Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1961 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 9
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·F.IiECTlOX C I . I I I I K S A M I Clt( i:l«i'lln«. XoivMilirr t, IMI Waril 1 I ' M d n c t - I -- C a m f l e l i l Hotel, Pioneer room Rosalie Bauer, 307 lOUi St 'Clerk U r . U t r t h d K»!bau«r, 201 IKIti St.-i-Clerk Utiel Graham, 409 6th St.-- JuOg* K n l h » r l r : s Miller, G i l 4lli Ave. Don Ty«, lrtclnot I^-Flro D e p a r t m e ' I t l i St-- Jtidso D e p a r t m e n t Stat i o n No. I, 9th'. Av«. Julie C. flbwlnan, S(5 5lh St Clerk Gladys H. Brown, 313 Blh Av« Cltrk M r j . Miibol Blslllno, S10 Cth St. Hr«. Daisy S. H u b e r t , 826 Sth Mr*. Ircpo Slovene, 419 9th Ave --Judtfe I'recinct 3 -- C o m m u i i t t y U u l l c i i n g Lohby, Jdl lOUi A v e . Jimr BearrlEley, 1 I O S Sth St.-C l e r k Mrs. M. K. McCarthy, 1125 k t l i St.--Clerk Ethel. Ilceve, 1107 Sth St.-- Juilfee Kdria F. Wright, 1107 Sth St.-Judge Mr*. Kam W y a n , 1020 Bill Kt.-J u d f f e Precinct. \--Wislilngton School, 62« Uth Ave. . ,Mr«. C. E. Eberly, 617 13th A v e . --Clerk Glaflya Stunkel, 13^0 K t h SI -Clerk Joanna JUeers, 1307 7th St.-- K. Lall, 1303 7th St.-Judge Mamie Snorrberger, 1^"S Sth St.--Judtfo Preclrtot E--(Jltv Central (Jai-aire I t u U n l n k , ) 3 l h Ave. A si Mrs. E. O. M c c h a l k o . 132 Htli · Ave.--Clerk Winnie M. stovvarl, 1207 2nd St.--Oltrk Pansy M. Ailimx, 1J!G 2nil St.-- Conte Judiro Mary Alice Bills. 11 N. 5th Avo M --sjudge Mrs. Jaines L a r k l n , 1315 2nd St..--Judge Precinct f--Park School, 311 H l h Ave. Mrs. TV. P. B r o t h e r l o n , D25 1 Ul AVe.--Clerk Hr*. n a l p h Sevs-nrd, H05 s i h Rosclla IJoty, H15 7tv- k Mru. Ccirdon Uer[il-:ooin, 170S Sth St.--Judge ROM I.lndstrom HH sth St.- Judge Precinct 7--V..ntlno Residence 1S11 7th St. Barbara J. dine, 2327 Elh St.-Clerk Mn. Harel E. Schoonover. 12 Sth S'..--Clerk Qtn« ^ a r r l n o n , 150S 7th St.-- M a r y M o o r e , 1516 T i l l St.-- .ludge Eeriice v. Vanllne, 1511 7th Georcc N. I'agc. 1613 "111 Ave. -- J u d g e I s a b e l l liunli, I 7 0 S K l h Ave.-- Judgn Trcclnct 8 -- P i l l f l r or Flro Church [loine. 1G31 l l t h Ave.-- I t v n r K n . Mrs. M. M. L'nriithttr. 171! I Sth Ave.-- Clerk Guy n. FHse, 17Z4 I I Hi Avn.- Clcrlt M. n - l s t r o m , 101 il 17lh ."t.-'JluUij IMlth M. Mlckish. 1017 I S M i -^-Jndff* Mra. UrooUs Cole, mn |7t] -- J u d g e Prcclncl " -- McHaltou's l«2r. 15th Ave. T h y t a h. Uprger, 1 K 2 R P lid.-- C l e r k l r f . L u c i l l e R. Hou'c, 1CU Fulrncres Ilil^-- clerk KdiiH Hnilth 1CI7 Fali-.TCieK hr ·-Jildss M a r t Oliver, U l j Hlh A v o . -- JuUgi 1 Mrs, ICIton V i l l l n n i « . M o n l v l c w J t d . -- 'rcolitct S--)iir S.ivlnv's l . n t l i o r n Chitri'.li. Parish H a l l . K n s l |-.n r a n r p 15lh St, 21sl Ave. I.nrllle I l a l o h . :05 I S t h Clerk C l i A l - o l e e n T.nlifr. 17!1 AVe.-- Clerk J e a n n c n u , 211.1 1 7 t h JinlBi- M r s , Helen S. \vheelcr, »2ncl Ave.-- J u d p e Jlrs. K s t e r Unhrltr. 1702 Ave.-- J u d g e Precinct n-- II. J. H e c k a r t dence. 1 S I 2 7 l l i Ave. Mrj. li. .1. H e c k e r t , 151! Ave.-- Cltrk O r e t l a I,, n o n a h u c . 6)6 St.-- ricrk Mrs \v. H. p,arne«. 1530 Ave. -- ,Tud|,'e Mrs, Vorri.t .M. DreHsor, Sth Ave.-- J u i i R i ! Doris Ray, 103S 71h Ave.-- JiirlRe Precinct 10-- C a t h o l i c 1S03 Precinct 8--Llntoln School Baae- nier.t, 6th Ave. l l t h St. EldoVa nicvinB, 107 12th St.--: C l t ' k Beverly SJoberg, 107 12th St.-Clerk . Helen Jlofr, 503 l l l h St.--Judge Hele.i M. Dor«ey, 115 1311, St.-- J'jflge E'eanor r. lienke, 4 2 j l l t h St --Judge I'recinct 5--Court Houae, 9th Ave Sth St. ilary E l i z a b e t h Gillesnle, Sl(i l l t h St.--Clerk Llllle M. Kellson, 1227 9lh Ave. --Clerk Shirley Kiaer, 1112 loth Ave. --Judge A l m a E. S t e w a r t , 1J27 Sth Ave. -- J u d g t Jarnej E. Wood, 1!1» Ith Ave. --Judge Precinct 10--Dr. Andrew! Reii- d«nce, 1223 l l t h St. MTM. A n n e t t a A. Morris, lin lllh Ave.--Clerk Mrj. Elizabeth Soinerville, 1115 Uth. St.--Cltrk George E. Cox, 1206 10th St J u d g o L i l l i a n Slater, 1211 Uth St.-Judge Kate }f. Smith, 1327 lllh Ave. -- J u d K « Precinct 11 -- Greeley B a p t l l t L'eraple, Hlh Ave. tt S t h St. Helen Kay. 1BOB 12th St. -- Clerk E d i t h Richards, H71 10th St. --Clerk Olinaa H e l m b l c h n e r , H Z S Sth St,-- J u d g e ilahel Hill. 15(4 l l t h St.-- J u d g e Bertha Jean Ston, 1534 Sth SL ^Judge 1'reclnct 13-- Manlewood School, f l f t Ave. t 12th St. Alta E. M a h a n n i , 1109 33rd A v e . -- Clerk Mrs. Florence Waldo, 1120 llth St.-- Cieri: Mn. Nell ilwall, 1»!7 I S t h St -- J u d g e -Mrs. niclmrd McKinles', 3212 10th St.-- J u d r e Herhert E. liann, 1927 l l t h SI -- J u d g e I ' r e r i n c l 1 -- P i l l a r o f Fire I ' h n r r h , gth Ave. Jt 15th fit. Edna Heiser, J32 14th St.-Clerk Mra. I.ovlna Luman, 114 Hth St.--Clerk lone Dodge, 1619 7 t h ATe.-- Mr». Grace M i d d l e t o n , 1413 7th Ave.--Judge Goldle McKee, HI3 7th A in J u d g e I'recinct 2--Sleeker J u n i o r High, rs. Dnl St.--Clerk Mrs. W. L. Ave.--Clerk Mr.i. Ann J o h n s t o ford--JiKlge M r t . Bertlia M. A l l i s o n . C r a n f o r d -- J u d g e Mrs. T!. F. Waggoner, 1ES5 l l t h Ave.--Judge i'recinct I I -- B a n c l s l a u d , G l e n more P a r k Mrs. J.ncy Cnpp, 1535 18th Ave. -Clerk Mrs. Uernard Sw-anson, 13H - C r a n t o r d -- C l e r k Mary W i l k i n s o n , 1S«3 Ave.--Judge Mr«. IJetty Daily, 20H I ? l h A v e . -- J u d g e Mra. A l b e r t R. M i l l e r , HJ4 Lakeside D r . -- J u d g e Wni-,1 in Precinct 1--Youtli for C h r i s t Parish M a l l , 725 21M St. Violet Tlanimftnd, 2 1 2 2 Sth Ave -- Clerk Mrs. K. W. Slo\v, 2045 611 Ave.--Clerk Esther G r l f l l n , !1S4 7th Ave.-J u d g e Mrs. Marie Carlson, 2001 7th A v e . . - J u d g e O] lionp, !018 Slh A v e . -Judge Precinct 2 - - A r l i n g t o n School, 3lh Avo. and 23rd K l . J u n e Dnrnke. 10.TO 20th St. Kd Bos K O B -- C l e r k F"rida R a d y , 2231 10th A Ct.--Clerk Mrs. Kstlier B a k e r , 1015 23rd St.--Juuge Mrs. K. K. Fonlk. 2205 $th A v e . -.lurigo Mrs. I.eorn H:ern. 2 2 2 4 A ve.--Judge Precinct 3 -- H o n e l l Home -Vve. and 2 2 n d St. Irma A. Nus;--, SI 7 23rd Clerk Tena Smllh, S10 2 4 t h Clcrlt Mrs. l l e t l y T,. Ilarnclt, 2310 3th A v p . -- J u d g e Beatrice A. Hall, 2 2 3 S Sth Ave -- J u d g e Helen H u l s e , 2328 6th A've.-- J u d g e jlony Rancte!! Explains His Dressing Room By DOB THOMAS ! AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - If you reiilly want lo kumv IKJVV Tony jltnntlall happened to Kd n tlress- ing room in Hie female stiirs'j : l)ui!cling ,-H JUGM. he'll tell you. | : "It's status," the wirlor sigh 5 -'^,,, ;"Very important tiling ill this lown. status." Huiulall's qnarU'rs are in llie 'hallowed halls thai once houseil Colorndo Court Reverses Canon City Decision DKNVEll (AP)--The Cotor.iclu Supi-cnic Court rcvci'Feil Mon. a'.IIinsSiaw decision Ijy the District Cuuil iii:-''" 1 ' 10 " iTucs.. CM. 21, i!i(;r C;KF?KI,KY TJMHIJNK p-u'c n l _ . -- . fc . Icora Marie married Jonathan, as and Ihe ranch to his second wife, she asserts, to provide him a'l'he following yc;ir he filed for lionic find desired companipn-'divorcc, but lalcr dismissed Ihc- jship." tlie decision saiil. Liclion The court record showed Dr. * _ ' , . ... , .. . Hie former Cora 1 Dr - Illn!haw [llccl a ; 8 to ere marrind fit Ka- Marrh. lO.'iS lo recover Ino prop,' 9, 135ft. more than crty. After his dcalli. Ills son,. . In . Dr. The couil ruled tliat Mrs. Cora! cmlveyc(1 (i|| c ( 0 ll'c resilience' laric I l i n s h n w is nol'cnlillctl to! -- -- : Miil as executor of his father's /estate. M, the properly and said she nut lo have a now trial. B l l S i n e S S C o m e t She is tlic widow of Di". JOHII-; hail D. lliuliiiw of C.IIHPII Cily,.Salltnans Attend Chicago Meeting I USE THE TRIBUNE iVANT ADS ill W."i9. The high court, lcsrrilinj Mrs. inshaw ns a "very able unit intelligent woman," said slic "al- · Icniplctl (o place out of reach" Crawford, rjiirson. Gar-.,,,,, C . |IH)|1 G t y ro ,, ittcm . c by corl . l O U i Ave.. ' H o l n i k r , 1128 I S I l i ' Kmos, 1SSI l!th 1117 Cran- 11!0 DUST JACKET . Rubens portrait ol Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria 41 Galleries To Own Kress Ar! Day. "It's a housing jam," he cx- ||i]aac(l over saiiciln-atcn and noo- Idlcs in the fliKlio commissary. __1^1_"" '"They couldn't fil me inlo tlio|; male stars' building." . l As a matter of fact, Handall. taid with a shudder, tlio studio | .tried to house him in the featured ( '.players' Imildinj; wlwn he rcporl- 'cd for work with Kim Novak and' James Garner in "Boys' Night, 'Out." ; 1 "l''or three whole days I could, '.not i;n lo my own dressing room," 1 'he said. "I lind to hold out (or .National Gallery and whose primcl, miuhc] . ono Slalus ... I collectors. Thai happened' l{wMl cxp | ninort t| lc divisions NEW YORK, (API--This year, lo ''' 'of dressing rooms: marks the closing chapter of one| Kress then lii-rame the No. l| i. Actors--a plain room, no the , Ihol iland. Allyson, Gardner, etc. His' v j n g j( Io j,',,,. S |,.' lcl . ji 1;: ] jC i a i a[( , s[ s | loc niachines anil ir.clliod iiipnrtmenl is cozily adjacent Hp]!,,^ f o r siCO. of repairing shoes were shown hosc of Lima Turner and Dorisj . . D| . ni ns |, aw and disctisscil. Proiuincnl men in Mr. and Mr; r.. proprietors of Sii|oricr Shoe Service at 1110 litli Ave. recently 1 ittcndetl the Hlh National Shoe Sedviccman's Days liclil Serviceman's Days K.'M Before his was "driven from liis own home," Ihc court ojiinion said. the shoe repair industry talked o!xnl the various problems o! the 'Ttie record does not show lhU modern slioe service rhop. Summer Shoes Oyed To Mulch Fall and \Vin(cr Clofhcs Superior Shoe Service H o m e - o f - I n v i s i b l e Solea 810 Sth Ave. G r e c l e y TO GET RID OF ODDS ENDS MDSE. By MILES A. SMITH AP Arls Editor HPSURPLU of (lie rrentcsl examples of art customer of llie fabulous art ballnoom. t r ' ]_..!,,,, i i. i\ i,.i__ i i mll ipliilnmlii'0iy in (lie world, ai^uler Joseph Uiivecn. later Urd dazzling combination of ctblielic Duveen, nml before Hie Inller's perfection and dimes. The dimes conic from a cluin deo'h J93U lie had sold 2. Featured players--A room, dressing room and bathroom but 110 sliowci "five and ten" magnate more than 3. sinrs--A handsomely ilecorat-. ed suite complete with slower. of novelty slores-ia the carlyj? 2 0 limim w01 '"' of superb a r t . days such a store was called! Dllvc TM' s biographer, S. N. Bern- "Rut there are degrees of star the five and ten" -- stalled in, 1 TM"- llts lol(l Eonlc fi'scinating!drcs.sing rooms, too," Randal! 1896 hy a young school teacher stories about tins period. 'added. "Uo you have a bar in named Samuel H. Kress. The chain made Kress a multimillionaire \vlio took frequent'keep Most large museums, lackin^'our dressing sufficient gallery Space, have lo!''"« the- portions of (heir sltidin .siofk it w:tn you have a refrigcra-; Small Child's Red Tennis Shoes Values tn 2.00 Clnsc-Oiit 1.00 ., Si/u 5 l(» 3 Y o u t h trips to Europe, and there, aboutjin storage. But when Kress be- to!---willi ice? 1920, he caiiRhl a fever for works'gnn spreading his bencfaclionsj " A " " dor mllst consitlcr these of art. I across the laud, one of thc fcw'IbhiHS. So you end up demanding That is why the National Gal-lslipulatlons lie made was that allij''"'!^ 'TM don't even want, all lery of Art 'in Washington haijworks must he on permanent dis-'Mcausc ot st.itus. some of its greatest Old Masters. pl°y. I But this is far from all. Most- Tin's was typical of Kress. Hcj [xople know about the Nationallbclievccl in sinning things \vith Gallery's Kress cnllcclioii. Whal the piililie. And il is porlcclly in He went en to explain Unit rou- must tlress in their dressing rooms antl |walk to the set. Fcnlurcn players 10th fewer people realize is that IR.key with an anecdote about Duis galleries jconlained no display windows, nnd Gables to Seattle and Honolulu, .who permitted only certain care- also have Kress art. So do the fully selected millionaires lo reach St -St.-- i largo and small American inusc-lveen, wliose sumnlwm: urns, from Allcnlown and Coraljcontained no display wi P r e c i n c t 4--Herbst Garage, 21!-; 4th A v e n u e Mr.«. E d w a r d a. U e r e t t , 2119 Htli Ave.--ClerV Mrs. H e n r y Herbst, H I S H l h Ave.-- Clerk Mrs. M i n n i e C. A n d e r s o n , 3(33 320 13lh Ave.-- J Adeleen E. J l c W i i i i a t n f , 13th Ave.-- Judge . J i n s a m n r y W. Smith, 2 4 1 6 13th Ave. -- J u d g e P r e c i n c t -- Robert Bowles deno, 2 S I 9 U t h A v e . ri. H t h 12t!i . up study collections of 23 colleges]the hushed atmosphere of Ins m-i nock and universities, from Maine and ner sanctum. Puerto Rico to California. The Kress Foundation. led by younger brother Hnslr 11. are housed in trailers outside llie shooting stage. Stars have four- 'walled rooms right on the stage so they have only to walk a (steps to the scene. Superstars like Doris Bay anr Hudson, with whom Randall |stars in "Lover Uomc Back." Boys' Uliick Wash Wear Pants 1.00 Age 8-10-12 Only Kress, continued llie benefactions 0 , le O f ( ] ]0 nlo ,;i famous paintings = «,,,. Kn,,,«l !-,.,,,,· ,10,11, ,n .. Strolling down Fifth Avenue onejlmve massive trailers on the set. day in Ihe Christmas season of| Both Itandall and his agent. 1938, Duvccn was horrified lo sce.Ahby Gi-esnner, agree Ihat after 1955, Samuel Kress and now (here death i are more| w ] nc j ow j t was than 3,COO works of art on public 0 [ t |, c shepherds, display, costing well ""' which S 50 ,hangs in the National G '.where il is attributed to Gior- nude." A representative selection of'g ion£! w|, a t kind O f a show \vin- book.ilow? In a Kress five and ten, ol room in the female stars' building is .suitable to his flatus. It 'The Adoration allows him all the privileges ofi million. these works is shown in i now (he male stars' building "exceptj allcry, that I can't walk around the halls Sth Gym Warren Lanalng, --Clerk Minnie 1.. Ixifliia, Sth Av 1510 nth Catherine A l t h o f f , 2 S 4 0 Aye. Ot.--Cleric Mr*. Norman Noe, 2535 Ave. Ct.--Clerk Dorothy -M. Bowles, 251S 12tli M a r y ,lane -Miles, 2508 loll: A v e . rt.--Judre Selma Lust, 2626 I C t h Ave.-J u d g e P r e r l n c t S -- S h e r w o o d N c a l Rest rSence, 2 f i l 2 13th Ave. -Mr*. Esther Palmer, 26T8 I S t h Ave.--Clerk Mrs, Don Llndstroni. 2633 13lh Ave.--Clerk- R u t h Irvin, 26!! I S t h Ave. Ct. Dorothea K i l t e r . 260) 12th Ave. Cl.--Judge Mrs. Sherwood Neal, 2512 13th A v e . -- J u d g o P r e e l n c t 7--Jackson School f j y m , 2Cr2 55th St. Mm. U o r o t h y B o n n e r , 2605 21st Ave. Ct.--Clerk Mrs. 1,16yd Black Jr., 2827 ISlh Ave.--Clerk- . being published. "Art Treasures col irse. for America," produced by don Press and distributed in (his But ttie unnerved Lord Duveen don I'ress and tnsinmiieci in mis .,] ( | n .. ^ 0 n [i,j,,,j ii c . | r , ( | j us [ country by the New York Graphic!^, (]ic p ^ R (o Krcss " , ( ^ Society. llongcd lo Kress-and Ihe nation. On Dec. 9 (be formal titles toj b all Ihese treasures will pass f r o m , - , , . , , . . . R the foundation U, (he individual]OH W i t h A B a n g institutions. The following day at BUFFALO, N. Y. (A?) six-week exhibition M1TICB ni' K I X . I L sin ri.r:in-.\T ,Vo. 8191 le of W I L L I A M S. .Mc- l'HI-;lt. c ON, Deceased. Notice Is l i e r c l j y K i v e n t h a t I l i a v c f i l c i l m y t i n a l r e p o r t i n l h C o u n t y Court o( W e l d C o u n t y Colorndo, aji.i t h a t any rcvaon ' - ' j oliji-ut In Hie sain^ shall .file w r i h n n o h j e ^ t i o n w i t h tl:o said court on or b t f o r e N n - vc-.nlirr ID. I P C I . W I L L I A M S. .McrilErtSON .IP. Adrr.inlstr.-ilor r,en. A. Epperson. U o i m l i l K. -!'·- I C l n i - y A: l a \ i U L. Itobc-rts, A t - Small 15oys' Sport Coats 3.98 Age 4-S-8 Only Color -- Grey, Plaids Hoys' Turtle" Neck T-Shirts Kancy Age S to 10 Years onen al licans in suburban Arahcrst liope , oril(;ys the National Gallery, devoted I" || le | r clim p a jgn fares belter thai) The rircclcy Dally Triijun many of Ihe masterpieces of all [hc , 6 . foot balloon , hoy launched! 0 "' '"· l7 ' ;t - S l ' '"'-........ 1. Icn'.s All Readier Desert Boot Color Now -- Heifje Price R..15 3.23 Finish Large Only Men's Pajamas Pants Cun (cuts -- One Quart !) New Colors Closc-Ont Pi-Ice 75c Quart Blue Only 93c Oz. Western Cut Jeans Heavy D u t y Zipper Front 2.98 Exterior Contents--One Quart 7 New Colors Close-Oul Price 75c Quart Paint Thinner C o n t e n t s -- O n e Quart Close-Out 25c Genuine Army Cotton-Nylon Drawers 1 QQ · 9O Ncw Plll'C Boiled Oil Contents -- One Pint Close-Out 25c Pint the Krcss collodions. Jl was not until 1937 that Kress lo christen (he campaign bead- quarters. , . T, u u u i LII :. eally not into the lop echelon of M . · .^L That happetned lo bJ The balloon exploded when ly Andrew Mellon died-h«" l»ked by Ihe radio aerial of collectors. Tiiat happetned lo be Ihe year Andrew JUellon died-- bo man rthose money paid for the! a passing car. loss [-1 T I T ' Ave. -- Clerk ' Mrs. Floyd Eacher, 819 15th .St. -- J u d g e Mr«. Molii* Kills. H 2 7 Sth Ave. Mrs. C. K. R u g g e r , HI! Ith A v e . - ~ J l l r 1 S f : recinct 3 -- Cameron School, 13th ve. i 15!h St. Mr«. G e r t r u d e Kosllnr, 1114 - I 4 t h St.-- Clerk Florence R. Wallace, 1S4E Hth Ave.-- Clerk Ethel E n g l i s h , 14!1 11th A v e . -- Judge Mr». W. A. E. M i t c h e l l , lil'j l l t h Ave.-- J u d g e -Mrs. Edith Jlobertion, 130S 12tli Ave. -- J u d g e reclnct 4-r-Hreeley H i g h School Mrs. Harold TVInograd, 1I2S Uth St. Rd.-- Clerk S h i r l e y K. Kratzer. 1322 16th Mr«. Adolph M i l l e r , 1S1I 14th St.-- Judgo Ave. -- Judge Lucille Kcster, I S O f 15th St.-- 'reclnct f- -- T r i n i t y L u t h e r a n ·hurch, 7th Avc. i ISth St.-Mrs. Goldle P. Willis. 1621 6th Ave -- Clerk Sarah Betz, 1722 Sth Ave.-C l e r k Ralph Bishop, I'll Sth Ave.-- Buying or Selling A Home? Call Ed Hoff BROOKS REALTY Office EL 2-6570 Residence EL 3-4374 Hit time it youn! Mrs. C. n. Hyrd, 2528 17th Ave. Ct.~ J u d g e Urn. Frank -Hummel, 2530 23rd Ave.-- Jnofre Mrs. Joan Poppjoy, 2»31 17th Ave. Ct.-- J n i l R c P r e c i n c t 8-- Fire Station No. 2. 23rd Avo. and 20lh St. S.W. Mrs. Krn-in Chell, Itli 2 4 t h St Rd.-- Clerk Mra. Robert P.ecan, 213! 2U1-. St.-- Clerk Mrs. Cnrl H e l m h u c k , 2(37 24tli St. Rd. -- Judge Mr.i. r h a r l e s Jack, 2403 2 1 t h Mrs. Preston S k i l l , 2105 J4tli SI. P.d.- J u d g e IN' "WITNESS T\-HKREOF, I j u b l i n h c d and posted as r e ' i u i m ly law n n r l r r t l i f t o f f i c i a l of said city, t h i s S3rd day of October, 19C1. CITV Of G R E K L K Y , COIX3RADO BY BARTON BUSS CITT CLERK The Greeley r a l l y T r i b u n e October 24, I S 6 1 XOTICK O F F I N A L P A Y M E N T On or a f t e r November 7, 1501, the COLORADO DKPART.M BNT OF- HIGHWAYS will make f i n a l payment to Slegrist C o n s t r u c t i o n Co. of Denver, -Colorado, con- t r a c t o r for the c o n s t r u c t i o n of Colorado Project No. S O O J O U O ) consisting of grading, s t a b i l i z a - tion. «trncturc3 and a.tplialuc s u r f a c i n g , t o l m l l e n g t h t i e l n g 7 651 miles. located on S t a t e H i g h w a y No. 52 Prospect East all s i t u a t e d In Weld County Slate, of Colorado. File claims ivith AUDITOR D e p a r t m e n t o( Highways, before * JTA*RK* e i.'. WATROb'S, Chie Engineer, Department of High TnT'creeley Daily T r i b u n e . Oct. 23, 2t, 25, 26. ", i!, 30, 31 I Nov. 1, 1361. For M a v o r for a term nf two y e a r s Tor C o u n c i l m a n , "\\ ar«l One, for a t p r n i of f o u r ye;iri; "UOJiEIlT E- I ' i K B K l N U T O N ' 7TL"i-;7v~n. V A X T I X E For C o u n c i l m a n , W a r d Two. f o r a Urm of f o u r years i ' . I C H A I t n A. HOKT'lClir-.K HOBliUT G. CL'M Ml.SCS Kor C o u n c l l m i i n , W a r d Thrt-r, H K N ' A R 1 A . H K U M A N S K X STANLEY R. S U T H E R L A N D K K N X E t H E . W H I T F . (\'oto f o r onr-1 f \ ' o l e for o n e ' -- *~ " ' . -- (Vote f o r o u e l 1 i ' ( Y n l c f o r o i i * i · C I T V OF OKEKM 1 !' i corNTi OF wi-:i.i "-?· STATE OF C O L O R A D O ) I. B a r t o n Uiiss. Ci.y Clerk r,r' l l . o C l l y -f n r . - e l - y J« '" : ^ ; c e r t l f v III.- nt.ovo lo lc a f u l l , l i n o and ,-r.rre. i list . i "led in my o f f i c o for w h i c h n c c o p t a n c c s l.avr lu-i-n fll.-.l. arnl I n 1,1- volcil ilpori at Ihe C i t y Election lr \,e liold lu the c - i i - ..; G r c . ' l c j . on Tuesday, N o v e m b e r 7. 13«1. Wllneis my h m i d and seal of t h e C i l y of G r e e l e y IV. s Mr,. day of Octolicr, 1961. . (SUM.-, HAIITO.N BUSS, C l l y Clrvk. The Greclcv D a l l y T r i b . i n e . del. 24, I S 5 I . Energy Packed Goodness! Always Buy AWAY Go Corns! Ztne-pad« Sptwfify Fravtnf; R«lr*v», Rtmev* Com* I«Ullt-«ctint Dr. Bcboll'l Zino-p»4« d* tvayAint for you. Stop ran* tt- fan they can develop wheaiue-Utflrrt ·ign of «or» to--... SI op p«m in « jffy i.. Remove corn* on* of the i[mc«e«t w«yi known to medical «cencs. W«t»r- rtpelltnl--do not come off in ·- "· D- r SchollsZinopaas FALL FESTIVAL OF PRODUCE VALUES Pumpkins--Squash--Apples--Tomatoes CIDER Materials for Winter Arrangements Gourds --- Indian Corn Colorful Squash Pine Cones Cattails -- Yarrow -- Interesting Seed Pods SAALWAECHTERS MARKET t04 E. 18ttl St. Phone EL i-6031 "A Glass of Milk In Every Loaf' HACKETT and WALTERS BAKERY 710 Seventh Street Phone ELgin 2-0591

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