Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 13, 1970 · Page 35
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 35

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1970
Page 35
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Page 36 GREELEY TRIBUNE Wed., May 13, 1970 Oilfield Roundup L° Opera Festival Tickets Now Available Here DKN-VKK (AP) _ The Independent Petroleum Association of America approved Tuesday a resolution urging "an effective and stable oil import quota program" and opposing a proposed differential t a r i f f system. "The American standard of living, the economic progress "Throughout ils deliberations, the committee has been unanimous in ils conclusion that additional incentives are needed to encourage domestic exploration, development and production of both crude oil and natural gas. "The committee has been particularly concerned with the of our country and the security'iiecd to expand exploratory ac- of the United States and thejlivities, increase the discovery free world require a coordinal-jof new oil and gas reserves, and ed import policy lo maintain]further the activities from pres- ancl expand U.S. energy plies." the resolution said. sup- It was adopted at the association's miriywear meeting. The. resolution directed the association's officers "to mobilize and employ the greatest possible, strength of Ihe association cut known reserves. These needs are fundamental to the national security objectives of the government's import program. The committee now wishes to re-emphasize Ihe need for additional incentives lo increase domestic supplies of oil and Tickets are now available for Ihis summer's Central City Opera festival productions of Puccini's "La Boheme" and Carlisle Floyd's new American opera, "Of Mice atid Men," at :he Greeley Travel Agency, (Ireeley National Bank Building, Greeley, phone 255-3241. The opera festival will open in Central City at the famed Opera House on Saturday, June 20, wilh "La Boheme." Floyd's o|era, "Of Mice and Men," which will be having its Rocky Mountain premiere, will open Saturday, June 27. Both operas will alternate through July 25. Musical director and conductor for this season will be Thomas P. Martin of New York. Stage One source said the SP 0 TM!-^ 5 ^ 1 ' 0 ' was working on a j ,,,-,,· director will be frank Lighting and scenery Holm, and Men" had ils »o: "I. Oppose the differenlial tariff system proposed in Iheicommiltec report 'of the Cabinet Taskjsvstcm under which domestic! "VJ 'vuce ana men - nao us Force on oil import control producers could share in im-| u l , d , P'°'T e '," i ' eall . c l; ' sl which, by punitive rcclnclionsjports in relationship lo l h c i ' « ' ^ ' . v and has been critically, in rlomcslic prices, would scri-lamounl of exploratory footage! 1 f ' "' C "" );t l m l»" a n l : onsly impair Ihe nation's sccur-.they drill in the United Stales. I £.:..-,..'"- .",'! ily as In supplies of both oil; The special committee report- 1 ! n|lt ' " ns - ed il had held four meetings-- . "2. Support an effective and || le m osl recent one in D e n v e r j \ n - ' r ii -t · · ] f t - ! Stable oil imnort quota pro-!Snnclav - and" decided to ask;, 1 ;, ,, °i ,. ' m m ' ^ d u r i n " nie 1 pram t h a t will encourage C x - j f o r ,,,, PXte nsion of time. i d TM c ,'ion hvs Ai wa l e i pansinn of domestic oil and| The committee report. ap-i sineLT ,; S j(, l l c d'wn 0 annc-irccl iir gas supplies in keeping wilh' p ,. nvo( | by the Import Policy lt | le .Seattle premiereI'ire' J u l n n ! growing U.S. re.-itiirements. .Committee, said: i Patrick Carol Bavird Robert . . « n i n... (·....(!.,, _ . . . . ! I cUl I L I \ , Veil Ul Oct\ (U U. l U J I J U l U r · , . o n ' """/'^l s b' ^unto 'no" 1 j i. 1 o .!. Prevent he further un; "After careful consideration of ; M ( m , s o n . and Gcra | (l Tho ,. sell . | dcrmming ol the import pro-ithe many difficult ramifications! An all-new production of "Ui cram by piecemeal or cxpcrii-. involved in the proposals under Boheme" will be staged in the cut action on such current is- eonsidoralin,,, Ihe committee Opera House I h i s summer w i t h sues as imports from Canada. ag ,- m i w i t h o l l t ;l dissciitin S:s i nB tM-s from Ihe Ne La' -- m PORCH Martin-Headed Choi ' man Nom " Space Team Gets Contract AP Regional Servire WASHINGTON (AP) - A seven-company aerospace team headed by Martin Marietta Dorp, of Denver and McDonnell Douglas Corp. of St. Louis has been awarded an $!! million con- SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP)-The Mexican-American Youth Organization announced Monday election of :i national chairman, a new office, and of a state chairman. Mario Coinpwm, present slate chairman, said Carlos Gucrra of Hobstown was elected national MAYO chairman. Guerra, 22, and Luera, 23, will take office June 1. Guerra was an active supporter of a Mexican-American p u b 1 ic school walkout in K i n g s v i 11 e last spring. Compean said he now will space shuttle system. Colorado members of Congress announced the award by Ihe National Aeronautics and Space Administration In a joint statement, Republican Sens. Gordon Allolt and Peter II. Dominick and Rep. Don Brotzman said the design will call for re-use of launch vehicles which are expendable in current space projects. A similar contract has been awarded to a team headed by North American Rockwell Corp. and General Dynamics Corp. The two studies are expected | to be completed within a year. 'NASA will then decide whether Iract for designing a manned serve as regional coordinator of MAYO chapters here and others being organized in Austin, Dallas and Waco. Injunction Sought PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A Philadelphia l a w y e r who is a stockholder in Roan Selection Trust Ltd. sought an injunction Tuesday in U.S. District Court to restrain American Metal Climax, Inc. from acquiring all of Roan's stock. Harold E. Kohn said in his suit before Judge Thomas Masterson that American, which liolds 42.3 per cent of Roan .slock, is acting fraudulently in lo seek congressional approval the attempted takeover, to proceed with development a! Roan was organized in Zam- systcm for orbital manned mis-ibia and currently is one of the sions, according lo Ihe an- two major copper producers in nouncement. that African country. American is a major producer, fabricator i P A R I S Sale of p a r k i n g per- and marketer of metals, includ- ' i i i i l s has been rejected here, 'ing copper. imnnH nT, l,,a ot^ im g ,, ? * , (llsscntl "f ; , singers from the New York City | BUIXihT-BALANCKD H O M K - T h i s house has a center h:ill lc.idi.ic to u 3-bcdroom wine, 1 1/2 i mssm ^ . 2or \, 2 m l oH i n o he : H - ' WM , 1101 . I^l'^ Opera appearing in leading! bail*, an attractive 18' by 12' living room and a kitchen-dining arc,. A'doublc gura,c and nmdreon, \ P| ill-.^A -- ·!s ,-ns^od moo M o e t r o i " " "Tr" n^" s l )ec ' f !, c 'TMl'*- -'\ Impure listing t h e : add convenience. Plan HA648C, has 960 square feet of living .space and was desired by architect I fp 1A11I Af VI^IIITC L.ISI (o.isi a m i m p o i i 01 puio- r i, commcm | a tions. i h c commit-, ma |inee and evening per- Lester Cohen, Room 704,48 West 48lh St., New York N Y 10036 \ E8 IS B B «?· if 1 · IC1II1.J chemical feedstocks lee urges lhal it be authorized;formances is available at the _ ' / " " ^ · r « « ^ ^ « · m^mmmm^ ·M. Continue work of the ,,, c . 0 nlinue its work, and reporl'cireelev ticket office or In , ' - - - - - - - - - \ \,,vv ain i.VTinv iv TmvM · ) chemical feedstocks ltce llrges t | lat it bc authorized iformances is available at Continue work of the (,, C 0 nlinue its work, and reporl'cireeley ticket office or ... special i m p o r t study committee i(s recommendations at the 11)70 w r i t i n g : Central City Opera I f\C l o t 'lie associations . . as ap- I P A A . innua | meL ,|j, 1R in Dal- House Association. 1)10 Kith St. ';\^',3 proved by t h e associations im-j.,^-. iltoiver. 8U202. port policy c o m m i t t e e " ' - -- -The resolution said this coun- l r \ has "an energy crisis re- s u l t i n g from inadequate eco-i liomi- 1 incentives to bring lorlh lhc siipwplics of oil. gas and ,-,,.· .. ( H m · 11 ·· l i i-v\v\\ M P , I M , , . I ,. sa£,Ksr»;Of Mentally III in Hospital !£TM:S%-u; '"'.'.· ', t l ' i - - u ,7' i. , . - -aarcemenl in principle w i t h import policies ,IK .i K . By ALTON B L A K E S L E E ;mor,y. Olhers suffered from .),,!,,, M. Kin,;, chairman of Kin.; AP Science Editor ;neuroses, schi/.iiplirenia or other He-sources Co. of the U n i t e d ailments. Stales, for financial assistance For about half of the I HO origi- lo i h e troubled offshore m u t u a l nal p a t i e n t s , improvement of fund o r g a n i z a t i o n . urred w i l h i n 24 Uiule-- Ihc agreement. K i m : , jhours of the family's admission, and a group of "leading U.S. Ii- 'Reach Pact New Experiment Puts Family iC^ Financing Of Mentally III in Hospital any,'' lie added. "We i n i e n d in Km: W y n i l h a m White, added in play a const r u i - i i v e role in i!ie ano'ihcr statement Ilia! "this jinteresls of all JOS shareholders a v e r m e n t marks a t u r n i n g jand clients." | . i i n : in '.he history of our coin ! Bernard (.'ornleld. the IOS "any." !rounder who announced his re- liremcnl as hoard chairman Fresh Hearing Aid Batteries Saturday, and his slu-cess'ir. Si- Gilbert Rcxall Stores. --Adv. I,AR;KST SKLKCTION IN TOWN 60 varieties Petunias * 30 varieties Geranlumi All colors Pansics * All varieties other floweri Egg Plant C a b b a g e liar's Vegetable and Greenhouse ! mi. South on 1st Avc. (from Sugar Factory) factor in d e t e r m i n i n g Ihe economic c l i i n a l p for the development of these U.S. energy re- SAX KHA.N'CISCO l A P l -- A sources." il added. new experiment in treating the The resolution urged asso- mentally ill puts members of r i a i i i i n officials "to consult w i t h t h e i r families into the hospilal:^TM'^ 1 ""TM ail (i'lmesiic producers of encr w i l h them. ·:y .-PI;! w i t h a p p r o p r i a t e iTivncn-al agencies lo t h e ten 1 necessary to insure fo-'ny.'lalion of an o v e r a l l jov-. And Ihi.s seems lo produce'''' c P s 't'hialrLits said. naiicial i i i s l i l u l i o n s " which w e r e cx- : good results, two psychiatrists "The sheer force of the fami- not i d e n t i f i e d , pledged to lend I h c ' t o l d the American Psychiatrici'y's expressed concern, as well IOS up lo S-10 million over t h r e e iin-.Association. " |as their willingness concretely years, secured by IOS c - . u i l y purl program t h a t will enlist' Often Ihe person who is put in. 1 " shoulder responsibility for the shares at a price of s.j per the widest possible support." ' t h e hospital is simply "carrying disturbance and Ihc t r e a t m e n t , share. A special committee sel up by the symptoms of a dislurbcdiseem crucial here." Abroms The annnunccnicn! said t h a i iin: Independent Petroleum Assn-'family." and t r e a t m e n t needs lo! anf l l'"cllner said. 'negotiations were proceccliim cia 1 inn of America to s t u d y pos- be aimed at the f a m i l y , they ex-' The 100 patients were hospi-'wilh respect to Icadinu Euro, hihie allocation of imported o i l - p l a i n e d . lali/.ed an average of 17 days, pcan f i n a n c i a l i n s t i t u t i o n s , bill among domestic producer* oh- Drs. Gene M. Abroms and and Ihe family members for did not identify them. laiiv! a six - m o n t h extension ofl(.'arl II. Fcllner of the L'niversi-iabout 10 days. ' It s:l jd further details on Ihc i t s i e p o r t i n g deadline M o n d a y . j l y of Wisconsin told Monday of ! Helpful treatment really bc-!aureemcnl would be disclosed The IPAA's Import Pnlicy;treating 100 patients, w i t h wliomlgins, Ihe doctors said, when t h e i l a l o r t h i s week when the first Commillee approved a request 126 members of the families 1 patient and his family aceepLphase of Ihe transaction is cx- froni Ihe special commitlee t h a t ' a l s o were admitted to Ihe hospi- the idea thai "Ihe problem lies peeled to close, il lie allowed u n t i l fall I" com-.tal. The 126 included husbands.ibctween all of them, not just. King said in a slatemenl is- plcic ils work. wives, parents, brothers and sis-jwithin lhc 'patient.' Therapy sued by IOS he intended to con- Tlv. rr-pnrl now is lo be made lers of patients. proceeds when the family can s ul! promptly the U.S. Securi- nl the association's annual meet- Diagnoses were made of t l i e ' s i t down together and work out.tics Exchange Commission iir: : n Dallas. Tex., Nov. l-'.i. f a m i l y members as well as IhiMheir faulty methods of r c l a t - w i t h a vi»w lo secario" i l s ' ; p The extension was a s k e d - - p a t i e n t s . Among the 12(. h a i l i n g . " proval "as well as the resolution nnrt granted during the or- were considered to have person- 11 docs no good In loll a family of all IOS mailers now pendim 1 pani/.alion's mid-year meeting a l i l y disorders. t h a i the trouble "is really w i t h before the commission." in Denver. ; Thirty per ceul of Ihc patients all of them, but then let all but "Mv associates and I look for Head of !he special commit-.|-,, K | proiiicn-,.- lec is Collis P. Chandler. Jr.. c( i ,,, marita: Denver independent oil opera- ·· lor. Ils mission, when i: was; crca'crt was to analy/e methods' ol al'ocaiing import quotas "to 1 encourage directly domestic exploration development and pro rluclion of oil and gas. . ." The special import s t u d y coin- j niitlce's report lo I IIP Import | Policy ('omniittec said in p a r t : ' I Divers Search , D I ' R A N f l O . Colo. ( A P I Divers searched Navajo Lake o n ; the Colorado-New Mexico bor-. dc.r. 45 miles southeast of honv Monday for Art I.ope/, of Farm-! inglon. N.M., who a p p a r e n t l y drowned when the boat in w h i c h he and his f a m i l y were riding! capsized Sunday. | A u t h o r i t i e s say Ihc missing man's wife and four children made t h e i r way lo shore, hut d i d n ' t see. Lopez after the accident. : S h n r l l y before d a r k Monday, riivcrs had gotten to ihe inn-tout levrl in the lake w i l l i o u l lir.diiu; ;inv trace of I.ope/. Colorodan N a m e d W A S H I N G T O N l A I ' i - - idenl N i x o n ririiioiinced !!u pointmiMif of a (,'olorado Tuesday to ihe Peace Corp^ liooal A d v i s o i y roiiori!. H'' is MallM"! A. ( ' a r i l I HoiilrlcT. C a r i l l o is dirocli M n x i c a n - A n i e r i r a n a l l a i r ; lhc l;ili\-(.'rsiiy ot Colorado. Those appointed to the g Tuesday also included cnti ers .lohiiny Cash and ' i l l ! Ci Till' council is headed by A . A r n i s t r u n u . l i u - i i r ; ina set Innt on Ihe mnoii. Cosmos 344 Launched MOSCOW l A I ' i 'I'iie Soviet Pnirn launched Tuesday .neither ('nsmos-- \o. K M ni ils si'i 1 ies of u n m a n n e d e.-ir.ii satellites. II was I ho first space-hip in the scries since eighl .'aiei!i-. \vr-rc put up at one t i m i A p r i l 2."), d u p l i c a t i n g a f e a t the I ' m i i (I M . i l r s already p c i i " i n . i - i i ;.c\cral lime. 1 ;. app,u-Liill.v relHt-.inu: uf them go luime," lhc J u c - w a n i ' l o joiniim u i i i i iOS in liie . or f a m i l y dishar-.lors reported. Ifurlhi r develnpini'iit of the c":n- The Time To Luxurious I" of Best Qualify Human Hair 18 incSiss long, 7 oz, Thursday t h r u S a l u r d a v Only Includes Styling Greeley Wig 1515 8th Ave. Telephone 353-1143 d ,-·-.··,·.!inci!i\-, iiini rjr, hare to there . . . from now in then ... that are smartly s t y l e d . . . and y ociby lo care for thai you're never tip-tight! Styled of Avril® and cotton, hraled wilh iliuaiiic walcr rrpcllcnt, they arc completely machine washable . . . require little or no nnniiK] . . . iL-sist flirt . . . slny neuter longer -- v/rinklcs (all out. What more could a girl ask- 1 From thr, hri'.k and hrcrzy collection, designed to help you keep your cool, we show: A. Bush-jacket: iilur with while s t i t c h trim. Sin?s K - l 6, 12.00 B. Straigiit-icg pant;: loop-lie hell. While wilh blue s t i t c h trim, or blue with while Sizes S-16, 9.00. C. Sleeveless shell: Dacion and nylon l-.nir, bnck-r.ip ribbed crew neck. Blue and while stripe Sizes S.M.L, 4.00. D. A-linc skirt: one k /:ip, widp hell loops. BkiG \vil!i while Irim. Sizes H-16, 8.00 E. Culotte skirt: Iniir-butlpn wrap-flap skirt. Blue wilh white trim. Sizes 8-1 6, 9.00. CHARGE THtM OH KAKFIR'S CHARGE, BANKAMF.RICARD OR MASTER CHARGE V / i l S H I R f ; C t M T E R , 2816 W. 10th St. 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday :l-.:-u Fririoy; 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday

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