Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 10, 1967 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
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Saturday, June 10, 1967
Page 5
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Poets' Corner "ONE WISH" If I had but one wish, I know what it would be, I'd wish for peace around The world - for all eternity. I wish for all the nations To unite into one, And do all the deeds -That are yet to lie done. God made each man equal, To live by His word, To cherish each thing in life, And make His word heard. Carslyn Serratos Route 3, Locust Lane Nampa "RISKY" 1 hive a cat named Risky, He is very frisky. He slays in the house, He has a rubber mouse. We play hide and seek, When he's it, he will peek! When the game is over, He will go play with Rover. Donavan Sieler Route 5, Box 290 Nampa (Age 10) IEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE IEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Idaho Free Press, Saturday, June 10,1967 -- 5 LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO CREDITORS File No. 12184 Ihe Probate Court of County o( Canyon, Slale of Idaho KOTICK TO CREDITOH.S File No. 12168 the In ihe I'robale Court of Ihe County of Canyon, Stale of Idaho I N V I T A T I O N TO BID NOTICK OF S A L E O K E S T H A Y In the Mailer of the Estafe of LYDIA E. C L I N E , Deceased. Notice is hereby given by .the undersigned administratrix of the estate of Lydla E. Cllne, deceased, lo the creditors of, and all persons having claims against, the said deceased, to In the Matler of the Estate of MABELLE G. HODGES, Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administratrix of the estate of Mabelle G. Hodges, deceased, lo the creditors of, and all persons having claims against, (he said deceased, to exhibit them with the necessary exhibit them wilh Ihe necessary vouchers, within (our months vouchers, within four months after the first publication of after the first publication of this this notice, to the said admin* notice, tothesaldadministratrix islratrix at theofficeof Frank F. at Ihe office of Schiller, Young Kibler, Attorney at Law, 220- Williams, Attorneys at Law, The Board otTrusleesof Melba School Dislricl 136J, Canyon County, Idaho, willacceplsealed bids o senger school bus. Spei lions are on file al Ihe administrative offices of the dislricl. All bids with your specifications for chassis and body must be submilled to the District office on or before 8:30 p.m., June 12, 1967. Bids are to be submitted including a trade-in of a 1954 60-passenger bus, and without such trade-In, The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. RAY DOSER, Clerk May 27, June 3, 10, 1961. NOTICK O K S I I K I t l l T ' S SALK U N D K H KOIlKCUWUHi; OP M O I I T G A G K In the District Court of lhe j uhe; 1957, at io;00 o'clock o'n One"?!) i'wyTeoTp'as- Seventh Judicial Dislricl of the , u)-i Jt t f,e Idaho State School r school bus. Specifica- slate of Idaho, in and for the and Hospital, Narnpa, Idaho, sell County of Canyon t o (he highest bidder for cash, the following described animal found running al large, to-wit: One (1) Holstein steer Yearling with horns £75 - 600 Ibs, No brands nor marks Dated ihts 1st day of June, 1961. DALE G. H A I L E Sheriff of Canyon County, Idaho By Melvin Landers Deputy June 3, 10, 17, 1961. ho," the cost and expenses of which are to be levied and assessed upon ihe propertybene- 14lh Avenue Soulh, in the City 1202 First Street Soulh,Nampa, NOTICE OF TIME AND PLACE of Nampa, County of Canyon, County of Canyon, State of Idaho Slate of Idaho this being the this being the place fixed for placed fixed for the transac- the tion of the business of said estate. Date June 9, 1967. BERTHA E. SIMMONS Administratrix of the Eslate of Deceased. FRANK F. KIBLER Attorney for Admlnislralrix Residing al Nampa, Idaho June 10, 17, 24, July 1, 1967. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS An Invitation to bid Is extended by the Board of Trustees of Nampa School District 131, Nampa, Idaho, for the supply and installation of equipment in Sci- transaction of the business of said estate. Date May 31, 1967. LOIS P. HODGES Administratrix of the Estate of Deceased. SCHILLER,YOUNG 4 WILLIAMS Attorneys for Adminstralrix Residing al Nampa, Idaho June 3, 10, 17, 24, 1967 NOTICE TO CREDITORS File flo. 12753 Ihe Probate Court of the County of Canyon, State of Idaho Matter of the Estate of A P P O I N T E D FOR PHOV1NC-W1LL File No. 12780 IIOMK F E D E R A L SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF N A M P A , a corporation, Plaintiff vs. BUD W. CRITCHER; JACKIE D A R L E N E CRITCHEH W1L. L1AMS and F R A N K E, W I L LIAMS, her husband; PHILIP C, O L T M A N and LOLAM.OLT- MAN, husband and wife; BOISE CASCADE ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION; 1DAHOABSTUACT i TITLE CO,, INC,; ROBERT M, COOK and LINDA N. COOK, husband and u-ife, Defendants In the Probate Court of County of Canyon, State of Idaho Ihf NOTICE OF PRIOR R E D E M P TION OF G E N E R A L OBLIGATION BONDS OF CLASS A SCHOOL DISTRICT NO, 131, C A N Y O N COUNTY, IDAHO NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holder or holders of bonds In the Matter of the Estate of ELIZA H. BRIMBERRY, n p n ,,, . . , . ... , , , i . , ,., enoe Rooms al Nampa High WILHELM FRANK LINDE a/k/a e d as the time and t lace for Judgment Book 13 of saidCourt, (Original poems lor this feature are selected for publi- School, and Toilet Room renova- W^UAM H . LINDE, proving The Will of s a d E l z a a ' P a e= C, 1 am commanded to cation by Helen Reed Moffitt, 633 North Grant, Pocatello, Idaho 83201, and should be sent to her for consideration.) Case Continued *** NOTICE NAMPA - A case in which NOTICE i- j - ,, Wit . h , SP ? edinBl1iS Nampa Bible Chapel Properties, Continued in Municipal Court to Inc. wlllbe held allSODelaware 9:45 a.m. June 14. Nampa, Idaho al 8 p.m. on Wed, Charles W. Kingston, 607 IGlh June 21. 1967. Ave. N., Nampa, was fined $10 ·""" 10 - 17 1967 and $5 costs on a charge of on at West Junior High. Sealed bids will be received until 7:30 P.M. D.S.T., Monday, June 19, Deceased. The creditors of, and all persons having claim against Wil- llon Offices, 1215 5th Street South, Nampa, Idaho, llam H i,i n de, deceased, are re- Bids will be opened publicly quired to exhibit them with the al the above time and place and necessary vouchers within four read aloud. Bids received af- (4) m onlhs after Ihe tirsl pub- ter the time fixed for opening i ica iion hereof, to the adminis- Iralor al the law office of Kent B. Power, Suite 316IdahoBuild- ing, Post Office Box 1366, Boi- Under and by virlue of an order of sale and decree of foreclosure, issued out of the Dislrict Court of Ihc Sevenlh Judicial District of the Stale of Idaho, in and for lhe Counly numbered 533 to 562) boih in- of Canyon on the l l t h dayof May clu sive, which bonds are da.ed Deceased. . 967 ' ln "·? above cntltled ac - on or about the 1st day of July, -- lion, wherein Home Federal Sav- 1956 a nd are the general ob- Pursuanl to an order of lhe '^ and Loan Association of ligal i on bonds 0 , class ASchool Judge of said Court, made on the Nampa, a corporation, the above Dlstrlc , No . m, Canyon 25th day of May, 1967, notice named !»»""» obtained a judg- CounlV) I d a h 0 i [na[ on lhe lst is hereby given that Wednesday, "»M »«} "ecree against day of Jllly 1967j said bonds the 14th day of June, 1967, at Robert M . t - o o x and Linda w m all be redeemed a l a p r i c e 10:00 o'clock A.M., of said day. . N ' Cook ' husband and wife, equa , |0 , n(! prlrK , ipal amoun i at the Court Room otsatdCourt, defendants, °n the lllh day of (hereof with accrued interest to at the County Court House in May ' 1967 ' whlch said J utl E mcnt July 1, 1967, only, and from and Caldwell, Counly of Canyon, and decree was, on the l l i h a((er July ,_ 19g7 _ ln i eres) wlll State of Idaho, has been appoint- day , ° f M J/« .^^ , rec °[ ded \ n cease to accrue on said bonds all thereof. The said bonds, proving the Will of said Eliza il paee ^' ' am commanded w and al , i hcreo(] are payable H. Brimberry, deceased and for sel1 a11 lhat certain lot, piece at ^ H a r r i s ^^ and Savln g S or parcel of land slluated in Ba|)k Cnica6Oi mil , olS) or at lhe Counly of Canyon, Stale of U]e offi(;e of i he sM mslrict , s _ _ ,,..,,,, Idaho, and bounded and more treasurer in Nampa, Idaho, at helm Frank Linde a/k/a wil- when and where any person"in- Particularly described as fol- ^ c opUoll ot ^ hol(1 ' er or (,,,'y. hearing the application of Eugene B. Powell for the issuance to him of letters testamentary, teresled may appear and con- lows ^o-vH: cannot be considered, Idaho law requires that all Contractors Involved have an failure sign. to obey a no-left-turn Listed for Degree NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Probate Court of the County of Canyon, State of Idaho provided for by the "Public Work Contractor's License Act," as amended bytheThlrly- 1 third legislative session of the State of Idaho. Drawings and specifications, including bid and contracl documents, may be examined or ob- lained at the office of Lewis Keys, Architect, 812 12th Avenue South., Nampa, Idaho. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities. No bidder may Dated this 4th day of May, 1961. DARY1.E E. LINDE Administrator of the Estate of Wilhelm Frank Linde lest lhe same. Baled May 25, 1967. LLOYD C. MC CLINT1CK clerk, SCHILLER, YOUNG WILLIAMS Allorneys for Petitioner Residing al Nampa, Idaho May 27; June 3, 10, 1967. SUMMONS Civil No. 19455 The South 50 feet of Lot 1 in Block 3 of Togstad's Addition to Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, according lo the plat filed in Book 1 of Plats, page 17 1/2, records of said County, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That on the 20th day of June, 1967, at 10 o'clock A.M., of that day, in front of the Court House door in the City ol Caldwell, County of Canyon, I will, in obedience to said order of . , In the Matler of the Estate of WALLA WALLA - Daard M. ELBERT A, BROWER, Campbell of Nampa, Idaho, is Deceased. listed among 186 seniors receiv- -Notice Is hereby given by the undersigned Administratrix of degree is to be conferred on %££££·£££%% withdraw his bid the time completion of a requirement at all persons having claims f e t fo . r . lhe opening thereof ,,,, -present unsatisfied, the coliege ^^^^^ ft^SttZg. nOKa - vouchers, within four months af- lns thlrty (30) da ' s ter the first publication of this Meridian Student notice, to lhe said Admlnlstra- _ _ , . , . trlx a t t h e office o f Thos. Y . GetS Scholarship GwllUam, Attorney at Law, 216 I2lh Ave. South, Nampa, Counly MOSCOW -- James Volkman of Canyon, State of Idaho, this of Meridian Is among nine stu- being- the place fixed for-the NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE dents, all to be freshmenfeagri- transaction of the business of culture this fall at the University "jjf^w Da ' ed "^ 5 * ^ of Idaho, who have been awarded SYLVIA BROWER S e a r s Roebuck Foundation Administratrix of the Scholarships worth $300 each. Estate of said Deceased. In the District Court of the a/k/a William H. Linde, Seventh Judicial District of the sale and decree of foreclosure, deceased. . sute of !daho , in and for the so11 " 1D above described pro- County of Canyon P ertv ' or so rnuch Hereof as KENTB, POWER Atlorney for Administrator P. O. Box 1366 Boise, Idaho ers thereof, on and afler the 30lh day of June, 1967, All holders of said bonds must present the bonds, logelher wilh all appurlenanl coupons maturing subsequent lo redemption date. Dated this l l t h day of May, 1967. CLASS ASCHOOLDISTRICT NO. 131, CANYON COUNTY, IDAHO CLARABELLCASLER, Treasurer May 20, 21, June 3, 10, 1967 RESOLUTION NOTICE OF TIME AND PLACE OF HEARING ON PETITION. File No. 12763 ERMA MAE BUTLER vs, CLARK B. BUTLER By Order of the Board of Trustees: CLARABELLE CASLER Clerk June 3, 10, 17, 1967. may be necessary to satisfy Ihe A RESOLUTION DECLARING plaintiff's judgment, with Inter- THE INTENTION OF THE CITY Plaintiff, est "i er eon and costs, to the COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF highest bidder for cash, in. law- N A M r A I DA HO, TO CON- ful money of the United States STRU CT CONCRETE CURBS, of America. GUTTERS, DRIVEWAYS, SIDE- Dated Ihls 25lh day of May, W ALKS, DRAIN AND 1RR1GA- 1%7 ' TION IMPROVEMENTS O N A N D UALC, G. HAILE upoN CERTAIN STREETS AND bherilf - PARTS OF STREETS WITHIN By: Ray Stephens, SA1D c!Tvr . TO (jREATE LOCAL De P uly - IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. Defendant. THE STATE OFIDAHO Sends Greetings to the above In lhe Probate Court of Canyon named defendant. Counly, Slate of Idaho YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a complaint has been filed ....... v . ~...~... --. In the Matter of the Estate of against you In the DislriclCourl Ma y 21, June 3, 10, 17, 1967. 52 FOR N A M P A , IDAHO, FOR C A R L F . CHASE, NOTICE OF SALE Civil No, 18989 of the Seventh Judicial District Deceased. O f Ihe State of Idaho, in and for .. . . --7 ,,. . the County of Canyon, by the ,, .. , . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN above named Plaintiff, and you In the District Court of the are hereby directed lo appear Seventh Judicial District of the and plead to (he said complaint State of Idaho, in and for the September 1967 at the hour of "' " laM *" er " Bbe OI ""' within twenty days of the service County of Canyon 11:00 o'clock A.M.. of said day, Years in the above entitled mat- of this summons. in the Lobby of the Office of ter ' sald PeUlion setting out that This action Is brought by the WILLIAM LEE JOHNSON, said deceased died Inteslate on Plaintiff to procure a Decree of Executor of Ihe Estate of Peter the 25th day of May, 1965, in Divorce against Ihe Defendant, E. Johnson, deceased, On Tuesday, the 19th day of that Stella M. Chase has filed her Petition for Administration of Estate After Lapse of Two Lobby Idaho Abstract 4 Title Com- C. 0. Decker, U. of I. dean June 1C, 17. 24. July l, 1951. panv Ino al 216 1/2 . 12th . Of students, said each of the re- Avenue South In Nampa, County Ca " 1 ' 0 M Co " nty ' Ida ! 10 ' and at has ripmnnsfrated a REQUEST FOR BIDS of Canyon, Stale of Idaho, sa " time the decedent was a , TITLE AND TRUST COMPANY resldent ° r Canyon Oounly, Ida- custody of the minor child of the LESTER DAVIS an Idaho CorTMratTon^ " £!£ ho, leaving the following esta.e, parlies, and support for said a slngte man, ' - V " J J ------------- ···- "P°n the grounds ofWilful Neglect, and Plaintiff alsoseeks Plalmlff, Commissioners of the m s o n e r o e n a o r r a o n versity by high school scholar- Nampl Highway District # l will tee, will sell at public auction. to -* lt! ship and achievements. receive sealed bids up to lhe Other criteria used to select 21st day of June, 1967 at 10:00 winners are personalitycharac- A - M - at the °" ice of «« Nara P a tcrlrfip; surh a? rhararrcr fn. m S nwa y District of Nampa, Ida- teristics such as character, in- ho , or ^ , ollowlng Uems . tegrity and leadership and the student's need for scholarship aid LEGAL NOTICE SUMMONS Case No. I2712A In the Probate Court of Canyon County, Slate of Idaho In the Interest of: CHARLA R. BRISTOW CINDA C. BRISTOW C H A R L E S C . BRISTOW ERICK L. NELSON Children Years of under Age. Eighteen Corrugated Slructural Plate pipe, AA5HO - M167, 3 oz, spelter ctg. 54 ft. center line length, 114' diameter, 10 gage Multlplate Steel pipe, 5% elipsed, Ends step beveled, 2:1 slope,beveled. Top length structure 44 1 Center line 54' Bottom length 64" F.O.B. Job Site Mile 194 Star Road near Nampa, Idaho. Specify delivery dale. Complete Specifications are available upon request to the Secretary at the office of the Nampa Highway Dislrict No. 1 Nampa, Idaho. The Commissioners reserve lhe right to reject any or all bids, regardless of price. Dated this 9th day of June, 1967. LILA FRICKEY Secrelary, Nampa Highway District # 1. June 10, 12, 13, 1967. NOTICE OFTHEISSUANCE OF AN ATTACHMENT Civil No. 19466 the THE STATE OF IDAHO SENDS GREETINGS TO: CHARLES C. BRISTOW ERICK L. NELSON YOU AREHEREBYNOTIFIED That a Petition, pursuanl to Ihe Child Protective Act of the State of Idaho, Chapter 16 Idaho Code has beenfiledintheabove- entitled matter in the Probate , n ^ fflstrlct Cour , gf fte Court of Canyon County, State of Idaho, and you are hereby directed to appear at a hearing In the Courtroom of the Probate Court in Canyon County, State H E L E N L W I E D M A N of Idaho, on the 22nd day of June, plaintiff 1967, at (10:00) ten o'clock a.m, ' WITNESS My "and and seal of D]CK Me FAB LA J D and V E R L A saidProbaleCourtthi^thdayof M o F A R W N D husba nd and wife Jane, 1967. DMnmlant S/LLOYDC. MCCLINTICK Liaienaam. Probate Judge (SEAL) C. ROBERT YOST Canyon County State of Idaho Atlorney for Petitioners June 10, 17, 1967 to the highest bidder, for cash, In lawful money of the United Slates, all payable at the time of sale, the following described real property, sllualed in the Counly of Canyon, State of Idaho, and described as follows, to-wit: Beginning al the NW corner of Lot 12 of Block 5, of NAMPA CITY ACRES, ADDITION NO. 2, Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, running Ihence SWrly along ihe NWrly side of said Lot 12 a distance of 100 tent to Ihe real point of beginning; thence running SErly 100 feet to the SErly line of said Lot 12, thence running SWrly 43 feel along said SErly line; thence running NWrly 100 feet to the NWrty line of said Lot 12; thence running NErlyalonglheNWrly line of said Lot 12, a distance of 43 feet lo Ihe true polnl of beginning, according to plal filed In Book 2 of rials, page 34, records of said Counly. Said sale will be made without covenant or warranty regarding title, possession or encumbrances to satisfy the ob- child, and for P l a i n t i f f s Altor- Defendant. neys 1 Fees and Court Costs. And you are further notified Under and by virtue ol an Or- that unless you so appear and der of Sale and Decree of Fore- plead lo said complaint within closure Issued ouloftheDislrict the lime herein specified, Ihe Court of the Seventh Judicial plaintiff will take judgment District, Stale of Idaho, in and The West half of lhe NE 1/4 of Ihe NE 1/4, Section 25, Township 3 North, Range 3 West of the Boise Meridian, and the NW 1/4 of the NE1/4, Section 25, Township 3 North, Range 3 West of the Boise againsl you as prayed In said for the County of Canyon, on the CLERK; FIXING A TIME WHEN Meridian, in Canyon County, complaint, 19lh day of May, 1967, in the SUCH PROTESTS SHALL BE Waho. WITNESS My hand and the seal above entitled aclion, wherein HEARD AND CONSIDERED BY (Subject to a conditional sale of said District Court, this 1st n, e a bove named plaintiff ob- THE COUNCIL; AND DIRECT- THE PURPOSE OF MAKING SAID IMPROVEMENTS; TO DEFRAY THE COS.T. A N D . EXPENSE OF SAID DISTRICT AND OF SAID IMPROVEMENTS-BY SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS TO BE LEVIED AND ASSESSED UPON THE PROPERTY BENEFITED BY SUCH IMPROVEMENTS: DECLARING SAID IMPROVEMENTS TO BE ORIGINAL IMPROVEMENTS AND RE IMPROVEMENTS) STATING'THE ESTIMATED TOTAL COST OF SUCH IMPROVEMENTS AND THE KIND AND CHARACTER THEREOF; FIXING A TIME IN WHICH PROTESTS AGAINST THE PROPOSED IMFROVE- ' "ENTS OR THE CREATION OF SUCH DISTRICTMAYBE FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE contract dated June 28, 1965, wherein Carl F. Chase and Stella M. Chase, husband and wife, were lhe sellers and Carl F. Chase, Jr. was the buyer, which contract Is is held in escrow at the First Security Bank of Idaho, Nampa, Idaho). Joint savings account at Home Federal Savings and Loan Association, Nampa Idaho; Joint checking account at The Idaho First National BanX, Nampa, Idaho; Joint savings account at The Idaho First National Bank, Nampa, Idaho. day of June, 1967. WALTER FRY Clerk By: H. Powell Deputy Cterk. (SEAL) C, ROBERT YOST Atlorney for Plaintiff. Residing at Caldwell, Idaho P.O. Box 609 63605 Office: Court House Juno 3, 10, 11, 24, 1961. SUMMONS Civil No. 19456 tained a judgment and decree against Lester Davis, a single man, defendant, on the 19th day of May, 1967, docketed in Docket No. 13 at page D, records of Canyon County, Idaho, lamcom- ING NOTICE THEREOF TO BE GIVEN. WHEREAS, The City Council of the City of Nampa, Idaho, deems It to be for the best In- teresls of the Cily to construct manded to sell all Ihosc certain concrete curbs, gutters, drive- lots, pieces or parcels of land ways, sidewalks, drain and Irri- .___ ____ _^ =ii situated in the City of Nampa, gallon improvements within the of the Clerk Tn wrttlnjro' 1 County of Canyon, State of Ida- corporate limits of the City f o r e Monday the 19th elusive of the costs of lions to be borne by the City of Nampa. The names ot the streets and parts of streets on and upon which said concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, drain and irrigation improvements are lo be constructed and the points between which said improvements are to be made are stated lo be as follows: Zone A. On Seventh Street Norlh from ihe westerly right of way boundary of 9lh Avenue North extended 10 lhe centerllne of 10th Avenue North; and On 10th Avenue North from the cenlerline of 7th Street Norlh to the centerlice of Franklin Boulevard. Zone B. On llth Avenue Norlh from a point 123 feet Southwesterly from the point of intersection with Rosenlof Avenue and llth Avenue North; and On Rosenlof Avenue from the centcrltne of UU Avenue Norlh to a point 556feetEast from said cenlerline of llth Avenue Norlh, Zone c. On Garland Street from the South Right of Way boundary of East Hawaii Avenue to the North Right of Way boundary of East Florida Avenue; and On Florida Avenue f r o m the cenlerline of Holly Street lo the East Right of Way boundary of Garland. Zone D. On Easl Colorado Avenue between the West Right of Way boundary on Garland Streel and lhe centerllne of Fern Street; and On Garland Street between the centerline of East Bird Avenue and the South Right of Way boundary of East Colorado Avenue. Zone E. On Amity Avenue between the extended Easl Alley boundary of the alley East of 12lh Avenue Road and a point 370 feet East of the centerline of Maple Street; and Clark Avenue from the East boundary of 12lh Avenue Road lo the extended East Right of Way boundary of Nectarine Street; and Nectarine Street between the extended Norlh Right of Way boundary of East Clark Avenue and lhe extended Norlh Right of Way of East Bird Avenue; and Maple Slreel between the cenlerline of Amity Avenue and the extended North Right of Way boundary of East Bird Avenue. Zone F. On 10lh~Avenue South Extension between the cenlerline of West Washington Avenue to the centerllne of West Lincoln; and. r..^^.., ( . On llth Avenue South .Extension between West Washington and West Lincoln Avenues and between West Dewey Avenue and Lake Lowell Avenue; and On 12th Avenue South in the 120D block between 12th and 13th Streets South; and On WestWashlngtonand West Lincoln Avenues between Tenth Avenue South Extension and the alleyeastof l l t h Avenue South Extension. Zone G. On Amity Avenue from South Powerllne Road Easterly to a polnl 430 feet East of lhe centerline of Florence Street. Zone H. On West Flamingo Avenue as now exists between the centerline of North Midland Boulevard and Caldwell Boulevard, also known as U. S. fdaho Highway No. 30. Protests against said proposed improvements or the creating of such dlslrlct to be formed may be filed in Ihe office of Idaho In and for County of Canyon NOTICE TO BIDDERS STATE OF IDAHO COUNTY OF CANYON NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 6th day of June A.D, 1967, attachment was Issued in lhe above-enlilled action against the property of ths aforesaid defendants, Dick McFarland and Verla McFarland for the sum of In the District Court of the . . - Seventh Judicial District of the Crypt No. 204 of SyringaCor- stale of Idaho, in and for lhe ridor of Mountain View Mem- County of Canyon orial Park, AdaCounly, Idaho, that' no application has ever ELIZABETH FIGUEROA ligatlon secured by and'pursuant been made for the appointment Plaintiff, lo the power of sale conferred of an administrator, and Ihe dc- vs. in the deed of trust executed by ceased left surviving him the M A N U E L FIGUEROA CHARLES E. HOPPINS, asinglc follower? heirs, all being of the Defendant, man grantor, to TITLE AND a E e ol majority: Stella M. Chase, -TRUST COMPANY assuccessor wtfe i Mar V E - H°r'°n, daughter; THE STATE OF IDAHO Irustee, for the benefll and se- Car ' F ' Chase, Jr., son; Mar- Sends Greellngs to the above curlty of IDAHO SAVINGS AND J orie Block, daughter; and Helen named defendant. WAN ASSOCIATION recorded Murphy, daughter. That the pe- YOU AREHEREBYNOTIFIED October 10, 1963 as Instrument ""oner, Stella M. Chase, does That a complaint has been filed No. 539880 in Volume 247 at claim all said estate as the againsl you in (he DistriclCourt page 700, Morlgagc records of surviving spouse of lhe deceased of lhe Seventh Judicial District Canyon Count" Idaho. and * a ' a " l h e aforementioned of the Slate of Idaho, in and for The default for which this properly v/as the community the County of Canyon, by the sole is to be made Is property of the said Carl I-', above n a m f d Plaintiff, and you The failure lo pay monthly Chase and Stella M. Chase.hus- arc hereby directed lo appear installments due under Deed ban1 and w i t e - and P lead to "h* sald complaint of Trust Note dated October That said petllionerprays lhat within twenty days of the ser- 3, 1963 in Ihe amount of the Court give notice of hearing vice of this summons. $3400 each for the monlhs and do s u c h I'lngs as arc re- This action is broughl by lhe of July, August, September, 1 ulrc(i b v l a w herein. Plaintiff lo procure a De- October, November, and Dec- NOTICE IS HfttKBY GIVEN crec of Divorce from the ember 1966 and January ltial on Wednesday, the 26lh Defendant, l o g e t h e r with February March ard April' day of June, 1967, al 10:00 A.M, custody of lhe minor child 1967. Plus the failure lo pay of said _ dj y. f " llle courtroom ut the parlies, and for supporl WHEREAS, Under the terms and provisions of Section 502906, Idaho Code of 1947, its amendments and additions the council ^ ^ ,? City is to bear the costs andex- ch ar ^c ' "' ^ ^ he penses of all improvements 'TMTM '/ ,°' ^ i"^ 0 ho, and bounded and described and on and upon the streets and as follows, to-wit: Commencing at the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of (he Southwest Quarter of Section 16, Township 3 North, Range 2 West of the Boise Meridian, and bearing North436.5feet along the Eastboundary line of the Southeast Quarter ol the Southwest Quarter of the aforesaid Section 16 lo the intersection of said boundary line with the Southwest boundary line of the Nampa- Caldwell Boulevard, lhe real point of beginning; Ihence North 46 degrees 45' West 125 feet along thp Southwest boundary line of the aforesaid boulevard; Ihence South 43 degrees 15' West 114 feel; Ihence West 72.8 feel; Ihence Soulh 180.9 feel; Ihence Kasl 242feetto a point In the Eastboundary line of lhe Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of said Section 16; thence Norlh along lhe Kastbound- ary line of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of the aforesaid Section 16, 175.5 feel to lhe the rrcl point of beginning. . . . _ _, Nollce is hereby given lhat exclusive of lhe cosis of imer- day of .j un e, 1967 at 5:00 P M \JDT WHEREAS, The Cily Council j n the ' "M,^ !! " e «" ary and deslr: he^d'and considered by the'cuy able to create r Local Improve- ^ « --- - -·- - - * Council. The Protests s h a H b e red by the Cily City Clerk is ment District No. 52 tor Nampa, Idaho/* for the purpose of making said improvements and .tonTrt^rHme^^Sh protests against said proposed improvements or tho creating istricl maybe filed and »'hen such prolests wlfl considered by the general . -ovements within the intersections, includ- eMImated teiafc ""fl? "" ^ estimated total cosl Ihereof and notice provements; and thereto. Sa WHEREAS, The estimated to- published in three consec it tal cost of said District and legal issues of lhe dallvcaDer of said Improvements is the the Idaho Free Press the o f f i ' surn^of $49,900 of which cosl, cial newspaper o f t h e City o"f let if the owner be kno»n or to his agent, if his agent be known, addressed !=..»'«·« I"*TM,, '^^s^kt^orlf his uv i, i ~ i u 3 mx; i en mi t; iu uuy - - - - - - r - - - - - - L H J j * 1 1 ~~ '" · · · - · · - "j (,*·«.» \ua\ - Ol Lne COS IS OL lIKer- DOSt off if P a H H r o c c KA i late charges in the amount of of (he Probate Courl al Ihe Can- o r - s a i d child and for plain- 01 , (he 27lh day 0 , j w , S e C ,ions 10 be paid as afore- w ihe cost offico f UI £"° wn . $5.28 each for lhe monlhs of von^ Counly Courthouse Annex WPs attorneys'Jees_and court at 10:00 o'clock A.M. ol said said, by special assessments Idaho. " NamDa ' The Die State Purchasing Agent's Office. The Stale reserves the right to reject any or all bids. TED CRAMER State Purchasing Agent june e, 9, io, we: Deputy. (SEAL) B R A U N E R , F U L L E R nOOLITTl.E Attorney for Plaintiff Residing at Caldwell, Idaho. Vice President LLOYD C. McCLINTICK (SKAI.) ELAM BURKE, JEPPESEN i Probale Judge C. KOIiF.HT YOST EVANS SCISILLEU, YOUNG t Attorney for Plaintiff WILLIAMS Residing at Catduell, Id.iho Atlorney for Tr Suite 1010 BankofldahoBuildlng Attorneys for Polilionor Boise, Idaho !)0 ' 1 21, Nampa, Idaho June 10, 12, 13, 14, 15,16,1967. May 20, 27, June 3, 10, 1967. Ml y 27; Jfnc 3, 10, 1961. P. O, Box 609 83605 Office: Court House June 3, 10, 11,24, 1967. 1967. DA LE G. 11A1LF. ·ShL'riff of Canyon County, Id.iho By: Melvin Landers Deputy Juno 3, 10, 17, 24, 1961. day of May, 1967. APPROVED By: Ernest E. Surr Mayor streets and pans of slreets in the C i t y of Nampa as here- i n a f t e r set forth and to creale a local Improvement d i s t r i c t ATTKST- In lhe C i l y of Nampa, lo be John H Dieftenbach knoun a, · Local Improvement Clerk Ulerrei * a0h D i s t r i c t No. 02 for Nampa, Ida- June 3, 10, 17, 1961.

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