Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 21, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, February 21, 1976
Page 5
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Jury learns of San Simeon bombing The Idaho Free Press The Mews-Tribune. Saturday, February 21, 1W*- Prosecutor hands Patty a gift R E P U B L I C A N P R E S I D E N T I A L CANDIDATE Ronald Reagan is scheduled lo visit his birthplace In Tampico. III. next Tutsdar. A young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Robert I.auts, above, with their three children, now live in the apartment above the old First National Bank in Tampico where Keagan was born 65 years ago. The I.auts have said they have not yet decided for whom they will vole in the Illinois primary. The firsl floor of (he building where llipy live houses the village hall and has been named Reagan's honorary national campaign headquarters. U l P l P h o l o l SAN FRANCISCO (UP1) Patricia Hears! stepped down from the witness stand, look her seat a I the defense table, turned loward her falher nnd flashed a brillianl smile. It was her 22nd birthday and she had jusl ended a full week of lestimony by accepting a prosecutor's gift -- a mistake which let her tell the jury aboiil Ihe recent bombing til San Simeon and of threats against lief life and thai of her falher, Randolph Hearst. Defense ailorney P. Lee Railey also was smiling when he laid reporters he mighl not put Miss Hearst back on the stand for more questioning "because redirect is to repair the damage by c r o s s - e x a m i n a t i o n and 1 can't think of any ut the moment." However, she could lie required lo relurn for more i n t e r r o g a t i o n by prosecutor James L. Browning Jr. if the judge allows him lo question her about a "missing year" in her underground life or a laped jail conversation filled with radical rhetoric. U.S. District Judge Oliver J. Carter has promised to rule Monday. At the conclusion of I h c defendant's testimony, liailey called Ulysses Hall, a black convict who once served lime with Symbionese L i b e r a t i o n A r m y leader Donald "Cinque" Defreeze. Hall said DcFreeze called him after Ihc April 15, 1!)74, bank robbery for which Miss Hearsl is on trial and said he had forced her into the holdup so "she would have lo look lo them for help.' The inmiile, who is in San Jonquil! County J a i l in Stockton, said he asked DeKrecze why lie put Miss Hearst in such a dangerous position when he "could have had a main line" lo the family fortune by treating her as a comrade. He said Ihe SLA leader told liim he had (hrco alternates: kill her, send her home which would endanger Ihc terrorist band, or "put her in a position where she would become a part of them and have lo look lo ( h e m ' fur help." Hall said IWri'o/e said he marie her participate in Ihe robbery "lo prove herself." Miss Hearst wound up her t e s t i m o n y K r i d i i y a f t e r n o o n , exactly one week after she was called by Uailcy ill ;i surprise move, ty insisting again and again Ihal all her actions after her kidnaping resulted from fear of Ihe SLA anil Ihe K i l l . Browning repeatedly asked her why she didn't lake adv a n t a g e of opportunities to notify authorities or her family atxnil her whereabouts, why she hadn't laken fellow fugitive Wendy Yoshimura's suggestion t h a t they move and then call her family, why she dkln'l t u r n the l a s t !wo SLA members -William anil Emily Harris -into police when Ihey were living at a separate apartment. "Because 1 was ;ifraid." Miss Hearsl responded. The prosecutor pointed nut t h a t the olher six members of Ihe SLA were killed in a Los Angeles shooloul in May of 1974 and asked who would lie left if (he Harrises were jailed. Food stamp move branded 'political' Today's Weather N * l l O K * l Wl AlHf I WASHINGTON (UP!) - President Ford's announcement that he has ordered reforms in the food stamp program without waiting for congressional action has been branded a pre- primary political move by leading Democrats. Sens. Hubert H. Humphrey of Minnesota ' and George S. McGovern of South Dakota, (he 1968 and 1972 Democratic presidential candidates, denounced Ford's action. And Sen. Robert Dole of Kansas, a former Republican National Chairman, urged restraint on Ford. Campaigning in New Hampshire Friday four days before Iho nation's first primary, Ford released a letter to Chairman Herman E. Talmadge, D-Ga., of the Senate Agriculture Committee which said "I am deeply concerned by the failure of Congress to enact seriously needed changes in the food stamp program. "Each day that goes by without enactment of the reforms which I have proposed cost the taxpayers more than $3.2 million." The Senate Agriculture Committee met during the week to mark up a food stamp reform bill and will meet again Monday. Since Congress has not completed its action, Ford said, "I have directed the Secretary of Agriculture to issue regulations which will set in motion Ihe reforms needed lo eliminate abuses, control costs and concentrate benefits on those truly in need." Administration sources said Ihe regulations which Agriculture Secrelary Earl But?, soon will issue as formal proposals include a new, lower income eligibility ceiling. The Administration claims this would save $1.2 billion a year. McGovern said Ford's action "must be viewed as nothing less than a total affronl to Congress and a blatant political move. "To say that he can no longer wait for Congress to acl ... when the Senate Agriculture Committee is in the middle of a mark up on food stamp reform legislation, shows t h a t Mr. Ford is more concerned about the results of the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday than he is in meaningful reform of Ihe program." Humphrey called Ford's action "a transparent political move that most surely will backfire. "I can understand thai Ihe President feels considerable pressure from the conservative wing of his party because of wide press coverage given Gov. Reagan's criticism of welfare and food stamps," he added. "But Mr. Ford should remember he is President of the United States and has a responsibility to acl in a rational, responsible manner to achieve any reforms in social programs which might be desirable." RAIN, changing to snow in \ew England, is expected tonight in many of the northern and southern Atlantic states. Rain is also in store for the northern Pacific Coast. Otherwise, fair lo partly cloudy skies should prevail across the nation. Senate probe divorced from Giancana murder WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Justice Department says it's satisfied that the murder last year of Chicago Mafia leader Salvatore "Sam" Giancana was not connected with a Senate intelligence probe into his part in CIA plots lo kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Assistant Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh, in a letter to committee chairman Frank Church. D-Idaho, released Friday, said the Giancana murder apparently was "intended to settle problems w i t h i n Ihe syndicate." Ginneana was shot down in Chicago shortly before he was lo have ban subpoenaed lo t e s t i f y ocfore the committee on his part in assassination plots. The killers have not been found. The committee's report last November on CIA murder plots -- none of which succeeded -said thai during Ihe administration of the tale President John F. Kennedy Ihe CIA began lo recruit underworld figures to "eliminale" Caslro. According lo sworn testimony, Robert Maheu, a former aide to billionaire recluse Howard Hughes, lined up Giancana and John Rosselli, an underworld cohort. Roselli confirmed his involvement but Giancana was murdered before he could t a l k . Traders percolate coffee agreement WASHINGTON (UPIi - Th« United States will sign Ihe 1976 International Coffee agreemcnl, the State Department announced Friday. The agreement Is designed lo stabilize trad* between 43 developing countries which export coffee, and the 18 countries which are Ihe main importers, by adjusting export quotas whenever supplies are in surplus. UnliXe previous coffee arrangements, Ihe mechanism is automatically suspended when prices rise sharply. !n fail, prices are now so high, because of a disastrous frost in Brazil, lhat me agreement will be suspended when it goes into torce on October 1, 1976. But it will begin to have its full effect in the lale OTO?., according la Slale Department estimates, when the coffee trees which are now being planted lo replace those lost in the frost begin lo yield their firsl fruit. The accord will be signed by Ihe next U.S. ambassador lo the United Nations when he takes over Ihe post. 11 will have lo be submitted to the Senate for ratification, and Ihen to both houses of Congress for the necessary supporling legislation. While investigating Giancana, Ihe committee came across a White House telephone log lisling 70 telephone calls lo Kennedy from a woman named Judith Campbell. She was linked to Giancana as a longtime intimate and apparently was secretly dating Ihe President concurrently with the Mafia chieftain. In other intelligence developments: -- An intelligence committee spokesman said former President Richard M. Nixon has answered "substantially all" of 77 wrillen questions the committee asked him about intelligence activities during his administration The remaining questions are lo be answered before Ihe committee makes its final report, probably next month, the spokesman said. - Rep. William F. Walsh, R- N.Y., asked the House lo strip CBS reporter Daniel Schorr of his congressional press credentials for the "contemptible act" of giving a leaked copy of a classified House intelligence report lo a New York weekly newspaper. The House Ethics commitlee will start investigating the leak Tuesday and consider a possible contempt of congress citation against Schorr. -- Sen. Church charged thai President Ford's reforms for spy agencies "gives Ihe CIA a bigger shield and a longer sword lo slab about both within and without Ihc country." Church said It strikes him as "a long slep towards governmenl by secrecy." Albany Albuquerque Atlanta Bakcrsfield Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Caldwell Charlolle Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver DCS Moines Detroit Eureka Fairbanks Fresno Helena Indianapolis Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles Louisville Memphis High 40 46 72 60 30 40 48 80 38 44 65 45 60 49 72 40 52 50 52 -17 55 38 55 63 59 68 62 78 Low 25 23 48 41 18 26 29 70 31 24 44 36 46 37 42 13 33 33 37 -33 35 18 47 40 37 46 52 57 Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nampa New Orleans New York North Platle Oklahoma City Omaha Palm Springs PasoRobles Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, Me. Porlland, Ore. Rapid City Red Bluff" Reno Richmond, V a . Sacramento SI. Louis Salt Lake City San Diego San Francisco Seattle Spokane Thermal Washington 77 45 39 44 76 48 38 BO 56 69 62 51 66 49 38 50 33 63 43 64 6.1 64 35 67 61 ·17 36 72 59 [ Valley weather Fair wealhor most of Idaho BOISF. continued in today. There were some areas of fog and low cloudiness in Ihc southeast and the Panhandle was partly cloudy. The clear areas of the southeast were extremely cold this morning. II was freezing or below stalewide. Malad registered 10 degrees below zero al 5 a.m. Winds were l i g h l , exccpl Boise had a southeast wind of 15 miles an hour. A large high pressure syslem over Ihe western s t a t e s is Yale farce NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UP!)A new farce by Michael McLure, "General Gorgeous," will enter the spring repertory of Ihe Yale Repertory Theatre Feb. 27. The play is a comic book fantasy in which General Gorgeous tries to foil the nefarious plans of his arch-enemy, The Blue Mutant. Other plays in the spring repertory will be Robert Aulella's new "Walk The Dog, Willie" and Edward Bond's "Bingo." causing the fair weather. Some cloudiness from this front in the eastern Pacific is moving inland around Ihe north portion of this h i g h pressure system This wealher pattern is expected to change little over the weekend, with only a few more clouds l i k e l y Iron) the Pacific on Sunday and m a y b e a few showers in Ihe Panhandle. Sunshine will be plentiful in soulhern Idaho and Ihe north will gel some at times. Temperatures will gradually creep up a little over Ihc weekend. Highs today tanged from 25-35 in Ihe southeast to Ihe 40s in the west. Sunday will be aboul three lo five degrees warmer. Tonight will be cold again, aboul the same as this morning. The extended oullook Monday through Wednesday calls for a chance of scattered showers in the north through the period and in Ihe south by mid-week. Highs will be mainly in Ihc 40s and lows in Ihc 20s lo mid 30s. The sun will rise Sunday al 7:33 a.m. end will set al 6:24 p.m. "There were many other people Ihal could have picked up wlie-rc they lefl off and if they'd wanted me dead, all Ihey liaii ti itn is say that that's w h a t they waul," ,sho said. "What causevl you lo believe Ihal Ihey could simply, by the of t h e i r fingers, if Ihey were safe in police custody, if ynu turned Ihem in, Ihal Ihey coultl turn around and h a v e you killed?" "ll's happening like thai new on llu 1 street," Miss Hearst said. "ll's fuippeiuiif; now?" "Yes." " W h a t do you m e a n ? " Hniwning asked, I hen Iried lo w i t h d r a w Ihe question w h i l e Railey insisted I h a l Miss llwirst he allowed lo answer. The judge let her go ahead. "Well, San .Simeon was bomlied. my parents received a letter Ihreati'iiiiii; my l i f e if I look Ihe witness stand. Iheir lives if I lonk the w i t n e s s sland, anil lliey wanted a quarter of a million dollars pul niln IMP Hill anil K n i i l y H a r r i s defense fund," said Miss Hearsl. It was the firsl lime the j u r y , which has been sequestered since Fob. ·). had heard of the SI million Iwmbing al the Hearsl eslale mi Feb. 12 or of Ihc I h r e a l s a g a i n s t Ihe Hearsl f a m i l y . H r o w n i n p , p r e v i o u s l y blocked any attempt by Ihe defense lo discuss them. The newspaper heiress was shaken only once during the final day o( cross-examination, when the prosenilci waved before her the carbine she carried into Ihe San Francisco bank and suggested she would have shul innocent people if necessary "II it hail txx'ii necessary for you to fire some shots loo, as you i*irt down at Mel's Sporting Goods in Los Angeles a month laliT, to fire some shots to move people oul of the area who shouldn't be in Ihe area, you v:ould have had to do thai, wouldn't you?" tic asked. "No." "Well, w h a t was the difference?" ·'. "tt'cll. if anything dad happened al Ihal "bank or al a'ny olher lime, 1 mean I was always Ihcir ticket to gel out lif a n y t h i n g , " she said. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED USDA GRADED BEEF HALVES 77' 76' CHOICE BEEF By The Half LB. GOOD GRADE BEEF By The Half LB. DOUBLE WRAPPED 4 QUICK FROZEN READY FOR THE FREEZER. ALSO WE DO COMPLETE CUSTOM BUTCHERING! C J PACKING CO. HAPPY VALLEY RD.NAMPA Phone - 466-9413 or 466-6067 AT RALPH FIFER'S IN CALDWELL Your old working appliance is as good as gold during Limited time! Trade that old working appliance of yours in on a brand new Frigidaire appliance and save! WCD/DCD Get full 18-ib. capacity and lender care for all of today's fabrics from this Frigidairi- Heavy Duty Washer and Flowing Heal Dryer. Solh olfer cycles or sellings lor special fabrics like Kmls. For durability. Ihe Washer fealures many of Ihe same rugged components found in Frigidaire Commercial Washers. 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