate. Inc.) HENRY By Carl Anderson EXPERT FRONT-END ALIGNMENT Satisfaction Guaranteed With proper alignment you get a smoother running car -- all the mile- ai;e that was built into your tires and a much safer car to drive. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 352-0544 RANCH WHOLESALE KBTV: Mr. Deeds KOA; Name of the Gam S:00-KBTV: Here Come Brides KRMA: J. Chen Cooks «:30-KRMA: Who is Tamayi 9:W-KLZ: .Medical/Center KOA:' Bracken's World KBTV: Tony Martin Spl KRMA: ,0n,e to One. KWGN: News, \?tr, : Spts 9:3fr-KRMA: Toy Grew Up KWGN: Perry Mason 10:00~KOA: News KBTV: News KLZ: News, Wtr, Spts 10.-30-KRMA: Inform KLZ: Movie KOA: Tonight I KWGN: Movie !ll:00-KBTV: Joey Bishop I2:30-KBTV: Californians ||12:45-KLZ: Late Show ' ' I 2:45-KLZ: All Night Movies ARCHIE By Bob Montana I SUESS HE HEARD FOOTBALL PLAYERS ARETAK.INS ALLET NOW! THE COACH ASK6D YOU TO BRING THESE IN? THAT'S: A RIGHT/ I- IT'S BACH, TO SCHOOL! THE OTHER JN ARE GONNA ALL BRING IN "ROCK RECORDS', I KNOW WHAT E WANTS/ OKAY/ LINE. UP WITH YOUR HEALTH RECORDS.' REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis WE'LL NOW BE ABLE TO GET HIS COMPANY FOE HALF THE AMOUNT We OFFEREP HIM / RELEASE 'I HAT STATEMENT OF MINE 'TO THE PRESS IMMEDIATELY WALLACE/ j INCIDENTALLY MAKE NO ^MENTION Of WHAT W6 OFFEgEP HAERISON FOR HIS STOCK / ^ DIP M3U TELL ME. I THAT HE HA% TWO VERY ATTRACTIVE WOMEN WAITING FOR HIM T JOHNNY HAZARD By Bob Montana I .WANT YOU WITH ME \ FOETV\0 REASONS/ ONE,,. BECAUSE VDU KNOW THE LAVDUT OP LE BBCQUE'S RICE' FARM., WE...:ruAN HA7A.KP2 WHY MUST J. SO ALONS? ANPTWO...BECA11SIT SO I CAN'r AFFORP YOUR HAVING A WON'T M3U PLEASE ANSWER ME NCW? A SAL ONLV'HACTES WE'VE COT A CWE WITH AM IMPORTANT PLACK-MA.RKET A GUY FOR A BRUSH-OFF.. IF Li'l ABNER TITLE--Ll'l Almtr. Jt«r. U.S. Pit. OH.' UNTILTH'CRISIS ISOVER.DEAR- DPNTTGHUNT TO HO STRANGE iftwss,noKrT TAKE NO GARBAGE FUM MO STRANGE ^ SWINE-- £^{TACCEFTNO IN-W-TAV-SHUMSTO NO STRANSE PENS,NOR ROLL^ROUWP IN NO STRANGE £WILU,NO MATTER MOW TEMPTIN' IT LOOKS rr \'

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