Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 29, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune. Wednesday, January 29,1975-6 1 MON. - FBI DAYTIME TV 1 _UI _L?? 16 -10:30 11:31 11:31 1 )}l 4 4:11 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) OS Weritlna N«»( T«e Jekei'i wad Ojmtil No» Yw see ii one ol Ule eui*a a The aeslltit Search fer Tomorrow h Guiding Light 1 the World Tumi dee ol Nichl Mew Price il Riihl TanieTaui Mike Dogaju Show : : 6onan» CBS Everting rV*wt KBOI N«wt Ch.4 K AID (PBS) Li.JH. Yoga * You Mil me Street Electric Company Villa Alfftrt Mr. Rogers Career Education Sname Sir«t Mr Roger \ VIM* Ale«rt Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) The Lucy SHo» The Brady lunch Patiwortf Split S«UKI All Mv UIMrefl Lel'i Make a Deal 110.009 pyramid The Big Shewfewit Ctntrll Hospital One Llle lo Live Thv Money Mite Tennessee Tuxedo New zoo Revue Linle Star Trek ABC EvcnlOf Newt SU Newi Service Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) The Todei Shew HEeh Rollers Jatfcpol Whiel ol ForitiM Celebris SwMpiiftim rut Dotion Another World Dir* ol Our Uvti Thi FBI Gieen Atrtt Andy OriHith NBC Ki|M!y Newt Ntwib*il 7 SUVKE-AUTV-STfHO I) I MA If Pill* GE-APPU ANCES- All REFRIGERATION HI A |Z B P M ' V 4594804 DLMUIVtR O 1 WEDNESDAY'S TV Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) Ch.4 K AID (PBS; Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Ch.7 KTVB (-NBC) Ann Landers Flat, small minds discuss bustline j Dear Ann Landers: You printed a letter from a woman who was gypped by a company (hat advertised they cquld enlarge her bustline. That letter was the major lopic of conversation al a mac-ling ! attended recently. I was amazed that so many women were truly concerned about the size of their breasts and arguing the merits of various techniques for enlarging same-including surgery. One woman (who was more lhan amply endowed), turned to me and said, "Isn't this conversation ridiculous? What good are voluptuous bosoms if a woman's mind is flat and small? Isn't that an insult lo a man's intelligence?" Please comment.--Average And Content Dear A and C: Unfortunately, dear, most men can see better lhan they think. hoping someone else would send you my problem and today I saw il. I am in total sympathy with husband didn't want any more sex. My husband thinks the same way--and he's no minister. Far from it. We enjoyed sex for over 30 years, then suddenly he went completely impotent. This Livestock, Produce CHICAGO (DPI) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange closing price range: Open Close Prev. Close Sales Live Beef Cattle Feb 35,50 36.40-.20 35.20a-.00 2513 Apr 36.25 37.50-.50b 38.05-35.95 5556 Jun 30.90 37.5Q-.60 36.75-.60 2070 Aug 36.80 37.50-.40 36.80-.70a 530 Ocl 36.50 37.40 36.60-.70b 68 Dec 37.20 37.47b 36.90a 33 Frozen Pork Bellies Fob 64.90; Mar 63.10; May 65.85; Jul 66.62; Aug 65.55; Fob 67.50. JOLIET, 111. (UPD-Livestock: Cattle 200; not enough sales to establish price trend. Hogs 800; trade active; barrows and gilts 25-50 higher; no 1-2 200-230 Ib 40.5041.00; no 1-3 200-250 Ib 40.00-40.50, few S9.50; no 2-3 250-270 Ib 39.00-40.00; no 3-4 270-290 Ib 38.00-39.00. Wednesday's estimated receipts 3,500 cat tie; 1,000 hogs. PORTLAND, Ore. (UP1 - USDA) Livestock: Hogs for Monday 65. Barrows and gilts 2.00 higher; 1-2 218-220 Ib 39.25-39.50; sows few 1-2 285-475 !b 24.00-25.25. PORTLAND (UPI) - Cash grain, coast delivery basis: 30-day 60-day White wheat Soft while Barley 4.27 4. 27 bid no 4.27 4.27 bid Program Highlights t - ti.ia 7 7:30 1 1:30 » - «;30 10 10:30 1 1 , 1 1:30 13 11:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) in Touch Tony Orlando Damn Manhunttr Cannon KBCl Evewilnett New. CBS Li Want M»rnin9 Heiidh-ict Ch.4 K AID (PBS; Stafehwie Report CUsic Film F«liviL 1 Tell 4|:4J) Th«lremAmtrici Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) TfliTi My Mjma Annual Comedy Awirdi .. Combat Ch.7 KTVB (-NBC) To Teli the Truth The Price It Right LI tile House on Prairie Lucas Timer Pelrocelti Ne*ib»r 7 The Tonignt Show Tomcrrow " ·· THURSDAY'S TV Gh. 2 KICK CIS) t »:30 7 7:30 1 . i.Je f MO 10 10:39 11 11:30 II 11:3* 1 TruTh or conieqjencH . Fimily AlUir Th* w»lloni rlmrmir Night Mivit " " Eyewifn«js Newi CIS L«t« M«vlo ,, ,, Morning Headline! Ch. 4 KAtD(fll) Electric Company SUtehQM** Repoil Id*h0 Wildliff Conigmef Sucvlvit Kit BIN M«rtrs Report The Jipanne Film .. ,. Sup*r Cocptrifivt! Ch.6 KITC(ABC) Kign Chaparral Barmy Miller Odd Couple Slretli ol S.F. Hirfv 0. Comb»l Good Newt Ch.7 KTVI(NBC) o Tell the Truth Hollywood Snuirei TA Mac Davis Shaw Arctier Ironside Newitxil 7 Tht Tonighl Shew « ' ,, Tomorrow 6:30 (2) IN TOUCH-Deals with the human dimension in changing feelings or behavior through (ran- saclional analysis. 7:00 (7) LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE-Red Bui- Ions stars as a traveling, one-man circus who charms Laura and others into a dangerous faith in miracle medicines. 7:00 (4) CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL-"CasaDlanca" Humphrey Bogarl, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid star in Ihis slory of refugees fleeing Nazi Europe." lisa Lung [Ingrid Bergman) and Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) are anxiously awaiting visas so they can depart. Kick (Humphrey Bogarl) has two visas and is arrested by Ihe Nazis and French police. Efforts are made lo prevent lisa and Ixiszlo from obtaining these valuable visas. Years before, Rick and lisa had been in love in Paris. Rick finds he is still in love with lisa, so he puts the girl and Lnzzlo safety aboard a departing plane. 7:00 (6) THAT'S MY MAMA -"Earl's Girl" It's the grealest and funniest love story of all time, when Earl meets the girl of his dreams and falls head over heels in love. Theresa Merrill and Clifton Davis star. 7:30 (6) THE FIRST ANNUAL COMEDY AWARDS - Alan King hosts this awards Program Highlights THURSDAY 6:00 (6HIIGH CHAPARRAL"Survival" 6:30 (2) FAMILY AFF.UR-- "Your Friend. Jody" 7:00 (41 IDAHO WILDLIFE- This series is produced in cooperation 'wilh Ihe Idpho Fish and Game Department. 7:30 (41 CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT--AI1 Charged Up" Buying on credit can be more expensive (dan casli. Host Larry Lewman and the series regulars join aclor- entertainer Jack Cassidy and "Comer Pyle" favorite. Ronnie Schell, to help viewers stop charge-mania and get oul of debt. 8:00 M l BILL MOVERS J O U R N A L : INTERNATIONAL REPORT-Emmy award-winning journalist Bill Moyers hosts Ihis new international affairs series which features interviews with world leaders, discussions with foreign journalists a! world even's, and film reports on global issues. 8:00 17) AKCHEH-"The Turkish Connection" Marjn Conner guest-stars as an underground newspaper editor who does private investigator Lew Archer a favor by going undercover to break an extortion ring. 8:00 (6) STREETS OK SAN FRANCISCO - "River of Fear" A 12-year-old girl suspects thai her stepfather killed h«r molher and plans lo steal her money. She almost outwits him singlehandedly, u n t i l he traps her on a boat. Karl Maiden and Michael Douglas star. 8:00 ( 2 1 CRS THURSDAY M G I I T M O V I E - " T h e Family" starring Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas and Jill Ireland. The drama concerns a loner mob executionioner who gels an offer from Ihe syndicate he dares not refuse. Michael Constantino is featured. 9:00 Hi THE JAPANESE FIL.M-"Doublc Suicide" Tne conflict between social responsibility and illicit love is examined in Masahiro Schinnda's "Double Suicide" 11969), Ihe slory of a prostitute and a married man in (radilion-bound feudal Japan. (2 hrst 9:00 16) HARRY 0- "Sound of Trumpets" wilh gucsl stars Jim Backus, Cab Calloway, Jules Harris and lirenda Sykes. A down-on-his-luck jazz musician is tbc only witness lo a murder and takes a payoff to remain silent, hul (lie slayers, fearinga slipup, make him a target. 9:rtO 171 IHO.VSIDE-"This Could Blow Your Mind" 1(1:35 (21 CliS LATE MOVIE"The Norliss Tapes" starring Roy Thines, Angie Dickinson and Claude Akins. A writer investigating Ihe supernatural mysteriously disappears, leaving behind taped notes of his activilies. The tapes lead a sheriff on a harrowing investigation of ·evenls involving murder, a mysterious Egyptian ring g i v i n g Ihe wearer i m mortality, demonic riles and exorcism. STARTS TODAY CINEMA 1 ^1974's MOST HILARIOUS WILDEST MOVIE IS HERE! Insanely tunny, outrageous and irreverent." ·f. IIIIIICll Times 1:15, 4:45, 8:15 PLUSCO-HIT COLUYB'A PICTURES P. Maggie "Bmotfry Srtiith 1 Bottoms hAn/JJlNJ PXULA PfQdvCton ', love and F^n ""AMDTHE WHOU DAMN THING WEDHESDAY presentation recognizing the funniest performers in all the various fields of comedy. 3:01) (2) MANHUNTEri-'The Seventh Man" A ghosl ship with a crew of murdered men presents Dave Barrett will) a bizarre mystery after he sets out in search of a missing seaman and comes under attack from a would- be killer. 9:00 (2) CANNON-"Cotl'in Corner" star Gary Lockwood plays a lawyer and former football star who makes a long broken field run to Ihe scene of his college triumphs lo escape crime syndicate bent on eliminating h i m . Patty McCormack also stars in Ihe episode. 10:35 (21 CB3 LATE MOVIE-"Birds of Prey" starring David Janssen, Ralph Meeker and Elayne Heilveil. A spine : tmglin'g aerial chase pits an air.vatch helicopter pilot against ruthless criminals who pull off a daring bank robbery. 10:30 (?) Tilt: TONIGHT SHOW-MacLean Slevensoi is guesl hosi. Finally he venl lo a ttoclor- alone/The doclor said he was O.K. physically and ga\e him some pills. They didn't help. Now my husband thinks 1 should "forgel il." Bui I am being destroyed by his rejection. He doesn't show any affeclion whatever. I can find no proof thai he is running around. But il '· doesn't make sense that a man who has enjoyed sex for 30 years should drop it like a hot potalq. My anxiety is showing in my wurit. I have'thoughl of divorce. What do olher women do when Iheir partner (at SOyears of age) wants lo call il quils on their sex life?--Married In Name Only Dear Name Only: Maybe you'll find your answer in the next leller. Il's there. Dear Ann: This letter is in regard to Ihe woman who divorced her husband because he became impotent at 42. The same thing could have happened lo me, had it not been for my wife. She became more affectionate and undernlanding lhan ever before. She turned into the aggressor and showed me that we could still have a satisfactory sex life in spite of my impotence. At firsl I was quile passive. Then I began to be (he giver as well as Ihe receiver. Many women don't realize that a man's sexual desires don't vanish just because he becomes impotent. Nor should the wife feel that she is unattractive to him .ind Inercfore responsible it and some me, mine·oio. Lucky for pioblem. I might add, 1 am impolenl, bul happy, satisfied,"^ and more in love wilh my wife 6 than ever.--Most Happy Fella 1 '-"Dear Fella: That was a most- 01 timely leller. 1 hope the woman'" 1 who wrole ahead of you can read' between.the lines and get thel'-) 1 message, ll's a good one and it^^ could save her marriage.' 1/ Thanks (or wriling. '''It's nol always easy to"i^ recognise love, especially the-"' ; firsl time around. Acquaint ' i i yourself wilh the guidelines. llit! Read Ann Landers's booklet, I*! 1 "lave or Sex and How To Tell^" the Difference." For a copy,' mail 50 cenls in coin and a long, 11 ' 1 ' stamped, self-addressed en-'-' 1 ' velope with your request to Ann 1 10 Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin,''" 1 111. 60120. " :l1 0 BREAKFAST · 2 Eggs · Hashbrowns' · Too si · Jelly MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 7 A.M. to 11A.M. ZED'S r»E FOODS 79 301--3rd St. Nflmpa 713 Arthur Caldwell STARTS TODAY! AT 2 THEATRES! A TRUE STORY in the year 1843. John Sager. f. toy of 13, with kis brothers and sisters including an infant set oil on one or tne most incredible journeys in American history. This is i true account of their hazardous 2000 mile trek along the legendary Oregon Trail in pursuit of a dream. hi!) orti Hill* J-I'J'1 "W DEVI'S HISTBESS" "INDECENT" Doors open at 5:30 TOP CINEMA ·ATOXXX Under 18 Hot Admitted 454-1731 Dear Pair on : IE you would be offended by a film of a sexual naiure, your pattoiage il not solicited. Tfte Management :SO. 6:20, 9:50 MOV F Tfe ob/f piitn **t»*to* |G PG R ® AII. Mono* r I RATING 6UIDE ir hints lit T«ii) Pupil rr-K o' fit? 'it-aft u to f1* m t *bo-j r the^ff.- pf e»r^fli-r^.rt.'tfr*- ALL ACES AOW TIED PARENTAL GUIDANCE 1 3orx Mjirri'M NaiBf ss PaVCIt C' Adl.M Gl/eWd »n NOONE UNDER 17ADMlT1tt 3 B",S-,TM CT U .I«SOC.«.,W,OFW« I U nnr/i? kill;-/.! f l - · fntom of "WHEffi TH£ R£tJ FERN GROWS" Proudly Present Seven Alone *»·'"] Innirjj rorii!ti( ll""}\ Slarring DLWEY MARTIN-AIM » COLLINGS DEAN SMITH and [OTAR L PEWNlqo¥^ ^X^HOWTIMeS.7:00.^ !± ^ t SS;^ STARTS TONIGHT STARTS TONIGHT ASunl«»,na!ional Productions FWease TheUfeandTimesof GRIZZIY ADAMS Th«Tni«»loryof«mintKll«).. In th» wlWtrmu and how h* THI RESORT GIRLS" 'THE OFFICE GIRLS"

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