Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 9, 1969 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1969
Page 20
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20J GREELJBY TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. 9, 1969 'Correct Cause Of rtair Problems '!$· causa for hard to manage h»ir soinatimes; can be very simple thing :that is easily corrected. Gonipion causes are dry split, ends that should be trimmed; pu abused hair that needs conditioning treatments. Another frequent, cause o£ un- m.-yiageablo hair is using sham poo that is too iiarsli and over cleans the hair. The shampoo routine rccom ieiided, by many hair care, ex perls, is to \yasii your hair of ten but use gentle baby sham poo, which will not strip all the natural oils from the hair. One lathering they say,' is sufficien to remove the dirt' and leave the hair shiny and manageable. ( (C) 1967 by Chicago TrlbuneN.Y. Newi Sea Juni.orTPelllcoal Junction CBS Pm June Lodchart. My wardrobe proves you can't buy better drycleaning than Sanitone. My clothes look and feel Ilka, new, And they seam to hold their shape, better between cleanings. For the same results, make sure your clothes get regular Sanltons drycleanlng. You'll find It only it this sign: rV Sanitone Oyj/ficdMasltrVrycfaincr 10% DISCOUNT (CASH and CARRY) 2800 W. 10th St. 1214 9th Avc. (Wilshire) 352-3210 (Dtwntown) By Abigail Van Bvrcn DEAR ABBY: After, sleeping with this 289-ppund walrus every night for eight years -- and that-Is 2,920 nights '-- count'em, I am ready to call it quits. ' .'. ' ' · ' : . From the day. we.'were married' my husband has insisted, on a'double bed. Don't gel the idea that'he is. some "kind of. sex maniac because, he. isn't. He's just afraid'to sleep.! . : . : '· I mentioned getting twin beds once and he had to. bite liis lip to keep back the tears. His side of the bed is swayb.ack just like a hammock: My side is all right, but all night long he reaches fer me and pulls me over to his side. I have such a backache some days 1 can't stand it and I know it's! from that broken-down mat-; tress. Don't say get a new one. It would be just like the. old one in no time. ' . " ' '." ' ' Please tell me how I can get my husband to let me have twin beds. We can affprd it. ' 'ACHING BACK DEAR ACHINQ: Whore have you been? Slno.1*. "Twin" Mattresses with a common headboard (both kinjj-»iitd wid queen-sized) are available. Run, do not walk, to your neirMt' furniture dealer and let them show you their ttlectiofi. Thfy'll thank you'll thank me. .. ' ' "' ' DEAR ABBY: 'For two years now "Mr. X" has been living iii our house. Some friends think he is my stepfather'.' Some don't even know he'exists. Most of my friends know : that my mom is a widow, but what can I say when someone' lakes rhe home and asks whose car this is in pur garage?'Sign me ' ASHAMED. ' DEAR ASHAMED: Don't lie, and don't ful that you, must account for your mother's conduct. If tomton* «sk« about the car say, "It belongs to a friend of my mother/'- It does and he is. DEAR ABBY: "SanVs wife" asked what happened to. husbands who worked night and day after having accumulated a fortune. You replied, "They usually leave rich widows." Not necessarily. Her Sam may stay, healthy, "married" to his work, but she may not be so.'healthy if she doesn't learn how to cope witli that kind of husband. I've been married to a man like Sam for 3.7 years, and for 35 of those years, aside from raising five children all by myself I've been nothing but a housekeeper with bedroom privileges on Wednesdays, and 1 mean that literally! My husband has been a good pr.oyider, period.. We. have never gone on a vacation together, even tho his. net 'worth is now up to six figures. We have a nice home, nice clothes 'and our children (now married) are amazingly weU.-adjusted 1 ; in spite of the fact that their father was always, a stranger, to them. (He still is.) He attended our childre'ns'loyely"wed- dings under 'protest, and then sneaked away from the receptions early -- to work. He has no personal friends--only business friends. I gave up inviting people to the house because my'husband always brought home a briefcase full of "paper work"' to do. So, tell wives with husbands who are "married" to their work to do what I did. Make your own friends on your own time, and good luck. . TOD'S WIFE CONFIDENTIAL TO "STILL WAITING" IN BROWNSVILLE: Bo a little more aggressive, and you will either hook him or lose him. You don't say how old you art, but six years is a long time to "wait" for a man to make'up his mind. Everybody has a problem. What's, yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Loi Angelas, Calif. 90069, *nd enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Horoscope Forecast F*I.PAY,, PCT. 10 GENERAL . TEMDENGIES Yqu ijre ip't.-'lo be me moment and very, much at ioyed'''t.h«''iipjft gl'onp.' p| yhb 'pu-are \yery.'fppd, or an.asso 'iafe "So· make sUfe that-*yb [q Handle your moods ih'slea if) letting "thehv run away- wit MI.'Today, a soft an'swbr on! urns away wrath. ' " "·', ARIEJS (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19 )on*t start any argument wit nother or you'miy get the an- wer you'were looking for bu idn't expect. Wait for a.bette ay ; tp. clarify, ideas. Be wise TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20 ^ ciMvorker.does npt think a pu dp,,so do npt. get. into any rgunient today'that could prove o, t^ an unfortunate'one.' Keep aim and poised and 'all goe mopthiy.' Be happy with pre ent setup. .GEMINI (May .21'to'June 21 e careful you jme"very,' important work "jus ·f go' p'ut; if or" a'gojpd time_; tji.a ould : be ' yery, ''disappointing inyway. Qet-"at'.your 'work : eri lu'siasficaljy. B,e' ; srnile nore 'amTbe encouraging' with thers 1 . ' "'· ·":'"'·' ··' MOON : CHILDREN (June 22 3 July 21). Show, more under- aiidin'g' '-toward family and. void ·situation's 'that"start ar- uments.- Oversensitivity' coulc e_ bad on your jjarti too.' Others ·e' just blunt, not vindictive: LEO (July 22 to Aug.. 21) ak'e sure that 'your car is in erfect running 'order before ou"get into It today. Look lere you step, 1 too, 'and avoid ccidents. Don't disagree with" hers who have good'ideas to fer new. Think "them 1 pvef ell. VIRGO (Aug. 22 tp Sept. 22) e careful you* are not eictraya'- nt in any- wayj'pr you could art a chain reaction of spend- g that could lead'to big losses. e more objective instead arid By Carroll Righter see how to' build up your hold ings', improve real estate. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to .Oct.'22 You are in sucli an irritatec mood that you- feel you wan to make radical changes, bu this -you would regret later Find out what your pwn limi lations are and':do something about them. 'Then ypu regain happiness: , : SCORPIO. (Oct. 23 tp NPV. 21 If you encourage those whose ideas and ideals you 'admire you find you gain the suppor you want from them. Get busy en that plan ypu have tha needs perfection.' Then you car put it -in, operation. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)'You.have some"per sonal desire that could' get, you into much trouble 'if you' try' to go 'after' it. You are confused so straighten out your thinking A ' usually helpful associate is not in a good mood today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan JO) Be more willing to listen t iigher-up instead of trying to jo'your own merry way, which s not very 'remunerative, satis- 7 ying; 'D'o' nothing that will jeopardize your good reputation. AQUARIUS'(Jan:''21'to Feb. 19) You feel like "giving up and joing off to unknown and uri- .ried thhigs, but you would only let yourself in more trouble. Show good associates that ypu are loyal, instead. Keep calm. PICES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Je.sure you keep promises to he letter- and'show others you are reliable. You are being lest:d?. and must prove that you lave-- a strong character, · are ethical. Take time to do some eadihg tojiight. IF'YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY : '. -: he,' or sh6, will be ne of those interesting young eople' who, early in life/ shows haf-he; or she,' will always ave'to'do things his own way, matter what the cost. Be sure you inculcate the fine orthodox ideals early and then let ybur'progeny'proceed'as' de reft sired, .-since- there--can be'-'.; pioneer, inventor, even geniu in this chart. .Teach to.respec the feelings and interests o others. Any of the New. Br professions are- fine here.' '-The Stars impel, they do'no compel." -What youi.-iriake-.0 your life is largely up.4p you' .. .. f Distributed by .. McNaught Syndicate, In?.) Calendar Saturday 9:30 -a.m.' DUV'Past Presidents, brunch at the home o Mrs. Annette Morris, 1219 llth Ave., with 'Mrs. -Grace Whit ney as co-hostess. 10 a.m. Story Hour. -Gree ley Public Library.. .1:30 p.m.. Post Presidents Club, .Daughters- of 'Union Veterans, Barbara Frietchie Tent. · · 1:30- p:m. Weld. County Arthritis .Club, covered dish Iupcheon--at First- Congregational United Church of Chrjst Craft program will be making filuig envelopes. Bring scissors. 7 p.m. First Congregatiqna Church, Double Trouble sup- psr, lounge. · ·. ' ' .Double Life of. Shoes . If shoes air for a day be- ,ween wearings, acciimulate'c wrspiratipn (which tends to. rot inings and 'leathers) will "not lave as much chance to' wear iu't your footgear. · A, .daily ih.anges of shoes is economical. One authority estimates that this irecaution more than, doubles he life of shoe's" · Bridge New* \ A. M; Bridge Club ' Winners in regular play at the A.' M. B.ridg? Club oft Friday tict. 3,' included. Jim Mjller"and John Hanke, first; Mr.'a'hd Mrs' WeT/Herttv'seeond; '-Mf s.' 1 .Bur- reliV'sH'aw;. ah(j";Mfii;'-'S.rd Noel thira; Mrs.VDayton: : NK:npl''ani| M^'wHatfe! 'Hpnaker,'' i: f6urth; Mrs'.! Hoy*'Sears, ..aniJ.' Mrs. ; Lee Wesl'ji.'fifth.iVDaye :Ka'tr6tf and MisS .'Sally'-powis; : 'sixlh; 'Mr. and.,. Mrs. V.'Mark -'Aehziger, seyehth;.- and-'Ralbh': Mofri^oii 'arid' Dayton NichgT;- 'eiohth. £*»t!C'! ' ·«i l -i.- 1 : 1 .-.,'.y..:"- '-. _ Novice Club''winners on'.Sept. 3B'i"' C: Rl'.'Parisb arid (ijlrs. . ! Cv 1^. r Dunn,;,fi i rst; 'Mr,s.' Frank '9regp'ry'and"''Mrs. eiela Burnham; secppd;' Gajy Fab- schtitz and Miss'tinija'Knpblock, third; and'Mr's:'.'lip'u-Tese.rak 1 and Mrs.·Ethel B/)gges^ ) ';fourth'. ' ' 'The open clipi niejets '.every Tuesday and Friday at 7:15 p.m. at'Ramada Inn.'. The Novice Glub meets, at Z:l5,p,ni,Tuesday ahd beginning..bridge,"le'ssoni and intermediate lessons are of. fered every Tuesday at 7 p.m., all at Ramada Inn. For more information call Mrs. Hazel Brewer, ,352-69.99." ^ Women Owned Tepees OKLAHOMA CITY-A typical Indian tepee required .10 to 12 juffalp. hides fitted tightly over a-conical framework of smooth, Darkless poles. In some.'tribes, · women not only built the tepees 3Ut owned them. PRETORIA - A Christian Barnard postage stamp'is put P.E.O. RUMMAGE SALE FRIDAY SATURDAY 811 9lh Street · JT. In The EATON LOCKER PLANT Good Foods from George Fran WHO. HAVE BEEN SERVING NORTHEAST AND NORTHWEST COLQRAD.O FQR QYER 20 YEARS 101 2nd Street, Eqtpn, Colo. We Deliver. Volume Food Plan orderi onlv " " ' '"54-2240 ' . · · : . · · · · · . · · .-T · - . · . -r- ·-* · ··{ Open Thursday, and Friday Nisliti''T!f 8:30 Fashion Corner Eighth and Eighth lacquered-looking styles...topped with a gloss of, buc.kle. V/ players to tone up fashion tweedy skirts, skinny sweaters, vests, tunics, pants. A. With up-front buekle, nailheads-across a-wingti'p toe. In Green, Red, or Brass. B. Two-tone spectator version with buckle trim. Classic in Beech w/Golden and Black w/Grey. $15 each. I A X I AIM'S MONDAY THRU FRIDAY .8 A;M, ; TO 5;30 .M, -- SAjriLJRp^Y; JJ; ^.M. TO 1 P.M. ARE YOUR FOOD BILLS TOO HIGH? WOULD YOU Likt To Feed Your Family Their Meat! (U,S,D,A, : «gj Choice), Fresh Froiin Ycgetablii, Fruits, Fruit Juices, Bread and T^ I ....' ...... : ..... ,,·...,,_. ....................... '..,·.-.:'·'·:· Margarine too, For Only QQ ". "' Per Week DIRECT Home Food Service FROM PROCESSOR TO YQU And Financed Too! MONFORT'S BEST - U.SJD.A. Choice Steer Beef .: '".; ' ' . " : . ' LOVELAND PACK --. Corn Fed, Porjc Loins, Hams, Bacon, Wieners CUT, DOUBLE WRAPPED, LABELED, DATED, SHARP FROZEN NOTHING FREE -r- NO GIMMICKS! . 'just a Low Cost Food Program Designed Especially,for Your Family FOR VOLUME FOOD PLAN BUYERS ONLY Rhodes Fresh Frozen 3 D.px. For Sweet Rose All Vegetable 2 Doz, Far BREAD DOUGH, 1-Lb. loaves ,, $4.68 MARGARINE only $4.56 -- Only 13e Each!-- -- Only 19c E a c M - -- ' . " ' ; ' DON'T BUY A FREEZER Until You Find Out About Our LEND-A-FREEZER SERVICE ; Customers will be charged Only $2 per week for delivery, maintenance and insurance S- LARGE ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU WE DELIVER .4 SUPERIOR QUALITY FOODS - SMALL ENOUGH TO APPRECIATE. YOUR BUSINESS \A/P ITTPKI f^\ I A P A KITPF Al ' F 0 ^ 1 Proeessel "d P.elJY«ed by G 6 F Food YY M. I I tN VJUA\I\AI I tt Service are Guaranteed To Be oVtha.Fln*tt : Quo% ·nd must b* to customer's complete satisfaction. If not satisfied, return within ten days and your order will be cheerfully replaced on the amount returned. ' ;1 .No Membership Fee -- Freezer Purchase Not Necessary .V RETAIL MEAT COUNTER NOW OPEN OLD FASHIONED BUTCHER SPECIALS -- Good Friday and Saturday Only . '·" '. MONFORT'S IAR-I-Q, ROUND STEAKS U.S.D.A., LB. 89 LOVELAND. PACK ' : BOLOGNA ALL MEAT..- ...,, LB. MONFORT'J U.S.D.A. CHOICE SIRLOIN STEAKS $109 LI. ....;.,,; I LOVELAND PACK ALL MEAT-. WIENERS LB 140 to 150 LB. BEEF FRONT QUARTERS Consists of inr-B-Q Chuck Steak, Prime Rib Roasts or Steak, -SwiM Steak, Chuck Roast, Bar-B-Q Ribs, English Roost, Stew Beef and Ground Beef LB.

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