Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 10, 1957 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 13
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A subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee, which hai been itudyinc the TV industry ·aid "tie evidence demonstrates that for at least the past 10 years an air of informality hai surrounded cases pending before the commission. "This hai permeated the com- mission'i administrative process," the committee said, "to a point i where various members of the | commission without reluctance j h a v e , during the past decade, repeatedly discussed with one or .,, _ .. more interested parties the merits i S I" 1|W Y «' 2:I7 ""-Friday. of pendins cases-even foinj ,o' The lake is owned by the Public !far as to indicate how particular i *""" fompiny of Colorado. It commissioner, would vote. i*" thf fir " '""' lh « "irnair "Thi. practice," tht committee i h " **·" '' IW in '·« '»"«.· Headless Body May Help Solve Britain's Myslery of Frogman CHICHESTER, Enjland * -A man'i beadlesi body with trot- men'i equipment attached wai washed up near here Sunday and may ipell the end of one of Britain'* bigjeit myiteriei. Royal ,Air Forremen found the body on a landbank on Pilsea li Plane Hits Home; Four Are Killed ' PACOIJIA, Calif. If! - A private tht patio, i m j i h i n z inward i pie- land-i lew miln from whtrr the ace freeman C»dr. Lionel (Bint-! 0 '" 1 * P'»« er) Crabb diiappeared on a m y i - ' ..... era.hed Sunday night into » , t u " * lndow "* ' f f t Irom · uw « luburban home where eight mem-'* 1 "" Wortn ' h " wu - t h r « cl "'- the"eoa~sY b " 1 °' · '·"··''· »«« «t'"S « ' d r f n lnd thr " Oth " "·'""" wartime I birthday dinner. Kour occupants *«« " tln S- * me ° ( l h t m »"« injured. A neiihbor, Donald lleishan,! The coroner identified the dead nej« and other rrprtatntitivri of !i,' r 'i 0 ui~"d1vini'operation n e a r ' a lold reporttn he law the pfane'i as Owen Summon Willis.' S3: '-· · - ·· Ruiiian wanhio last jear ' ri * ht win * " fold llk * TM »«ordi- Henry Harris Smith, 42; Robert Police laid the body had been 1 TM-" F. Peterson, 51; and Tcrrence Patin the water for "some consider- " l h f n P'unted do*n into the terson UcVhardt, 33, all of Chlfo, one-story tract home of Barry ,Calif. The bodies were dismem- Worth, 30. a telephone company bmd. Nederland Dam Full First Time in Five Years Barker Meidow resen-oir, more commonly known as Nederland dam wat filled and overflowed the added, "iniofar ai it relates to pending- adjudications, is repugnant to fundamental principle! of: Kraft Italian Dressing Casino French Dressing ,,,, I*. Snow Slar Ice Cream v . B i«.-ch.,...i^itr.*b,r, y , ,.i«-. 69c Strawberries e ...r. *»« 29c Gum Drops and Orange Slices « ». t.» Price* quoted in tha »d Rood in Rreeley, Colo., June 10-11-12 quasi-judicial procedure." !Wou!( ' b * flllfl) The committee said it believes I Th« reservoir was built in 1907 if "imperative" that the commis-' 1 9 1 0 » nd in " "" h " b " n flllH Nederland merchants contributed $660 in prizes on guessea as to the leiact moment when the reservoir able time." They gave no further information eicept that from equipment attached to the body they believed it to be that of a frogman. The Admiralty wai Immediately informed of the discovery. An Admiralty ipokesman .aid; "We shall give whatever assistance we can towards identifying the body." Crabb'i disappearance coincided installer, t e a r i n g a hole about lu The plane was by « feet in the roof. .tenice at Chico The plane crashed on down into iaij. "It f r o m a rental Airport, police with the visit to Britain of Soviet Premier Nikolai Communist Party was horrible," Worth laid. "I hope somethinc can be done about thee planes flying over th« neighborhood." His house i« a mile from Pacoima Junior High School, whera , . the hiEh-altitude colliiion of I Bulganin a n d , alternates is on the «ame basis. ,,,,, ,,,, lnd , jf , Boss N i k i t a j K a c h member has his or her own , wo ,,,.,,,.(],,, 4-Lane Road (Continued from Pag* 1) KhrushcheV in April last year, .particular alternate. It had all the atmopher« of a Members and alternates are list- cloak-and-dasser thriller and hai ( ed below. The listing never been Questions House of Commons as to whether ternate'. district. Ihe officially explained, (member and his district first, fol- were asked in the flowed by his alternale and the al- C y m - c l a « s boys and five airmen last Jan. 31. The f a m i l y dinner was a party celebrating the 57th birthday of Worth'i mother-in-law Mrs. Katie Bauchwitz. "We heard a big whine and 1 British Royally May Visit U.S. October 16-21 Crabb had been ipying on the So-! Dave Hill. Greeley, Norman John- big crash," said Worth. "It hap- viet cruiser Ordzhonikidze w h i c h j s o n , Windsor; Sheldon Brooks, pened so fast we didn't know What brought Bulganin and Khrushchev, Johnstown, Ray Nelson. E r i e ; , was happening." to Britain. i Wayne N o r m a n , La Salle, M r s . ; His father-in-law, Heinz Bauch- The frogman disappeared n e a r j W a y n e McNeil, Kersey; Tom N i x l w i t z , 63, a too) and die maker at 2i times. It is a channel dam i Portsmouth April 19, 1»5«. Ten|j r ., Eaton, Vincent Erickson,! the Lockheed missile test center built across Middle Boulder creek, j d a y s later the Admiralty said he : platteville. 'in this San Fernando Valiey lub- Storage capacity is 11.925 feet j*»i presumed dead after failing George Bush, Prospect Valley.'urh of Los Angeles, laid: Jake Bernhart, Wiggins; Wilbur! "I thought it was an earth- Thomai, Carr, Ralph Eichenher-1 quake. There was a crash and I Height of the reservoir from bed- to return from a test dive. rock is 172 feet and to the ipillway 129 U feet. Filling of the reservoir means that a large flow of water, about Russia lent a protest complaining that a frogman-apparently Crabb--had been seen near the Ordihonikidie. Britain replied ex- 1917, 1911, 1920, 1921, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1941, 1942, J9 i6. 1919, 1922, 1934 both inclusive; LONDON 1*1 -- The Newi Chronicle quoted informed sources Monday ai saying Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. Prince Philip, will visit the United States Oct. 1621 after going to Canada. The Liberal newspaper's report was from its New York correspondent, who laid the royal couple's plans would be announced! 1944 1945 officially in a day or two. ii9S»'anl 1955. The proposed visit w a i dis-: cussed by President Eisenhower and British Prime Minister Mae- mHlan at their talks in Bermuda last March. Reports since then, however, have laid the trip wai being postponed until neit y e a r j because Macmillan did not want I the impression to be given that) the rcyal visit was being used to, 500 second feet, held back by the!Passing regret and laying that dam will now now down Boulder « h » l Crlbb w " dom w " com creek into Ihe St. Vrain. P lfttl ) r ""authorized. List of years in which the reservoir filled gives an interesting picture pf variations in runoff in Northern Colorado and follows: The yean in which the reservoir hu filled are 1»12. 1913. 1914, 1915, 1935, 1343, 1923, 1924, 1936, 1937, 1947, 19i9, 1951, 1952. The years of failure are 1925, 1929 1939. 1940, 194^ 1950, 1953, Mrs. Ella House of Grover Dies Reports from Drilling , , . ler. Vim; Glenn Cowley, Grover,(splintering of glass from the window. The room wai covered with glass, but we were very fortunate erase the tension that arose over Suez. Spokesmen at Buckingham Pal- arc, the Queen's reiidence, have refused to comment on contradictory report, about the visit. Storm Strikes Russell Kans. California Company reported a t j the weekend that its Windsor Reser-1 voir Canal company No. 1 In the New Windsor field near Severance was drilling below 1182 feet. I-ocl- tytion ii S'i NENE 34-7-67, Weld County. In the Pierce field California'i Oeib No. 1 is drilling below 54SO. Location is NWSF. Z3 « «. Also in Ihe Pierce field Gertrude King No 1 of the California epm- pany if SKSVf 22-1-66 wai drilling I below the surface pipe over the Mri. Ella House. II. of inuth- ;,. Mk rni lmj [, p r t j u niably west of Gmver.died at the Weld lrmm( j 0 00 feet. lenn Bringelson, New R a y m e r ; Harold Olander, Dailey, Carl Peters, Mead; James Johnson, Moun-!and weren't hit. tain View, Mrs. Helen Baldwin, I "There was no fire. The engine St. Vrain. |must have been cut. We shut off J. Thane Turner, Peterson, Pierce; A. Cornish, Ernest Nelson, Ob«erva-|the plane hitting the wires." tory; Harry A. Pippin, KeenesburJ. | Bauchwitz laid he wai fint out Mri. Sylva K u n z m a n , Ior,e; Per:y Odle, Kuner, Mrs. Christine Painter, Roggen; George Lindblad, Severence, H. C. Greenwald. Bracew-ell; Arthur K. Anderson, Peter Brown, Roy Johnson, Buell. Nunn. Cecil ithe gas in the kitchen. The electri- J. Campbell, 1 city in the house was cut off by of the house, "taw four corpses and felt very bad." Mrs. Eliza Wray of Johnstown Dies JTONIGHT COME NEXT SPRING Ann Sheridan and Sltvt Cochnn -PLUS HIDDEN GUNS ' Bruce Bennett and Richard Arftn Mri. Flira Wray, w i f e of James Wray of Johnsloun, died at her home uneipectedly Friday evening following several yean illness «A.""M!? with heart disease. She was horn in Franklin County, Va. May 21, U75. She was married (o James Wray County General hospital Saturday; ,,, nort ),eaitern Weld nicht. Mrs. I Northern Nalural Gai Home wa? bom July JO, company 1 , McKenzie at Denver June 11, 1918. Since that her home has been in the Production | j 0 hn.iown area. No. 1 in | jf|- s Wray was aclive in thr 1865. in Albany, N.Y. She moved SWSE IJ4 .57 r f p f r f o r ,tM from Chapter of Ihe Order of to Missouri with her parents and 5900 thru 5905. Recovered some ga»!,h. Eastern Star, Ladies Aid of lh and no fluid, was to wash with mud 1 1'niled Brethren Church of Johns- in 185 she wai married to L. L. Norris at Purdy, Mo. He died in 190ft. She was subsequently mar- acid. Also in the McKenzie area in 1926. Mrs. House I t o w n and a member of the Garden n |Club of Johnstown. Surviving her are her husband, ._.., James, and two nephews whose i after two attempts to drill stem homes are in Virginia and other ried to N. F. House of Boulder.! M. Rounds and Sanford oil com They moved to the Grover district p , n y were drillng on to the J sand wai a member o f j t f s t the D. On test from SWV) to KANSAS CITY I* -- A wind and the Grover Community church. '.!f4 there was a miss run on the She is survived by two sons:!first try and the tool plugged on hail itorm lashed the city of Rus- *"* L - N ' orris lnii *'"· F r a n k "" »" on i " ""^ "" '"PP" 1 b r sell in central K a n s a s Sunday "·"· h 0 " 1 ° f f,ro»er. She is a l s o i s a m p l e at M70. night as the U. S Weather B u - ! s u r v i i e d by two brothers and two In Wyoming Falcon Seaboard will reau issued a special forecast of iiiiten, all of Galena, I I I . There : dnll a wildcat Satanka test, sched- i possible tornadoes for parts of '" l n r f f grandchildren and three luled to go to about SWO feet, S'i 1 great grandchildren. Services at miles north of California's Borie II a m . Wednesday A d a m s n n Me- field in Laramie ounly. location morial chapel. I n t e r m e n t Sunset Memorial Gardens. Kansas and Oklhom. At Dodge City, the Wether Bu- reu reported that a tornado funnel wa. lighted 15 miles southwest of Pratt at f:M p m. There were no reports of damage. The .term-at Russell knocked down power lines windows in many building; than an inch of rain fell on the city in an hour', time. Police laid damage wai "considerable." relatives. Funeral services were held Mon- Jay at H a.m. at the Schremer Mortuary, Johnstown. Interment Johnstown cemetery. LAST TIMES TODAY "TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON" with Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford ."PFFFT" with Judy Holiday and Jack Carson Also a Color Cartoon U.S. Rejects Bid ijrSfor f |ood Aid for North Liberals Expected lo Win Canada's Monday Election is Bell No. 1 in SF.SE 11-14-68. Sur-' lace elevation i 6.VJO feet. I In the Pine Bluffs area Pure Oil! company has made location and I has ricged up to drill Groo-Wilkinson No 1 in SF.SW 9-11-60. Braden Oil company is the contractor. There Is a lot of activity in southern Kimball County, Neb., close to Ihe Weld County line. Last week WASHINGTON -- The While three oil w e l l s were completed t h e r e Hruse announced Saturday t h a t by Panamerican, two in the Schloss Colorado's rrqueit for S28.VIX1 for field and one in the Vnwer«. flood d i « a « t e r work has hern turned Carver-Dodir Oil c o m p a n y and down. Siarro Oil c o m p a n y are completing The announcement said a tele-. No. 1 Bnurlier, a w i l d c a t in NW.VW gram was sent to Gov. Mc.N'ichols 20-1357 after recovering M70 feet rejecting his request for federal of free oil in Ihe upper bench of Liberal funds for emergency repair work in the J sand. Drill stem le-t was f r o m Minister i Adams, Weld and Boulder counties. 7144 to 7153 w i t h tool opened two Louis St. Laurent is strongly f a - ' The help was sought May Z9 by hours. An ungaged o l u m e of gas rorfd to win Monday'i nationalIGcv McNichols who also request- surfaced in 20 m m u t e « and pipe election, despite a vigorous c a m m e d that the President grant Colo- recovery was 5170 feet nf oil. M paifn by the Conservatives. rado "such a d d i t i o n a l personnel, fret of filtrate w a t e r and 10 feet John Diefenbaker, 61-year-old ' e q u i p m e n t and m a t e r i a l ai you of oil cut mud. Con'ervative leader, m a i n t a i n s on ' deem necessary." i In Rio Blanco Counly. Colorado, the eve of the balloting he h a a In hi! plea fur W h i t e Home aid, P h i l l i p s Pelrolnim c o m p a n y was i c h a n c e for an upset victory like i McNichols said d a r r i z r s caused .drilling below Ift.fiiv) f e f t in LVilo-^- · t h a t won by Harry S. Truman i n ' b y heavy rains and floods in May rado'i deepest well. The w e l l is a ] when the eiperti picked ' were "so severe lhat federal as W'eber land wildcat lest in Powell f JThoeas E. Dewey. s i « l i n r e i noded." i P a r k in Ground elevation is 60.3. TORONTO government - The Prime NOW! . . . ENDS T U E S D A Y ! . SPR1HC BEniUOH o J(iOTariB:»mmBBi ·.lf7H.ll.. D»aA^.r»s GIANT DOUBLE SPACE-TERROR HITI MONSTER AMOK ONEARTHI 20 MILLION ii THE 11 MOST T E R R I F Y I N G i D A Y S IN H I S T O R Y I : rue , HA* WEDNESDAY! ::,33c i^iL^ Attend The ROCKY MOUNTAIN REGION'S FINEST HORSE SHOW IN GREELEY JUNE 29 and 30 G«nenl AHmivlon--$1.00 nftrvfd Swtiu-II.SO Hot S»»t!«--J2.SO Tlrkftn AraiUMc ll · firitlfy fh»inhfr nf Cnmratrr* thi*. Both NigMa. '-0. ·«« «». Gr«.l.,, Ola. · P.M. ! Pitast tnciei* a irlf-addrrtsid Ju«ler Hideri' »*ow. Junt 10, ! ·" aUnptt! tn»llept ter nail 1 P.M. 1 artira. NOW SHOWING IN THE MAGNIFICENT ENTERTAINMENT TRADITION of "THE KING and I", "THE ROBE", "THE SONG OF BERNADETTE" and "ANASTASIA" A manne^and Sister Angela · .£ alone on a Pacific s+ \ I$!aii4...'trapped ' /'^ l behind enemy 1 , finei! DEBORAH KERR- ROBERT MITCHUM"*' "Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison"; COLOR CARTOON ·nd I.ATKST NEWS ( «

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