Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 27, 1962 · Page 11
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 11

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
Page 11
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jlowa Farmer's [Calf Wins Top [Chicago Award CHICAGO AI'-A young Iowa | farmer led a shiny Aberdeen-An-! calf Monday to Cattledom's | I most prized award of grand cham-j |lion stwr at the International Livestock Exposition. I-yle Miller. 'S3. of Osceola. Iowa. |and his 975-|ound summer year- steer. Top of iowa. defeated nore than 700 entries in the an- pual competition among the na- lion's livestock producers. The reserve grand champion JFtew award wen! to another lo- Kaye Pollock. 17. ot Mount Auburn, who sltowed the grand fchampion in 1900. She won the peserve award this year with a J-pound shorthorn senior call fcanied This-L-Do. Grand champions at the inter- (lalional have brought as high as I a pound or a total of $31.050. Kaye Pollock's I960 winner, a llcrctord, brought the young larm |irl $11,725 plus several hundred iollars of prize money, in addition to winning the lhamp'.imship, Miller's steer also! was named champion of the A n - j |us breed. He ci»o had the first i Jrue croup of three Angus that icludcd Ihc urand champion, and champion croup amon; the hree competing breed- In breeding class j'.id:nng. ::;· i champion bull ot Alwrdeen- ,ngus «as shown by Aiikonyj momenls an . at lh( , lht . atcr v - llc . n Farm. Ithinebci-k, N Y Tin? re-| uc HK , ^.^.5 Concerts or other ^fnc grand ihampi.'ii was the -n-, 1|U . ,.,,·.,.,.,;,,;,.,,,,,,,, : ,nd at our fr) of Haystack Anaus llanch. . ; ,, K Au ,^ ^ Mi w u!h , r l - n ' 0 - I organizations which p r e s e n t sJliotts, skits or other talent. Ab spectators, we arc left with hap, |py inemoiics and pcrtup* a pla;. 1 ' PANAMA-A poisonous snaki ! .hill or program (hat lives in the branches ol l i m l Unfortunately our bushes ami tree.'---and occasional-lari- short-lived and tli ly hangs down to be grasped like:i- so:i discarded or vanishc;, · vine by the unwary--is an in-|into a drawer or box along with habitant of Harm Colorado Mandiuihcr forgotten mcmuit-s. k Gaum Uke. along the I'an.iniaj W hy not utilize our hobby ol ·photography to take pictures ol ON STAGE -- Exotic costumes and peak action make this a prized memory in our columnist's front-row scrapbook. It recalls the first time Roy Benson Connye did an act in the Burmese manner for the Society of American Magicians in New- York City. Usinjj manual control on a JloHeimagic camera, the exposure was 1 T0 at f'6.3 with Tri-X film Conspicuously in tie dark. Needless to add. all of your picture taking actions should be as conspicuous as possible. · To round out the picture story,! you siwuld add views ol billboard | i posters advertising the show ar.dl the theater marquee. These make, good title slides or a cover pic-, ure for the photo album. j Geographic Briefs WASHINGTON - The fighting in the remote borderlands ol the high Himalayas directly involves 40 percent of the world popula-' lion, the National Geographic So; ciety says. One out of ever · lour; members of the human race lives! in Communist China; one out of seven lives in India. ' · « * Because ol the earth's centrifugal force, 5.000 tons of cargo loaded on a ship in the vicinity of the Equator would weigh 25 tons more at the Poles. Life's Like That lues., Nov. 27, 1962 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 9 Magazine Article Describes Ft. Lupton Migrant Clinic Ar. ar.cli *-,::· :v.d develop::'.'.-:!', t-i clinic at l'". Ljp'.o '.I.'. 1 Novel'..':··: ..--j Public Heal::: re:.. '.!:. ::i:_rar.. -. ^-.H-.irtH ir. · ,,':' Wci'.er:; -lie Health Av in Sj:i K:\ii:- ejsor.. T irr.proves ':,r.r.2 tr.e summer pro;"an-. not only · heal'.!: of the mi; 5:;:r.:l but protects : the cirtfiinuiir.v as "How fait?" By IRVING DESFOR AP Newsfeaturt Some of our most pleasurabl natural illumination of staie «J salts and w^ storage. ings. In fact, it would be a : ,ake lo use accessory flash or strobe light because it would o de.-troy the authenticity o stage lighting 01 dramatic r ect of a spotlight The slow-growing lichen is vir-j Ituaily indestructible, the National! .Geographic Magazine says. SomeL I lichen colonies may be more than] /\/\t\ p || p * :i thousand years old Two dis fcC] ( ] [ } ( ] rnrfmtttPnt SPPH \f\ ·inci organisms, a fungus and anPv,UUVJ LH T U I I I H C I I I J C C I I III alga, combine to form the plant. .Algae supply carbohydrates by photosynthesis: f u n g i provide j gre^s is .-low. the article sco s'.jtes. i. 1 '.:'. Cjcr. u-ar sees im- T.'..ed M.^i^i;'. La'.?}; i~ a r.\ p, j ); - 0 \emen*. in the general health au:s Atxepunce. '..'.c ar'.'.vj, ari d knowledge of i.eaith practices j prepared by lleta u'Nca . liin-c- j amons! 'he W'mle a', the camp, itor o! nur.-:r/j in -.he Weld C.ii:r;:y'v.i!er;:ky aaticn 1 ..- appear for 'Health Department, and Unm'.-. n-.ediC.-i superviflun earlier iii ;S!ruhei. heal:':: educator ;he:r pregnancies, and babies . The article r.'i'.e- that '.he cl::'.:c. diarrhea are M-en nowadays 1 financed by '.he S'.a'.e Health DC- ' curias '.he !i:V. !2 hours of their ! 1 . and admir.istcrec byji',l::es? fL.'.hor th^n -.\hen it may r.he local health 'jn:'. ;- now in ::^i)e to" la'.e. seventh yerr Serv:ce^ (if !ocL:i. A-t!iouLh the fl::::-: :s not the phy-ician? arc- provided ' . h r e e , o n l y influence toward better - '.health that these pe-jple encount- A postCLe ;t;.mp. "Ti'.e Black'.er. it ha^ had a T.ajor part in 'Honriura 1 -." '-^as -olci :: auctionjbuiidinL; ir;:-t anri acceptance of !or S24.5 | i'p la?! yea:' ::-. Now York public health niorts wherever :hev truvci. the article staies. Viper Like Vine State B 'for artificial light' is the fastest 'ASA 125' color film available for lxth 35mm and 120 roll film cameras SUJKT Anscochrome DENVER A P ' - Enrollment, "We could cut ofl enrollment;lat Colorado's colleges and univer-; n( , X [ year and have no need o! A minor technological break-| sities wi n increase by 20.000 dur-: addjtiona , clas?room space .- h e^ said, "but the fact is that we're getting more and better students." Allen said Colorado currently has a surplus of classroom space but the surplus will vanish under isins enrollments. Library and faculty-oSfice space conditions are',! len j. through has been achieved in Yel- 1 ing lne ncxt seven years, to f thi- l! " wslonc N ' ational !arii - Boar ' total o! about 50.000. the St ' ' '[,','.jproof lids, placed on garbage Legislature's Joint Budget Com ' |cans throughout the park in the m j ttee was told Monday. \t\ah VriAiwi FIT i.iirnm» TVTM.j 1 ' 11 " 111101 ' 0 ' '* 2 ' c IK1 ~ e ms \ An an estimated 585 million in High Speed hktoihromc T; P e !of grlZ2hes lo remove thfm . .^^ pnnctri!r(inn for dass . memories T 'P° B ] ' ^available in both , ,,,,,,,,..,- siws and is just a bit slower 1 r '" 'ASA 100'. An exposure of 1 50 at f 4 with High Speed Ekta- The world's largest natural amphitheater, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles has such superb acoustics that performers hardly need microphones to be heard in the farthest rows. The 120-acrc campus construction, rooms. laboratories and libraries. will be These predictions were given the' committee by Harry Allen, direc Brake Relining "·these !we'll ha\c With color slides permanent record chrome has proved satisfactory on many previous occasions. This c;m lie ii.-ed as a starting guide because i; is almost impossible bowl seats 20.000. In 40 years b ' 19 "' Save now on fine Storm DOORS WINDOWS tight. "lie added. ' lof colorful L-".-lumcs and artistic settings along with the show's and dramatic high- j lights. Black-and-white pictures be put into ." pliolo albu i w i t u :!.r pnn'.fd !'r:r.:oi:! where they snake a ready rcl erence record, easy to lind and talk about at any later date. There are rarely any taboos on picture taking except in some legitimate theaters in Mime big cities. Even then the regulations · which prohibit t.iking pictures concerts, rain has postp«iea only ircv- performances. Back in 1913. when the United ,o take accurate light meter read- States Navy was trying out its ings from a specator's seat. A new- wings in operations off Guan- possible exception is the Hcilar.ditfinnmn Bay. Cuba, flyer? faced Pentax Spot Meter which pin- an area of orly three dc- mechaniral hazards undreamed of today. "Motors were primi- grees for a rending, even from .1 tive." Vice Admiral Patrick N. L, (distance. (Bellinger 'Ret.' wrote recently in T : - X film 'National Geographic. "Thc In blaek-and-whiie with a speed of ASA wo. hasM 1 in mid-air: so we new with proved very effective in caplur- an eye on the surface . . . in inc available light stage action w i t h exposures o! I'lOO at I 5.6. Super-Hypan dim. though rated Clyde's Thrifty Service 7lli Ave. al 8lh St. are theatrical union 'tended to regul.itc !h · use of the [ ; i t u ; I Today, w i t h .· J i n ixilh color 'it is fairlv rules in- case ot a forced landing. The most important rule was: 'When something goes wrong, point her nose down.' .-,; ASA KO. is a hit slower than Tri-X in actual use. I've found ! Koval-X pan film is the fastest i _ , . roll l,lm available 'ASA lOT, bul ,,pound f . the National Geographic Adult ostriches weigh up lo 300 Isays. They craze like horses and can eat just as much. of the State Higher Institutions. College e n r o l l m e n t s have climbed much more rapidly than was forecast even as recently as 9M. he said. At that time, educ -ation experts calculated that col- ege enrollment would amount to I 32.000 by 1909. j Instead Colorado's lour-ycar; state-supported schools now havej about 30.000 students and the trend i still climbing higher. "We now- estimate there will be! 50.000 students in our colleses and; universities by 1969." said Allen. Projections figured on this basis indicate that these students will require an additional 3 million square feet of classroom, laboratory and library space, exclusive of 'dormitories, hy 1971. The cost. Allen said, will amount to $85 million. ·v A Hen d i r e c - ' i i . «p fCf\ Xssociation 0 ,| S Top 650 BONN -- More than 650 sport; magazine? are published regularly in West Germany. Their corn-^ b'ined circulation totals 6.000.000. MORE PEP inihe Keep heat in and cold out this winter, with storm doors and windows. We have a large selection of styles and sizes. Consult with us for your needs. 'KIM ILUMBER (3*?g?y] , 715 7th Street films hiack and uliito. lo caphire Ihf SEE . . . HEAR . . COMPARE The Beauty of PACKARD BELL Color - Black and White - Hi Fi and Stereo limited the developer recommended ny the manufacturer (or best results. ,. The name Hong Kong moans Many private organizations arc'.. Kr . lpr ., n , Harbor - in Chinese, glad to have their shows photo- Brazil's Trtimai Indians believe the sun created all tribes except MM* El Ml U 1720 9th Street raphed and many possibly ar- ange front row seats for the seat iurpose. In other n the center of cases, a the first row alcony or mezzanine of a thca- er offers many advantages, it vill not attract the attention ci lie actors, eliminates any possibility of heads bobbing up in the neighboring Suva, who are descended from snakes. The Suva, a people of the Xingu River, were greatly feared until they made peaceful contact with the outside world in 1959. the National Geographic Magazine says. rout of the lens and command-' 1 good view »[ the entire stage, j Elephants blare and follow the If your seal is not near Ihe:siapc. best routes through forests and it's an advantage to use a 35min! mountains. Many highways in camera w i t h interchangeable'present-day A f r i c a originally lenses. Tele-photo lenses will fi',l|wore laid out hy elephants, the- frame fully or get close-ups, i The normal 50mm or a wide- Iceland's Great Geysir con he angle lens will show the complete stage setting. A tiny penlight flashlight is a useful accessory when il comes lo making camera adjustment! in- coaxed into shooting boiling water] high into the air with a charge of surtace-tensioiH'elicvini: detergent, the National Geographic Magazine savs (Compare Before You Buy) A COMPLETE HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER For the Price of a TV Set r CURTIS MATHES Genuine Hardwoods -- Mahogany Finish SPECIALLY ^ -^ " PRICED AT AM/FM Radio Stereo Phono Giant 23" TV American Made High Fidelity Sound Hand Wired Chatsis 4 Speakers 23,000-Volt Picture Power Carload Buying Dirtct from Factory Sam Yon Money "Ea$y Monthly Payments" WILSON WILSON "(TKTIS MATIIKS 01' (JHKKI.KY" 1513 8th Avc. -- Phone 353-0793 ·You Buy For Much Lest At Wilson's Telstar Hit With Trouble MlltKAY 1111.1,, N . I . ( A P ^ - j Thr ctimniiip.K-alions sileihU' l'cl-j its command urniit. Roll Telephone Laboratories reported Mon-; jtlay Alter more than tour months ot .rontiiuiouslv swvcsshi! opcr.ition- [iin space, the satellite refuses to It.iko orders lo t u r n its ewimmii-; jt-:itioii ici'civtT and tratiMiiitler on, and off | |i A spiike.Mii.-.n tor Hell, creator c'l: i j t l w '-.,;TM:::'. said i-tlnrls were u v j dor way to dvtcniiinc the cause nl | Ihr IrmiWe and In ciioumvont il ] T'lic labtM-atotips constitute li'.Ci roscai'.-h development .irni of I hi 1 ] |!Holl system, parcrl of which is: the Amorh'an Telephone J; Tolo : gr.iph Cn -. \\ s.oi'ins t-cil.ini that the oonv ! nninicatiniis iccei\rr and trans- I'liiillrr are :n good operating con . jiiil'.on. the -.pokcMiian s.iid Tin- oxpi-innrnls ongmalK j'plannoil loi Trl«l.n 'navo been: irainod out. the sixikcsman -oiil ' il In addition to mnrr than -.W lorl: nioal losls ( r v r r i n o evoiy ,is|ci I |;o( caiMiiis^ion. ihi'ic h.i\v Iwn 111- -111' ill Plc'll-tlat inns 1'1'i-f. iiiinNlr.itunis have includodi iltu-h.-innri lolcphon;. t^'ostra ! jiphy. djila. news pUtiues and othci 1 f.ioMiiiilr tiaiismissions : Tr.'insiitlanlic tdf casts h.-u-r jihmi slcmitiist!,ito\l 4V tii'.ifs :uut; iin five o( these in't'iisions Ihr' Ijtransniission waf in coloi j UtT'./.nN CUV -- Thric is In be ,1 new lanlf i.itp on Irvlilcs' in the rhilhppine^. ! ( Ford ideas so contagious they started a new trend in cars! If \oti t h i n k loil,n's cji the l o r d skctihcs jlir rruilution HI nt ilfsig look cvi tho \mi-iun .5 lot m (oninion. e r r i lluo idt^s ·.n.i'kr s r r d f f t o d wherever \ America's liveliest,most carefree cars! FORD GARNSEY and WHEELER VOl K M THOHI/.KO KHHO DKA1.KU Corner Sth A v e n u e at l l t h Strci-t

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