Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 12, 1967 · Page 2
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Monday, June 12, 1967
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Idaho Free Press 4 Caldwell N'ews-Trlbune, Moncity, June 12,1961 - 2 THE NEWS-TRIBUNE and IDAHO FREE PRESS Publilkd tvenirgs tutpi Sunday ol 316 Tenlh Ave. South, Nnirpo, l(oho B3651 by Con,on Publilhing Co. Efllered at i«ond clem rooHer ol Ihe Povl OHic* al Nampa Idaho, unaV acl ol March 8. 1879. All roti« lequirtd by law or ordtr ol court of to.npeltnl junid.c- lion lo be published wetlly will bt puMnhid in ihe Saluidoy isiut ohhlipapei puisuonl lo Stclion 60-108 I.C. 1963 os added Iherelo by Chaplsr 164 1933 Sniion lo.i ol Idtiho SUBSCfilPTION RATE Comer, ft, nonrfc Sl.8i Canier. p« year S22.20 Mail [in advancO in Coupon Ado. Gem, Eluoie. Waih ng- lon, Boise. PoyeMe, Idaho. Adams, Volley ond Molheui Counlies. OUTSIDE A80VECOUNTIES 1 Month . 3 Months. 6Months. I Year . . S 1.50 1 Mo"th s 1.75 S 4 2 5 JMo/ilhi S 4.75 S 8.00 6MoniM S 900 $15.00 I Tear $ ] 7 x ) OBITUARIES Dr. William Meara CALD\VELL - Services for r * r n W F T T wr: rj,niip Dr Wmtam VUIM 11 LALDWtLL -- Mrs. UlClle ur. winiam BUM Mu.ira, 77, tr ( , r .i 1l .vp u CR n t onH v;.,^ McS 3 '^?,?^ "Sti'dfed Lay evS .1 ^d)lW31l| Will DclLclU lufiSUiy l n « 0 «ilHii7Ql1 tiftonfk i 'il -**-- at 10r30 a.m. at the Peckham- " altl e " tlosplt ' Dakan Chapel, The Rev. Dale Vandergrlft of theCaidwlI Episcopal Church will officiate. Interment will be Prlnceville, ni. Dr. Meara was a resident of Lucile McC/uskc? in a lengthy illness. Services are pending at the Flahiff Chapel Sigurd Magnussen Churchmen Plan Annual Sessions CALDWELL - A nationally famous minister and writer will be guest speaker at the 59th annual session of the Synod of Idaho of the United Presbyterian Church, II. S. A. here starting Tuesday and continuing through Wednesday. He Is the Rev. Dr. Harold B. Walker, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at Evanston, ni., since 1947, and author of numerous textspubllshedover the past 20 years. Opening .worship service will start at 8:30 a.m. in Boone Church with communion service following the moderator's sermon by Dr. Frank L. Rearlck of Bo! so. Memorial statements will be read honoring the late Dr. Oaks H. Hoover and Dr. Robert Shupe. The program Tuesday will include Iheelectionofanewmoder- ator, the evangelism report, Interpretation and stewardship report, radio and television committee report and lunch in the College of Idaho Student Union. Dr, Walker will deliver a sermon, "Witnesses in the Contem- County Mishaps Listed CALDWELL - Clifford Harrington, 63, Wilder Route 2, was charged with failure toyleld right-of-way Saturday when his car struck the rear of another vehicle as it attempted to turn off Highway 19 onto Lane 13, about four miles west of Cald- welt His car struck a vehicle driven by Douglas R. Hunt, 46, Caldwell Route 2, Inflicting approximately $100 in damages to each of the vehicles. Hunt was charged with driving on an expired license. Neither driver was injured. The accident, reported at 6 p.m. Saturday, was investigated by Canyon County Sheriffs officers. Mary A. Gustavson, 89, Parma GOV DON Samuelson accepts a souvenir gift of a tie clasp and cuff link set bearing the World Scout Jamboree insignia from Keith Kentopp, of the Boy Scouts of America publicity staff during the governor's visit Saturday to Favragut State Park site of the Jamboree in August. (Staff Photo) NAMPA -- Funeral services California for the past 55 years, for Sigurd Leonard Magnussen, He was born Aug. 6, 1890, In 28, of Lynnwood,V/ash.,whodied Brookstleld, Mo. as the result of an airplane acci- Porary World," at 1:30 p.m. This He was a member of (he Epls- dent Saturday near Parma, will will b* followed by a report on copal Church, Civltans, Opto- be held al Wenatchee, Wash. In- tne Synodlcal Society report and mists and Klwam'5. terment will follow at Pateros, Wash., under the direction of the Survivors Include one son, William Bond Meara Jr.; adaughter, Betts Funeral Home at Wenat Vivienne; two sisters, Mrs. chee. Susan Graves, Wilder, and Mrs. Mr. Magnussen was born May SlmpVins nf California and March 21,1939 at Twisp, Wash., and was reared there. He had been a resident of the Lynwood, Wash., area for less thanayear, on the Church and Society and the Christian Education report Dinner in the SUB will be fol- DR, ERWffl GRAUE explains his economic Ideas toa newsman after addressing a Saturday dinner meeting in Caldwell sponsored by the Canyon County Republican Boosters Club. Dr. Graue is nationally-prominent economist at Gonzaga University. (Staff Photo) Speaker Sees Higher Taxes Governor Views Jamboree Camp a grandson. Archie Cuff NAM? A - Sorvlcesfor Archie f d had come *° ^^ on June Cuff, 68, of 503 Roosei'sll.who'*' died Saturday In a Nampa hospital, will be conducted at 2 p,m. Tuesday at Shepherd Chapel. The Rev. Keith Mils of the Nampa First Methodist Church will officiate, interment will be at Kohlerlawn. Mr. Cuff was born Dec. 20, 1898, In Breaslsy, Minn. He grew up in North Dakota and attended schools there. . . . He moved to Wendell In 1916 ^ ash -, and , b '. ^ . and to Nampa in 1927. He was Glen Carrel of Dr ' den - Wastl married to Ruth Clark on May 29, in Nampa. Tliey had lived here since that time. He retired from the Amalgamated Sugar Co. In 5964 after He had been employed by the Clark Flying Service of Nampa. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. LIr.da Jo Magnussen of Lynnwood, Wash.; one son, Sigurd Clark Mapussen, at home; his mother, Mrs. Hannah Mapussen Carrel of Dryden, Wash,; one brother, Jack L. Magnussen of Nampa; one sister, Mrs. Alice M. ffudson ofSeaflle, Local service arrangements were by the Alsip Funeral Chapel, DR. HAROLD B. WALKER . . . guest speaker 17 years of service. He was a Wednesday the session start* 8 ?oTm in fhp am Srilh " rewrts iiC Dr ^TstlaTat 1 -is'a m mesSle God'' mescapable ^ · Dr - Rearick will report on the Lawrence Elfring NAMPA - Funeral services lowe(J by a worship service at member-of the Methodist Church, for- -Lawrence Hf ^Elfrlngv- 66/.-H B °one with ,the-,new..moderator Survivors ire his wife, Ruth; of Lincoln, Neb., who died sud- presiding. Dr. Walker will speak a daughter, Mrs; Roy Butttngton denly Sunday at a Caldwell hos- on "Tlie Individual in a Crowd ftf Nampa; a soh, Virgil Cuff of pilal,-vitll beheldatSulton,Neb., Culture." Nampa; four sisters, Mrs. Eliza with interment to follow there. A film, "Decision," will be Suffa of Wendell, Mrs. Florence He suffered an apparent heart shown at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday in Patrick of Tacoma, Wash., Kirs, attack while he and his wife the Sitnplot Hall lounge. TillieWestin of Spokane and Mrs. were visiting friends in the Katherlne Reynolds of Ellens- Nampa-Merldlan area. Local ar- burg, Wash.; five brothers, Bill rangements were handled by of Deer Park, Wash,, Floyd of Alsip Chapel here. Jerome, Newton of Oklahoma, Mr. Eltrlng was torn Feb. Charles of Seattle and Clifford 9, 1911 at Stockham, Neb., of Spokane; and three grandchil- and the Elfrings had lived at dren. A brother and two sisters Sutton, Neb., for many years, national mlssionsfollowinglunch preceded him in death. For the past seven years, they in tne SUD - Tne concluding had made their home at Lin- business session will start at coin, Neb. He was a member 1 -" !0 P- 1 "- wl * n consideration of of the Evangelical Reformed the'68 budget. Church at Sutton. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Esther M. Elfring of will be conducted at k lncol ll' !*·: twin daughters, Mrs. Sheila Hofmann of Sutton, Chapel of the Chimes by the Neb - antl Mrs - Sandra Ovel ~ Rev. John Vreugdenhil. Inter- turf ' also «' "«»: tw ° s° ns . mentwiUbeatCloverdaleMem- gT ^' a TM«£ I g* f Mrs Seek was born July 18, "J Lin °". "ft "' "J^r, JJ 8 ^ "» TM ^JJ 1878, In GreenvUle, III .SheVas «£ ^ teS^iSS'c' TM tr " '" Mlte married to Henry A. Sleek on TM- ° M " °TM r f ay TM nd ,£; direction, returning from avlsit a t 1 1Q 1AQfl fn HillcKnfrtairrh tUriHg 01 MaSllDgSi, UcO, dJlQ ni * i . I?. io?d, in niiiSDorougn. ° ..... wiiti HI. He died In February, 1949. seven grandchildren. Minnie Sieck MERIDIAN - Mrs. Minnie Sieck, 88, Boise Route 2, died Saturday afternoiM ii a Boiso 2:30 p.m. Tuesday at Mbinn Traffic Accident Claims Eight Lives (Continued from Page 1) accident was the worst he had seen in his 25 years of law en- in Sigurd, Mrs. Sieck was a former rest dent of the Ten Mile area and Horse Clinic Set relatives Sevier County. The Rosenvall car apparently began skidding sideways and both autos swerved to the left before colliding head-on. Officers said a child was thrown from the Peterson car. A!I occupants were pronounced dead at the scene. . , , The two women were sisters South America has the and had been visiting in Sigurd, son-in-law, world's largest mounloln range, with their parents, Mr. and the Andes. Mrs. Edwin Colby. . Falr e roun(ls at Route 2, Boise. ,, , ,,,, . .,, . . .. Surviving are four grandchil. ? or f TM»' s ? tnic wil1 ta tew dreu, Mrs. Martha Vogel of J * ^ at Rocky River, Ohio, Gerald Strong of Lancaster, Calif., and Allen and Marjory Strong, both of Boise Route 2; four great-grandchildren, and a Ernest Strong of Boise Route 2. Blanche Jerome NAMPA - Mrs. Blanche Jerome, 79, Kina, died Sunday morning in a Nampa fio-^pifaL Services are pending at Robison Chapel of the Chimes, Meridian. Bill Bracken CAI.DWELL - Bill Bracken, 28, Parmi, was killed Saturday h the crash of a crop dusting plane three miles wt of P.irma. Services pending at Flahiff Chapel. Wr/Jmer Cofe CALDWELL - Willmer D. Cole, 8-1, of Parma Route 1, died Sunday in a N'ampA nursing home. He was born Nov. 3, 1882, at Wabash, Ind. Services are pending at Peckham-Dakan Chapel. John Nalley NAMPA-John E.Nalley,91, of Nampa HouteS.dledthis morning at a Nampa hospital. Services are pending at Alsip Chapal. CLERKS' MEETING McClure Seeks Postal facts (Continued from Page 1) for the job that's the easiest. This runs contrary to payment ot a man (or the difficult y o f h i s job. "I challenge you to flnri a way to give greater compensation for greater responsibility." Robert Soule, national vice- president of the National Association of Letter Carriers for the San Francisco region, said garbage collectors In San Francisco arc making more than postal employes. "The Administration has offered a 4 1 /; per cent increase effective October," Soule said. "This Is very behind what we need. "We (ell behind in the 1050s and we may never catch up un- less Congress gives us an adequate raise now and periodic increases. Fred Gadotli, Pacific Northwest regional field director for the Ifeiisr carriers association, said postal service workers must overcome the "improper classification given us in 1955. "The increase from 1955 to 1967 is atrocious In turnover of post office employes. On the other hand there is an atrocious volumn of mail post office em- ployes must handle. "Lnless we have reclassi- (icallon, we're never going to cut the cost of postal operations wllh the turnover otemployment we have. Heclassitirallon would bring back career employes Into the service." CALDWELL- Higher taxes at the local, state and national levels were predicted for the next 5-10 years by Dr. Erwin Graue, economist at Gonzaga University. Dr. Graue, former professor of economics at the University of Idaho, spoke to more than 200 persons at a Saturday night dinner sponsored by the Canyon County Republican Boosters Club. He said the Johnson Administration Is trying to provide buying power-- full consumption to match full production. Government, he noted, hasbe- come a positive state assuming full responsibility. This makes it possible for the government to stay in office. "The power has been taken out of thebusiness community," Dr. Graue said. "Supposedly the business community did not do a good job." He pointed out that even the capitalists.lose when tion has a high degree of unemployment. ' "If private enterprise can't generate stability, government will give it a lift in order to get economic returns," he slated. How effective the government operates is a problem of management, tlie speaker remarked, "Government necessarily invites all sorls of vagrancy and this promotes all sorts of inefficiency," Dr. Graue said. He saidiftliegovernmentwere to retrace its steps to reduce expenditures, a rapid change would be a bad one. A sound policy, he said, would to reduce spending by 5 per cenlovera period of years. "The task ahead is a very difficult, but of course not hopeless," he emphasized. "I believe things will have to gel much worse before (hey get better." Dr. Graue also said: -- "I wonder why the govern- Five Die On Weekend By UP International A plane crash, two traffic accidents and a drawing claimed five victims in Idaho over the weekend. Sig Magnuson, Nampa,andBill Bracken, Parma, died Saturday in the fiery crash near Parma of a small crop-spraying plane. Arnold W. (Pete) Mordhorst, 66, Payetle, and Mrs. Sharon L. Masterson,21,Coe«rd'Alene, died in traffic accidents. Greg Smith, 9, Bonners Ferry, drowned Saturday in Myrtle Creek 15 miles west of Bonners Ferry. And Lynn Jacobs, 18, Boise, was critically Injured when thrown from her horse at the Western Riding Club arena near fiolse. Police Check Stab Incident CALDWELL-Caldwel! police reported today that Jose Betancourt, 19, Wilder, was treated and released from Caldwell Memorial Hospital late Saturday night for a stab wound In the small of his back. Police reported that Betancourt was stabbed by anunknown assailant at about 11:50 p.m. Saturday as he walked through the door of the lOOFII.ill In Caldwell. The incident Is still under Investigation. ment is giving billions to the electronics industry instead of giving this money to urban renewal." -- "There is nothing more deceptive than statistics, When they tell you the cost of living has gone up 3 per cent, you may find some prices might have gone up 15 per cent." --"No single factor such as conferring degrees or spending by government can probably solve an economic problem If so, we'd live in Utopia." "It seems to me banks are inclined to overexpand in certain directions-- this is something that must be prevented," Rep. James McClure, R-Idaho, a former student of Dr. Graue's at the University of Idaho, said the most important single thing facing the nation today Is the decisions that must be made in regard to fiscal policy. Within the last two weeks, he .said,.Congress, has.seemed to ·change its- attitudeanddirection with regard to spending. This was evident when a $29 billion deficit for next year was rejected, McClure stated. Route 3, and Louis Ray Hall, 32, 807 Sixth St. N., Nampa, were unhurt when their cars collided at the intersection of High' way 72 and South Tenth Avenue at about 10:40 p.m. Friday. Reports indicate Mrs. Gustavson stopped at a stop sign then, not seeing the other car ap- (Continued from Page 1) world, he said- there is no proaching, piled out onto the large area of the park. Scouting in communist nations, highway. Hall attempted to miss Earlier work at the park was He said word received in the other vehicle by heading for done by National Guard units, New York since last week's the borrow pit but struck the including Nampa's Company B outbreak of fighting in the right rear fender of the Qistav- and Headquarters companies of Middle East indicate Israel son car. the 139th Engineer Battalion, still plans to send its represent- No personal injuries were re- and by other state agencies in atives to the Jamboree. No word ported and no citations were is- addition to parks department has yet been received from sued. projects. ofher Midtlle East miions - Ken- No injuries were reported Samuelson was accompanied t°PP said . when cars driven by Clarence O n the tour by Louise Shadduck, For Gov. Samuelson, the tour E. \Yhittenentt, 20, Boise, and executive secretary of the De- of 'he newly-developing park Pat Echevarrla, 19, Homedale partment of Commerce andDev- was a return to a site of earl- Route 1, were involved in an ac- elopment; James Defenbach, ier days. He first went to Far- cident Friday on Highway 19 two Budget Bureau director; W.H. ragut as a Navy recruit In miles west of Greenleaf. Beckert, Parks Department dir- 19*4, and stayed two years Sheriff's office reports show ector; aide Douglas Bean; and as a rifle and pistol instructor, that the Boise motorist at tempted 10 newsmen from Twin Falls, This time, he rode into the to pass the other vehicle but Boise and Nampa. The trip park in an $18,000 Htnou- slowed when he saw a car ap- was made in an Air National sine provided for his use in the proaching from the opposite di- Guard plane with Brig. Gen. inspection. But the governor-- rection. Echevarria also slow- james M. Trail, assistant ad- always first out of the car at ed to make a turn into a farm jut ant general for air.incliarge. every stop and striding ahead driveway and Whitenentt was un- The group was met at the of the group to take a close able to get back into his own lane park headquarters building by look at each detail--never of traffic without striking the Keith Kentopp of New Bruns- tried out the built-in stereo other vehicle. Nocitationswere wick, N.J., Scout official in and back-seat television in the issued. Melba Crash Injures Five charge of publicity and pub- vehicle, lie relations for the Jamboree, He was clearly too In- who presented the governor with terested in seeing the changes in the old, familiar surroundings-- transforming them into a leading park of the Northwest Stock Market a cuff link and tie clasp set bearing the Jamboree's insignia. Kentopp said Scouts are states that will host not only NAMPA -- Five persons were expected from some90nations this summer's world Scout injured, none seriously, inatwo- officially . affiliated with the gathering but countless (nous- car accident Sunday on Highway world Scouting organization, and ands of campers, tourists, pic- 45 at the Melba Junction.- ·· from about 20 other nations, nickers, swimmers and boaters Injured and receiving treat- A " are na 'ions of the free in all the years ahead, ment at Mercy Hospital In Nampa VAttftkif MAT were Wayne Wlnfield Reeves Jr., P |UO nt IW I 18, Melba Route 1, the driver of one of the vehicles; Charles Caddy, 24, 1303 Linden, Caldwell, driver of the second vehicle; his wife, Linda June Caddy, 22, and E. R. Sinclair, 58, and Verda S. Sinclair, 57, both of 1512 10th St. S., Nampa. DOW-JONF.S AVERAGES (Noon) 30 Industrials 878.49 up 3.58 20 Rails 15 Utilities 65 Stocks 256.31 up 1.76 139.99 up .23 320.59 up 1.47 FROM DALY i CO., BOISE Allied Stores . . American Bosch . American Tel. . . American Tobacco Anaconda 29 1/4 41 1/4 56 7/8 33 1/8 47 1/0 Bethlehem 33 3/4 Boeing 101 1/2 Chrysler 41 1/8 Continental Oil . . . 70 1/2 Crane 45 1/2 Crucible Steel . . . . 24 3/8 Douglas 44 7/8 DuPont 159 Eastman Kodak . . . 139 5/8 General Electric . , 86 1/4 General Foods . . 74 1/2 General Motors . . . 78 3/4 Idaho Power . . . . 33 7/8 IBM 488 1/2 Kennecott Copper . . 45 3/8 Liggett Si Myers . . . 73 Lockheed Aircraft . . . 59 3/4 Montgomery W a r d . . 24 7/8 National Biscuit . . . 44 1/2 New York Central . 83 3/4 North American Aviation 46 5/8 Parke Davis . . . . 28 1/4 Pan American 32 7/8 J.C. Penney . . . . 62 5/8 Pennsylvania R.R. . . 69 1/8 A. J. Industries . . 4 5 / 8 Am. Airlines . . . 82 1/4 Baxter Lab 70 Gamble-Skogmo . . 27 7/8 Phillips Petroleum . 62 3/8 Radio Corporation . 50 1/2 Republic Steel . . . 43 3/4 Reynolds Tobacco . . 37 5/8 Rockwell Spring t Axle 35 1/4 Safeway 23 1/2 SI. Kegis Paper . . 33 5/8 Scars 55 Sinclair Oil . . . . 74 3/4 Mobil Oil 44 1/2 Southern Pacific . . 31 1/4 Sperry Rand 34 Standard Oil of Calif. . 57 3/4 Stand. Oil of N.J. , . 63 1/4 Union Pacific . . . 40 3/a United Airlines . . 83 U.S. Steel 44 1/2 Wesllnghouse 54 5/8 Woclworth 24 3/8 Youngstown Steel . . 31 1/4 Morrison Knudsen 25 5/8-26 1/8 Intermountain Gas 103/8-107/8 Alberlsons . , , 101/8-105/8 Union Oil 56 3/8 Affiliated 8.97-9.70 Fidelity Cap . , . .14.97-16.27 Am. Mutual . . . 10.55-11,53 Putnam Gr. . . 13.44-14.69 Millipore . . . 381/4-39 1/4 Continental Life . 4 1/4-4 3/4 Idaho Isl Nal'l. 30 1/2-3) 1/2 ICA 14.38-15.12 Dow Theory 7,81-8.44 The accident occurred when Reeves, going east on a county road, was unable to stop at the stop sign at Highway 45 andturn- ed south onto the highway. His car swung across the center line and crashed head-on into the Caddy vehicle, traveling north on the highway. Sheriff's officers investigated the accident, which was reported to them at 4:45 p.m. but your hearing may be OUT OF FOCUS If rx bw« «kH MM* M Mdni M wit tMt tWT ow* Hwr «T-- YWTIIl NOT MAF. Wi u M* r«" jtjh. Uwfc, !M AUTOMATIC [Al Fill I A nUMin MPLICA if MuHnt tM «TK M4t, t* inmrtui It* Wnrttamrt. Ifi )»n li k"», 'HI. « H r-Mt It it hoit, to lit. iritM nrt r tt- · m kM! I k * Automatic E*r P.O. Bos 2095 MM, Uiho PACIFIC UPHOLSTERY 921 N. Orchard CARPET AND DRAPERIES Ph. 375-5511 Most all nationally advertised carpets in our stock backed by 5 - t o - 1 0 y e a r written guarantee Spring Clean-Up CARPET SALE CONTINUES 4TH OF JULY Upholstery Special DA VENO AND CHAIR AND OCCASIONAL CHAIR 1 Q88 Reupholitertd for only | X u^,, PIUS fACIFICS MATIUAL Minimi. C.t Vil,rt. Ami,,, v,|,,ri. IHi,,,, M ,, Slle HIDE-A-BED And Oceaiionil C Both FOR ONLY 18 s CUSTOM t'rij TAILORED ? DRAPERIES \S 0'" 30,000 rardi of i quality fabrici in Hock ^TERRIFIC CLEARANCE PRICES! Somt 11 low it | t 5Q yi j LABOR FREE ,, .,, ,,, ... , Into June! 100% Conlinuoui Filament NYLON IEDROOM CARPET R«l. 5.97 iq. yd 2.79 Cumuloft Conrlnuoui Filament NYLON HI-LOW PILE Ret. 9.95 iq. yd S 1'. wen guarantee Conlinuoui Filiment NVLOK-10 yr. wear |uarnrei R'«. 10.95 iq. yd HERCULONS fompjre « 11,95 5.88 5.88 4.88 NAMPA-CALDWELL 466-6317 Op»n Monday and Friday Ev«niri9i 'til 9:00 For Your Conveni«r,ti ACRILAN tompare il 11.95 10 yi, wear |uarartrit S Keiloni why yeu ifiould itt ut before you buy carprt 1. Locally owned ard operated. 2. Quality al discount pr i c ,, dm i. Milt di«tl volume buying. 3. Lirjm ifl«iion of quality earptft in irmk In Irenure Valley. 4. Immediate expert initallation. 5. Monarch, Downi, Koyalweive, W«W, [ram fr Hatk.Oiite Indoor-Ouldoo. F»E£ PICK-UP a-iiMUVEKY FD.EI ESTIMATES IH Alv»i Sin ».., M FAC1JIC 111 MOUTH MCHAHrj

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