Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 10, 1957 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 19
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P»St 10 GnEELEY TRIHUNE Monday, Jun* 10, 1957 Woman Witness Uses Amendment in Bakers' Probe Br'G. Millcn K.llf W A S H I N G T O N .r - Srnatr i n x r O i z a t n r s s j d S a t u r d a y B a k t r s I'ninn PrcMrlrnt J a m r * (!. Crn» v.;ll zrt * c h a n c r to a n v - A r r under r M h I r M i m n r y h n k i n s hi* n a m r u . t h t h a t of a c n n v i r t r i l prmti- l:i!r The u n m a n , l i r u n i l l i - M r v K a y I "'.vi r. 26. nf l.ns A n ^ r l r * . was H r n t i f i r t l by Ix-* A n z t ' l r s po'irr ?. a conviclrrl pnMitntc. SV plcarlrij t h e F i f t h A m e n d - r n n t Friiiay in rcfu^inc tn tell i!r S r n a t r I t a r V r t Invc.slicatins C o m m i t t e e u h r l h r r Crnvs brat lirr for giving a n o t h e r nun a di.v n'inil rinz. or wrrlrirr Cro^s f u n - r r l l r H union fiimU to her from V a ' h i n c t o n I h r o u c h hU I.n An- f r i r s ai'irs. S r n McClrllan ( D - A r k l . t h e In the twinkling of an eye, death and destruction eon meet you on the highway! Be your lafcst with Safe Vision. Have your eyes examined now, for your own protection. 38 Years Service In Grcelcy SEE MAEFELI and HAEFELI OPTOMETRISTS and OPTICIANS Pronounced 10th Arc. and 9th St. Phone 4050 rommittre chairman, said Crou "will havf ihf opportunity In comment'* at a uitntit afttr the hf J f t n g t resume nrxt Triunday. Mn. tower, iporlins a bloodshot Jrfl f\c, rrfuird evrn to ttll (hr rommittre whether the knowi (*m. R u t thf did nay "1 imagine *n" w h r n a t k f d ' whfthrr shf had j r r r m f d union fundi from Crou, a marnrd m a n . Albert Harfla)'. ousted of fir* m a n a c r r of Bakers I/tat No. 37 in I/s Anzdr*, save trstimony about a union fund to hire "coon*." lie aUn said the intern a t i o n a l union sent 175 a week to t h e local fur "Mr. Crops' girl frirnd vn to n p f a k , Mn. Klsie Kay j Low-re." John D. NrUon, who r u n ,37 as a trustee for CTO»K. had Mime *harp rxchanjei with the r f i m m i t t r e a* lo whether union I f u n d * went to Mr*. lx)*er and i w h e t h e r union "goons" had, as H a r r l a y ^lrf;rd, beaten up a 14, year-old boy named Newsom dur- ' i n s the picketing of a Ixs Angeles i bakery. '· Barclay said Nelson used a · (·lackjack on the boy. NeUon de- j n i e d he ever had any part in such ' a braiing. | In !/« Ancrlc.*, police said IS- rar-n!d Neil C. Newnom wa« b r a j r n up in a strike at his falhrr'* bakery on Nov. 6, 1953. i Barclay testified that before he *a* fired ax the local's office. m a n a g e r , 11? i week went into · f u n d to pay strong-arm men. lie *air| the thugs beat up the New- ( « n m boy and a *'co!ored gentle- m a n " who he rlid not name. He t a i d thr Ihugs aluo burned a car. Windsor ties stste that their pools art Inadequate for more than the children of thuie citlei this year. For a number of summers the civic WINDSOR - Methodtit Daily committee has provided transpor- Bible school opened l»it week. It.tation tn Fort Collins or Grteley has an average attendance of 70 a( i pint of Ihe recreational pro- children, including childrn of kindergarten if Ihrouih the sixth grade. The school is open to other gram. Mrs. Hannah Bousry, who has been on a tabbalical leave from a Sunday schooli and a number i«|, choo | ^ Mlu |_ | !lwl i|, ,,,, com enrolled from the Christian c h u r c h . plelf(1 , , ull terra lt Colorado State and the Episcopal churche«. jt'nivmilr at Fort Collins where Claisei will continue until June h e f t u d i f d ,,, j turjry ,,,,] weaving. 14 when the final program will be Mr , Bon , fy hi , lpent D,, nine given in Ihe eiening. shnwirg Ihe m o n t h | wilh ^ t (,,,,,,_ rr. B. W. work that iht children have c o m n o n e , | comn , u iin g m Fort Col- P' f '"· , 1ms. She left for her home at the Mrs. Ixmrll Beach l« director | cloie 0 , , ht , chlx) i J M r »'·· ·'""« «*·· who ha, grade, C!enda ,Wil»on; r T n ° M " mb "'. ohi - She plan, to spend «'»«»«»'»«« b.»« jon-m-Uw, The Rev. onnect!- .Wilion; third grade, Mrs. C h a r l e s ; , ".. ". ~ ; Frye and Donna Cies; fourth g»de, i' l " u! . h . t " '"£ '^'l'^ i M r i . Jack Abbott, Anita Swaninn.: I n d M r - S ' f " * f l t J r l n C ' ! Joyce Walker and 7,oc Ann Martin; i c and fifth and sixth grades. Thr '· I-eavms Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ftfv. and Mrs. Hrrb Cicn, J u d y i n y Jeisen of Ixinjmont and his Kritiler. assisting. Music director.' '·'""- *· w - J "» fn tn * - Mrl - J "' M r s . Alvin Smith and Mrs. Cies. : «n wiH ipend a two wetlu vaca- and Sally Swaney piannt. i" ori wiln "''' hrothcr. Jcs«f A. i Windsor Civic committee has a n - ' J p ' « f B lnrl tamil )' " Fl!l1 R i v r r - nounccd that the swimming pro-!Marram for ehiLlrrn nf Windsor i n ) Mrs. Carl Miller and »on, f i a r y out of the picture for 1957 si it has | I-rc, who spent a few days in Wind- not twen pouihlr tn jecure a r - i » o r with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ' eommndations at (irreley, Fort Col-} Dave Flerens, returned to their .tins or 1/neland. These c o m m u n i - i h o m e near Windsor Wednesday. | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ Congregational and Reformed Churches Will VYIII "K iJ Big Bend BIC BKN " ~ Mrl ' Ktnneth llridltr wn luncheon hoilen Wed- nrtdiy for BBPG Hub mtraberi. .,_,,, ,,_,,.. ,, , Bouquet* of lilici ind tulips were NEW YORK OH - How It i nfw| u , r i ln decoration. Red and whit* church born? I,.,, U l f j j n ,,bi e dftorationi and It will happen thli month in the : rciruhmcnti. All members with Municipal Auditorium at Cleve- ! tne Mtfpl i on rf Mri . O pal McNeil land, Ohw, Himmnj U yjiri of .were pre«»nt. Aftfrnoon wn ipent thourht/ul deliberation and work. ; w jth lewing and viiitinf. Nf xt hos- There, on June «. the Rev. Dr. 'ten will be Mn. Budd Jonei of Jimei E. Wagner, preiidrnt o f , c rot If y. Ihe Evangelical and Reformed | · un. W. E. Anderson entertained Church, and the Rev. Dr. Fred iecutive council nf Woman's ai- Itoikini. minliter and »ecretary toci»tion Friday afternoon. of th: General Council of Ihe Congregational Chriitian Churchei, Tri Beta club met Wednesday for _:JO p m . desifrt · lunchron with will claip.their right hands -- a n d t M r s . Earl Goodner. Garden flow- the United Church of Chriit wiHrs were u s e d in decoration, come into being. Three lahlei of bridge were played Churches have merged before in with members and a club guest, this country, but t h e y - h a v e had | Mrs. Bill Herter of Johnstown. HigS common orijini and the same or-i score wa» won by Mrs. Herter, low ganizational structure. This is Ihe prize went to Mrs. R. T. Kidd, and firit time, church officials «ay, i travel prize to Vn. B. J. Winslow. I (hit two religious bodies without!Mr*. Kenneth Headley will enter- 1 O'Brien Returning NEW YORK on--After an abiente cf 27 yean from Broadway, Tat O'Brien U reluming neit leaion in a play, A Caiual Miracle. tn it he will play a familiar characteriiation--a hard-b o i l e d newipaper editor. Awnings It's WISE to Initit on KeelVtnt QUALITY. Call KoelVint TODAY! Phent 4711. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS hotwatcr a-plenty WHEN YOU INSTALL AN EFFICIENT, NIW E. H. NORTON PLUMBING HEATING CO. 711 Ith St. · Til. 271-W these similarities have joined. Mexico produced an estimated 11,000.000 ounces of silver in 1916, Urscit figure for any nation with the United Stairs second with 37,- lain at the nest meeting. Lee Carlson of Eaton, exchange student to England in 1952. showed colored slides of his trip there to I.a Salic Farm bureau Monday evening at Lion's club houte. Tic- lures »howed farming and live 500000 ounce, and Canada Peru ftock prlcticc ,. Mr . , nd Mr , J l c k j and Bolivia neit in line, Mexico ; AnnJ|n wm ,,,,,, ,, , he covc - red ', City learns. i d j s h , uppfr preceding the meet-1 ling. Twnty five members and The baby was born in Weld County i guests were preient. This was the hospital May 21. 'last meeting until Sept. 2. Call Us For Service on all makes TV and Radio All Work Guaranteed . Reasonably Priced WELD COUNTY GARAGE APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT Phoni 32 For Night TV Servlei Phont 4784J 810 10th St IfnijtrwivM of EnfirM. Kncland. now crt household and ihoppinK hint* at xpfriil clitfrn. Wt giv» "S A H" Gritn Stimpt ·t your frttndly fttiall Sttrtt-- Gilbtrt.Blihep and W t I d · r · d c Orugi.--Adv. M H H I : TII R I I I I I I : M « Th» ll»airrl i.f K d u i A t l o n nf Frhno] UMrlM N',. in;. llrlKKKliI*. O.l«- nr t'Mi fT nn* */h'-..| tut ( h«»»l« n )·· 1H r r U7 l.i «h»»lh«»». ntjnlKl w i t h 21 r«..»n|[»- Kup*rlt.r I f l h . !;?, ti n-i'Tt T. nut. x»t. fir lt(«dal'. (;olor«do. J'in« «. T. I. 1". It. It. IH7. \ O T I C I ; itr ri\4i, m i . o n A n o in:i'AriTMi:NT OK HH;H\\ ATS * in m»hf rinai r«- . iiftli.n of Cdli.rmlo Trnjn t No - f M i S - u i i ) f n i t 2. ron»Utlnr of rnlriK raillf n*r1 o»»rrn*i, t»1*l clli h»ln« ««M mtl^«. lo,»t»rl KlNl*- Mi*h« » v N't, 3 t p p m t l - A T ' D l T O n . r» j-t, h»f»tr« ihiv oro. r-hi»f m t. |n. It, tZ. 11. II, U. 17, II. June . . . SPECIAL Couitoy Parking 913 11 Ik Si. IIMITEO TIME ONU c o n t r o l l e d htot 5'.".. bole,. b,ai,,, « oulom 0 |i t o |, r ' fJ ''-'.Wii:-;"."^ -»-- ·--. . . av .w. Mv i ^«,_ H.-- r- . ^^ The Control Master RUNS THIS FRY PAN AND S 01HCR CONTBOltro H(AT APPLIANUSI PLUGS IN (a reeV by .^^ DETACHES 10 eoch eppHonc* handle ond oil I · "Make Pop The Proudest Man In Town" Outfit Him With Quality Clothes From Joslin's Father's Day June 16 1015 9th Avcnuti Courtcxu Parking SPECIAL! STRETCH SOX Reg. 69c . 3 for I 100°^ Helanca nylon jtreach. All colors yllllthiil. One size fits all (10-14). For Pop's Swimming Time CABANA SETS A Real Father'i Day Bargain I Only 8 98 The set Father will surely enjoy. Boxer style swim trunks in cotton print with matching, terrycloth lined jacket. Completely sanforized and quick drying. Sizes S-M-L. If Dad-Needs Work Clothes Matched Wnrlt I'nnt* anil Shirts ln KHAKI G R E Y * If you like to work in Vh»km youll wtnt · Ml of thro* tmjfh,F«nforii*H,colorfMt LF.VI'S Tab Twill*. Cut full for comfort in attion, b»r* tirkrd at all atriin poictA, fn«rant»?ed by th* mskf T« of famous LKVI'S Or*rall»! TAB TWILLS Livrs T« ROYAL KNIGHT: pima dress shirt with new PERMANENT STAY collar 4 95 Faded denims in solid blue or verti- stripe grey. A nice casual pant for Dad. All sizes. """iVvV JEANS""" Size 2 7 t o 2 9 . . . . . U«VV Size 30 to 42 . . . Ui./J « """LEVI "SHIRTS""" Size ·Solid Blut Denim Pearl Snap Buttoni WRANGLER JEANS 3.79 3. Sanforiicd Size 27 to 30 Size 31 to 42 . WORK SHIRTS Covert and Chambray . 1,69 COVERALLS Blue Bell Short-Reg.-Longr Key Short-Rog.-Long 4. 5.98 WORK CLOTHES . . . STRUT FLOOR Best Yet For . 2.98 MAN, it't the BEST! No more limp or curling collars, no more lost stays. They're built right into the shirt! And they STAY crisp and neat through wash ing and ironing. Collar ond c u f f s ore. GUARANTEED.. to out-last this long- lasting shirt. Perfect i on tailored of p o l i s h e d PIMA sparkling w h i t e broadcloth, w i t h modified spread collar. And ONLY Jos- lin'i has it! Sleeve length 32 to 34 NEW Single French Cuff MEN'S SHOP . . . 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