Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 27, 1962 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 13
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Iowa Farmer's Calf Wins Top Chicago Award CHICAGO 'APi-A young Iowa farmer led a shiny Aberdeen-Antus calf Monday tc Cattledom's most prized award of rand champion steer at the Internationa! Lives-tuck Exposition. l.yle Miller, 33. of Osceola. lo«a, and his 975-pound summer year- litu steer, Top of .owa. deleated more than 700 entries in the annual competition among the nation's livestock producers. The restrvc grand champion · fleer award wen! lo another lo- wan. Kaye Pollock. 17, ol Mount Auburn, who showed the urand champion in 1'JOT. She won the ; reserve award this year with a 900-pound shorthorn senior calf named This-L-Do. Grand champions at the international have brought as high as J3U a pound or a :otal of S31.050 Kaye Pollock's 1%0 winner, a Hereford, brought the yuung farm pirl $11.725 plus several hundred dollars of prize money. In addition to winning the ^rand; championship. Miller's -tecr alsol was named champion of tin- An-j pus breed. He also had the first 1 i pri/e proup of three Ansus that] included the urand champi'in. a n d j the champion itruup ani'in^ the, iiirec compcti. 1 !;: breed* ; In breeding class j'ldsinj:. thi-'. priind champion bull ul Alwrdeen-i wnspicuously la the dark. Needless to add. all of your picture taking actions should be as inconspicuous as possible. · To round out the picture story,] you should add views of billboard posters advertising ihe show and theater marquee. These make, ood title slides or a cover pic-, ure for the photo album. ] Life's Like That ON STAGE -- Exotic costumes and peak action make this a prized memory in our columnist's front-row scrapbook. It recalls the first lime Roy Benson t Connye did an act in the Burmese manner for the Society of American Magicians in New- York City. Using manual control on a Ilollcimagic camera, the ex[osure was 1 50 at f/6.3 with Tri-X film Ani;us was shown I-'arm. Khincbeck. N V. The serve [trarid champion w a s (he -n try of Hayst.v.k AIKUS Hanch I/uniMinml, Colo. By IRVING DESFOR AP Newsfeaturti Some of our most pleasurable ·^"kon.Vjmoments an: at the theater when natural illumination of stage settings. In fact, it would be a mis- e lo usv accessory flash or strobe light because it would lend Viper Like Vine ;v.e see plays, concerts or other 'live cii'.ertaiiiinent arid at ojr [club-, tiiuiche--. schools ur other 'organizatuns winch p r e s e n t Uiows, skils or other talent \s spectators we arc left with hap- ,py memories and perhaps' a play- Geogrophic Briefs WASHINGTON - The fighting in the remole borderlands of the ligh Himalayas directly involves 40 percent of ihe world popula- 1 ion. the National Geographic So-, ciety says. One out of ever · lour; members of the human race lives in Communist China: one out of sveven lives in India. · * Because of the earth's centrifugal force, 5.000 tons of cargo loaded on a ship in the vicinity of the Equator would weigh 25 tons more at the Poles. The slow-growing lichen is v i r - tually indestructible, the National] Geographic Magazine says. Some| ·ichen colonies may be more than ·| thousand years old. Two dis- ·inct organisms, a fungus and an alca, combine lo form the plant. \, .Alpae supply carbohydrates by i photosynthesis: f u n g i provide 'salts and water storage. Tues., Nov. 27, 19C2 GREEI.EY TRIBl'NE Page 9 Magazine Article Describes Ft. Lupton Migrant Clinic ar.d i'.eve!o;;rr.c::: c!::::c 3t For: !.·:; Public Heal'.:., re: {,' t;:e AnH'r.-.\i:i P ,MA':ation. wji..:ii:( :! :r.auaz.:'.v Heal'.:: As-; . Sjn F:ar.- c_:.:'.: - .r.o summer p:'o^:\;n'. not only .- f.::r..!. iju 1 . pro'.ect-s ·f '.:.e vjir-munilv as i'epiji'ed '·'; Ke'.ii l N v a . . uiicc- lleaith Uepar'.ir.i':! 1 .. .-..".(i Di:v.;. Strobe!, heal::: eciuca^j: 1 Ti'.e ar'.ic'.e r.'-Ac- tiia' '.he c'..:::: financed by '.he S'.a'.e Heal'.:: Ue [parlmen! a::d ad^'.crec bj U'::e local health unit. is now in it ·seventh year ;^erviLe.-' of !oca · phy.-idans are :(.-. ;':.'. ear ;.v \eti'A'ir. i:i *.i:e ^t 1 kjiwieu'ae o! i.e. '.he article -.r sees im- neral health il:i practices vj: 1 .^ 'iie iv;j:e a', the camp j'.err.;'.;. pa'.ie::'.-- ap;ear ;o" .ed.cjl -_per\is:-:] earlier in e!" ;/re.;n;-i[:i-ii. and babies ::r. iiijrrhca are seen nowadays :riir.: ;i:e fir-: '.2 b)'.:r~ of their !::vss rj'.i-.i-: !h,ir. when it may be too i A [Ki.-U:co stamp 'Honduras" u a ~ oiii ·!or 52-1.5" 1 '.a?! year : provided '. h r e e . o n l v influence i, - , . ... . . pp:!.'.h t:'.a' v.i'se Ti'.e Bbck'.or. it i:as had ; at uuc'.iunjbuiidir.;; trust ar New York pubh'.- health e:t' r.:c is not the inward better '"p!e encoiint- rr.ajor part in acceptance of wherever states. How fait? 50,000 Enrollment Seen in s in 7 , ^ lhr " u S n has lwcn hle TM DENVER ' A P ' - Enrollment. "We could cut off enrollment? !at Colorado's colleges and univcr-j n ( . x i year and have no need o! " re3k -|sities will increase by 20.000 dur-| a(i(jjlional claf;?r(K)m j potc .- he the next seven years, lo a : !owstone National Park. Bcar-| lola i 0 ( ^^^ 50000, the State proof lids, placed on garbagel^gisiami-e's j n i n | Budget Corn- cans ihroughoui the park in thej m |J tee wa5 Io |,j Monday. to destroy the authenticity of the stage lighting or dramatic el- feet of a spothcht High S[eed Kklaclirome Type 0 [ B 'for artificial light 1 is t h e . fastest 'ASA 1Z5' color film avail- T i, c «(, r w s largest natural am- gf dfor(s ; to remove them. An an estimated $85 million in said. getting more and better Allen said Colorado current!) has a surplus of classroom space. able for IxAh iimm and 120 rc- sizes ASA and 100'. jus! a h ; l An exposure of TANAMA-A poisonous sn-ikei'iill or prouram. I'll'" cameras Super Ansc that lives in the branche-. of low j L'nfustunatcly our memorusj'^?* ^is also^ available l.'Ufbes and trees--and occ:^ioiia!-;arc sliort-livcil and tiie program ly hangs down lo be grasped likeji-, xjon discarded or vanishi-.-, a vine by the- unwary--is an m - j i n i o a drawer or box along w i t h habitant of llarro Colorado Island,oilier forgotten mcnu-nts. in Gaum Lake, along the Panama] w h v ,,,,. u , ilizi . our tM . of L ' ailal - 'pliiitugraphy lo take pictures of jliiesc eu'nts' 1 W i t h color slides phithealer. Ihe Hollywood Bowl in hromelLos Angeles has such superb in boih. acousl i t . s ,(,al jwrformers hardly lower npc( j microphones to be heard in but the surplus will vanish under Icampus construction, for class- r i s j n g cnro |i m( , nts . Library and rooms, laboratories and libraries, (acufiy^fjce space conditions are will be needed by in. (tight."he added. These predictions were given the; at f 4 with High Speed Ekta- chrome has proved satisfactory on iiuiny previous occasions. This can !e used as a stalling guidei because it is almost impossible | the farthest rows. The 120-acre bowl -eats 20.000. !n 40 years of concerts, rain has nostpi»ie(i only three performances. Brake Relimng Fcr One Ye«r we'll hau' a permanent record ·of colorful couimc's and artistic sellings alon^ w i l h (hi; show's lcrstinalities and dramatic high- i lights. Hlack-and-white pictures G u a r a n t e e d - c a n !*' P l! * iito n photo album Back in 1913. when Ihe United lo lake accurate light meter rcad-|sialcs Navy was trying out its . ings from a specalor's seat, ^ i n c w w i n g s in operations off Guan-'32.000 by 1%9. possible exception is the Heilar.d;tr.namo Bay. Cuba, flyers faced i Instead Colorado's Higher Institutions. College e n r o l l m e n t s have climbed much more rapidly than was forecast even as recently asjbined circulation totals 6.000.000. 1954. he said. At that time, educ- cation exports calculated thai col- leee enrollment would amount to I Pentax Spot Meter which pinpoints an area of only three degrees for a reading, even from a Clyde's Thrifty Service 71h Ave. at 8th SI. along w i t h the printed procrani wi.erc they make a ready record, easy to find talk atout at any later date. There arc rarely any taU^s on picture taking except in some [legitimate theaters in seme big citics. Even then the regulations which prohibit t a k i n g picluies are theatrical union rules in- leiKlcd to regulate the commercial use of the pictures. ! Today, \viih h i g n speed film: J i n both color anH Muck and white 'it is fairly ra«y lo capture Ihi distance. In hlnrV-snii- W'it'n a s?peod iie. T : i - X f;', ASA 400. has mechanical hazards undreamed of loday. "Motors were primitive." Vice Admiral Patrick N. L. Bellinger 'Ret.i wrote recently in National Gcocraphic "The) often quit in mid-air: so we flew with proved \er\ effective in captiir-j a n on the surface ing available light stage action case of a forced landing. The SEE . HEAR . . COMPARE The Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color - Black and White - Hi Fi and Stereo £tw(u ooJ QiulottaHen Oat tSfucinby NIMM II 2-H U 1720 9th Street w i t h exposures of I ' l O O al [5.6. Super-Hyp,TM film, though rated at ASA 500. is a hit slower llum l n o s o Tri-X in actual use. I've found. Koyal-X pan film is the fastest roii film available 'ASA 1600' hut it fogs easily and is limited to the developer recommended oy le manufacturer (or bcsl results Many lad raphcd and many possibly ;ir- ange front row seats for the urpose. In other cases, a seat n the center of the first row ialcony or mezzanine of a thea- er offers many advantages. It not attract the attention cf he actors, eliminates any nos- ibility of heads bobbing up in most important rule was: 'When something goes wrong, point her down.' late-supported schools now have; ibout 30.000 students and the trend s still climbing higher. 'We now estimate there will be; 50.000 students in our colleges universities by Projections figured on this basis indicate that these students will Adult ostriches weigh up lo 300 pounds, the National Geographic says. They craze like horses and can eat just as much. The name Hong Kong means ny private organizations iuc',.. Kra g ram Harbor" in Chinese. to licvc Ihcir shows photo- . . · Brazil's Trumai Indians believe ;he sun created all tribes except the neighboring Suva, who descended from Suva, a people snakes. The of the Xingu River, were greatly feared unlil they made peaceful contact with Ihe outside world in 1959. the Na- Geographic Magazine says. rout of the lens anil command i good view of the entire stage.! Elephants blaze and follow the If your seat is not near the danc.1 best routes through forests and it's an advantage to use a 35mm! mountains. Many highway? in camera w i t h interchangeable!present-day A f r i c a originally lenses. Telcpholo lenses will fi',l|wcrc laid out by clephanls. the- frame fully or get close-ups, j The normal 50mm or a wide- Iceland's Great Geysir can be an|(lc lens will show the complete stage setting. A tiny penlight flashlight is a useful accessory when it comes lo making camera adjustment; in- coaxed into shooting tailing water high into the air w i t h a charge of surface-tension-relieving deter-1 gent, the National Geographic! Magazine says [Compare Before You Buy! A COMPLETE HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER For the Price of a TV Set CURTIS MATHES Genuine Hardwoods -- Mahogany Finish AM/FM Radio Stereo Phono Giant 23 TV American Made High Fidelity Sound Hand Wired Chassis 4 Speakers 23,000-Volt Picture Power SPECIALLY PRICED AT Carload Buying Dirict from rectory Sam You Money "Eosy Monthly Poymcnts" WILSON WILSON ··cnnis M.YIIIKS or (JHKKI.KV 1513 8th Ave. -- Phone 353-0793 ·You Buy For Much Less At Wilson's Telslar Hit With Trouble Ml'IUUV 1111.1.. N.,1. . , · .The riimmimicntions s.iicllnc Tel-. I::-!,ir has dtvi-lnped difficulties in! Ilils command c i i c u i l . Bell Tcle-j wphone Laboratories repor'.ed Moil-. I'day A f t e r more than lout months of liiMiilinuously siici'cs^lul npevalion 'in space. Hie satellite refuses to t.ikc- orders lo l u r n its commiini-! lication receiver and transmitter on: ;nral off i I A s|'iikesm;:ii lor Itcll. creator o f . lillil' salclhte. said efforts were iin-i l|ler way to dftcrmine the cause of j p t h c tnmlilr ,".!«! to ciri'iimvci;! il j The laboratories ciuislil'.itc I h r - Ijicscaid' dcvi-lopmi'iit arm «f the I | : !Vil system, parcr! of which i s . lhe American Trii'pliunc k Tele-: I graph Co i ll seems c c i l a i n that Iho I'om-- niiiKcalioiis iccnvpr and trans- ' l m l l i T are ;n pwd iiperstini: CPU- |,diiHMi. llif spokr.--m.iii s.uil Tho r\pei iincnK o i i g i n a l i v , [iplanned for TrlMa; h a \ e been. |i-arncd n u t . Ihe spokesman saiil ; I In addition to more than ;:« lech l| irsis i i - \ c t i i i i : even asivcd' ttalv-missii'li. thru 1 !ta\c been _ . . m i ' -l'^ 1 li mniKti a:ion^. H K - O Ijdcnionstralions have mcludi-d \ niultich.mnrl li-lephoiu t e i r r . i a ; I phy. data. ni % ws pictincs ami olhci' 1| facsimile transmissions Tiansatlanlic telecasts have [jbcrn diiin'iisli.ilcd ^ limrs anil. live of Ihcse m-i.isions llw- ||transmission was in color · (J\ K/.DN I'll'V - Their is IM clip a nrv. Innlf r.itr on IcMiles i in Ibr riiillip|imrs. i. YOUR HOME Save now on fine Storm DOORS WINDOWS f Magazines Top 650 Keep boat in and cold out this winter, with storm doors and windows. \Ve have a large selection of styles and sizes. Consult with us for vour needs. MORE PEP %KIN LUMBEH 3 million i [square feet of classroom, l ; tory and library space, ex of dormitories, by 1971. The Ford ideas so contagious they started a new trend in cars! Ii von i h i n k lod.u s i ,m h , i \ r ,1 lol in lommcm c t i ' i i - : f i v i i . :, , I\MU'-,!-M',I-- ( i I ' l A V n n ^ - iii.vitc'ui'i :·* tl * l o r d s k c u h c s .ibinc. I in thiM' iiicjs sn.r'M'd j -, iuvi.ic u:!s ^--\ k . - « , i - : x .'.---,; c\ivnsi' to a in dcsic.n llul's relleclcd »iiore\er \on p--"inii:n-; I'll' 's ll"l! t . j l j v n si It':il SHI tndluin | ( i IM "v ii America's liveliest.most carefree cars! FORD GARNSEY and WHEELER M t l H .MTHOKI/.K.l) FdUH O K A I . K U Cnrncr Slh A « c n u r »t l l t h Street \

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