Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 15, 1972 · Page 5
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 5

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1972
Page 5
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R;i(. .April 15, 1972 G R E K L E Y (Colo.) T R I K U N B 5 0 FOOD BILL... CHEK1MATE COMPARISON PRICING TOO! MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE Sausaje gr Hamburger, Frozen Jenos Pizzas usoi-sTM Bio-DejudaWs f - ',- if Ajax Detergent m,*,. Kleeier, While or Mixed Facial Tissue - nt «tu PiBsbnrjs Besl Flour ""' . .5ib,B, 8 XeHofp, Frozen Eggo Waffles ao ,. nt Binrjuet Frozen fried Chicken mpi* 67c 89c 43c 58c 43c 1.79 62c 79c 36c 53c 39c 1.63 O ICEMILK STRAWBERRIES PINEAPPLES KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE HALF GALLON KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE Bellr Crocker- Mjcarcni aid Ctitddir Cheesi Casseroles so,.p £ . Belly Crocllr- Hoodies Romsnoll, Knijaki Casseroles Bitlj Cracker- Monl: Billo 'Casseroles Fntiral Queen Strawberry Preserves Creim ol Mushroom Campbells Soup Keiihejs Instant Cocoa MJV Ckocolale Hersheys Dainties Seni'Swett Hersheys Dainties cl SlrogjrwM 5.5Dz.Pk(. 7.5 Oz. Pl{. 200;. hr 10.501. Can 2 Lb, Can ll.50z.Pk|. 6 Oz. Pig. Semi-Sweel Hersheys Dainties .20^. fatwic fjoleclci Scotchgard Golden Fletce Pot Cleaners 160z.Can Plj.oU Per Pound 1.02 Per Ponctl 1.49 Pei Pound 1.09 P(f Pound 44c Per Pcur.d 27.5c Per P«cnd 37.5c 72.4c Per Pound 77.4c PerPcund 69.4c PeiQujrl 3.78 Per Each 8.4c 51c 51c 51c 55c 18c 75c 52c 29c 52c 1.89 25c FROM KINGS OWN BAKERYAT\ M A N U F A C T U R E R ' S S P E C I A L CHUCK WAGON BREAD M A N U F A C T U R E R ' S SPECIAL mm f* BEAR CLAWS 58 FRESH FROM KING'S HOT B A K E R Y M A N U F A C T U R E R ' S S P E C I A L . Doicn Sutjnrcd and Plain - Mf\t CAKEDONUTS49' KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE ElKlric F erk, Regular, Diip or Fine Folgers Coffee ?^.^ lopco Brin'tf Newborn Diapers r,,..*--, Topca-Bfand Daytime Diapers p^o Tppto Bund Overnite Diapers p^onz 1 Fw DWies Palmolive Liquid i;c,^ All Pupose Ajax Cleaner ^n,.,,, liyafecls as it Cleans Lysol Cleaner .^^ liimfnites Odors Lysol Spray 210,.^ Cecoraled cr Assorted Cotars, Junbo Ro'l Viva Towels ioos,.n. Head a^d Sh:u14»rs - Jar Pick Shampoo 5o«,s-« Piolein 21 Ejln Hold, r,-ju!jr u Unuenled Hair Spray i3o t »« 1.62 1.35 1.55 80c 36c 94c 83c 1.89 43c 1.39 1.49 1.52 1.18 1.38 68c 31c 74c 75c 1.77 38c 1.19 99c ' N e W Entrjiied- Oxydol Detergent «o, $« *."Hew,',En,}f(»ed Oxydol Detergent 8*0,*,. Tides IP, Oirls Cut Tide Detergent. 49 ms.. ·Tidfs In.'Dirts OD| . - ' Tide Detergent mo^,. For Cltaning Dash Detergent «o,. S)!! For Oililiidinj Ci».iin( Dash Detergent ^^^ Frozen, Melt Away Minis, Assorted Chocolates or Ciutnel Pecan Clusters Sara Lee Chocolates so,p, g . frozen, Butler Creirai Sara Lee Chocolates 5o, P ,. Pepperidge Fatm- froien Apple, Bluebtrrj, Chenj cu Le.iK.i Tarts 5.;sotpkj. BrHl) Crccktr- KoorHes Alnondiat or Ililnno Casseroles 6o, P ,. Pt; Po-Jnd 29.1c PeiPwnd 28.2c Per Pouid 29.1c Ptr Po-jnd 27.7c Pti Pound 26.8c PerPounii 25.1c Per Poand 2.50 Pei Pwnd 2.23 _ Per Pojnd 78c -Per Pocnd 1.36 89c 1.48 89c 2.96 82c 2.46 1.25 1.25 28c 51c Asp : rin. Fot Childrtn St. Joseph M 0 rod: rani ' Regular or Undented. Ultra Ban 5000 KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE Miracle Whip Salad Dressing o^e Great Weilera or Hotf Beet Sugar J^B., Counlrj Sljle or BillermiH Piilsbury Biscuits 'iltm. Joy Liquid »».*, Far Drshw)shir,( Joy Liquid s^.-.s^ 47c . Per Poand 10.2c Per Potfnd 18c PliQoarl 84,4c PerCjJirf 83c 47c 51c 9c 58c 83c FRYERS 28 MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL THICK SLICED Skinleis, Armour's, All Meat Pkg. MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL Boneless, King's Sooperb Aged U.S.D.A. Choice Btt-l Ware Kncb Pot Cleaners E , ( i, Were Guf Pot Cleaners n^n Instwl tt Fire Mmcle Roman Meal Cereal c.:h Fimin : ni Hjsiene Deodonnl FDS Spray 3o ; .si« Mjj^wiOi and Ciij'* Lavoris zoo^me Moulhwish and Gargle Lavoris MO. Br.uit ReI:tYES rlaiil Con^tsLioi From Har Feicr ind Coldi Sinex Nasal Spray *£ Jergent F.ilra Dir Facial Cleanser TM.t« Smis Medicine Sine-Off w« PerEich 13c Pei Ncl 9.7c Per Clth 44c Per Our.te 43c Per Oance 5.5c Per Ounce 5.7c Pti Ounce 1.98 Per Ojnce 21c Per li'li 2.9c 13c 29c 44c 1.29 1.10 79c 99c 1.05 1,37 y*^^ I Grooms ttri Wilhsul Crejit Vitalis Liquid 'FAMtLY'SCOTT 'ASS'T COLORS ^^ TISSUE 2600SHEETS 4ROLIPKG. HOURS MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8 : 3 0 A . M . t o V : O O P . M . SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. 10 7:00 P.M. YOUR U.S. COVT. FOOD SUMPS CO FABIHU A.T K I N G S O O P E R 5 DISCOUHI! LOW, l(M PRICES OK PRSSCRIPMCHS, TOO! KING'S KILLS1DC MALL PHARMACY IS CON- VEKItNl AND ion IN PAICE . . . COMPARE KING'S PRESCRIPTION PHICES fOS TOURSElfl SAVE TIME AND KONEf BT KAVIKG YOU 8 PRESCRIPTIONS flUEB mm ton SHOP, COiORADO'S ONLY TRUE DISCOUNT FOOD STORES!

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