Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 24, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Page 2
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3 Americans Defy New Red Border Bans By GEORGE BOULTWOOD BEHMN (API - Three Americans defied a new CommuniU Guidance and counseling muilablishcd in interviews bet ween ^j.^,. r c s [ r jction in divided Bcr- '.ernu commonly used together In llio counselor and counsclee; t '^ l ',\\ a Monday night- and label a college or school depart- focuses on providing a situation' arf , ll]no|]( - tuenl. Why use both names? What enabling Ihc person in charge W;|,ojj cc . t. is (heir vohtuinshlu? change al his oivn role and In hisj Bcr |; n ^ _ n Colorado Stnlo College's guid- « vn w;| y: an(l (3) is ^signed ' u ;tcar fias grenades for nearly half llio depart- help a parson become more ol i n n | wur 1 ' r . _ i · _ ;._ -!,,.. I'.iKC 2 GHEE1.EY T R I H U N K Ttics., Oct. 21, Ideas Inside CSC: 61 Guidance Includes Counseling Service won over Eas 1 . German cr, East nnd Well fought a duel wilh :mcu pixigrym i-s in 'menl o! educational | and guidance. Tlio nai department is significai t. It docs not include counseling since counseling is hi five .services olfcred dance. sychology feclive in dealing independently c f tlii' «''"' llis aclj'iislmcnl. The depart men! emphasis is upon the nil- Dr. Arno I.ukcr, Ihc drpailmchlj"'"' 1 'TM head, defines guidance ns "a lody the |jv iinnu' vcr ''i ir.depeiKlcntly. one oil Interviews Clasilficd ndcr sui-| Counseling lakes place in an ili-'jrtcnllty when crossl'ng to and licrview lhat is a luce-lo-faco sii-jf rom u, c Communist sector. The Americans refused to comply nn East German mlc announced Monday ordering members of Allied garrisons In civilian clothes lo prove Ihcir Dr. Lukcr wurns not nil Tllc K,g| mc announced lhc re- (ace-to-facc conl.icls in guidance str ictlon aflcr Ihe U.S. cammanri and mural values." j Strvicol in Guidance ,\l CSC jiiiidanec service con- ,«is!f of ( I ) Ijiforinalionnl service. 121 individual i n v e n t o r y , 131 placemenl, W follow-up, and IS) counseling. Guidance is thus Ihe all-inclusive term. Thc EP(1 department v i c w . i rmmscling as n learning can lake: a great deal of lime. Therefore they should be adept in organising their work so that routine, information Is cal- tcclcd in group conferences, thus saving his time for actual counseling interviews, each with one person. Berlin had protested to the .ns Hit! halting of a top Department Official by East erman police. East Germany blamed the incident on the Americans. A (cw hours aflcr the idcnlitica- on decree Was issued three Americans in civilian clothes, driving a car with the U.S. Army's plates issued for privalcl Adenauer Faces Tough Choice On Von Bretano BONK, Germany (Al'i--Konrad Adenauer Monday faced ;» difficult choice between replacing Foreign jmake foreign policy in Ibis gov-iToo-Rapid Robert jcrnmrnl," AiUim 1 ?:- icccnlly lold jhis parly's members in Parlia- jincnl. | The I'ree Democrats' steering. . , .·ommiltce wrangled more than nF^A 5 ^'^ Iwurs before Hie faction willing to accept Adenauer as chancellor COVENl'KY, Conn. AP) -Here's one the judge may not heard yet from someone . ccdir_ liobcrl Carter was accused of going 5C miles an hour in a 30 m.p.h. zone while driving to the ..'courthouse to post $100 bond in , . . , ,, , . , ,, , won out by a slim majority. Minister Hclnnch von Brenlano or . . ' .. keeping him and narrowing his: Pai'lie-panls m the mecling saKlj cotmec(ion wUh a|] carl | CI . spcf;d , own chances of becoming Wcsti"* llis l H1tc ncal '- v lorc '. hc ^ c ling charge. CermanVs chancellor for 0 K .', D ' nl ° cr! " lcr P ut p asunder. The] ....i. · :' two powerful depuly chairmen, , , , 'Oswald Kohut and Heinfich Brenlano has been the mosljg^^,,^ WJK) arc ins[ A(lc|1 . faithful executor of the »5-ycni-| aU( , r ^^^ c | K1Ilcc l|or again, old chancellor s policies, bul tile- , { .,, olcs( Free Den-iocrahe parly decided _ . . ,. , ., ' coalition' Ench Mellde ' 1|H: Saturdav to join in a ch sa ' 1 ' lhc vlti, the a,risliw, Democrats under Adenauer o^ , if the foreign minister is replaced j m "\' str ' " lllot he slu , ck '°. hl5 B . f » ro '8 n Officially Ihe Pi'ec Democrats said they want a new foreign minister to produce a more flexible ..,,,,,,,:,,:*.; ,,.,,,,* l0 '^ "Will you ask thc bouncer lo throw rac out before the dessert course?" move an "ncurnble yes-man from such an im,K,rlanl os[. "I am (he only one who will Months of Chaos Have Not Awakened Congo To Reality (cars, crossed the Frledrlchslrasse! EDITOR'S NOTE--The lives of la lhc most impressive man Counseling involves such s spe- checkpoint in Ihc Communist wall.jmany men. nlong with some of cial relationship b e t w e e n l h c counselor and counselce that un process which l tluough personal, nr.d permissive relationships S O M E T I M E S A ROOF I S NOT ENOUOHI 0 p e r a t c sjless (ho pupil himself perceives got confidciitiTil,line, need for help, and seeks it, for Allied personnel, and the cariihc effort lo end the chaos tbnl. ca ] m a ,]j so i ve n, c Katanga prob-' mllml)ri in P° WC!I '- Urn Congo. This is the only gateway left'your lax dollars, have gone into ^ ( ] ou ] a mus [ ·ceep lhc Congo 'pledge not to serve under Adenauer and lurncd it down. Christian Democratic parly officials said they felt Adenauer retain Brentano, arguing that by fulfilled the Free Democrats' con- dilicn. 1 ! The first successful sugar beet the recalcitrant province. Mobu-| 1 . cfining p | ont in thc VM e Slates lu Is known lo regard such an au-l o p e n c t i in California in 1879. venture more soberly. · j H was Mobutu, with lhc backing of Prcsidcnl .Jbscph Kasavubu who expelled Russians, Czechs and Poles from the country last year after they openly supplied war materials to maintain Lu- TV Trouble? Ph. EL 2-2240 Days NSghts and Sundays Repair any AC or DC Radio--$2.5 / 0 plus parts We Give Gold Bond Stampi Bill's TV Service 435 14th Av«. Radio Dispatch Servlci through without hindrancc.ihas llirolllcd the Congo since it ]om I Mobutu cs- counseling ,will be virtually ineffective, according lo Dr. Lukcr. Also, Ihe pupil cannot be expected the to turn loward Ihe teacher as a counselor unless hc sees the teach- as someone essentially warm accepting, and a source of help. These interrelated points cover "T | 0 |d him 1 v.'as not going to counselor and counselec. show him my papers," Hie Ameil-, ld«al Counselors can said. "There was a brie(i(AP)--Sixteen There have always been poo-'argument, and then I was allowed shed, polilical chaos and near iplc in whom others naturally con-jto pass." banlmiplcy-nol lo mention ·""- The driver, who declined to al the Congo today. The writer j identify himself, reported t!:c|v,'f.;i a lr.i Pulilier Prize tor his policeman had demanded idenlity^lispatchcs on African affairs, papers. By LYNN HEINZERLING LICOPOLDVILLE, the months ot Congo ,ga s neb copper pi United Notions officials are con fidenl. They expect that preliminary contacts between Katangan Commlmist (hl . M i is ccognzel emissaries and the central gov- or( , |t , s s|jll , CKS rca , , holl in y 'lhn « « ' S of Unmimha's gaudy would (hen be ripe for a takeover by (he extremist Lvimumbisls. There are bright spots. The! C1 '" " be . .... to whom others always take' A U.K. spokesman said no Allied their troubles," Dr. l.ukcr says, comment on the East Goraun millions of dollars -- have -failed to awaken the Congo to roalily. Despite his statements, Tshom- When it ruins Iroulllc, you'll need f u l l insurance coverage lo insure family * security -- lhc kind you gel in n Homeowners 1'olicy. Combining several individunl policies (fire, personal properly, Iheft nnd liability) results in lower costs and more protection for you. DON FRANKS, JNS. DEPT. HAGAN AGENCY, Inc. 914-lOth St. GREELEY, COLO. PH. EL 2-7387 "They Hie (he ideal counselor: Later this series will lake up in detail the kind tile kind of people wlio slmuld be guided guidaiH-c and counseling. order was expected Monday nlglil Police in Ihc Western scclor re-\pM aside tribal suspicions, prc- dependence ot Katanga. ported their tear-gas grcnndc ex- tensions and ideologies President Kasavubu, although no political genius, is slill a mod- be himself is known lo feel ilnii.,,]-,-,!,, ani i stabilizing forte wilh n. 'llio days of his private stale are solid bncklng. Tho Adouln govern-J .numbered. · Nol a single nation , rci n 1ms kepi in office such STUDENTS... INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE; ...invest in an Oiympia portable! k a breeze to operate · finest advanced features · precision-built quality · handy carrying case · yours for just pennies a day Congolese leaders still caTMo';]ir, s ,-ccognlzed the proclaimed in- j n ( 0 change will) their Enslern oppo- enough to face their real prob-l ( Isilcs. West police patrolling Hie friends of the West ns Vice Pro- lems as a nation. mier Jason Sendwc, Foreign government, undcrjisler Justin Bomboko ali'I Infor- Joseph llco. '"! great pressure from leflisls aiitljiiialion Minister Counseling is n learning process!!»';*" l"«l Men ,3swa simma-| Thc re[Mc . s ''governnieiu'of;^"^'^'^^"^ members of insofar as the client or coiinselce' chm = guns and lenr gas Bicnndcs |l . cconci |j alion ,. un , ler Primc iUll . ' * . 1 . 1 . there lire other moderate, if less | is changing his ideas which in'Monday for the first time. i ; ( c . m A(!all | a nas fa u cd lo O o . . i i r _ l l l - _ i _ - ,,.,, *l,n' · (urn alter his behavior, b«t the At Wollankstrasse, I'Vench Sector border, on the the,reconcile. The , speciolisls as CSC do not regard ''TMTM TM :l()r "oroer,, me Coni-l il as a teaching situation. mll[llits Wctl lu ^ mc , a ^, c s t ' i un by Anloirc Gi Tho client's Changs, should to!"" loudspeaker by tossing f i v e i ^ , h oward increased effectiveness in grenades a it. Only two delonal- gov£ ,,. nmrals lo lhc Katanga border and soizing'Cabinet. dealing independently wilh his ad-! c(1 - ^ u ' ' llc cx P lo ^ on of onc uslmcnt difficnllies. It shou!dj^ n , las TMd the glass of an center on enabling Ihe client toN|- T l e Western police said they; , ° _ . ! L o ^ 11,...luii, Ivn^lr civ- f r l - n n ^ r t n c l jvcrnmcnt set lengn in Slan- :lp of Commu-' collapsed and 1 Gizcnga joined the Adoula ^ as vice premier. lie con-i change at his own rate and In his own way. Do-lt-YourieH Decisions Dr. I.uker rc-emphasles that decisions arc strictly do-it-yourself affair. Guidance with counseling can furnish the lools. ''Our field is no place for dogma," Dr. Luker says. "In it one liad thrown back six grenades! "wilh good cffecl." has gone lo Stanleyville. Nobody ktiowsj when or \s'helhcr he will rclurn. Thc army Is slill divided, wilh (Jen. Joseph Mobutu commanding in Lcopoldvilic' and Geh. Victor, center of the world, now lias M2 Umduln in charge at Slanlcyville.! 362 Art Gdllerles PARIS -- Paris, long the art galleries, 25 museums, 30 academies, and 22 yearly can be dedicated to a certain setlf prizes. Ten thousand arlisls live Tile Uniled Nations has reached; a cease-fire agreement in Ihe secessionist province of Katanga, of principles one b e l i e v e s strengthen the service and prevent error lhat may have occurred when rules supporting them arc not followed. Yet individuals vary so widely Ihnl Stay CHILI Homemade TEXAS Pints and Quarts "TO GO" · HARRY'S DRIVIN n Paris. There arc 207 frame- whose rich copper deposils are makers and 82 dealers in arl."* nation's greatest asset. II Is materials. At least ono Parisiani^peratcly trying Jo bl ; ln Sj' rcs ;! ; n five attend exhibition each year. major arl Ident Moise Tshomhe of Katanga Inlo neEolialions with Adoula. i -- Both Mobutu nnd I.undnln talk 1 ssiasi^^sKJWaJwa lor is one who knows hAv to bcllTM^TM atac nre far beyond flexible lo deal successfully with lhclr «P*ih««- the very exceptional cases." Further discussion of Ihe language of guidance will appear next. Sure! It's fun to get the most for your money! It's smart to compare quality! If s both fun and smart to shop G.T.A.'s window wonderland. · You get top quality aluminum storm doors and windows at rock bottom prices! Greeley Tent Awning Co. Telephone EL 2-0253 918 8th Ave. The Congolese Parliament considers its most important order of business is to arrange lo chop up lhc jungle land inlo still more provinces wilh diverse Iribalj urges. There are rot enough skilled Congolese lo run the central government and administer the present six provinces prop-i crly. The Dew nation still does not |have Us own constilution, but is' operating under a fundamental, law worked out with the former: JDelgian colonial masters. Parlla- nent is amending this law 50 that the six provinces laid out arbitrarily by (he Belgians can be cut up to accommodate and perpetuate tribal groupings. It is a labor based on Ihe ancient hates of (he Congolese that will further impede the Congo's' entrance inlo the world of the' 20lh century. ; The shadow of the first prime minister, Palrice Lumumba, slill ! lics across thc Congo. The tall, flamboyant nationalist leader was slain in Katanga more lhan eight months ago while being held by Tshombe's government. Lumumba's top lieutenants -- Gircnga, minister of fnlcrior Chrislophe Cibenye and Chamber President Joseph Kasongo, all leftists -- are contending for Ihe- grand libcralor's mantle. They hope, too, to seize power from Adoula. Western diplomats, who, have, watched the whole Incredible story unfold in Ihe Congo, believe the Adoula government is the best thc country can achieve in the circumstance's. Some consider Adou- V "YOU'LL BE CHARMED IM SURE... WITH A N E W ELECTRIC DRYER" JOLLY TIME POPS so TENDER An automatic electric dryer will perform the disappearing clothesline trick at your house. No more heavy lugging and lifting of damp clothes. No more hanging out in all kinds of weather. An electric clothes dryer is both economical in cost and in operation. Let your appliance dealer show you all of the time and labor saving features of this electric servant. HOME LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY

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