Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 10, 1957 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
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Monday, June 10, 1957
Page 12
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Page 6 GREELEY TRIBUNE Monday. June 10, 1957 Five Injured in Weekend's Weld Accidents Ihe Hospital Admitted to Weld County General hospital Saturday, Jim* fi: Mrs. fsavcl Bcrnal, Windsur; .Mrs. George Urich, Oil Fourth a v r n u r ; Mrs. George Kimball, 2403 Twelfth avenue courl; Ilobcrt C. Meier, riallevillc; G u a d a l u p e V a r e 1 a Realtors Cannot Prepare Legal Papers, Court In The Courts Polict Court Frank Samanieeo of 520 Third 1 street, drunk, 10 days in jail. j David Cuellar of 72]Vj Ninth , ) F : N V K n Five persons w e r e injured in I r a f f i c accidents in Ihe county over the weekend. They were .four Cheyenne residents, Mrs. J u l i a M. Jacks, 45, u i i i Glenn Hnudvshrll, 41, \ V a y n c ; Huut-rfunl J n c k s . SO, and Benito Benavidtv., 27, »nd David K. Kehn Jr., 28, of Lucerne, The four Cheyenne persons were injured in an autnimihilc cnl- .. ,. ,, , . ,,. . L -.r,. -- Preparation of llcrcdio. Kersey; .Mrs. Jessie M m - ' , , , lot . llmcills b r c a l ,,,,,,, "·· ' r 7'«: ,.'." nv!1 ' r?r ;? 1 - *"TM^:iM.,X,,, ,..,,,,lii,,lr. practice or (.rover L. MhisiT, 310 r o u r l c e n t h | aw [h( , Colorarto supreme C o u r l ; " l L held M o n d a y in a series of u n a n i - ' j street, drunk, $25, Peler Neis of Rosebud, S. D., I drunk, S13.50. Lee Torres of Creeley, drunk. Don Vincent Gibney Has Fatal Heart Attack Don Vincent Gibney, who had suddenly Friday evening al Poncha Springs. He had thclalal heart attack while out driving with his City Buys Sewer Bonds of Estate Mrs. Earl E. Hickiran Dies at Hospital Here Mrs. Josephine Pauline Hickman, M, wife (,! Ei.rl E. IILclcr.ia cf ; _ ' BushueU, Neb., died Sunday at A saving of approximately 520.000 j Weld^Countf Ceoerjl hospilal._She " "'" ~* "' " " sis. t r e e t ; M r s . Henry F. Foreman. . 1227 N i n t h avenue; F.u«enc Weis/. ,, 1()l]s decision Cir Rtportid Sloltn Jr.. 3001 Hi;!h drive; .Mrs. l.anham, Johnstown; mi The theft of a 1952 Chevrolet 2- liMon on U. S. fls one mile north of A n i l iihmii 10:50 p.m. S a l u r d n y . Dran KIcvL-nth avciiiM: c o u r t ; Olen C. Ford, Johnstown; Mrs. Hubcn Ericksnn. 518 S i x t h .slrei-l. Dismissod: Jeralfl f l a k t - r , llouli? 2; M r s . Derlha M c C a r l h y . A u M . Lcltiiy j Houfver, ihe court did not order, door automobile owned by Harold activities. I Miller of ]6I7 Thirleenlh avenue by Justice | was reported lo police here Sun- I'rank Hall, came in a series of I day morning. The car, light blue in eases filed lo ti-sl I h e scope wilh- j color and carrying Colorado license brokers lo slop such The opinions, all 1'rank Hall, came in in which real estate dealers may in interest is expected tc be real- -- · . -· -------n | in iDiercsi is expeciea ic DC real- wie snd Jriends. His wife is the Ued by , he ci(y ,, , resJ u ,,, cilj . former Miss Dorothy Scheer of Ea- councU a p provill g Frida) . ^ pur . t « n r l f l i n h l r n f L l p c III I I C n K n a v . - _ . . . . . . . - ' f . had been a patient at a convales- ton, d a u g h t e r of Mrs. W. II. Scheer, who now resides, at 1703 Eleventh street. An electrical engineer, Gibney had served for 25 years as super- inlendent of Ihe Kansas Gas and Electric plant at Wichita, Kan. He was a past president of the Electrical Engineers society of Kansas, 32nd d e g r e e Mason, Shrincr and belonged to the Order I cent home here the hospital. before entering chase of 532.000 worth of Gree'cy' Born May 20, 1893 al Harvard, sewer improvement revenue bonds I Neb., Mrs. Hickman lived at Hastings, Neb., before moving lo the Bushnell cornmOnity 40 years ago. plales No. 3-9332. was laken from | O f Eastern S'.ar. A r l h u r K. llobindl. flnulc .1; IH'tlc ; in fronl of Miller's home Saturday j Involved in one set of rulings night. The machine's keys were in were Van Schaack fc Co., Con-] the vehicle at the t i m e il was Mar- Oils, 1630 Kair.icrcs road; I way-Bo»ui-, and John F. Bruno, taken Mrs. Jacks suffered a chrst m - i f a r a h c Smilh. 1529 .Stvrnth a v c - · Another series o( raws im-:!-,-ed I j u r y ,-intl abrasions of bulh knees,! ,,,,,,. j.., ( . 0 |, j u,,hlTMk-r. I.a Salle; j i h c Tillc C u a r a n t y Co owned by I Iloudyshcll lacerations of the f o r r - ; m ,ih M r; n ralrich, Love-land; M r s . !.Ak«el Nielsen, a 'frienr! or I'rcsi-1 head, .larks abrasions of the f o r e - 1 Mi ||, ln croissant and d a u s l i l e r , ! dent K i s e n h o w c r . - a n d fir/cord A h - ' bruised | i,; nt | t . w(im | ; M r s . |(,,M,. r T i i n i i p - | s t r a c l anrl Tlitle Insurance Co. brad and Brnavidcz riqht a r m . All four were brought In Weld Cnunly General here, where Mrs. Jacks and Houdy- 5hcll were a d m i t t e d and Jacks and H e n a v i d c z Irealed and released. The p n l r n l said Ihe ncciilenl nc- ciirred when Benavidcz, d r i v i n f i .1 Ifl-lfi Chrysler south, tried (o pass a vehicle in fronl of h i m . He 1 fniled In notice Ihe 19M Ford which Mrs. man and son. T--I Jackson f i e l d ; i In eiieh case the actions were Mrs. Ralph Arnhrechl, R o u t e 2; i b r o u g h t by the Denver and Colc- ICIaine Stevens. P l n l l r v i l l c ; Eliza- bclh Sanchez', 109 N. Sixth avenue; P a t r i c k Whiilcn,- 2M2 T h i r l c c n l h a v e n u e ; Dunne Brown, F'irrce; l.oretta Malhias. Itoulc rfldo liar Assn.s In the cases a g a i n s t the -real csliilo f i r m s Justice Hall noted lial thy practices have been going Showers Seen Over Colorado Mrs. 'on a I Ira.-t 50 years. Jacks, wilh Jacks and l l n u d y - j nelli R u i z . W i n d s o r ; ' . M r s . D i e h a r d shell as passengers in the vehicle, was driving north was so close. Bcnavidcz applied his machine's brakes, wilh the result Ihe car swerved over the center line of the h i g h w a y and struck Ihe lelt front portion of Ihe norlhhound aulo, The Jacks vehicle was damaged $500, Bcnavidcz' $300, Stale Patrol* m n n Rudy King, who investigated the accident, estimated. " Kchn suffered a cut on his head " when Ihe 191!) International truck he was driving was struck by a 1 Greyhound bus driven by Joe C. " Lalimcr of Denver on U. K 85 one m i l e . south of Ealon ahnul 10:30 a . m . . Saturday. He. was treated for Ihe injury by a doclor. Kehn made a left t u r n in the 'truck nl an inlersccllon a f t e r Riving a hand turn signal. The patrol - said the driver of the northbound ' bus was a t t e m p t i n g to pass the truck in the intersection. ,The Lucerne, man's truck was damaged an estimated $800, t h o Greyhound bus $200. State Patrolman Mclvin Hoke investigated Ihe . accident. A 1950 Oldsmobilc driven by · Jtfaquin G. Chavez of Route 2 wns damaged $100 and a 1948 Chevrolet driven by Jose Rodriqucz of Lillie. Hickman, Windsor; Jot: M a r - ; "r held t h a t preparation of "re- lino/., I.a Salic; A u g u s t Geisick, ccifils anil options, deeds, promis- [-'(Mii-lh a v e m i n ; M r s . I'.liva- sory notes, deeds of trust, morl- rdt' and incumbranccs, t e r m i n a t i n g lenan- K. Olson, Kric; A n d r e w L. A r c h e r , ! nolce Kersey; Mrs. Phillip llildr-nhrandl, ! cil ' s . d e m a n d s In pay rent or va- 1930 Thirleenlh avenue; Fretl -'»lc." constitule practice of law. Sngel Sr,, 319 Fourteenth avenue; Mrs. Joseph 0. Swope, 1230 Eighteenth avenue. A d m i t t e d Sunday: W i l l i a m L. This is Iruc, Hall said, even when s l a n d a r d forms simply are filled in and explanation or. advice is given. The court, however, refused lo Clark, 2118 Davis sired; M a x D. j.slop "licensed brokers" f r o m ' p r e - Hichardson, 1015 T w e n t y - f o u r t h ! p a r i n g the documents in connec- slrccl; M r s . Douglas I'rcmer, | linn wilh transactions involving lohnslown; Mrs. Thompson Col- rcal .estate or the leasing of real lins, Eaton; Thomas J. Wilson, estate in which they are handling 1701 Flflh slrccl; Shirley A n n l l h e transactions. Perry, 2441 Sixth streel; Dehra | The ruling reversed a decision Murphy, llulchinson, K a n . ; . Mrs. |ly Judge J. Arthur Phclps, sit- Plattcvillc $25 the Sixteenth street collision on road about '·4 mile west of the Grcclcy cily .' limits jabout 8:30 p.m. Saturday. - Slate P a t r o l m a n Dcbjhin jl'a- - dilla, who investigated Ihe aeci- - dent, reported the vehicles met on ' a slight curve. Rodriqucz was ;| traveling on the wrong side of Ihe - road. ' ...Chavez drove his m a c h i n e off \ the road in an attempt In avoid a ;! collision bul his car was hit on the - left side by Rodriguez'. , A 1948 Ford driven by Feryl " Dean Dcmarce of Platteville was 1 damaged §100 when it struck and - killed a calf on Colorado 6R just -west of Platteville aboul 9:30 p.m. U Sunday. ; Stale Patrolman Loyal B. War- ner reported the call ran up out of - a borrow pit as Demarce was driving west on 66. Pardonable Error . SAN DIEGO, Calif. \fi -- A young miss at Ihe wa|orfroiit was searching for a sailor friend who she Iboughl was a crew "aboard Ihe Kcfauvcr." It turned oul she wanted the USS Estcs. ling in Denver District Court. Justice Hall, in his opinion, said the real cslale ruling will a f f e c t n h n u l 7,000 licensed brokers and salesmen in the stale. Feme n. Morgan, 1726 Eighlh avenue; Lorenzo Torres Serrano, Kersey; Mrs. Richard A. Fcnnclly, 2421 Sixlh street; Benjamin Garcia Jr., Pierce; Nora Pcre/., Kceneshlirt!; M r s . Louis Lilvin, 1535 Twcnly-sixlh street road; Dianne. Drcssor, 2307 Sixth avenue; Mrs. Lawrence 0. Jackson, Cody, Wyo.; Doyle Bolenbnueh. 120 Fourteenth ave.nue; M r s . M c l v i n Bickling. Route 1; Angclinc Wright, 1922'/j N i n t h slrccl; Rosemary K d y h a n , Dcndwood, S. D.; L a r r y Froschheuser, H a s t i n g s , Neb.; R i c h a r d S. Soulhcrs, Ealon. Dismissed: .Mrs. Joe Kulchcr, G i l l ; Mrs. Isavcl Rernal, W i n d - j sor; Mrs. Robert W. Reed, Johns-| WASHINGTON Wi -- F r a n k . W . town; Mrs. Mclviu C. Turner Sr., j C h a p m a n , 300-pound general treasurer oi Ihe Carpenters Union, Monday invoked Ihe Fifth A m e n d m e n t refusing lo answer questions Carpenters' Official Uses 5th Amendment La Salic; Mrs. Myrtle Harp, Sun Jose. Calif.; Mrs. James P. Carey, Kersey; Mrs. Deohold D o l l i i i r m r l , I 4H Eleventh street; M r s . Joe | about sharing in some $800,000 al- Jojola, 1202 Fourth slrcel; Aguayo R a m i r e z , Route 2; Mrs. Lcroy Niizarcnus, 1BIG Fifteenth avenue; Mrs. Hichfinl Gregory, 1502 Fourteenth avenue; Mrs. Erihcrtn Nil- lividad, La Salic; Mrs. Donald W. Parker nml d a u g h t e r , 1902 Twelfth street; Mrs. Robert L. Lihharl and son, Fort Lupton; Mrs. Roy E. Reeves and daughter, Pierce. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cool air moving into the Rock- ies from Ihe far west broughl scattered showers and thunderstorms to the western portions of Colorado and Wyoming .Monday. The r a i n f a l l , wilh snow in the high mountains, and cooler temperatures are expected to spread over both slates Monday night and Tuesday as Ihe cool air collided wilh a mass of tropical air moving westward from the central part of the 'country. Temperatures are expected to average throe to six degrees below seasonal during Ihe next five days in Colorado, and five lo 10 below n o r m a l in Wyoming. The coldest reading in Ihe na- lion early Monday was 26 at. Fraser, the Colorado mountain issued in 1955. The Denver bond house of Kirshner. Ornshce and Wiesner had offered to sell 552,000 worth of the bonds to the cily in order lo aetlle an eslale. The 20-year bonds were offered to .the city al a price of 590 each, or a discount of 10 per cent. In its letter offering the bonds for sale, Ihe Denver bond house pointed out the bonds pay 2 3/4 per cent interest and if purchased by the city al J90, would provide 9 yield of 3V per cent interest lo Ihe time of their maturity in 1975. The council authorized $24,000 !n six Luplon Youth Held In Gasoline Thefts Inido n. Rivera, ]9, of Fort Lup- lon, was arrested by deputies I surplus sewer improvement funds from the sheriff's office here Sat- and S8.000 in cemetery endowment urday in connection wilh numerous funds to be used for purchase of thefts of gasoline in (he Fort Lup- the bonds. The remaining $20,000 in bonds offered for sale will be purchased by the firemen's pension fund and Ihe police pension funds, Ihe boards of Ihe Iwo funds approving purchase of 510,000 worth of bonds by each fund Friday. If the city hud had sufficient money available to purchase Ihe $52,000 worth of bonds, it wa.i estimated it would have saved £31,930 In interest payments on the bonds by Ihe lime Ihey matured. The $52,000 in bonds were part of an £875,000 bond issue sold by the city in July, 1955, to pay for a sewer improvement program here which included construction of a new sewage treatment plant and two new trunk sewer lines. ton area during the last months, the sheriff's office ported Monday. Rivera gasoline has admitted stealing twice from Ihe Edgar Anderson farm southeast of Fort I.upton and also from the \V. Carlson f;frm in the same area on one occasion, it was reported. Filing of charges in the case arc pending. Nasser Needs Trade, Not Aid, AP Session Told town 1 75 miles west of Denver. Wyoming's low was 44 at Big Pincy. Sunday lempcratures- climbed to spondent, talked Sunday about the DENVER W - ' W i l t o n Wynn, Associated Press .foreign corre 90 al La Junta, in southeastern Colorado, Wyo. and to 84 al Casper, Highest and lowest readings during the 24-hpw period ended early Monday included: Denver 34-54, Akron 86-55, Alamosa 78-44, Colorado Springs 8248, Craig 80-44, Eagle 82-41,' Fort Colins 84-58, Grand Junction 8963, La Junta 90-56, Lamar 86-54, Limon H2-46, Pueblo 86-49, Trinidad 82-50.. Cheyenne 79-57, Casper 84-54. Lander 80-53, Laramie 77-45, Rawlins 79-49, Rock Springs 80-51. legcd profits on Indiana road right- of-way land sales. C h a p m a n answered a series of p r e l i m i n a r y questions hut when asked about Ihe alleged sharing in the right-way profits by himself and other high Carpcnlcrs Union officials, he look Ihe Fifth Amendment. C h a p m a n told Chairman Gore (D-Tcnn) of a Senate roads sub- c o m m i t t e e investigating the Indiana h i g h w a y scandals further answers might tend to "incriminate Air Cabbies ALAMOC.ORDO, N. M. Wl--The · A former I n d i a n n Highway Dcpt. air force has gone--in a way--into the l a x i business. Nearby Holloman Air Development center operates 10 radio- equipped cars lo s h u t t l e scientific and military personnel around the vast base 24 hours a day. The air force said recently tolnl miles recorded by Ihe taxi o u t f i t each week- is enough to carry one vehicle lo Hawaii and hacK official testified earlier Monday t h a t special treatment was ordered for highway right-of-way purchases from a Carpenters Union vice president. Louis B. Smith, who headed the I department's Gary office, said lhat order came from William Doggctl, former chief land buyer of Ihe department. Doggctt has bean indicted in connection with anolhcr aspect of the Indiana highway land i scandal. Supreme Court Saves Civilians from Army Trial WASHINGTON Ifl -- The Supreme Court Monday reversed itself and held civilians who accompany the armed forces overseas are not subject to..military trial for crimes commitlcd abroad. The tribunal's first decision -by a 5-3 vote announced June II, 195G -- upheld the authority of IT'S THE SHOE OF THE WEEK AT HIBBS For The Chief June 16th Wheat Estimate Slightly Under military courts lo try civilians. Then lawyers for two women convicted abroad of murdering their husbands won a reconsidera- lion of the decision on Ihe ground that constitutional questions had been left unresolved. Monday's ruling was anounced by Justice Black, who wroU: "Ours is a government of divided authorily on the assumption thai in division there is not only strength tyranny. "And bul freedom f r o m under OUT . constilution courts of law alone are given power to try civilians for their offenses against Ihe United Stales." The women involved are Mrs. Dorothy Kruegcr Smith, convicted _ ^ Mumr ' n Tokyo.for the stabbing of Col. I PAI% \f\¥ Ifl'vh Aubrey D. Smith, and Mrs. Clarice L I U U l U l I j J U B ' CovCTt - convicted in" England " "" ··"" for the ax murder of Master Sgt. Edward E. Covert. Both women WASHINGTON" ifl - The A g r i - i B o t life sentences, culture Dcpt. Monday forecast Ihis | Mrs. Smith is i daughter of a year's fcderally-controlleri wheat I World War II commander in the crop al 970,533,000 bushels. i Pacific, Gen. Waler Kreuger, now role of Egyptian Gen. Nasser in Middle East affairs at the annual Colorado AP meeting in the Albany Hotel. n Wynn, now on home leave, has been stationed in the Middle East with AP for 10 years and will return later, this summer lo his ticadquarlers in Cairo. He said "Nasser is flattered to be called a Hitler, but he is not mylhing like the late German dic- Lalor. Nasser's program is not racist or expansionist, .and is not based on an ideology as Hitler's was." Wynn said that Egypt heeds She waE a member of Rebekah lodge No. 380 at Bushnell. Mrs. Ilickman's f a m i l y was her main interest in life. Besides her husband, she is sur : vived by eight children, Ruth Gadekcn of Grand Junction, Ellis Hickman of Bushnell, Neb., Marvie H i c k m a n of Onlario, Ore., Mildred Hickman of "Hastings, Neb., Belly Jonte of Scdgwick, Joan Hickman of Grand Junction, Elouisc Schacker of Pine Bluffs, Wyo., and Earl L. Hickman of. Broomfield Heights; 18 grandchildren. Also surviving are four sisters and Ihree brothers, Anna Galbreath of Ritzville, Wash., Margaret Earth of Lincoln, Neb., Mabel Frerichs Of Omaha, Neb., Elma Vosl of Oma" ha. Neb., Leslie Yosl of Seallle, Wash., Ernest Yosl of Chadron, Neb., and Elmer Yost of Hastings, Neb. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon from the Evangelical United Brethren church of Bushnell, Neb., wilh in- lermcnl at Kimball, Nebraska cemetery. Seeord Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Pauling Asks All Scientists To Oppose Tests NEW YORK 1*1 -- Dr. Linus Pauling said Monday he is considering calling the scientists of all nations -- Russians included -- to join his appeal for an agreement to stop testing nuclear weapons. . -. "I should like to see the signatures of ' thousands of Russian scientists, of British .and French scienlists, of scientists of all the countries of the world, to -this ap- trade far more than it needs eco- pea i ? » h e said in an interview. nomic aid and expressed doubt j p a uling j s a Nobel prize-winning Lhal economic pressures could lead to Nasser's overthrow. as a dictator of'the country. He said Egypt has plenty of cot- California biochemist. He announced last week that 2,000 American scientists signed a stop-the-tests appeal that he wrote. Ion lo sell apart Iran its commit- i t sa id radioactive elements, put ments behind the Iron Curtain. Wynn expressed belief that Nas- in Ihe air by Ihe explosions already are damaging human health ser is. interested in setlling the| a l i over e world Palestine problem because it could lead to his being overthrown, just as he overthrew King Farouk. The AP correspondent also said Egypt's army is very poor because of the difficulty of trying to convert illiterate peasants into modern soldiers. "As scientists we have _ knowledge of the dangers involved and therefore a special responsibility to make Ihose dangers known. We deem it imperative that immediate action be taken to effect an international agreement to stop the testing of all nuclear weapons." Stale Chairman Harley E. Hold- p au ]i n g sa id he is now conlem- en, publisher of the Lovoland Re-1 porter presided at the luncheon and ' at the business meetings which preceded and followed Wynn's address. Arthur Ballentine Jr., publisher of Ihe Durango Herald-News, was cleclcd chairman lo succeed Holden and Robert W. Spencer, managing editor of the Fort 'Morgan Times, yas named the vice chairman. Gayle Waldrop, director, of the University of Colorado School of Journalism, invited the members to send (heir represenlatives lo the university's Week observance next Oct. 4-5 a s i plating ways to enlist the support of scientists everywhere for this appeal. . - . He leaves Tuesday Jor a lecture tour .in France. "I have made a vow thai henceforth in, every lecture or address that 1 -give, no matter on what subject, I shall mention peace in the world," he said. i "Circumstances just forced me lo write the appeal." Pauling, 56, is a tall, spare, loose-jointed man: with grey hair, searching blue eyes, and a sensi- live face. He smiles frequently, eaking the · intensity of his exp rcss j on _ \y n i] e talking, he paces. · ,, t"*^3*vii. mine baijwiig, jie |fatca. a means of getting more college From Lhc first nudear ,,· ,,,_ students interested in going into 1 · · ' newspaper work. Barbara Turner Vice President of United Christian Youth BLACK FOREST, Colo, tfl - TV. Dale Brinkcr, Route 5. Grand Junction,- is the new president of This p-|imilc is Ihe first for the ! retired. She is serving her sentence i the Colorado Uniled full crop and is 26,r.7.t.OOO bushels J i n Ihe federal reformatory for Youth Movement, loss t h a n the 990,207,000 bushels women at Alderson, W. Va. product 1 d last year. II is consider-1 Mrs. Covert's was awaiting a Christian He was 'elected here Sunday. Olher officers are Barbara Tur- sion, he said, he has been concerned about the danger of polluting the atmposphere with radioactive material. ably below the ten-year (l!)-|r-55) i second . t r i a l by court martini, al ner, 1625 Glcnmere Blvd., Gree- avoragc of 1,1,11,000,000 bushels. [Boiling Air Force Base here whcn'Jcy, vice president; and Judy This year's whcal crop is being | U. S. Dislricl Judge Edward A. ISinith, Merino, treasurer. _ j grown on onn of the smallcsl a c c r - i T a m m here ordered her release I Commission chairmen are Nor-i ages in m a n y wars. Government i on bail. '-" "1 "-'·»" "'·'"· *TM r -'""-' NOTIOR OF FINAL SETTI,EMF\T No. 772'J K s l a l f of CONRAD C. HERBST, Drrensed. Nnllce Is hereby glvtn l h a l on the 8th (iRy of J u l y A. P. 19r,T t h e un- r t f r * l E n f r t w i l l prcynl to th* r*nnyily Court o[ Weld Ceuntr, Colondo, I h e l r n c c n u n l n lor f i n a l B p l t l e m e n t of arinilnlslrallon of walrt efltale, when and where fill neraonn In Interest may appear Rnd object them If they Bo desire. C O N R A l l J. HEFtBST H K N R T TV. HF.RBST Excfulon of the entjile ef Conrad C. Hfrbu, deceased. Gnorpf A. FJiipcr^nn ami D o n a l d F. MrCJ.T-y. a U o r n c y f . J u n e 10. 17. -4, J u l y I. l!''iT. Dismisses Suit of Spears for'Damage DENVER Ifl -- A 10- million dol- ar dimage suit brought against he Denver area Better Business Bureau, The Denver Post, reporter Robert Byers, Business Manager Charles Buxlon and a long ,ist of/Denver civic leaders by the Spears Free Clinic and Hospital, chiropractic institution, was dismissed Monday by the Colorado Supreme Court. The action, by a 6-1- vote,' leld a decision by Denver District Judge Robert H. McWilliams. The Spears Clinic and Hospital claimed the defendants had conspired to destroy its business and asked five million dollars actual damages and five milion dollars exemplary damages. The ruling upheld a defense claim that articles on the institution written by Byers and appearing in, :he Post came under the category of "fair comment" on matters of public-interest. Polio Clinics for Salk Shots Himes_a-Week Folio vaccination clinics will tx held at the Weld county health de- partmenl. Sixteenth street and Seventeenth avenue, fnmi S lo 11 a.m. each Monday. Wednesday and Friday, starling this Wednesday. The health department now has ample vaccine to provide free immunization for the age croup extending from 6 months through 19 years and also for pregnant women. II is hoped, Dr. J. H. While, director of the department said, t h a i Weld county residents will take advantage of this vaccine, allotted lo Weld county'from supplies purchased with funds appropriated by the last session ol the slate legislature. Helen McCannon, health educator for the department, noted Monday that the polio season it arriving and immunization should take place as quickly as possible. The first injection is merely i sensitizing dose. The second injection, which should follow within two weeks, provides immunity, while the'third injection, a booster, should be received from with seven lo 12 months. · Unless Weld residents respond lo the clinics, there is a chance that some of ils vaccine could b» rcallotled. Typewriters For Rent Portable and Slandard Only 15,00 Per Month Up to 'S months rent may apply, on purchase price. I. ^ MT Wi SL make It a very special Father's Day ... ·Always Fresh* ASSORTED 'CHOCOLATES . . . Creams, nuts, fruits, caramels, nougats, crunches. HOME FASHIONED FAVORITES .. ..pecan rolls, butter bons, fudges, jellies. No chocolate-covered pieces,. either assortment only $1.35 lib. box $2.6O 2 In. box txclusively ol ADAMS' PHARMACY 900 9th Ave. Phone 1377 ciop control measures and the new Monday's ruling -- by 6-3 vole |soil h a n k land rrlircinrnl p r o R r a m l -- means thai both women RO free. c u r t n i l r - c l pl.inlinps in steps lo p r e - ! No civil court now has jurisdic- vonl production of additional s i i r - ; l i o n to Iry Ihcm on the murder Treat the Chief in your family with o pair of hand sewn moccasins by FREEMAN. Dad will enjoy real comfort ond "good looks" in these. If you don't know his size we have the FREEMAN GIFT CERTIFICATE. Hibbs plus supplies. The acrcnpe for hnrvesl, Inc.' · charges. yield per acre and production.; |/ pn C k p r l p respectively, ol winter wheat by : TM" CUB! IB maior-produrin.c sl.ltcs included: .\innlana 1.751.00(1; 26 and 45.-! S2r..OOO; Idaho SSO.DlW: 2R and 1C.- j ·M2.000: Colorado 1,423,000; IS a n d ! 25.fiM,000. ! Thr i n f l i c a l c H production of. W. Ebcrlc of 1718 Ninth r.lrecl. sprinp whral by major-producing ! Greclcy, Colo., was one of 299 June .slates included: Montana S2.M2.000: Idaho 19,- 2nB,000; U t a h 2,90.1.000. » Since 1911 Rip;lil FiRiircs SEATTLK (ft--John .lanush figures his 377-707 automobile license is an appropriate ono for the. Boc- \nc, Airplane company employe. The Rocinc Slralocruiscr was known as projrcl 377; the new jcl transport is the 707. from Valparaiso U. VALPARAISO. Ind. _ Kenneth Kherlr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kr.iduatcs at Valparaiso university June 2. Ehcrlc recfived fl bachelor of arts degree wilh a major in business nl Ihe Lutheran university located 45 miles southeast of Chicago. "It is essential lhat ma Robertson. 1618 7lh Ave., Grcc- ley, Charles May, 1428 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs; Mary Jo Rick- cr, 410 E. Lake St., Fort Collins. Sherry Havcrkamp, Whispering Pines, Boulder, and Darold Greene, 2808 North Ave., Grand' ( Junction. | Cir Hill BUycliil ! A 10-year-old Grcclcy boy, Doug- j ias T/'SeeryrsusISfeicd'a csTitusiDn j of the left shoulder when he rode i his bicycle out of Ihe driveway of his home and struck the side of a car driven by Joseph W. Brough Jr. | of 2531 Kifleenlh street about 12:45! p.m. Sunday, police reported. should learn lo think in lerms of a career as well fis a home and children," said Miss M. du Mont, nf Ihe City of London School for Girls. BrouRh was driving a 1950 Dodge ; 2-door south on Fifteenth avenue, j He told Police Officer Warren Adams, who investigated, he I turned Ihe car to the left when he women j saw Ihe hoy riding nut of (he driveway but was unable lo avoid the accident. Young Secry's bicycle was damaged about $10 when il struck the Wheeler Agency, Inc. The association of GEORGE MAX-i with our company as REAL ESTATE SALESMAN Mr. James formerly was field representative for General Insurance Co. of America in Northern Colorado and Wyoming. George Max .lames OFFICE PHONE 2105 HOME PHONE 2043-.I -i.

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