Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 13, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO . . . ,LAS CHUCES (M. M.) SUN-NEWS ' ' loiisMoM- Here h Questionnaire Of Fulton Lewis, 'Jr., -- Fill H Out And Mail It To Sendtor The f o l l o w i n g q u e s t i o n n a i r e was prepared and given out by Ifiillon Lewis, Jr.. M u t u a l Broadcasting company news commentator.. I ·riui.'iiUons may not be in the exact la'n-i guag'e as stated by Lewis they are in sum and .substance the samij cjucstiuns. " al citi'/ons hnvc urged Hiii.y Be published. They urged clip out the question;:, answcr'llieni with a 'Yes' n u i l them lo Senator;; Dennis Chavex and C l i n t o n THEY FOUND $33,000 IN : -CASH thul And reaniT.s cl: n' and nia ·rson. Scrm.^ Office: Buil'diiif?. Washington. 0. C . , ^ o r _ i o | Cungi'essmt , Senate O1 tice: l i u i i n i i i t f . v/asmnginn. i t . *-.. '.M- L U , nun A.'^-Furmirvlez or .1. J. Dc-rhpi-icy, House Office | B u i l d i n g , Waslnngirft'i^I). C. . ' 1. Would you vulo for*Harry-Truin;m in ]9.i2? 2. Art you jptfiiynr ^f.:co'niimii'nn Iho in:-: exemption allow" an r(.'of 550,00.0-i'i/r·('·B.tPrtninrnonl fiiven to President Trum a n ? » ,$ ;,#,1,' .- · .1 W o u l d you favoiwcoblinninr.! t h e f n v c s t i f i a t i n g ' L o m m i l - tl-f's-- i lie RKC.-tktUJlit-'f.'iiU'r, c-t.c.. and in c x K - n d others? ' 4 . ' W o u l d you vatfr/Kr.hiivt Secretary Achcsun removed from (.iffit-c?" . n;*^-^--.. f. Would you vp$5th.#.y. N. Iinal c o n t r o l of our troops in K o r f j a n r l niov f o r e i g n {i. W o u l d you fflvor Chiang Kai-.iick r e t u r n to China to f i f t h ! Ih'o Corrfn-unrisl:.'. 1 · ' - · · -' 7. D" you believe t h a i Ku'fopu w(»uld .stand loyally by the D. S. in f j f i b l i n g O i m n i u n i s n i V - H. Do y o u T a v o ' r contiii'ji'hR our ocnnotnic and m i l i t a r y a i d ] tt'o niMdiifi "jYfH'^'rt-ccivinj; such - n i r l V , !J, Do v u u f a v o r r i r o p p i n ^ our econoniic and m i l i t a r y aid to tiiosc countrit.'. 1 ; t r a d i i i f ! w i t i i C u i i n n u n i s t i c L-ounlrics? 1(1. l!u you bi'iit've President T r u m a n ' s M a l c i n c n l t h a t all t o n i n i u n i s W ' h ' a v f boon weeded out from the U, K. Gov- nrmiK.'nt? , )]. Uo you favoj- a p e r m a n e n t peace-lime program of mill- tjary traininj.;? 1^. Do'you believu President T r u m a n ' s e f f o r t s to cut down ur.iK-; essarv ^'overnmeni expeui.e.-; art 1 .sincere,? J.'J. J h h - J i n d wage's b': c o n l n . l l c d if priee.-, are controlled? H . ' i h n u l d gMvi'rnnH-Ml p r u v c n l .strikes in t i m e of national i f m e r ^ e n c y ? If). W"uld vuu favor c . ' t l l i n j * M a c A r l h u r home for a f u l l re| ; :n!'l to Congress nn the Far K»j.l s i t u a t i o n ? j(i. Arf.- you in f a v o r of the impeachment of President Tru- oian'. 1 I Si^ijcd AddS-e.v, . ' r i l v and K l a t e . . .. l)rivc;0pemags Announced er In Disposal Of Household Refuse TWO t2YEAR-OlD BOYS, Thomas Nowak (left) and Alfred Graves, tarry one of three cans In which "they found $33,7:50 In cash in the caves of the abandonud Id-room ramshackle mansion of the late Mrs. Airncs Edgar Eificlow in Ynnkers. . Y. She died last August at 83, leaving a million-dollar estate secreted variously. Executors found S270000 In safe deposit boxes. Thomas and'Alfred found their cache while playing Imtintcd house. They ure'shown on steps of tho mansion, which will be lorn apart picuo by piece. f International SounaphotoJ^ "Keeping garlrngt,' c'ann in good condition is often a headache-lor the houBeliolilef. However, the can's ife (aiul perhaps the ho'usehold- cr's) may he prolonged in two ways -by v draining and wrapping the garbage, and by storing the fan on a suitable rack or platform." Dr. 'Ehlcrs, Dona Ana County Health Depnrtmcnt, today indicated that proper care and preparation of 'garbage for collection not only resulted in a direct imving id thc.housenolder, but kept Hid premises clearieY arid unable the garbage truckH und disposal Bites 10 'oe maintained'In a^sniiltat y, nuliiiniice- Shoultl Dniin' ..." ,'.':· - '¥h e Health Officer'stated that all garbage should be drained cave- fully U)' -remove excess, liquids wrapped in four or five sh'eeta of newspaper or heavy wrapping paper to absorb the remaining :nofs- tuve, and securely tied or taped before being placed in the garbage ..can. '' .1C. paper bays are uued, tliuy should be reinforced by using two sackH, with one inside the other 'Placing only a small amount, of garbage in each package will result in easier handling and reduce the posuibillty -of the package being broken. . Dr.. Khlers stated that draining and wrapping of the garbage bone- fits the householder because 1. Flic.-; are unnhle to get-to the garbage. 2. Odors am reduced. I!. The. containers arc kept d and thus corrosion prevented. Use Pliilforni The second way the householdei can prolong the life of his garbage The second way the houscholUei cans, Dr. Ehler indicated, is to se' them on a small, adequately drain ed, concrete platform or wooi rack. The concrete platform is pro lovernment Forms for Construction Slocked By City Government regulation forms 'or authority to commence construction under U. S,.peparlnient of Commerce (Directives are avai.l- ablej .in'the office of.'the.City pi Las iCruces.. . ' , ; . . . ·.._, ..-· -. Under the title of. M-4; the application must be, made-undei: government regulations beforercertain types of qunfitntctlon.can be made. The application, forms . and an explanatory, sheet.provided-by ..the National Production Authority .ire available ..from Kenneth,. Barnhfll for interested contractors. TOURISTS SOUGHT ADDIS ABA13A I/Pi -- Ethiopia has great tourist attractions, auys Ralph S. -Damon, President of TrnnsWorld Airlines. On n visit here recently Damon said he in tended .to explore the possibilities of having American tourists visi the'country. The main reason fur Damon's trip to Ethiopia, lie said, Is the TWA lias a seven-year contract for supplying Ethiopian Airlines with managerial, technical ami flying personnel. Aid In Current Clothing Drive A plea to women and women's organizations to help the current Save tllo Children . Bundle . Week drive in the public schools was made today tjy superintendent of schools, Haskol B. Smith. · He pointed, out; that the drive, conducted under tho huspioles -* fenible. If wood it- used, the plat-: form should be at least 18 .inches above tiie ground and open around tlie sides to avoid making n rat harborage. , · · Such racks provide ,1 definite place for garbage containers .and keen the bottom of the can dry so it will not corrode. He concluded . that the- local lifinlth department at Lus Graces would be glad to assist anyone desiring information or to receive complaints or suggestions on the storage, collection, or disposal of refuse. if, a National Advisory Committee of School Superintendents, ,w,-h U 1) supports tlie clothing program- of | Save The :·.· Children.- Federation, vas ot concern not only to the edu- catorx '··intcrealPd . Improving school attendance in,isolaled rural areas of.America and oyeiseuc, but to all ; :.persons..interested iii:-the 'healtli- and welfare of the ichildren which the current National Chil-. dren's Clothing Crusade vill sen'e. As the drive gels under-way. bureau drawers, closets, and nttics am yielding unsuspected treasures, which have a value that can only be fully appreciated by a child whose ragged clothes, or need for shoes make him ashamed to to school. Superintendent Smith aid. He asked that clothing contributions Ije wrapped in paper and that outgrown shoes be tied :'n pairs so they cannot become acper- ateih "Any school child in your ncig- borhood would be glad to bring your contribution to school," lie said. Charles II. Washain, manager of the New Mexico ^lotor Carriers Association who ore transporting the clothing without charge today urged New Mexico citizens to ;iend Nab 24jl ALBUQUERQUE, April 13 £)-- ' Albuquerque police HCilcU up thin, score today after a series of. gambling raids'covering five" tlaya^?4 raids, M arrests, 28 hearings'and $2,02p in fines and forfeited ho^ds; and 263 confisticated slot ma- . chinos. ^ . . The latest armrests, were.made when police broke up a dice gamp, in a vcstroom at the Bo.wery.bnr. Five men were picked.up. . . Police Chief 'Paul ·'Shaver anld no more raids' aVe .cbiiteriiplated. ; ,-Thb f l o w - o f Iguassu "Palla in South America during tKA' 1 rainy .leaaoii' IS .greater' that that of Niagara. ' '' . . . . . . "You send-the clothing to school. Our member carriers ''will - 'collect anil transport it;" The state-wide drive is headed" by -.Tom Wiley State Superintendent'^r-Fubllfe'In- struction. · ' - " ' ''' " " ''; iP.s Notes About Dona Ana Coiinliaus IN THE ARMED SERVICES you when put USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE-I t ( b u n j ; i , ' H I i ' i PiiWi])-. W i t h ! · ) ' , u n i i l M U c . l .ili-.^iol I W M ' J l l i M I I H - r t I l l f I . C t l V i - l l l i ' i l l , - : i - ' lion JiKKPl.v. tn l u l l i 1 !' iirrin MM" (·01111)1-1. di'i Imppy ivli.'i IN ONI" HOUJt or yuui 10.- hiirlt at liny ill'UK i Hlitr' 1 . Toiliiy n l Hiilirr I'mj;, Htmidiinl \Vnlnn-iMi. LAS CHUCES LIQUORS 'nio KKiro or (Jooii S|itrl{B ' j COCKTMI. .MIXES . . , anil A l I X K U S .: Voiir riiiniiv IMckajji: S\flri! :iM S, M A I N I Eat What I Tin-oiitstniuling Kentucky quality of Hill and Hill will not mako )'0i\ nn expert canoeist. But it will convince yon lluU Hill mid Hill is surely "whiskey nt Us best." Ask for White Label if you prefer slniiglit Kentucky bourbon, or Yellow Label if you prefer 11 fine Kentucky blend. DEFEE'S WATCH SHOP Next to The Food Marl OPEN APRIL 15th Watch Repair Service clothing bundles to school stating, NEW FORMULA (hecks Rheumatic ARTHRITIS PAINS Mull H«lp Or II.Coili You Nothing Pa)iif'i fcnnittt Ti'ttttl contain a recent discovery tliar is .bringing anming relief to thousands, many of whnm had suffered for years. /' irtrtl immialj " "all' ''" jam and miadi ';'« :/··' t«/J. If you want quick comforting bflp for the ache! and pains of arthritis or rheumatism getPayni'i Formula today/ The fin: t/airusually stirts curbing pain so you cjn work, sleep.and live in greater comfort. Quick satisfaction or money back guaranteed after firs4 bottle. Get P.OW'S FORMULA »t BAKRR DItUG STOKE . :J1 N. I;tin. . · .' / .JPhnnc 120 ^ " Save mtttt wit*, mt HALF FARE FAMILY PLAN ' or r our wife bup o full tort Ikkol (or Monday, r Wtrfn«dnx. yout lomil/ can f\f wifti you for (oppHH 10 a!! thildnn und.f ?2.) ll.holh poi- go, one fliti ot half fen. Out child undtr two It i.d frtt. Call your trnvrl ngrnl or 1S Ticket office ut Airport IV jr Ii lit-Hf-ilunA: 'vu ir-ml (in 1 tajdiincinfeti/ Irtimilc litoiU. llkuimlli.ui, ol AinirlAix, I t i r o J nul» KKNTUCKY STJRAIGHT BOUnBON WHISKEY Suit*,?b bourbon quality l.ninib.n of ....r .in.niuli. li t*i iilhutn iiiiimul). ( t.siimn :i, ««lr *ti.l rclnniml. loMu lor lianpi) ctliiiK-- "Ktr|i 'IXili ,IUMS rO« IHt IUMMY I tS% CHAIN NWRU SflKllS ROllERT PORTER ft SONS, Inc. -' Excluolv o Dlntrlbulors . Albuqutrquo Lit Cruc«» I.S.ROYA1 Utmost in Tire Quality .and Service Tirati . I l l i r : . l : i l -- w l t l r I M i i u d l c V \ i ' i - l ( i | i u i l ! i i l n y .in' ptiMli' 1th iji'apils b u s i l y I ' o l l f c l h i y.. .-tJifit-K n i l ' l ii l e n t f'f Ihiit street, IjUS "Cruces graduated recently from.the flelrt officeiK rc- frcnlior training courwe at the infantry school, Miij. Gen. John H. Church, commandant,' announced. Purpoau of the course is to pro- vidi- rufreshur training for field grade officers who havi; not Hcrv- ud rocuntly with troops *oi\ who have not icccntly nUcnded.-ih'e ad- vnn:ec3 or jisaoclate . advanced rourst- at the infunu-y'school.,' Cjii. Antimi ·iii't-H i!i now serving wiiii luti; with 'Zl\.\\ I n f n n ^ y "Wolfhound" .'. ,. I nuiiit in KorVn. Tin: 27tli Ilogiment 1:: part (jii.'i l!f)tb J n f a n L r v ALL WORK GUARANTEED :ind (ost. .·!(·- i-li-rh-lyplHt. inrl rlcrltji. imitU'dl- c apply iliuti IVisniini'l Offin\ ·vlni: t;rn hy llrij;. Gun. .1. Sluilun iirudlcy -- iiiH'ond U. H. A r m y Olvision i:onuiilUt"i i.i n i - t i o n In Kurt-n early in J u l y , JI. r )d. The walnut and cherry are two trees exploited both 1 fbi: their pro- im:« and their wood. FORT IJKNNINVt. Mnj. .luck 1-". Baird, luiubnml of m b u l l ) W A i l i - . ( - . - i l l . - U i l l I c r t - l v i il x p l f:i t l i l j ; 111.- h I I I , n i l s of H i l l r l i t i l . Ul'-ll a n i l 1, ; i i - l i r i ; i , l u r Ih-lp j Canoeing at Its 'Best =~ Humiing Ihc tricky Snako River in Idaho offers tin ill-seekers' "canoeing 'nt it best"! icui'hcr tit mv.'fl!it«ti i i i g mount »ln n - n n i l y UM -i !·'· di-r; tlon !\Vuil;t'r lliilf i l n tihllihv in her sch'.ol w.julil hnvi- 'iml i t ; t a v .li'iiin- 11 lini;- 1 p a i l if Hi-- lisn if Uijiullc Wc-k clolhliiK hutl n jlhfi-. n i u'h Pyrrn 11111 C il whon (i nf U l l i l llitl.' tl i 1 lea it and j tluuii." Today and tomorrow...The only such tires in the world! Who Isn't looking Into the future? "; .Who isn't looking at bis car, his tires and his lubes, estimating t-lip' life left in them? ' j : Who isn't, asking about U. S. Royal AIR RIDE (ires, demanding the qualities nnd features which they, exclusively, supply? There U nothing now about this enormous demand. For more than twb. years our'factories have been unable to catch up with (ho vast public desire] .to own these aiiperb tires. With every shipment, orders are being fillet!. With every order, a new and lasting friendship is established. The great U. S. RoyalMidiCchtury Tires have become THE TIRES OF THE CENTURY. U N I T E D S T A T E S on your old tires to keep you in safety and comfort till your now tires arrive U B B E R C O M P A N Y SHOOK TIRE COMPANY 717 N. MAIN PHONE 1111

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