Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 10, 1957 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 16
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Page 8 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday. June 10, 1957 Marilyn Tells Special Woe of Blondes By HAL BOYLE N E W Y O R K Lfl - Marilyn Monroe, whom gentlemen prpft-r, .-iiys blondes have a woe t h n l other wonipn arc spared ' ' I j you'rt- a hloiiik 1 ," she iniiM-d, *'il. is consiilcrrd t h a t you have to be loid what lo do -- l l i a t soim 1 one else has to decide Ihin^.i for J'Oll." Mi.vs .Monroe unliiy t-i-rlainly has nn chip on her shoulder. Itut .she lias made it a b u n d a n t l y clear thai, whenever her mind is lo he made up. she'd like lo pitch in and help, loo. As Hollywood's most shapely produviT j-ince Sam (ioldwyn R a v e up barbells, M a r i l y n is here for the premiere of her first production, "The Prince and tlic Showgirl," in which .she co-stars with Sir J,au- renee Oliver. "I en-produced I his w i t h Olivier." she said. "I bought the property and brought it to h i m . He had played Hie prince on ihc stapc, and 1 t h o u g h t he. was the only man for the mlr. ' ' I n nil f.iirness, hn should probably lc called the producer, I'm Ihe owner," Bui M a r i l y n say.s she shouldered he!· full share of production worries--"and there were a lot of t h e m ! " --including the money- Epending problems. "I was an actress from six in the morning until noon," she ro- 1 called, "and a producer during j lunch. Then [ was an actress the! i r c s t of Ihe afternoon -- and a pro- 1 ducer from 6:30 until 9:00 p.m..' wjicn \ic looked over Ihe day's 1 "I h a d never bothered lo look at them as an aclrvss." i When 1 first met .Marilyn sev-; :eral years ago, she was an uncertain kid wilh an unsure foot-' hold on f a m e , and I couldn't be or amused by what was happening |o her, : Today 1 had Ihe same .sensation; of d o u b t , li is hard lo f i g u r e . whether M a r i l y n , who retain;; a k i n d of breathless, s m a l l girl q u a l - j ily, is scared inside herself -- or i secretly l a u g h i n g at you because! she's a step ahead of you, and ' knows it, : The interview be^an on a mile j of u n r e a l i t y . I was a d m i t t e d lo her a p a r t m e n t by a press a g e n t ' who cnnfided (.·usually t h a t he w a s 1 15 years old, used lo be a s t o c k - ' broker, hut sold his sent on the ;Xew York stock exchange in J 9 5 I . ; ' ( I made a quick m e n t a l note t o , - a s k him why sometime.) ! A picture of A b r a h a m Lincoln 1 h u n g on one wall. Among the books scnllcri'd around the living room wei'R "The Philosophy of Spino/A," Ihe i n l p s of K d g a r A l i e n ! I'oe, n v o l u m e by a r c h i t e c t Frank i Lloyd Wright, and a s m a l l e r one I entitled " F i l m Cullurc," which j m.t) h a v e liet-n a inysiL-ry. i I Then M a r i l y n enk'riMl, as tuu.^- k'd and lovely as ever, and said: j "I'd nil her not he asked w h e t h - er I'm pregnant or not, or to dis- I cuss a n y t h i n g political or religious. Ambassador's Wife Does Philippine Embassy Mural In Uniform Ttktt Bulc FORT HOOD, Tex. (AHTNC) | Array Private Bruce A. Wiggin, I MIII 01 jii». Uoii [j. itiii, j£££ Tt»ir- I Iccnlh avenue, Greeley, Colo., is rct'iiiying tight wci.-.s til basic c u m b a l training with Ihe 4th Armored division at Fort Hood. Tex. Wiggin is a 1952 graduate of Prim- Khar, Iowa High school and a former employe of the Union Pacific Hailroail cuiitpaity in Crti-Ity. Naval review scheduled for June 12 t Hampton Roads, Va. More than 60 U. S. Atlantic Fleet ships, headed by the latest in aircraft I carriers, battleships, guided missile cruisers, destroyers and sub- I marines, have been chosen to rep ; resent the United States. In addi 1 lion, at least 18 foreign oations will display their might for Ihe | first international naval review to i be held in American waters since 1907. Wronjf Address |^ C ARD OF THANKS HUNTING-TON, \V. Va. to-Twc j Boy Scouts walked into polic« headquarters and were giving it a good looking-over when Lieutenant I Neisun Paueu imjuiit*.!. "Yiiifcl tiii ! I do for you?" Replied the Scout spokesman: "We want to see the hammer you use after you close a case Like ifcey du on 'Dragnet 1 ." MAG NT SOX I wjih to expresi my fttntera thanks and appreciation to all . who sent flowers, cards and Bills. Hnfl to nil who Tinned ni» during my recent Illness at the Weld Cuumy General hutipiul. Special thanks to the nume» for ihelr kindness. , Mr a. Anna C. Magnusoa R I V E R OF MEMORY--An arr studonr for only i little more than a ytar, Mn. Carlos P. Romulo, wife of the Philippines ambauador, proudly diiplayi tht mural iht painted for the newly redecorated embassy. Th0 »cen« it reminiscent of the colorful riverbnnks near her former home. I Otherwise, I'll lalk annul any' You don'l need to pay f $250 to $300 for offers the world's Urges!-idling. f i n e s t - q u a l i t y hearing aids -- liny, light, inconipicuoiu--nt i 565 (o 5165! Eyeglass* And ·(- j t tie-ear modeli. Come ID, see them--lodayl ·ilh thi irlliu lutm initihli i jta Mdttilvetoffil. ·pknrtrirl.« ^ GREELEY DRUG BOO 3th A v e . M9AT MONCY-IACK QUMAKTfES Custom-Made Draperies nnd Window Shades FREE ESTIMATES Large Selection of Material! Complete Drapery and \Vindow Shade Service RUCKERS 1028 Eighlh Ave., Ph. 100 Asked w h a t she t h o u g h t was the biglsl public misconception about her, she laughtcil and replied: "People identify me personally with the parts I play. II isn't so much that 1 mind, h u t it jusl isn't sn. Hul I've played so m a n y different parts by now they must be confused. " Who says this kid doesn't understand boxofficc? Marilyn feels the, recent crowded years haven't basically changed licr outlook. | "The t h i n g I'm scared of most is j myself," she said. "But I do feel I've grown both as an actress and a person, nnd I hope I ' l l keep growing. "I never tried lo bu independent just lo show my independence. It wasn't so much that I objected lo doing one kind of role. I merely wanted Ihc freedom to do other kinds of roles, too. "Luxury doesn't mean much to me. Bolh my husband and I like, to live simn4y." In a childhood of hardship in which she moved from pillar to post, Marilyn knew plenty of rugged lonely years. When I asked her if she. was broke and friendless again, w h a t she'd miss most in her present life of comfort, she thought hard, then said: "Not jewelry . . . I really don't care lor it. Not expensive slock- ings . . . I could go bare-legged. Not n car . . . or Jinc food or a big house. "It's n bed, T guess . . . a big c o m f o r t a b l e bed. I'd h a l e ever lo he so poor a g a i n lhat I didn't have a bed of my own." A larce fox died with Us tcclh clenched in a live cnblc which had been blown clown by a storm, was found at Duntfannon, Northern Ireland. Bring the Youngsters! : Ages 4 to 12 Let them drive on the ; PEE WEE PACER TRACK 250 YARD COURSE WARNOCO TURNPIKE (Next to miniature nolf) By JANE EADS W A S H I N G T O N - Mrs, Carlos llonuiln, wifr of Ihc Philippine n i n - hjissadur, h.-id t a k e n me fruin lop to bottom of the 1 rmuvalril em- hassy, pointing out ns proudly as any woman with her own hninc (he ninny ch.'in^r.s she had brought about in the past st-voni] ninnlhs. Workmen were p u t t i n g on finish-1 intf touches. Dclivrry men were bringing in lamps. The atnhass.idor nrrivcd nnd s l r n i u h t a w n y began strnifihtcninR n picture. He sur- vcycd tbc nearly completed job with satisfaction. "You nrc t h n first lo see what's been done." he reminded mr--and s t i l l n newspaper man at hen it (he used lo be an editor of the Philippines Hernld)--"You have a scoop. Most everyone else in Washington wilt have lo wail until the Koiilh of July, when we have our own hig a n n u a l Independence Day parly." The Philippine room, one of the outstanding features of the remodeled embassy, will be rnnriy by then, he added. H is panelled with native wood called "dno," and lending Philippine nrtisls hove been asked to submit sketches for n huge mural depicting Ihc country's history and culture. Another feature is a Filipino bar on the second floor across the wide reception hall from an exquisite French drawing room. Here Washingloninns will receive their biggest nnd most pleasant surprise. Covering two walls is n brail tiful, almost life-like mural of a Philippines river scene reminiscent of Ihose seen on the way lo Pngsfliijan Falls in Laguna, with boatmen transporting coconuts and men going up coconut trees to mnkc "tuba" wine. It was done by Mrs. Roniulo, who hegan pninling only a year ago, t a k i n g some of her lessons wilh a small group of prominent women at the home of Mrs. Sherman A d a m s , wife o[ the presidential assistant. The vividncsa wilh which Virginia Ilomulo has recalled t h e river scene Is not s u r p r i s i n g , .since it is near her home. In its surrounding hills she and her two younger sons spent 3'/i years in hiding during World War II. flomulo himself had gone off lo Tight. The two eldest sons joined the guerillas. The R o m u l u s had lo build a new home in M a n i l a lo replace their bombed one. A year ago Ihcy bought a home in Washington, in which they have lived while the (inhns~v v/ns being renovated, their official residence. They will move back in June to Oorwart Complelti Count ' FOIIT SAM HOUSTON, TPX. i f AHTNC)--Second Meulonanl Clin- ' t Ion B, Porwarl, 22, whose wife, Carol, lives at 2862 Newport avenue, O m a h a , recently wax graduated from Ihe 12-wrek m i l i t a r y ! orientation course under (He R e - 1 serve Forces Acl ( U F A ) program : at the A r m y Medical Service · school, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.' The class was composed of newly , commissioned RFA officers a m i : stressed medical service in com-, bill. 1,1. Dor wad received his B. S.. degree in Pharmacy at Crcighlon ^ university in 1956. The lieutenant is! Ihe son of Mrs. Olive R. Dorwart.i Fort Lupton, Colo. Participates in N a v a l Review N O R F O L K , Va. (FHTNC) -Donald P. Hohbs, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs, James A. Hohbs of A u l t , Colo., aboard the destroyer "USS Forrest Royal, will take part in an International ·····«···········*······ | FOR RENT I N M E M 0 R 1 A M M O H K R In Invinp; memory of our l i t t l e ROM, Garlnml R;iy Mower, on Ills fourth UlrLlnlny. J u n e 11. JuaL it blL of hcavfln Ciod loaned UH for Hwhile, A l i l l l o lioy SvlLli eyes so bright, n durlini; UlLle smile. Wo had him only long enough to clinrlsli, lovo and hold. And now hta iinmo la written In God's autograph In gold. Snilly missed" by Mommy nnd Daddy Adding Machines Onlv 6.00 per month 3 months rental may be ! applied on purchase Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes... Relief Lasts for Hours! Nnr v.rk, N. 1'. (Sp-ciil) -The asthma formula prescribed more than any other by doctors for their private pntienLi is now nvailnble to asthma ·ufTurers w i t h o u t prescription. Medico! teats proved this formula Blops asthma attack a in minutes find given houm of freedom from recurrence of p a i n f u l nsthmn spnsms. This foriniiln is so elTccliva thnt It In the physicians' lending asthma C rescripLion -- s o safe that now it can o sold -- without nrmcriplion -- in tiny tablets culled /'rimateiie®. Primatent opens bronchial tubei, loosens mucous congestion, relieves taut nervous tension. All this without taking painful injections. The secret IB--Primatene-combines 3 m e d i c i n e s (in f u l l p r e s c r i p t i o n strength) found most effective In c o m b i n a t i o n l o r a s t h m a distress. Ench performs a sppcial purpose. So look forward to sleep at night and freedom from asthma spas ma ... get Primatene, at any drugstore. Only BB^--money-back guarantee. OlDSfl. WhLlthtll Fhtrminl Compih* w, HEN YOU NEED A NEW C A R . . . See us for an Auto Loan . . . see how you save when you borrow of Low Bank Rates. F.D.I.C. THE WELD COUNTY SAVINGS BANK With a loan from us, you enjoy oil the advantages of being a "cash buyer." And, when you borrow at low bank rates, you save money. What's more, your auto loan is easy to repay in convenient monthly io stallments. Come in, talk it-over with us, right away. Let Us Put You in the Driver's Seat . . . Soon! "Progress is Our Business" SUNSET SALES YARD 250-300 HEAD 250-300 STOCKERS - FEEDERS CATTLE OF ALL CLASSES WEDNESDAY June 12, 1957 21-- Good M'.F. Cnws, 4 (o fi years nld w i t h 18 W.F. Calves weichl 250 Ihs. 1--3 Year Old Tolled W.I'. Hull. in-- IJRht W.K. Heifer Calves. 5-- AnRiis Heifers, Weifihi 500 L!;s. 26 -- Mixed Slecrs, Heifers and Cows. 35_SprinK Lambs, weight appro*. 7n l.hs. ]-- Hlack and While Spot Pony !) years old. Gentle. 25 -- Shoals and wcancr pips. Be sure and fislen each morninc except Saturday for Ihe Austin Austin Livestock report over Station K K K A Greeley at 7:30 A.M. and over station KCOL Kt. Collins at 7:20 A.M: for our listings. More cattle arc expected to come in on later consignments as well as more HOGS and Sheep. Please get your consignments in early. SUNSET SALES YARD Telephone 679 Grecley, Colo. -') The WHITE Sewing Machine Co. Proudly Announces the Appointment of i Greeley Maytag Appliance Co. as Weld County's EXCLUSIVE DEALER and DISTRIBUTOR of WHITE SEWING MACHINES WHITE Sewing Machines Since 1876 DEALERSHIPS AVAILABLE IN WELD COUNTY FULLY AUTOMATIC . . . thousands of decorative stitches possible without attachments or complicated controls. Newest-, easiest . . . most advanced machines ever built. See them today! WANTED: GREELEY MAYTAG · 1011 9th Ave. · Tel. 496 Member, Greeley Electric League OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS 8 Dealers or Dealer-Salesmen to handle and service this most-wanted sewing machine in We!d County. If you are already handling appliances or furniture, this can be a valuable addition to your line. For further information, contact Grecley Maytag, 1011 9th Ave., Tel. 496.

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