Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 21, 1976 · Page 11
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 11

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 21, 1976
Page 11
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The Idaho Free Press, Saturday, February 21 - W6--A-i AT NAMPA HIGH, BRIAN STANTON MAKES A PATENTED NO-LOOK PASS Sonny Wartenol Poky (30) givts ground, JoelPeaisall Is nailing Pnolo by Vtc Da»enp«rl Scoreboard AT NNC, KEN 'WILLIS' REED IS SCRAMBLING AGAINST TOUGH ATHLETES IN ACTION . Beet/ was perfect from the Woo; bul the Crusideis »eie plating best team Mey'llsee PREP Boise 71, Itfaho Falls it Borah St, Twin Fill; tt Minico 40. Car dwell ss Hi«hand S3, C a p i t a l * * Skyline 6*. Meridian if Patiieiio 67. Nampa 41 V»1livue 71. BiiJiop Kelly 6} Kuna il. Weiser S3 Middiiton 7i, payeiie *,* HomMAle *7, New PI/mDuth 10 Melba M. Parma il Cascadw At, MidvaLe SI Cambridge 61. Salman River il Council 4*. Meadows Valley » GrMrn Ferry (i, Hafferman U Redmond 54, Ontar.o ii Rill River «, DC- do «i Buhl 57, Wocd Rive/ 5* Goodir.g 10, Wendell 41 Oakley if, Castle lord 17, Murtwgh il, HJ men 47 RicMield 60. Bliia 4« Carey fO, Di«1rich ii Cam»i Counry 43. Gooding Stale 37 McCal|.D0nn«|l|' 4-!. Garden Valiey *7 Kdlogg 3t, Sjndpoir." ]7 Mmh Vallev 68. Soda Spring* !0 Biackfocr M, Shelley n Snake River 57, American Palis IB West Side IV Grace tl Preifon 71, B«ar Lake S? Buhe J]. Ririe 10 Telon 64, Chains S*: Firth «, North Fremont 43 Mjdfsorv 41. Suijar-Sa/fm 5^ Clark County 77. Leadcre 16 Bonneville 1*. Burley 71 Salmon 61. ftigby jt G I R L S S T A T E B A S K E T B A L L CLASS B I SemiNnilu Firth 31, Wilder ]ti Lapwai l*. Salmon River JJ (j CLASS A LewliTcn 53, C-ipilal if Pocatti:o 3i, pratne ?3 COLLEGE EAST Brtfgwlr St. it, Salem Sf i} Brown 71. Cal-jmbia 70 Colgate Si. Clarkion s) CcrneJl 48, Val* S» D*L Valley 70, Junitla 10 Ithaca *S, 51. Lawrence 71 JerKy City M. Mcnlcfair 4C Minhattanville 71. Mercy » Middlebury il. Bates tl Penn N. Harvird ;s Princeton 74. Dartmouth SI RPl 7», Rochester Tech il R.I. Col!. »». Ntw Haven 79 SE Maiiach'jjelli IW. Curry 7* Sri««herd IS. Davis Eikin^ n Upiala 85. L-y coming t? SOUTH Korlolh St. 70, Va. Unicn i9 MIDWEST Beloit f3, Lawrence ?2 Butnj vista n. Luther t6 Central 11. tlubuque i! Cent. Meth 71, Grateland JC Cenf. Mo SI. II. SE Wa. SI. 65 C« 9T, Cornell Iowa 10 III. CO'K 14, Brackturn -19 111. St. 1M, WiJ.-Milw BS Iowa Wilyh 7. Cul Sltktn if Kearwy S. Wjihburn «3 Kentucky St. *f, Marian IJ Xr.Di 77, Carleton t| L. Superior M, Sag. Val. SI Lakeland tl, Vich .-Drtrn if Loras 16. St Miry'i Minn Tl Malone 75, Geneva !l Jlf ·_!,?.- West s Wankara St 78. H. Dak. SI. 7i MilhXin 13. Carroll H N'*ai!ern 1C3, Chris 6) NJ DaHota )$. no. lowa j? No. Michigan n, Norlh*ood 4S Trinity 101. Grace 14 SOUTHVJEST Ariiona «J, New Menico 6S ton ^cMuirr :s, Oklahoma Chrijfian ;j Pan Ancncan 113, Sul Ross 8? W E S T AlMplGt jn Acliai 100. NNC 4! HaJcerj^eW it. Riverside iS Cat Luiheran *;, Fresno il Cal Pdy S ' o 7 5 f Poly Pom or a 71 Cal SI LA ;0, Ncrthridge £6 Ctn. Wdih. i3. Oregon Tech it DJV,* »*, Siarislajs U E. wash «a. w. wash, o Ft. Lewis iJ, Coto. Mines t2 H-jmboldl St. 55. Havward St. ii lOdfto St. at, Gonijqi 71 L.nlield nc. Pacil.c [Or e .[ n Loyola (c) fl*. SI Mary's (c) JJ toll No Cclo 5i, Kan. S1. Pittsfcurg ;j Pepperdine B3. Nev.-Reno t Rocky Mcjniain II, w. Manlan« « Sr Martin's 91. Wain?r Pacifit 13 Searfle U II. S*n Francisco re So. O.-egoi 11. 6. Oiegon 7C So. U^ah si. 7?. weslern St. 43 Whi'man gf. College of in^-.a 4,- LITTLE LEAGUE LITTLE LEAGUE BOYS S l X T H G R A D E J A B4KER 31, BANKERS LIFE »5 -- Ramui l» lor Baker team.-. John Cinsliansen eight for Bankers. '. MCDONALDS 30. NA^IHA BO*LLNG CENTER a -. Bradford, nine f«- Me- Donalds, Ouslev four and-Joyiwr four For FERDINAND METAL CO. 14, CON- SiJMERS 73 -- Randy Beaubian n for Ferdnand, Bruce Thcmpion and Scoti Widitk eight for Coniumeri, J.A. B A K E R 33. MDCONALOS 7 - Rarrm 71 lor J.A HaVer, Yorgajon 11 Icr B A N K E R S LIFE 11, FERDINAND METAL 13 -- Craig Bloomqjis! nine Minis for Barker's Lile. M WMARKET 0, NAMPA BOWLING CENTER is- Kotler IJ pcinls For M * W, Jflyne/ 17. xin'l lor Narnp* Buwling GLENN'S RAIDERS «. COHSUMESF C -O'Harra 17 points lor Glenn'*. Huchs n poinrs J.A. BAKER 11. FERDINAND M E T A L if -- Ramas 13 *jr J.A Oaker, Holt 10 pcinfi lor Ferdinand LITTLE LEAGUEGIRLS B L A Z E R S V, W A R R I O R S 6 -- Kin- t-rlcc Cotlerell leading icorer For Blaiers v,jth it ponli LAKERS IS, BULLETS U - Overtime qame. EagieFealher had seven poinls For Ukeri, ward fljri ad tl of the BuCeif B L A Z E R S ^ ! . L A K E R S 12-Colterell 14 points and Taylar 14 lor Blaieri W A R R I O R S 11, 9ULLETS 13 -- Marlinei five points (or Warriori,v,hi?e Ward hai All 10 cF Bullets' latal. STANDINGS AS OF FEB. 11 - B'aiers 10, Lakers 1-1, Warmr*. 1-3, Bulltti 3-. LOS ANGELES OPEN TGTI Watscn 47 (t-- UJ Dan January U-tf-- HI Dave H,«i Tl -((·-!]; Tom Jc.iKins 4 4 .7j_ ( ] 8 LynLoM M-W-lH teams in tourneys ; N A M P A - N a m p a West ;haskelhall learns look Iwo nf ·(hree games (his week leading linto the season-ending eighth ,'grado tournainonl Mia! Wesl is Iparlicipating in. Tne Wesl ninth ·grade starts t o u r n e y play iMniiday. ' The 'A' eighth graders fell 32- ·2fi Wednesday lo f.oivcll Scon in a game where they were cauglil Booking ahead a Ml lolr.e second Found. R u t Thursday. West trounced Mountain Home 4B-24 behind thecight-poinl scoring of Jiill Lealherwood. Jeff Anderson nnd Perry Obcndorf to move into Friday night's consolation final. ' The eighth grade 'U' team lopned Mountain Home 21-16 in lls final game of lh? season and Wesl entled up with the best basketball record in Ihe city at 11-3. ! Jeff Wood had seven points. J.eff Hillon six. and Tim Daffcrn five while Daffcrn had eight rebounds and Wood seven against Mountain Home. The Wesl team also voted on mosl valuable player, most Inspirational and most improved as the successful season came to a close. Jeff Wood, a forward, was Ihe MVP, while Rod Xcllinga. a guard, was most inspirational and Tim Dnffern was most improved. Larmy Wadk-ni BotjRiSC.'r Bot) Gilder HubortGreen Pal Filisimcri Gearge Burn^ Pdc Brown Forreil Fei'er Arnold Paln-cr B c b E Smilh Lee E:d^r 1 cm Shaw Gtarqi Cadi T e r r y Dithl Jim Simans wacMtLcnJcr. O.-viUeA*50df JOC Porlcc BotiWyrr. llrueeFleiir-er Gil Merman Oene Littler Gary Pra/er Joliui 60'OS Dale Douglass Al Gtibcrqtr S'fvc V Ed Snc Barry Jttcktt Tern Kil? Oaug Sanders JtrryHca.d Gary McCO'd Dale Hitycs Cai Pftle Gaiy Wnvri Bruce Lietike Jo)in Jaccbs Bruce EdSabe Ben Crtriihaw Mar* Hires l - r i n V Conner J o h n S c h l e i OjiTTVEdAJ|-(J( Ui'.V Aden Johnny Miller A Stolf Vitjison RaleBotH Tommy Aaron Alii\T»p c 47-71-- 1H 69-*»-- 111 4I-7I-1J9 49-73-139 TO 49--139 «-Tl-- HI 71-49-111 n-JD-- Ml 71.70--HI 73-71-1*1 73-71--1*1 4I-7J-U1 n-TO-m n TO-- i «i W - T I - U I tfi-n-\n I I . 11-14] J J W - 1 4 7 7I-/1-- M] 7I-71-H1 73-70-H3 7 C - 7 3 - H 3 73-7J-I4J 70 7J-- I t J 73-73-H) 7 4 4 7 - 1 * 3 TO JJ-- 1*3 71-7i--l« 11-71-111 J M l - 1 4 4 J I - J 3 -- H4 )»!t-H4 71-71--144 7J-71--Ml 13-71-1(4 771J-14I 7(.7S-14S 74.JI--]4S I 1 7 J -- 1 4 S 11.74-14! I M I - H J IM1-I4S Tonight it's Idaho Falls Bulldogs' rally stops with a tie B.vl'aulliuker 1'ree J' res s Sports Kdilor NAMPA - A regular season Jim Scott will remember mostly for its frustrations comes to a close tonight ivlien Nampa Inkes on third-ranked Idaho Falls. The Tigers, patched up after a bout with the flu last week were derailed by Boise last night and they won't be in any mood for an upset. You have to think the Bulldogs are capable, though. When all things keep pointing lo a wholesale collapse at least emotionally. Nampa is keeping the fires burning. If only it could win the close ones. Friday night, Pocalello jumped on (he Bulldogs' early lethargy and took a IC-poinl lead. Nampa tied the game in the last Ihree minutes (ml watched it all go down the drain finally, 67-61. At 3-16 now, and 2-13 in the Southern Idaho Conference Nampa has only Idaho Falls left before nexl Thursday's district opener al Capital High against Meridian's Warriors. Nampa has been involved in nine down-(o-lhe-wiro games this year and lost eight of them, which leads you !o believe thai I.ady I.uck has completely lef( town, ' Scott had no big complaints about the Pocatcllo game, just the ending. He's gelling tired of il. The Indians are a good learn, but they were on the ropes in (he fourth quarter after the Bulldogs roared from behind lo lie il up 56-56 with 3:17 left. The Indians, 13-6, gathered themselves up and refused lo fold, however. Nampa, when il really counted, showed too much hesitancy, but adversity has a way of making you look over your shoulder. "We played well once we started hustling," said Scott. "Bui once we tied it up, we made some crucial mistakes." While Nampa shol immeasurably belter against Poky than it did against Vallivue, [he Bulldogs hurt themselves this time by missing layups. "I don't know why we did, bul we did," said Scott, "We missed a lot of easy ones." It didn't help when the Indians got a lot of wide-open shots off a loose defense, or when Jeff Craney bombed in (hree quick outside shots in the second period. When the Bulldogs started reversing things, the defense got tougher. Nampa had to play catchup again most of the time, and it did just [hat when Andy Vasquez, the flame's high scorer with 10 points, hit a pair of free throws. When Ihe game seemed out of reach al -18-32 in Ihe Ihird period, the Bulldogs used a 12-4 suurt lo climb back. Poky gained a 60-56 lead with 2:19 remaining, bul Joel 1'earsall made it close again al 1:47 with a pair of one-and- oncs. Nampa gol the ball back but missed a clear shot from Ihe lop of the key off an inbounds play Ilial would have tied il With 58 seconds left, Poky's Mark Dunn did something he rarely did againsl Nampa - miss - and V;isquez set sail on a baseline drive with the score 60-58. He went up in a crowd, even as Scott was yelling unnoticed South uses fourth period spurt in win NAMPA - N'ampa Soulh,stayed,.with favored Nampa Viest s ninth grade through three quarters Friday niahl but Wesl blew oft lo a 22-6 fourth period on Ihe wav (o a 60-39 victory at Bulldog Gym. ' The preliminary lo Na.npa High's varsity game wilh Pocalc lo was locked .n a 38-33 struggle after the third period until West made its surge. ScollLivelyhadlBpointslupaccWesl, Schiller had 14 and Johnny Lopez eight while Joey Vasquez and Haves chipped in wilh seven apiece. ' Soulh got nine poinls from Doug Weide and Jacques while John Dean had seven and Jeff Hanway six points Hotn Soulh and Wesl will be involvod'in Ihe season-ending ninth grade tournament al the South gym which begins Firsl-rounri games Monday have N'ampa South and Ontario going at, wilh Nampa W«t playing Meridian at 7:30 Other first-round games show Caldwcll vs Mountain Home at 3 p.m., and Boise vs. Lowell Scott al 4:30. for a timeout, and missed Ihe shol. Nampa cried foul, bul Poky rebounded and from (here, lucked (he game away from the foul line. Wilh 25 seconds left, it was 62-59. bul Nampa got slapped wilh a Icchnical foul for slamming Ihe ball against the backboard. Poky gol a poinl out of lhal and possession. Scoll is probably ready lo duck his head once Ihe second quarter comes around. Nampa worked its offense well in Ihe first period, had a H-12 lead, Ihen fell flat once more and dropped behind 1(1 at the half. "The shots didn't fall. I think we had a chance lo break it open eaily," said Scott. Poky was impressed wilh Vasquez, who helped Nampa rebound wilh four-of-six from Ihe floor in the Ihird period. Brian Slanton had 14 points to back Andy up and Kon Bradford, (he (earns lop rebounder with 13, had 10 points. "Vasquez is a good ballplayer," said Craney, a senior who also starred for the school as a receiver in football. Craney had 14 points and Ihe 6-1 Dunn, with his knees wrapped in about 10 miles of elastic, had 14 more including .several key .jumpers and a pair of one-aiid-ones down the stretch.· · · · · "I don't know whal il looked like from the stands, but [ thought it was a prelly good ballgame," said Scotl. He can only hope for as much in lonighi's 8 p.m. game wilh Idaho Falls. The Tigers bring a Bill llessing-type guard here in Reed Jaussi and lhal will give defensive ace Brian Slanton something lo think about. The front line is much laller than whal Pocatellc had. so Nampa will be looking up on the backboards. -Nampa'ssophomoresplayinlhe6:15prelim againsl Idaho Falls lonight. POCATELLO Craney Warrf.-i Jacob! Fn Buck Dunn TOTALS NAMPA Sljo'ca FT 0-1 S.I! l-ll 1-1 Gromsakl P t l r u l l Marehbinkt TOTALS Pocaltllo G-0 O C 1 c 5B-*7 5-7 15 «1 ! n ia is -- 17 0 1 SHOOTING - Namm (1.7 otr t »r,t t I REBOUNDING-» 11, Pocslello J)' 10 17 LeiOers. Nampa. Or.dlord ij, stanton i PF TP Mancui and Psanall : Pokv.'Buch 9 3 U Jaeob«n !, Dunn 4. TURNOVERS -' 3 It Slanloni, Vasqjeii; p c v r 3 4 and Dunn 1, AIA out of way, now it's the playoffs B y J o l m H . K i l l e n NAMPA - Terry Laykm wasn't too sure what lo think aboul Friday night. He'd just finished watching his Northwest Nnzarene basketball team gol heal by a very active Athletes in Action (cam 100-05. Laylon didn't like lhal. Rut he also knew (hnt playing against AIA was a valuable experience. And considering the fact (hat Layton got word Friday (hat the Crusaders were officially in the NAIA playoffs. Ihe experience was even more valuable. Thai Lavlnn liked. But (hen nobody wants lo gel beat, especially by 35 poinls. "I II adrnil. I had some questions in my mind tonight whether this iplaying AIA) was a good idea or nol," said l,ayton. "but if we use il right, I ifiink it'll !urn out (o he a posiluc thing for us." After all, nobody expeclcrl NNC lo get Ihe Alhleles. As~ Laylonsaid. there are several players on AIA who come very close lo being National Basketball Association-caliber. II wasn't exactly like playing ynisr average small cr.lleer opponent. "We hare to fjtiild from something like (his and make the hcsl of it," said l.ayton. "1 mean after all, we scored C5 poinls afiainsl guys that are marginal pros...and we even out- rebounded, them in the second half. We can'l feel too badly. There's no shame in losing to a learn like lhal." Even wilh the first round of the NAIA playoffs coming up ne.xl Saturday evening, probably in Klamath Falls? "I Ihink we're a sensible group of guys and I don't think this is going to get anyone down. After all, no one that we meet in Ihe playoffs will have played anyone as (ough as these guys were. When il comes down lo il, I think it'll work to our benefit." Laylon has a lot lo support his point. Except for Ihe first four and a half minulcs, when AIA blew out lo an 18-2 lead. NNC wasn't really ever completely awed. Once Ihe Crusaders gol over the idea of asking for autographs, as a matter of fact, (hey played steady ball J O l i - H S ;M*-I« im-144 7M*-144 OJJ-14* 71-11-144 70-T4--144 75-M-H4 77-U-144 70-H-1I4 AIA Ntal H«rfman Lawver Lonrer Oijrn KiFlin Allin Hall ACTION l». 12AREIIEIS FO FT PF Tf '·i ]·! ( i-» «e n i-IC 1.1 || 0 4 9 0 3 » « l( » II I » 0 0 | 110 00 13 ill ill II M II | 7-11 0 14 · 1 13 I1 11 H IM Of FT fF TP Lttril Weitf*nb4Ch Bruwr HilK JenVim Marti re, WiUon ward Wtichl Retd TOTA15 AIA NNC BEiOUNDINO - «MiMII- Kr.l|ht Martiiv], i. Lcwll !, Me 4 ; 11 M 1 I 10 1 1-4 } 1-5 0 1-3 I II S « 1 1 11 0 l i i l 1 M il 7 IM t il Alt 4i. NNC 34. In 1. KiHIn |, Onin 1, Jtnklm s. against the much laller a:id much more experienced AIA club. But steady play was no real malch for talent AIA put on Ihe floor. Dan Knight, the Alhletes cenler. was nol onlv (Ml. but a very good 6-11. He may, in fact, be playing i.i the'NBA next year. Throw in people like Sammy High, formerly of Tulsa Eldon Lawyer, an ex-Oral Hoberts guard and ex-Colorado Slale slar Tim Hall and you've gol something lo contend with. "John Wooden says they could have beaten (he learn he had lasl year al UCLA," says [.avion. Wooden works part lime doing publicity for AIA. Layton wasn't the only one who Ihougbl Hie Crusaders did well Kriday nighl. AIA thought a lot of NNf. loo. "I was really impressed with Ihcm," said Lawyer. "They aren't lhal big, hut boy, they're really competitive. You caii r l relax on them al all. If you did, I can see where they're the kind of (cam that could come back on you really fasl and beat you. "I reaily was impressed with the way they rebounded even though they don't have much height.'They really get good position and they know how to compete underneath " The Crusaders also drew (he respect of Hall who spent a lol of lime guarding NN'C's Tiommic Lewis. "They really work Ihe ball around well." said Hall. They're a hustling ballcluband anything ihcy lack in raw talonl, they make up for with hustle." Rill dates, the head coach of Athletes in Action, liked Ihe way Ihe Crusaders played us well. "They're very well coached - Ihat was obvious They've got a lot of discipline. And I was impressed wilh their shoolinp - especially from (he outside." "They aren't as big as a lol of Ihe NAIA learns Ihat we've played Ihis year and maybe nol as experienced bul Ihe way Ihcy played tonight, I'd say they're capable of bealing many of Ihe NAIA learns thai we've seen lliis season if (hey have a good nighl." liighl now, Layton isn't sure which NAIA team he'll see in the firsl round of lhc playoffs, and he doesn't know for sure where the Feb. 28 game will be played. Rut (he most likelv opponent is Oregon Tech., the team that plays in a gym Ihat would intimidate Jack the Ripper. Tech has a reputation for being anything bul hospilable to Ihe oppnstlion. "We're glad to be there." said Uyton, "wherever it is " Laylon is a little worried about Ihe condition of forward Ed Wcidennach. though. Weirienbach's troublesome ankle gave out again tonight when an AIA player rolled inlo him under Ihe basket in (h« firsl half. "We'll have to wail and see." Bul lhc NNC coach did get sonic other performances Ihat made him feel his rfeplh in Ihe playoffs could be better than he'd expected. "Ken Heed did just a super job tonight. He's developed so much this year. And Vern Ward looked good tonight. They give me two different types of people 1 can go to for help underneath in the playoffs, judging from the wav they plavrd lonighl " Hills in final of mile tonight GKKENSBORO. N.C. - Steve Hills gels anolher crack at world-doss distance man Mike Boil of Kenya tonight in the TMte final* al (he NAIA indoor track and field champions!^ ' * JONES-CLAIBORNE INSURANCE 1116-10thST.SOUTH Al rtti ol Sun Riy Oiiry oil 12lh Ave. S PACIFIC 0 / RE LIANCE IN WflANCC COMPANIES

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