Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1961 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 7
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Clnim A ^ / O / m Accurate Defense Against Rockets 33rd Discoverer Shot Is Failure VANUENBEHG AIU FORCE; IBASE. Calif. IAP -- The Iron-; Reds Block UN Vote on Bombs Colorado Pays $1,369,000,000 Income Taxes WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The In Tnos.. Ocf. 2i, Iflfil G U E K L E Y TRIBUNE Page 7 'Park Avenue Is Far Cry From Turn of the Century to recover packages from space, hit another snag Monday. Discov- J ble-plagned Discoverer solellitej B Y MILTON BESSER 'drew his request after So\icl Moc.teriitil Heveinie Service says it series, designed lo perfect a way' UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. (Al'i!elcgalcs. one after another,'collected about $1.3ii!i.our..00« in . --Soviet bloc opposition killcdlruised procedural points which (axes from individuals nnd busj. r night a move by Nuiway Ihrealened lo embroil I be lfil-!r.ess organizations in Colorado. By PRESTON GROVER ,ton nuclear lest bomb. There was 1 "' 1 · 11IU " 1: ' »""» """'---· ·--· (or ,,,, immediate vole on a U.N.Wion committee in hours of Wyoming and Moiilana during (is-. MOSCOW (AP) -- Defense Mln-'no explanation of precisely what' 010 '' M ' lo ° resolution urpiiii; Ihe Soviet Union wrangling ea] 1901. islcr Mnrshnl Rodkm Y. Malinov-this meant. ' Hie Air Force said the engine to cancel a 50-megaton hydrogen Kngen said lhc committee was . r ., x co || C ctions for tlie sky declared Monday Uussia has, (The Atomic Energy Commis- of the second-stage Agcna rocket j bomb test. being put into a position Ilial damn; ,ii 0 |, totaled $W.4 billion, the developed a deadly accurate d o - s i o n in Washington reported Ibe.npparenlly had shut off before 1 lions Engen. Norwegian dopu!v'"Kcd i's dignity ami prestige. Jni.Ss.aiel. and individual lax cim- fense against rockcts-supposcdly'Soviet Union set off Iwo nuclcarl rc: ,ohing "orbital speed. foreign r ' ' ' ' ' "'' "'"" "'"" " an antimissile missile. .explosions Monday--one possibly, The rocket presumably burned vole in the bomb test. He also boasted (he high as 50 megatons but more up in the atmosphere over the inillee even though there were rc- rncnl of a new armed service:likely atoeit 30 megatons, Ihcipacific. jporls the Soviet Union bad al- branch of rocket and nuclear-niiv;lcnt of 30 million tons] Only eight capsules have been ready held Ihe lii; armed troops "capable of i n f l i c l - j o f TNT. Scientists in Sweden.'recovered in (be scries, which he- 1 The Norwegian ing a crushing defeat upon the.France ami Japan said the first'gan almost three years ago. '- · · · aggressor." iexplosion probably was a 50-meg- Discoverers carry capsedcs t o l l i , (-\i "The problem of destinying.aion bomb.I 'bo ejected so they Will parachute IVlOn I . U D S G T Y G S rockets in flight has l»cn succcss-j Premier Khrushchev aniiouiiccdho earth near Hawaii. Six limes / l l r PA ' fully solved." T/iss quoted Malin-last week t h a t Russia would test they have been caught in the air U . J . L/Qy ovsky as telling (he 22nd Soviet a 50-mcgalon bomb at the end of'by tra Communist paity congress iji a October. they 1 report on antiaircratt and anti- Malinovsky reiterated a Khrush- ocean. Insen. Norwegian dcpuly'^eei i.s mgimy ..m, ,MU.-,,. KI . , m . s s. a iel. and individual lax ra-i-.,,,,,,.,, r ,.|c.phmic' Tclcgranh Co.. :ninisler. vce|iieslcel the! Thc Comm1llcc adjourned untH.tributions amounted to more lhan culiinic-l'aliiiolivc O.. Jnsepli K. :hc U.N. Political Co.n- Tuesday. $. )r , hillinn of the tolal .Seagram Sons ;md 'union Car- Collections mounted In $1.122,. Extreme Urgency Kngen hnd sought the vole o'l'^ooo in Colorado, jlhe grounds the commillce was Wyoming and $157,2-10,01)0 in iliplomal wilh-,TM""' 0 " 1 "' llv " n ''^arcut issue lmu . - of extreme urgency." lie ran into .--'. . . .immediate opposition from Soviet; JDclegate Seniyon K. Tsarapkin. By JOHN C U N N I F F 'banking facilities arc excellent, AP Business News Writer and (rain transportation i.s handy NEW VUitK (Al'i--Were, t h c y ' a l C J r a m l Central Malion. ; '.. I'cscnl iww, the fashionable TJH; cost of individual buildings ;irk Avcnuo ladies of 5(1 years creeled recently on Park Avenue iago would hardly know how (o range up lo $6:1 million. ; ''; 011110 invite thcie 1 neigliuurs l« tea. The Kiflli Avenue Association And their ncighhnrs -- Inlerna-.jircserves Hie corporate dignity of liomil 'IVIeplmiie Tclcgra|ih Co.. the Park-Fiflh-Madison area. Its rule is stern and carries as much force as the municipal building Tsurapkin move was U.N. Day retoitcel that lliC| a stratagem by Ihei countries-- of which! l h l L Tax Returns Corp.--hardly would know code. . "'Jiow to reply. Their f n r t e is the The association cmnmcnds com- busir.cs? conference. :panies that use holts rather than I In Ihe past five years morcjnjjsy rivets in construction. Signs than J200 million worth of skin-| 1):i y not project more t h a n . o n e Ifinmilli office beiilelings lieivc risen fool from buildings. Neons'can- on I'ark Avenue, most in alnul-uot project from lhc facade at ']·! blocks from .VJIh Street Snulli'all. ,lo f l i e (iraml Central .Station area. Koma of tlie sell-imposed rules As a re-Mill, the aveneie has ;i arc (h c result of socially alert new appearance -- and In many businesses realizing (hat in the rocket defenses. 50-Megalon Bomb 'Controlled' chcv claim that Russia has megaton bomb. a 10-! Midas for missile detection, ·Samos, for camera id . this Informants attending lhc closed! Malinovsky's announcement of sauce, eventually may use i'"»- ,,,.,,...,,..,,:,,,,,, ...,,,,, , lvl ,u f,,,r".:"" congress session said Malinovsky «« discovery of an anllmtaMlc method lo relurn films and lW" J '"" «"'f£ ' ,,'',,J c * "TMhv ,, ?' _i... j ,i... -,,..:.. ,,:_.. weanon was unl .irrnmiinninrl bv (,, .,,.11, .Untied Nations Ua on le.ei.tla). Undt HELENA, Moiil. ( A P I -- U n i t e d "To (alk about only one ex-! WASHINGTON ales Day was observed in Mon;n | os j on W onld be dangerous," he 0 [ (|, c Treasury lhc .added. Isaiel Monday ctcelronic processing."^ lana Monday ns elsewhere i js edish foreign Minister Osteii| 0 [ tax returns will pnnide assur- also announced (ha- Soviet scicn-'weapon was not accompanied by to earlh. lists had "controlled" a W-mega-^noUE 11 (ilc| s lo indicate what sort. -- jof weapon had been devised.'M a · [Khrushchev said several weeks!! A n n A f C AllTK K O S I Q I K a t e ago that progress was being madciV/vl M Ivl J H l l i l J , - , , 'in meeting any threat of nuclear-! I n c r e a s e U r g e d armed missiles. Tass said tlie defense minister: I DENVER ( A P ) - II. W. Draw- told the congress: j ' ley, deputy postmaster general. "We arc ready (o carry out any^ said Monday the department will task set before the armed forces."j now the [test-dressed i t o w n. Its l.iilming changed from tweeds to s h a r p l y 1 creased business suits. 'cet keep on pressing Congress for an Informants said Malinovsky also increase in postal rates (o help claimed that: offset the annual eieficil. ; Russia has 1,800 military for- Brawlcy. addressing Ihe 57th!malions of various types (lint can To Keep His TV Success By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer ( A P ) Ion told (he committee that ancc "dint all sections of our so: Some Mnnlnnans :I|MI plan to ob- ·'perhaps it is nnt too late" to c i c | v a r c paving Ilicir proper serve United Nations Day de- at . ( sim . c r( ,poHs O f n,c Sovicl s ], aro ·· ' ' ni ° cllan « c r|l[lcds lll(l ' llsn !'; :spile Clov. Donald (J. Nutter's rc-bij lxmb lest have not Ix-en of- Dillon greeted several hundred pcarancc of lhc nullieinairc and fusal lo proclaim a statewide ob-:fj r i a |[y conlirmcd. jbusiness reprcsenlatives who lis wc ; llMl . v !iml l'".-sti K ioiis ncigli- servancc. The U.S. Adimic Energy Com-| Ea ti 1( , rC ii ] K rc lo discuss with In-| lx "''' "icir l-.omes anel Nutter has been umler tire from mission said in Washington (liej|e,- nn | Revenue Service olfieialsi". 101 "- '""' many sources for refusing lo join .Soviet union set off two nuclear n lc j m p. n ct of lhc new system on' slvr nm olhcr stales ill the U. N. observ- blasts Moiul.iv--one possibly as' ac( . om ,t; h ,, procedures. ficicnl. - ' - ' - - · Norlh of 53th street, the zoning laws have preserved the old American Ki^hi niilions-- six of them n n . j n g | n die Soulheast, next ycar, 1 ' 0 ' ncs Hie fringe of lhc Soviet test area- w j]i \, e ··;,,, ini]iortan'. step toward 1 Must of lhc new buildings have have sponsored (he resolution ask-! nl a.king enir tax iyslem more e[- c i n t a i n walls of glass and metal USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD* l lhc11 ' s - costly, imprcs- · l l l r l I'erliaps i«cl- juice. He proclaimed a US Day |,jgi, ns so megatons, but proba-| He said electronic processing, iiislead and urged the stale's cit-!],iy on ||, c order of 30 megatons. ( 0 | )c iuH'oduced gradually stall iiens t o display the · · - - · - - · · flag- The gciu'UKJr said Mnndny that , - - ..... -.,- a UN Day proclamation Ijy him ,,]g for a cancellation of the lest. fj r i c ,ii"and more equitable." -.smooth except for veins of sup- annual convention of the National^ missiles upon any part of the 1 HOI TWocm Y\I'V""" ChuckTM,'''' 1O lr ' nl ; im , 0 ""' '." bl TM k . cl ' T1 ' 0 '- Ttol ' s ol l « h " ld ' nnolllor He said "Mich an improvement portins mclal beams Their arch- Association of Postmasters, saie|!globe. ronnn.s i » i , i n res lL~yiev who "" lol ' scmcllt ° lllc , lf "' ll "' os . h c " f (llc H'o^oring nations, also ex- in O nr (ax system increases vol-.Heetm-e: is remarkably the same anv charge Ihe gap between in-' Accljrate Mis5i | e5 tTM" tn LM L. tb. «,£« * °, al "' lbllt!s lo tllc ^«! organiza- pressed hope "it is not ton l.ile"; un(arv compliance by reassuring -partly due to Inwer costs. I - k h ' ,,. * ".'" Ml "" e «' m5 '0 " ld mt ° tlle Slltccss h e 'tion. for such an appeal to Moscow. oll , |cu pi c t|, ;ll our tax laws arc' The many-lhousam! windows of Inc bovicls nave elcvelopeei has reached in television. . n n r r c., n .i ^ i,,-; n f ...i^,.,,,.,( ,.,,,,. n^.. i..i:.._ :..i....i., nn .i ' . . ' . , , , ., · ...n.. n, n c c builelings--Union Carbides; stories have fi,B27 windows NEXT Big Time Wrestling Nov. 18th Greeley Community Building come and expenses in Ihe departv « aims to hold onto the success he' (i(m ,j or sl|ch ;,,, appca | lo N , 05COW . oll ,"« up i c ;b ;ll Ol1r [ax laws arc : The maiiy-lliousane! ment "is theVesult of ^^^^^^^^^^ £TM^ ^ ^TM}. n TM^TM*. C ° n : JP resolution .asjutroeluced^-ating f a h l y and mnpartially.hese buildings-Union A COOPER fOUHDHiON THUtRE by postal employes" is an ovcr- icu| . atc .-,,, (lle m iiii, nc t ci ..simplification. ' 'n, c soviet submarine fleet "Unhappily, the general public capn |,| c of pairoling under seems lo be unaware we are not. Arctic ice packs, like the British system, a profit-! T he defense minister said de- ^so far. "Rifleman" is starting its , jinning the Communisls fnr er-jrriday. Thc United Stales faiily a and that all sections eif our soci- 52 rr, kinc o r M n z i i o " h e s W "anc fha we i erform Jonv pub- dot] i n d l \M3 ] J t . l l U r l n I I I O I I N J U U - velopment of the sy: is,foui'tii year, having eluded the lie services for which we are not p" ar { O f (i, e reimbursed, or (or which we re- antiaircraft ceive only token payment." Ifense forces. He said Ihe H u m a n e Society To Meet Tuesday The newly formed Weld County Humane Society will have a mccl- ccting a wall between East and policy speech Monday aflcrnonn i C (y arc paying their proper measuring 9 feet by nearly S feet . - . . , , . West Germany. made no reference to'il. Ish'iire" -- tTcatc strange e f f e c t s . When me gunfire that shot elown half of last ..,[ ,| lc pcop!e . lvc jn tnvo| . of Tej) Ban T r , a l y As |, e d itolwrl I.. .lack, assistant com.'clouds brood low the avenue (ip- · a f o n s TV Westerns. ^ Ihis silence and failure by the UN! A r t h u r Dean, the U.S. elclcgale. ;ni j ss j 0 |i e ,- O l internal revenue,.pears colorless as a row of up- But it hasnt been easy. 'Rifle((1 vo j cc n s condemnation of (hisldovotcd his entire lime lo the | n | ( | |] 1e conferees that an auto- ended, cellophane-wrapped orange antimissile man" rode high in ils first lwo'a,.| ioni " | ln s; ,i,i, « { h cn i] lcv are'nccd for a test ban treaty prom! ,, ic S y 5l em is needed tecause crates. i earned out as years on ABC, scoring in tlie lop ,.j B hi j,, n lc ir criticism of me."| V iding cftcclivc controls, and will- O f u lc nrowing volume-, of paper 1 Ileflecliiig the sunlighl, however ;amzation ot thc^o audience ratings repeatedly.' '. By i(s si | 0 , 1L . c oh ( his c n n C I C tc ingness of the United Stales and\ vov k involved in collecting laxes. lhc area is transformed lo anlirocket de-Last season Ihe show was moved nnrt harlwd-wirc monument ofiBrilahi (o sign such a treaty at' . 'shimmering, multicolored fantasv from ils prime time, Tuesday at n |, alC| .. llc condm;,,,!, "ihc UN 1 is'oni-c. ! of glass and metal, iccy brighl branch of ( 0 Tuesday al 8. "Laramic,"|j csl| . oving llo p c of [rcc(lom j,, ( ] 1P , uj,,] oma ( S expressed surprise,I I C T r n n n S land iwlished as a glacial valley "strategic rocket-nuclear troops which started a half hour earlier, nearls : of IniHions c f pc0 pi c in , hal ^ m (li(1 not mc ,uion \\^ l _Jf . ' 1 U U K 3 i Some of these buildings is in constant readiness." cut into ils rating. ' lamls from w hich came the an-jeight-nation resolution. There was' Speaking of the armed forces; "And we dieln'l have much of- r p s t n ,.s of many of our cili/.cns."' |S | )1 . C ulation he did sci because of: ;enerally. Malinovsky said they,a lead-in," said Chuck. " 'Bugs' 11lc governor did, Iwwcvcr. ap-,]nck of official confirmation Ihatl "arc now well-equipped and thcirlBunny, 1 which preceded us, was UN chairman for Mon-'in c 50-mcgalon blast had actually! ing Tuesday evening at 7:30 organizational structure and com-lsiipposcd to be. a world-healer. It £,,'.',' ·'i l0 ni'n C Vhai"uiiderThe giml- taken" place o'clock in (he Blue Klamc Room bat preparedness are fully " . i t , in wasn't." This season "Rifleman" ar.ce of a committee of sound ·American citi/ens. of Ihe Greeley Gas Company, lllhjkceping wilh the situation now Ave. and 12(h St. jobtaining in the world." [juggled to Monday al 8:30, fol-uJcc'nrnV'more effective by futurejlov.-ing "Cheyenne." Such bonne-, !cranin( , wron g s- ,C g i: rdl « n j . 1 n l ! r _ _ -. · A: ft- ii / _ . . _ . ! " ° r . »rc 'truly sophisticated with fillcrci : air. filtered lip.hl and filtcrc 'sound. Their tenants observe ',code stricter than that of high so PARIS (AP) -- The U.S. Army.cicty. For example, commcrci of motion arc frowne to 250 . . . Among Hems to be discussed The decisive role in any the UN would! con- 1 ·dlcss u f i arc the pro|Xised dog shelter and war will belong lo the rocketjings make it difficult for a show v j| 10 t [ le «- r ongt?oer might be," hej r.ominalions for unfilled positions.iroops, Malinovsky said, but nev-jto build a raling. i asked Chuck CV p| a j nc( l. including thai of presidents. Visilors will be welcome may become members if they wish. Refreshments will be served. jeilhcless "we believe (hat thclhow much longer hc expected the and final victory over Ihe aggressor'show lo la«t. -j- , can be achieved only through j "In terms of audience accept- I GiT) p6 f O l U TGS joint aclion of all armed forces."|ance and plot possibilities. Mom Goes Manual Ex-Swift Head Dies Batterton Hires 'could go six years," be replied. ^V THE |"Biit realistically, I t h i n k Ihis is H I 9 h L ° w ;lhe crucial year for ·[lineman. 1 Albany, clear 57 32 TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- John.- . . . . , ill's got (o come through will] a A t l a n t a , clear 74 -115 Holmes, 71, retired president .nidODGC IQ I A l O G good rating, or its chances of siir-'»i s i" are k, clear 50 board chairman of Swift Co. ; vival arc dim." Doston, cloudy 4« and for many years a Chicago! DENVER (AP) - Emballled c)ulck ilad j,, s , K i mr .ci from Buffalo, cloudy M civic leader, died Saturday of a;Mayor Dick Ballcrfon disclosed',] 0 i n g somc nl is s i 0 , lar y wor k in Cliicago. cloudy .. lieail attack. Holmes joined I h c i M o n l l c llas llircd n nern ' er ram '°' l behalf of (he scries. Instead of Ihe iCincinnati. cloudy meat packing firm as a mesfen-.television man as a special assist- ,, s|;al p rcsc . nson p l ,hlicily tour, ho Cleveland, cloudy ger boy in 1906, rose to presidentjant at a salary of 510,000 a year. 1adc s a mil ]ii,gs of public opinion. Denver, clear .... in 1!M7 and board chairman 'in' The appointee is Jack Miimey r ! c i t i c s vis (, c( ). S( Jx)1 ,i s Cmcin--Des Moincs, clear 1!155. He was born in Belfast, Ire-'31. a prodeicer-dircclor for KOA-. n a l i | Cleveland. Pittsburgh, Wash-'Dc'roit. cloudy . land. I TV - Hc is a B''aduale of Denver i nglm , D c ., New York. Detroit,.Fairbanks, snow -IUniversity. .Chicago. If'orl Worth, cloae .Starts TOMORROW! I Love a Softy! Try a Pair of Solly Heels, Shoe O-U......'* S h i n e shop oaiiman s p ar ior 911 8lh Ave. Shoes dyed to match Chicago. | f " or ' worm, clear Batterlon did not define Mum-: ·.] fj rs [ wcn [ j n [ 0 t |. c n c jghuor-!Honolulu, cloudy ey's duties, and denied that be. !no ols , lnt i ron g doorbells," he^idianapolis, rain was hired lo improve liaison wilh'sajd. "Then I would go downtown Jacksonville, clear the public in Ihc wake of Den-. and h a n d out questionnaires in'Juncau. cloudy ver's police scandal. 'crowds. 1 contacted 1,200 pefiplt Kansas Ci'y, Referring io that issue, Batter- in a] | ;]. os Angeles, clear .-Ion told a reporter, "I'll admit the| ,. wh ' al d i j , f i n j Oul7 fj ]ilt t | lc |Mcmpbis. clear (police) department needs some concep t O f 'Rineman' is sound.'Miami, clear public relations." n as ij e( j jf p,, op i e wan i cc ] any Milwaukee, clear .... A recall movement has becn' cnangcs . Most of Ihem said to Mpls.-Sl. Paul, clear . started in Denver, directed at the!] eavc j t as j t j s | as ii C j j( Hicy'Nciv Orleans, clear .. mayor for w'hat critics hav«i wanle(] t l]c;ls McCa j n to ma rry. New York, clear ODD FELLOWS PANCAKE SUPPER 6:00 p.m. Tuesday Regular Meeting 8:00 p.m. termed his laxity in moving clean up !he polire agency. lo i iT | ]C y sa j(j no Omaha, clear ........ 61 ' _ iPliiladelnhia. clear ._ 53 p i i j , -Phoenix, cloudy . ____ S3 enzymes used ro 'Pittsburgh, cloudy ... » Portland, Me., cloudy 5(1 Railroad Head Dies CHICAGO (AP) -- Daniel W . J D g f j U C g Helt, 78. president of the Brother-! '*' uu -*' hood of Railroad Signalmen of NEWNAN, Ga. (API--The raw Richmond, cloudy Si. I-ouis, cloudy .. Diego, clear ... America from 1031 until his re- hccfs(eal; l r a ditionally used for *' p,.-inc'isco cl tirement in 1048, died Saturday. |d 0 .ji-y 0urs e!f treatment of a black |gj aU](! ' c \ ear ' _ . .. . .... J: i L .h e ma X now !» Jiscardl!d - or iTamDB. clear '.".". .pulled 230 troops out of Gcrmanyidisplays !loday lo help producer Darryl F.lupon. iZanuck film a story of the N'or- NVhal brings corporations jmanely landing?. ;Park AvenucV Prestige for on Originally 700 infantrymen were thing. .scheduled "to fake part ill the Thc executive of one Park Av movie-making. Thc U.S. Kuropcan true company uses his busiiics WORCHRSTEn, Mass (AP) -- command said Ihc contingent was address when registering al ou If anybody comes looking for onejcut to 250 on Department of De- of-lown hotels. Claims he get jof (lie manual training teachers fense orders. The decision f o l - m u c h better service t h a n with h in Worchcslcr's Bancroft School, lloweel criticism o f t h c use of Ccr-'uiiprctcnlinus home address, likely as not he'll be told. "Shc's'man-bascd troops in lhc face of In addition, Park Avenue hotels, out 'running a power saw, or a the Berlin situation. c fir.e for visiting executives, I lathe." j 'lite newly appointed assistant lo (hc head of (he manual a i t s de- pal Irr.cnl is an allraclivc red-. ...head. Mrs. Warren D. Arnold Jr.. . . m o t h e r of three Icen-agc girls. I . i Her school jnh includes instrucl-j .08 ing some M boys and girls from' . 'third lo eighth grar'i level. Her ·C8 daughters are sludents in the, - · u p p e r school at Ihis private, co--[educational school. M How did Mrs. Arnold ever into manual arts teaching? · w: "I was the only girl and I had; ·"' two brothers. S« I had t y p U M ' ".tomboy interests," she explains. "I"We had a l i t t l e i-.erpctology Ircp-j ', i tiles-amphibians) museum in our "y Brooklinc home. And I b e g a n ; cleaning cages a n d b u i l d i n g . ~ i them." 04. from (hal she went on lo (each 'crafts at a Maine summer camp. : : And she learned (o rid.; and siioul i a s well as a boy. Other summers jshe visited her grandfather's M ranch in Arizona and--with her ·SUPW UCHNlfiAWV /O 2 Shows at 2:00 nnd 8:00 M a t i n e e $1.00 Evening $1.25 W I N N E R OF 4 ACADEMY AWARD 8 1 KIRK DOUGLAS UUREHK OUVIER IEAN S I M M O N S CHARLES UURH70H PETER USTINOV JOHN GAVIN TWO TONV CURTIS OAYS G o l d e n A g e r s a n d S t u d e n t w i t h I D cards 30c; C h i l d r e n 50c; No Seals Keserved. .r, *A ft ,;SKrp,iAfa.{y^. ^^, c|r^' 21 ·S^^.^j-'^rg-^, __ 4fi 1.27'brother:; -- hunted rattlesnakes. Trinidad was dicovcrcd by Columbus in 1498 and has had tics wilh Ihe Spanish, Dulch, French arid finally the British. lets of an enzyme have been 2 RESIDENCES AT AUCTION may now be ealcn. Ncwnan doctor . . , . claims lab- 'Washington, clear ... 60 42 Winnipeg, clear 47 FRI., OCT. 27th - 1:15 p.m. Parcel No. 1: 731 Adams, F.oveland. Lot 37.5 ft. x 140 fl.: form 2 Bedroom f r a m e home with large living-dining' T L _ year. found to help reduce the ssvclling in one or two days instead of (he ~ .. much longer period required by. u n natural healing. ' sPIIlN'l Dr. Ben H. Jenkins reported in _ M r J Jo , m K c i i n i n g won ders if ' the currcnl issue of Clinical s | ]C ccl|!() hav( , (ionc as wc ]| j -S i ' Medicine lhat the enzyrr.o u?cd (hc c;| was chymolrypsin, naturally prcs- j She graduated from a finishing' school and enrolled at Smith Col-| lc i 'e as a zoology major, but lefi ! ' a f l e r Iwo years lo marry. I Her husband, now a slock lirok- ;cr e-amc liomc frnm World War i II wilh a newly developed inter-, esl in manual arts and now, thel 'whole family has fun buildingj , , . , , T - V , ,,· ,,n,'lli'^ s : l i k e ' t a b l e s , bookcases. VAIXhY, Mmn. ( A P ) : ^.^.^ T|lc f a m j ] y hobbv began .n a small way--with pieces o! w-ooil retrieved from a dump, and Aflcr she fell out on a: won(|cn f r u i l 1)OXCS U contiiiucel the car: crossed a highway... n[o cai | )nclma i(ing. including fine He was no bigger/ than a minute...^ but the towering devotion of this* shaggy waii wort, him the keys to the heart of an entire crty! 12 x 20 f a m i l y room. Rented for $75 per mo. to excellent, renters. . . . , ,, . , Terms: 15"i down sale day, balance on or before 30 days by assuming $5276.00 loan al 6»i interest payable at »65.00 per mo. Principal, Taxes, Interest and Insurance. And the, balance cash. Parcel No. 2: 72li E. 8lh SI., I.oveland. T.ot 50 x 140. 2 lied room frame home with large combination 1 living and d i n i n g room, tiled b a t h (new f i x t u r e s ) . 2 bedrooms I I ft. x 12 fl. and l l . f i ft. x 16 ft, utility room, tiled kitchen w i f h Rood hum-ins, new forced air furnace, insulated. This home has heen extensively remodeled, new plaster in all hut one bedroom. Terms. 15% down sale day, balance on or before 30 dayt. K you need a loan let us help you arrange it. Each property sells without reserve. We Invlle yoj to Inspect these properties before sale day. Call 667-2510 for an a p p o i n t m e n t . V I R G I L KEEVER. OWNER H1U, WARNOCK, AUCTIONEER WARNOCK REALTY 606 Cleveland Ave. PH«"« NO 7-2510 Jbhn H o l m a n John M a y n e R o l l i n s Howe- B i l l V/arnock /NO 7-2876 NO 7-2038 NO 7-1651 NO 7-3635 R a d i o . P r o s r a m KLOV (1570) 7:45 i.m siona | ]imiry linens * Hamburger * French Fries * Triple-Thick Shake HARRY'S DRIVIN South 8th Ave. ·» V some 1962 models, slip-| Tllc [ nmi ] y me mbcrs w o r k , "ped between a pole and guy vire' c . )nl p | sai | ^ an d fj s h logcther. Klus/and went down on alley. ij, rs Arnold hauled in a 92-pound each 1 the ear crashed into a garage at! ..] c!o u ( ,mnnly things, too," ,lhc end cf its weird run. i explains the slender, vivacious Mrs. Arnold. "I can cook, sew ami knit.' 1 ; This school year, under the instruction o f department h e a d Richard S. Lane and Mrs. Arnold, students in ihc Bancroft school's shop will lurn out projects ranging from bird houses to book-i cases, and nut bowls lo lazy sn- sans. Anil these will be a stnri toward more ambitions projcc(s. : WALT DISNEYS Greg/Mars DONALD CRISP-LAURENCE NWSMITH-ALEX MACKENZIE; Greeley's Best Lunch Bargain! FARMER'S SPECIAL ALL 3 for 49c Canadian Dies TORONTO (AP)--Mrs. Clifford Sifton, wife of a Canadian news- paprr. rnilio nnd television cxccu-! live, died Sadird.ny. Siflon owns, 'newspapers in Hegina and Saskatoon and has major interests in ·radio ami television stations in Regina, Winnipeg and'Hamilton. !, Ittiff TECHNICOLOR' Extra! . . . fALT DISNEY JAPAN fine 'til 2:00 75c 'til 6:00 tide a f t e r 6:00 Children oOc Continuous Daily From 1-ea lures a I :i;2ft -- 5:25 --

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