Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 27, 1962 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 12
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Mrs. Spomer Opposes Delaying Counter Plate Sales in Jan. Mrs. Ann Spumer. cour.'.y clerk.|»entative$ oi Ihe stale motor ve-- i. It will be a violation of the .-.iiJ Monday she would !:ko to!hide division. : registration requirements to disJ 'av; ouT-the-counier sales ofi Definite decisions regarding the play 1963 licenses on a motor ve- :*io motor vehicle plate|sale cf the W63 plates are expect- hide prior to Jan. 1. :··: her dfice on Jan 2. the cute;ed to be made at the meeting of 2. County clerks shall not de-i mail sales of the plates are slatedjthe clerks. Jiver 1963 plates to owners of ve- 'o start. i Other Regulations !hicl?s prior to Jan. 1. However, the motor vehicle di-j Other regulation? and instruo; 3 County elerks are urged to \bion of the State Department I lions for the sale and display of; place in the mails, mail order ap- of Revenue, has sent out a memo 11963 plates sent out by the state urging county clerks to restrict! motor vehicle divisun jPage 8 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tues., Nov. 21, 1962j the sale of 19KJ plates to mail crder customers between Jan. 1 and 31. she reported. following. Starting Feb. 1 Urged The motor vehicle division urged the county clerks to delay commencing their counter sales until Friday, Feb. 1, in the memo. Mrs. Spomer disagrees with the slate department in regard to the matter of delaying the over- the-counter sales for a monlh after t h e ' mail sales start, because she believes it will create a great dial of discontent on the part of persons who come to her office after the mail sales start, expecting to get their licenses. The county clerk said the state dcpartmenl suggests that, if a customer comes into the office to get his plates Ihe first month nfier the mail sales start, the of- ice collect the license fees and 35 cents for mailing out the plates. in the memo to countv clerks and lav plicationy for the purchase of 1963 plates on Dec. 26. ·!. The deadline for purchase enforcement officers included t h e i a n d display of l'J63 licenses will |be 12:00 midnight, Feb. 28. " Bearded Cossacks Return Home, JAnd Find Comrades Clean-Shaven WASHINGTON - A band ot their beards, the National Geo- bearded Cossacks, who fled Rus-[graphic Society says. The expa- sia rather than shave, has re- urned in hirsute glory after a century of exile in Turkey. The sword-swinging horsemen of the steppes sought refuge in 1855 when Tsar Nicholas I banned customer. Opposes Suggested Procedure A.F. Plane Crash triates abandoned prosperous farms recently because the prac- lice of intermarriage made it increasingly difficult lor many young people to lind suitable Decorator Needs Courage But Little Money Today On returning, the exiles found that beards and even mustaches have almost disappeared from K i l l s 5 i'' loir °' d v '" a B es ' and horses be- SMYHNA, Tcnn. APi-An engine failed as an Air Force C130A lonp to the Soviet collective farms where most Cossacks now work. The traditional boast -Hercules plane took off from Sew . ["One hundred Cossacks: one hun- then mail the plates out to the art Air Force Base late Mundayi d r e d I' 0 TM s ' onc hunrired brardb " · · --is dead. Disturbed Peace 500 Years Mrs. Spomer said this system not'only will make the customer pay, 35 cents to have his plates mailed out but will be more expensive for the clerk's office. She explained her office can sell the plates over the counter to a customer in much less time and at considerable less cost than it can process the plates by mail. list year Mrs. Spomer refused to follow the procedure suggested by the state motor vehicle divis-: ion and started counter sales at the same time as the mail sales. She said she would like to do the same thing with the 1963 plates. The county clerk plans to argue the merits of her system at a Special session the C o u n t y Clerks Association at the state will ha\e in Denver Wednesday, which will be attended by repre- Janitor To Die For School Girl Wife Slaying DENVER (AP) - Howard Henderson shot and killed his teenaged wife and now must be put to denth in the Colorado gas cliam- and the plane crashed and burned, killing the crew of five. The fire sent up a mushroom olumn of smoke seen 15 miles way in Nashville. "We believe the pilot had a jower failure on a left engine and 'eered off the runway," said Col. !eorge C. Byrne Jr.. command- ng officer of the 839th Air Di- ision. The pilot reported the failure to he tower as he roared down the unway, on a training flight, but was unable to stop the big trans- ort plane. It was attached to the 4442nd ichool Squadron at Sewart, which iperates the Air Force's advanced lying school. Sewart Air Force Base released ie names of four oi the live airmen killed. They are: Capt. George Alan Gustatson. 13, instructor pilot; widow, Mrs. Betsy V. Gustafson, Smyrna; mother, Mrs. Edna M. Gustafson, Miles City, Mont. LI. Peter A. Hansen, 24, Patrick AFB, Fla., co-pilot; widow, Mrs Joyce M. Hansen, Murfreesboro enn.; father, Otto Hansen, Ram her. So ruled an eight-man four- woman jury Monday after convicting the 23-year-old high school janitor of murder. Henderson stood before Dist. Judge Mitchel B. Johns and, with arms folded across his chest listened, apparently nonchalantly, to his death sentence. Four eyewitnesses had testified they saw Henderson shoot his 18- year-old wife Gonzale seven times last March 21. The killing took place as she walked to a class at Manual High School with two girl friends. Henderson, a former janitor at the high school, did not take the stand in his own defense, not choose to testify," said the N.J. M. Sgt. Paul Richard Shipman 9, instructor flight engineer; wic w, Mrs. Mary J. Shipman, Smyr a; mother, Mrs. Myrtle K. Ship man, Pittsburg, Kan. Airman 2.C. Larry H. Roberts I; mother, Mrs. Rillie E. Rob rts, Waterboro, S.C. The fifth victim was identified 5 Capt. Henry C. Wedemeyer attorney: handwritten note his handed to the judge. Dep. Dist. Atty. David Little dc scribed how Henderson shot th girl--first in the left shoulder, re loaded his 38-caliber revolver a she tried to run, shot her once the back and twice in the chest As the girl lay dying on th sidewalk. Little said, Henderso fired three more bullets into he head. Little described the killing "He was not out just to kill his ulu. a student pilot from Hono Telephone Co. : ounder's Kin )ies at Denver DENVER (API - Mrs. Harrie 'aille Bouck, whose father found-! ed in 1879 what is now the Moun- ain States Telephone Telegraph died here Sunday. She was 82. POPE CELEBRATES 81ST BIRTHDAY-Pope John XX11I. wearing his Papal robes and holding his hat in his hand, stands outside Pontifical College for the Propagation of the Faith in Rome after celebrating Mass on his 81st birthday. Vatican spokesmen said the Pope had received telegrams of good wishes from many parts of the world. IAP Wirephoto via radio from Rome) Scholarships Awarded to 4-H Club Leaders By VIVIAN BROWN AP Ncwsfutvnt Writer j The big ingredient necessary in ! lecorating your home this season is courage. If you have that, you may not even need money, as filtrated in a recent inlerior de- :ign show. A visit to you cellar, attic or to relatives may round up just the objects meeessary to do the trick. Anytlu'ng from a Victorian candt- iier to a Louis XVI salon suiie CHICAGO ' A P ' - C o l l e e e Sirips of fell were used to ac holar S hips of S400 were awarded cent a wall of ceramic tile. rj* A filing cabinet was covered furniture will do if it appeals tol sl J de you. Nobody else counts this; year "" when you are decorating your 'ome. Gather up cans of paint from the workshop, search the home remnant bag for fabric and you may be on the way to realizing that enchanted collage you've al- with a tapestry fabric that had been applied with strong glue. Bead trimming was used on curtains and draperies. Black and white tweed cushions were used on dining room chairs that liad been painted dark red. Plaid fabric used in cushions was also used as the border of white curtains and as a lamp ways wanted. Some rooms at this design quettes and murals, just like fancy restaurants. Other rooms with shocking pink carpets or brilliant orange chairs may have resembled posh beauty salon wife, hcv." he was out to annihilate Mrs. Bouck died at a Denver hospital after a long illness. Mrs. Bouck was Ihe widow ol Judge Francis E. Bouck, Colora do Supreme Court justice from 1933 until his death in 1941. Her father, Frederick 0. Vaille founded Ihe telephone company. Mrs. Bouck received her carlj schooling in Denver, attendee Bryn Mawr College for two years and was graduated from the Bos ton Normal School of Gymnastics. She is survived by three daughters lind five grandchildren. Cossacks are not an ethnic group, but a pastoral people who developed a warlike way of life Their name derives from a Turk sh word meaning adventurer, or isturber of the peace, and they ave been living up to il for 50 ears. The firsl Cossacks were serfs ho fled from harsh masters ntries who deserted fronlie osts. daring men seeking adven ure. fugitive criminals, and an ccasional Tatar escaping from eprcssive rule. Most were Uk anians and Russians, with a winkling of Pnles. Lithuanians candinavians. Serbs, Germans m. Turks. The common bond that unitec 11 Cossacks wns a love of free om and disdain for social con entions. A cherished proverl aid: "The Cossack does not re nove his cap even before th 'sar." The Cossacks ranged over th vast Ukraine and the Kuban are in the northern Caucasus. Fugitive peasants flocked to join them as their fame spread. By the 16th century, they were established in quasi-republics along Ihe Dnieper and Don rivers. In their colorful, unruly setlle- menls beyound the reach of authority, the Cossacks lived a lusty fe. They celebrated with a fiery Dunch called slava. or glory. It was made from bucketsfu] of vod- ta, wine, honey, and crushed rail cooked in a huge kettle and served in wooden bowls. A Cossack boy's idea of a good .ime was a free-for-all. Falhers and grandfathers cheered on the youngsters, and often became so excited they joined in the fray. Lived by Sword Cossacks lived by Ihe sword; fighting was a profession. They were superb horsemen and masters of the lance, sword and dagger. Marauding bands preyed on aravans and plundered Tata! ;ettlements. Recognizing the value of these ighting men, Ihe Tsars gave RIDERS ALL -- Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy takes son, John Jr., for a ride on Sardar, a gift from President Ayub Khan of Pakistan, at the Kennedy's Glen Ora estale near Middleburg, Va. Nov. 19. Daughter Caroline, is alongside on her pony, Macaroni. (AP Wirephoto) Colorado News Briefs OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - Jack R. iudy, archeologist at Mesa Verde National Park, Colo., was named Monday to the staff of the Division of History and Archeology n the Midwest regional oftice of he National Park Service. Regional Director Howard W. Baker said Rudy joined the park service in 1948 ru Mesa Verde. He is a native of Salt Lake City. DENVER (APi -- A suit was filed in U.S. District Court here ·ailing rooms. But eneral idea in this " that's the ivc and let A music room was nothing more ban a piano with many, many, colored pillows for floor seating. Decorative window shades were used with every imaginable twist, pine-paneled room gave a sun-bleached appearance accom plished by rubbing tlie boards as soon as they were printed in flat white. Pheasant feathers under glassj [or the top of an occasional table.] Fabric used on upholstered pieces and on wall panels for a unifying effect in a monocliro- matic room scheme. I/rag interesting tables iked as desks for UK home office. lo 24 4-H Club leaders for work in leadership, eleclric ;ind with dairy foods. The winners were announced at .he 41st nalional 4-H Club Con- iress assembled in Chicago. In addition 51 state and territorial dress review winners modeled Jieir home-made cloUiing in a hotel «rand ballroom. Their prizes were a trip to ihe Congress and a complete tcis-sors sel. The 4-H members honored included; Dairy foods--Donna \Vilson, 16, Arvada, Colo. Dress revue--Mary Ann Duckels. 18. Steamboat Springs. Colo.; Janycr Jerome. 17, Billings. Mont, and Tammy Eckhardl. 15, \Vorland, Wyo. re year." You can get away with iv home furnishing plan, no matter how different are your deas. Anything goes and any- hing goes together. If you like it. If you are blessed with imagi- ation, there is no end to what ou can do to dress up your home, f you want to splurge and do omething different, you can do bat, too. Here are some ideas rom the show that may put you in the mood to experiment. Fabric was laminated to vene- ian blinds. A beat-up dresser was covered with a blue and white striped Avisco rayon and cotton fabric, iecurcd with wallpaper paste. Blemished tables were covered with floor-length skirts in gay fab- ·ics. Mirrors used in the corner-, of! la " d of m rooms to suggest space and to brighten the room by reflection. A folding-bed in a fabric-lined niche thai becomes part of a wall, revealing a collection of prints and paintings when folded ck. Toile prints used in bed linens. innovation. A lilac and white bathroom in-| uding lilac bathtub, wash basins' id other fixtures. i Vinyl travertine covering a win- i ow wall to give an Italian villa 1 feet. White Belgian linen on end alls. A family room that has a bil- ard table topped with a decora- blue color to match the ronm ecor. Grim Future LONDON-The outlook for the steel industry is grim, said John Senior, Northeast divisional officer of the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation recently. He said that 75 per cent of the 24.000 steel workers in Middlcslxiurgh. Enp.- either laid off or nut Another 5(1 wil 1 lose their jobs when Dorman Long close part of their plant. Instant Tea NEW DELHI-The introductioi )f instant lea in the world mar- iet was proposed at the Interna .ional Tea Convention in Calcutta. World prospects for tea, tea research, the role of the Slntc in promoting the Indian tea industry, and the lookout for tea ii the U.K., USA and the USSIi were some of the subjects thai were discussed at the convention Monday over 886 cases of froze beer. The suit, filed by the Adolph Coors Co.. of Golden, asked Sf,283 52 damages from the Colorado Southern Railway. :hem special privileges in relurn for defending the frontier. The "An appeal;" said Henderson! Funel ' a ! services will be after he heard the sentence, "it':Thursday j n Denver, don't hardly seem worth it." Austria Buys Less VIENNA -- Austrian purchases from the Uniled Slates totaled $87.900,000 last year, slumping 15. per cent after an upsurge of 33 per cent in 196(1. About 24 per cent of the nntion'n steel is produced in Pennsylvania. Nerve Therapy For Rolicf and Relaxation Arthur A. Erny Nerve Therapist d Mavieur 706 18th Ave. Phone 332-M84 ATTENTION, PLEASE! Here Is Good News! Fur Trappers and Hunters! We can pay you more money Cm your furs. · Musk rats · Coyotes · Badgers · Raccoon · All Kinds · Special price for whole rabbits Please deliver an soon as possible to GOLD'S JUNK HOUSE 917 Glh Ave. 3, r i2-2ni5 Closed on Saturday -- Open Sundays STOP DIRT! ABIDJAN - The Ivory Coast plans to put SW) million inln economic devcl'ipm-'iil. CHRISTMAS TREES Select Your Tree Now and \Vc Will Hold Your Tree In Our Air Conditioned Storage Until You Are Ready for it. MORGAN NURSERY 2200 Reservoir Rd. Cossacks acquired an unsavory reputation in the 19lh century when the Tsars used them lo suppress revolulionary m o v e ments. The fierce horsemen sang a chilling song: "Whatever father commander orders we f u l f i l l : We smile and slab and kill." Russian mothers warned naughty dren: "The Cossacks wil: you." Cossacks (ought on both sides i of the 1317 revolution, thus lh»l Communists distrusted and finally suppressed them. In time, Cossacks were permitted lo revive some old customs, but Iheir villages today resemble oilier Bus sian settlements. Tin: traditional spirit lingers, Ihowpvcr. Asked why so many CHICAGO 'APi - The entry ufjCiissack girls wanted In become Ihc Hayslack Angus Ranch «f ^.urge-Hi's, an elderly Cossack re- LoiiRinont. Coin., won reserve!!' 1 ' 1111 - " wl1 ^' sh " lllcl a Cossack uriind champion li'mnrs Moni!av|l-' irl "' ;inl '" h(lll "' r w i l h P i l l s " n ' 1 at the Inlcm.ilional Livestock K:-'l" ra(ll ''' s '' A "' '·"' ''"" '"'minis position breeding class, cranpcti-i 1 '' 1 tllcst1 ' Bul '" ""'pulalc: ar tj on !;irm. a leg. In slash out malig- The grand champion in the nant lissuc-th.-it's a real job. am! class was Mwwn by Lylc Miller, w .13. U.scKib. Iowa. His !t75 summer yearling steer. T' jlnwi'i. defeated more than Vn rn- ;1rios to alsn become Brand cham- ,pion steer. ! Reserve grand champion steer i was shown by Kaye I'ollwk. 17. I Mount Auburn, Iowa. WITH Genuine LENNOX Entry Named Reserve Champ at Show AIR FILTERS for LENNOX- FURNACES and AIR CONDITIONERS! NORTON SHEET METAL ~i\'i .Slh St. More Proof It Pays To Feed PURINA! We realize cattle feeders are con fused today in trying to separate fact from mere opinion -- "price" proteins from quality feedlot supplements. Another feeder, Kd Fritzler, La Salic, Colorado, lias decided for himself. To see the difference Purina makes he fed two pens of cattle two different supplements. The following are the results of this test PURINA XYZ No. of head 85 98 Selling weight 865 Ibs. 891 Ibs, Starting weight 694 Ibs, 636 Ibs. Gain m Ibs. 255 Ibs. Days on feed 74 124 Average daily gain . . . . 2.31 Ibs. 2.05 Ibs. Extra daily gain 26 Ibs. Extra daily gain x 120 days 31.2 Ibs. 31.2 Ibs. x25c . $7.80 per head MORE PROFIT CUSTOM MADE OFFICE FURNITURE Sec Desk Display at Beydler Cabinet Shop Mel or Frost v 2606 8th Ave. INSPECTIOH STICKERS Will expire Konn. Avoid the rn.-h , . . let. us in- sped, your car now! WELLS MOTOR CO. DODGE --CHRYSLER 1108 8th Avenue 352-72Jfi The Purina eat tie were fed the latter part of t h e i r feeding period when gains were slow. Thc^e w e i g h t s were compared tri green cattle in XV7, iiens. Itnth pens were fed to choice grade. Lot the scales prove Ihe vnlne of Purina Special Steer Talma. Cheap feed and t u p profits don't come in Ihe same ling. Just ,-isk one of your neighbors who has cnmparcd it. CONTACT YOI'K LOCAL P 1 I U N A DEALER I'OU MOKE 1 N H W M A T I O N . Weld (Irain Co.. La Salle Severance Kiev., Severance Weld (Jrain Co.. I'eckham Plattevillc Mill K Kiev., P l a l l e \ i l l e (Ireelcy Kiev. Cr... Oreeley Hereford Service, Hereford Bochncr Mill, Keeneshurg Rojrgen farmers' Kiev. Assn., H ( , K -» ( . n OK CALL: W A Y N E n. McDKRMED, (JKEELEY, COLO. Phone 352-OM7

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