Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1961 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 6
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6 G H K K I , E Y TR1HUNE Tucs., Oct. 21, 1961 The Greeley Daily Tribune and The Grcclcy Republican E X E C U T I V E STAFF IIANSV.N 1'atinm.imnEHi \vini.UND I 0 KO - N C I _ n'.i.l J A K E VSTH'ICK. JR. . M E T A. L PETKKSKN Clrc. Mar. C L A R K I'AflB 1 K 1 I A N K CAI'PA - TMtai A d t . Mzr. S-jft. ' . Thr Tril.'ii'C.Ufli'iHior l'ufc'lhlr» Co. Otflci HI Ki t M h St.. C r i c r l f r . »'-° E n l e r r J « ie«n6 f l » « m.lUr .1 ttw POM r f f i r r *t I S r t f l o . Cotontlo under lh AM H.tcb S. ItTV. 1'roi A,,ni.!im. IrJ.nH A«"vi»tioa. A'.:-lil K'iroau l l n n . sine!* eopy price ,, .. SurocrJpUon price -- tlj null to Colo- r»-lo, 1 yctr llu.GQ, C monthi J«.OQ. int monlh It.20. My rniil rul«U« Cokr»«lo, I «r 414.00. oi.« month )1.?0. For*fin counlrlw I3.2b month r carrier, 11.20 montb. I M I I i L l O F O H U h ! Pufclle forum JeU mnil V# no lonc*r t h « n **Q words, Correct Alcn*tun* muit bf prir.t*d Lth Ihrm. T r f M I C Ihf l Prrsi T. r n t l l W mln- r of rr^iHic-Mton of Says UN1CEF Aim Is UN Called Puppet One-World Red Govt. Of Communism To lite Tribune: In llic Oct. 17 issue of the Trib- iiie, Mrs. Dciin Arnold chfirges liiit certain slalcmcnls made by ierlram Moore and the Daugh crs o( the American Revolution ire "vicious, uninformed, and T 7 po Graphic*' Union No. SS«. Pause and Ponder T Lexers fo The Tribune \Hal Boyle's Column average case took three ycnrs nndierod not only America bu also cost ?2 500. Now it lakes I wo years Hie cacao bean. Spain kept Ihe art "8 chocolate a secrc from ""worth Remembering: "Tomor-'thc rest if Europe for nearly 100 One Is Safer at Work Than at Home i- J** - «"·«:*' *" C v^L,"^ V? NEW VOUK A1) -- Tilings a motorists by 10 per cent. Every two minutes an Ameri- i A mr,ri 'can home is destroyed or dam- rtluvli I i 1... r:..., c.u.1, Tirnc Inct vMr aristocracy could afford to drink Out quotable notables: columnist might never know if lie D A I L Y CROSSWORD Jahotil 34 per 100,000 employes in'Maugham " than puppet communism. thai the U. N. is notliins! more I '"'o l ' :mino TM rl1 is l l i i v l n «' ^language of Alcnlian Islands na-l of inlcrnulioiial l°f )Lll " llon explosion, too. flic |j vcs meaning "the great land. |United Slates now Inis more tlun! ']'| le niimhcr of divorces lias Students as well as parculs! 20 l n i l l i c n f[ °^' 'TM' c llla " t w i c c jTMen sharply as they have been ,!;,,·· n r, : i s many ;is in 1P30. Imndc easier to get. In 1900 there The winter vacation has become was one divorce for every 250 cx- as in Ihe a new sfalns symtxjl in incluslry.'isliiig U.S. marriages. In 1945 the will find Ihe charges made arc!past, cannot be guaranteed by|'\ study by. D travel agency found rato had risen lo one divorce for b ! -onlrols. ifllliJit more lop business executives every CO marriages. U s slill completely fidse." Her wralh was ilirrcd hy Ihcir statements against UNICEF nmt (he Halloween Trick or Treat March for Ihe children. If you will write lo the DAIi, irftiishould realize the fallacies olj' 1 D St.. N. \V. Washington G, D. C..[world government. and ask for their material. you j 1. Peace in the futur rue. Mrs. Arnold admits in lier let- large government peace were jiossiblc through slrongi.,;now lake llicir vacations in fall orclimbing. 'o tht Ends of the Earth"From Ihe ri-sing sun lo its selling llic name o( (he Lord is lo lie praised." 2 -- P.S.I. 115:3 Are These Tax Exemptions Fair? Numerous liu'gc-scale business enterprises are operating l u x tree, and the number of these tux-exempt businesses is increasing. These enterprises are ope ruled by religious denom- i n a t i o n s and their subordinate agencies. The extent f o which they have permeated the economy is illus- t r a t e d by an article in the current Reader's Digest, w r i t t e n by 0. K. Armstrong and condensed from Chris- : t i a n i t y Today. : Armstrong said that in a nationwide study he ' found religious denominations have '. jielilive profit-making business on . ing and operating such businesses as radio stations, - hotels, office buildings, parking lots, bakeries and · warehouses, investing in stocks and bonds and speculating in real estate. "Yet they pay no federal taxes on these outside . business activities, and usually they pay few state and local taxes," he states. The article reports that Dr. Eugene Carson Blake, former president of the National Council of Churches, '. and other churchmen, Protestant, Catholic nnd Je\v. isli, are seriously concerned about the rising number! ter lhal 3.3 per cent ot UNlCEFlccntral government, we wouldn't funds have gone to communist Jm' countries. It is not the amount of with winter than in summer. \Vomen will never attain equal More than 75 per cent of Ameri- righls until tiiey get more ulcers. that T rnlnH e i r n v H W a , n can employes get coffee breaks on One of every 100 Americans has with Lngland or ti I \\ai ^""j ' ' ([m ° , a n u i cer bul 11M;n gct them three the industrialists of the North. °TM l TMl : ,,,·,,,,,.,,, ...,,,,,,,, ,,.J lim « ,' ,,,,,, ,,, ,,?,,,,,,,,, money given bul the fact u.-mnu iiiuuMmm.sis u. i,,« »u,,,,. | - - arc 1 limes as oflen as women, any amount ,. given al a I . ir..| 2. Sovereignly mu, be, ^ TM One , h ^ has ,, d h Arnold ignores Ihe fact Ihat.f.ced ,f the U. N. is to have "'' ompanics ^ aercc . Tliey a ^ p[lctl ; s thc cosi 0 ( straightening M.Aprontop you leaciy 10 t^l,.,,^,,.^ i lle |, rcln i urns ( or w omcn'a child's teeth. In llic 1930s Ihe ACROSS 1. Slight error 8. Lobster'* claw 1L Perfect 12. Devastation 13, Mcnda 1*. Wide-awake 10. Emotes 16. Compos* 16. Tuno. point. (abbr.) 38. Correclfl 17. Babylonian aky-god 19. Apple seeds 20. Famoua falls (N.T.) S.CitytratM «. City In France 7. Drags, S3 to ZT.Be- . Qua 59 30 HE so prison 8. Level 9. English p«r 17. Afresh 18. Nelson'* victory site 19. Correspond! SI. Earth goddcafl 22. West Indian tree hoidt 30. Wai. nut, for onft StMor* secure, as- footing 33. Christmas presents 34. Two-toed aloth 35. Ponder 36. AdrlatlQ wind 38. Norse goddess 3ft. Bambl'* mother 40. Blunder UNICEF funds have been given to lied Albania, lied Bulgaria, ·md to Communist China, and licse nations did not give one dime to UN1CEI 1 '. (vSce The U.S. Congressional Record, Sept. 5lh, 1959). Mrs. Arnold seemed to ignore other countries such as Cuba, Hungary. Czechoslovakia, taken over by (lie Ucds as well as some of the red "neutralist nations." The Soviet Union (Iocs not- permit UN1CLIF, WHO, KAO even to operate within Iicr borders. Tt the re .gone into com-|Sovict Union gave $075,000 for the . , Iciirrcnt year, as Mrs. Arnold a large scale, own- sb(os [h - cn jt dloM , kepl irl U. N. we, nol Hie Russians, have used lo purchase supplies from ^ mm de(cml[|lg ,, 1C ,,_ d thnl all Red-donations are .Kivvcr. Arc you ready jp your American heritage for "One World?" I'm not! 1 am ot the opinion (hat I can best decide what is best for me and my family. Advice from a "self- appointed, one world, oil-knowing God" cannot solve economic or religious problems for me. By| the same token we ns Americans; can best determine our place in, the world. 3. The U. N. is, in my opinion, gigantic plot lo overthrow our form of government with international communism. Support for this opinion comes from the fact that since the inception of the of t a x - f r e e church business enterprises that have noth- 011 . . . poenae ing to do with religion. Russia and 16 hire Russian cili- ycns. Tlie funds are non-convertible and will be used lo promote communism. That any of the UNCF.F funds will actually help the children in these countries is highly questionable. The first chairman of UNMCliF was Ludwig Uajchmann from Poland, a communist. He used his influence lo get aid for communist countries. When the U. S. Senate Commilleel he ' We, not Hnssia, have given more and more people lo slavery. (Their people have never known freedom.) Finally, we, nol Russia, gave up testing nuclear weapons. Slavery through the U. N., nol for me. Lei's get the U. S. out of Ihe U. N. and (he U. N. out of the tU. S. Tfussell G. Esles 2503 21st Ave. The article notes the business operations of vai-i- . oils denominations and says the fastest growing- fax"sale and ICRSG back" enter- some questions he fled lo Paris/Seeks I n f o r m a t i o n ; exempt activity is the ; prise. "Under such an arrangement," the article says, · "the owners of Yankee Stadium irv New York sold the : property to a Chicago broker for $6,300,000. The : broker sold the land of the stadium to the Knights of ;' Columbus, who lease it back to him at $182,000 annual rent for 24 years. Then the broker sold the lease back to the original owners. Is this legitimate tax exemption for religious reason? Or is it, as it seems, a . tax dodge for business purposes?" '. The article also raises the question of whether "the business enterprises and their tax exemptions are f a i r to competitive businesses, the government and even to the churches themselves. Some leading churchmen think they are not. ; " : A tax policy which we believe is f a i r and which · according to the article meets the approval of spokes- · men for many churches is: Churches should not be · taxed by any level of government for facilities and' ! services related to their religious functions; on the ' other hand, churches should be taxed when they en- ..·tievo be is still representative to UNICEF for communist Poland. The August, 1%0, issue of Holiday Magazine, called UNICEF workers "apostles of the world community." This brings us to (he heart of UNICEF. It is not to On Early P l a i n s Homes .* help the children bul to promote a one-world red government To The Tribune: For a historical project, I am TTTJIXTTJY currently engaged in research on Hi-^l^ 1 sod bouses, dugouts, and other unique dwellings once very torn-1 mon during (he pioneer homestead days on the treeless prair- es of the vasl Great Plains area "AHOT OF'*HEUO v USeD TO BE 1H6 CUSTOMARY ,,.», TELEPHONE C35L SAUUTATIOH THE DESERT RAT cm WITHOUT WATER- VET MAINTAINS ABOUT 65% OF ITS BOD/ WEIGHT AS WATEK HE PACIFIC OCEAN- LARGER'THAU IAND SURFACE 0? THE TOGtrlBK-- is 50 HUGE: FASTS- of if NEVER BEEM J5. Senior 26. Grassy spot In forest 28. Tiny 29. Vexed 31. Great quantity 32. Roulette bet 33. Outburst 36. Exist 37. Harden 38. Crowd 41. Artist'a stand 42. Mistake 43. Petitioners 44. Tier DOWN 1. Covor 2. Glrr» name 3. Urge 4. Rational 47. 24- KXZ4- DAlLi ORYPTOQCOTE -- Here's how to work its A X T D L B A A X R h L O N G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A ta «·«! for the three L'«, X far the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words aro all hlaU. Each day the code letter? ore different A Cryptogram Qoo lotto* T W I Z G M F B M L W F D R E N M V C S I J G F W ' D N M E J U S J C M F D R G O D S M P L V -t C M L C I W M P -- S I G E M C . Yesterday* CT p'»V»te: THE'WORU) HAS NEVER HAD A GOOD DEFI' T.ICni OP THE WORD LIBERTY--LINCOLN. (O 1SC1, Kins FoUiuea ayndlcitd. Inc.) By Carl Anderson Sf^'^f^l^^Mhe United ? ,os and Canada, sue of Child Guidance in Cl)ris(ian|In my sludy, I tope to determine Living an article in favor of the number of former frontier UNICEF is written hy Margaret!""" 1 PTM"* r homestead dwellers Bender. She admits that a "few' communists work in Then concerning tlie UNICEF. Trick or Treat March she snys, "The purpose of Trick or Treat is education of the community about UNICEF. The money it raises -- currently more than one million dollars -is nol important. H provides more than 3 per cent of UNICEF's budget but it is not Ihe crux of the mailer." Before this article ends, it rnaVcs another most significant slalemcnt. Here it is. "Children and adulls learn about UNICEF in particular and the U. N. in fjeneral through this program." Here is an open admission of the real purpose of UNICEF, gage in business enterprises for profit. The article condudos by stating that the attitude]TM 0 'j^ n ^| of the vast majority summrinzed by the Re Washington, D. C., prominent Lutheran, who said: "While we of the churches insist upon t a x exemptionle^'bcfore The UN 1 or UNICEF was who are slill living in various parts of the country and also to gather (?ata concerning tile loca- !ion and conslruclion of the early pioneer buildings. There arc no doubt many people living in Ihe stnle of Colorado who ould furnish me some informalion. I am interesled in having your slale represented in the findings if my research and should like to hear from any readers of tlie Tribune who have lived, attended or taught school, etc., 'in a sod house or dugout anywhere anil; also anyone who can give some information on the subject. This \£. will aid me ip obtaining the thenlic data 1 need for my survey to he a success. lidos by stating t h a t the attitude No , loncst Arncvican wi n ,, vf90r{ to be n success, i- of American churchmen wasjit with his money or influence.! As yon caii^-readily see. this! Rev Robert E Van Deuscn of Give your monev iliroimh reliable PTM^'. ls 1"' lc a " "tensive un, Irnil T-ntherr. w ho said: TMn missions and private ""i'l?L t^Si Christian missions and private agencies, groups [hat have work- for our exclusively religious activities we should will- ever organized, ingly pay our share of taxes when we get into profitable businesses, and t h u s 'render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the thincs (hat ave God's'." Rev. Warren L. Norton Grcclcy, Colorado. Shelters for Records Gagarin Weil, Attends Congress I any help yo paper can give me in contacting! (he proper people will tie most! appreciated. Perhaps Ihis letter | published in an early edition of vour paper will reach those people n the Greeley area with informa- lion who will be willing to reply directly to me at (lie following address. Ronald E. Thicl Box 636 Petersburg, Virginia. MOSCOW (API -- Spaceman Yuri Gagarin, who has been il Though there has been a great f l u r r y of talk and for over two weeks, is well again inquiry, most citizens are not yet sure what to do,^^^^^TM^^; ^rt by the Pakistan govern LAHORE--Engineers from two U. S. companies have been ap- about shelters against nuclear war. But industry begun to take steps to protect its capacity to carry on^d. should the ration be attacked. Gagarin turned down an invila-l _ , , . . , , , j i i i tion l o visit Genoa t o lake part Banks, for instance, have been asked not only to n Columlms Da . c( , lebra ,j ons protect vital records, but to prepare to operate a'oct. 12. The Soviet ambassador banking system with decimated crews and almost none|in Italy said he was sick. Then of their customary facilities. In response many of thcTM:^^ 1 "^ fof"^^'/''^^!^ will' have established separate departments to work ex-',j le samc cxcuse . f clusively on this problem. Though money may not seem an important subject when the continuance of human l i f e itself is at stake, the restoration of some semblance of civilization after nuclear attack could depend on the indestructibil- ·nt report- menl as nuclear power consull- ianls. The Makah Indians of the Olympic Peninsula in \Vashinglon celebrate Makah Day on Aug. 26 -the day in 1925 they received (ullj citircnship. ity of bank records. A quick way to degenerate into conditions of the jungle would be to eliminate all' bank balances. Questions of survival quickly beggar the imagina-. tion because of their complexity and d i f f i c u l t y , and ·often the easiest thing is to throw up one's hands and ' let Armageddon come if it will. Therefore, it is encouraging that s(eps are being taken to protect society's valuable records. PIP YOU the kindtrgarten e n r o l l - ment this year U approxi- malely twice that of ^the xnior class al Greeley High School? Electronic Road Seen in Future America Monday a test electronic highway may be built into the interstate system between two major cities as foon as feasibili-j HOLLYWOOD, Fla. AP - A ( s(udics are comp i ele( i. government official says automo-i . biles may soon zip safely over electronic highways al speeds oC- Though waves move across Ihe; more lhan ICO miles an hour, jsurface of a lake or sea the wa-. ' 'William Ruder, assistant sccre-^er itself merely rises and falls | tary of commerce, fold the Out-:A given volume of wafer si '. door AdvirflisinK A»4cjation of|bacfc into almost the same pi. sinks lace 6AS WATER HEATER Grig hcAta water 3 times faster than any other automatic fuel! · Bryant'i all-glass lining kocpe It pnrcl · Full 15-year protection pkm! during I nl 7V^ ftati-- W**d MCOid / ywi) tall os fit PROMPT twice EL Z-7IJ1 GREELEY GAS CO. IT'S A QUARTER AFTER --» TWO, HENRY I By Frank Robbms JOHNNY HAZARD THEY CAM Be *S £"*"· TM*T LEFT TO 5/O3*«ME LULltO NOW WrttE AT IK SITE OF TOc CffASH NOT QUITE, INSPECTOR TKOCSH TH=V EOM'T KHON IT VET. WE HAVE THEY M£Ef7-' THE X-I?AY PlATEOFTHEPifASOrJ- TATTOO 50-O:,:.HOHCHLY L11K10 MA5TEK-SPX 15 XK.1 Vic HAVE FiSUSTFATEf HM, BilT,,;HEI5SIILL 15 TO SIT AH 7 WAIT FOR THE OTTER ACCOUKTll.'S.,. PRAY THAT IT BE SWIFT TO SUCCESS, BUT FA1URE.? WHERE CCHJLPIKUH AHYWAY,.T ALL THE IfOinHS PlAMNIN,,,;*SEHUITy,,, TO OBTAIN C«E PRECIOUS WAR.. GOME,,, W O(iE BfTEF SF THE IEAI7EE3 1(1 PERILS ARE HOT OVEN TO FORGIVENESS IN B(J.'I3LES LIKE THIS.' By Bob Montana NEXT YOU'LL WHAT'S WRONG \HAVE ACLASS WITH TEACHING ARCHERY IN THE GVM? THEY COULDN'T HIT THE BROAD SIDE OP A BARN/ I'M 3O!MQ TO STOP THEM- THEY'VE IMF-ROVED.' By Dal Curtis REX MORGAN. M.D. OrtB Tlft PHONF,TOU TDLD *E YOUR KAMt WAS fRAMKLIM BW5LCV tfi YOU RiLAJED TO AS HtR HUSBANCH'O FEtLFREt TO DISCUSS HER*EDtCALRE.CORD WITH YOU/ WHY KftVt YOU 6ONE. THROUH THIS TROUBLE, TO HJS6WIQ/ I WftXT YOU TO PUt L OUT FAJTIfS f.KOKO' DOES Ttt. HUH Of FAITH EWSLO STRIKE A fAWLlAR DOIE, DR. MORAX? ANOYOUMW ItARH WHY IHAVt/ LI'L ABNER RUSSIAN A61RWIU. yjGLAND'DUTTDN, GOOOftfE ALBERTS THATUTTW, MR.CHAIRMW- ^ OUIT? We'll install a new one that's DEPENDABLE! automatic

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